Curriculum Now Needs to Become an Itinerary of Transformative Experiences of Participation

Mulling over the Transdisciplinary, Intrapsychological themes we have been looking at beginning with the October 28 “Opting Out” post, I decided to hit my bookshelves to find some guidance to put these declared initiatives for our children and all of our futures into context. In my book Credentialed to Destroy, I cited Harvard Historian Richard Pipes’ Survival is Not Enough to share insights from behind the Iron Curtain on why collectivists always target consciousness. Today I want to go back to a different point he made about the need to control language and communication. Remember please that communication is one of the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning and is now being used as a euphemism to insist that students need to negotiate and come to a ‘shared understanding.’ is just one example of the latter use.

“Just as the private initiative of ordinary people, with its ‘second economy’ [the Black Market], has broken the state’s hold on the production and distribution of goods, so the courage of its intellectuals has given Russia a ‘second reality.’ This restoration to language of its proper function as a means of communication instead of domination is an act of revolutionary significance. In the words of Alain Besancon:

The Communist regime was, in effect, inaugurated by the public (state’s) appropriation of the means not of production but of communication. Well before the factories and fields were seized, it had been the newspapers, the printing establishments, the media…Much more directly fatal than the restoration of the market is the restoration of the human word, the privatization of the organs of speech, individual ownership of the throat…The writer breaks the compact of lies on which the entire equilibrium of ideological power rests. He gives words their meaning. He redresses the ideological inversion of language. He restores reality in its capacity as the unique reality and vaporizes surreality.”

Professor Pipes follows that Besancon quote from 1980 with this recognition: “Once the spell has been broken, the regime may never again be able to reassert its control over human perceptions and means of communication, a control that in some respects constitutes the irreducible essence of Communist power.” I think the Transdisciplinary agenda UNESCO is pushing and the rest of the education agenda centered on constructivism in reading and math it and so many other global entities are pushing in a coordinated manner are simply another way to get back that control. “We’ve found another way!” could be the theme of that Cooperation Agreement with Microsoft that Bill Gates signed.

I want to go back to the 1998 book cited in the Appendix of that Agreement because that’s where the title quote came from. Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity ‘s last chapter is on Education. This is the lead-in on its new purpose: “Education, in its deepest sense and at whatever age it takes place, concerns the opening of identities–exploring new ways of being that lie beyond our current state.” Now when governments, and their allies in foundations or accreditation, decree that the negotiation of Identity is the purpose of K-12 education and they intend to prescribe, guide, and then assess for what that Identity can be, we are back beyond the scope of domination and control that Pipes and Besancon wrote about.

When education is now required to be “a mutual developmental process between communities and individuals, one that goes beyond mere socialization. It is an investment of a community in its own future, not as a reproduction of the past through cultural transmission, but as the formation of new identities that can take it history of learning forward,” we actually are back to a little c vision of the future of the kind Uncle Karl wrote about. This time though it is far more surreptitious. It definitely has a better PR campaign and a more alluring set of names.

I have stated repeatedly that Common Core is not about the transmission of knowledge and subject content in the traditional sense, no matter how much certain people now hype their reviews of textbooks and other instructional materials. Why? Because under the Transdisciplinary vision of education that is coming (even to Texas), “delivery of codified knowledge takes place away from actual practice, with a focus on instructional structure and pedagogical authority that discourages negotiation.” Negotiation–remember that obligation to come to a shared understanding I mentioned above? How many times have you heard that under the Common Core learning must be relevant and involve real world applications? Here’s the next line: “As a form of educational design, the reification of knowledge is thus not itself a guarantee that relevant or applicable learning will take place.”

That would be coursework that makes a student feel compelled to act to change the world. Remember we have encountered what Transdisciplinary means before and its explicit links to Agenda 21.
I have tried repeatedly to explain what the new assessments are really aiming to do, but let’s look to what UNESCO, Etienne Wenger, and, we must assume Mr Gates with all his sponsorship of new forms of assessment, have in mind.

