Authoritarian FantasyLand: A Place With Required Habits of Mind but Disdain for Facts

Back from my jaunt this week to Orange County, California to talk about all the things coming into K-12 classrooms under the cloaking banner of the Common Core. Since I was taking notes on Monday night and the pro-CC side zealously conceded a great deal in their prepared presentations, I thought we would talk about what was admitted upfront and what the implications are for all of us. It is safe to say that California is further along than many states so this will fit with what is or will soon be going on everywhere. If authoritarian seems awfully strong, it is partly a reaction to the number of speakers who insisted that the Common Core was now “the law” and there was thus no reason for further discussion. Now no one actually uttered the phrase “resistance is futile” or “submission is mandatory,” but that was the drift of the arguments.

Gone is any concept that the United States is a country conceived on a premise that the individual is ultimately so sacrosanct that even a king needs to ask permission to cross his threshold. No, if a school board, legislature, or city or regional council adopts a law or enacts a regulation, apparently obedience is now mandatory without further discussion. That crucial shift is one reason the authoritarian description seems apt. The other is the number of times I heard speakers, especially one who was a former California 4th District PTA President and a current Huntington Beach school board member utter phrases in support of the Common Core like “its purpose is to create habits of mind” and dictate “concepts to be absorbed” by the student. Another speaker spoke of “internalizing” knowledge.

All of those references, whether the speakers know this or not, are to what Soviet psychologist Piotr Galperin called theoretical instruction to guide future behavior. We covered it here . My dictionary defines authoritarian as “unquestioning obedience to authority rather than individual freedom of judgment and action.” Now let’s face it, if concepts have been implanted in student’s psyche at an unconscious level, which all these speakers are admitting and I have been warning about, there’s not even any opportunity to question. Is there anybody out there that denies our definition is being more than met with these openly declared intentions?

One of the Board members read two passages from my book. One is that we are looking at the “Marxist theory of education.” I suppose he was trying to paint me as some kind of 21st Century McCarthy threatening to name names. As the book lays out in detail, Uncle Karl wanted education to be all about controlling consciousness. Let’s face it, the pro-CC speakers themselves admitted that aim several times. If educational theorists and professors use the M word among themselves for what they advocate, we get to use the term as well. That’s me–factual, not raving. The 2nd quote had to do with the assertion in the book that Common Core actually wants to limit knowledge. I explained quickly about how a concept-based education worked, but I have a better example to actually quote now that I am home with access to all my materials.

The term “rigor” and “cognitively demanding” both got used a lot as reasons for the shift to the Common Core. No one mentioned though that the purpose of this kind of classroom work was to foster a “tolerance for ambiguity” in the student. More psyche in the classroom crosshairs then. I mentioned in my testimony that to work the problem MUST be ambiguous, be previously untaught, or have no single correct answer. is a 2008 article by Harvard prof Tony Wagner elaborating just that–“a complex, multi-step problem that is different from any they’ve seen in the past.”

The pro-side did not care for my pointing out that when they stated that CC were “learning standards” they were saying it was about “social and emotional changes in the student” and “goals” for changing a student’s values, attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors.  That came out on rebuttal even though our former PTA President and Board member had cited “engaging experiences” as one of her reasons to support the CC transformation of the classroom. What precisely does she believe the “experiences” are getting at? Plus, I now have access to the standard definition of ‘rigor’ which is “the goal of helping all students develop the capacity to understand content that is complex, ambiguous, provocative, and personally or emotionally challenging.” I took that from an SREB powerpoint, but plenty of school districts use that quoted definition verbatim too.

Another reason cited in support of CC was it “promotes Equity.” As we say in the South “Yeehaw.” Dissimilar treatment of students in order to get them to the same outcomes is not likely to be a popular selling point, at least until we get a generation trained with those Anti-bias Standards from the last post. So we get Equity imposed invisibly by Supers and Civil Rights edicts and local city councils. Alarmingly, Brookings’ Metropolitanism guru, Bruce Katz (see tags)  announced this week  that  “it’s time we rewrote our own federalist contract [that would be the US Constitution] and realign power and responsibility for the modern era in which cities and metropolitan areas, rather than nations and states, drive economies and progress.”

