Censorship Before the Fact: Prescribing What the Child Does and Believes Invisibly but Reliably Binds the Adult

The problem with censorship, apart from the loss of personal liberty not to have governments intervene in what we think and how we must act, is two-fold if you are a wanna-be Steerer of Human Keels in the 21st Century. Some information always gets through and everyone knows that their flow of information is being regulated and manipulated. By using K-12 education globally in the 21st Century to “control learning experiences” or creating behavioral goals for what students are to “think and do” and then euphemistically labelling those aims as “standards” or “outcomes,” our Steersmen get to create what I am going to call Censorship Before the Fact.  They intend to rule and they get to control what most of us will pay attention to, or ignore, in our daily lives. Plus we will not try to resist what we do not even recognize is there.

Win, Win if the 21st Century continues in the existing desired direction globally where those who are elected at any level of government are being told repeatedly they get to govern, in the literal sense of the word, those who elected them. We cannot resist what we are unaware of and my job on this blog now and in my book previously has been to point out the things that are intended to bind us without our active knowledge or genuine consent. Yesterday this story caught my eye http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/09/is-hong-kong-on-brink-of-its-own-version-of-tiananmen-square/. I knew at least the Hong Kong people could see how the same education reforms being adopted in K-12 globally have been designed to change what their young people value, believe, know, and perceive.  http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/using-education-to-shut-down-free-choices-and-then-redefining-as-personal-autonomy-orwell-lives/

I want to go back to the 2014 book The Fourth Revolution that I first mentioned in the September 21 post (2 back).

“China is doing more than promoting a web of connections: It is deliberately promoting a model. When foreign officials come to China [Heads Up!! This means our mayors and state Governors and Chambers of Commerce on ‘Trade Missions’], their tutors at places like CELAP [China Executive Leadership Academy at Pudong. It is elsewhere described as the ‘cadre training school’ that is “an organization bent on world domination”] now emphasize the virtues of the Chinese model–the way the state can focus on national champions or attract foreign investment into special economic zones or ensure the entrepreneurs join the Communist Party [substitute believe and act on the desired Big Ideas and it will fit the era here of new SATs and formative assessments] and thereby contribute to political stability as well as economic dynamism. They also compare China’s sleek government [no visits then to their troubling Ghost Cities] with America’s gridlock and India’s chaos. The government has seeded Confucius Institutes in universities across the world and is trying to use the Boao Forum for Asia as an ideological counterweight to Davos.”

We can just imagine how joyful the veterans of these trade junkets to China are to have had the US Congress enact that Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act in July now requiring all states and localities to create state and local economic development plans tied to education.http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/priority-economic-citizenship-for-some-officially-sanctioned-status-as-prey-for-most-of-us/ I just want to point out that the Confucius Institutes mentioned are the same ones the College Board announced a formal alliance with this summer. Common Core Chief Architect David Coleman even made a very odd servile comment about “They are the Sun and we are the Moon.” The Boao Forum mentioned left Asia for the first time for a meeting and decided Seattle, Washington with Microsoft support and Bill Gates keynoting was a good place to meet. Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, who presided over the taxpayer bailout of political favorites during the financial meltdown in 2008, also is deeply involved with Boao.

All of that is relevant to what is coming to the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, but those are connections no one is supposed to be making. Since I have the planned template and blueprints, I know where to look and what counts as connected that would be off most people’s radar screens. We know though from Michael Barber’s Oceans of Innovation report for Pearson covered here http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/descending-to-a-connected-kleptocracy-via-the-digital-learning-and-climate-change-ruses/ that he, the US Department of Education, and Pearson all see China and a collectivist future as where K-12 education reforms are going globally. I am sure it is totally coincidental that the book was published by a Pearson entity and the authors write for a different Pearson entity–The Economist.

Pearson, Microsoft, Intel, and a new entity headquartered in Washington State which has gathered actors from all over the world–Collaborative Impact–have developed a partnership designed to promote a new consistent vision for K-12 education globally. This lays out their vision  http://www.newpedagogies.info/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/New_Pedagogies_for_Deep%20Learning_Whitepaper.pdf You may have noticed that today’s post is less about the how of K-12 ‘reforms’ and more about turning a spotlight on the mostly invisible end game. Before We are Bound and while the Necessary Keels are still being laid in the young people who are the voters of tomorrow.

