Advances in Neuroscience Redefine Notions of Performance and Cognition, Allowing Social Justice in Learning

If the last two posts have made anyone feel like they are on a roller coaster with a sickening feeling in the pit of their stomach, I am genuinely petrified about all the references to using K-12 education to try to physiologically redesign the brain. The OECD really did state in a report issued just this week on Metacognition that ‘we’ need to “control cognition”. We cannot ask anyone if their meddling knows no bounds if we are not aware of what is being targeted or why. I was detailed on this in my book. What has shifted since I wrote it is how often images of the physical brain are showing up in Learning Presentations to administrators. gives a High School PLC Institute example on the new 3 Rs–Rigor/Relevance Framework.

Someone who runs a hugely followed Internet site on the Common Core said to me in person at a hearing and then via email that the psychological emphasis of my work scared her so she would make no effort to let her readers know what was in the offing. A lapel pin with an Apple Core with a Red Line through it shows valid concern, but it will do nothing to protect the children from this actual psychological focus. states that the OECD (remember DeSeCo from the book and the transformations outlined in the conclusion?) has a new project to “further develop and refine a framework and prototype formative assessment tool for 21st century skills.” Do you live in a district where the children will be used as guinea pigs to develop those “Behavioral and social skills (character)” and “Skills in thinking and creativity” that are conducive to the OECD’s idea of innovation?

That would be entirely new institutions, a transformed ‘grassroots’ society centered on subjective wellbeing, and a sharing economy centered on cities and laid out here. That’s the actual vision attached now to being “internationally competitive” when we follow the facts. Today I want to take us (maybe want is not the right word). Let me rephrase. Today we are going to look at what the KnowledgeWorks Foundation calls “Recombinant Education” and its partner, the Institute for the Future, that brags about having developed the manipulative Delphi Technique, calls Future Work Skills 2020. The latter report by the way was created with the University of Phoenix in case anyone wants to believe these shocking statements will not influence degrees and online programs.

Why did I put Neuroscience in the title beyond the fact that I am using a literal quote? Because we are dealing with a futurist mentality that insists on changing K-12 and higher ed around the assumption that “Massive increases in sensors and processing make the world a programmable system” all the way down to a micro-level. The micro-level is a euphemism for ‘people’–you and me folks, and especially our still malleable children. We are in big trouble if the children believe what these reports state–that we can “use data to design for desired outcomes.” Someone else’s desires, not ours, especially given the number of references to “collective intelligence.”

Somebody really needs to go read Harvard history prof Richard Pipes’ book called Property and Freedom and remember that all these education schemes ignore the Western tradition, particularly in the US:

“we ‘own ourselves,’ that is, are our own ‘property’…that is tantamount to saying that we are free to dispose of ourselves, which is the meaning of freedom.”

Pipes, an expert on Russia, communism, and the Soviet Union, recognizes a utopian scheme that accepts no boundaries on the control of the State when he sees it. He was reminded of the philosophy of the English social historian RH Tawney who wrote the following in 1920:

“The individual has no absolute rights…all rights…are conditional and derivative…they are derived from the end or purpose of the society in which they exist…this means in practice that if a society is to be healthy, men must regard themselves not as the owners of rights, but as trustees for the discharge of functions and the instruments of a social purpose.”

When someone of Richard Pipes’ eminence follows up that quote with an observation that “Hitler held the same view of rights, including property rights”, please do not retort anything about Godwin’s Law. It’s a warning pertinent to where this is all going as we encounter those 15 Constructs from the last past and formative assessments to make sure individuals are ‘guided’ by the desired concepts in how they interpret their daily experiences. That  WorkSkills report even mentioned the Key Skill of Transdisciplinarity as needed for the Future Workforce. Precisely what those 15 Constructs from the last post said they were creating from the inside-out.

The Future Workforce report assumed that “immersive and visually stimulating presentations of information [will] become the norm.” That will replace print for most people, which will mean the loss of the one thing known to create the rational, logical, independent mind. It is certainly ironic that John Holdren’s Digital Promise federal initiative is being used to bring about the precise Arational Newmindedness Paul Ehrlich longed for back in the late 80s. Give the long time colleague a Gold Star for effort!

