Enshrining Mindfulness and Engaged Social Consciousness to Require Personal Transformation Via Education

Does that title seem to be an unexpected way to end this Trilogy of Adaptation=Personal Transformation to get to Planetary Transformation? Probably not if you think about it. Sounds like an excellent means in fact, especially if the tools and techniques get to hide behind language like classroom discourse and being reflective, and then sharing those thoughts with others or through open-ended collaborative real world problem solving. When you are like me and read constantly and have for years in an area, it becomes easy to see how one influential group’s “this is what we intend to require you to do” aligns with “this is what has to occur internally within a person for us to get the desired predictable result in future behavior.” Pity me for my used books and printing cartridge bills in recent years.

It pays off though as I recognized the significance of this 2007 article from a UN official cited in the biblio on how to achieve the required personal transformation we met in Trilogy Part 1 http://www.kosmosjournal.org/article/personal-to-planetary-transformation/ . I don’t know about you but I am tired of public officials telling me that there is a “new science of consciousness” that must be allowed to nonconsensually set about in classrooms and the media “revolutionizing our attitudes and worldviews.” Dr Sharma has another definition of Transformation that we should keep in mind as we examine what is really intended in our classrooms and on our campuses. “Transformation is the powerful unleashing of human potential to commit, care and effect change for a better life.”  All of this intended transformation is very much hand in hand with Eastern spirituality and mindfulness and contemplation practices that plan on “revealing our potential for deeper and higher states of consciousness that reveal our essential Oneness in an interdependent world.”

If only this blog came with sound effects I could respond with some creepy duh da duh da theme to provide a bit of comic relief. Again this is a paper cited via what the IPCC described as its intentions to preemptively force Adaptation on people via required personal transformations. Even more graphic though and this time with a K-12 Worldview Literacy curriculum ready to roll into a school near you, or maybe camp, was the also cited 2010 “Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness.” Now long time readers should recognize that these desired transformations are already incorporated into the unappreciated true definition of Excellence in education today as well as all the pathways and terms that lead to Robert Kegan’s work. Congratulations on accurately perceiving this same intended end state of altered consciousness is coming in from virtually every direction now.

It’s the constancy of the aim over decades that may not be on our horizon. Yet. If you look up that paper you will find it on the site of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). What I happened to already have when I came across that cited paper was Willis Harman’s 1988 book from the same Institute called Global Mind Change: The New Age Revolution in the Way We Think. As I did in writing my book, I get the most helpful insights from going back to before something became notorious. On the first page is the key to all these instructional shifts and obuchenie mindsets and systems thinking just for three starting fundamental examples: “By deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world.” Perhaps, but not necessarily for the better.

It is interesting and scary that the Worldview Transformation paper acknowledges graphically that what is targeted is a “reorganization of the relations both between features of a conceptual structure and between different conceptual structures.” If such intentional mindscrambling for a political purpose strikes us as incompatible with a free society, the writers took their comfort and justification in differentiating from “Nazi Germany, terrorist training camps, brainwashing strategies and cults” by pointing out that they:

“hypothesize that these kinds of restrictive shifts in worldview arise from a different process than processes that are life affirming and prosocial.”

Well, at least if we adopt the desired new worldviews and begin to act as desired. I want to point to that League of Innovative Schools meeting recently in Tucson we have already talked about.  http://www.digitalpromise.org/content/uploads/All-Summary-Document-4.9.pdf Not only does the summary cartoon acknowledge the desire to achieve second-order change in students http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/second-order-change-why-reform-is-a-misnomer-for-the-real-common-core/ , but page 4 includes the graphic “Resistance to Change: Dealing with People who aren’t Believers.” That’s the mindset of the administrators seeking “innovation” in our schools today. The lack of a swastika or goose step marching in unison is only a superficial difference as the theory of dialectical change would put it. Both developed a fascination with subjective experience and denigrate reason and denigrate the individual vs the collective will. At the core there are hugely troubling consistencies.