Point Number 1 is that the report acknowledges these are all experimental practices based on behavioral theories. Students are guinea pigs because it is the desired change that is important, not the people being changed by fiat. Secondly, the list of organizations involved includes the federally-created Digital Promise and thus the White House sponsored League of Innovative Schools. Please do not tell me there’s no connection to the Common Core. Yes, because it has already passed Go, collected $200, and gone straight to the Competency-Based Next Generation learning all these entities are pushing globally. Third and most crucially, the wholesale changes are explicitly about “What kind of learning work prepares [students] to be healthy, happy, productive members of our new societies?”

Participants in a Collective in other words. Ruled and Governed. Although Michael Barber is a key component of this partnership, the Lead Global Change Agent is Canadian Michael Fullan. In his 2001 book The New Meaning of Educational Change, Fullan cited personal communication to him from Barber, who was then heading up the equivalent large-scale reform in the UK for Tony Blair. Usefully for us, is the statement that for governments to be successful in the long term requires “creating frameworks for the accountability of public services including education.” Remember in our new “joined-up capitalism” we have private vendors but public regulation of what they do and how they do it. The mirage of free enterprise. Corporatist Enterprise as I have seen it called. Anyone surprised to learn that last week the Center for Reinventing Public Education and Fordham released those very accountability standards to go along with the Common Core?

Secondly, Barber acknowledged K-12 reforms are only a means to a transformative end. Getting there requires “placing education at the heart of a wider approach to social and economic renewal.” Elsewhere Fullan wrote that schools and adults needed to leave “Nostalgia behind” them and focus on the “knowledge and skills your children will need as they become citizens and workers in the future.” Notice that order and the assumption education is about fitting future life roles, not equipping anyone for independent. rational personal decision-making. One more time, Fullan made it clear that this new type of learning that is about changing, prescribing, and then monitoring students’ thoughts and behaviors and ‘reculturing’ the schools to require just that was to “enable the present generation to adapt to this radically new and demanding world.”

Adapt means change. Adapt means transform. Legally imposing this via K-12 education is the kind of Censorship Before the Fact that would be resisted if done visibly or to adults with Axemaker Minds.

I want to stop here so next time we can tie everything we know is coming to our schools and classrooms to the latest vision (2008) to come out of WOMP apart from that Richard Falk essay cited in the previous post. It’s called cosmopolitan democracy and it ties to everything in this post and the previous ones on e-Governance and Deliberative Democracy grounded in Dialogue. It also fits with the Sharing Economy so many of our mayors and cities are signing on to.

Since no one else is willing to admit that all these global K-12 education reforms are about “moving from the polis, founded on borders, to that of the cosmopolis, founded on sharing,” I will keep at it until Epiphanies Abound.

I guess we have also found yet another reason why traditional American History is becoming forbidden. Did I mention the former Head of the Gates Foundation, Tom VanderArk, started pushing the Gates-funded/Russian-created Big History last week as well?

Or as I like to call it, History Suitable for a Collectivist Future anywhere in the World.

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  1. Can anyone give me a good explanation/understanding of the student/teacher protests last week in Colorado? It was very confusing and unclear from the news report.

  2. “Happy” members of society will avoid unhappiness by never asking about the personal advantages and privileges enjoyed by the elites at the top and by their self serving enforcement lackeys a few levels below. Making offensive suggestions such as “nobody should live in a gated community until everyone lives in the same community” will be deemed proof of a psychotic derangement that threatens society and must be treated with more aggressive sensitivity training therapy. The web of integrated and dependent technology will make troublemakers instantly identified and easily cut off or fined extra costs for basic services. Plus, there’s always blackmail, because everybody’s shameful secrets will easily accessed in the MegaGlobalDatabase. There will be no private sector jobs, because all sectors will be under “common good” authority.

    • unthonged-you would find this cronydom summit today interesting. http://www.sunnylands.org/edtechconnect

      The Jim Steyer listed of the LEAD Commission and Common Sense Media is the brother of Tom Steyer who has been getting lots of coverage for his political contributions, federal dollars for Green Industries, and money from coal investments outside the US. Ed and Tech seems to be another component plus the chance to influence what anyone gets to know.