IFTF insists that we can “plan our environments so that they are conducive to the outcomes that we are most interested in.” That is known as a sociological wish, not a fact, that has a notorious past. Nevertheless, we get to hear about neurogenesis research (the creation of new neurons), where it is hoped that “change the environment, change the brain, change the behavior.” All without any need to give notice or get consent from the individuals being targeted for a new “Design Mindset.” IFTF wants government policymakers to make “education a national priority” and “consider the full range of skills citizens will require.” No need to consult the individual citizens or respect their or their parents’ desire not to have a New Kind of Mind grounded in emotion and Arational.

We actually do not need to speculate about the broader transformations KnowledgeWorks and IFTF are assuming. Beyond all the Strive Together links to a needs based communitarian economy based in urban areas and the Recombinant Education document I mentioned, there was an earlier joint 2020 Forecast that laid out their Map of the Future Affecting Education that called for Altered Bodies: experimenting at the intersection of environment and performance.” Again, not what we expect when we put our kid on a school bus. Are we sending them to schools to “develop new capacities” consistent with a collectivist vision someone else created and did not mean for us to find out about? Should schools “become focal points for interventions focused not only on educating resilient students, but also on promoting resilience in their communities.”

Resilience is one of the listed IFTF categories and it is designed to prevent individual or community responses that focus on “resisting disruption or maintaining the status quo.” In other words, whatever happens in the future K-12 education is trying to take the likely response out of the hands of individual citizens. They get instead “A New Civic Discourse–Rearticulating Identity and Community in a Global Society” that does not care one bit what the US Constitution established so long ago. Another category–“Pattern of Recognition–An Extremely Visible World demands New Sensemaking” discusses the impact of data a great deal and calls for fostering “collective sensemaking.” No wonder the need for classrooms to develop a shared understanding of everyone after Discourse keeps coming up when we look close. Remember the Rockefeller Funded Communication for Social Change?

Here’s the link to the subsequent Recombinant Education vision You may want to read that on an empty stomach or with a Hot Toddy. It is enough to chill the bones. Here’s a sample from the High-Fidelity Living category:

“Deeper insights into brain processes and into cognition and motivation under varying conditions [likely discovered from real children without parental consent] will inform both the design of cognitive assistants and our [whose precisely?] understanding of how to structure learning and work environments to maximize focus, intrinsic motivation, and creativity.”

If that seems troubling, there’s a break-out later that admits that data will monitor a student’s “social and emotional conditions, to predict performance and suggest personalized strategies for success.” Still excited about Personalized Learning and what the League of Innovative Schools is pushing with its federal mandate? How about the admitted ability for “Reading Your Mind”? There’s no indication the student will actually be informed of the results of the ‘reading.’ How is a futurist or policymaker in education different from the typical Palm Reader or Clairvoyent could be the new question given these admitted aims with students.

I am running out of time so I want to alert everyone to one more thing that such a Learning Ecosystem will be designed to do to supposedly Create the Future. How often are we hearing about the need for Equity in education? The last bullet point in the vision states: *”Track and address any new inequities that emerge within the learning ecosystem.”

How will the inequities be addressed? Building up the learners who have not yet shown “what learners will need to know”?

Or using Complex, Unknown, and Nonroutine Problem-solving to try to scramble the rational brains of the more able students? To try to force them to respond from emotion instead of logic and facts.

And if you wonder why I keep remembering Uncle Karl’s vision for all this, let’s get a dime for every time we encounter a reference to meeting ‘needs’ in this vision of the future.

Notice the reference under Shareable Cities to “open governance” and remember my warning over the e-Republic and e-Democracy.

Time to pull more open nefarious declarations into the sunlight of public scrutiny. There is still time, but not if we continue to make this simply a Debate about the Common Core.

It is So. Much. More.


24 thoughts on “Advances in Neuroscience Redefine Notions of Performance and Cognition, Allowing Social Justice in Learning

  1. Robin said:
    “Someone who runs a hugely followed Internet site on the Common Core said to me in person at a hearing and then via email that the psychological emphasis of my work scared her so she would make no effort to let her readers know what was in the offing.”

    I am confused. Why would she make no effort? What is her point of view or concern or ???

    I read some of the links (skimmed over them) and all I could see was gibberish. So many vacuous buzz words and BS it looked a word processor threw up on the screen. I did not take the time to find the real scary stuff. The fact that these ‘educators’ believe there is value in this BS is scary enough.