“Students with a literal relation to a subject matter [like a traditional Algebra textbook, Geometry proofs, or that famous Catherine the Great World History lecture] can reproduce reified knowledge [or not and accept that C-] without attempting to gain some ownership of its meaning [in the sense of how it can impact their daily lives]. An evaluation process will become more informative regarding the learning that has actually taken place to the extent that its structure does not parallel that of instruction too closely, but instead conforms to the structure of engagement in actual practice and the forms of competence inherent in it.”

Oooh, I know. I know. Let’s call those latter types of evaluations High Quality Assessments or formative assessments. Then we can tell relieved parents there will be no more high stakes testing, just embedded learning tasks. We can all be certain the parents will not be told that school is now to be a place for “experiments of identity that students can engage in while there.” Keep that in mind though next time you hear of an assignment that basically amounts to role-playing. I want to close with Six Transdisciplinary Primary School Curriculum Themes so that students, parents, and teachers can better recognize when they have actually embarked on a UNESCO/Microsoft approved transformational educational experience. is the source.

Six Sided Figure Going Clockwise from the Top

Who we are: An exploration of the nature of the self; of our beliefs and values; of personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; of our families,

Where we are in space and time: An exploration of our orientation in space and time; of our personal histories; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind.

How we express ourselves: An exploration of the way which we discover and express our nature, ideas, feelings, beliefs and values through language and the arts.

How we organise ourselves: An exploration of human systems and communities; the structure and function of organisations; societal decision making; economic activities and their impact.

How the world works: An exploration of the physical and material world; of natural and human-made phenomena; of the world of science and technology.

Sharing the planet: An exploration of rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people; access to equal opportunities, peace and conflict resolution.

Yes, I too would classify that last one as Social Justice at 10 o’clock. The ultimate tragedy is that if we are in fact looking at a future of ‘finite resources,’ the ultimate cause is this officially endorsed Mind Arson view of Education to create Transformative Change Agents. This push to circumscribe the human mind to lock in the kind of control over individuals and their likely behaviors that the Soviets could only dream of.

The late Julian Simon knew that “The essence of wealth is the capacity to control the forces of nature, and the extent of wealth depends upon the level of technology and the ability to create new knowledge.” All over the world that open-ended source of future wealth is being extinguished via K-12 education precisely, and almost solely, to once again gain the kind of control over the sources of production and communication that the Soviets lost and the Chinese wish to preserve and now extend. Globally.

Using the help of politically connected friends and corporations. There’s nothing unprecedented about what is being sought. The Internet and digital learning are just new means of communication. Plus the research the behavioral scientists documented in the 20th century has them itching for some real-time research across the globe.

So instead of being glum this holiday season that what is being attempted is so ugly, let’s be thankful for All We Now Know and Our Increasing Recognition of How Very Much this all matters.

Julian Simon knew that “minds matter economically as much as, or more than, hands or mouths.” Now, we do too. No more accepting the declared PR pitches at face value.


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  1. Nice post. Is the quote in the paragraph ending in Alain Besancon from her?

    George Orwell’s essay “Politics and the English Language” comes to mind.

    This blog and your book discusses topics like the above in great detail. There is another result of the CC pushed ‘analysis.’ reality.

    What happens when heads filled with CC mush in “an Itinerary of Transformative Experiences of Participation” meet reality?
    “‘[M]an does not create reality and can achieve his values only by making his decisions consonant with the facts of reality.”
    “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” ― Ayn Rand

    For example, see the New England power situation. maybe there will be a warm winter in New England; or not….

    • Pipes footnotes that Besancon quote to a French book that translates as The Soviet Present and the Russian Past.

      On the previous page Pipes points out that the Soviet ideology is “emotional rather than grounded in rational argument.” That would explain why all education that seeks to cultivate a comparable Mindset stresses emotions so.

      One of the AI books I was also reading this week pointed out that the shift to a new vision of learning was not because the previous version of a store of knowledge was not true or useful. Rather it stood in the way of social science planning. So the much-hyped new brain-based theory of learning is not just grounded in Marx when we trace back. It turns out to have been created especially for purposes of social engineering.

      It’s a good thing I track all this down. It’s amazing what confessions are available once we look hard enough.