  3. Why not electroshock when required student wristband detects “your friends look too much like you and aren’t reflecting required diversity”?

    Wristbands to track students’ weight, activity…

    Monitor sleep patterns…

    Texts with snack tips…

  4. Here’s A Rip Van Winkle Story – An Epiphany Of Sorts

    Actually, this is about Rip van Dinkle. Here is the extract from Wikipedia — then I’ll come to my point.


    *** A 1988 issue of “Boys’ Life”, with its “Dink & Duff” comic strip has the African-American cub scout Dink pondering the meaning of Americanism, only to lapse into a coma and awaken in 2068 . . . He is greeted by a boy who addresses him as “Rip van Dinkle”, who tells him that in the 80 years that have passed the United States of America has been defunct and is now the “Royal Dominion of America”, or R.D.A., a monarchy under a “King Kongoon”. Dink is appalled by the heavy regulations he is now subject to, such as only being allowed to wear the official R.D.A. uniform instead of his Cub Scout uniform or only being allowed to eat vegetables in order to contribute to a “healthy society”. Dink is shocked awake back to 1988 realizing it was only a nightmare, but with a better understanding of personal liberty. ***

    Now to come to my point: It is a useful exercise to project into the future , in a Rip Van Winkle way, what we might actually find 20 or so years hence. As we examine many FUTURISTIC education plans, some already in stages of implementation, questions arise. Are these evidence-based or wishful thinking? Are these plans generated from real need with real people on the ground or just dicey proposals from itinerant gurus?

    The conversations on this site lay the groundwork for these questions, concerns and projections. I am so thankful we have a skilled researcher, Robin, leading the probe.

    I was led to some new research about Wales, which I will share. But before that I bring forward the news that the Michael Fullan we hear about — “the Lead Global Change Agent” — has a new assignment here in Ontario and will be joined by three others: Andrew Hargreaves from Boston, Dr Carol Campbell from OISE, and Dr Jean Clinton from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences (child psychiatry) at McMaster University. http://news.ontario.ca/edu/en/2014/09/best-advice-for-best-results-in-education.html They are to help with that province’s 21stst C plan called Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario.

    The Wales research was something Hargreaves was involved with, along with OECD Schleicher and others — the usual competencies, etc. What I bring forward from this 143 pg 2014 report http://www.oecd.org/edu/Improving-schools-in-Wales.pdf is the model (to emulate?) of the 21st C plan for Alberta, another province in Canada. There is a story here.

    The Alberta Plan is called “Inspiring Education” and was developed in the usual stealth manner — gurus, Ministry bureaucrats and Minister, and the teacher union. Then, there was a change of leadership in the governing party (due to resignation of the Premier). As new candidates campaigned and spoke with their constituencies they soon became aware of concerns by “customers” (mainly parents) of the new “competency-laden”, skill-short plan. The new Premier, sworn in on 8th Sept, had promised to “halt all major education curriculum overhauls under his premiership”.

    A new Minister of Education is now to steer recovery of Alberta’s famous glory as a high achieving province in Canadian and International Education Assessments. In the last 6 years there was a dismal slide in achievement.

    Here is the model that was boasted in the Wales report and still remains as a desirable model for OECD pursuits. From pg 118:

    *** “The Educated Albertan of 2030” – the education vision of Alberta, Canada

    Albertans have articulated their vision for education through specific outcomes which have been summarized as “the three E’s” of education for the 21st century.

    Engaged thinker – Alberta must cultivate students with an inquisitive, engaged mind. Students that are prepared to ask “why?” and think critically about the answers they receive.

    Ethical citizen – Knowing the answer is not enough. Our children and grandchildren must be ethical, compassionate and respectful to truly grow and thrive.

    Entrepreneurial spirit – To shape innovative ideas into real-world solutions, our education system should develop motivated, resourceful and resilient citizens. Alberta would do well to encourage our students to be bold, embrace leadership and actively seek new opportunities. ***

    MY CONCLUSION: Here is one jurisdiction, Alberta, having been caught up in the 21st C Learning Craze, now defying the Rip Van Dinkle epiphany of the loss of personal liberties so many other world jurisdictions are now blindly following and headed for !

