Develop Learners who Think and Behave and View Themselves as Systems Citizens

Well, that is certainly one way to use education to destroy the concept of the Unitary Self as john a powell and others wish. But is this an acceptable role for educators to take? Have we indeed crossed some sort of a threshold where the planned activities and policies and practices in our schools and classrooms and now our colleges and universities make them some sort of Fifth Columnists? Do their education degrees or sociology degrees or psychology degrees give them immunity from their clear intentions to destroy this economy and seize and manipulate children’s and young adult minds? How about the fact that they have never heard of a Fifth Column? Does that mean they are free to act as one and not be considered traitors? Moral traitors if not legal ones.

My understanding of the concept of a Fifth Column is that it comes from the Spanish Civil War in the 30s. It is the idea that people you regard as your supporters and on the same side actually have unknown allegiances to the other side in a conflict. When it comes time to use them to help ward off an assault, they are in your midst and close enough to stab you in the back. That’s a Fifth Column. Your assumed ally is actually a mortal foe and because you trust them, you have let them close enough that they have easy access. Then their treachery becomes apparent. That’s not going on in every school and district and college yet but that is the goal. And the danger is to the integrity of the mind, not death from a visible wound.

One of the reasons we paused for a few posts to discuss what is planned for colleges and universities is the recognition of the “inherent 12-16 year time delay it takes to educate a child through traditional schooling, the time is now to begin to build a citizenry of systems thinkers.” Because getting an Ed.D in Educational Leadership apparently qualifies one to abrogate the language of the US Constitution and plot on how to use schools (compel is the actual word used) to create young people:

“who think and behave as systems citizens (quote italics). Systems citizens view themselves as members of a global community. They understand the complexities of today’s worldly systems and have the capability to face into problems with knowledge and skill.”

Of course the knowledge is generally an erroneous understanding reached by group consensus using visual models (Flow Charts, Connection Circles, Ladders of Inference! etc) to try to convey the shared beliefs as to what may be occurring. Systems Thinkers love visual models (Causal Loops because if you draw it it must be true). Visual examples of Systems Thinking Tools are usefully supplied for use in the classroom where the teacher may well have had her job threatened if she were to lecture accurate facts or just pull out a good handy reference textbook. Both reflect someone else’s activity and are therefore unacceptable.

We are going back to having an acceptable belief that the sun rotates around the Earth as long as that’s the Group Consensus after a Meaningful Dialogue. After all it fits the perceptions of our senses. Have you never watched a sunrise or sunset and seen the bright orb clearly moving? Plus it is consistent with Native American beliefs and their reverence for the Earth that the ecologists wish to nurture in all minds. Look at all the trouble Axemaker Minds created like nuclear weapons, airplanes, cars, air conditioning, washing machines. We do not know what human ingenuity will come up with next so the answer of course is to deliberately use the schools and colleges to make sure there are no more ingenious humans.

All students will now get is a focus on the “holistic ‘big picture’ view of how systems function, seeing beyond the details of individual trees to the forest as a whole.” Now let’s say there is a legitimate scientific dispute on whether temperatures are rising or in an unusual manner or whether it has anything to do with human activity. Actual knowledge ceases to matter in this planned Constructivist World. The model determines what students and then adults are to believe. Does this remind anyone else of what the Catholic clergy wanted to push in the Middle Ages when it came to selling indulgences and the like? The facts are not to be allowed to interfere with sought power and money.

You can only imagine the nonsense that will be spread about how economies really work. And when will we stop this Planned Nonsense via educational institutions we pay the bill for? When we are starving because we slipped beyond the tipping point where widespread ignorance means nothing functions properly anymore? When we have riots from unemployed graduates who have degrees but no marketable knowledge or skills?

The flier “Systems Thinking in Schools” put out by the Waters Foundation this spring says:

“Systems thinking is a worldview, a perspective of seeing and understanding systems as wholes rather than as collections of parts. A whole is a web of interconnections that creates emerging patterns.”

There are no autonomous individuals in that worldview. That worldview is a political aspiration for enforced collectivism. It fits perfectly with how Uncle Karl described his holistic totalizing worldview. What right does any school district have to foist Marxist worldviews on unsuspecting parents and 5 year olds? Just because it will take years to get a lasting mental model in place that will then make gulags unnecessary? Do educators get a pass and permission to impose tragic political ideologies by stealth and with deliberate lies just because this time they are omitting any reference to Uncles Karl and Vladimer in the flier or workshops?

Certain school districts are working with the Waters Foundation specifically and Peter Senge. But the systems thinking comes in just as surely through those districts who are importing systems thinking through Spence Rogers PEAK Training or Daggett’s Model Schools or Responsive Classroom. Every person previously associated with Transformational Outcomes Based Education seems to be getting their share of the federal Race to the Top largesse to foist systems thinking on recalcitrant teachers, students, and parents. Who must submit this time to the mental and financial invasions.

Because as Tracy Benson wrote honestly in the piece “Developing a Systems Thinking Capacity in Learners of All Ages”, the goal of this systems thinking initiative is to control our personal behavior. We don’t get to be free citizens anymore and it is principals and supers and accreditors and professors who seek to take away the freedom the US Constitution supposedly guaranteed us. is a piece I wrote several months ago explaining that thoughts remain a protected area under the Constitution because they are a form of personal property. No Principal or Super is legally entitled to be doing what they are forcing on school classrooms in the name of Common Core and Systems Thinking and holistic learning and School Climate and Culture. Not even if it is in the Charter or a School Improvement Plan.

