Experimenting on People and Places via the Rockefeller Process of Communication for Social Change

In case anyone is concerned that the description ‘experimenting’ seems a bit harsh, the 2001 book Civic Innovation in America: Community Empowerment, Public Policy, and the Movement for Civic Renewal laid out what was sought by the charitable foundations and the White House in the 90s under initiative names like “Reinventing Public Citizenship.” Then it usefully admitted that all this dialoguing and deliberative democracy and new systems of governance are untried theories. Such mass mandates put in place by mayors or regional authorities or school districts thus qualify as mass experimentation. Aka Experimentation on the Masses since psychological processes aimed at behavior change through K-12 education are involved.

We do get to call a spade a spade when we are able to come up with statements about the use of BCC–Behavior Change Communication. Now I am not picking on the Rockefeller interests although I have been wondering for a while why I keep running into their aggressive support of so many troubling ideas that clearly pertain to desired transformational social change. To be undeniably fair I will quote the definition of social change their foundation used in laying out a desired model of Communication for Social Change in a June 2002 Working Paper:

“social change comprises the transformation of the organization of society, in institutions and in the distribution of power. Most social scientists agree that it entails structural change.”

Rather comprehensive wouldn’t you say? Not exactly what any of us think we are funding when we pay our property taxes to fund schools and local government. So why did I call it the Rockefeller Process? Because that’s what the World Bank called it and it would explain why we keep running into aggressive funding of these Metropolitanism, deliberative democracy, and participatory governance visions for the future. This is what a WB paper called Participatory Communication: A Practical Guide stated:

“Most recently participatory approaches to communication [one of the 4 Cs of 21st Century Skills in case anyone has forgotten] have reenforced the emphasis on structural and social change. A broad-based policy debate initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1997 and pursued by the Communication for Social Change Consortium in subsequent years has focused on structural inequality and social transformation. The ‘Rockefeller process’ led to a definition of communication for social change as ‘a process of public and private dialogue through which people themselves define who they are, what they need and how to get what they need in order to improve their own lives. It utilizes dialogue that leads to collective problem identification, decision-making, and community-based implementation of solutions to development issues.'”

I am sure you have heard of Robert’s Rules on Process. Well, Robin’s Research Rules say that if the World Bank states on the record that this is called the Rockefeller Process, we can call it that too. Those Rules also get to note that the Rockefeller Process as a practical matter increases the power of the public sector since it looks to the political process to give these groups what they want. Think of it as increasing the Cartel Power of governments at all levels. Connected people just love cartels.

The Mind Arson and psychological manipulation and social and emotional learning emphasis both my book Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon and now this blog just keep encountering also have the effect of increasing the power of the public sector and anyone with ties to political power. It all seems to seek to extinguish the ability and capacity of individuals to decide what they need and get it for themselves.

Now I told you in the last post that I wanted to talk about the recent Aspen Institute (you can search for yourself to find out if there are ties to certain great wealth that grew from cartel practices in the past) report Learner at the Center of a Networked World. That report called for ‘new kinds of skills and learning’. Let’s quote again because the crucial point I want to make is that this recent Aspen vision for digital learning and the K-12 classroom is the same as what is being described as Communication for Social Change. It is also the same as what The Deliberative Democracy Handbook said is required for fulfilling its vision. Even more alarmingly the vision fits with what the Club of Rome (search for that connection too if you are bored or wondering if conspiracies around power can be true) called for as ‘innovative learning’ in its Learning Project report issued in 1979. It is now finding its way into regional planning authority mandates on Economic Development and what school districts must be doing.

First let’s look at what No Limits to Learning: Bridging the Human Gap said about the necessary ‘critical judgment’ it would need to bridge to the desired transformative change. The capacity of Critical judgment [now called critical thinking and a 21st century 4C] is not developed by the “transmission of off-the-shelf knowledge, a method characteristic of most schools.” Well there’s incentive to deplore textbooks and lectures as unsuitable for the 21st century. Let’s see how the Club of Rome defined ‘innovative learning’ in the same report:

“Innovative learning is problem formulating and clustering. Its main attributes are integration, synthesis, and the broadening of horizons. It operates in open situations or open systems. Its meaning derives from dissonance among contexts [now known as Rigor]. it leads to critical questioning of conventional assumptions behind traditional thoughts and actions, focusing on necessary changes. Its values are not constant, but rather shifting. Innovative learning advances our thinking by reconstructing wholes, not by fragmenting reality.”