    • Tunya-I wonder if it comes in part from a refusal to ignore its energy wealth, especially in the form of shale, and recognizing that the education agenda assumes a managed society while it still wants a genuinely prosperous one.

      Since you are on the West Coast even if it’s North of Washington State, it’s still part of what the Regionals call Cascadia. It’s also to be heavily ties to Trans-Pacific Development. As tied to China in this new vision as the historic links to Canada or the US. In the UN materials on this Governance/Social Justice vision tied to the K-12 ed reforms, there are consistent mentions of the Ash Center on Democratic Governance at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. I click it on to see what is being pushed and the most recent announcement is on requests for proposals involving US-China policy making. http://www.ash.harvard.edu/Home/Programs/Institute-for-Asia/China/Hui Hard to make this stuff up.

      If I knew I was going to spend so much time as an adult down the Rabbit Hole and Through the Looking Glass, I would have paid far more attention to Alice’s adventures. I also think we have multiple contenders for the role of the Red Queen.

    • Tunya-the Council on Foreign Relations, literally tied to both the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations, issued this report today pushing the further integration of Canada, the US, and Mexico. http://www.cfr.org/north-america/north-america/p33536

      In particular in the area of workforce preparation. Since we know know that’s what the Common Core is really about, yet more reasons for the active coordination and consistencies across countries we are seeing.

  5. Robin,

    Found this today on AmericanThinker: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/10/guess_whos_goddard_colleges_commencement_speaker.html

    Apparently, Goddard College has invited a convicted cop killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, to speak at their commencement. Mumia was a convert to Islam before his arrest.

    This part from the article on Philly.com seemed familiar:

    Goddard, in Plainfield, Vt., has 700 students and offers a curriculum without grades or tests. Students are encouraged to be self-directed and are evaluated on their individual growth. They do coursework from home, Kolber said, and visit the campus just a few weeks a year. The average Goddard student is 35, Kolber said.
    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20141001_Hitting_this_season_s_commencement_circuit__Mumia.html#j67U1erDqo8CvGhp.99

    • Well at least they needn’t worry he will try to proselytize for individualism or the free enterprise system. I was just reading the report from the 6th Global Forum on Reinventing Government in Seoul in 2005 and the new role of the State at every level from the local community upwards to serve as the “Guarantor of Social Justice and the rights of the poor and underprivileged.”

      I guess Goddard thinks it is rallying its students towards this new vision. The students wrongfully believe they are advocating middle class lifestyles for everyone while the reality of the vision is it won’t be middle class for anyone when meeting basic needs as a right of birth becomes the focus of governments globally. No wonder the suburbs and the private schools are under such organized assault now.

      According to the human rights approach to development the UN, World Bank, OECD, and other institutions and many mayors are pushing, this is the pernicious philosophy that on top of the mind arson in the schools and higher ed amounts to salting the earth where Carthage used to be and then wondering 10 years later why nothing will grow because people are hungry.

      ” From this perspective, unequal access to income originates from unequal control over both economic and political resources within society. The unjust nature of a social order that perpetuates these inequities can then be termed ‘structural injustice.’

      Any credible agenda which aims to guarantee sufficient income to every citizen to remove them from poverty and meet their basic needs must therefore seek to correct the structural injustices that perpetuate income deprivation.”

      This from the same people determined to no longer teach reading properly and to control the concepts people use to interpret their daily experiences. Meanwhile, without the help of the bright and industrious that they handicapped so back in elementary school, we can supposedly now “build societies free of poverty and wants.”

      I guess Abu-Jamal is the poster child that but-for structural inequity, he needn’t have been so damaged by his environment that he took the actions that led him to prison. It feels a bit like the relative who takes great vacations regularly and gets a new vehicle every few years, then complaining to they have no savings and now need the thriftier relatives to waive any inheritance. They only see the ultimate difference in material outcomes and never the personal choices and short-term perspectives that caused such differences over time.