Right into a ditch in all likelihood, but this is the political vision all these education reforms embodied in the full CC implementation are relying on as the future they are preparing our students for. In that link, you will find a link to a UK report that makes it clear that geography is being used to disguise the shift to the needs-based, economic justice vision that Uncle Karl lusted about achieving at some point in the future. As the report said “the scale of metros means they are best placed to drive the strategic integration of public services and economic development.”

That’s the vision for Manchester in the UK and the greater LA area, my neck of the woods in Georgia, and everywhere else as well. Everything I have read suggests a Folly of monumental proportions is planned, but it will be quite lucrative for a while to those connected vendors who form public-private partnerships to receive taxpayer money for meeting ‘needs’ like housing, education, or healthcare.

I want to close this discussion with a Keynote Address noted Change Agent Shirley McCune gave back in 1981 called “The Future of Educational Equity.” She saw “struggles for equity” as the “whole rationale for the formation of the United States” which tells us what can happen when we let graduate degrees in social work dictate how we educate our kids. What I found fascinating since I had always seen the Reagan Block Grants to state and local governments as a ‘conservative’ shift was how A-OK she was with this plan. So someone who wanted to see comparable economic and social outcomes among groups and “groups of people represented throughout society in proportion to their representation in the population” viewed state and local governments as the place to achieve that.

Something to think about as commentators assume that the Common Core is an acceptable dictate if a local school board requires it. That the only problem with the Common Core is the federal fingerprints all over it from Arne Duncan’s actions. Really? Authoritarianism that goes so far as to dictate personality traits at an unconscious level to drive future behavior is not a problem now as long as it is not federal authorities mandating it? McCune believed that the “only way that persons would be willing to ‘buy equity concerns’ is if it is demonstrated that it is an innate part of quality education.” That of course is precisely what embedding Racial Equity Outcomes in coursework or those Anti-Bias Framework do.

It’s McCune and others view of how to use a misleading term like quality education for “building a new consensus on equity.” She also viewed quality education for equity as about equipping students with the “highest level basic verbal and mathematical skills consistent with their individual ability.” The only way to read that language is that slower students will get a variety of ways to show their skills, but able students still cannot go beyond basic. They can just go faster through the basics.

Just as we are seeing with all the current emphasis on Career Pathways, where California is one of the lead pilots McCune’s plan for equity relied on ALL students now receiving a combined academic and vocational education where everyone would obtain “the skills and attitudes necessary for working cooperatively with both the same sex and opposite sex in the paid workforce and in the home.”

Finally McCune’s version of quality education “would equip students with the flexibility and self-confidence that would enable them to cope with the rapidly changing society through continuing adult learning and growth.” Doesn’t that sound just like what the Common Core is touting as having a Growth Mindset? Everything old is new again apparently until total transformation is finally achieved.

Apparently the products of a “quality education” grounded in ‘rigor’ will not object to the fundamental rewrite of our “federalist contract” and in the mean time, governments at all levels seem to be pursuing this Equity vision without any genuine disclosure or consent. Leaving it to the lady who reads too much and has for a very long time to lay it all out.

Hopefully Just In Time as the slogan goes.

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  1. I have noticed the Frankfurt school (Marxist thinktank), and Nihilistic (no standards allowed) Acadamia play a lot of games with the word “authoritarian”. They cry foul at the “authoritarian” father figure in the patriarchal family of Western and Hebrew culture, the only cultural system which provides true freedom for individuals. But then they work toward subverting us to a totalitarian dictatorship which is demonically authoritarian. Has anyone navigated this word play? Education researcher, Dean Gotcher, wrote a very interesting essay on this topic titled “It is ALL about your Father and His authority. Period.” posted here:

  2. Karl Marx: “Once the earthly family is discovered to be the secret of the heavenly family, the former must be destroyed [annihilated] in theory and in practice.” (Karl Marx, Feuerbach Thesis # 4), Sigmund Freud: “‘It is not really a decisive matter whether one has killed one’s father or abstained from the deed,’ if the function of the conflict and its consequences are the same.” (Sigmund Freud in Herbert Marcuse, Eros and Civilization)

    • What Marx, Freud, and Hegel only dreamed of has now become ‘reality,’ with facilitators of ‘change’ taking control of the world, ruling over families, lands, and business’s (facilitating town hall, county, state, federal, church, business, education, and home meetings) with all “citizens” becoming subject to the child’s “lusts” and abominations.

