Bottom Up Peace Built By Education From Below Within the Student’s Mind and Emotions

This is the start of a Trilogy where I cover precisely how the Rapprochement of Cultures, Human Rights Education, and Education for Democratic Citizenship as envisioned by the UN entities, make it all the way to your local school, public or private, and your child’s classroom, without anyone recognizing what is really going on. In the materials that back up this and the remainder of the Trilogy there is not a single mention of the International Decade of the Rapprochement of Cultures. As we will see though, RoC fits invisibly with everything being required. In fact, so does fedEd’s recent insistence that a biologically intact transgender boy must have unfettered access to a high school girl’s locker room. It also is a currently undisclosed initiative tied to the likely 2016 Democratic nominee for President financed while she was Secretary of State.

The phrase “Bottom Up Peace Built From Below” is straight from the RoC materials and the remainder of the title fits with how to do it. To show just how long this has been sought in a way that feeds into the timeline in my book Credentialed to Destroy, let’s go back to the Democratic Education book then Princeton prof Amy Gutmann published in 1986.

“Teachers typically resist changing their teaching methods, often on the well-intentioned misperception that their obligation is to impart knowledge, not to develop the moral character of their students.”

What kind of moral character then is the new purpose of education and the schools and so crucial that parents must not be allowed to somehow ‘exempt their kids’? Character that will allow each student to recognize each other as equals “for deliberating and thereby participating in the democratic processes” for restructuring society going forward. That was Gutmann’s vision long before she became President of the Ivy League, U-Penn. The purpose of Preschool to higher ed for her was to create a “common set of democratic values that are compatible with a diverse set of religious beliefs.”

Democratic Education is all about ALL schools helping to “develop the cooperative moral sentiments–empathy, trust, benevolence, and fairness.” She goes on to cite the same John Dewey I cover in Chapter 2 of my book because of his ideal of a school “whose aim is ‘not the economic value of its products, but the development of social power and insight’ pointed to such a morality” in each student.  The presence of such values, cooperative sentiments, beliefs about others, etc are the very learner ‘outcomes’ to now be assessed by schools. How do I know for sure? Last week as part of that Youth Summit and in preparation for the UNESCO General Conference that opened this week in Paris, UNESCO and friends published a rather graphic report Curriculum Development and Review for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education to lay out plans to force EDC/HRE into every subject in every classroom all over the world.

In the bibliography at the end is a cite to a 2014 report called “Teaching Respect for All Implementation Guide” that caught my eye since I had just written the Rapprochement of Cultures post. Found it with UNESCO profusely thanking the US Department of State for “their generous financial contribution and continuous support in the development of the Teaching Respect for All project” that launched in January 2012. Maybe promoting HRE was more important than Benghazi security, but the always italicized Teaching Respect for All was financed and launched by Hillary or her subordinates.

Want to know what its definition is on what constitutes ‘individual achievement’ by a student? In the lead-in under “Part 1-Set of Key Principles for Policy Makers” is the definition that “through education” students will demonstrate the “acquisition and application of awareness, knowledge, skills, and values for the sake of a peaceful society in which individuals treat each other with respect.”

Those are not personal characteristics for students to acquire in addition to math, science principles, historical knowledge, or literature enjoyed for its own sake. ALL school activities are intended to create themes, practices, values, and beliefs needed for “learning to live together as one community.” Amitai Etzioni must be beside himself at what Bill and Hillary have been up to now using their power, influence, and our tax dollars. Remember UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and her admission that education was about promoting ‘scientific humanism’?

A quote from her at the launch of TRforA (its new acronym) leads off “Part 2-Set of Key principles for Headteachers [Principals in the US] and NGO Managers” that “building respect in and through education [is] ‘essential for promoting a new humanitarianism for the twenty-first century.'”  Yes, indeed, we have the US State Department, under Hillary and President Obama, underwriting HRE globally and quietly in the US to “enable the education system to fulfill its fundamental aims of promoting the full development of the human personality [a term straight out of Uncle Karl when translated into English] and appreciation of human dignity, of strengthening respect for human rights and of delivering a quality education for all.”