      Plus we can use constructivism to change perceptions of reality, but actual reality still controls the consequences of all these egregiously bad visions we are running with.

      eclectic-you will especially like this one. The postdigital textbook It’s socially interactive. Now where have we heard that goal before and designed to be equally accessible to all students. That would suggest it is actually hot about print at all and all the references to affordances make that clear.

      Oh, this is even more graphic. Grounded in the cognitive, constructivist, and sociocultural traditions it says. Everyone owes its core allegiance to Uncle Karl or one of his obsequious theorists to achieve the same end of social engineering.

      • You referenced an AI book. Which AI book was that?

        I long ago noticed that people using mushy thinking did not alter their thinking process when dealing with physical reality. E.g. currently, see global warming, alternative energy, etc. Many things ARE a matter of opinion. Many things are NOT, and if there is more than one opinion, only one is correct in the end. BTW The Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party consists of six engineers and one economist (by formal degree training) last time I checked. At least these people were trained in reality at one time in their lives.

        • I am reading William J Clancey’s Situated Cognition book from 1997. Not mushy in the least. He even says that a theory of social change has to have a mechanism for getting at the processes of the human brain, which would explain all the mentions of psychophysiological and intrapsychological we keep encountering.

          I looked up to see what he is doing now and this came up.

          I am sure the Board members are nice people, but, boy, does that ever look like a group that would just love a government directed economy empowered at the local level. Maybe the answer really is that simple. The mind needs to be weak to force submission to this vision of reuniting political and economic power.

          • There is so much good material to digest in all this. I will have to put it aside for later.

            BTW when I used the term “mushy thinking” I was referring to the ‘educators’ and the students they train this way, not some brain research people.

            Any process like that below I consider mushy as it does not improve any learning objectives of any value to me or most of the world.
            If the goal is teaching someone how to parse a sentence, perform a cardiac bypass, write a legal brief, solder a pipe, repair an engine, design a semi-conductor, or do accounting for Walmart the above figure adds nothing. I consider that type of thinking ‘mushy’; it confuses thought; and adds no value. ‘Educators’ will not willingly buy products or services made by people ‘taught’ according to the figure. Those people will be waiting tables and paying off student loans, or, if they are lucky, working as ‘educators’ themselves.

            You wrote ” that open-ended source of wealth is being extinguished….” That is a result of turning out the mushy thinking robots that the ‘educators’ never talk about. I doubt that the Chinese are going to buy into it.

            BTW The previous generation of computer (not medical/psych) AI people may well have been brilliant, widely published, and even formed some companies later sold to other companies. However, IMO the current boom in computer AI is not built on what they did and owes nothing to the well intentioned wrong turn they took.

          • Sorry, I just thought of this connection to they products of mushy thinking educators. The Eloi and the Morlocks.

            Mark Steyn nailed it when he described how we are turning out the Eloi from H.G. Wells The Time Machne.
            I can’t find this now, it may have been in a book of his and on the Hugh Hewitt Show.



            “If you were born into such a household, you’ve been comprehensively “stimulated” into the dead-eyed zombies staggering about the streets this past week: pathetic inarticulate subhumans unable even to grunt the minimal monosyllables to BBC interviewers desperate to appease their pathologies. ”

            “Regarding our educational system, for example, he remarked: ‘We have devised a system where hacks pretend to teach, slackers pretend to learn, and employers pretend it’s a qualification.'”

            “From the “Time Machine” by HG Wells.
            Chapter 4
            “As they made no effort to communicate with me, but simply stood round me smiling and speaking in soft cooing notes to each other, I began the conversation.”

          • Found some of the Steyn material I was looking for.

            IMO from 1:00 to 5:00 relates to the students produced according to the CC methods.

          • Thanks eclectic. Happy holidays to you. Tragically mush brains are the point because, as either Hayek or Von Mises pointed out after dealing with similar ideas in Europe decades ago, these utopia plans always take production for granted.