      All facilitated meetings carry this same pattern, i.e. the negation of the Father’s authority (the citizen’s right of private family, private property, and private business, i.e. the child’s right to inherit his father’s authority), negating it, i.e. the facilitators of ‘change’ eradicating it through the consensus process of ‘change,’ entertaining themselves while taking the father and his children, i.e. the nation into debt, depravity, and death. If you collaborate (dialogue) with ‘change,’ i.e. abdicate your Father’s authority to the facilitator’s of ‘change,’ you negate that which is yours, your inheritance, i.e. your inalienable rights, under God.

      • Anon-here’s an explanation of the same point, but in terms the typical reader can easily relate to. It’s about enormous spending power if you control government.

        “The reason it is so important to control government is because government is the source of enormous power,” Stein continued. “One president in this country, when he or she takes office, appoints…5,000 people to run a bureaucracy, nonmilitary nonpostal service of 2 million people, who hire 10 million outside outsource contractors–a workforce of 12 million people–that spends $3 trillion a year. That number is larger than the gross domestic product of all but four countries on the face of the earth.”

        “So the reason we’re doing what we’re doing…and the way we get progressive change, is to control government,” Stein said. “That’s what this is about.”

        It is the source of jobs. It is contracts to insiders. It is telling others what they can and must do and what is no longer allowed.

        Great Oakeshott quote in that link.

        • On the quote; true. But if you look at what former KGB agent Bezmenov said, to enable take over the US, step one was to demoralize through the education system.

          The reason people cannot relate to this information is because of the successes of the very system we are now trying to expose. It is easy to fool people who have no knowledge of what Gotcher talks about. The first thing I noticed in Das Kapital was that it was all lifted and twisted scripture; every line.

          It is very interesting how these Frankfurt School social engineers happen to know the right buttons to press, most think it is because they are so smart? Not at all. One of Gotcher’s researchers went to hear one of the world renown individuals in education speak. If it wasn’t Bloom or Rogers, maybe Meuller, it was someone at the world level. This person said they got their social engineering ideas to bring about Globalism from “combing the scriptures”.

          Here is few examples from Gotcher matching up Social Engineers’ techniques from where they got it: “The socio-psychological title for a person who helps others to “think” using this paradigm is a facilitator (formerly called a “change agent”) referred to today as a “heresiarch.” Satan was the first facilitator, the first heresiarch, Eve shifted her paradigm from obedience to revolution” (remember the religion of “Nilhilism” is “unending revolution” according to former Nazi insider Hermann Rauschning. Nazis were not after “race”, per se, but were trying to wipe Hebrew Patriachal power structure from the earth. (Rauschning and Suster)

          And another:
          “The drawing out of one’s “ought to be” requires what is called environment control or climate control. Rogerian Psychology by Carl Rogers redeveloped for counseling today the three conditions Satan had to have to move Eve from an “Is/Not” condition. They are (1) Open ended, a we can talk about anything, “What do you think . . .?” “How do you feel. . .?” God is not open ended, traditional parents are not open ended, traditional bosses are not open ended, the laws of nature are not open ended (jump out of a plane at 20,000 ft without a parachute and find out how open ended nature is), the Constitution is not open ended “Congress shall not . . .”, (2) Non-directive, which means I will not tell you what is right and wrong. Again God is not non-directive, He directs, parents direct, the boss directs, the constitution directs, the laws of nature direct, etc. The third condition required to move a person from an “Is” is an (3) Aversion to any closed philosophical point of view (didactic paradigm), in other words, get the “can not’s” or barrier language out of the room. Open ended, non-directive questions are used to get us past our limits and measures set by a higher authority. And the third condition effectively removes the authority figure from our conscious mind, in other words it gets us to mentally remove them from the room.