      If it’s all a matter of structural injustices, why is there always such discrepancies among adult siblings and cousins? Personal choices are what matter and meeting needs no matter what encourages all the terrible habits while capping any benefit from good ones.

  6. All my friends who got trust fund $ early, a little bit, just enough to live minimally without working have done just that perpetually.

    • Ditto about Trust Funds. I have nothing against this concept since I am a product of such and so are my kids. But more importantly is the learning that you can either spend the money and habe nothing, or invest it to create more wealth. That what seems to be lacking in these entitlement prodigies.

  7. Robin-

    Tunya actually touched on it in the post above but something that has come to my attention in recent years but is now getting the full on push here in the Northeast is this new campaign to teach ENTREPRENEURSHIP in secondary schools.

    I was first exposed to it at the school my girls went to years ago. I thought their whole Center For Entreprenurial Leadership was bogus. As in what? Kids need to learn facts not worry about forming startups. Many people presumed at the time it was a marketing gimmick in a competitive private school area. When Design Thinking ( aka delphi/deliberate directed discussions) were added into the mix I knew it was crap.

    Then suddenly at my girls new school I saw at back to school night that one of the new character traits of a good student at said school was having the mindset of an Entrepreneur.


    I knew right then and there this had to be UNESCO. And I was right.

    Robin, I have some ideas about what is to be gained by this but I’d be interested to learn your take as well.

    1. This is conditioning youth to think that they should create a business to provide themselves and others with a job. Collective Economic Idiocy. Young people will be highly disappointed to learn no one wants their hand woven armadillo skin bracelets.
    “Becoming owner of a micro or small enterprise could be an alternative for a young person who has an entrepreneurial mindset and has also acquired some generic skills together with fundamental knowledge.”

    2. This is all A21. Conditioning youth to focus on their local communities where they will have to come up with inventive ways to get their trash picked up and water delivered because those in charge of regional governance won’t be paying for it.

    “Putting the economic future of the community in the hands of its own members reduces dependency on outside forces and rejuvenates the economic and social fabric.”

    3. I suspect there is also an NGO/eco – community aspect to this to whereby local indigenous communities can be taught to rely on their worst land for sustainable farming and basket weaving while the UN controls the larger available resources to redistribute fairly of course.

    Anyway, seeing this garbage being shoved into the curriculum at a school which has been one of the last hold outs has me screaming mad. So what else is new? 🙂

    • Mari-this has been on my radar screen for a while although I had not seen that paper. I will look at it this morning, but the communitarian orientation and the desire to make high school have a polytech orientation but calling it ‘real world problem-solving’ just screams from the Preface. It fits with what UNESCO committed to before the 90s attempt at these same reforms http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/values-and-vocational-creating-citizen-drones-via-education-worldwide/ . Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Learning sound better but it’s a renamed existing agenda for social transformation. People and especially students are just the means. Censorship Before the Fact means never recognizing just how planned and guided your beliefs, values, and behaviors have been. Knowledge gets controlled even more successfully than in China because there is no resistance to what we are unaware of.

      I am seeing the word entrepreneur used consistently to actually describe a cultivated willingness to push social innovation.

      One of the profs tied to this Global Partnership Fullan, Barber, Intel, MS, etc are all pushing is Jal Mehta of Harvard. He has admitted in a 2009 presentation called The Chastened Dream that education school has now become another public policy school. It’s all about using school and students to be obedient carriers of collectivist social change.

      Finally, the privates have all fallen in line faster than the publics. Probably with accreditation yanking. I am also seeing lots of foundation centers and creation of what had been these schools’ Christmas list of long term wishes so I think some of those gifts were conditioned by philanthropy moving in lockstep as the Rockefeller Foundation has admitted they do. Linda Darling-Hammond and john a powell have also been involved with the philanthropy must only support x and y angles. Seeing that all over. Completely in sync to an unworldly degree unexplainable by chance. If it had been the other way around the public school kids escaping to private would have said why they left and woken up more of the tranquil private school parents on what was shifting. Those escaping private for public as I did years ago will shortly be stuck and find the private door forever closed.

      Now everyone will be stuck and the drumbeat for charters will likely increase as well as vouchers, with most people unaware that the ultimate point is no real choice anywhere and no ability to appeal to elected officials for remedy.

