91 thoughts on “Exceptions For Ideals and Principles Backfire When Liberty Becomes a Marxist Term With Undisclosed Goals

  1. I actually gasped out loud and moaned when I read that newspeak definition of liberty .

    And I’m surprised that at the mention of aims towards “ Excellence” the challenge to have all people’s attain their “ true potentiall” did not read instead as “ Quality Potential”.

    • That’s why I started with Liberty. Its new meaning was crystal clear, functioned precisely as the moral revolution Uncle Karl called for, and was unexpected. Lerner is a hugely influential psychologist and his work with CIRCLE at Tufts builds on what I covered in CtD. It was the head of CIRCLE, a former practicing counselor for youth in Chicago, who wrote the Pedagogy Companion to the Roadmap to Educating for American Democracy. It fits well with the aims in WCDLT and the LIberty book’s expressed aims.

      This out today https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/06/citizen-patriots-are-fighting-back-clare-m-lopez/ simply confirms that parents are being led to believe the answers are in Ideals and Founding Principles, which is precisely where the real Synthesis is lurking. I have listened to the Woodson Center’s curricula–Ideals of the Founding, the NAS, which hyped Stanley Kurtz’s statute on action civics at the same time as his EPPC boss served on the radical Our Common Purpose Commission, Thomas K. Lindsay who wrote the Texas Public Policy Foundation report on Action Civics being OK if subordinate to ideas first also wrote the 1776 Commission report that was all about Ideas. National Endowment for Humanities funding is all the way through both supposed sides of this CRT dispute which may well be why the purported remedy ends up looking so similar. They usually means someone was backward mapping.

      This is the full quote of Kendi from WCDLT, which I am so glad I developed an acronym for. Look at where it is actually taking us in the name of Anti-Racism. It’s not about wanting to assert White Supremacy claims. It is much more pernicious. A portion of it was featured on the BELE Network website. That makes sense as BELE is a partner in the SoLD Alliance, as is Turnaround for Children, where 2 other co-authors work.

      But what if all along, these well-meaning efforts at closing the achievement gap have been opening the door to racist ideas? What if different environments lead to different kinds of achievement rather than different levels of achievement? What if the intellect of a low-testing black child in a poor black school is different from–not inferior to–the intellect of a high-testing white child in a rich white school? What if we measured intelligence by how knowledgeable individuals are about their own environments? What if we measured intellect by an individual’s desire to know? What if we realized the best way to ensure an effective educational system is not by standardizing our curricula and tests but by standardizing the opportunities available to all students?

      That epigraph leads Section 3 of WCDLT that explains Tufts is piloting a means of measuring ‘specific change” within each child at a psychological, neural level. No more focusing on “purported ‘average’ children”. Just as I have warned for years with why the Learning Registry cares about the personal characteristics of children and what changed, not PII, Tufts is researching how to describe what changed in the child to allow researchers to “communicate what has actually changed and developed in the individual child” and why.

      Just what every totalitarian in history has aspired to and hiding in abstractions about student-centered learning and how every student can now succeed. These aims are too intrusive and grounded in Soviet psychological research to settle for vague solutions to CRT grounded in yet more abstractions. The Soviets developed the philosophy of Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete–Ilyenkov’s update to Dialectical Materialism–precisely because its effect of grounding transformative theory at the level of consciousness–beliefs in the minds of men– would influence practice in daily life that would fulfill Marx’s non-economic dream of Ma as a History-maker. That was the purpose of Ideas to him and now the solution to the hyped CRT controversy is redefined Ideals hiding behind old reassuring labels. How dangerous. No wonder there is a desire to limit Marxism to USSR and China and misrepresent the Frankfurt School.

      It was one of Clare Lopez’s earlier interviews on Front Page that made me revisit the Frankfurt School as her explanation did not fit my recollection. It is when I found Martin Jay’s book, which grew out of his history PhD dissertation for Harvard.

      Time for more Earl Grey.

  2. The new definition of Liberty
    Is about the same thing as
    The Bridge to Total Freedom
    Of Scientology.
    A bunch of Baloney using bamboozling techniques to herd a bunch of people and take their money, to thrive in total freedom. Glorious next tuesday!

  3. Hey exactly how can their be a “true potential” of a person being determined by another person? What if that is not their truth? Caitlyn jenners truth is different from reality. So reality is personal as would be potential.
    Paolo Freire ( critical pedagogy) found that the true potential of the brazilians was to not learn english because it was oppressive, look what that did for them. Its oppressive to receive knowledge ergo you have to
    “ discover “ your own learning. Well thats bollocks! Lerner spewing more bollocks that contradicts other educrats bollocks.
    ( intentional chaos )
    What we have discovered is that there’s only four books in the classroom anymore and that’s what the kids will learn/discover themselves. All critical of them.
    All the library changes curriculum changes over the last 40 years specifically last 10 years since common core were just excuses to Take reality out of the classroom. To take the western success out. The CRT will just disablize further what SEL and hots and whatever have done.
    Teachers are now Sea Org.
    We are all suppressive persons/privliged racists.

    • Corporate trainers and coaches are also Sea Org, and I mean this literally. So-called ‘Life Coaches’ are Sea Org, too. Both ‘fields’ are dominated by the children of ‘est’. Contrary to popular narratives, ‘est’ is not an amalgamation of the folksy positive thinking of Napoleon Hill/Dale Carnegie and humanistic psychology. It is group dynamics training weaponized with Scientology.

      • I think this MMDC Initiative being researched at Tufts described in WCDLT is applicable to your interests in why Coaching went to competency frameworks. Those frameworks are always about actions in a context. MMDC is interested in targeting:

        changes within the child to changes in the specific contextual experiences and activities with which the child was engaged…If scientists, educators, or parents wish to understand the dynamic and specific individual [image of a bidirectional arrow showing dialectical impact] context relations–relations that change the embryo into a whole thriving child–they need to be able to use language about measurement that describes the specific coactions between a child and the context that can account for the pathways from embryo to whole-child development, learning, and thriving.

        Just like with John Dewey, who was a philosopher for whom education was a tool to get to what he regarded as a more Ideal Society and Polity where people related differently to one another, MMDC, just like those Hewlett Initiatives that EAD is a part of, are treating WCDLT as a means to an end. The end though is the changes to the broader systems–what Urie Bronfenbrenner called the mesosphere.

        • Robin, this issue is not ‘competency’ models but the kind of model. Any professional activity can be modeled, and coaching has been correctly modeled, but not by the current regime.

          A standard competency model contains a body of theoretical knowledge, along with soft skills. Coaching models contain only soft skills. This is the issue.

    • You will appreciate this paper from 2017 https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/fileadmin/files/Projekte/Jungbewegt/Downloads/Fachexpertisen/ShortPaper_Lerner.pdf that shows this visions may use American terms to hide their intentions, but the aspiration of remaking a citizen from the inside-out is global. I had a copy when I wrote this post, although it was not mentioned. As I said, I am just starting up. “Thriving Youth, Flourishing Civil Society: How Positive Youth Development Strengthens Democracy and Social Justice”.

      Two more abstractions that hide transformative theories.

      How can we give young people the skills needed to thrive, to construct productive lives for themselves, and to contribute to democratic society through gainful employment and successful entrepreneurial activities in a flat world (Friedman 2005)? How can we assure their active and positive citizenship, their civic engagement and their valued civic contributions? This article addresses these questions, and discusses how positive and healthy child and adolescent development occurs, how such development is, or may be, linked to active citizenship that contributes to civil society, and what some non-governmental organizations have done in an effort to provide such experiences for youth and, in the process, to strengthen communities. Accordingly, our goal is to elucidate how to educate our youth for active citizenship that promotes a flourishing, cohesive, socially just democracy. We will argue that an integrative approach to education, that links systematically across childhood and adolescence connections among families, schools, businesses, government, media, philanthropy, and the institutions of civil society, must be involved in promoting optimally healthy, civically active youth and a cohesive, socially just society. Both theory and research support this argument.