            Although we could be mischievous on Thursday and notice which relatives let their young ones play with their cell phones instead of talking to real people. Ten to one it’s the same relative that loves to brag about accomplishments that are nothing special. Likewise, they fail to recognize how much these toxic habits contribute to mushy brains.

            That’s also my pet peeve at the grocery store. A great place in my opinion to engage toddlers and kids with what is what and why we buy what we do.

          • For an Institute of Human and Machine Cognition, I don’t see any experts on machine cognition there. A few medical types who might know something about human cognition, but not very expert. And mostly people unrelated to the issue.

            Odd. Maybe it has nothing to do with machine cognition.

          • And maybe the new proposed ozone regulation that will cost US jobs has everything to do with a fixed pie material view of the world coupled to an insistence it is time for that NIWO. The one the UN General Assembly passed in 1974.

   is my annual short Thanksgiving post that I decided not to send to people’s inboxes this year. I do remain very grateful for the stunningly confessional nature of the materials I now have in my possession. Remember when Sally Field won the Academy Award and cried out “You like me. You really, really like me”?

            Well, my version would be “I get it. I really, really get it.”

            Hope everyone enjoys themselves today. I just took a break from chopping veggies for the dressing and sweet potatoes are baking so they can cool for me to slice.

            Remember knowledge and sunlight are the way out of all this. Remember also that my book makes a nice present for anyone you know with young children. Sooner or later, they will need to know every word there.

    • My comments a few days ago on Jeb Bush’s keynote and then Tunya’s later were about that summit.

      I also paid attention to who sponsored at what levels.

      I considered going but it’s expensive and I did not think I would learn that much. It seems like a cronies connecting festival and I can stay home for free and read disingenuous statements in an armchair with a comfortable throw around my shoulders. Helps when the audacity of it all makes me want to shiver.

        • LL-continuing or offline discussion makes it crystal clear to me that the student-centered personalized education vision is the same Russian Humanist education to create “a citizen of the world” described here. Notice the italics that “education is a self-made mechanism for creating new forms of culture“.

          Who is planning those new forms of culture though and pulling all these strings? Do people appreciate that the Gates-funded Big History is actually based at Moscow State or that Sir Michael Barber was on the faculty there for years? As you know I documented a lot of the connections in the 70s and 80s in my book, but it is amazing the extent of the coordination of ed visions that is provable now both before and after those decades. Same vision. Maybe that also explains why I detected such a common purpose from the vision of the UNESCO sponsored Sakhalin Conference and that Aspen Institute “Students at the Center of a Networked World” report.

          I think there is language in that link as well that explains the push for charters in the US, academies in the UK, and whatever the name is for a comparable push in Sweden.

          Time for a caffeine boost from tea.

          • Look what confessions roll out with more caffeine. Student-centered is a euphemism for precisely what we intuited and put together “personality-oriented”

            Transdisciplinary is a better PR pitch than selling a personality shifting ed experience.

          • I am told that the findings from the 1995 symposium are documented here. Treating all as special education. I have not completed reading.


            I knew and speculated that Oregon was trial ground for manipulation of human personalities. But as you so frequently say, where is the “why”?

            Oh my goodness. To the values link. Must have cup of coffee before reading further.

          • And I have since tracked all this to what is called Productive Learning. It was created for non-mainstream students and Nata is one of the well-known international advocates. It fits though with what is being foisted in the US with the merger of CTE and academic mandated by DoED and Labor that I have profiled, the Career Pathways for all, and what Alvin Wilbanks stated was the NGA’s purpose for the Common Core–jettisoning the traditional high school. I have covered all those things. Largely in August as those epiphanies just roared.

            I am currently reading about the 2011 IPLE conference in Berlin. It is interesting as this rejection of a subject- matter focus gets sold as a means to prevent dropouts. Again just like the hype we are hearing here.

          • Well Bingo for me. I just nailed down the Germans confessing that PISA is intended to drive Productive Learning because of its focus on dealing with authentic problems.

            Ding. Ding. Ding. Explains why the League of Innovative Schools is simultaneously pushing the new form of PISA for US schools.

