Deep Diving to Internal Mental Models to Increase Leverage for Accomplishing the Great Transition

No, deep diving is not a Grab Your Attention Play on the ubiquity of the ambiguous term ‘deeper learning’ as a fundamental goal of 21st century education globally. The last fundamental transformation confession that was lurking in that IPCC definition of Adaptation we have been discussing in this Spheres of Desired Transformation Quartet was from a 2011 Conference in London where once again our invitation went missing. Sponsored primarily by the World Wildlife Fund-UK and called the Smart CSOs Conference, the report was called Effective Change Strategies for the Great Transition: Five Leverage Points for Civil Society Organizations. Troublingly and in disregard of my recollection of civics in the US, the document seeks to achieve invisible global change because “similar to governments, CSOs have a mandate to serve society’s interests, but they do not face the same constraints as governments.”

Oh, goody. Especially since the report notes in discussing the leverage points for the wholesale transformations intended by the Great Transition that “increased leverage can be found by diving to the deeper levels of the iceberg depicted [in the report but taken from Peter Senge’s 1990 book The Fifth Discipline Handbook] and draw our attention to and shift system structures and mental models.” When people tell me they wish my book or this blog would simply stick to education, I keep repeating that I cannot. The constantly recurring end goal is always that education is a means for obtaining a new kind of consciousness and revised societal values for desired fundamental transformations “across every realm” at both a “broad and deep systemic” level. The report states that this “includes technologies, legislation, economic and governance institutions, social relations, culture and values.”

Education is deemed to be the key means of leveraging the transition because it is the “internal models of the world” that will allow the needed changes in behaviors going forward. All the explanations of mandated Constructivism and Curriculum Redesign and Gaming and systems thinking and digital learning all become clear when we read the complaints of how existing political, social, and economic structures are resisting the desired transformational changes. The key the report says is to “go even deeper and explore how real structures are shaped by our thinking. We create internal models of the world–mental models, which we use for making sense of the world and taking action.” The fact that these internal mental representations are the target gets hidden behind euphemisms like deep learning, brain-based learning, teaching students ‘how to think,’ and rigor and higher order thinking skills that will allow Transfer.

Unless, like me, you read the underlying cited psychological research the true definitions and aims remain obscured. In my world though, the intentions could not be more clear. As the CSO report recommended, systems thinking and conceptual ‘lenses’ generally “allows us to open these black boxes.” Numerous papers I have seen in just the last week make it clear this is exactly what the new assessments delivered via adaptive software and the computer are designed to produce data both looking at and changing what’s inside the ‘black box’ within a student’s mind. It is the aim of this recent Nellie Mae report as well as “Measuring Learning Success: Rethinking Assessment to Improve Student Outcomes” from the Center for Digital Education (that is actually a sub of media company erepublic that works with state and local governments on innovations based on Big Data). Can you say “No one will see this coming until it is too late?”

All of these intentions are laid out, including specifically “simulations and role playing games” that let students explore in cyberspace with visual images the “dynamic consequences of our assumptions” in our existing mental models. No one will be tipping off teachers or students that those consequences are simply what has been programmed into the simulation to guide beliefs and values in desired directions. If you are wondering if I am perhaps too cynical on the intentions here, the CSO report wants a new narrative so badly they italicized it that will “speak to the hearts and minds of a very large number of people and tell a creative and emotional story of who we are and who we need to be and tap into the creative worlds of mythmaking.” The narrative will appeal to people’s intrinsic values, which will of course have been cultivated by ed using contemplative education or positive psychology methods and the Positive School Climate/ Fostering Communities of Learners requirements.

Whatever method gets used to embed new communitarian oriented values via school and higher education, CSOs are exhorted to use the laid-out “understanding of values, frames and narratives in their policy and their communication.” Remember the desire of cybernetic theory to create an internal keel that could be used to steer people’s future behavior with? CSOs, the media, governments at all levels with help from companies like erepublic, are all planning to steer as a means of finally achieving this Great Transition. Did you know the report defines narratives as “frameworks for people to understand their lives. They are a way to make sense of life”? Those narratives are being consciously created to get at emotions. They are designed to utilize research from cognitive science obtained from real people via formative assessments, adaptive software, or data from MOOCs (hence all the interest from the Artificial Intelligence community. It is also a research method).