In addition to the focus on Competency and values, attitudes, and beliefs laid out in detail in my book as the real Common Core implementation, this HRE mandate gives the rationale for fed ED suddenly determining in April 2012 (just months after launch) that IDEA be read to require PBIS and other positive psychology interventions in all classrooms with all students to avoid stereotyping. It also fits with the push to issue an Executive Order for Positive School Climate in late July 2012 and all the efforts to hype bullying and disparities in School Discipline offenses. Since I led with the transgender mention, let me quote the relevant part of the “key approaches necessary to successfully counteract discrimination.”

“Pupils and students may have multiple cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, or understandings of their sexuality, which means that these forms interact. These attributes are best understood as real aspects of their identities and as attributes that may be open to change or new interpretations. Pupils and students have a right to self-identify with cultures, sexualities, ‘races’, genders, or ethnicities in ways that feel authentic to them. The authenticity of one’s identity should never be dismissed or seen as insignificant.”

That is the philosophy driving the fed Office of Civil Rights and it is straight out of the HRE we financed. If they have a copy, so should we, but since UNESCO links are quite unstable you will notice I just give titles. Education now, apparently from little tykes on, is actually about “strengthening mutual tolerance and cultivating respect for all people, regardless of colour, gender, class, sexual orientation, national, ethnic, or religious orientation/identity.” TRforA targets “learners of 8-16 years old, and aims to build curiosity, openness, critical thinking and understanding among youth learners, thus equipping them with awareness, knowledge, and skills to cultivate respect and stop discrimination on all levels.”

Even if it takes false narratives or the kind of manipulative mental framing put out last week with regard to STEM. If you are like me and rather drenched in facts and logic, we can notice that what is an accepted identity and beliefs is not for everyone, especially high school girls unable to mentally cloak a boy’s visible genitalia in the assurance that only social constructions matter. If anyone hopes the reference to ‘critical thinking’ leaves some subject matter intact, the very use of the phrase ‘critical race theory’ and ‘pedagogy’ makes it quite clear how intolerant tolerance intends to be.

“Curricula must dedicate time to sensitive issues, such as discussing stereotypes and recognizing injustices. They must take a reality-based [I can hear some of you snickering from afar] and relevant approach, which recognizes groups’ histories of suffering and marginalization, and provides learners with the critical skills to react to discrimination.”

I am guessing this is where perceived Microaggressions and White Privilege come in and I am supposed to feel bad about being a bookworm when I was younger or teaching myself to read. I actually think that “Curricula should fully incorporate education to fight racism, xenophobia and discrimination at every level, rather than teaching these lessons as separate subjects” may do quite a bit to bring back what was called the Generation Gap decades ago as older adults wonder why young people are becoming such ignorant, self-righteous twits. We may never see the phrase a ‘Whole Child emphasis’ the same again after reading another key approach that “Going beyond cognitive skills, curricula should equip learners to learn about the issues as well as empower them to act in response to racism and discrimination. Learners need to receive training in conflict resolution and in speaking out against social injustice.”

We are all going to need training in conflict resolution if we have to listen to young people deliberately educated to feel both slighted and empowered to transform an existing world they neither understand accurately or appreciate. Since only quoting the Implementation Guide’s key approaches can reveal the true horror of what is intended in the name of school transformation and student success to be appreciated, here’s another: “A fundamental commitment to create an emancipatory culture of schooling that empowers all pupils and students. This includes practices that allow pupils and teachers to work together to acquire, analyse and produce social and self-knowledge.” And we wonder why we keep being told the change to a competency-based emphasis is needed to be ‘internationally competitive’. That’s a framing that works and explaining the true purpose would likely send us all into a frenzy.

I mentioned the “Curriculum redevelopment” paper release last week  so let’s close with some of the aims it was also up front about. “The wider aim of EDC/HRE is the establishment of sustainable and participative forms of democracy based on respect for human rights and good governance.” Those human rights principles are described as “non-discrimination, inclusion and participation, and the rule of law.” That’s an affirmative, anti-individualistic view of the rule of law /The%20Rule%20of%20Law%20in%20the%20Universal%20Declaration%20of%20Human%20Rights.pdf  that is necessary as Harvard Law Prof Mary Ann Glendon described it so that “human affairs are not forever destined to be determined by force and accident, but that they can be affected to some extent by reason and choice.”