Before anyone tries to invoke Godwin’s Law, I was not the one who interjected personal transformation, worldview alteration at a psychological level, or Nazi Germany into the conversation. We do after all get to respond to poor comparisons. Especially if we have a copy of Global Mind Change handy and can quote Harman as saying that a second Copernican revolution on the order of losing the geocentric view of the universe is the current understanding that consciousness can change reality, especially if it is unconscious beliefs that are targeted. Effective and invisible, just the vehicle for finally getting qualitative revolutionary change say so many of the cited sources in these papers. This is a little long but it could not be a more concise statement of what is being really targeted so here we go:

“This concept of unconscious beliefs and the extent to which they are capable of shaping and distorting our perceptions of everything around us–and within us–is so central to understanding the global mind change that we shall have to make a temporary digression to look into it more deeply.

Each of us holds some set of beliefs with which we conceptualize our experience–beliefs about history, beliefs about things, beliefs about the future, about what is to be valued, or about what one ought to do. What may be less obvious is that we have unconscious beliefs as well as conscious ones. (There are many ways in which people have attempted to talk about the processes and contents of the conscious and unconscious minds. In the following discussion we will use a way that is adequately powerful, yet as free as possible of psychological jargon. It employs the concept of the conscious and unconscious belief system as introduced by psychologist Milton Rokeach in The Open and Closed Mind [1960].)”

Hold that admission. I have that book and others by Rokeach and I have written about him. He came up with a term to obscure what he was seeking to change, while at the same time getting it in place in classrooms. It was called Competency. Just like what that Digital Promise link calls for and other entities we have discussed and state statutes. (Explained in detail in Chapter 4 of my book). What was targeted by Harman as Global Mind Change and Rokeach as Competency and what is to be required by UN entities as necessary Adaptation at a personal, noetic, level is quite simply a basic recognition that “in the innermost core of the belief system are basic unconscious assumptions about the nature of the self and its relationship to others, and about the nature of the universe.”

We can call this innermost area a personal common core for purposes of discussing it. A nice catchy phrase, and it is precisely what IONS began focusing on in earnest in 1997:

“The goal has been to understand the process by which people experience fundamental shifts in perception that alter how they view and interact with themselves and the world around them.”

It was pursuant to that goal and creating “expanded social consciousness” in students while their minds and personalities remained most malleable that caused IONS to create a “curriculum on worldview literacy for students K-12, designed to foster social consciousness in a standards-relevant experiential pedagogy. ”

That experience is of course perceived though the mostly unconscious belief system being targeted quietly under the banner of the Common Core to create a useful common core. That core would be characterized by “heart-brain synchronization” greatly enabled through “multi-media lesson plans, grounded in engaged conversation, experiential activities, explorations of positive role models, and collaborative learning projects. The programme is designed to offer adolescents, teens, and lifelong learners the ability to understand how their worldview affects their perception and behaviour, and by extension, how others’ worldviews affect their perception and behaviour.”

We keep running into that same area of interest because the 2010 IONS paper says “it is the capacity for self-reflexivity–the ability to step back and reflect upon our thought process–that stimulates worldview transformation.” It is seen by the paper, citing Kegan’s mentor Kohlberg [of Moral Development Theory fame, see tag], as a means of “educating people to become social activists” and “to see opportunities to apply conscious action with the intention of making a difference in some outwardly directed way.”

Once again we see education to become a change agent to alter the material world because students are being taught they have an obligation to improve the wellbeing of others and the world.” A “civic responsibility for the common good” is something we keep running into, most recently here. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/willingness-to-make-personal-sacrifice-for-the-good-of-the-whole-to-become-an-integral-component-of-student-identity/

None of this is coincidental, which is why it keeps showing up over the decades and now from every direction.

I promised a trilogy. How do you feel about a Quartet instead? No strings or music, but no references to quarterly tax payments either.

Just too much relevant current scheming going on.

26 thoughts on “Enshrining Mindfulness and Engaged Social Consciousness to Require Personal Transformation Via Education

  1. Now that the annual NY state ELA test (which is used to evaluate teachers and schools) is over and teachers feel no pressure to do anything that would stand up to the scrutiny of the test, they can do what they want. I guess it’s called “enrichment”. I call it a dangerous situation.

    The new 7th grade English unit is a book about a gay boy. Simultaneously, the kids are asked to write an “alphabiography” which is a list of 26 words, one beginning with each letter of the alphabet, that “mean something to them”. They will then have to expand 10 of these into half-page essays, no doubt about the meaning to them. The teacher seems sort of gay to me also. This English class is largely a succession of awkward moments. And my son is getting good grades, just that occasionally there’s an emotional cost, sometimes to the extent he gets stuck and wastes a lot of time moping.