          These are the three conditions Satan had to use to change Eve and they are the three conditions Rogerian Psychology requires for counseling today. Rogerian Psychology is the identical, unadulterated form of environment control Satan used to deliver Eve in the garden. They are the same three conditions used today….

          When this environment is created, and a person shares his “ought to be’s” they are in a brain washing program. Brainwashing is washing from the brain any information, which gets in the way of consensus (with sensations or feelings toward human relationship). God’s law gets in the way of consensus. It has the wrong language for world peace, “thou shalt not . . .” according to the process.”

          “The role of the facilitator is to seduce, deceive, and manipulate. Lucifer was the first manipulator. He seduced Eve with her “ought” by drawing her out with a neurolinguistic sentence, the most effective sentence structure in the field of hypnosis, a sentence structure that embeds questions in statements, and statements in questions. For example the phrase “I wonder whether you know where your knee is?” is a neurolinguistic phase patterned to initiate an ought to be. The conscious mind recognizes the sentence only being a question “I wonder if . . .?” But the subconscious picks up the statement “you know where your knee is.” When this happens the subconscious begins to draw the person toward looking at the knee but the conscious mind responds with “he did not ask you to look at your knee, you can not look at your knee.” The subconscious mind then responds with “I ought to be able to look at my knee.” This “can not,” “can too” internal tension is known as cognitive dissonance and has the effect of temporarily destabilizing the person. The language of the nervous system (neurolinguistics) then kicks in and says “will you two quite arguing, feel the knee.” So the person is now staring at the other person feeling their knee. They have been sensitized to the material world through the activation of an ought to be. When Satan stated “Yea hath God said . . .” in the Hebrew it has never been known whether to end it with a question mark or a period. It is a pure neurolinguistic phrase. Eve responds didactically “ of all . . .” but then adds “ more . . .”She revealed her ought to be, “I ought to be able to at least touch it.” Where did she get her ought to be? She got it from her internal desire, her lust. Then she adds the didactic statement “lest you die.” Lucifer the facilitator then lied, and deceived her with “you won’t die. God knows . . .”

          When Bible believers say, “I don’t need this input from the government” or “no thankyou” regarding “sensitivity training”; they are labeled “backwards”, “judgemental”, “bigoted”, etc., especially by acadamia. It is because they have been pre-informed that these ideas lead to corruption of the individual, then the family, then the community, etc., and that isn’t what they are looking for.

        • Thank you “Anonymous”. That was important reading for me. The clues on Rogerian psychology were valuable.

          I saw an ellipsis or two, did you quote it from somewhere? I would like to read more of that.

  3. Here is former ” safe schools czar” kevin Jennings
    In an early speach laying out the how to, very instructive. Reframing, bait and switch. ( call stealing philanthropy..)

    “If the Radical Right can succeed in portraying us as preying on children, we will lose. Their language – ―promoting homosexuality‖ – is laced with subtle and not-so-subtle innuendo that we are ―after their kids.‖ We must learn from the abortion struggle, where the clever claiming of the term ―pro-life‖ allowed those who opposed abortion on demand to frame the issue to their advantage, to make sure that we do not allow ourselves to be painted into a corner before the debate even begins.
    In Massachusetts the effective reframing of this issue was the key to the success of the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. We immediately seized upon the opponent’s calling card – safety — and explained how homophobia represents a threat to students’ safety by creating a climate where violence, name-calling, health problems, and suicide are common. Titling our report ―Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth,‖ we automatically threw our opponents onto the defensive and stole their best line of attack. This framing short-circuited their arguments and left them back- pedaling from day one”

    • Oh dear. That does deserve a swig of something strong.
      Preying on children could be seen in many ways. Do they want to see physical harm come to children, I would think likely not. Mental harm I would believe. Then again that would mean you need to believe in a moral code to see the harm in the above statement. Erosion of the traditional family has always been a goal. Separate, divide, and you tear apart the absolute right and wrongs. Get people to see themselves as most important. How they “feel” is what should drive them. That is the new norm for most and what is promoted. It has done wonders for society, right? Changing what is valued may have profit motives, or political motives, but swaying a spiritual belief is a goal for some.