That cognitive science research so far says that to change values in people and ultimately institutions, education needs to target the “mental structures that allow human beings to understand reality.” Accessing these “deep frames–the cognitive structures found in long-term memory–are closely linked with cultural values. Deep frames are relatively stable, but are not unchangeable.” Let’s stop again to remember and discuss why these deep mental structures are being deliberately targeted for change. Politicians, public sector bureaucrats, foundation employees, CSOs, and apparently the entire UN apparatus that guarantees lifetime salaries for all vision-compliant former politicians once voters tire of their shenanigans, have all decided to fundamentally redesign all our civic institutions and economic and political structures in ways that benefit them and screw us. Since we would be crazy to go along if we were asked, we are not being asked.

Education again is the way in. It is why it has become a Weapon to Destroy the world we currently take for granted. It goes to accessing the deepest structures of our minds and the fundamental drivers within our personalities. To dictate that it is now to be “the will of humanity to invent an economic system that is guided by different parameters and that would work for human wellbeing and the planet.” That’s doubtful, but it’s such a nice slogan for the reality of personal greed coerced via the public sector. Schools and higher ed are now to ensure graduates have a “bigger sense of interconnectedness with nature and with others and an empathy with humanity as a whole (global empathy).” And no matter how much a student knows, without hitting that Universal Love stage of Global Citizenship, there will be no badge or diploma. The student will be regarded as Not Ready to Move On.

I want to end on one of the same notes that I drew attention to in my book, especially now that the same vision featured prominently in the recent book Imagine Living in a Socialist USA. The intended redesign of the global economy, especially in developed countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, is to “start with the question: What level and what type of consumption do people really need to live a good and fulfilling life?”

This is not a minor point. In fact the Ford Foundation funds Global Transformation research around this so-called Line of Plenty. The Thanksgiving 2077 conclusion to that Imagine book talks about how people probably would never have supported the Great Transition if they had realized it would mean meat consumption would be rare and that medical care would cease after a certain age. But those recognized realities are not in the Talking Points for the Great Transition being offered for public consumption. It’s not designed into the scenarios offered by virtual simulation either.

We have a great deal of intended aims and consequences laid out in the documents discussed in this IPCC Adaptation Quartet. Fundamental transformations in all areas without any intention of asking for consent from the so-called Governed. Only calling attention to these intentions and the fact that education is the way in can stop it.

I can and have tracked all this and more. Can you help me spread the word about these dangerous declared intentions?

19 thoughts on “Deep Diving to Internal Mental Models to Increase Leverage for Accomplishing the Great Transition

  1. Robin,

    I was browsing American Thinker this morning and found the following quote attributed to Thomas Sowell: “One of the many ways of lying smoothly is to simply redefine words.” Many of the sources you cite seem to be so actively engaged in changing word meanings to confuse and convolute their statements that I have no other option but to believe they’re lying or attempting to cover something up.

    I’ve shared this site on several blogs, with friends, and even a couple of random guys in a Boston restaurant who happened to be talking education at the next table. You’ve got to plant the seed widely to find fertile ground. Your site links Common Core to past failed efforts and people with intent to take this country to places it was not intended to go that it’s probably the scariest site I frequent. However, it’s difficult to show a naive person exactly where the danger is because the redefined words sound so good. Many people are willing to give education a pass or wait and see how the new system works before trying to change it. So we have to just keep trying and, if nothing else, plant the first seed of doubt in hopes of the harvest.

    • Well said Mike. It’s interesting that my college kid, who rarely reads my stuff, just happened to read this post and loved it. She said it reminded her of what the IB teachers were targeting and what some profs target as well.

      The book really does provide the foundation that makes all this easier to see and not as unprecedented as we believe. It is why I give sources so that people can verify for themselves. To me what is terrifying is enough people not understanding how all this is interrelated and not waiting for permission. came out today. That goes to one of the designated spheres of transformation. Brookings’ Metropolitanism work goes to another. Brookings’ work with UNESCO and role as education manager under the Education for All vision and other global ed initiatives goes to the third.

      It has taken me years to gain this level of expertise to see how it all fits or to know where the actual definitions can be found and sourced. None of that helps though if people keep not wanting to face what is going on around them. I appreciate your pointing my work out to people. This story is not going anywhere and when they can bear to face it I will have gathered even more facts that support the fundamental tenets I lay out in my book.

      Next I am going more concrete to track what NCTM says the goals of CC in something that came out last week. People will be shocked and as usual I read the whole document, not just the Executive Summary.