Seems to fit in well then with aspirations of fundamental social change, huh? How’s this for more incentive to force this on the classroom as practice for desired mandatory participatory processes in governance? “Thus a key aim of innovative learning is to enlarge the range of options within sufficient time for sound decision-making processes.” At the political level of course or maybe by fiat by appointed regulators. If you want to know why Radical Ed Reform suddenly is pushing that students exhibit a Growth Mindset instead of Fixed Mindsets and an anti-Content Knowledge fixation, let’s quote the needed preference from The Deliberative Democracy Handbook:

“From the vantage point of deliberative democracy, it is erroneous to suppose that individuals already possess a clear, enlightened, and coherent understanding of their preferences or opinions on complex social and political issues…an essential virtue of deliberation is that it deemphasizes the aggregation of (or bargaining among) pre-established preferences and individual interests. [We can see why Axemaker Minds are obstacles then.]  Instead, deliberation seeks the formation of a consensus view of shared interests and common goods. Such an understanding cannot come about if individuals are unwilling to set aside narrow self-interests or if political practices do not offer the necessary institutional settings and motivations to make this possible.”

Classrooms that require Collaboration (the 3rd of the 4Cs) and new political structures too. No wonder there is to be a Metropolitan Revolution. No wonder we get this constant emphasis on the Community as a whole with an obligation to “improve the health and welfare of all its members.” Boosting the cartel power of the public sector while telling individuals they are not even entitled to hold on to their own personal preferences.

Now let’s look at what last week’s Aspen Report on digital learning called for:

“Rather than systematically accumulating static ‘stocks’ of knowledge, students now need to learn how to actively participate in ‘flows’ of knowledge by engaging with others in the construction of new knowledge. This kind of knowledge is often put to use at the same time it is learned. [Like in an experiment of a theory?] It is most effectively acquired through solving problems with others in an environment that offers an abundance of challenges and unlimited opportunities. [Real world? Authentic?] In this new world, curiosity and creativity becomes critical skills.”

There’s Creativity, that 4th C of 21st Century Skills. Everyone assembled and reporting for duty but in pursuit of Deliberative Democracy and Participatory Governance, not being internationally competitive.

Maybe that’s because all these education and policy visions view Planned State Capitalism and its Cartel Power over Everyone Else as the desired 21st Century vision of society and an economy.

Just pointing all these connections out while there is still time in this global experiment to say: “Stop It. Leave us alone.”

Cartels do hate individual power.




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  1. Robin-

    I’m still just so incensed at the manipulation of language. When most people read “Deliberative Democracy” they will take that phrase to refer to a culture that allows deliberation and discussion of individual ideas.

    They will not infer that what is meant is Deliberate or intentional or coerced Democracy. As if there could be such a legitimate democracy in the first place. Most people will certainly never think that Deliberative Democracy, “seeks the formation of a consensus view of shared interests and common goods.”

    The deceit is disgusting. How does one counteract these liars who form a new lie when the last one is exposed? It feels like a game of wack a mole. I keep coming back to the idea that we have to find a way to negate the entire premise. But does that start with Dewey? Uncle Karl? Skinner? Vygotsky?

    We clearly cannot play with their rules because they have none. For the radicals its a war and the means justify the ends. Lying is Just on the road to Utopia.

    • Yes, in the name of equality and democracy you get rule by a self-appointed elite. This is the link to the paper I was quoting from dated June 2002 http://www.communicationforsocialchange.org/pdf/socialchange.pdf That paper came late in my research as I was mulling over the constant interest in this topic and cui bono and how.