    BTW I can’t see how these ‘educators’ expect anyone to hire the students they produce with heads full of mush. Seriously. They claim to be able to see the future and this justifies giving them more control. How has their track record been in the past regarding predicting the future? They suck at it.

    BTW “Justice” as it is (was?) commonly used meant a fair process with established rules e.g. a baseball umpire or a judge applying the rules and law. E.g. calling a strike or a ball. E.g. one witness says the traffic light was red while the other witness says the light was green and the jury/judge decides who they believe and make a ruling. ‘Social justice” is BS and has no predetermined rules. It has been called “cosmic justice” by Thomas Sowell as it requires a God’s eye view and knowledge of all things. If God is not available a totalitarian state will have to do.

    • You think you’re confused eclectic. Another woman who has a large following normally hypes radio interviews. I had done one. People who heard me raved about it. No mention. So I asked. Her response was to say that she could only send out a limited number of emails, which has nothing to do with the content of the emails.

      Part of it may be this is the issue they have staked their reputation on and they are enjoying their season in the sun, but this involves what is clearly to be psychological manipulation. KnowledgeWorks is tied to the CCSSO Caregie, Gates, and Hewlett Foundations. School districts hire the lawyers who are partners in Governor Riley’s law firm to represent their school districts. Yet the school board members who want to protect the students all seem in my experience to have incorrect understandings of what terms mean or charters etc. Maybe the lawyers are getting incorrect information. They like to do closed cle programs in conjunction with the state school board association meetings. I know because I have checked.

      WASC, the accreditor in California, hired IFTF to push change in the schools and higher ed and how to make accreditation the invisible driver of cultural change. It may seem like jargon, but these are enormously influential entities.

      ISTE, the largest entity in the world pushing digital learning, made Jane MacGonigal of IFTF, its keynoter in 2013.

      Whatever the reason for pretending to assert that the Common Core is just about curriculum and problemmatic tests, it is endangering the children. It absolutely jeopardizes any hope of future prosperity. This vision seeks to hobble the human mind. I work on this full time and then give away some of my valuable research precisely because I am so worried about other people’s children.

      If it because hyping the problems with the Common Core is intended to benefit online curriculums entities are selling or chains of charters people are involved with, then the listeners and readers should recognize the conflict and quit being led to believe they are getting objective information.

  2. Well this answers my question as to why Neurobiology is all the rage as the hot new major in so many Universities today.

    I figured Universities were getting grants galore to start programs in this vein but I was not 100% clear on the why, other than the general global push to reduce humans to meat units of malleable material circuitry.

    Funny how my search to understand the purpose of THIS as it was being trotted out for ooos and aaahhs at my kids school has come full circle.

    That same school has been ahead of the game with Future Ready speak.

    Bear in mind this is a private institution as you read the UNESCO language. They had a technology one to one laptop program in place 7 years ago. My husband and I could not understand at the time what the point was. Now I get it.

    A private institution. Proof that CCSS is a trojan horse. Privates don’t have unwieldy bureaucracies to delay implementation. They just bring you what is cutting edge sooner.

    • I am late to this thread but you are right ! My kids private school was way ahead in this through likely the accreditors and the intermediate units and also the radical nuns.
      The gibberish sputtered was the tip off.
      When i hear non scientific parents ( peers) talking about brainbased learning and neurobiology parroting things they are fed at elite schools i want to puke.
      Daniel Pink’s book is sited by So many educator types yet when examined he was just a hack speechwriter for Al Gore.
      These people are as expert as the Irish Travelers are at fixing roofs.

  3. One of the arguments made for Common Core is that “different people learn by different means”. To which I have to ask, why then do we subject everyone to the same overly complex arithmetic methods”.

    One arithmetic book (“Reinventing Mathematics” or “Reforming Mathematics”) recasts time-worn word problems (“three boys went into a candy shop …”) into a problem involving oppressed children laboring long hours in a shoe factory.

    Another proponent maintains that every arithmetic problem can be recast into one involving “social justice”.

    I can’t claim that those two examples come from Common Core, but the examples I’ve seen posted seem to point in that direction.

    Certainly one of the aims of education is to produce people ready and able to take their place in society (I left out “an ordered”). But another, perhaps more important aim should be to produce people capable of leading a full life. To me, that includes education in the classics of literature and music, and the history of civilization. And if there isn’t time for all of civilization, make it Western civilization.