          • Krylova edits the two Russian journals dedicated to moral education theory and practice: New Educational Values and The Democratic School. She also comes up as part of the Russian-American Education Federation that came up when someone asked me my opinion on the BASIS Charter schools. Their Olga Block is also involved as is a woman Tsyrlina who married Richard J Spady, the co-author of the deeply troubling The Leadership of Civilization Building.

            That was the beginning of my epiphany that all the charter schools seemed to be stressing that the purpose of education and their coursework was moral development or Character Education. That of course would be another was to describe personality orientation. Made it to the Lithuanian declarations so far.

            Nel, of course, links this in turn to CASEL’s work. She is also an education advisor in Australia on their anti-bullying initiative. Again SEL and moral development as the new purpose of schools.

          • I knew I recalled a discussion on this topic. You mentioned Nata Krylova and her work on New Educational Values. My meeting last night pulled a few more things together stemming from the symposium in OR.
            The new science phrase on that bio raises an eyebrow. Interestingly , the NE foundation for children is home to the responsive classroom. Ascd has a tag on their blog linking it to the foundation and educating the whole child.

            Goes back to the new educational values. It states the involvement of James Noddings, if I am not mistaken was married to Nel Noddings.

            These people have that symposium in common. I am positive obuchenie was a topic. Now we can also add two new Russian words. Vospitanie -moral and social education . Obrazovanie-Formal education .

            Mr. Weiss is still active in Southern Oregon. Where the Promise zone is.

          • I remember now. It came out when I was looking at the Basis and Great Heart charters and Mrs Block was tied to the Russian-American Education Federation as was Tatyana Tsrlina-Spady.

            Holistic systems . That should give us pause. Notice how your values link admits that the phrase ‘child=centred’ or student-centered is a euphemism for ‘personality-oriented’. That fits with conversations coming out of professional development that the whole focus in elementary classrooms is to be social and emotional interaction around the ‘cross-cutting themes’. It fits with this August, most recent issue, that is all about Social and Personality-oriented education. The student and their mind and personality are the relevant system.

            Remember Nel Noddings wrote the Preface for Riane Eisler’s book and is also involved with the GERG Group on deliberate cultural evolution via education.

            Also UNESCO’s digital learning initiatives have always been based in Moscow and other participants have complained that since Bulgarian Irina Bokova became its head in 2010 and began pushing what she calls ‘scientific humanism’ much of the UNESCO ed meetings are conducted in Russian.

          • Oh, my.

            This makes far more sense when we not only remember how charters are intended to work and that 7 Cs I linked to on the last post before the one I wrote yesterday.

            The entire concept of Fostering Communities of Learners, that is now the measure of what makes an effective principal per ASCD, was created by Professor Ann Brown after that trip to the Soviet union she had with CHAT creator/Carnegie-funded/Luria & Leontiev translator to English Michael Cole and the Courtney Cazden who developed the Discourse Classroom. Discourse Classroom requires students come to shared meanings after ‘sharing’ their current perspectives.

    • Kind of. I downloaded the full release but was concentrating on the new WIOA regs as well as the acknowledgment on the Perkins act and the remake of high school.

      That does fit with what I knew was going on.

      • I read a lot of different sources. No one is saying anything on WIOA like you are. Interesting wording on the clasp page. Promise zones have that same wording, performance partnerships.

        Ferguson. Sadly going as planned. I literally cannot watch Obummer speak any longer. Protests here as well, blocking streets. They will find many of the personalities they made ready to help here.

        • I sometimes wonder if I am one of 10 people who has read that beast of legislation. And the other 9 work in DC.

          But the various federal agencies now keep mentioning it. Remember early on in the blog when I explained engrenage? Lots of those gears now see WIOA (WEE-oh-ah is how the feds are pronouncing the acronym in the training videos) as the driver.

          • is a global statement that came out last week on the planned role of the social sciences and humanities profs in making sure undergrads have the desired perspectives.

            I am doing the cornbread dressing and a sweet potato and granny smith apple recipe with whiskey butter sauce. My college kid got home last night and also wants us to make cranberry port sauce.

            And I just ran out and got a magnum of champagne because hubby likes to do that now on holidays when we are done driving around.