    This month he has some musical performances to prepare for so we need him to crank stuff out and not mope too much. So I told him to treat this whole English unit as if it’s about someone else, make up fictional characters and fictional stories. (This can keep the impact of this month’s emotional assault much more contained.) After all that’s what real writers do. Is it something that, developmentally, a 7th grader cannot do? Do they have some sort of thing that forces them to tell the truth even when they feel abused by the assignment?

    Any suggestions on how to get a 7th grader, with good writing skills, to take the plunge and write pure fictional essays for class?

    • David,
      Do the “alpha biography” words need to connect to the text as well, or can the student simply choose any 26 words? In the later case, if your son is interested in music, why couldn’t he just write 26 words related to music? Then he could develop “stories” from these words. This might help him distance himself from the teacher prying into personal beliefs.

  2. On a related note, along the line of the pros and cons of “teaching to the test”, my other son is coming to the age where he’ll be taking the SAT. So I’ve been looking anew after many years at the SAT. It’ll be the old style SAT until 2016, at which time Coleman will roll in his new version.

    Looking again at the test, which I never thought much of before, has brought new appreciation. It’s a pretty good test! On the math side, which I know the most about, it tests abilities that may not even be used in high school math but can appear in higher mathematics. As a test to select those who might later take such math courses, it’s good. And it does so without subjecting the students to tedious memory or calculation.

    Preparing for such a test is not a waste. If you can learn to do the things required on the test, it will make you better at the subject.

    And learning how to spot grammar errors and show reading comprehension is a more worthy goal, in my view, than reading about gay boys and being required to discuss what the whole thing means to you.

    In fact, if students learned nothing in math and English but what’s tested on that test, and only then went on to other things, it would be a fine curriculum, good preparation for college and career.

    We should force teachers to teach to the test (at least the old style test.) Most of the other stuff is a waste of time until you’ve learned that stuff. Seriously.

  3. HUNDREDS Of Worldviews Stripped To FIVE For Ecology Purposes

    If someone tells you they have a firm worldview that consistently governs their behavior and beliefs do you believe him?

    There are many tricky issues around the topic “worldview”. Just see Amazon.com and Search for “worldview”. Tons of books come up. And it’s interesting to read the reviews— many differing views.

    Worldview is NOT a settled matter.

    But now worldviews need to be grouped, classified, and measured. And to make things simple five is better than 100s. In the cause of global ecology there will need to be instruments to psychometrically measure and pigeon-hole people. Just as IQ tests were developed to help screen soldier recruits for war, worldview tests are to be developed to advance the ecology movements and to deal with resisters.

    Here is the glossy cover of one such effort — Worldviews and the transformation to sustainable societies http://dare.ubvu.vu.nl/bitstream/handle/1871/48104/cover.pdf?sequence=6

    If the language seems inscrutable here is the paper on this topic http://www.ivm.vu.nl/en/Images/Exploring%20Worldviews_tcm53-355582.pdf

    Still inscrutable? Well here is the first sentence of the above article:

    “A change of behaviors in a more sustainable direction is generally considered to be of vital importance for realizing the urgently needed transition to an ecological economy and society.” (Annick Hedlund-de Witt)

    I am fairly certain this paper was written with generous funds — public or private. I am fairly certain, also, that this resulting paper is just another plea for more (probably massive) funds to start developing these instruments of measurement, selection, coercion and treating resisters.

    A lot of it reads like highly charged propaganda in the name of “how society should be organized.”

    If one is following the epidemic of theories, experiments and proposals to “transform” society via global education — and said person is showing some deep foreboding and fear — then one could easily be labeled a conspiracy theorist. But more people are starting to see some pattern to this foisting of massive changes on schools and society and starting to ask questions. Why are children told in schools they can change the world? Why is sustainability being built into curriculum across subjects?

    It takes decades to understand and deal with medical epidemics. How long will it take before this man-made mind-change epidemic is fully understood before too much damage is done?

    • I recently reported that THIS year’s NY state ELA tests, unlike any prior years’ tests, asked students to divine what an author was thinking or why an author put something in the writing. Asking the student to categorize the author’s worldview.

      If we can teach students five worldviews and have them pigeonhole authors of whatever they read in those categories, then reading will become an exercise in categorizing authors into a preexisting framework rather than setting off on a reading adventure and seeing where it leads.