    • Don’t get me started on music education. From having a musically talented kid who couldn’t sit still, and got nothing but punishment from most of those school music teachers. Orchestra is mainly about sitting very still and moving the bow just like the other people in your row, at least as it appears from the audience. I think that when I was in school, school music teachers were a bit looser and more interested in, well, music.

      Good luck getting Western Civ. any more. World (“Global”) history doesn’t mention the great families/dynasties of Europe now.

      Needless to say, “they” have a different idea of what a full life is than you do. You seem to think it involves learning our cultural heritage. “They” are sure it involves learning that everyone and every idea is about equally good.

    • ZZ-here’s the vision of transformative education being pushed nationally.

      Came out yesterday. What sorts of people think Leveling the playing field is a good idea?

      Mountaintops are no longer acceptable?

      Plus look at this, also from yesterday, on how the Common Core wants students to solve math problems situationally, using collaborative techniques, and talking through the answers with each other. Notice that it’s all about ‘concepts’. Remember the post I wrote on Lynn Erickson and Enduring Understandings? Teaching concepts so the students will apply them to situations where a solid base of factual knowledge would clue them in that the application was inappropriate?

  4. Someone else’s desires, not ours, especially given the number of references to “collective intelligence.”

    “Our desires” have proven our failure to show proper commitment. We lack the necessary will to push for enough funding required to bring about social justice.

    We’ve been wrong on social justice issues because we care too much about “our desires.” Jim Crowism was “our desires” made into law.

    We’ve proven our insensitivity to growing disparities and inequalities. The time has come for somebody else to get up in here and make us do the right thing, finally. We can’t and won’t do it on our own, obviously.

    We must all look outside ourselves to someone else who is more sensitive, perceptive, trained, specialized, CREDENTIALED, and concerned for humanity. We can’t be trusted to care enough, because we care too much about “our own desires.” Our privilege blinds us to the suffering of the underprivileged. Their promising potential and aspiring dedication to “turning their lives around” shouldn’t be ignored just because we have promises, aspirations, and directions of our own, or because we have children of our own whom we love. Everyone is somebody’s child, and all children deserve equal love and open access affirmative opportunity.

    We’ve had it too easy for too long, and now we must make sacrifices for the greater good. Welcomed new voices of inclusion and tolerance must be louder than our old voices of exclusion, intolerance, hatred, and unearned advantages.

    New values are needed right now, and since we reflect the old values, new institutions, new systems, and new structures are required. Structuring the brain anew is the best place to start. We should embrace anyone who helps create neuron based cognitive empathy that unites the present to the future, propels society forward, and bridging divides that harm our right of having the kind of future that works for everyone.

    And we just really shouldn’t be distracted by what legalized loco weed does to neuron functions, as long as the zombie dopers show up to protest against injustice and will vote the right way.

  5. This topic reminds me of the opening scene from the movie Firefly, especially from :30 onward. The clip is only 1:44 long. They ended the clip 10 seconds too early IMO. That is when the ‘neuroscience’ part is shown as I recall.

    • eclectic-I think this is the ultimate vision for MOOCs

      It also fits with language in the 2004 Cooperation Agreement between UNESCO and Microsoft signed by Gates personally at the Paris HQ. That in turn fits with the vision of the Rockefeller funded Communication for Social Change and Christos’ Structured Design Dialogue.

      One more thing consistent with this idea of sharing ‘perspectives’ but being force to reach a common, binding understanding in the phronetic, nonanaltical sense, is that Finnish Ladder of Required Classroom Cooperation developed over years we looked at in horror. Remember that came out as we were tracking a GELP conference in Finland that MS sponsored at Vicki Phillips attended. She is in charge of the foundation’s College and Career Ready Initiative. Apart from having been the Portland, Oregon school super and the Pa State Super before that, in 2000 she wrote a book with Sir Michael Barber published in the UK called Irreversible Change.

      Phillips also worked for a time at the National Center on Education and the Economy with Marc Tucker, who was behind the 90s version of all this. NCEE was the entity created with Carnegie funding in 1986 after Carnegie and the US State Dept signed an agreement with the Russians on collaborating. Charlotte Iserbyt has that extensively chronicled, but not the Vicki Phillips link or to Michael Barber.