      • LL-StriveTogether is a cradle to career partnership that is also touting Portland, Oregon. This is the new report

        Remember KW owns High Tech High and all the New Tech Schools as well and is tied to the Carnegie Corporation and Next Generation Learning. AS JT and I have discussed, we have the template. Unfortunately so much of the oxygen in the room on the Common Core and opposition to it is being consumed by people who actually have conflicts of interest. Few are being forthcoming enough about the online curriculum or charter school model they want taxpayer or parent or both funding them for.

        A classical curriculum, for example, which is primarily used to change values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors as if student ‘character’ is the whole point of school is still programming the child in unappreciated ways. They are going to try to block my insights because I recognize the difference between that focus, still lucrative for the insiders, and a traditional knowledge/subject content focus.

        Is the student being programmed or is their future independence being nurtured by the curriculum? It’s a question parents should be asking and not just finding relief that a given port is not reeking of the overt sexualization that so many are rightfully calling attention to.

      • LL-StriveTogether is a cradle to career partnership that is also touting Portland, Oregon. This is the new report

        Remember KW owns High Tech High and all the New Tech Schools as well and is tied to the Carnegie Corporation and Next Generation Learning. AS JT and I have discussed, we have the template. Unfortunately so much of the oxygen in the room on the Common Core and opposition to it is being consumed by people who actually have conflicts of interest. Few are being forthcoming enough about the online curriculum or charter school model they want taxpayer or parent or both funding them for.

        A classical curriculum, for example, which is primarily used to change values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors as if student ‘character’ is the whole point of school is still programming the child in unappreciated ways. They are going to try to block my insights because I recognize the difference between that focus, still lucrative for the insiders, and a traditional knowledge/subject content focus.

        Is the student being programmed or is their future independence being nurtured by the curriculum? It’s a question parents should be asking and not just finding relief that a given port is not reeking of the overt sexualization that so many are rightfully calling attention to.

          • David Conley. Mr creator of the definition of College Ready that just happens to dovetail with the Rogers/Maslow view of how to change a student as if they were just another system.

            New readers to this blog should look at this old post where we caught David redefining a non-cognitive focus in the classroom as Metacognitive. As JT can attest the pro-CC panel in OC on rebuttal just could not imagine where I got my info that the CC was really targeting social and emotional behaviors through the use of content, even though I cited Stanford prof Linda Darling-Hammond too.

            That post is a reminder why this area is so crucial. Because it is malleable as the California consultants put it when they did a report in 2013 for Knowledge Works on using CC to target these Competencies. Come to think of it, Oregon was in that report to. It was called Beyond Content and was created for the Strive Together sub’s network.

            That post tells why this area keeps coming up and even ties Conley to Paul Ehrlich’s Millenium Assessment of Human Behavior he is doing for UN affiliates. That of course we now know fits with GELP.

  4. From OC–THANK YOU, Robin for making the trip out here to testify. As you suggest this battle won’t be won overnight–but your presence at that hearing shed light on the blatant facts. The equivocating proponents who hide behind ed talk will–sooner or later–be seen as the emperor’s incompetent weavers.

    • JT-as I mentioned to you I had already read the Derek Black law review article Hugh Hewitt mentioned in his testimony. My concerns as to the real role of that article, given that Vandy is Ground Zero for educational constructivism of the radical kind and Joseph Murphy there created the Educational Leadership graduate degree for everywhere just to advance the change agent/Marxist Human Development model focus, really hits high gear when we read the prof’s cv.

      Looks to me from what he has written that he adheres to Goodwin Liu’s views laid out in that troubling 2006 Yale Law Journal article I wrote about on using national ed standards to rewrite rights under the 14th Amendment.

      • Partly related…I don’t know why it took me so long to notice but the Head of School at the institution my daughters used to attend received her PhD in Educational Leadership from Univ. of Penn.

        The School started changing drastically for the worse once she put “Dr.” on her letterhead. She began trotting out the 21 C, Career and College Ready tripe almost 7 years ago.