      • This is my worry exactly!!! That there will soon be NO choice, since all schools will ultimately be offering the exact same menu so to speak. I have tried to ask a few pointed questions about this to one of the most conservative Catholic boys high school in our area, and didn’t get a very clear response. My point is this: if parochial/Catholic and private schools are all teaching the same stuff as the public schools, why spend upwards of $15k to send our kids there???

    • Well Mari, that document refers to a 2001 meeting in Peking laying out the global ed vision for reforming high school to polytech for all. http://www.didactics.eu/fileadmin/pdf/1670.pdf is a short summary of the meeting. How fascinating that the Fulton Charter references those very life and soft skills and belongs to League of Innovative Schools and EdLeader 21. Maybe Avossa can put the Chinese flag atop the new Central Office headquarters to show his staff’s fealty to this vision. That will look so nice flying beside I-285. People can salute it on the way to the new Braves stadium and recognize the extent to which Educrats and too many politicians are pushing an infamous vision grounded in torrents of blood.

      Good thing I just ordered Jung Chang’s bio of Mao from 2005. May need those insights into the Cultural Revolution there.

      Marx’s Human Development Society is precisely what UNESCO and this Peking meeting are spelling out. Fits with the UN’s Post-2015 aspirations as well.

      Good thing I explained Beck’s polytech vision in the book and how it fit with Transformational OBE and his friend Freeman Butts’ definition of citizenship for the 21st century.

  8. The 6 Cs, The 3 Es Of 21st C Learning = Welfare Statism

    From Professor Michael Fullan, Special Advisor to the Premier of Ontario, we see the 6Cs outlined : http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/document/reports/FullanReport_EN_07.pdf

    1. Character education
    2. Citizenship
    3. Communication
    4. Critical thinking and problem solving
    5. Collaboration
    6. Creativity and imagination

    From the Wales paper with Andrew Hargreaves involved we get 3Cs: http://www.oecd.org/edu/Improving-schools-in-Wales.pdf

    1. Engaged thinker
    2. Ethical citizen
    3. Entrepreneurial spirit

    But now, given the name of yet another related Global Change Agent (GCA), Jal Mehta, we are getting closer to the REAL AGENDA, without all the fancy rhetoric and alphabetic mnemonics. The latest book by Jal Mehta is — The Allure of Order: High Hopes, Dashed Expectations, and the Troubled Quest to Remake American Schooling.

    From the Amazon.com site, we read Mehta’s intent:

    “The larger problem, Mehta argues, is that reformers have it backwards . . . Our current pattern is to draw less than our most talented people into teaching, equip them with little relevant knowledge, train them minimally, put them in a weak welfare state, and then hold them accountable when they predictably do not achieve what we seek. What we want, Mehta argues, is the opposite approach which characterizes top-performing educational nations: attract strong candidates into teaching, develop relevant and usable knowledge, train teachers extensively in that knowledge, and support these efforts through a strong welfare state.”

    A strong welfare state — exactly what does that mean? It means an enforced, delegated, coerced welfare state with compliant residents. Throw “citizenship” as we know it out the window!

    Much as I see the need for improved teacher training, what I see here is intense inculcation of new teachers, not necessarily in the basics but in things like 6Cs and 3Es and other social-emotional learning AND means to police and enforce that transmission both to teachers and to our young people.

    Bye, bye liberty. Did you read my earlier post about Rip Van Dinkle?

    • Interesting that Mehta admitted point blank the strong welfare state is an essential component. By that he means the needs oriented Human Development Model. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/who-knew-karl-marx-had-a-human-development-model-or-that-it-fit-our-facts-so-well/ When I was working on the Paul Ehrlich MAHB initiative with the UN on Millenium Assessment of Human Behavior it pulled up that the Scandinavian countries now prefer the term Human Development Societies over welfare states. We also know that the OECD is deeply involved with that Fullan Global Partnership on Deep Learning and that within the past year they not only added Subjective Well-Being as the purpose of governments globally. They commenced the Great Transition that has its own tag to accelerate the transformation described in the book with a more euphemistically sounding Green Growth. We know from book that education reform is the crucial means.