      It will be impossible to tell the kids anything new. They’ll just tell you what prejudice you are showing.

      • David-it will be what Willis Harman called cultural hypnosis and his recognition, based on all that psych research, that the “influence of beliefs upon perception is intensified when a large number of people believe the same thing.” I wrote in the margin that this is the psych finding underlying the discourse classroom where all of the class is to accept the consensus achieved by majority vote once all perspectives are aired as well as the Communities of Learners and Professional Learning Community concepts that effective principals are to be imposing on whole schools. Practicing for the collective, which both papers I cited yesterday as well as the others in the trilogy take as the given.

        What Dweck calls a Growth Mindset is based on the same psych research that caused Harman to call it an open system. The dirty little secret of systems thinking is that it is this internal unconscious core of beliefs, values, and attitudes that is the ultimate target of education now. An open system will allow new data to alter existing beliefs. What you are saying and it is consistent with everything I have read, including the huge emphasis on evaluating the so-called integrity of sources in a Fox News bad, NYT and evening network news good sort of way (I have heard college presidents obnoxiously laugh about this with glee). Only data from approved sources has been gamed to get through.

        Harman talks about “how differently education would be viewed if this fact were taken seriously.” The fact he is referring to is recognizing that “our perceptions, values, attitudes, and behavior are influenced far more by what is going on in the unconscious mind than by what is accessible to the conscious mind.” The real CC implementation and its siblings all over the world are designed around that recognition and manipulating it by making the characteristics of the Learner the point. Tunya’s province in Canada is doing that as she and I have discussed. Digital learning and formative assessments (now more alluringly called assessments for learning) are all built around this recognition. So is the Competency Works federal K-12 framework the Nellie Mae Foundation and the Consortium of suburban school districts are pushing at the behest of Clinton’s Ed Secretary Richard Riley, who of course presided over the 90s version of all this when it was called OBE.

        Makes sense as there is a big part of this Great Transition (what the 4th part will link the IPCC process to using again what Chapter 20 leads to if you read biblios) that is to be rooted in using the law for normative purposes. Mandating change in behavior with no way to refuse consent. Most people are trained to defer to the phrase the law says. Law students now are taught this normative function. I just belong to the older generation. I had a law school dean come up to me at a luncheon maybe 2 years ago asking how I knew to ask the question I had asked because I was right. The law schools were being told as part of the accreditation process that they had to teach students that the law was to be used as a tool of the common good. I told him I had seen it elsewhere in education and had simply assumed from a speaker’s oblique reference.

        The Growth Mindset and deep learning are ultimately all about closing the belief system to the interference of reality.

    • Tunya-look another Globe Trotting Meeting. http://live.worldbank.org/learning-for-all

      Voters kick a party out of office? The UN is there to offer Gordon Brown a job.

      Mom was Secretary of State under Clinton, there is 4 years heading up the cronyistic Ex-Im Bank followed by being named CEO of the Global Partnership for Education for Madeleine’s little girl.

      And there is Ban Ki-Moon who says the UN doesn’t need more treaties to implement its global visions of fufilling Marx’s human development vision. Its invisible suzerainty over education, K-12 and higher ed and now increasingly the professions, will do fine.

      What a world.

  4. Change your Biblical world view to earth worship and the laws have to change too, that’s the key in my mind. The US Constitution is based on Biblical truths like, thou shall not steal (confirms God was for private property). Thou shall not kill, well that won’t work because mother guia groans when a new child is born (see Agenda 21 for kids). They aim for depopulation and stealing your stuff, the world view has to be collectivism, state values and humans are equal with or less than animals.

    God says we are His children and have dominion over the earth and we should be good stewards. These sort of state sustaible development views must be taught starting in PreK. Otherwise the parents will teach children to fear God and follow His laws. Change your religion and the laws follow.

    But them again what do I know I am just one of those evil Christian’s who rejects unity for all and hates gay people not the sin. I usually kick a puppy once a day too.

    • Liz,
      I’m laughing because you were brave enough to say what I was thinking quietly in my head. I’ve been going back to an old book called The Long War against God. It reminds me just how much Marx hated Christians as do most social planners. It infuriates them so that we just won’t accept evolutionary views or anti-theism. I imagine these planners in dark rooms using mindfulness in a way that Darwin did to receive his plans. I see them rubbing their giddy little hands together knowing they will steal one away. It does seem to come down to what is in your soul doesn’t it. The mind is connected, if it can be changed they see it as victory. You will know them by their fruits we read. I see rotten apples.