Honors English Lit teachers should not be forcing 9th Graders to write about rejecting Fixed Mindsets in favor of Growth Mindsets. Calling her work the more palatable sounding Brainiology does not change its function. Professor Carol Dweck’s specialty is getting Lev Vygotsky’s Soviet psychology practices into unsuspecting Western classrooms to prey on still forming Western minds. And you wonder why no one corrects the writing. The act of imagining why you need to reject fixed values and attitudes and beliefs is the point of the exercise because you are forcing students to write from emotion and unfounded speculation, not knowledge. All in the Name of the Common Core. A ruse just like the President and the Hewlett Foundation have acknowledged.

In playing Tiptoe through the Systems Thinking footnotes, I came across repeated references to Milton Rokeach. It turns out he laid out the blueprint for targeting values, attitudes, and beliefs via education and reeducation to overcome the historic preference in the West on the individual. And change and control behavior without notice or permission.

So explaining the blueprint for what clearly became Outcomes Based Education and now Systems Thinking is next on our journey. Our journey to protect ourselves from mental servitude-that Invisible Serfs Collar.

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  1. “We are going back to having an acceptable belief that the sun rotates around the Earth as long as that’s the Group Consensus after a Meaningful Dialogue. ”

    I was just reading this and it struck me that the entire theory of DAGW or CAGW (dangerous and/or catastrophic human-caused global warming respectively) has been promulgated to the public precisely as a kind of post-evidential, post-scientific method science, or a kind of consensus science in which collective in-group opinion overwhelms testable hypothesis and evidence.

    All of this is a kind of “post-normal” pedagogy, just as so much of the environmental movement is grounded in “post-normal” science. We have entered a post logical, post-critical thought (in the traditional sense), post-individual thinker/student/intellectual explorer, and post-philosophical world.

    Not only will there be no more axemaker minds, there will be no more philosophical minds asking and exploring the deep questions of meaning and existence, politics, ethics, and moral philosophy. One gigantic CliffNotes world of intellectually, psychologically, and personologically averaged human beings who’s fundamental meaning as human beings is as functional integrated parts of an organic state only within which is there justification for existence. Outside the state, nothing. Outside the consensus, nothing. Outside the herd, nothing.

    Its a bleak, and indeed chilling world these Morlocks are attempting to create. One can only hope a really compelling counter-movement will begin and gain ground before its too late. The very core of the rot is, of course, in the teacher’s colleges (and the foundations) which it might no be a bad idea to simply abolish altogether, forget certification, and just allow American public schools to hire qualified teachers in various subjects from the private sector.

    • Well said. As you might guess since I referred to it as a Fifth Column I have documentation that will take your breath away. And then turn your stomach. And then when you ponder it for a minute you’ll want to grab a pitchfork. No ambiguity in the least and the full set of funders and participants. Certification now means immersion in the psychology and sociology to make the school about Dewey’s Reconstruction vision for society.

      Constructivism, radical or social, is all about political power trumps reality.

      The really saddest part is this type of ed reform really does put a premium on home life. Because if you have an Axemaker Mind or can read phonetically, that is likely where it came from.

      I am not telling this story to depress anyone. Sunlight is the only remedy. And my solace for having a cutting-edge Gypsy Principal and Gypsy Super is all the excellent info it gives me.

      And the university system adopted the Lumina profile back in November 2011. So if the story does not come out, today’s solid 9th graders are looking at 8 more years of affective manipulation from public officials. That’s really a tragedy of dollars and lost opportunities for a genuine education.

      • Just one thing Robin, what is a “Gypsy” super or principal. I Googled this term but all of the hits bring me back to this blog. Is this your own term, or some jargon from within the public ed world (or is this just another way of saying “change agent” or someone who’s central purpose is one of thought reform and behavior modification wrapped in the folds of “education?”)?


        • Loran,

          It is a term I invented in this post back in May to emphasize the point that these individuals move around getting ever more lucrative promotions or jobs on top of retirements. The school or district that hires them gets an ever more aggressive form of school reform that actually reflects the John Dewey Reconstruction vision. The so-called reform also reflects the
          UNESCO destroy the concept of individuality and free markets in favor of collectivism and a planned economy around Sustainability that moves away from fossil fuels and deemphasizes growth in favor of different concepts of quality of life.

          We tend to assume that Principals and Supers intend to do right by our kids and are acting in good faith. The Gypsy Principal/Super concept is my snarky way of pointing out that is now a dangerous misconception. Because the accreditation agencies have so much power, I believe that no one is getting these jobs that is not on board with the vision I described above. That is also the accreditors vision as the UN Quality Assurance and real definition of accountability make clear. Accountability now means a way of enforcing that vision. Frequently called school “renewal” by the way which is why John Goodlad named his network of ed schools on board with this vision the National Network for Educational Renewal.

          There’s very good money in pushing this vision for people who generally are very poorly educated behind those credentials. They tend to believe the theories they are told and are unlikely to recognize the tragic history involved with the political theories that get renamed as learning theories. As learning theories there is nothing to stop the Gypsy Principals and Supers from mandating them in the classroom. Professional Learning Communities then become a means to keep teachers in line along with the poorly understood teacher evals. They are actually compliance tools for the above vision.

          Very systemic indeed.

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