Mary Ann is one of Amitai Etzioni’s favorite law profs for obvious reasons. Remember how my Chapter 7 pointed out the real Common Core implementation was all about changing values, attitudes, and beliefs? Remember how that is what learning now means as well? “Efforts to promote EDC/HRE involve the development of dispositions, extending beyond knowledge and skills to include behaviours and actions. research has shown that such dispositions are fostered through participatory and learner-centred teaching and learning processes…” that would be the real reason lectures and textbooks have to go.

Somehow I am sure the now ubiquitous explanation of the antiquated ‘factory-model’ of school is just another group-tested framing meme to alter prevailing behavior without opposition.

See you later when we take on Part 2 on how this is all coming in now and invisibly.



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  1. From the post above:
    “Even if it takes false narratives or the kind of manipulative mental framing put out last week with regard to STEM.

    From the link above:
    “You Have to Have the Basics Down Really Well”: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of STEM Learning
    This report examines expert and public perspectives on STEM education and informal learning. FrameWorks researchers compare these expert and public perspectives in order to “map the gaps” that exist between these groups on issues of STEM learning”

    One example of the ‘public’ (‘non-expert’) thinking was:
    “Technology and engineering were understood as “complex” subjects that could only be learned once students had mastered math,
    science and other “basics” like reading and writing. ”

    OMG. I only read a little bit of it but it insane. The ‘experts’ in the above paper are so called ‘STEM’ experts which included academic researchers, educators, etc. I.e. people who are not trained in or involved in science, math,or engineering. The ‘public’ in the above paper are people in the real world who much more closely represent people who actually have science/math/engineering degrees and/or work in those fields. The ‘public’ are the people who actually read the prerequisites for college science and engineering courses.

    Of course the ‘gap’ between those two groups exists and must be closed, presumably by ‘educating’ the ‘public’ by the ‘experts.’

    The input of people who actually teach college courses or work in those fields is apparently not solicited. Students who follow the ‘experts’ curricula are likely to be unprepared for any higher education or employment in these fields, absent some other remedial subject education outside of the ‘STEM’ education.

    • It illustrated manufactured false beliefs and the overt manipulation involved so well. There are also videos discussed in the comments of the previous post.

      At the end of the Implementation Guide are examples of the kind of activities for the classroom or professional development or even camps. When you read them you understand these are already in wide use. They are simply not understood in light of their true purpose.

      This entire trilogy is Rock the World sort of overt confessions.

    • Aha yes this identifies the meaning of the “education gap” in all the ccss and esea press & documents. The how to get to ” the future we want ” through word wizardry, understanding and mapping the gap between how to brainwash the kids getting the methods etc into ALL schools for All kids, by marketing it as something parents and the general public think is super smart cool awesome and that they really lack the courage to admit they do not understand at risk of sounding or looking stupid.

      • This is Pedro Noguera of the Gordon Commission getting an award last year from Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences.

        That Excellence in Equity talk and book with Alan Blankstein is happening almost weekly now at some conference or professional development meeting. few understand what success means here. I have an older book of Blankstein’s where he thanks Maurice Elias. i footnoted his alarming sel work in my book so I knew the ramifications.

        It is camouflaged but quite clear once we have the documentable template.

    • Agree completely with what “eclecticmn” wrote. I doubt we could find many, or any, actual practitioners in STEM area that would agree with much of what their “experts” espouse.

      One good thing, the only good one, is that they recommend that the teacher have STEM competence rather than being caring. And if I read it correctly, they are looking for actual STEM competence, rather than that the teachers be one of their phony “experts”.

      I remember a link from at least a year ago with the same “experts vs. non-experts” meme and the same sort of ideas. Maybe it came from Frameworks Institute too.

      • That document triggered a memory of reading another document that said eventually sbac results will peg students into career pathways.