      • That will be very interesting.

        My take on NCTM so far is that it’s very much a self protective organization. They make sure that there isn’t too much rigor in the curriculum, because they don’t want students who are better than they are. And students who are really good in math seldom become math teachers at high school level and below.

        Once this is done they have no problems, because there will always be students who need their help to meet standards in math, no matter what the standards are.

        If they can find a way to entrench things further so that it’s even harder for students to get above the trees to get a glimpse of the forest, by using even-more-crooked trees, I think they’ll go for it. Look forward to your post.

        • Math Alternatives? Is It Already Too Late?

          I thought I’d look up NCTM — National Council of Teachers of Math. Here is their lst page

          If you get what I got, the first of 6 squares in prominent advertising is for a book — Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice (A New York Times bestseller)

          I went to to see a write-up about the book and was overwhelmed by how many such texts were available on tying Math to Social Justice. There was even one with this in the title — “Against Common Sense”. And there was another presumptuous one declaring their Mathematics was in the public interest.

          What shocked me is the amount and the fact that they’ve been around for at least 10 years. Maybe it’s too late already — the die has been cast?

          Reminds me of Robin’s title for her book — Credentialed to Destroy. Remember pg 34 where a school board hired a Math PhD to help solve their Math problems? Well, there was no improvement. The credentials included specialization in Equity Pedagogy.

          All this CC, Social Justice, SEL, etc., etc. is sounding way too much like a Religion. Time for choices and more opportunities for Education Debit Cards so parents can search for schools without all this religion!
          WSJ says more about Arizona’s Ed Debit Plan

          • Hi Tunya,

            I was not able to link to that WSJ article but I tried to catch up on Ed Debit Cards from other articles. The application sounds good at first but my concern at this stage is that the tentacles of Global Ed Directives are so inveigled into every avenue ( Accreditation ) of education that choosing X private school over Y public or charter school matters very little in the end.

            Assessments and Accreditation rule the day. In order to ‘graduate’ to any level the student must pass an assessment which is the same everywhere. So what will be taught will be the same everywhere; public, charter, or private or homeschool or internet. The choice is illusion.

            From a Forbes Article: ( upper case my emphasis )

            “Those funds ( Ed Debit) can be used to purchase services from QUALIFYING online education providers, private schools, tutors, textbook providers, and licensed or accredited education therapists.

            Milton Friedmans underlying presumption about the reasons for the perceived failures of public schools justifying the need for vouchers or debit accounts, gets to the very core of what I believe Robin is addressing in her book and blog.

            The schools are not failing because of bad state management or bad teachers. The schools are failing by intentional curriculum design. The curriculum which has been implemented for decades has been intended to handicap students cognitively. And now the academic vacuum is being aggressively filled with communitarian, emotive, faux zen consciousness sans facts.

            Friedman and many other people assume that regulated state bureaucracy alone is responsible for poor learning. And they believe that opting for privately managed ( allegedly free market) schools which still receive public monies is the solution.

            Personally, I see the risks in removing elected and accountable education boards as happens in Charter School programs to be a big worry.

            But in the end it almost doesn’t matter because as long as the ‘qualifying’ school entity receives federal funds that school Will be teaching an UNESCO curriculum.

            The teaching and learning poison is in the blood of the education octopus now and so solutions must address the poison throughout. Cutting off one tentacle of the infected mollusk will not kill the beast.

          • “In This Together” sounds more like a beefed-up “social justice theology” that I remember from the 1960s and South America than traditional Catholic teaching.

            When the young rich man asked Jesus what he should do, Jesus told him to give everything away. That was advice for that particular man. Not much later, the overzealous tax collector said he’d give away half of what he had, and would pay back fourfold everyone he cheated.

            (Tax collectors had an even worse reputation back then than they do today.)

            When there’s absolute income equality, everyone will be equally poor.

            Except, of course, those who are more equal.

          • Robin!-
            Oh dear. That?! is now on college campuses? That is rich. No, really The Church is Actually really really really Rich.

            Methinks they should set an example for the rest of us first and divest themselves of their weighty lira and francs.

            The Church has a history of reviling radical individualism. Indeed.

            I’m down 4 economy size packages of post-its.

    • Mike-

      Look what else beyond the world as a “system of systems” Big Blue is pushing.