      • On a completely other, but related note…I have been meditating on Title IX. This meditation was inspired by a meeting I had with a compliance officer at my undergraduate university. She has been trying to sort out an ancient but protracted history of the sexual abuse of students by faculty. Kind of a systemic thing. Most of this history occurred after Title IX was in place, so it was NOT a deterrent.

        Thinking about this, though, also solved another mystery; that being why my graduate school, or members of its faculty failed to answer correspondence from alumni, program applicants and even existing students over a period of many years.

        Some of us reached out to each other across our region…and, found we were all having the same experience.

        The correspondence was of a particular type. It related to entering programs, or achieving one’s credential.

        All of the people who had this issue were either ‘white’ or ‘yellow’.


        “White” applicants for programs were told that their transcripts were not valid, or, that their paperwork had been lost, or,…please try again…later.

        I guess that if you want to violate Title IX, you don’t want a paper trail, right?

        • No, not a paper trail, unlike this published yesterday. https://fordhaminstitute.org/national/commentary/proof-its-possible-approach-civics-and-us-history-balanced-way#

          Talk about a synthesis. There is language in here in more than one place that is straight out of the Law in a Free Society Project that Charles Quigley was the Executive Director of in conjunction with the California State Bar in the early 70s.

          Plus, speaking of BEST and Urie, we have this. https://www.strivetogether.org/insights/a-new-framework-to-measure-the-impact-of-systems/

          But when we focus on individual-level outcomes, we don’t get the full picture. We don’t see the norms, policies and practices embedded within systems — institutions and organizations — where young people live, learn and grow. We miss the role that complex systems play in creating racialized disparities in education, health, wealth and social mobility.

          Looking at individual-level outcomes leads to shifting the blame to students and families rather than the inherent inequities in systems that were designed to fail youth and families of color. This creates false and discriminatory narratives that perpetuate systemic oppression.

          We can widen our view and challenge false narratives by identifying, collecting and reporting systems-level indicators. When systems indicators are coupled with individual indicators, institutions and organizations can be held accountable to create conditions where every child, every young person and every family has the opportunity to thrive regardless of race or place.

        • Was this racial discrimination against white and yellow skinned people particular to Title IX? It seems the discrimination is racial not sex related.

          • Speaking of glossaries of transformational terms. Just out. http://education-reimagined.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Expanded-Lexicon-2021_FINAL.pdf

            Having trouble typing so will be mostly posting without much comment.

            Adding this. Notice the just society purpose and that the template fits with what the Discovery Institute, American Spectator, and other sites republishing article are also pushing, even if naively.

            If this work is done with integrity and fidelity, a transformed learner-centered education system offers the possibility of a breakthrough in creating an inclusive and just society beyond what could be possible from iterations on the current design of education .

            Why a Practitioner’s Lexicon?

            To support the work of realizing the promise of an equitable, learner-centered education system, this technical document seeks to clarify key terms of the learner-centered education movement, as found in A Transformational Vision for Education in the US. Its purpose is to enable a shared practitioner language such that those supporting the growth and development of children in a learner-centered way can communicate and share learnings across various environments, disciplines, and perspectives . By carefully and intentionally distinguishing what is meant by each term, this lexicon creates a “Rosetta Stone” for translating the myriad of conversations going on across the nation and around the world .

          • Notice the alignment between that link and what both Rufo and this post laid out as their vision for education. My bolding. We do see to have a consensus here around the Learner-Centered Paradigm by anyone involved with a think tank of any self-described political persuasion.

            The Learner-Centered Paradigm is not about letting learners do whatever they feel like doing, whenever they feel like doing it. While the learner’s role in co-creating their learning journey will be critical, this is not about giving up our commitment that each young person is supported to develop themselves to their full potential and to contribute meaningfully to their families, community, and world.

            Also notice how this definition of Inclusion aligns with Lerner’s definition of Liberty. Looks a lot like Engrenage.

            Inclusion is achieved when everyone sees their own role in the inclusion of oneself and of others; takes decisive action to elevate, honor, and amplify the voices of those who have been historically and are presently marginalized or excluded; and attends to all dimensions of inclusion: mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual . In particular, for authentic inclusion to occur, concerns of equity and justice must be recognized and shared as the concerns of all.

          • I know you will appreciate this stunning admission https://www.transcendeducation.org/liberatorymathematics on what anti-racism in a subject area really means. How’s this for a quote?

            Anti-racist pedagogy is not about simply incorporating racial content into courses, curriculum, and discipline. It is also about how one teaches, even in courses where race is not the subject matter.”
            – Kyoko Kishimoto

            For decades, a ubiquitous and narrow focus on assessment outcomes and the “racial achievement gap” in mathematics has kept us from interrogating differences in how learners experience math and how these differences contribute to their success. Transcend’s resource, Liberatory Mathematics, was created to build an understanding of how racism can show up in mathematics pedagogy and in turn impact BIPOC students’ math experiences, as well as support changes to pedagogy in order to create more liberatory learning.

            Still going through, but again how does crt legislation stop this? It’s why it is so crucial to NOT see Equity through trite slogans, but its actual aims.

          • I just finished the 52 page document at that link and it truly is a stunner, especially with respect to the recommended practices to get at those Focus Areas. Read it while keeping track of the carpenter doing some replacement trim work to make sure none of the cats escaped. The reference to ‘civic courage’ in it clearly dovetails with something I heard Danielle Allen say in Monday’s Fordham ‘Debate’ with Mark Bauerlain.

            The document also references these Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards https://www.learningforjustice.org/sites/default/files/2017-06/TT_Social_Justice_Standards_0.pdf from the SPLC site that got renamed to hype the Pandemic and George Floyd’s purported ‘murder’, a charge that really does not fit with the medical evidence. It does though fit with the desire for a visual and emotions that will justify ‘systems transformation.” One of the examples of recommended practices for Liberatory Mathematics’ Focus Area #2 so that “students use math as an ‘instrument of social change'” so that students “recognize power dynamics, disrupt inequities, and work towards a just future both within their school community and in multiple spheres outside the school.”

            That sounds like Action Civics to me, but again without course credit and with an Ideal of Democracy tied to ‘civic courage’ what statutes prevent this troubling emphasis? Heading into this 4th holiday is a good time to remember all this reinventing of terms as in this quote from the same document:

            Gutstein and Peterson (2013) summed this practice up well when they wrote, ‘As students develop deeper understandings of social and ecological problems that we face, they also often recognize the importance of acting on their beliefs.This notion of nurturing what Giroux (1987) has called ‘civic courage’–acting as if we live in a democracy–should be a part of all education settings, including the mathematics classroom.’ Research suggests focusing on this area can ‘be a tool for understanding the world and, in the case of marginalized students, it can aid in the understanding the social forces that contribute to their marginalization…’

            Aggrieved and ignorant is a dangerous combination. Perhaps they can grow up to diss the Star Spangled Banner while making the Olympic team and hyping ‘their people’?

            Adding this because it proves that Chicago Public Schools considers these Social Justice Standards/ Anti-Bias Framework to be a key component of what it calls the Racial Equity Toolkit. https://equity.cps.edu/tools/social-justice-standards

            Proof that Texas is using these Social Justice Standards to implement TEKS–Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills https://www.edtx.org/txlx/resources/oer-resources/teaching-tolerance

  4. Can’t resist chiming in…
    According to annavonreitzdaughtcalm, “liberty ” in Blacks law dictionary, is what sailors are granted while the ship is in port. The sailor is not free. Liberty is not the same as freedom. It’s a word game that tricks slaves into thinking they are free men, hence, an invisible serf’s collar.