        • Notice that document does not mention wioa at all, even though it is a mandate on this and it is a September paper.

          Also Georgia is in the midst of a student funding reformulation and the minutes I have seen make it clear we are involved in that Secondary School Curricula created by SREB, yet we are not on the list. SREB happens to be based in Atlanta. Gene Bottoms has been pushing his tecademics and High Schools that Work remodel of high schools in a way that conforms with TVET and Robert Beck’s polytechism laid out in my book. Maybe they do not want to scare away the execs of the companies relocating to Atlanta by admitting what is going on in Georgia schools.

          I have been at meetings at the state DoE where Career Pathways were lied about, with an insistence that a genuine academic option would remain. This is all very sensitive and deceit abounds while our brains are to be refashioned to fit with what politicians want now from the public.

          Someone sent me the 2015 Decentering Whiteness update to a campaign that began back in 1998. I thought it was a parody at first. Here’s a speech while I look for a full pdf link.

          Horowitz is on this.

          • Here it is

            Remember this is all explicitly part of this Human Rights curriculum that gets embedded in what goes on in what is nominally an English or social studies class.

            This explains what that Robert Kennedy Center is pushing and why it has come up in Common Core implementation searches. It’s what Kerry Kennedy, Mario Cuomo’s ex, is doing. I was horrified at some of the people being touted.

          • Peter Senge and method to change whiteness as center


            The change becoming a community and a learning organization is called a “Galilean Shift”.[15] The organization is compared[by whom?]to the Galileo Galilei heliocentric revolution that changed the view that earth was the center of the universe.

          • Seems like Pater Senge is suffering from white privilege. He should be replaced by a person of color.

            Speaking of putting crap in English class. Oops, I mean ‘Language Arts.’


            [T]he material was not taught in sex ed. It was taught in language arts

            A New Jersey school district is facing scrutiny for a provocative eighth grade homework assignment that reads more like a chapter from “Fifty Shades of Gray.”

            The boys and girls at Myron L. Powell Elementary School in Cedarville were instructed to write a “reactive response” to a given situation.

            They wanted to know what the students would do if they went to a party, got drunk, had sex with a stranger and then contracted herpes.

            Amy Loper told me she was shocked when she discovered her son’s homework assignment. And I mean she was shocked!

            “It’s insane,” she said. “There is no reason whatsoever to discuss that kind of stuff with a kid. It’s not sex education class. It’s language arts.”

            Mrs. Loper made several telephone calls to the school and demanded some answers. It turns out – the assignment is part of the district’s (wait for it) core curriculum.

            The homework is part of a book the students were given titled, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.”

            Let’s hope underage drinking, partying and unprotected sex are not among the habits.

            Here’s the verbatim assignment:

            “You had a really rotten day, but lucky for you your best friend is having an awesome party later. You go to the party and start drinking. You have a little too much to drink and start talking to this girl/guy you’ve never seen before. You head upstairs to better acquainted despite several friends telling you that you don’t even know this person. You end up having sex with this person. The next day you really can’t remember everything that happened and rely on your best friend to fill you in. A week later you find out that you contracted herpes from your one night stand and that this is a disease you will have all your life and never known when an outbreak will occur.”

    • What is being confessed to in this extraordinary Roadmap involving the San Francisco region covers everywhere any of us live. I recognize it as also being tied to how a Learning City is to work under the UN’s 2013 Beijing Declaration. # 4 is education or workforce development as it is now called.

      Notice the 3 E stool–Environment, Equity, and Economy. And we wonder why the legal concept of subsidiarityis a Progressive dream come true. This lays out the extent of the overwhelming regulatory power the feds have now bestowed invisibly on localities.

        • Democracy Collaborative may be far left but they just say outright, with currently in vogue verbiage, what every other organization tries to ‘frame’ in less obvious ways.

          “The ultimate driving aim of community wealth building is creating a new system—a new normal
          of political-economic activity, where concern for broad prosperity is built into the core system design”.

