Disguising the Rise of the Oligarchs Via Competencies, New Values, a Thinking Curriculum and Other False Narratives

Unapproved personal knowledge is a meme-buster. If you are not sure why I say that think of the images of the South Carolina flooding and then attach the descriptions of “freak weather-related” vs “caused by climate change.” One affects us emotionally and makes us want to do something. Known, unassigned stores of fact can destroy a given narrative. Let’s use two examples from just this past week. Has anyone seen a picture of the Oregon shooter’s mother? If we simply got our news from the evening networks, we would not know the mass murderer was mixed-race, just like our first Black President. Facts in the way of the narrative.

Part of the research into the sequel to my first book Credentialed to Destroy means that I have had to become an expert on Big Data. Let’s just say I have a lot of unapproved, demonstrably true facts at my command. So when this video  https://www.oreilly.com/ideas/haunted-by-data came to my attention as a touted solution, I immediately knew it was a tactical keynote. The speaker misstated the nature of the problem to get a solution authorized that would actually make the problem of personalized data even worse. Words to the Wise: with behavioral data, it is the ongoing flow that is crucial to insights that allow neurological rearranging. Remember we have Learning Progressions to stipulated outcomes or Competencies. Once there and locked into place at a psychophysiological level to prompt and guide future behavior, the Oligarchs do not need to keep monitoring.

After that Big Data works just fine for social and economic planning purposes. That last one comes from a report on Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy that just came out from Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz. http://www.rewritetherules.org/ Once again actual knowledge of what has transpired in the last several decades and what impairs and helps create prosperity is a tremendous obstacle to accepting the prescribed actions by the politically influential. Finally, the US is embarking on adopting Qualifications Frameworks just as I warned about in my book. Only the names are changing to create a better narrative I suppose. On Monday the first ever National Credentials Summit was held in DC. http://connectingcredentials.org/summit-recording/

Like Stiglitz, this is a group of people interested in redesigning and planning a ‘fragmented system’–this time in the name of those who want a credential that will guarantee them a good job. Once again factual knowledge impedes the panacea being spun, but it is a chance to see Anthony Carnevale [see tag] as more than just the author of those Workplace Manuals for the Bush 41 Labor Department that still guide the admitted to vision now of K-12 education as workforce training. We get to see how much former governors just love to go to work for trade groups pushing a politically planned economy or education reforms. Even former Prime Ministers like Gordon Brown find post-office full employment via the Rise of the planning Oligarchs.

Last week the GEFF connected advisor Tom VanderArk linked to the final version of the Bipartisan Convergence Center’s vision for us.  http://education-reimagined.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/A-Transformational-Vision-for-Education-in-the-US-2015.09.pdf It is just full of both false narratives justifying the need for transformation, as well as true declarations of intentions to change the children so that they are adaptable to the kind of changed social and economic systems Stiglitz and the Lumina Foundation (that called for the Credentials Convening linked to above) had in mind. In that planned, collectivist economy and society that still intends to use nonprofits and private companies to fulfill “the needs” of the people, unauthorized knowledge is in the way.

That report explains how the “learner-centered paradigm for learning functions like a pair of lenses that offers a new way to look at, think about, talk about, and act on education.” I bolded that part of the phrase because the ‘pair of lenses’ analogy is what the last post said was a means of framing an individual’s orientation at an unconscious level. Unapproved, personal facts get in the way of our simply putting on the prescribed ‘pair of lenses’. That report confesses the intention to use K-12 education to prescribe the specific core knowledge, skills, and personal dispositions ALL students are to internalize. Did any dictator in history ever aspire to more intrusion, unless we count keeping everyone but a designated elite (the oligarchs) completely illiterate?