      Notice the references to Paolo Freire. No wonder he rejects the transmission of knowledge as the ‘banking theory.’ It builds the Axemaker Mind that knows why things work or never do.

      Coming up with the cartel comparison, which is horrifically apt, is my way of reading the philosophy and then finding a concrete example to go after the premise. Everyone you have named was an elitist. These poli sci profs being cited over the decades are all determined to take decision-making authority away from individuals and quietly justify obedience. Searching these ideas is nevertheless creating an almost constant confrontation over what funding source is being thanked on the Acknowledgments page.

      Research over the last several days says the policy-making entities like Aspen or the Club of Rome, the business interests like the banks, and the philanthropic funding are always aiming for the same, complementary direction. http://www.citiesalliance.org/node/702 is part of what has been bothering me.

      The Curtis Johnson listed as an author and involved with the CitiStates regional group is the co-author of the Digital Learning advocacy book co-written with Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn. In the Competency chapter in the book I mention the Common Core ploy Horn described at a breakfast I attended. This is all a common direction whether it was widely appreciated or not. The common direction is creating an expectation that substantive rights exist that no individual can supply while simultaneously taking away any power an exceptional individual, either in ability or determination, has to break away from the pack. That CitiStates also interests me as ATL mayor Shirley Franklin attended when she was in office. It is ATL that has the language binding all school districts in the 10-county metro area to innovative learning. No one has told any of the school board members I have asked about the language. I bet other cities have or will have comparable language with a comparable purpose.

      This post really started with the language from the DDH and my recognition that Aspen was justifying the same mentality.

      By the way Lois Holzmann’s book says the Rockefeller Foundation was the original funder of cultural historical activity theory-CHAT-in the 70s before Michael Cole relocated the program to San Diego. We can consider CHAT and cybernetics and Transformational OBE all as means of influencing predictably how the shadows will be interpreted.

      Or to pull in one more old metaphor, to herd us into the cave and then control both the nature of the shadows and how they will be interpreted.

  2. I cannot believe for a second that the Bushes are being led by the nose ring. Between W’s No Child Left Behind and now Jebs involvement through the MacArthur Foundation and as a member of the Aspen Task Force, my distrust of the Bush family has grown in leaps and bounds.

      • Carol-the phrase I settle on in moral treason even if it’s not actually a breach of a legal duty of loyalty. It is up to us though to recognize that people who seek political power do not necessarily do it for the altruistic reasons we want to attribute to them. If politics is the family business, then what is being sold are policies that increase political power. That’s not treason, it’s just that we are not very realistic about what drives politicians. It’s up to us to recognize conflicts that guide opinions and not to treat elected officials as if they became our leaders in all areas via the ballot box. That would be the desired seismic shift in sovereignty being sought. It is rule of the oligarchy in the name of Equity.

        I find even more interesting the dominant role played in that new Aspen report by Voto Latino with consulting by La Raza. It plays in perfectly to why those REOs are so dangerous. This is in a footnote to the Civic Innovation book I mentioned. “The term citizen is used here and in all other texts as an inclusive term denoting effective and authoritative engagement in community problem solving and public work by both those who are legal citizens and those who do not enjoy such formal status. The movement does not directly address the issues of the rights of noncitizens.”

        So ultimately every illegal immigrant gets parity at the table of fiat equality to the taxpaying, well-educated, creating jobs, and reading at night to their children producer. You are not just getting outvoted at the polls, but over time with every border crossing when expected amnesty gets coupled to governments guaranteeing economic and social benefits to Equity as a human right. Only governments can meet that expectation so these illusory promises increase the demand for furthering empowering governments. That’s beneficial if politics is the family business whatever party affiliation you use to try to make sure the family political franchise remains empowered.

        • Well, the way I see it, all this amounts to subversion of our system of government which is an act of treason. Especially for those who have taken an oath of office to uphold and protect our Constitution. What’s really sickening is to realize most of these people doing the dirty work are making a living doing it at tax payer expense. You really do have the inmates running the asylum.