          I am struggling with level of denial and ignorance of some and even those who are true believers in this fairy tale who don’t see or grasp that a Planned Economy based on redistributed wealth along racial lines managed as a fascistic partnership is a workable idea for the long term.

          What are these people from Democracy Collaborative to Brookings to Heritage imbibing that has them imagining this is going to end well? I’d say i’d like a shot of it too to numb the pain but clearly its poisonous and rots the brain.

          • Read that Limerick Declaration and then this abstract on what a Learning Region is. Maybe you can locate a hard copy of the full article where you are.

            Our hyperexcited snowflakes at Yale and Missouri already think that the age of “Individual Empowerment and Social Cohesion” that is 1/3 of the Learning City tripod is here. So does the Democracy Collaborative. They fully intend to use the other two legs–Economic development and cultural prosperity and finally, sustainable development.

            Sustainable development of course is what requires the mind arson manipulation as I will explain in the next post. I have a problem though. It is outlined, but I have a meeting to go to that I know is related and I do not want to alter the script by confessing I can transcribe and translate what is said.

            I also do not like that my research took me to a Russian site this morning with the Journal of Creative Economy and the article “Innovative development of the region: the choice of behavior model” as the only English amid Cyrillic script.

            Hard not to be reminded of that Russian-American forum, especially with the Puget Sound region being one of those held out as an exemplar in the SF Roadmap. The Atlanta meetings I described in my book as exemplifying Turchenko are the same ones SF refers to creating an exemplary plan.

  2. Identical conclusion, coming from a different direction, on a Catholic website:

    The Collapse Of Sound Thinking And The Rise Of The Functional Retard

    “…The West has created, in only two generations, an army of stupid oxes utterly unable to think logically, without any concept of morality, without the slightest idea of right and wrong, and manipulated at will by a bunch of proto-communists who hate everything that is sacred, and in many cases certainly side with Satan. How more intelligent, and how less prone to manipulation were their peasant ancestors: who, though not educated, had firm coordinates concerning right and wrong, justice and injustice, true love and veritable abomination, the law of God and the sinfulness of man.

    “The modern Functional Retard has a degree in something often useless even in real life, and almost always utterly unusable to get to heaven. In this Country, he is not unlikely to be even unable to spell. But he thinks he is well educated, and able to decide what it right, or wrong, or “love”.

    “Retards with a useless degree, prepped for hell in huge numbers. This is what the last two generations have given us.

    “The Church hierarchy, collectively considered, has been an accomplice every step of the way.”


    This passage (written by an Italian, by the way), has suggested a wonderful new term — functional retard. I’m adding it to my personal arsenal of invective.

    • Reminds me of the Yale student shrieking profanely at Nicholas Christakis, a Prog in good standing and the son of Alexander Christakis whose Structured Design Dialogue I wrote about. He had written in that David Loye book along with Riane Eisler. In the determination to change people neurologically for political purposes and to guide ‘evolution’, we are actually devolving back toward primitive behavior.

      Make sure you look at this Limerick Declaration I put up on a previous post to Tunya this morning

      I guarantee you Colorado has, or is putting in place, the kind of empowered Economic Development Corporations as public-private partnerships outlined yesterday for California in that SF Roadmap. Tie in Learning Regions as required by WIOA and envisioned by Limerick and we now have the full template. I am down in New Zealand this morning reading some confessions from last year.

      I have also located the now ubiquitous phrase ‘continuous improvement’ as a Learning Region/Lifelong Learning Concept.

      If Colorado has those Leadership classes either locally or at a state level, I suggest reviewing the classes of Leaders selected over the last 3-5 years. This also ties in to a Learning Region and Learning City. Guess what is at the center of all these learning communities like the tiniest Matrushka doll? The student

      Like Student in the Center pf a Networked World as the Aspen report headed by Jeb Bush described it.

      • I knew the name Christakis rang a bell as I skimmed those articles. The Revolution devours its young. Thursday the State Board is going to discuss the definition of Workforce and Postsecondary readiness. CDE having taken a survey (first I heard of it) to sound public opinion, they now are going to consider the options, which run the gamut from A to B (h/t Bill Buckley). That webinar link you sent me offline features an individual who authored a grant requesting funding for the imposition of digital badges, a grant whose existence was stubbornly denied until a determined mom uncovered it. Our state is up to its eyeballs in Marc Tucker’s vision. The managed labor force will be the topic of my monthly Board harangue tomorrow.