Complete illiteracy is easy to notice. Prescribed ignorance, tied to useful false beliefs and regularly manipulated emotions, and then all coupled to doled out allowed core knowledge and practiced, approved behaviors, is what we are really looking at here. Unapproved knowledge impedes the Rise of the Oligarchs in our Vision 2030 UN-led world and it must not be allowed. http://www.iclei.org/details/article/advancing-sdgs-at-the-local-and-subnational-level-input-to-un-negotiations-on-post2015-development.html is a confession that the UN, mayors, city councils, and school administrators all know that most of the 2030 vision will be carried out globally at a local level. They have even coined the term ‘localization’ for this deliberate disguise for planned global control via local administrators and politicians.

http://landing.deloitte.com.au/rs/761-IBL-328/images/deloitte-au-ps-education-redefined-040815.pdf from Australia is a reminder that this planned ignorance and the ties to workforce development are not limited to the US. We can also go back in time to the report UNESCO created in 1968 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Called “The Right to Education: From Proclamation to Achievement (1948-1968),” it made “the full development of the human personality” the new purpose of education globally just like Uncle Karl envisioned as a necessary component of his sought Human Development Society or little ‘c’ communism.  http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/who-knew-karl-marx-had-a-human-development-model-or-that-it-fit-our-facts-so-well/

Not to be paranoid, but when that Re-Imagined Education Project mentions its “vision of all children learning and thriving to their full potential,” it certainly sounds like a rephrasing of the ‘full development of the human personality’, doesn’t it? When it calls for a “Coordinated Network of Institutions, Organizations, Agencies, Associations and Federations, and Businesses” it is using the word ‘network’ to replace the word ‘system’ used in all these other cites. The intention to fundamentally redesign, plan and direct is the same. This Network “offers open-walled, relevant, and contextualized learning resources and opportunities to learners and creates avenues for learners to be involved in and engage with the community.”

Sounds like what the Credentialing Summit is calling for as Seamless Pathways in a no longer ‘fragmented’ employment system. It would also fit with the communitarian, promote the Good of Others in daily behaviors, requirement that we found in the definition of Career Ready Practices. Let’s stay in the present for one more quote: “Additionally, this network promotes collaboration and communication amongst entities working to support learners’ health, nutrition, safety, and wellbeing.” Since those needs can only be met if the learners’ entire family also has their ‘needs’ met (see http://www.communityschools.org/assets/1/AssetManager/Better-Learning-through-Community-School-Partnerships.pdf ) , we are back to an obligation to meet such needs for all families with children. Just like Marx laid out, as well as the UN in that 2030 Vision all of our elected leaders signed on to about a week ago.

The UDHR is already showing up in much of the curricula coming in under the banner of the Common Core and Global Competency. Does everyone appreciate that it called for “economic and social equality” back in 1948 and empowered UNESCO to achieve it via education and planned changes to prevailing culture? That communitarianism was always at the center of the imagined future global vision and that only politically connected Oligarchs thrive in such a society? Essentially everyone thriving becomes a means of ensuring there will be no unauthorized breakouts of individuality or genius innovations. Here is the Oligarch plan via the UN and now ‘localization’ from 1968:

“When liberty, equality and fraternity are achieved, so too will be achieved the free, full development of man’s personality within the community; and thus man will be considered as an end and not a means. [BS narrative alert]…Duties toward the Community (Art. 29 of UDHR) For man may claim his rights, in the name of freedom and justice, only in so far as he consents to assume his duties, and becomes aware that the members of every human community are all interdependent.

That’s why the focus keeps coming back to personality, even if the excuse is bullying, a Positive School Climate, Workforce Competencies and Soft Skills, Grit and Perseverance, or Character Education. Again to 1968: “the permanent task of education remains: to form the personality of every human being–the personality that will allow him to resist the loss of his individuality in his work and his leisure-time occupations, and to set forth, be it modestly, upon the conquest of the good things of the world. And these are not material goods only, but also intelligence, beauty and goodness.”

I guess the last three are what is hiding in the present as those to-be-stipulated Dispositions. It will not be the individual student or any of the rest of us picking them out and, once again individual, unapproved stores of knowledge impede the plans. That is why UNESCO in 1968 called for “not a well-stocked but a well-organized mind.” Organized around the designated core knowledge, approved themes and concepts, and supplied principles and values–“it presupposes a certain limited sum of basic knowledge, deeply rooted and constantly available.” Basic knowledge that creates a “capacity for action.” That would be action though along approved pathways of course.

Education then, in 1968 and now, in the US and in every other developed country, “forms men and women who will become the active agents of progress, ready to face what has never been faced before. Culture forms a close link between the concepts of education and the future…Culture, no longer the privilege of an aristocracy, is becoming the leaven of democracy. Every worker is a citizen. Specialization must on no account be an obstacle to the grasp of broader problems.”