            Hint: Pasta pots make an easy way to chill a magnum. Just add ice and water.

            I usually do my annual Thanksgiving post, but so far I have decided people probably have better things to do than hear from me. It’s under November in the archives from 2013 and 2012 though. Short and still apt.

            Oh, and State Farm and Education Commission of the States are now carrying the civic dispositions water to get it firmly in place without it being directly linked to CCSSO anymore. Of course the goals are still those laid out in that C3 Framework I wrote about so alarmingly 2 years ago this week.

            See why I have to watch carefully this week?

        • This kind of commentary on Ferguson by someone with a Masters degree that completely disregards the facts of the case is appalling. Brown was a thug who did something hugely stupid and lost his life. He is not the test case for what is currently wrong in America.

          Stating that “In the case of Ferguson, “the other” is black people, and the family of Michael Brown, Jr. From what we have read and seen, this young man’s life was tragically cut short because Darren Wilson did not relate well to Michael’s culture, his lived experiences, his body language, or his story. Michael was “the other.” And so Darren Wilson acted with haste and force. That was his unfortunate choice” is appalling.

          This idea that only skin color matters and behaviors and choices should not have consequences is absurd. So is the idea of making next Monday in K-12 about explaining how failing to charge Wilson under the weight of the evidence means this is not America. Banana Republics bring people to trial despite the evidence to make people feel better.

          And CLASP is involved with restructuring higher ed and workforce preparation. The blind to facts or morally obtuse lecturing us on implicit bias. Lovely.

          • We knew the situation would be used. She is taking full advantage. I believe she was past president on counselors for social justice. It does seem this mindset never wants to be responsible for personal actions. Blame is always placed on others. Brown had a healthy rap sheet, with a juvie charges including second degree murder, and a known gang member.

            Have you seen this load of garbage?

          • My wife and I were discussing this story today. Much the same feeling as expressed here. It’s always the unarmed black man/youth against the armed white cop. Never anything about what the youth had been doing earlier, nothing about the tussle in the car, nothing about going for the gun, nothing about the fact that the Grand Jury heard the available evidence, deliberated, and reached a decision based on current law.

          • Yes, and with the same funding that prevents teaching reading properly in the first place, thereby exacerbating the problems from the home.

            Remember how I talk about the ed lab McREL that is now in Aurora, Co? The reason its name is Mid-Continental is it was located in St Louis MO originally until the mid 80s. St Louis is also where the constructivist math lab was located. But of course, none of these initiatives should take the blame for the lives destroyed. They are just a means for the desired transformations.

            And then we get accused of implicit bias by people determined to see the world through racial lenses, who insist we are racist unless we do too. Facts be damned as in the way of the narrative.

          • In the show trials didn’t the Soviets use a phrase like “objectively guilty”?
            I recall you could be “objectively guilty” by reason of class membership/whatever, whether or not you actually committed a crime.

            one of they key terms of the Stalinist discourse, that of “objective guilt” and “objective meaning” of your acts: while you can be an honest individual who acted with most sincere intentions, you are nonetheless “objectively guilty,” if your acts serve reactionary forces – and it is, of course, the Party which has the direct access to what your acts “objectively mean.”

            Owen Wilson is “objectively guilty.”

            That is what the mob and MSM think IMO.

          • Good point eclectic, especially since Marxism, like all political theories focused on nonconsensual power over individuals says it seeks to assault “Abstract Objectivism” in Russian works translated into English in the 70s. Those people were objectively guilty because they are regarded as in the way of desired transformations.

            That is what it means to be reactionary, then and now. I guess I am reactionary for pointing out that much of what is being pushed is deliberate mind arson. It is fascinating to me how much of the Digital Learning pushes tracks back to the same reasons for assaulting the symbol systems of phonetic reading, formal math and science, and logic that I explained in my book. Those explanations are relevant on steroids to digital learning.

  2. What many are concerned about is what is going on while the media is distracted with protesters. Like you said it is usually time they dump things out no one is supposed to notice. I do remember the year you seen the c3 framework. What will it be this year?