      Governments of course at every level being among their biggest customers. Here, let’s advocate for giving you more power via Big Data and then we’ll sell you the hardware and consultant time to help manage it all and call it innovation.

      Also hits both the practical and governance spheres of transformation. We already talked about the ed angle in the book. All three. What a 21st century business model representing the oligarchs and the coercers in a political directed economy.

  2. I find your blog very interesting, and no doubt what you say is happening is real enough. I live in the UK and I can see plenty of examples of the kind of thing going on. Not only is this happening in schools, but news bulletins are clearly focused on the emotions, with special reports highlighting some under-privileged group, or some example of man destroying his environment. I just wonder if this isn’t going to result in people being turned off and simply ignoring the message. Young people are much more likely to be influenced by their peers than their teachers. Despite these attempts to control minds I see very little evidence of a kinder more altruistic society. Sure some will pay lip-service to it, but underneath the basic instincts of one-upmanship still seems to prevail. When you think of all the years of communism in eastern Europe, and then when it went, what happened – they reverted to capitalism.

    • Derek,

      I wish I could be as sanguine as you are about students’ resistance to this indoctrination. Michael Chapman provides some sobering statistics about student attitudes from fifteen years ago:

      “Are these lessons having an effect? According to the National Center for Education Statistics report, ‘What Democracy Means to Ninth-Graders,’ the answer is YES:

      “84.2 percent of 9th-graders now believe it’s the government’s responsibility to set prices.
      63.5 percent believe government is responsible for ‘reducing differences in income and wealth among people.’
      58.6 percent now believe government must ‘provide an adequate standard of living for the unemployed.'[28]
      “What’s frightening is that the US Dept. of Education considers these ‘attitudes’ correct answers, and identifies them as ‘international principles of democracy!’”
      Chapman’s material was a recent discovery. He provides useful background on the nitty-gritty of U.S. ed legislation moving from UNESCO through Goals 2000 through School to Work. As I read his material, and relevant quotations from leading textbooks, I had to keep reminding myself that the stuff was a dozen years old.

      What happened in Russia was not that the public turned into freedom-loving Western-style democrats. No: the brightest and most ruthless became kleptocrats and stripped the country bare. A new Soviet man had indeed been created — nasty, brutish and utterly corrupt.

  3. I too am from the UK and find this a relevant and interesting blog. But it is not an easy read because there are so many links to so many documents. Whenever I have tracked back to sources I have found the explanations to be pertinent. There does seem to be a global agenda to transform the world through children`s education. The problem is how to put that message across simply and without sounding like a crazy `conspiracy theorist`

    • Alice-that’s why I provide back up documentation. I hate that this story is true, but what frightens me more than these intentions is not getting this story out. There is no ambiguity to these intentions and these are influential people with access to money and power.

      I have joked that the only time I theorize it is still about what might be the connection among known events. I still will not speculate at the point to anyone but one of my cats. If I am writing about it, I have figured out what fits where using declarations of those involved. Usually I have even more proof and relevance I do not cite to keep it as simple as possible, given the density of some of what I start with.

      I hope you and Derek both download and read that CSO conference report.

      I think my earliest posts in the first few months are easier because they tend to be a single topic. Now the single topic has many moving parts. The blog is about to have its 2 year birthday.

      Thanks for your and Derek’s support. It is very important that the global intentions be understood. When I listen to some of these presentations I realize the people speaking have no idea that what they are advocating for will kill the host they are relying on as well. Mind arson will lead to a comatose economy and that cannot fund all these promised pensions that fuel the willingness to endorse these bad ideas in ed.

      I did not go looking for this story, but it found me and I realized what would happen if it remained misunderstood. Here we go then. Not theorizing, just reporting.

  4. I spent last evening trying to teach my grandson how to solve and graph quadratic equations for a test today. It’s a H.S, credit honors class. He’s in 8th grade. I taught this for twenty years in the same county, so I picked a friend I know and respect to be his teacher at an A rated school. He has no textbook and being a lazy 8th grade boy takes no notes. He gets a packet of each chapter. He hides this until absolutely necessary (the eve of a test) claiming he has no homework nightly, because he doesn’t have to turn in homework. My friend his teacher gives a test review, then the test. Last night I discovered he has no clue. We factored and solved trinomials last 9 weeks, only a couple of weeks ago. He has forgotten most of this. I was shocked, yelled, talked with his dad, my son was a great math student but I do the tutoring now that he’s back at work. We hammered the quadratics and I am about to review him this morning. But I say all that to say this:

    The curriculum is just not mandated. Passing the EOC exam is all that matters. They will slam that when the FCAT is all finished, and Alg I students opt out of the FCAT at all middle schools in the county, and take an EOC instead. So from what I see, unlike my students from 1991 to 2011, the new top level students, those in the top level math and Lang Arts classes, are not being taught the whole Algebra 1 curriculum as it has always been taught. The sequence seems convoluted to me, daughter of an aerospace engineer who retaught me my maths all the way to Calc II in the late 1980s, and successful Alg I Hon teacher for 20 years. I’ve had students pass the state test with a perfect score, and many with a near perfect score. The FCAT tested a broad based Algebra curriculum and students who scored highly traditionally excelled in higher math so it was indicative of a good solid test. I’ve taught kids who were later to attend MIT, and the Ivy League schools, from our small central Florida town. The new curriculum and the lack of high achievement required is bad juju for the future of our country and I will keep posting at all my familiar sites, American Thinker, Spectator, and wherever else education is bandied about online and in the public square. Thank God I have a website to recommend every time I post, and you are that source baby girl. The Lord keep you safe and strong, as well as all your readers and responders. It’s one big foxhole and we’re in it together.

    • Tina-thank you for the kind words. I had teenagers over at my house last weekend bemoaning the fact that they are being held responsible for content that the teachers are no longer allowed to present. That is the transition during this twilight before the new assessments kick in. They wanted to know if I thought it would be better next year. I said no.

      Remember that knowledge not accessible to all is viewed now as illicit and inequitable for schools to be focussed on. We know it is really about the prevention of that Axemakers Mind that creates its own conceptual structures and mental models and is acutely tuned to detecting BS.

      I really think that is the importance of my book and this blog. Not just the what, but more importantly the why, using declarations from influential people of their intent to use education. There is tremendous clarity now at the point of peeling the onion I am at now. People are referring to books that no one has ever spoken of from decades ago that truly do reveal all.

      I am reading a 1956 book this am before I write the next post because I can see the relevance to those Learning Progressions I first described in the book. My hands are almost shaking with the implications now for what was declared then.

      I have this story and I do so appreciate having people like you try to get the word out. I especially thought that yesterday as I was reading about the continued push for the Vygotskyian Tools of the Mind in preschools. Assaulting and then resculpting those mental models from the get-go.

  5. The cool thing about you having teenagers at this point in history, and them having you for a mom at this point in their history, is they don’t have the pressures that ignorant parents are putting on their children, along with poorly informed teachers, that other students have. They have you for a sounding board and a plumb line of truth. We have you for a sounding board and plumb line also. And you have them as a living example of what is being done to our kids, right there in your home. As I do. Seeing is believing. For those people like me, inside the forest as teachers at a kool aid drinking school with gypsy principals and supers at the helm, who couldn’t see the trees until well out of the woods themselves, you were the right parent/historian/lawyer, in the right place, your blog, at the right time, the advent of CCSS. My daughter just called and asked for prayer for her 10 year old daughter, who called her from school in tears.

    She didn’t finish FCAT reading yesterday and she is afraid she won’t finish the math part today. She is brilliant, funny, creative, from a divorced family but loved by two full families now, as well as the rest of the clan, 10 of us, and crushed by her lack of ability to fly through the State mandated tests. She has looks, personality, no pressure from home to test brilliantly, but the
    message she has gotten from the school culture is testing determines future success and she will miss out on something huge in life if she can’t accomplish State tests successfully. I say pooh to that. I prayed for her today and I will call her at her Dad’s tonight and tell her so. Just being a child of divorce, like so many of my students were, means having enough on her plate in the way of stress. Teachers are leaving because if they have children themselves they know first hand the stress this type of testing creates in the little ones. Kids are learning to hate school and drop out mentally if not physically. I will keep praying and talking to mine, but I worry for all the millions of others.

  6. Reading through the comments and nodding along with everything each person has written I was struck particularly by Derek and Tina’s following statements.
    Derek wrote: Despite these attempts to control minds I see very little evidence of kinder more altruistic society.
    Tina wrote: Kids are learning to hate school and drop out mentally if not physically.

    I tend to approach the dynamic facts that Robin presents so brilliantly with a sense that I am a witness to evidence so I can retell the story as best as I can to my book free great grandkids one day.