          • Carol-I am currently reading the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act that sailed through the Senate last week. Bipartisan sponsorship and there’s no way these required State Unified Plans to not amount to Fascism. http://www.isakson.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/a4766452-3945-44d4-bb34-f8a6670bf166/WIOA%20Final-bill%20KIN14299.pdf

            I do not mean that in a name calling sense but in a factual required alliance among governments at all levels and Big Business. Encourages regional planning. Fits right in with Metropolitanism. Groups like Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation and labor unions get a seat on these local Workforce Development Boards. Has the effect of protecting the business models of current entities as if they must be forever protected and no one gets to be the next great individual entrepreneur.

            On your concerns and my point on politics becoming the family business, there seems to be a real tendency when the family money comes from real estate or banking to recognize the next generation needs to get into politics to get that protective seat at the table of political power. Politics in this all-intrusive model is pragmatic preservation along with opportunities to work with connected businesses to grow the personal pie. For example, Jeb has made no secret of how much he is investing in companies hoping to do business with this digital learning vision. We should not assume this is altruistic lobbying. Much of it for many former politicians is cashing in on the public-private partnership crony model.

            That Unified Model of each state for “alignment of workforce investment, education, and economic development systems” will make it worse and almost necessarily dictates shifting to planned economies.

          • Robin, Thomas Jefferson speaks of losing this country if we do not remain a Virtuous and Moral people. Self-interest is good as long as laws are followed and it doesn’t infringe on others rights and freedoms. I’m afraid the system has been so perverted, self-interest now means the end justifies the means. Where are the Moral and Virtuous people to be found?

          • Or should I ask, how can a moral or virtuous person make it in this world with these kinds of rules?

          • I just thumbed through this Bill and you are absolutely correct, this is Fascism. I couldn’t find the part on home schooling they speak of.

          • Page 514. I had just gone through it when I decided to take a break.

            It also appears to me that many of the type of groups described in that 2002 Aspen report described in the Prescribing REOs post from June 17 called Training for Racial Equity and Inclusion will be eligible to be compensated providers under this sluice of money.

          • No wonder so many have no idea what is happening. 800 pages can be intimidating for poor readers.

          • oh, dear. No. I did not mean you were a poor reader. No insult was intend my apologies if my words came across that way. I only meant that 800 page long Government document may be intimidating for the majority to read, or simply to long, they would not read it. Sometimes I think they count on that.

          • Oh sorry, since I had just said it was overwhelming I thought you were addressing me. Yes, everything is meant to confuse, overwhelm and destroy to replace with a new system.
            As with these influx of illegal children. He is now sending many to Military bases. The very ones who already are dealing with deep cuts financially and in man power. Everything to keep us off our feet and further in debt.

          • Robin, They have a story out this morning on how the GOP is no longer supporting “business” and the Chamber of Commerce. I just want to pass along this information on Tom Donohue, the president of the Chamber. This is who this guy really is and what he stands for. As I said before, all was put into place and the wolves are taking off the sheepskin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Endowment_for_Democracy http://www.uschamberfoundation.org/bios/thomas-j-donohue

          • Thanks Carol. Free enterprise in that vision is just as Orwellian as when critical thinking is used to mean recognizing structural inequities that justify transformative change.

            USAID is heavily involved with this deliberative democracy vision and I recognize William Galston’s name from the Reinventing Citizenship Project in the 90s.

            I mentioned to David on the other posts that so many of the community organizations that admit their purpose is wholesale economic and social change away from individual choices to binding collectivism are precisely who will be qualifying to be doing the training under WIOA. It’s who is pushing participatory governance binding all at that 2009 Summit.

            The Chamber is perfectly happy transitioning to a needs economy where political power picks the designated providers of prescribed goods and services. We are the ones though funding all this who will be left to accept shoes for 2 left feet where neither shoe is the right size.

            As I have been saying and David was detailing yesterday Common Core is designed to prescribe the Mind Arson necessary to force the shift away from the primacy of individuals and the protections that were supposed to be sacrosanct in the US Constitution.

