Birth to Career-Finally and Quietly Creating the Soviet Mindset But Here in the USA

Now let’s suppose you are a international bureaucrat or a politician or just a social justice dreamer hoping that utopia is possible if you could just get to the children at an early age. Reframe how they think. Or Make Sure they mostly feel and respond by instinct. To visual differences. You could influence What each child Values. What they Believe. Their Attitudes. You could actually sculpt the filtering Mindset they use to approach life. But you live and work in a country like the US that was built on the concept that each individual matters. That owes its unprecedented prosperity to personal liberty and economic freedom. In fact there’s a Constitution that says it’s the individual who retains the ultimate authority.

Now would you be honest and forthright if you wanted to create such a mindset? Not if you wanted success. You would approach your revolutionary mission of transformation with the stealth of a cat burglar hoping that no one noticed the missing family heirlooms until they were safely pawned. Rather than the bank robber who takes what they wish with guns blazing even while they wear a mask.

And that’s the approach the Gypsy Principals and Supers take as they push whatever education policies and practices their professors and the regional accreditation agencies desire. Now we now know the regional accreditors are pushing UNESCO’s policies and that they are in a position to use the horrendous loss in property values in any school district that loses accreditation to coerce school boards. What you may not appreciate is that they have a comparable power of coercion over higher ed. There they can threaten losing the right to participate in the federal student loan program. A death blow to any institutions operations these days. So the regional accreditors and their primary holding company, AdvancED, have tremendous power to advance UNESCO’s social aims for education in the US.

And UNESCO’s primary aim is to ensure that all people “integrate the values inherent in sustainable development into all aspects of learning to encourage changes in attitudes and behavior that allow for a more sustainable and just society for all.” That’s right. The people who brought you the Oil for Food scandal and other atrocities because they really are not accountable to anyone and live their life with a non-taxed salary and expense account that you help pay for will decide what are desired values and what will be sustainable and just. Not to worry though these bureaucrats have shown superlative judgment so far. NOT.

Yea. That’s a darn intrusive aspiration into what should be an impenetrable zone of liberty and autonomy. In fact if you look up the word “totalitarian” in the dictionary, the marker that crosses the line is targeting personal beliefs, emotions, and values. Which means you had best use a different rationale and start early. Which is why I found it so interesting recently that Head Start just added social and emotional learning components to their federally funded programs. And that AdvancED had created preschool accreditation standards recently. And when that GSBA program I was at last week kept mentioning the “Birth to Work Pipeline,” I noticed that too.

Especially when one of the rationales offered for such early interventions by government programs was the “Disparities in Early Vocabulary Growth” between Welfare Families and Professional Families. That can’t be fixed with a government program unless they will be hiring doctors and lawyers to engage the disadvantaged children in conversations. No but it can create a program where publicly paid employees can push whatever beliefs anyone seeking to preserve or obtain political power wishes. Without real constraints.

Note to presenters: The Disparities in Early Vocabulary Growth rationale does not go over well with someone who knows how hard the colleges of education and UNESCO are working to limit literacy to a basic functional level. That was a Big Red Flag something else was afoot.

Now we have already talked about social and emotional learning generally and Purple America in particular. Let me just remind you that every economic historian recognizes that it is the dominant mindset of a people that governs whether they have the sense of independence that fosters widespread prosperity or whether they look to others to take care of them as if they were serfs or sheep or any subjugated people. Every dictator in history knew this mattered and aspired to influence the prevailing mindset. Because we still have elections though, we Americans are not giving educational policies and practices and the actions of administrators the scrutiny they merit. And we are running out of time.

I have written a lot about how the Common Core implementation looks hugely different from the PR sales campaign used to gain adoption. Part of that pitch is to get ALL students College and Career Ready. In the next post I will tell you how this will affect college. It is the Career Ready Practices I want to talk to you about today. This once again looks like a classic Bait and Switch. A cat burglar ploy to avoid detection. Terminology that sounds beneficial but hides a troubling real aim. is a document called the Common Career Technical Core. It contains the vocational Career Pathways I hate but that’s another post too. At the bottom of page 1 through the top of Page 3 you will see “Career Ready Practices.” That’s the main goal of Common Core so these practices (that no one is likely to read as this is a side but official document) reflect what the ed schemers plan to do or the beliefs they hope to create. Read through them. It sounds like they were written for a robot by someone who has spent their working career getting paid for showing up and doing as they are told. They were written with no concept of how the private sector works. Of coming up with desired products and services. Career Ready Practices is a world where employment is about going through the motions of activities in an imaginary unprofitable workplace.

Secondly, those Career Ready Practices require each student to develop a communitarian ethos as their primary personal orientation. Notice how each person is to be required to demonstrate their understanding of this obligation every day in their interactions with others. Notice the obligation that school and the student’s course of study create a responsibility to participate “in activities that serve the greater good.”

Now does anyone question we are finding the mechanisms for quietly achieving that UNESCO goal of changing our values and behavior’s to a more collectivist approach? Do you feel like a pawn in a troubling global game yet?

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