    • So now we have an organized effort from the right media and think tanks to push competency-based education as the vision for redesigning education. https://spectator.org/k-12-schools-testing-redesign/ It describes CBE perfectly but uses its Mastery Learning synonym. Notice all the references to ‘concepts’. No wonder there was such a push to pretend, like in that Pioneer Institute/APP paper that CBE was about vo-tech. Also Rufo used to be with the Discovery Institute. https://www.discovery.org/p/rufo/ where he was the Director of their Center on Wealth and Poverty and now DI is pushing a vision of CBE that would make Benjamin Bloom or Ralph Tyler beam from ear to ear.

      Remember when I covered Freeman Butts in CtD? Turns out he redefined Patriotism in a way that fits with Lerner’s redefinition of Liberty. Patriotism is a “Personal Obligation for the Public Good”. It is truly all coming together now as what these think tanks envisioned as a new conception of citizenship that fits with Tranzi OBE came gushing out yesterday as I mined away insights. CBE fits right in with that. When the Discovery Institute and the Aurora Institute are aligned in a common vision for what education is to be–Neuroeducation as the policy of think tanks to redesign the polity and society without opposition has arrived.

      • Left out this link. https://www.civiced.org/papers/morality/morality_epreface.html Notice all the references to the phrase ‘constitutional democracy’. It refutes Danielle Allen’s numerous statements that the language about CD is a compromise created for the now NEH funded Roadmap for Educating for American Democracy released this past March. Notice the CRT hype really ratcheted up about the time the EAD Roadmap was released. I believe it was to be the synthesis along with McClay’s Land of Hope narrative. I got tired of circling the number of times Lerner used the word ‘hope’ in just his Preface.

        Going back to CtD for context one more time, the Center for Civic Education began in 1965 at UCLA. That would be when John Goodlad was there so all the Goodlad aspirations for transformative education laid out in CtD fit with the Center’s subsequent work.

    • Since I now have a quote I wanted the wider comment format because it turns out the cited link extensively quoted in the Spectator article is from a 2019 book published by the Discovery Institute.

      Donald P. Nielsen explains this analogy in Every School: One Citizen’s Guide to Transforming Education:

      In a swimming meet, the purpose is to determine who is the fastest swimmer. In public schools we spend a lot of time grading students on what they have learned and then ranking them, rather than ensuring that every child has learned. What we need, however, is a public school system that is organized like a swimming lesson. In a swimming lesson, the instructor’s goal is different. The goal is to make sure all students, even the slowest, learn how to swim. Swimming meets can be a result of swimming lessons, and grading can be a result of learning, but ranking students by ability should not be the primary goal of teachers or of the system as a whole.

      In swimming, as in any other athletic or artistic endeavor, classes are grouped based upon the current achievement level of the students, not based on age. A swimming coach would never consider putting advanced swimmers and beginning swimmers in the same class, even if they were of the same age. Similarly, a music teacher would not put an advanced piano player in a class with beginners…. Age is not a relevant factor in either swimming or piano lessons, but it is the overriding factor in our schools. No other major learning activity is strictly age-based. Our schools shouldn’t be either.

      So somehow CBE and formative assessment are a new idea?

  5. Blaming Ben Franklin! It’s totally out of place. Here was Franklin’s plan for 13 virtues:

    “Temperance. Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.
    Silence. Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.
    Order. Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.
    Resolution. Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.
    Frugality. Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.
    Industry. Lose no time; be always employ’d in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.
    Sincerity. Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.
    Justice. Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.
    Moderation. Avoid extreams; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.
    Cleanliness. Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.
    Tranquillity. Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.
    Chastity. Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dulness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another’s peace or reputation.
    Humility. Imitate Jesus and Socrates.”


    They’re all individual traits. While these are certainly “moral qualities of youth that, when present enabled them to successfully contribute to their communities” they are the opposite of the Marxist garbage being pushed now.

    • Well, 180 degrees from what we know from facts is basically how these Guiding Fictions embodied in Abstractions work. Lerner also insists that Abraham Lincoln’s conception for equity and freedom (lots of bootstrapping going on here) for all people is consistent with yet another quote:

      The United States of America is more than a place. It is an idea, a vision of social justice, equity, democracy. and individual rights and responsibilities. Admittedly imperfect in its enactment, the vision is of free individuals living in peace in a just, democratic society…Liberty is the right of the individual to pursue a life path of his or her own choosing within a society that places on the person the responsibility, the duty, of contributing to the maintenance and perpetuation of a social order that ensures that all individuals have this same right…Liberty exists when a society ensures justice, equity, and democracy for all individuals and when individuals believe it is necessary, that it is their duty, to support this society and, as well, when they act on this belief…To people embracing the idea of America, the promotion and protection of liberty becomes a defining characteristic of their senses of themselves, of their self-definitions or ‘identities’.

      So the a certain extent it seems that CRT is less about bad history since history is mostly a matter of themes tied to current events now anyway (another post), but a means of inculcating a sense of grievance in those who will benefit from such a duty and definition of liberty. It helps create the duty as a matter of justified retribution to those who owe it. Again, as usual, we need to deal with these programs in light of what its purveyors say they mean to use them for. After that same page ends with the rest of the quote from above and these italics.

      Ensuring liberty becomes both a moral imperative and a civic responsibility. The key ‘hypothesis’ within the theory of positive youth development that I propose is that thriving young people have an integrated moral and civic identity and that this self-definition is linked to their active contributions to self, family, community, and civil society.

      And even though I recognize when philosophy is being brought in under another name as is happening here, Lerner helpfully mentions that “I view a moral commitment to actions in support of civil society as reflective of what Emmanuel Kant discussed…as a perspective about moral action that antedates any social constructions about morality generated by human society and constitutes principles foundational to the moral existence of human life.

      See the problem with making Ideals and Principles as abstraction the permissible exception? The fundamental questions that have occupied philosophers and theorists for a millenia going back to Plato are now coming in as the Idea of America and Liberty. To be instilled as a Habit of Mind in each student’s consciousness without opposition because all the outrage is focused on CRT. It really is only the tool, not the point.

    • This fits with my growing documented belief that we have a preplanned pincer action going on surrounding crt similar to what we saw with Common Core panels-pro and con, but coordinating behind the scenes in many instances. Even if the coordination is ny the finders and think tanks and not necessarily the spokespeople moving along a narrative. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/fixgov/2021/07/02/why-are-states-banning-critical-race-theory/

      Notice how often the Professor refers to ‘equitable democracy’ and the point that we have ‘systemic racism’ until America is great for EVERYONE. Again, this reads like preparing the pathway for both the EAD Roadmap as well as money following the child where ever they attend school. I looked up the prof’s CV and nothing says ‘Applied Social Science’ like using pedagogy and curricula experiences to change values, attitudes, and beliefs about what must be changed at a structural level and why. Even if it’s all a Guiding Fiction.

      • Perhaps on a related note, I picked up on a point in a James Lindsay podcast on Critical Theory. The point he made was that individuals who immerse themselves in the antidote to “false consciousness”, acquire a false consciousness of just about everything. Another point he made was that this consciousness entails a reduced capacity for empathy…which, of course, has dire consequences.

        I reviewed my personal history in dealing with coaches, consultants and academics who have embraced this false consciousness. What I concluded is that they did not express ‘appropriate’ levels of empathy when confronted with: the ravages of Hurricane Katrina; a global financial meltdown; 3/11 and now Covid-19. This might mean a failure to even acknowledge the circumstances.

        I think I told you about the Soros-backed academics who showed up in JP just a few weeks after 3/11….the aftershocks were still booming; the lights were flickering…clearly this was a very SERIOUS situation. Can you imagine standing before a group of survivors and not even acknowledging what had transpired and was transpiring?

        It is a bit like “mostly peaceful protests”….or “systemic racism poses a greater threat to the U.S. than does a global pandemic”. In reality, I have been seeing this ‘mindset’ for a long time.

        I would be interested to know if you or other readers have had similar experiences.