            If the GOP also wants to be the party that takes care of the community organizers devoted to transformational change then both major US parties are now firmly on the side of collectivism. The Chamber certainly is. Heard one of their VPs insist that Cobb County’s voters had no right to reject the Transportation SPLOST that other counties wanted.

          • Robin, I do believe both parties are in the same boat though there may be a few individual members who aren’t. I heard one business man once say, the rules have been written, either play by them or be destroyed. The Senate is a lost cause no matter who gets elected. Once they changed how Senators are elected the game changed. They represent big business.

    • NCLB (Bush) sets a comically impossible standard. Then states are given a way out of inevitable failure to meet that standard by winning Race to the Top funding to implement Common Core (Obama).

      Once states were bound to NCLB, the leverage was created. It was inevitable that a future government at the state level would be desperate and would grasp at the coming straw that would be offered.

      • David-don’t forget the NCLB waivers that locked the states into so much that the federal government should have had no authority to dictate.

        That’s where the substantial changes in the definition of student achievement tend to be located.

        Also I am livid over the cronyism and special interests that are to be locked into these required Local Workforce Development Boards. It takes a hugely troubling vision and foists it on every state and every locality and no one is reporting on it. Will fit right in with Metropolitanism and we can bet the members of those boards are ultimately intended to fit in with the Governance vision we have been exploring.

        I definitely need some of those still shrink-wrapped Post-It note pads today. They are perfect for throwing against a wall to relieve tension.

        • I googled “Local Workforce Development Board”, then excluded Texas (nothing against Texas, just that all the links coming up were from there), and finally found this page


          click on “STEM Youth Apprenticeship and High School Students” and read the pdf.

          The second slide immediately makes the point that you don’t have to learn algebra to do their version of STEM.

          Robin you’re right on again. This document shows a very different and worse impression of STEM than anything I’ve ever seen called by that name.

          • Reading toward the end of that document I saw the slide about the “Drafting and Design -Engineering” youth apprenticeship. My older son actually started a course in Engineering Design this year in our high school. He dropped it halfway through the year. As an engineer I can tell you it has nothing to do with engineering. It’s drafting and not engineering.

            Now my son is a lot like me. I am a geek and it took me years to get decent hand-eye coordination. (My other son has outstanding coordination, he didn’t get it from me.) I think I got a C when I took drafting in school. I then went on to complete a degree in electrical engineering. If I had had to succeed in drafting before studying engineering, I would not have gotten there.

            On the other hand, some engineers do come to the field that way. They are working as drafters, then maybe engineering technicians, then they accumulate credits and graduate as engineers. So I have no problem with that as ONE pathway into the field. But it should not be the only way, state-mandated, to get there. It would exclude most or all the research-type engineers I’ve seen.

        • Here’s another related issue. I have read that the “Common Core for Science” has been hidden under the name “Next Generation Science Standards.” So I did a bit of reading about that.

          When I think of the application of mathematics to science, I am usually thinking of algebra 2, trigonometry, or calculus, supporting a good physics course.

          Now look at this document.

          and see that nothing is mapped to math above 8th grade. That would pre-algebra.

          Here’s an example of how they have “math” supporting “physics”.

          [i] K-PS2 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

          As part of this work, teachers should give students opportunities to use direct measurement:

          K.MD.A.1. Describe measurable attributes of objects, such as length or weight. Describe
          several measurable attributes of a single object [/i]

          Not exactly rigor by my understanding of the word, but I am sure it can be made to fit “rigor” by their definition!

    • I don’t believe for a minute that the Bush family–not W anyway—are in the same sort of social[ist] engineering game as the Rockefellers and others.

      Politicians are easily influenced by the present-day acolytes of the Marxists, Gramsci, Paolo Freire , Adorno etc—even conservative politicians and many conservative parents.

      Most of George W’s policies and actions would never have found favor with the far Left revolutionaries whose followers have been so very successful with their ‘Long March [ of the Left] through the Institutions’—but the policies of the Rockefellers, Clintons and Obama and his Weather Underground friends certainly would.