        I also find her to be particularly duplicitous and vicious. But always in Chanel.

      • It doesn’t get much clearer than that cv–my goodness. You don’t mess around when it comes to connecting the dots! Hard not to feel a little depressed by all the collusion–

        • Anon-have you read my Goodwin Liu post on how to use national standards for a classic game of bait and switch?

          Plus I have spent a great deal of time tracking what Equity really means and it was manifest throughout that cv. Like McCune, I believe Derek Black sees state and local governments as the places to get the economic justice template in place. It also fits with what e-Repulic and many big city mayors like Atlanta’s Kasim Reed or Sacramento’s Kevin Johnson are pushing as the new national vision for mayors of big cities.

          When I was in California there was plenty of stress on opting out. As Dr Thompson and I pointed out, opting out treats the summative assessments as the point of the shift when Next Generation Assessment is mostly formative. When I came home I looked into the Opt-Out movement a bit more. This conference from March 2014 in Denver has Pasi Sahlberg as the keynoter with Equity and authentic assessments as the rallying cry. That’s called out of the pot and into the fire. Plus the PISA Sahlberg pushes is the DeSeCo I explain in the book. Those are the kind of ambiguous, open-ended questions designed to get at what a student perceives at the level that lets the behavioral scientists get at his psyche better than a student can themselves.

          I have never met Peg Robertson, but Aurora is where the McRel ed lab is located. This Opt-out Movement plays right into what McRel has been advocating for in the classroom going back to Bela Banathy’s Achieving Excellence in the early 90s. If Opt-out makes 2nd Order Change easier because of the remedies they are advocating, how is the child better off?

          Why are so many people misdescribing the nature of the problem when it’s not that hard for people like me to trace the dots with provable evidence on intent?

          • Speaking of clear cv’s, this is Ricardo Rosa, one of the other Opt Out speakers shown in a photo.

            What kind of revolution do we want? That’s certainly fits the definition of 2nd Order Change. Fits with Derek Black’s goals, SPLC, the NEA’s. Fits with where Bill Ayers and his mentor Maxine Greene want to go as well. Distributive justice is not enough. We must get at what people believe, which is precisely why it has the effect of how Uncle Karl and his followers have always wanted to use education.

            This is clearly intended by some of the speakers as a vehicle for wholesale transformation via education.

          • I have done some follow up this morning and Colorado is heavily involved with the Next Generation Learning model and Breakthrough Schools. It is described here and the school districts involved are piloting it to be a state model.

            No wonder Peg wants out of PARCC. Fits with the LDH paper that PARCC is not sufficiently geared to Competency.

            That graphic of the running student silhouette needs to get added to my PowerPoint. How telling is that?

          • Oregon is a Next Generation Learning state as well so this hype over SBAC or PARCC simply creates support to the synthesis solution sought all along. Marc Tucker is now saying that there should be only 3 times during K-12 where any kind of objective benchmark is used.

            This is the next stage. A pure performance assessment that is accessible to all because the activity is the ‘test’.

            Grounded in the alternative assessments originally used in special ed. That’s how All Students can Succeed. Like redefining student achievement, credentials are available for a redefined concept of success. Nobody knows much, but the kids are having a marvelous time with the multimedia immersion and “applying concepts”.

            No one without heavily involved parents who recognize this model and what it targets and omits will have much of a future apart from what is assigned as their due for being alive.

    • JT-as you may remember, the rebuttal on my points amounted to a “that’s not happening in California” defense. Beyond the Career Pathways I mentioned in my testimony and this post, California is one of 10 states that is part of CCSSO’s Innovation Lab Network pushing Next Generation Learning.

      The Dispositions on pages 5 and 6 are an essential aspect of what College and Career Readiness means. Social and emotional learning is an integral part of CCR and a huge component of the Deep Learning being pushed by the Hewlett Foundation, CCSSO as Next Generation Learning, and the now spun-off New tech Network.

      • You’ve been busy this morning, Robin! The evidence is all here but as long as folks miss CC’s goal to reach kids through formative assessments built into the ed software–they’ll be fighting in vain. Thanks everyone for all of the excellent links!