        • Well, the Soros’ backed ACS–is calling for a Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Commission in the US in today’s announcement here

          Over the course of this unprecedented past year, in a time defined by isolation and distance, millions of people came together in solidarity to support each other during the pandemic and to join in the historic and ongoing movement for racial justice.

          The message is clear: now is the time for transformative change — and the progressive legal movement is integral to this effort.

          At ACS, we are committed to advocating for court reform, insisting on a judiciary that reflects the diverse public it serves, restoring our democratic legitimacy, advancing civil rights, and mobilizing the legal community in support of a Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Commission. We must ensure a future that is different from our past — and every single member of this community has a role to play.

          On the basis of a fentanyl overdose, a woman with a habit of taking known drug dealers’ as live-in boyfriends, a thug who went after the arresting cop’s gun after beating the store clerk he robbed? Those are the basis for such a Rip a Society Apart Commission, on top of the overhyped Chinese Flu Bioweapon coupled with the underhyped danger of the vaccines, along with the shutdown of existing medicines known to now help treat symptoms? We really are so far through the Looking Glass we may find its antipode at this rate.

          Also, what’s with the ‘no fans” announcement for the Olympics?

          • Antipode is right.

            Ah…the Olympics….first they said they were going to allow 10,000 fans in the stadium and then backed off that. One athlete tested positive for the VARIANT…so, who knows.

            Otherwise, 450 Japanese doctors signed a petition to HALT the vaccine program in Japan. Their rationale was very low mortality rate in JP, and no point in exposing children and other very low risk people to an experimental drug.

            The media immediately branded them as “conspiracy theorists”. THAT IS A LOT OF CONSPIRACY THEORISTS.

            I really cannot take any more of this SOROS crap…

  6. Well, it appears that at least some people have taken off their masks. The very people who need them to keep their fangs muzzled.

    • I have a childhood friend who just completed her teaching career in the CA public school system. She talks ‘exactly’ like the school administrators in this vid. Instead of, “You’re done!”, I hear, “I’m going to give you one more chance to change your attitude.”

    • Did you see this? https://www.city-journal.org/schools-as-factories-of-conformity Hyping Hillsdale’s Classic Academies. So this is why CRT hype is suddenly in overdrive after years of being a problem?

      If pressed, she might have said something about developing competencies and virtues that would give our lives wholeness and character…Nietzsche fought against the reduction of education to the minting of civil servants, managers, and workers as ardently as any nineteenth-century German poet or philosopher. Like Goethe and Hegel, he conceived of education as Bildung, the “formation” or “cultivation” of individual natures—ideally worked, turned, and sown by their teachers with a lush variety of intellectual and spiritual seeds, stored up over centuries. If education is in some essential sense the internal development of individual nature, then it cannot be achieved by the outward stamp of orthodoxy…The sorts of study that do abide in the soul are those that awaken and enliven the learner. For Nietzsche, it was the strange, dense, questionable books of antiquity—the classics—that drew him into the disciplined passion that the Greeks call philologia, or the love of words. The formation of “finished, ripe, harmonious personalities” (Nietzsche’s phrase)…This providentially leaves room for the cultivation and multiplication of the divine image in human beings, something that becomes nearly impossible when educational institutions demand uniformity of opinion and feeling. Let us rededicate ourselves to forming young people who can understand what this means.

      Lots of different ways to get at what is internalized–the basis of goals, decision-making, perception. Also fits with Rufo’s use of ‘full potential,’ along with Tranzi OBE. Yet one of the primary contributors to the CRT hype wrote recently that CRT relief measures need to get at behaviors. I wrote in response that such a remedy does not get at the planned changes aimed for, as the above quotes make clear. Rufo is a Fellow now with the Manhattan Institute that publishes City Journal so we have the above as the remedy for the problems raised in the video in this post. Again, when stripped of the rhetoric, we have a centripetal march in a common direction.

    • Seen this? https://www.icivics.org/news/news-story/icivics-joins-partnership-american-democracy-support-transformative-change-renewal And look at all those ex=Presidents involved and their libraries.

      I have also secured confirmation that the standards movement in the 90s, which came back as the Common Core and competency-based frameworks generally, beginning formally again in 2009, was ans is all about creating the desired new citizen of the 21st century that will ENACT a ‘constitutional democracy’. Really puts Tranzi OBE and the Freeman Butts work I covered in CtD into its context and why Learner Profiles and Portraits of a Graduate now function like Tranzi OBE. Full loop now of what I intuited listening to Danielle Allen speak so many times on the Roadmap to EAD. Each time there was just a smidgen more confession so I kept tracking because the original explanation of the term struck me as disingenuous.

      Oh, and the new comrade, whose skills, values, and knowledge will be as specified, will have reverence for ‘public policy’. And ‘public policy’ is apparently the Marxian Human Development Society.

  7. I have a Title IX question.

    It is my understanding that Title IX became effective in 1972.

    Title IX has provisions regarding sexual harassment of students in university settings…I believe.

    My question is this: If a student, or MANY students complained of sexual harassment to a department dean or provost, would that person be required to escalate these complaints to a Title IX officer…I mean someone internal in the university?


      • As I have said before, both here and in my book, there is a reason student achievement has been legally redefined in federal legislation going back now to at least 43’s NCLB and now in the 2015 ESSA as ‘performance’. It cannot just be mental. Same with Competency–it requires practice. So when Lindsay is going on here about ‘praxis’ and the need to quit arguing ideas and going after the practices, he is showing his understanding of philosophy exceeds his understanding of how K-12 education now works and why.

        I also don’t know anyone who thinks you can gain a ‘critical consciousness’ without the combination of Ideas and Practice, which is precisely what Competency-based Education and Mastery Learning do. The Ideas DO, in fact, matter because they are what guides perception, what gets noticed and what gets ignored and how daily experiences get interpreted. If emotions can be brought into the learning experiences, then it is a different part of the brain that is doing the interpreting than if something is taught as an algorithm as in math or science from a lecture vs ‘role playing’ being a scientist in a virtual reality game where the experiences are contrived to have the neural effect desired. The practice–the behavior–the doing or performance is what causes the neural change in brain pathways that then become Habits of Mind and mostly unconscious with experience.

        Beyond federal legislation, practice is also a requisite component under Universal Design for Learning as I laid out in CtD.

        • I listened to Lindsay’s podcast again. I don’t hear him saying that the ideas are not important, just that quote, unquote liberals misunderstand or underestimate the role of praxis in effecting neurological changes, and particularly so in children.

          Lindsay also makes the point that the time to act is ‘now’, and in his mind that means taking legal action on every front possible. That is his ‘praxis’.

          I will offer as ‘for instance’ my graduate school. During my brief 30 month-long engagement, I watched the CRT crowd hijack this institution.

          Currently, XYZ graduate school is committing multiple infractions of Title IX. Very simply, its administrators and instructors discriminate against ‘white’ and Asian students and applicants. This is bald-faced. Our network of alumni in Asia have looked at patterns of correspondence, or I should say non-correspondence with certain demographic groups. We have also found evidence of “the dog ate your transcripts”….”we lost your file, please re-apply”…this kind of thing. I wrote to four different parties over a four year period and with regard to entering a doctoral program. This included a department head, and program head, and parties in the administration office. I never received an answer.

          I was finally connected through alumni with a professor who was not in this loop. He asked me to send him copies of all of this correspondence. He found it completely appropriate, and could not offer any explanation as to the lack of response, other than IT problems, or confusion in the admin office. IT problems cannot explain years of non-responses to multiple individuals across Asia.

          I am quite sure that these practices are occurring quite broadly in the American academy. Why aren’t people organizing and bringing legal actions?

          You and I had talked about Title 12 at one point…which would seem to be another path to legal action.

          Just sayin’.