      The Left wants to see conservatives tarred with the same brush—it gives them cover and legitimacy with the gullible—whom the Leftists need like they need oxygen to breathe.

      So long as the Left can don their sheep’s clothing and hide amongst the conservatives whom the Left and their MSM facilitators have been able to dupe—- those same facilitators will see to it that the duped conservatives will be forced to shoulder most of the blame for the disasters and broken lives that are always the legacy of the Left .

      It’s an amazing thing—to have the MSM ‘journalists’ and pundits in the tank with you when you’re up to no good.

  3. Hi Robin,

    Same participatory scam used in every sector. Dialectics and coercion. Makinf one think they get
    participation,a voice. But as we have experienced in person the delphi technique of separation and survey with insiders steering each group, boxing out dissenters, same technique used i. S hools. Peer pressure the whole gamute of ed bernays book propaganda.
    Like ferpa, the isea that parents need privacy protection for their kids sounds good but a auick flick of the language and its switched to a leval govt justifyer for taking awY privace and autonomy over ones children and their info. Leading to the rejected UN treaty CRC convention on the rights of the. Child. Fraught with unconstitutionality unacceptable to any american.
    Burying shacles in huge wordy documents with highlighted good sounding sentences that are all that is read.
    Peer pressure
    Smoke and mirrors
    Same in regionalism, common core, gealthcare, ferpa, hippa, you name it.
    So the idea of partisipTory democracy is the sham of all shams

  4. Structural Change Depends On Structures

    This quote from that Rockefeller paper “Communication for Social Change Working Paper Series, 2002” — says so much:

    ** “According to the sociological literature, social change comprises the transformation in the organization of society, in institutions and in the distribution of power. Most social scientists agree that it entails structural change (Underwood, 2001).” [Footnote pg iii]

    Disturbing, isn’t it, that “sociology” which is supposed to be a “social science” has bred so many activist sociologists who leap into social change activities, be they in teacher training or feeding the “collectivist” movements with narratives and talking points or whatever will sound so “expert”, “scientific” or “research and evidence based”.

    One of the main, if not the principal, structures those of activist sociological bent support is the universal, compulsory attendance public school. A public sector institution.

    Now, with the model of compulsory monopoly schooling being steadily eroded through charters, independent schools, home education, online education, ESAs (Empowerment Scholarships or also called Education Savings Accounts), etc. these sociological advocates are working very hard to “collectivize” through other public sector means.

    Wonder when sociology will come under scrutiny for the hijack that has occurred by those having political agendas?

    Considering all these new structures — NGOs, deliberative agencies, highly-funded grants bodies, benevolent organizations, research foundations, etc., etc. that are being discussed here on this blog, with their intent of deliberately shaping social change — just how many of them have activist sociologists on staff feeding “collectivist” theory with abandon?

    • “The Closing of the American Mind” was written by Allan Bloom many years ago warning of the use of Sociology and Psychology to change the minds of how Americans viewed our form of government and human behavior. Very few listened. A really great book!

  5. “This kind of knowledge is often put to use at the same time it is learned.”

    Yeah, so that you don’t get a breather to reconsider, think of countermeasures or consult outside resources. No chance to think about this decision that you suspect or know is wrong but where you can’t articulate the objectsions just right at the moment or summon help. The mob, having made a moblike decision, must act immediately.

    • To further validate your point, Prov. 19:2 says, “Zeal without knowledge is not good; a person who moves too quickly may go the wrong way.”

      I completely agree that it seems the “solutions” to all the craziness that is happening are deliberately designed to be made quickly, reflexively, without reason. Notice too, that Proverbs doesn’t state that moving quickly will ALWAYS result in going the wrong direction, so success (or effective intervention) that is trumpeted will be more dumb luck than anything else.

      • Welcome to ISC PA Momma. My book talks about pushing the instinctual as a matter of reflex as a deliberate vision pushed by the ed schools as well as a 2006 Club of Rome report out of Poland. This old post http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/blending-sustainability-and-education-to-gain-arational-nonlinear-minds-and-new-behaviors/ also details the declared intent to move back to the ‘primitive’ intuitive mind.