      Remember the USSR was free to ‘research’ on people in ways that previously would not have been allowed here. Lots of that research remains available in Russia but it has never been translated. Yet it has been made available to theorists who can access translators. To this day UNESCO keeps its IT sub headquartered in Moscow and the typical conference syllabus is only half in English. Participants have said in recent years that the meetings are no longer being conducted as agreed in English, but are largely in Russian and French.

      My point is one side to this desire for brain-based physiological permanent change has access to all that research and can create pedagogy around it. It makes all these confessions about neuroscience even more troubling. Especially because the head of IFTF, Marina Gorbis, grew up in Russia and came to the US when she was about 18 to major in psych at UC-Berkeley. Marina also worked at SRI with Mr Global Mind Change himself Willis Harman. Harman has noted that the human body treats virtual reality just like physical reality in its effects on perception. That means virtual reality can be created to alter the brain as well.

      Precisely what IFTF employee Jane MacGonnigal bragged about doing in her book with game-based learning.

  6. Just happened to be reading an article in regard to humanism. They were talking about the use of the Happy Human symbol and how it derived supposedly from the image of Isis with the two horns and a sun in between. I quickly realized that Happy Human appears in my school’s logo and did a quick cursory search of district webpages around our state…Happy Human is exceptionally popular! I wonder if there’s any way to find out if they used the same advertising company…it certainly is curious–though shouldn’t be surprising to anyone reading your book/blog.

    • I always thought that silhouette was about exercise. Silly me. Had to look it up.

      When the kids were younger we had a chance to travel so I homeschooled for a year. One in 3rd and 5th and the youngest kept popping in and out of Kindergarten. We spent a month in Italy and had an apt on the Tiber in Rome for a week. Base camp. The 8 year old bookworm and I were at the Vatican museum well before it opened. Since we were not a group, we just went up the stairs and we were basically the first into many of the rooms. She loved myths so she was so excited to see the Laocoon and kept reminding me that Artemis was her favorite goddess.

      I had never thought about Isis although Bookworm knew all the stories. It was amazing how many statues and from where were in the Vatican collection. I grew up Southern Baptist so the Catholic interest in Mary was alien to me until I saw all those statues. It basically hit me that was the way in to so many pagan cultures. I researched it after we got back and that was true, but it was the Vatican’s interest in all those statues and how they had spread so much further than Egypt. I had never really appreciated that before.

      We also went to the Archaelogical Museum in Naples that has so much of the Farnese Collection originally taken from the excavated baths.

      If I have not said it in a while. Beyond ensuring your child can read well because symbolic print is still the mental turbocharger. Travel. If not abroad to a local museum or the closest national park. Research what’s important and then talk about it as a family.

      • I had to look “Happy Human” up too. Don’t look to deeply into a ton of corporate documents or you’ll see that image, or something amazingly like it, start popping up. Could be all the graphic artists go to the same seminars…

    • They have to be situations for which there is no algorithmic answer or it would not foster grit and persistence. These games are an immersive virtual reality situation. What is being measured is what do you do if? The game sets up situations and monitors what student does in response to a variety of presented contexts that they are not familiar with. It’s a form of role playing and the game knows the parameters, but the students do not. It will not which of the variety of things student could pick up on, he or she actually noticed.

      Remember conceptual lenses guide what you notice and what you ignore. You may even be unaware you are acting on and interpreting through those lenses or that they exist at all. The video game and the data it throws off will know precisely what is guiding student at an unconscious level and thus what curricula to use next to achieve what the Noetic Overlord (my new name for whoever is deciding on the interpretive schema all students or all students in a given group should Have. Noetic picks up values and emotions that are cultivated too.) thinks shoud change next so that students is following the Learning Progressions picked out by the Noetic Overlords.

      The reason we have to keep coming back to these futurists’ intentions and the references to political, social, and economic transformation is that is what guides the curricula. It’s what guides the chosen classroom practices. As Jane MaGonnigal admits in her book, it’s what guides the games being created for the classroom assessment. It guides what Glass Lab is creating for assessment and curricula.

      That article left out that the regional ed lab for the SE US is now located at Fla State. It used to be at NC State. Fla State was also the recipient in 2009 of one of the huge reading grants that appeared to me to be about fostering Whole Language and psycholinguistics under new names. I remember Catherine Snow also getting one.