Because broader problems should only be understood through the lenses of approved core knowledge. This ignorance and manipulated narratives of course greases the path for the Rise of the Oligarchs.

Genuine, Unapproved Knowledge–the ultimate 21st Century Rebellion of the would-be serfs.

35 thoughts on “Disguising the Rise of the Oligarchs Via Competencies, New Values, a Thinking Curriculum and Other False Narratives

    • But on the map assigning grades to the quality of “State Science Standards 2012” the highest performing states generally have the lowest grades.

      Nah, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong here. We mustn’t think that.

      • That’s consistent with the Fordham Institute’s study of state standards just prior to Common Core. It demonstrated no correlation between the “quality” of the each state’s standards and the actual achievement of students as measured by standardized tests. With one exception. Massachusetts scored at the top for both. If you go into the archives of the MA Dept. of Ed. assessments and pull up those old standards, you’ll see why in the early years of the millenium people referred to the “Massachusetts miracle.” Systematic, prescriptive in content. Emphasis on “western culture.” Explicit requirement for phonics, fluency in math facts and algorithms. What a concept.

  1. As usual, Robin, you’ve found the kernels of truth and presented them to us in loud, clear language. Thanks, again. How thick must the blinders be on the eyes of those being asked to work out the reauthorization of the ESEA.

    • I thought those ICLEI documents might help with the hype about the ‘local’ that is coming from many members of the ATLAS Network as well as the Consortium of large metro school districts created in in Richard Riley’s law offices to guide the ESEA implementation. Also the Ford Foundation is the source of funding for both the community schools and the Rewriting the Rules project so they should not be understood as distinct.

      The MacArthur Foundation is also involved with the Stiglitz vision and I have already written that their Connected Learning reports acknowledge it is Uncle Karl’s vision being followed. I also think it is pertinent to Angela Duckworth winning a MacArthur Genius award for her Grit work.

      The blinders need not be thick at all if their entire current and future plans, and those of their financial supporters, are tied to this Oligarchs in charge vision for a collectivist society and economy. Congress should already be deeply ashamed for the almost unanimous support for WIOA. ECAA and WIOA are two parts of the same ‘system’ vision.

      Also tied in is a new UN-Habitat report called “Unpacking Metropolitan Governance for Sustainable Development” that calls for treating Metropolitan Regions globally as “Governance Systems”. It was issued in conjunction with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. With Porsche and Mercedes Benz putting their US HQ in Atlanta, it is clear that local and state officials want a comparable cozy level of economic cooperation. a/k/a Fascism.

  2. Speaking of Big Data. The Utah online group is more up to speed than most. Seen this posted by JaKell. Have you seen it before? Connected to Learning Registry and ConnectEd. Supposedly calling for no online passwords, said not to have a national identifier but how else would it work? We already know that Big Data does not need PII but how do you explain that so that others understand it?


    • I have listened to first 10 minutes or so just now and it seems a means of tracing. All I could think about was the root codes they gave to Chinese subs that made hacking so easy. No way is this not a hacker’s dream.

      Big Data does not need PII because the change is the whole point. It is what is wrong with the Haunted by data speech or a student privacy statute authorizing explicitly adaptive software. The computer system evaluates where a person is as compared to the stipulated core knowledge, values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and other aspects of Dispositions and then introduces the learning experiences and tasks designed to change where student is to where the Oligarchs want him or her to be. Oligarchs handily covers anyone from the local to the UN or World Bank. All that psychophysiological change can occur without EVER getting to PII. That’s why I said the flow is the point. The speaker made a big deal that flow is OK unless it is kept too long.

      Big Data is never about an individual. It is used for planning purposes. http://live.agilegovleaders.org/hcd.html is an hour video on Human-Centered Design and Agile Government. They are relying on planning using Big data, but then the sought changes may very well involve altering individuals or places to fit with the plans originally triggered by Big data wanting to “solve problems.” How ‘needs and wellbeing’ get met. Or not in the real world, but governments certainly plan to try.

    • http://character.org/about/news/newsbriefs/ec_10-15_beyond-measure/

      Change the purpose of education. Make it about creativity and personal growth, not test scores. Does that sound like a new sales pitch for the 1968 UNESCO vision?