        That’s the post my famous non-Axemakers Mind metaphor comes from.

        I also have had an offline discussion this morning on the links between the Study Circle vision and the discourse classroom and sel vision pushed by educators for social responsibility and its Responsive Classroom vision. I first looked at that here http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/locusts-of-the-mind-boring-gaping-holes-altering-wiring-and-living-on-our-dime/

        The guide that caught my eye was on a website of city administrators in Washington State. http://www.awcnet.org/documents/tools_studycirclefacilitatorsguide.pdf

        Page 33 of the report (38/81) makes the link to esr clear. The push not to tell uninformed mediocre minds that their ideas are mush lest they not act on them for transformational change is behind, in my opinion, both the Obligations of Respect now coming to K-12 Codes of Student Conduct as well as Campus Speech Codes in higher ed. It all tracks back to the Rockefeller CFSC vision described in this post.

        Knowledge and facts became barriers to social change and fuel Axemaker Minds in some individuals. Those can defy the herd and sometimes turn it off the desired and prescribed pathway.

        • That is my hope, that a few can still turn the herd. The signs at this point, are not encouraging here in PA. Our local district has gone all in on PLC’s and SEL-related instruction, and what I hear from friends whose kids are at the schools where my kids attended until 2013-14 (year one of home school was a resounding success) is that most English classes have a heavy emphasis on group work and consensus. That’s just the start!

  6. From the 2007 Rockefeller sponsored Global Urban Summit

    America 2050 U.S. Strategy for the Next Halph Century

    Had dinner with an old friend last night, who also happens to be our city council president. He had heard of the high speed rail system at a meeting he attended with Oregon representatives. It was presented to city members, he said they all laughed because the price tag was so large, none of them could figure how it would ever be put in. I chuckle because he has no idea. We just scratched the surface in our conversation but I was able to raise his eyebrows a few times, especially here with our Metro/Living cities connections, and the coalition for a livable future ties. I’m sure you will notice Oregon had a member presenting in this paper. Amazing how they are beginning to force city, non-partisan politics right where they want them, using them for their agenda. Unsuspecting members who choose not to dig just think they are helping. Left the dinner being asked how I knew all of this information and when I was running for city council, or the school board. Hubby’s response made me laugh all the way home… if she did that we would not be friends any longer…Why is it still that people think blondes know nothing? Had another chance to plug your book and blog.

    Does it seem to you that they are drawing a line in the sand? How many can we jail for treason? Why do our representatives lack intestinal fortitude to stand up for basic principles? When you are reading through this does it ever just make you angry?

    • LL-read my post-it pad solution to extreme anger.

      What also happens fairly regularly is the intensity of what is being sought and the lack of ambiguity and my recognition of the powers behind it and how much power and money they have makes me sleepy. I take naps and then get back to it.

      Or I check in on blog and then get back to it.

      On the Living Cities link I put up on the previous post I was intrigued with the audacity of the “we are these huge untaxed foundations and we are forcing this vision of the future, like it or not.”

      • Robin, I do believe both parties are in the same boat though there may be a few individual members who aren’t. I heard one business man once say, the rules have been written, either play by them or be destroyed. The Senate is a lost cause no matter who gets elected. Once they changed how Senators are elected the game changed. They represent big business.

        This Khan Acadamy is just another piece of the puzzle. http://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/aspeninstitute

        • Carol,

          Funny you should mention The Khan Academy. About 3-4 years ago Khan was promoted in a spot on 60 Minutes. Right then and there I knew we were being treated to a little early pre-programming.

          Shortly, after that 60 minutes interview where Khan was presented as a struggling, new comer with nothing but pie eyed dreams for youth in America, I read that Khan was partnering with Bill Gates to get Khan programs into public schools.

          It was all a done deal long before they clued us in.