    Careful with the crystal!

    • The EPA is gearing up a ton of regulations including new lower mercury levels for power plants. Get ready for the older coal plants to close down and even the newest ones to be hard pressed to make the limits. The WSJ today had a good article on the relevance of the lower mercury limits.

      • Have you noticed that anything with nature in the title (seed, sprout) generally has a transformative agenda?
        None of that learning is academic, as we know, but clearly as indicated by other articles on the page is about gaining that ‘lens’. I am saddened for parents who think a kisso may be part of something new and advanced, but later wonders what happened to my child.
        I have friends who are so excited about getting in to the one charter in my area, an IB school that will be adopting environment focus next year. Forget learning mandarin, run!

  3. I see and feel the effects of this new education in my immediate family life. My son is thirteen. I took him out of school last year against his wishes. The ease of school, lack of self discovery or a applied thinking still suits his modality. It was the social norm. There is deep ingrained behavior with what has been learned. Granted, adolescence is a separation from ones family. Technology is habituated into the majority out there. Quick answers, pictures,any song, text,change of plans,any distraction eases the loss of knowing self.
    We made him repair a sail boat this year. To be an oarsmen one must direct the craft. Temper tantrums, throwing tools, broken oars, and other forms of resistance to forward progress reveal a learning so removed from the classroom I hope others can appreciate. I am bridging an abyss. I want to thank you Robin for your encouragement and understanding of what is being done to the children.

    • Gracious sqirl and good to hear from you again. I have been working on the digital angle throughout this holiday week. I remain astounded as to the intentions to minimize the mind’s ability to think rationally, the cultivated manipulation of emotions, and the startling revelations on using visual images to distort the mind’s view of reality that I have now locked in to documentation for my next book. In fact I just came down to order an obscure book from 1982, only to discover that thaer was a 20th anniversary version in 2002 and 30th in 2012. Clearly very much still a blueprint.

      Glad that abyss is recognized and being bridged during the still malleable period of your son’s life even if it is frustrating. Sometimes those reactions are a confirmation that we really needed to do something.

      My college kid was telling me that my high schooler was graded down on what the college kid thought was a fine essay that met the assignment parameters because “she analyzed too much in terms of power relations and not enough in terms of gender relations.” So IB English is officially now about the kinds of Cultural Marxist analysis that so upset parents of college students in the 90s. Luckily for me I recognize this from reading Professor Ellis’ descriptions as I described in my book. I must say though I never thought it would be mainstreamed so soon in suburban high schools. If I call attention though to the teacher or principal, retaliation is likely.

      I am glad she has a sister in college she can share her frustration with, who in turn passed it on to me. We all have to do our parts to repair the damage inflicted by the Viva La Revolution! and social transformation ed model. So glad you gave us an update. Don’t be so scarce. We may all need to bolster each other up at the rate change is being pushed on our students.

    • I certainly like the sailboat idea. I think there is no better time than now for kids to educate themselves in some areas. The internet provides lots of learning opportunities that likely need some adult guidance.

      For example … My son boosted his Spanish grade in a hurry using a reasonable but fee based tutor ( over Skype in Guatemala. It was far better than his classroom instruction. I bet Mandarin is available somewhere. I am trying to replace the headliner in my daughter’s car. I hadn’t a clue. Thanks to internet videos I now have a clue. Ditto for car repairs and home repairs and …

      I think most of my kids’ (now 20 and 18) time in HS was wasted on fluff and BS. Don’t get me started on how many movies they watched in class.

      • Seen that one as well. It concerned me. I like to keep up with both ladies blogs, however it proves difficult when you cannot subscribe to them. Did you notice the definition of PII? If that is the definition here it is no wonder we now have students vision records with the eye scan on file, through legislation and why I was met with such contempt when I cut them off from the transmission from the Lyons club. Who receives gates funding now.
        It shows the content is held digitally, but does not account for the data gathered from gaming, etc.
        When you add that in it is beyond disturbing.
        I have meeting notes from WICHE stating they are gaining SS matches from DMV records, sat, act records. I know pii is not needed with online gathering.
        How do you think those two sources inform one another?