          • This is from john a powell’s outfit at Berkeley and is rather the height of disingenuousness https://belonging.berkeley.edu/blog-backlash-here-behind-absurd-attacks-critical-race-theory

            It did find it fascinating though that he says Rufo deleted what I found to be quite an unwise tweet.

            The details in the attacks on “CRT” reveal that most of the critics have very little idea (and don’t really care to understand) what they are even aiming at. Rather than attacking CRT, some of the key phrases in the proposed statehouse bills are rather ideas or claims made in much more recent and mainstream writing or advocacy, such as things Robin DiAngelo has suggested or Tema Okun has circulated. If Robin DiAngelo and Tema Okun are CRT scholars, then I’m an astrophysicist.

            The critics of CRT have taken an obscure term describing a niche area of scholarship and are deliberately trying to redefine what it is and rebrand what it represents. As a now-deleted Twitter post by one of the more vocal CRT critics explained: “The goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory.’ We have decodified the term and will recodify it to annex the entire range of cultural constructions that are unpopular with Americans.” In other words, they are literally redefining the word to mean something it does not. They are deliberately positioning CRT as a stand-in or symbol for a much larger and broader body of thought, most of which is only tangentially related to CRT scholarship.

            Now john a powell is a lawyer, the chairman of the Board of the radical Tides Foundation, and his Director of Research with a special emphasis on structural racism’ is claiming not to really know Critical Race Theory? It’s just a legal concept? Such BS. Rather inconsistent with powell’s work when he was still at Ohio State, not to mention his quote on the transformative role of education that was laid out here back in the early days of this blog http://invisibleserfscollar.com/building-a-compelling-future-political-coalition-around-advocacy-for-keeping-the-axemaker-mind/

            I was so much younger, and naive, back then. This quote sure does fit with the aspirations for the Roadmap to American Democracy that has just come out in terms of the planned future for students as ‘citizens’.

            True integration requires community-wide efforts to dismantle that culture [like CRT seeks to do along with the Roadmap and its Pedagogy Companion] and to create a more inclusive educational system and a more inclusive society in which all individuals and groups have real, equal opportunities to build and participate in the democratic process…while desegregation assimilates minorities into the mainstream, true integration transforms the mainstream.

            Precisely what CRT, the Equity focus, personalized, student-centered learning, and competency-based education are all intended to do. That’s not my assertion, but borne out by all these webinars I have been on this summer verifying how I believed everything fit together.

            On your question on bringing legal action as a student, the way it was always explained to me when I was General Counsel of a NYSE-traded company with access to great legal minds who were specialists in their respective areas. No one, no matter how outstanding and meritorious their legal case is, should bring it unless they recognize first it will make them no longer employable by any large employer. “Nobody wants a troublemaker” was what I was told, not because I ever had a problem, but the lawyers were quite candid. It is a bridge burning exercise to bring suit instead of finding another employer and coming up with another reason for the exit. If it’s true of someone with established expertise and a track record, what is the effect on someone just starting out or still trying to gain access to the employer pipeline.

            As I counseled repeatedly over the years, not every unquestioned legal wrong has an EFFECTIVE remedy.

  8. Thanks for your reflections on various challenges. It does appear to me that groups of parents are organizing the take legal action against their local school boards. That seems like progress.

    In my own case, I will never participate in, or recommend to others ANY U.S.-based institution of higher learning, period.

    As for the CRT shuffle…it seems that it will be a race for the finish in terms of how quickly the public catches onto the word games, and ulterior agendas.

    I do think Lindsay, et al.’s work is important in that it laid bare the shoddy scholarship and idea laundering that underpins CRT, and all Critical Theory-based educational activities. Then you can put a ‘warning’ label on the stuff and not waste your time.

    OMG, are these people a bunch of hacks and grifters.

    • By law in most states in the US, a local school board intervening in curricula is grounds to lose accreditation. That kind of training is part of newly elected members’ initial training. In this state, the only lawyers who can represent school districts are an organized subsidiary of the state school superintendents association. The same people who put out the Excellence and Equity vision years ago. They usually get their education cle at the state gssa annual convention.

      Oh, and the one that represents my local district and several others has an education policy arm–EdCounsel–that is a member of the SoLD Alliance–Science of Learning and Development. So the lawyers are both creating charters that mandate a certain kind of neuroanatomical change as the goal of education now as well as lobbying policymakers locally and nationally. They are part of the webinars I am on on training teachers, supers, state admins, everybody on what to do about the public outcry and the anti-crt legislation.

      These kinds of close loops in education and the use of law as a sledgehammer for the evil vision is what should be better known. Running for the school board is nice, except then you end up under what functions as a gag order to restrict what can be said publicly by members of the school board once elected. One dedicated school board member I am aware of has being lied to as a full time district job. They know parents trust her and if she earnestly believes something, the parents will go along.

        • This statement out today is truly shocking and graphic in what it claims. Plus the idea that “educators’ get to decide what will be taught when virtually every ed doctorate was issued precisely BECAUSE the holder is an idiot, who was a poor student, and has a chip on their shoulder about it, which is why they go into administration, leaves everything at risk. Also notice the reference to ‘informed citizenship’ and ‘citizens of the 21st century’.

          First, these bills risk infringing on the right of faculty to teach and of students to learn. The clear goal of these efforts is to suppress teaching and learning about the role of racism in the history of the United States. Purportedly, any examination of racism in this country’s classrooms might cause some students “discomfort” because it is an uncomfortable and complicated subject. But the ideal of informed citizenship necessitates an educated public. Educators must provide an accurate view of the past in order to better prepare students for community participation and robust civic engagement. Suppressing or watering down discussion of “divisive concepts” in educational institutions deprives students of opportunities to discuss and foster solutions to social division and injustice. Legislation cannot erase “concepts” or history; it can, however, diminish educators’ ability to help students address facts in an honest and open environment capable of nourishing intellectual exploration. Educators owe students a clear-eyed, nuanced, and frank delivery of history so that they can learn, grow, and confront the issues of the day, not hew to some state-ordered ideology.

          Second, these legislative efforts seek to substitute political mandates for the considered judgment of professional educators, hindering students’ ability to learn and engage in critical thinking across differences and disagreements. These regulations constitute an inappropriate attempt to transfer responsibility for the evaluation of a curriculum and subject matter from educators to elected officials. The purpose of education is to serve the common good by promoting open inquiry and advancing human knowledge. Politicians in a democratic society should not manipulate public school curricula to advance partisan or ideological aims. In higher education, under principles of academic freedom that have been widely endorsed, professors are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject. Educators, not politicians, should make decisions about teaching and learning.

          Knowledge of the past exists to serve the needs of the living. In the current context, this includes an honest reckoning with all aspects of that past. Americans of all ages deserve nothing less than a free and open exchange about history and the forces that shape our world today, an exchange that should take place inside the classroom as well as in the public realm generally. To ban the tools that enable those discussions is to deprive us all of the tools necessary for citizenship in the 21st century. A white-washed view of history cannot change what happened in the past. A free and open society depends on the unrestricted pursuit and dissemination of knowledge.

          My bolding. Just wow. https://www.aaup.org/sites/default/files/Statement-Efforts-Restrict-Teaching-Race-Final_0.pdf

      • Hardly any because they are unaware what competency-based education really means or standards-based grading.The $4 million they accepted from the state to pilot CBE was not discussed except at a state meeting I happened to be at. As long as others in nice neighborhoods send their kids to the public schools, the assumption is everything is fine.

        Most of what I know I pieced together and board members can confirm a direct inquiry, but they cannot bring it up independently. Most people paid too much for their house to get ‘good schools’. There is not enough left to pay private tuition for many because they budgeted for the house, not house and tuition. Plus the then headmaster of the tony private school my kids used to attend when they were younger was on the Board of the accreditor. SACS then, now Cognia.