      That matters because James Paul Gee who is now involved with the same groups cited in this article with a specialty in gaming used to make psycholinguistics his specialty. Changing minds in desired ways would appear to be the real specialty.

      • Gee is quoted here as rejecting the entire concept of the discrete individual.

        That link is hugely important because we have 3 professors who are regularly cited as authority for these changes in education and other transformational practices admitting they are really about changing the Rules of what will be called science in the future or altering institutions or using education to change people and all the social groups they are a part of including workplaces.

        You know me. I love to quote open declarations of transformational intent and then bring it back to a required mandate for the K-12 classroom. It’s how I play Gotcha and why there really is no dispute about what I say in my book or this blog. I do not bring it up until it is clear.

    • In this post we have James Paul Gee being cited in EdWeek that computer simulation “is the key to letting learners explore new situations.” The learners will not know enough history or science to recognize that the computer models will react based on their deliberate coding by people like Gee or MacGonnigal and not what the likely result would be in the real world. Prime to act because the response in virtual reality turned out well.

      That article cited in the post goes on to declare that the games are being created to create role playing conflict with the student’s current everyday values. Then keeping at the source of discomfort and cognitive dissonance is what gets rewarded as Grit and Perseverence. What is really happening is that the mindset and values student brought from home is being deliberately broken down and switched with whatever the Noetic Overlord/Game Designer wants as the new substitute. No need to tell the student or parents, especially as there’s no real need to ever make it personally identifiable. The point is the noetic change, not who is being changed.

      • Games and computer models are big in several professional fields. I really get tired of people spouting off about “in silico” methodology and how far ahead using those methods can put you. Another black-box computer model that may or may not work in any given future situation. You won’t know where it will fail because you don’t know the logic behind the code. You can’t really beat a solid statistical design and actual data collection on the system being studied, but there are people that absolutely believe that computer software can pull it off.

  7. If you want a case in point about the emotional side of things being taught in classrooms, check out this short video showing off English books by Zaner-Bloser and how it manipulations children’s minds into making emotional arguments.

    • Thanks Oak. I have been an admirer of your work over the years. Welcome to ISC. continues to show that the emotional aspects are intended to physically alter the brain.

      I continue to worry that initiatives like that one that is connected to the Departments of Labor and Education and many foundations and the Aspen Institute and the Urban Institute are being overlooked. The Name of the Project that created that paper is “Students at the Center: Teaching and Learning in the Era of the Common Core: A Jobs for the Future Project.”

      Competency has always hidden an emotional component. It’s why Milton Rokeach created the term in the 60s in federally financed research. I love old books because they disclose where the research money came from and are graphic because the ideas expressed are not YET notorious.

      A student-centered approach is the antithesis of a subject-centered approach so math coursework becomes a mechanism to change the values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of the child. That is what Learning now is. How is that targeting not Tyranny of the Mind that is inappropriate and unacceptable in a free society? These aims align with the historic pursuits of despots.

    • Oak,
      Your video was striking!
      They are training Narcissists!!!
      This is a nutshell explanation using facebook founder as seen in the film about it.

      The E-book called Manipulism
      Shows how an entire country is afflicted with Narcissism purposely as an effective means of social control. Together with oppressive taxation/redistribution, sex ed, and atheism,national narcissism keeps the collectivist state bolstering themselves with magical thinking to their own serfdom.
      The video you provided illustrates the push for children to value ” their voice” above truth or fact and to constantly be getting in others business.

      Please also check ” choices magazine” put out by scholastic. The issue my child brought home ( 11 yrs old) pushes kids to be ” entitled to a private life”, to get around ” nag “parents…

      Both your vid examples of curriculum materials and the choices magazine handout push UN agenda, particularly the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Which basically eliminates parents as primary educators and authority over their minor children.

      • In the town of Dallas, Or. They has an upset over an assignment that reminds me of Oaks video. Students had to do some form of community service. The rubric upset parents by stating completing less than 5 hours of service labeled the child a menace to society. 5-8 hours was an apathetic bystander.9-11 is a good citizen and 12 or more is a civil servant. I was at the forum where frustrated parents asked for answers. Same night I heard a state official claim our slds is Prenatal through graduate school data collection. Yet still answers no to tracking kids.

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