      • LOL! And it makes me so mad, Marx wrote poems to Satan and was a full blown Mason 50 years after the “enlightened ones” infiltrated and ruined those trade unions, making them just another cult. How many times shall we discussed Lucis trust? And occupy was funded by them and legion we are many, uh hello Jesus asked them their name? You bet the UN is about Lucifer so if they “believe in Lucifer” Or have that “Illuminati” attitude and “Marxist” mind set, then I guess we Christians are the cure after all if we can get enough off the couch to help. Far too many are sitting on their butts too afraid to offend anyone. So now we said it. 🙂 I’m done. Better not carry on, this blog is too good for my rants.

  5. April 11 2014 NYT article by Alan Schwarz titled “Idea of New Attention Disorder Spurs Research, and Debate” Identifies new disorder as “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo” ,characterized by lethargy, daydreaming, and slow mental processing.—-“some of the conditions researchers have helped Eli Lilly investigate how its flagship A.D.H.D. drug might treat it”.
    Big Pharma is aiding and abetting. the reform. No Child Left Behind, nor adults now is and probably has been, their mission.

    • Daydreaming, yet another form of non-compliance that will be medicalized. Can’t let people have time to form independent habits of mind.

    • It’s also probably considered important that for long stretches of time, months, kids have no opportunity to reflect on what is happening at school. Daydreaming is an escape during the day.

      We can’t form their minds if they’re critiquing as we go. That would make the experience less authentic.

      • This explains why, generally speaking, I’ve found the school psychologists to be more reasonable than principals and other administrators. Because the admins are pushing an agenda of psychological techniques that even the professional psychologists don’t embrace or necessarily even know about.

        Good interview.

    • Slow. Daydreaming. Yeah. More likely normal kids are mildly depressed and bored off their rockers and smelling something stinky but not having the maturity or self trust or support to say, ” I’m not learning anything what the heck is going on in this classroom ?”

      Sad? Blue? Bored? It’s not the curriculum. It’s you Johnny . You need to be fixed. Here Johnny. Have a pill.

    • Mike-that makes me very happy as the ed and AGW hype story are quite related as the book lays out.

      Do you remember the Gordon Commission posts? Edmund Gordon mentioned a book on thinking as ‘his favorite’ so I thought I’d better locate it. Arrived yesterday and in the midst of it was a reference to a Learning Project the Club of Rome ran for 2 years in the late 70s. Laszlo was involved as was Torstein Husan who helped Ben Bloom set up IEA to use hype over international assessments to drive global reform. I was able to get my hands on the report and read part of it yesterday and the remainder this morning. What the IPCC is calling Adaptation now was called Anticipatory Learning then, but it was very graphic on the intended use of global problems to be the reason that how we think must radically change.

      It was truly fascinating because it ties to everything and was well hidden. In all my research I had never heard or seen a mention of it. It also gave another shout out to Saul Mendlovitz and the World Order Models Project. It also laid out the important role mass media was to play and the role of the university. It was like being in a time machine.

  6. Anti-indoctrination Laws In UK

    Yes, this brainwashing report is causing quite a stir in the UK. There’s a lot of proof and exhibits and the report and appendices are downloadable.

    Here is the story of Michael Gove, the Education Minister being outraged

    For our local blog I reprinted a piece I did a while back on ant-indoctrination laws in the UK and Rules that apply when showing the Al Gore movie — http://www.parentsteachingparents.net/2013/12/anti-indoctrination-laws-for-schools/

    A teacher unionist quickly responded:

    “You should Realize that progressives do not consider radical environmentalism to be a political issue. They simply assume that the survival of the world is at stake and deniers are ignorant greedy idiots.
    They feel Al Gore David Suzuki messages should be THE message and there is zero tolerance for opposition. It is like racism to speak against environmentalism in public schools.”

    Now, isn’t that some agenda? Of course, I do know that mind-changer literature is starting to reveal their nervousness about “resistance”. I, we, should be watching out for the methods being designed to deal with “resisters” to the environmental/sustainability curriculum. I do think we need Law and Rules as in UK — which unfortunately are not really being enforced.

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