        When Georgia’s Department of Ed and others took the NSF money to have a statewide Georgia Initiative in Math and Science–in the mid-90s, they made sure to sign up most of the influential private schools as proof that Everyday Math must be OK for elementary students. Chapter 3 of CtD is largely a result of insights put out about ‘integrated math’ when my kids wanted to transition from private to public and I discovered the tens of millions tied to the PRISM grant to the state around 2003 and then learned all about the NSF MSPs–Math and Science Partnerships. Constructivist math and science were very lucrative for the piloting districts and the MSP conferences tended to all be held at luxury hotels like a Four Seasons that few will pay for on their own dime.

        I honestly got tired of telling people “that’s not what rigorous means” only to be told that the administrators would not lie to them.

        • Will come back with more comments later, but your comment about explaining what “rigorous” means reminds me of the look on Brett Weinstein’s and his wife’s face when they were reviewing an article on Covid-19 research published in the toney Nature magazine. It was evident to them both that neither the writer nor the editors knew what “prophylactic” meant or how to use this term. Sign of the times.

          • COVID-19 is not a health issue, but a power transition. https://stateofthenation.co/?p=68948

            It’s looking more and more like truer words have never been spoken. https://remakelearning.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Remake-Learning-Profile-of-a-Learner.pdf was linked to by this http://remakelearning.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Remaking-Tomorrow-What-Comes-Next-web.pdf released in June but hyped this week, probably after the US holidays.

            Notice that 2019 date. So students are to “address and deconstruct inequalities; and to construct a more just and equitable world,” but the compelling visuals and scaremongering to force such a vision would have to wait for 2020. Somebody’s Backward Mapping.

          • This is very good. An excerpt:

            This experience should be a lesson in what not to do, and whom not to trust. Do not assume that the media’s version of a crisis resembles reality. Do not count on mainstream journalists and their favorite doomsayers to put risks in perspective. Do not expect those who follow “the science” to know what they’re talking about. Science is a process of discovery and debate, not a faith to profess or a dogma to live by. It provides a description of the world, not a prescription for public policy, and specialists in one discipline do not have the knowledge or perspective to guide society.


          • Boy does this fit and remember the CCP is quite aware of how Tranzi OBE has been pushed hard in the West, and its acolytes like Australia and New Zealand, since the 90s.

            They also explained what would happen when our blind spot was exploited.

            […E]verything that can benefit mankind can also harm him. This is to say that there is nothing in the world today that cannot become a weapon, and this requires that our understanding of weapons must have an awareness that breaks through all boundaries. With technological developments being in the process of striving to increase the types of weapons, a breakthrough in our thinking can open up the domain of the weapons kingdom at one stroke. As we see it, a single man-made stock-market crash, a single computer virus invasion, or a single rumor or scandal that results in a fluctuation in the enemy country’s exchange rates[…], all can be included in the ranks of new-concept weapons.

            What must be made clear is that the new concept of weapons is in the process of creating weapons that are closely linked to the lives of the common people.[…] The appearance of new-concept weapons will definitely elevate future warfare to a level which is hard for the common people — or even military men — to imagine.[…] The new concept of weapons will cause ordinary people and military men alike to be greatly astonished at the fact that commonplace things that are close to them can also become weapons with which to engage in war. We believe that some morning people will awake to discover with surprise that quite a few gentle and kind things have begun to have offensive and lethal characteristics.

            It would be harder to find a better description of what happened to us in March of 2020 than that last sentence.

            From here https://michaelthau.substack.com/p/when-are-we-going-to-start-questioning about the intense deceit surrounding the push to get the West to go into ruinous Lockdowns by misrepresenting the Chinese response.

            Adding this because New Concept Psychological Weapons is precisely what Competency-Based Education globally has left us ripe for.

            Regardless of whether it was created in a lab, China didn’t attack us with an old concept biological weapon. They attacked us with a barrage of new concept psychological weapons to push us into a state of unrelenting panic and convince us that our only hope of salvation was to destroy ourselves by doing something they themselves only pretended to do.

            Sadly, they were 100% successful.

            But though it’s indisputable that we were the victims of a CCP plot, at this stage it’s counterproductive to focus on China.

            The CCP’s new concept weapon attack couldn’t have even gotten off the ground had not our public health officials and media been willing to pass off their completely unsubstantiated and highly dubious claims as gospel truth.

  9. If only more parents realized a ‘democracy’ recognizes the rights and sovereignty of the “GROUP”, whereas a republic recognizes the rights/sovereignty of the “INDIVIDUAL”.

    Progs would say to a student that looking out for yourself is small, selfish, unkind etc, but you all know the truth – this is group mentality designed by just One group.

  10. On the Tokyo Olympics: we had a super-spreader event, yesterday, when the Blue Angels flew over the city to spew their usual Red, White & Blue. Many tens of thousands of Japanese citizens were huddled together on the street to take pics with their I-phones. They weren’t in the stands contaminating each other, but were on the streets contaminating each other. What a joke!

    • I love the Blue Angels! Not sure if I have written about this but you and others may appreciate poking around here https://seelearning.emory.edu/resources-research on the Dalai Lama’s K-12 curriculum venture with Emory on Social Emotional and Ethical Learning. The Playbook is the newest resource just out. Nothing like “Self Scripts” to make ‘learning’ equitable.

      • The Japanese LOVE the Blue Angels, too…and, way more than they love the Dalai Lama or the horse he rode in on.

        If every a country wanted to be “colonized” it was this one…didn’t happen, and you have to wonder about that.

  11. Sorry, its late. “If ‘ever’ a country…”

    One thing that remote work clued me into…coaching clients in their homes, was the fact that quite a few Japanese folks have American flags in their homes. How many Americans have American flags in their homes? H.K. Chinese protestors waved the flag and I am betting it is flying high in Taiwan…what does Asia know that Woke America doesn’t?

    • Have you read Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz? Since it is consistent with the steering aspect of Competency-Based Education and now Liberatory Education I ordered a copy to see if I am correct. I was not familiar with it though until I watched this video this morning https://academyofideas.com/2021/07/why-an-obsession-with-safety-creates-sick-minds-and-a-sick-society/ and was thinking about how it is true, but most people these days do NOT quote Nietzche and Albert Camus. Maltz’s book was listed in the books pushed as is quite a bit of the Humanist Psychologists’ work and also Transpersonal Psychologist–Ken Wilber.

      We have the world of Ideas and Ideals from those who read books and we have preassigned Ideals like the Conceptual Frameworks we see in K-12 as Disciplinary Core Ideas that then get tied to Lived Experience as an equitable approach to learning that motivates and guides action but no one knows much. I also disagree with the premise that it’s impossible to censor knowledge now. That’s the whole idea of Brain Based Learning. You sculpt and prune that Receiver/ Transducer so it becomes the ultimate, invisible, means of censorship. Much information never gets noticed, much less, perceived.

      Peter Wood wrote an amazing piece here https://amgreatness.com/2021/07/23/critical-witchcraft-theory/ , but then ends up grasping for someone “who can call us back to our abiding ideals”. Which ones would those be? Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty or Richard Lerner’s? Danielle Allen’s vision of the Declaration as requiring Equality and equal access to the Tool of Government? Thoroughly untethered to the history of the document and using a forced metaphor, but now she gets footnoted as the support in new visions of Democracy as the support for a mandate that governments at all levels must create Equality of Opportunity for all citizens with citizens being quite broadly defined to boot. Antone who can make it to our shores qualifies and thus is entitled to this collective obligation.

      • I have not read Psycho-Cybernetics but can tell you that this is one of two books that seem to have most influenced Werner Erhard. The other was Napoleon Hills, Think and Grow Rich…figures.

        Maltz, like Erhard had an unlikely personal history. He was a cosmetic surgeon by training, and I don’t see where he would have been exposed to cybernetic theory…or, have become expert in it.

        As I have said before, I doubt that any of these people are who they say they are.