        • I am going to some meetings this week that do not strictly involve education, but they do involve elements of this total vision from other components. My experience is that I will get confessions of links that people are more careful about revealing when we are talking about students. I will have my notepad handy and scribble quickly.

          The Productive Learning angle encompasses every thing we are encountering from the remake of high schools, Competency, digital, workforce readiness, performance orientation, the world as the classroom, group projects to disguise the shift to social interaction as the new focus. Trying to get something up today in between getting middle child back to college. I do like this leaving on Monday better than Sunday as in the past. I would always have her leave before 10 so that she was ahead of anyone who left Florida at dawn to “make the trip in one day.”

          I just looked up this National Center for Learning and Civic Engagement to see why it was involved with last week’s report instead of CIRCLE as in the past. I discovered it is a sub of Education Commission of the States. Look at the Board though

          Lots of connections to Oregon and the Northwest generally. All educators at the administrative level pushing for schools as the hatcheries of a revolutionary cadre with Dewey’s participatory democracy ethos. Having lived their adult lives at taxpayer expense, none of these people seem aware of where the money they take for granted comes from.

      • I have not had time to look into this but hope to have the time. In one of the linked articles it said that states MUST have a policy in place to transfer data to other agencies??? I could not find that part but did not look too hard either. Where would such a written be found in a typical state?
        On January 3, 2012 the new FERPA regulations went into effect that allow outside contractors to access student personally identifiable information in a student record. An Executive Order by President Obama allowed personal data to flow “unlocking” this data. (Source: EO 12866) States must have a policy in place that would allow a signed written agreement between the Department of Education and an outside contractor to gain access to this personal data for research. FERPA regulations changed the definition of WHO could access the data and WHAT could be accessed. The definition of personally identifiable information not only included student name, address, zip code, birthdate, mother’s maiden name, etc, it also included biometric data including fingerprints, voice prints, iris scans, DNA sequences, and facial recognition.

        So, how hard is it to find what student info was shared with what outside agency? How would one find this out?

        Link to Final Regulations

        EPIC link. Lots of links at bottom of page.

        • eclectic-this is a further article on what is going on in Pa.

          This is the first place I have seen make a reference to this being part of the Innovation Lab Network. That would also then tie it to GELP and the remake of high schools in a vocational direction.

          It’s also linked to Carnegie and Education Counsel since the CCSSO hired them to represent it in pushing the ILN and Competency-based learning template. So glad so much info on this is in Chapter 4 of the book.

          Look Carnegie and Education Counsel are also involved with this push that came out last week.

          • This makes me think of the book Seeing Like A State. The state wants to see all, know all. This has been true for centuries although the means to see all and know all were very limited back then.

            “But think of all the good we could do with all this data and power.” Barf.

            Every time I wade into this stuff I am struck by how amorphous and innocuous all the CC terms seem. They can cover every practice from 1900 America to 1930 Germany to 1920 Russia.

            Hmmm. What would happen if someone came up with a curriculum that fell within the plain English meaning of the vacuous CC buzzwords but was entirely different? Who decides if a given curriculum is CC compliant?

          • eclectic-look what came out yesterday

            The formal sponsor of the Common Core admitting that K-12 is now to be a “career preparation system” and the need to “align education and the economy.” No wonder we are using so many Soviet political theories and psychological practices in education. We are unabashedly implementing their view of the economy and people as their assets to dictate to.

            If we did not already know this was federally driven with the links to the DoED and Labor programs, it would seem like state led ideas. It was clearly a report designed to create that false impression.

            A lot of what is truly CC compliant is digital and in the ‘cloud.’ That was NC’s job under Race to the Top. I also got a notification yesterday that Pearson has come out with a complete history curriculum.

          • I really can’t see ‘educators’ making K-12 a “career preparation system” or making K-12 “align education and the economy.” The people involved have no clue about either.

            i am sure lots of money is to be made by Pearson and others. All they have to do is bamboozle a few key decision makers at the city or maybe even state level. Then they can deliver crap and ignore all the teachers, parents, and students.

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