      • Oh yes. That harangue to Mr. Christakis ( I knew there had to be a connection to the Senior Mr. C. when I read that article the other day! ) was a stunning display of the FR. a/k/a Designed Useful Idiot For Progress.

        This is the kind of individual that a meaning making, student centered, mostly fact free, with a perceptual emotional focus education will net us as a society.

        Marvy. Just Super marvy.

    • Functional Retard is so apt. My own experience with such individuals shows consistently that there is no reasoning with FR’s to boot.
      It is somewhat terrifying.

      • FR’s just yell explatives in your face. So the Yale Kerfufle was Kabuki from the top:
        1. Letter from admin to be mindful of pol cor costumes.
        2. Retort from fem Cristakis.
        3. Hubs Cristakis surrounded by lions vid.
        4. Test completed public duped, snappy students rage affected
        What normal intelligent
        ( scholar?) would tolerate being encircled by accusers and screamed at? If any normal humans did this they eould be arrested. It is FR theatre! BRAVO!

  3. Can you see the draw for the lowest characters when they get to talk dirty in english class with the student?! The epidemic of teacher to student sex abuse is scurrilous and obvious when you google it but hidden from gen pub.
    As a teacher you need to have lack of morals, ethics, judgement, boundaries and have the “attitude” that was ” reframed” by a ” framework” devised by a sicko manipulator imasquerading as ed school. So teachers are culled today from a pool with the ” correct” intellegence level and the ” correct” atitude such as above. Even at risk of losing your job, well get over that selfishness and find another job. Plenty of people could find a way around this rather than be an abuser.

    In hitler’s concentration camps prisoners with the ” correct ” atitudes were given the power over other prisoners to subdue their own people. The same efforts were made in the slave culture where some with ” correct” atitudes were given advantages to subdue and control their own people.
    I see no difference here.
    Anyone who perpetrates this warped maleficence on children has personal satisfaction as reward or is intellectually lacking to the point that they should not be allowed around children. I have no tolerance for this. But judging by the recent Yale Halloween kerfuffle enblazened on video we can see the future teachers lawyers and leaders raised under this tutelage. It is indeed scary. ZERO TOLERANCE. EYES OPEN people!
    MC please regale this audience of your recent findings at your childs school!!!

  4. Ah the whole Cristakis yale blob was staged! Top to bottom. Seems the only unknowing where the encircling snapping hordes. How do parents like their kids used in social experiments going viral looking like total FFR’s used as UN/Prog propaganda and left FR’s for life. All for a measly 70K a year.
    ” safe space” , haha great script!
    The Oscar’s go to Christakis and shreiking/swearing girl! Congrats!

    • It does. Saw that Sunday I think after I read from the Mexico City summit in September that there are numerous American Learning Cities by name. What I am going to explain is that the Aspen/Commerce Department Communities that Work Partnership or that ARC document binding every school system in the 10 County metro area to a common vision of education functions as a Learning Region testament, whether ARC calls it that or not. It explains though why I found all the interconnections I laid out here among economic devt heads who also head the world’s largest education accreditors who also head teacher licensure who are also tied to UNESCO’s Decentralized Cooperative economic training template.

      This is another lost invite from late October. Notice how well the Equity Manifesto fits with that Cities that Build Community Wealth vision. There’s a reason, Policy Link works frequently with the Democracy Collaborative.

      • They are flooding all channels with similar documents seminars webinars conferences press releases articles etc.. All target specific audiences BUT same basics woven into tailored media. Frameworks filling gaps. What is real and true being hand crafted to seem acceptable to that specific audience. But it is all the same UN stuff. Its a document dump and hide & seek with acronyms, grants and institutes.
        And like every rabbitt hole and tunnels there lies the dung and the beatles that consume it.
        And all the mad hatters are blogging away, eat this, oops, drink this….

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