        • Well, I thought I had read most everything cybernetic in the last 50 years of significance (and I few who wished they were), which is why I can spot its tenets, just like the related Tranzi OBE, if it now bills itself as Banana Splits on Tuesdays For All!!

          But that link to Maltz, the seminar organizers he influenced, and the synonymous phrasing for what is now billed as Identity in the name of Equity and Cullturally Responsive Teaching is not likely to be coincidental.

          • Look at this just out. https://knowledgeworks.org/resources/impact-learning-edition-board-game/ Make sure you notice the characteristics of the various people available for immersive role play.


            IMPACT: Learning Edition is a board game that uses futures thinking to help you imagine and think critically about changes that could impact the future of learning. Players take on diverse characters – each with their own role, values and unique set of preferred future conditions – and compete to create a world where their future role is relevant and secure.

            Perfect for three to five players, IMPACT: Learning Edition helps players to recognize the roles they play in shaping the future they want – even after the game is over.

            It’s not about the past. It’s about practicing to change the future. Unfortunately, the real world effects of such widespread ignorance but enthusiasm for acting anyway will not be in line with what was programmed into the game’s software. Reminds me of this interview posted today https://humaneeducation.org/transforming-curricula-and-schools-an-interview-with-julie-meltzer/

            Julie: I think we have to agree on why we are educating students. I believe that public schools have an obligation to educate students to successfully meet their futures. In order to do that we need to develop critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and a variety of essential literacies in all of our students. This includes, of course, the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and think but goes beyond that to include health literacy, science literacy, technology literacy, equity literacy, numeracy literacy, and civic literacy so that students understand how to use these to support their own well-being and to contribute to the world.

            We also need to thoroughly integrate and constantly coach kindness, respect, responsibility, and perseverance. Since students come from so many different backgrounds, we have to facilitate a wide variety of experiences to engender wonder, agency, collaboration, and inspiration. This is a capacity-building instead of a deficit model – building on student strengths instead of assuming they are deficient and must do “skill and drill” to be “fixed.”…

            The Solutionary framework goes further than most problem-based learning approaches in two ways: First, it encompasses systems thinking and stresses the importance of analyzing any issue using a systems lens. That is critical because looking at issues in isolation is not adequate to come up with real solutions, as opposed to “bandaids.” Second, the Solutionary framework includes a moral imperative – to do the most good and least harm to people, animals, and the planet.

            Conceptual knowledge with only illustrative facts, which may not actually be true or tied to lived experience to be the concrete, real-world example. Truly serf level of only what we want you to believe and value plans for students.

        • This documents the use of the same behavioural psych tactics we see in education in dealing with trying to scare people into conformity. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/laura-dodsworth-how-our-own-government-turned-us-into-the-most-terrified-country-on-earth/ I even wrote about that MINDSPACE paper several years ago.

          Just as with people who have read Credentialed to Destroy, the author notes: “Once you are aware of the tactics they simply do not work as well. So many people have told me that reading my book has educated and armed them.”

          Amen to that.

  12. On another front, I have been investigating the history of my ‘experimental’ experiential education undergraduate program, the ‘thing’ that was delivered in the context of a conservative liberal arts college (oxymoron). Reading through a number of oral histories, it has become clear that the family that endowed the program, and whose name was affixed to the ‘cluster’ college that housed it, had NO INTENTION of supporting a Frankfurt School-inspired F-club. Mr. ‘C’ was a prominent Central Valley, CA physician who was intent on endowing science programs or the school of dentistry. His poor widowed complained bitterly.

    I wonder how many endowments get co-opted. seriously.

  13. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/07/31/dictatorship-totalitarianism-socialism.aspx?ui=2a77f230a12815b9803592284466578aacf047dbb7162e51ade365518a2e5726&sd=20170719&cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1ReadMore&cid=20210731_HL2&mid=DM939290&rid=1222221880

    Show notes:

    Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector and human rights activist, sees clear parallels between the United States and North Korea
    Our educational system has been infiltrated by socialist and totalitarian ideologies, which is driving the loss of freedom we see in the U.
    Totalitarian brainwashing tactics routinely deployed in American institutions of higher education include anti-American propaganda, the stifling political correctness enforced through shaming and cancel culture

    • Michael Malice has been discoursing on the N. Korean slave state, as well. I have a buddy in the WFP who has been in and out of slave state for years; this to stave off mass starvation. Funny how the converted never listen.

  14. Robin, I am looking for a content tracker, content curation tool to follow ‘trends’ in HR management practices, and corporate education. You mentioned awhile back, I think, that you use a tool to track ‘edu’. I have been vetting the obvious choices but have not found anything that goes very deep. Can you make a recommendation? Thank you!

    • It’s not a tool per se that I use, but rather my knowledge of the consistent underlying blueprint has me signed up for a number of weekly or monthly newsletters. Essentially I read what the architects and transformational aspirants have in mind in their own words. Now that useful practice is augmented by signing myself up for the free webinars they announce where I take good notes. I have also been doing teacher and administrative professional development classes this summer especially in the area of the Roadmap for Educating for American Democracy, with lots of the partners involved with it being the speakers of what the actual intentions are.

      Last week I recognized that the term ‘constitutional principles’ was being used by the employee of the Bill of Rights Institute to suggest economic and social rights consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948. I know it was created for just that purpose because some of its drafters said so in writing so I asked the presenter via the chat function if she was using the phrase ‘constitutional principles’ and a quote from John Lewis on ‘true freedom’ and a call for ‘revolution’ in a manner that has the same desired end result as the UDHR. She said yes and strongly endorsed using UDHR materials in conjunction with the Roadmap to EAD.

      See why I have been so busy this summer? It’s like True Confessions of everything I had intuited and pieced together over time.

      Find the comparable change architects in your field and sign up!

        • Mostly just listen, but I have started asking questions in the chat function when I want the speaker to clarify that my understanding of what they are saying is correct. That’s what I did when I got the commitment on democracy that was essentially a restatement of the MH vision. It’s an obligation now and one of last week’s behavioral science publications even talked about the ways needed to inculcate ‘pro-democratic attitudes’ in students and whatever adults come within their reach. Talk about Tranzi OBE on steroids.

          Remember when I wrote about ‘Sandy’ Alex Pentland and his Social Physics vision for us and his work with UN affiliates? He was in a discussion group I was in earlier in the summer and I made one of my points from my understnadings of how everything fit. He agreed with my analysis, but was also taken aback with that look people get on their face when someone knows things they should not. I consider those to be BINGO! moments.

    • My next post, which is outlined waiting for my real life to be a little quieter, covers our supposed obligation now to have “common understandings of our shared threats”. I can only conclude that is why there is so much Disinfo out there about Covid, vaccines, climate change, and what Equity really means in education. Basically all the tools and rationales are the subject of what seems to be an organized Disinfo campaign that hides behind “standards of journalism” as a recent webinar put it.

      Have one more webinar this afternoon that should continue the True Confessions if you know where to look. I was musing over the falsehoods I heard yesterday on the local news that are not hard to disprove if you are a reader like I am. If I have collected all these confessions of using learning standards to essentially hijack the mind and personality at a neural level to create the needed ‘citizen of the future” suitable for a transformative collective, global project, why is it hard to believe that the same people would not support a tool that would hijack the rest of the body? I was initially hesitant to figure out which vaccine worked better of the then three available. Then I read about ADE–Antibody Dependent Enhancement and that it would be this fall before the presence of ADE could be known.

      Now with all the craziness being spouted from the institutions of supposed public health, the most reasonable explanation is becoming something else is in play, just as the documents show is the case with Climate Change as I covered in the last chapter of my book.

      We certainly live in interesting times, don’t we?