      Or this, character-based decision-making practiced in academic content classes is itself the ‘cognitive skill’ that will be a required outcome or competency? http://ethicsed.org/ I was looking in particular at these Golden Compass exercises. http://ethicsed.org/ The academic coursework is not the purpose anymore. It is the conduit–the delivery vessel for desired character traits or beliefs about what is wrong with the present or desirable about the future.

      • This is really an interesting topic. It is crossing over to an area that I personally feel is a parenting responsibility. What and why I might want certain character development in my home is not the same reason another family would. Nothing inherently wrong with practicing basics of good character at school. We know that it matters what philosophy the developer used. Character education has an eastern aspect and a western aspect and one that combines both. Marx had insight on this as you know desiring the result of less individual favor creating less desire for personal gain, selfishness in the progressive justice sense. Not exactly what most expext. There is an aspect that is used to meet SDGs as well.

        • Given the controversy surrounding the Golden Compass, it is hard to imagine it being an accidental choice for ‘secular’ character development. In between running errands with several family birthdays in the near future, I am reading Amy Gutmann’s 1987 Democratic Education. She doesn’t think that values should be left to the family as then there could be no conscious shift in social institutions and mores for the future. I even came home to see what her connection was to Stiglitz because they seem to be on the same page.

          Now she is President of UPenn, which means all the social systems design push at Wharton reports to her and she would be the boss of the Religious Studies prof who called Ben Carson a ‘coon’.

          Character development is really getting at the cognitive and non-cognitive components of each student’s Worldview, just like the systems thinkers also want. It also fits with both the UNESCO 1968 document and the September 2015 Re-imagined Education link that both the AFT and NEA are involved with as well as Brookings, home to the UN’s Learning Metrics Task Force and the Rockefeller-funded Metropolitanism and State and Local Innovation initiatives.

          Notice too that this movie says it is the sequel to Road to Nowhere. People fail to appreciate that better teaching of academics is never the goals. Reliable control of future behavior is. Hyping character development is another false narrative where the remedy is different from what most would want and the problem is generally created to prompt just such a remedy need.

    • Do you remember all the film strips and Bell Lab science films etc pushed we we were in elementary school? The ability to manipulate the Image of the world we internalize is very crucial in systems thinking and cognitive science. Somewhere this week I read an open acknowledgment that digital sources must replace textbooks. If you remember I said that would be forced in my book, quoting the relevant sections of Universal Design for Learning. Given its incorporation into the Every Child Achieves Act, its death grip on childrens’ minds going forward will worsen.

      The Re-Imagined Ed Project openly hypes digital learning’s flow of data, which is why the solution being touted ignores the true nature of the problem. “Like assessments, DATA [their all caps] is employed to further children on their learning journeys…”

      On page 51 of the 1968 UNESCO document they state forthrightly that: “…such a living culture can no longer be acquired through verbal teaching which requires of the pupil mere docile attention and repetition. More and more use is being made in teaching of audio-visual aids; slides, motion pictures, radio, television; pupils are being accustomed to sorting out and organizing the audio-visual impresions by which they are constantly being assailed.

      In true modern education there is no question of setting the image against the written word; they are both used in a constantly alternating process, or merged together in an amalgam, for the single purpose of training the intellect.”

      The next paragraph explains the enthusiasm for project-based learning and the Maker Movement as it opens with “Such teaching as this employs activity methods”.

    • I have now. They really do want Israel destroyed, don’t they as well as the Christian faith that does not wish to be remolded into an excuse to transform the here and now into a social justice laboratory.

      I have been to Israel. I had an uncle who was a Methodist minister and Candler School of Theology prof at Emory and I went with a group he led back in 73. Two months after the Yom Kippur War when there was still shelling in the Golan heights and we could hear it from the kibbutz we stayed at overnight. I have been inside the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque and thus seen the proximity to the Wailing Wall. When I went to Abraham’s Tomb that tourists cannot really go to now there were soldiers with machine guns on the roof tops. I also climbed around Masada. Most beautiful sunset I ever saw was in Caeseria on the eastern end of the Mediterranean and looking due West.

      Left Israel and then landed in Rome for a few days where the bombed out fuselage of an airliner terrorists attacked had simply been pulled off the runway. I may get my knowledge that evil does exist from books and the open declarations of intentions I now read, but I have also seen it and lived it. I believe what I have tracked down is part of a deliberate neutering of America and the rest of Western civilization at the level of our minds. The disarmament is physical and mental and the citizens of Roseberg recognized the first intention, didn’t they?