      Mehta led me the other day to Archon Fung, another let’s change the world while I enjoy tenure Harvard prof. I am going to talk about the Real Utopias Project today.

      I thought I had replied to you on your spin on the legend. Liberty is gone indeed. All the references keep falsely asserting that leaving sovereignty to “We the People” is now to be read as we the people as a collective. Sovereignty vested by the uS Constitution in the individual is the formidable barrier every wanna-be authoritarian needs to get around. I found this 2009 powerpoint by Mehta to be very telling http://www.slidefinder.net/t/the_20chastened_20dream_20notes/thechasteneddream–withnotes/13854681 on just how much this is admit getting back to the Progressivist vision of social engineering. These profs really believe it was just a matter of insufficient tools.

      I was trained as a lawyer by a lot of Harvard grads. Many of them had done the 7 year plan. They used to come out of that place with more sense and historical perspective even if mostly liberal in inclination, Of course back then so was I. I changed my perspective over time as I recognized over time that areas where I had undisputed expert knowledge, like Con Law and health care, were being systematically misrepresented to drive fundraising and voter turnout. Now I also see it was part of the 90s attempt to transform the West.

  9. Robin-

    Thought I’d pass this gem along. It’s the brochure for NAIS’ upcoming 2015 national conference. Holy %@!*. It hits Every. Single. Talking. Point./ Tool for Indoctrination that you have addressed on this blog.

    Every. Single. One.


    I’m not shocked. I am feeling desperate.

    Are there enough of us to change the trajectory? Or should we all exchange SS numbers so that we can find one another in the re education lifetime teaching and learning centers?

    • So EdLeader 21 is described as a national professional learning community and the independent schools are working with the suburban schools to make sure the educated Upper Middle Class parents cannot use either property taxes or tuition to escape this vision.

      And this Dog and Pony Show of Board responsibility. http://annualconference.nais.org/Documents/Block5DaringToGovern.pdf

      No one must ask “Where’s the academics?” with the insistence of Clara from those old Wendy’s commercials.

      Would you rather not understand this though? The best protected kids out there will be the ones whose parents recognize what is being targeted and adjust at home. This truly cannot last. The OPM really has run out but the Chinese are still financing these bad ideas until we truly do sell away our legacy. Yet if we would wake up this is still an ingenious country with enormous wealth in natural resources we are not tapping. I was thinking about that last night. If we really tapped into our energy resources we could tell the MidEast tyrants and the Chinese to go away. Green Growth destroys the economy while these ed reforms shackle the mind, but it needn’t be so.

      At least now I know what the privates were so afraid I would figure out. Had all the kids stayed in private I am sure I would have simply gone back to healthcare law. Funny how things work out.

      • That is an interesting way to put it: the middle class cannot escape this with their taxes or tuition money. That being said: do you recommend just sending our precious babes to public high school and saving the $, since they are going to get the same stuff at private school anyway? Or do you think there’s a small chance the parents can band together and push back…?

        • I do think the parents can push back. What I am hearing from the teachers though at the privates is that most parents are still not recognizing there has been a shift. That NAIS link Mari put up makes it clear that Lovett at least has joined EdLeader 21 so there is a clear coordination to keep the parents who do see it from being able to bail.

          I think it also depends on the age of your kids and how tapped out the tuition makes you. I think this is at gale strength in the elementary and middle public schools this year. The high schools are where there seems to be some inconsistency but I do not think it will last long. We also run into the fact that many people who make enough to afford the private school tuition are employed by or do business with companies that intend to cash in from this dirigiste vision. Nobody wants to rock that boat until they discover a child utterly miserable. My middle child had quit smiling. Eventually I pulled out her and older sibling and we travelled some while I taught them for a year. To this day she proudly says the trips changed how she remembers her childhood in a good way. It brought the books to life.

          • Without meaning to the above comment by me turned out to be the 4,000th on the blog. On to 5,000.

          • Yeah…funny that you mentioned Lovett! That’s where I attended 1st-12th grade!!! It just really bothers me that the typical upper-middle class Lovett parent of today is too brainwashed already to see what’s going on???!!!! YIKES!!!! And to be paying upwards of $25k/year tuition???