      • Looking forward to that…! Most of the people who read your blog are aware, however everyone else take no note that the government has hired an army of behavioral psychologists to sell the program. Only this time , not directly at taxpayers expense,but nonetheless indirectly. The fallout from the Fed printing mountains of cash into existence will be catastrophic hyperinflation. We’ve heard it all before, but this go round is far more sinister, because in late 2019 just prior to the plandemic, the Fed cut a deal with Blackrock known as ‘ going direct reset’ in which retail hogs are allowed free access to trillions in wholesale hog swill.


        • There is also an obsession that precedes the January 6 supposed “Insurrection’ among the same education groups creating the curricula for K-12 history/citizenship vision to hype Weimar Germany and the supposed parallels to today’s ‘challenge to democracy’. It was one of last week’s webinars on the Roadmap and its implementation and I went through all the materials being pushed. Just imagine the typical student with just a conceptual understanding with whatever illustration is provided. One teacher was insisting that Jim Crow era and lynchings were akin to the Holocaust. Every racial tragedy, however horrific, is not analogous to the intentional murder of millions because of their ethnicity.

          See what I mean? https://www.facinghistory.org/resource-library/teaching-holocaust-and-human-behavior

      • Yes, we do. Hadn’t you observed in a prior post that when the Climate Change narrative failed to gain sufficient traction among the masses, the ‘pandemic’ was subbed in. Looks like the percentage of the recalcitrant un-vaxed remains high…so, is another ‘threat’ in the making? BTW, did anyone see the public service ads launched by the Biden administration and targeting the vax resistant? One features a cross-dressing, trans TicToc star cavorting around the White House interior. Watching this, I had to reflect on how pathologically tone deaf these people are. In the spirit of the recent ‘narrative’ foisted on the world, wouldn’t you have a bare-chested, horn-wearing insurrectionist visiting the White House to get his vax?

        Another question parked itself in my head this week. This relates to the breakdown of co-morbid states associated with Covid-19 mortality. VERY HIGH on this list and just below “obesity” and ABOVE diabetes, were “anxiety disorders”…huh? The explanation seems to be that “anxiety disorders” are co-morbid to physical health disorders and got tossed into the equation, BUT, what if they are not? My first thought was that individuals driven to states of panic by the media would be among the first to present at hospitals for testing and treatment. If the testing is faulty and the treatments potentially lethal…this group becomes a statistic, too.

        Which takes me back to what I recall of the HIV/AIDS debacle in S.F., in the early 90’s and what appears to have been a case of ‘symptoms creep’. Early ARC’s were specific and rare in most populations…but, the net was spread to include dozens of conditions. Result: if you were a ‘worrier’, you ran in and got tested….and the beat goes on.

        Robin, on another but recurrent note in my inquiry of a certain university ‘program’ plagued by sexual and power abuse, and over decades, are you familiar with any case law that pertains to individuals subjected to ‘experimental’ learning programs (w/o consent)? I ask this because in reading through the oral histories gathered from ‘facilitators’ of this program, there are repeated references to efforts made to identify students who had the appropriate personality type. Appropriate for what? On its surface, the program was advertised as being an extension of a pre-existing International Studies curriculum, i.e. it was added onto a Latin American studies program. This ‘survivor’ can tell you that this is NOT what it was.

        Right now, it is being spun as a protracted Title IX infraction, but I think these is a much larger story. Anyway, thanks!

        • Have you ever read the book about the Unabomber and the organized psychological experimentation he underwent as a Harvard student in the late 50s? Some of what you are pondering may resonate once you read those details. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2000/06/harvard-and-the-making-of-the-unabomber/378239/ is a start

          On the vaccines, there is some fascinating analysis coming out from Europe especially on the fact that these are not ‘sterilising’ vaccines and what the implications of that are when combined with a mass vaccine program in the midst of transmissible outbreaks. Comparing to Salk’s original vaccine that protected the receiver against severe effects, but did not prevent transmission to others. When someone in an outdoor yoga class insisted the non-vaccinated were the cause of the outbreaks, I asked how she explained the recurrence in Israel then.

          Timing my walks around getting Vitamin D before the heat/humidity combo gets unbearable. No more crack of dawn jaunts. Made a sweet vidalia onion compote with farmstand fresh tomatoes and skillet, just shucked Silver Queen corn last night with a fresh tuna filet. Definitely think diets do matter with any virus.

          • Will revisit the Unabomber chronicles. Robin, there have been only a handful of Covid deaths in Japan. The Japanese diet is incredibly rich in Vitamin D and trace minerals (ZINC). Fish and seaweed. Too cheap to peak the interest of the CDC.

          • Look at what the UNESCO affiliated MGIEP has put out to teach students to reject ‘misinformation’ on Covid. https://framerspace.com/course/pandemic/5e82eba839109c2c12ef7a6b

            Hyped here https://gemreportunesco.wordpress.com/2021/08/16/reflections-on-the-covid-19-second-wave-in-india/

            Health related misinformation such as unscientific COVID-19 home remedies, vaccine rumours, false government announcements and misconstrued statistics accounted for 62.1 % of the reported fake news, according to an analysis of reports from fact-checking websites. Doctors and medical professionals have had to adapt themselves to treat the “infodemic” that is accompanying the pandemic. In a cross-sectional survey of more than 700 medical professionals in India, 68% reported receiving misinformation from multiple sources while more than half of the respondents found it difficult to distinguish between correct and incorrect information. As medical professionals are often key information providers to patients and their communities, they find the spread of misinformation particularly challenging.

            Educational interventions are key to counter the threat of misinformation at all levels. It is crucial to impart critical thinking skills along with digital skills at schools to reduce such online risks.

            The 2018 PISA reading assessments highlighted that if students were taught to distinguish between objective or biased information in school, they performed better in sections of the test that measured their ability to differentiate facts from opinions.

            The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute Education for Peace and Sustainable Development based in New Delhi has recently developed an online course for learners aged 13+ and educators to develop critical social and emotional skills during the pandemic. The course will equip learners with skills to tackle rumours, misinformation and fake news related to COVID-19.

            Beyond formal education, informal awareness campaigns using animation and comics in visually engaging formats also help disseminate knowledge about misinformation to both children and adults. An NGO in Assam has been running cartoons in the local newspapers that caricaturise the infodemic and pandemic as its lead protagonist who highlight the menace of misinformation. Similarly, India’s first female comic superhero, Priya, has taken upon herself to fight fake news around the pandemic and encourage appropriate behaviour in animated videos.

            Quite a graphic there. Nothing apparently must be allowed to be a barrier to gene therapy for the masses. Again, as with MGIEP or in the US with Jim Steyer’s Media Literacy Project brought to us by the same people who seek radical transformation to our political and social systems. And they get to train students to determine what messaging is to be approved? How useful.

  15. I had read the Miles Mathis piece before but took another look. There seems to be a persistent notion among individuals who identify as ‘leftists’ that sinister forces are forever trying to undermine their virtuous ‘everything’. I must sadly report that I have spent most of my life surrounded by ‘leftists’ and it is my conclusion that they were more than able to ‘f’ themselves up. In short, I believe there is NO virtuous core to ‘leftist’ ideology, none, whatsoever.

    That said, I have no issue in believing that Ted was an operative, always. I think the same thing of Dick Price, and any number of other shapers of perception.

    • I hesitated to add this because I didn’t want to derail the thread. But now there is a new post up so… here goes. Catherine Austin Fitts recently organized the D4CE, doctors for covid ethics. Included in the financial aspect, among the tour de force, was a man by the name of John Titus. He has a brand new video where he goes into greater detail about the 4 trillion ( with a T ) ripoff that the fed is using to finance the scamdemic. Do you ever wonder where all the money comes to hire an army of behavioral psychologists? Or how about the money it takes to finance a 24/7 media blitz for a year and a half? John Titus has the smoking gun evidence that will either bring these criminals to justice or bring a very dark winter upon us all.
      Don’t miss Larry and Carsten excellent pandemic –


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