      Putin is taking full advantage of a world where America and its miltary are no longer feared because there is now a belief that we will not intervene, whatever the provocation. Someone said General Keane gave an interview within the last few days that was just devastating about what has happened since 2009 and how at risk we are of events escalating over the next 16 months.

      In Europe people are being accused of Hate Crimes for pointing out that taking in all those economic migrants from the Middle east in the name of a refugee crisis is cultural suicide. When I told my mom I was going to major in History because it would make my life more interesting, I had no idea just how relevant my supposedly esoteric knowledge would be.

      • Have you heard of the book Second International Handbook of Educational Change with Fullan & Hargreaves? Came across it tonight. Wow! I was thinking you must have.

        • I have seen it cited and I see both authors cited consistently in virtually every discussion of systemic educational change going back to 1990 or so. http://news.blogstorm.net/index.php/2015/09/23/the-global-search-for-education-the-new-un-agenda-what-is-the-role-of-education/ is a recent example of the two, the UN 2030 agenda, and the omission that Digital promise is actually global in its push as I have linked to recently.

          Can you see what I mean about the consistency of the vision once we have all the pieces through the book first and then supplemented through the blog’s subsequent revelations? It truly is like learning another language, but one with a different alphabet as well. Suddenly your mind just naturally translates what is really being said. Credentialed to Destroy and this blog function a bit like the Tardis’ automatic language translator when it comes to education, what is really going on, and why.

        • Looky here. Mark Greenberg, Penn State prof who created PBIS and also travels the world pushing SWPBS–School-wide Positive Behavior Systems also is chair of the Garrison Institute’s Initiative on Contemplation and Education. http://www.garrisoninstitute.org/the-garrison-institute-program-initiatives-meeting-social-and-environmental-challenges-with-contemplative-intelligence

          Given that we both track the Garrison Institute’s programs, officials might as well acknowledge they are using these sel mandates to teach Buddhist contemplative practices to children. Now add in that 1986 Bahai and Marxism conference you sent me offline to take a look at and we have an undisclosed merger going on. It sure does explain all the false narratives.

  3. You’al are ALL over the map above….”Again to 1968: “the permanent task of education remains: to form the personality of every human being–the personality that will allow him to resist the loss of his individuality in his work and his leisure-time occupations, and to set forth, be it modestly, upon the conquest of the good things of the world. And these are not material goods only, but also intelligence, beauty and goodness.”

    I am a product of the referenced era (HS grad in ’73) and CONGRATs! if that was their intention because….it FAILED! as will their current sweep to homogenize and depersonalize our grandchildren.
    The man-made climate change brainwashing is terrifying, though. Children will not be taught to read/acknowledge the long-term stats mentioned above to see the FACTS over time. When I discuss this subject with the adult zombie-followers, I nip them in the bud: CLIMATE CHANGES (duh….) and tap into ice ages, dinosaur extinction, etc. They shut up…at least long enough to give thought to what I’m saying. Now I can say: Look at MARS! It was covered with water…now?…NOT. Humans think they are so important. HA!

    • It makes sense it did not affect you as MACOS–Man A Course of Study practically caused a riot and 1973 began the Five Year Study on why the implementation failed so thoroughly. The consistency is this aim at the personality and how it has been renamed and rerationalized now. The 1968 SRI research was never published until 1982 and then the book kindly went back and not only created the original work, but what all the principals would like to ass in the early 80s and why. Carl Rogers, remember Maslow died in 1970 suddenly of a heart attack, asked that an entire section on Humanist Psychology and how it fits in, be added.

      Except for a few places, the 80s begin the far more effective assault and then in earnest in the 90s in what became known as Outcomes based Education. The timing and initiatives are all covered in my book Credentialed to Destroy.

      So in 1968 UNESCO called for the focus as we learned in this post and in 1968 the US set up Education Research Centers to create visions of the future scenarios that would support such an emphasis as we cover in the next post from this week.

      Today is more in-person confessions as I keep looking into the Atlas Network. Will report back with what I hear with my personalized ‘lenses’ and ears.

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