          • http://edleader21.com/info/2014_NAIS_Flyer_final.pdf makes it official. What I heard about when the Lovett preschool went to Reggio Emilia was that about 40% of the parents were upset and 60% just assumed it was fine or they wouldn’t have done it.

            I grew up just up the road from Lovett in Marietta. My experience is that the social is paramount for most of the parents at the most well-known schools and many of the still expensive but less difficult ones are kids who could not do Honors in a public and the parents did not want them in the general population. Remember when they called Northside the ‘Zoo’ in the 70s? That is supposedly what on-level classes could be like even before this let’s blow up academics push. It makes me sad to have so many teenagers ask why can’t they just teach us properly.

            Reminds me of my son’s response to Everyday Math in 4th grade at a school you would be familiar with. “Mom, why can’t they just teach Base 10 properly so we can move on to fractions and decimals?” Now we know Evewryday Math and Connected Math in middle were not about teaching math poorly. They were about embedding math concepts in everyday practices.

          • Wow. I can’t believe you know about Lovett and Northside. I grew up in Brookwood Hills and attended Lovett my entire life before college and graduated class of ’79. All 3 of my brothers managed to get out of Lovett in some way or another (mostly by getting kicked out or gently asked to leave) and then went to Northside. And yeah, from what I heard, it was a total zoo. I get what you say about the social. I see the same thing out here on the west coast, where parents are willing to fork out thousands upon thousands of dollars just to be in the “private school club.” This is why I have been asking very direct questions to the Catholic High Schools about how they differentiate themselves from our local public schools but am mainly getting social-type answers (like we are all about the Brotherhood, etc). And I honestly cannot say that this is worth the cost, even if I can easily afford if. Just don’t know….

    • Mari-this explains why we have a bipartisan problem. http://datasmart.ash.harvard.edu/news/article/about-the-book-the-responsive-city-529

      And why everyone from Michael Fullan to the OECD to the UN’s Local Global slogan to the School Supers wanting to lead the nation in reform are highlighting the local. It’s Ground Zero for regulating and then monitoring people and places.

      None of that is a shock, but the co-author being Chief Domestic Advisor to the 2000 GWB Presidential Campaign sure does explain a lot.

      Metropolitanism from the Left and Right with virtually everyone behaving like Statists and excited about these public-private partnerships that mean that there is no truly private anymore.

  10. With regard to David Coleman, I often have the feeling that he’s an outright Communist. Is that so?

    With regard to Common Core, I have given up dealing in subtleties. Coleman and his gang have created so much complexity, so much shifting reality, that the ordinary citizen has no chance. So my advice is, don’t negotiate, don’t argue every little point. The bad guys will always win. This thing is a plague, like Ebola, and the proper response is to destroy it down to the last speck.

    • Hi Bruce. His terminology over time makes it quite clear he is a Marxist especially in the all-important Maker of History sense. When I tell people to listen to his mother’s TED talk, her clear reverence for John Dewey is startling. I will have to find my notes on it but that subsidiary Coleman sold to McGraw Hill is an important part of the story and fits with what I know about cybernetics and the need to both get at and control that interior mental map. It appears to me that David’s sub is basically where parts of the New Standards Project of resnick’s and Marc Tucker went to hide and get into a classroom, waiting to both try again and make David money courtesy of whatever he sold for, which no one wants to say. That would also explain her rather gushing intro of him at some conference within last year or two.

      I was having on offline discussion with someone about a Common Core presentation and they pointed out all the proponents had data backgrounds. Common Core nationalized the shift to performance behavioral goals and digital learning. Both of those are essential to truly get at behavior change, but if we are manipulating student’s internal mental maps to create predictable behavior, we are no longer a free society. The shift is simply not appreciated yet. Data remains highly useful even if it is not personally identifiable because it tells us the effect on personality and internal beliefs. Parents seem just fine as long as it’s not personally identifiable because the disconnect from factual knowledge is still not widely recognized.

      • Wow they are so excited about the emperor ‘s fancy clothes!!! They see all the sparkly edges and rich lace.

        Likely they could NOT survive a questioning from any of us here. They look sooo stupid!
        Scary scary they are in charge of so many children!

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