        • So Next Generation Learning Challenges is managed by EduCause, which happens to be all about the common good, community, and using the Internet to change society.

          Time for another YeeHaw apparently. Where’s my Minnie Pearl hat?

          By the way this link also explains how all those New Orleans Charter Schools really fit in.

          It’s NGL.

        • JT-this letter today arguing that the “federal civil rights laws of this country require that all children be educated equitably and effectively based on their needs” is factually not true but fits with the pro-CC statements gain that the Common Core is about Equity. Notice Deep Learning is mentioned and 21st century skills but not the Common Core. Also notice that the purpose of education is the “learning opportunities, preparation, knowledge, services, supports, and skills that will enable them to lead healthy and successful lives in the world and workforce.”

          That would mandate meeting all needs of children and healthcare clinics and fits with the workforce readiness real end game as WIOA pushes School to Work without anyone knowing.

          Also notice students ‘experience’ diverse and integrated classrooms. Just showing up is now to be enough for a credential that must not result in any disparate impact.

          These mandates are easier than lobbying Congress or convincing judges. Just threaten to sue and the ruinous costs of litigation force the change.

  5. Nielsen is featured in that Co. article. He has a book, not sure if you have read it. I know you are not involved in social media. The Nielsen/Robertson crowd is a dangerous one. Just FYI.

      • That’s precisely what I am saying. If you are not in one of those 10 states like you and JT are, then all these philanthropies are making Breakthrough multimillion dollar grants to districts. I watched a 1o minute video last night on Henry County, Georgia. while checking out someone’s inquiry on Edgenuity.

        Then this news release mentioned that Henry County was one of the Breakthrough Districts mentioned in that Colrado link that also included Dallas, Texas and Pinellas, County, Florida and lots of places people are not recognizing how this gets nationalized.

        Because Henry County, for example, is part of the 10 County metro Atlanta area, technically the other school districts in Metro Atlanta are bound to switch too under the terms of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Competitiveness report. Just call me Robin Reads a Lot and gets the implications of what she reads.

          • Yes, it’s the national model of what is to constitute Next Generation Assessment. Paid for originally under RTT. Just like NC is piloting cloud applications to get around those pesky textbooks parents can object to. Print is so previous centuries.

            CCSSO has a annual convention of NCSA-National Center for Student Assessment and I read through the June program for 2014 and 2013 yesterday. SBAC and PARCC were only to be transitional until Competency comes fully into place and formative, embedded, daily tasks become the rule. That includes the gaming which is also to act as an assessment.

   is 2014 and located conveniently in New Orleans. Home to NGL Breakthrough Model Schools per the earlier link.

            Remember though that NGL has stated that all the documents and initiatives I made the focus of Chapter 7 on what the real Common Core implementation looked like are still what NGL cites as their plans.

            CCSSO says that the purpose of the Common Core is to prepare students for “life, meaningful work, and citizenship.” The model of Competency, DeSeCo, and what constitutes Transformational Outcomes Based Education and what its intentions are remains the purpose now with occasionally updated names.

            Pasi Sahlberg says it is all about Equity. Does Peg Robertson and the Opt Out crowd really support the rest of the Finnish vision?

            If so, they should read that post and Beware of being the grease that simply ignites a larger inferno.

          • So the new head of the New School Ventures Fund that finances so much of the inside track ed reform initially was previously heading up Next Generation Learning for the Gates Foundation.

            Remember New Schools and its then CEO Ted Mitchell, now Arne’s deputy in DC, worked with Michael Barber on the Oceans of Innovation report stating that Asia is in the ascendancy and the US is on its way to being a has been. Yes, if this becomes the focus of the typical classroom. Only a mental muppett could watch something like that Henry County video and not feel a huge hole being created where a functioning, stocked brain could have been.

            “Let’s sit at the computer and do a task!”

          • Here is another way in.

            Tom Vander Ark on his Getting Smart blog touted Fulton County where I live for pursuing Next Generation Learning. Fits with it being a League of Innovative Schools district. As far as I can tell the School Board and parents will keep snoozing until something like a school shooting occurs. After all, it cannot happen to parents who pay lots of property taxes and live in a nice home. I guess Vanguard sounds better that a cadre of like-minded revolutionaries.