    As I read the comments quoted above my thoughts were that:

    A. Frustration in learning is a stated goal a la Dewey as Robin explains in her book. Frustration is pitched as a way towards learning Perseverance but in reality it leads to demoralization and quitting and Rage.

    Radical ed since the 1920’s has always known this. The Rage and demoralization serves the Radical agenda. Their agenda being a Collective and Equal Society, aka the masses controlled and managed by their betters.

    Angry and illiterate citizens want something other than what they have. Especially when along with not being taught facts they are being taught to loathe the “the existing society” which holds them down. Without the ability to read and research and do the math they will believe anything they are told about who to blame for their misfortune. Capitalism begone. World Governance Huzzah.

    So when we parents and teachers see situations of frustration and Rage that can be changed but are not being changed it is because we are operating with a different set of instructions and expectations. Tough to accept but Robin lays out the facts of it.

    B. Robin points out often that even if some Ed big wig does not understand fully the implications and intended outcomes of a particular policy they are pushing that does not mean that said policy will not actually have the planned for effect.

    So just because a guru like Peter Senge preaches a Utopian One for All and All for One Presencing Consciousness that he may well believe is possible, that does not make it so.

    What he is pushing in fact is a sort of intentional passive mindlessness which for many people will result in the opposite effect when applied on a grand scale. They will loathe all the empty naval gazing and become angry. But again, without facts and cognition they will not understand WHY they are angry. They will just know that they ” Feel” a certain way.

    Whether or not the majority of planners are aware of the implications of their plans or not it is my takeaway that Rage is the goal. The small r rage that we see in our children now is the tip of the iceberg. Large R Rage is the deepest intended outcome well before any communitarian singular Gaia consciousness. The latter is the hoped for outcome after Rage has given the Planners a clean slate.

    Demoralization and yes depravity are the initial goals. Angry Masses agitating for Change is the point. Angry Masses are also easy targets to repress. Those who remain who are passive and numb will do as they are told. Blissfully with mindfullness. Or hypervigilance.

    This is a bleak assessment I know but I think it gets close the nitty gritty of the likely “outcome” of where the serfs are meant to go. I understand that some of the planners believe that this non consensual coup can be undertaken quietly but I have deep concerns that some of the most intentional planners know fully well that civil unrest is a reasonable step in their utopian vision.

    Very little has changed at an essential level from Marx’s ideal. The spin and dissembling has just become slicker and the pitchmen more adept.

    My version is a story and theoretical only. Robin’s book and blog show us the how and why.

  7. I just now found your site through your comment on City Journal. I’ve been hearing about Common Core for a long time. I’m struck by the divisiveness it’s made. People either love it or hate it, with few in the middle. What catches my attention are the horror stories that people show in front of school boards – and videos like the hapless young girl trying to add three numbers “the Common Core Way”

    The really big problem is that many schools (mostly public) have been on a decline ever since Dewey in the 1920s.

    Not too long ago, we had a “two track” education system, with trade schools for the more capable but less intellectual, and liberal arts schools for the reverse. (I try not to lose sight of the fact that “liberal education” originally meant an education suitable for a free man (not serfs or slaves, but one free from societal encumbrances (e.g, the idle rich)).

    Then it got to be where a high school diploma was an entry way into the Real World, and a college diploma, into the world of politics, authors, and the elite. The high school diploma was proof that you could do certain things, and be depended upon.

    Nowadays, it seems that the high school diploma is essentially worthless, and the Left wants everybody to go to college – and run up a massive debt. It probably won’t be long before a college degree (except perhaps from a few top universities) is little more than a certificate showing that you slogged through 4 (or 5, or 6) years of college.

    • Hi ZZ Mike.

      I tend to see Common Core differently than most people in part because I was looking into it in 2009 when hardly anyone was aware of it. I ultimately wrote a book about where the Common Core fit into other previous attempts to use education reform to change culture in a nonconsensual fashion.

      When I realized that under the banner of Common Core, the UN was describing wholesale economic transformations at conferences like Planet under Pressure in London in March 2013 and the US was the active leader in a process called the Belmont Challenge and then the feds were using federal disabilities law starting in April 2012 to push psychological behavior programs on all students in every classroom I put book aside and started this blog.

      This is a radio interview of me talking about what people are not appreciating about the Common Core from my research and as a lawyer familiar with how these mandates work.

      Welcome to ISC.

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