            Maybe they should read that paper from the Moscow conference Tom just got back from on what this model really is about. Fulton County-trying to make sure this is the last generation to ever live an Upper Middle Class existence.

            Perhaps if the administrators wore Mao caps and insisted students all wear gray someone would notice the true nature of the changes.

        • At one of the links
          “At Bedford County Public Schools in Virginia, students studied Earth Science, Geometry, and World History through Edgenuity and outperformed their district and state peers on the 2012 Virginia EOC assessments in these subjects. – See more at:

          Possible translation:
          The students worked at their own pace, and did not participate in stupefying time wasting group activities. Even though the outside agency did the teaching the school still got most of the money as the student had not dropped out and was counted on their rolls.

          • eclectic-what you said except they had learned what concepts to apply to every situation. The rubric gave points for using the desired strategies and concepts.

            The parents think student achievement shows knowledge when what it really shows is compliance with a vision the parents have no genuine idea about.

            Because Orwellian phrases are Oh. So. Useful.

            Welcome to ISC by the way.

          • Several months ago I was discussing the concept of teachers video recording lessons for evening viewing by students. At the time, it struck me that the ultimate end game would be for a very few instructors to record “perfect” lessons for general use. In essence, you could eliminate the teacher in exchange for a glorified room monitor. This seems to fit very well with that idea.

  6. Interesting how they used diversity as the primary reason to introduce digital content and blended learning. We have a similar program in my district. The classroom change is forcing students into the BLC.

    • Remember how I explained UDL in the book?

      Plus all students have emotions and all students can interact at some level. If All must succeed despite real differences in what they are capable of under an interpretation of federal civil rights laws that mandates equitable outcomes, the definitions of what gains the credentials changes. Next Generation Learning is linked in the documents explicitly to the Lumina Foundation DQP in higher ed, with its radical shift in the purpose of college. explains the DQP. NGL also talks about its ties to the LEAP Initiative I explained in Chapter 5 of the book.

      Private employers who do not have a workforce that fits the demographics of the population will likely be accused of discrimination in the future. That expense of litigating with the government’s deep pockets with make an Equity analysis of hiring a requirement. It will make it hard for workplaces to function if only a few workers are rowing and others can only participate by chatting with those who row.

      The mindlessness being encouraged is tragic to me to watch in these videos.

      • Private employers often compete with foreign companies who do not have to comply with such ‘discrimination’ mandates. Teachers are free to buy products from such foreign manufacturers and invest their pension founds there as well e.g. Samsung. When US manufacturers are crushed that is of no concern to the educators.

        BTW In the Steve Jobs biography it was reported that he had a single meeting with Obama. He used this meeting to offer again to prepare campaign materials (videos etc.) for the 2012 campaign (i.e. he was a liberal (but not on some education issues)). He ALSO told Obama that Apple was building its new glass plants in China NOT because of labor costs but because of added US regulatory burdens and costs.

        My point above is that saddling US manufacturers with added regulations does not impact the ‘educators’ directly and they are mostly oblivious to it. This includes turning out zombie graduates.

  7. The post included the quote:” realign power and responsibility for the modern era in which cities and metropolitan areas …”

    Does this mean the power to ignore every edict of the US Dept of Education and perhaps other fed govt edicts?

    I doubt that very much. He means the local implementation of top down federal edicts. E.g. When Hillary Clinton said ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ she did not mean a village, she meant the federal govt. Any local variation is to be snuffed out.

    Do the CC people ever give examples of what they mean by “equity”? Is equity always good? What are the results of equity, good and bad? Are these questions thoughtcrime?

    it would be interesting to ask the CC advocates if it is OK for a student to think for themselves. The CC people think themselves free thinkers yet almost forbid it. Is it OK to for students to ask questions outside the confines of the narrow CC boxes?

    Also, I can’t see ‘educators’ engaging in any useful vocational training. That would mean accepting input from the people who pay for the schools. ‘Educators’ are very reluctant to adapt their teaching to any such input.

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