          • I was looking at the ECS conference because I saw Sal Khan was speaking. http://www.cvent.com/events/2014-national-forum-on-education-policy/agenda-8eed0930754643c0a06d3ae18305cd2b.aspx?ct=833ba966-fdaf-4d3b-ac27-e24d63daf2eb

            In case anyone is unaware the Education Commission of the States, created in mid-80s with Carnegie funding, is what forces all states to be on the same page especially as it includes someone from Governor’s office and senior ed chairs from House and Senate in each state.

            But look at the Wednesday session from 10:15-12 called “Civic Education Fulfilling the Mission.” Public schools are to be getting students ready for participatory democratic governance.

            Anyone familiar with that phrase? Sure does explain why Competency in the book was so linked to Civic Mission of the Schools and John Dewey’s vision.

            Ties in with who is entitled to do the training and be part of the required Local Workforce Development Board too.

          • Why am I not suprised. This is how a planned economy/Society works. NOTHING is left to chance.

        • Khan is on the same campus as Google. Next door to each other. Heavily featured in Edutopia video I wrote about that tipped me off to Seymour Papert and cybernetics.

          Khan also obscures from parents just how decisively schools are moving away from content. Parent sees that instruction and assumes it is applicable to the classroom and testing. Frequently now that is false.

          Also Khan went to MIT and then Harvard Business. For all we know he had Peter Senge and Alex Pentland and OTTo Scharmer at MIT and then Claytin Christensen and the joys of For Benefit/Support Capitalism at Harvard brought to you via radically restructuring K-12. It’s what the sound byte on the Edutopia video suggests.

  7. OR has the workforce development plan already worked out into local areas. You can view the plan by the PDF link here. I would bet most states have this.

    One of the CTE programs is actually decent. Students can take manufacturing tech classes through all high school at the end they have the opportunity to be hired by Boeing. A friends child did this, he had no desire to attend college. It’s a good option for some, but we shouldn’t be forced into it by lack of knowledge or opportunity to decide other paths.

    • LL-wholeheartedly agree, but despite having state officials claim to my face that Career Pathways would have an old fashioed college prep/academic option it’s never true. Wouldn’t be levelling.

      Did you see this values oriented school-Big Area Business alliance? http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/leadership_360/2014/07/values-based_leadership_goochland_county_public_schools.html?cmp=ENL-EU-NEWS3

      No one will have the wherewithal to even attempt a better mousetrap.

      • OMG that sounds like he’s living in an alternate, stupider universe. Scary, some sort of mind control thing going on there.

        • Well John Raven did call for education to create a mental and emotional keel that could be used to ‘steer’ students. Called it Socio-cybernetics, remember?

          http://www.eschoolnews.com/2014/07/07/gaming-engaging-students-365/? continues this most disturbing view of learning. Gaming in many ways locks in role playing while creating a visual reality that trumps the kind of mental reality students used to create with words and from words.

          If you look at that Rockefeller Foundation white paper mentioned in this post and linked above you will see a graphic of each student coming in with their own psychological reality and that is to get changed to a common understanding that will cause them to act on both the physical reality and social reality. No one is kidding about CFSC. The Swdes in their use of Study Circles called for getting to a common weltanschaung. That appears to me to be precisely what is coming to our classrooms. I think that is why the Common Core broke out speaking and listening specifically as ELA skills on par with reading and writing. Troubling too is that reading is heavily guided by the Whole Language tradition needed for obuchenie and advocated by that Wye conference in 1987 I describe in the book.

          There is a horrifying consistency here across decades, countries, funding sources, and under a variety of names describing a similar goal that is very much about a form of mind control. We are not speculating that that might be the effect. These authors declare that as the intent.

        • David-I wanted you to see that New York State has sent its Director of Innovation to participate in this Global Ed Reform Summit in the UK. http://www.ednfoundation.org/2014/07/01/education-reform-summit-2014/

          The UK, going back to Michael Barber’s work, is considered to be further along than other countries except Scandinavia. My work on study circles and the fact that the resource center now goes by Everyday Democracy is a hint as to where I see high school reform going in the US, especially for high achieving suburbs. My epiphany on this was confirmed this morning as well as my belief that this deliberative, participatory, dialogue among ‘equals’ vision, even if it takes a new Code of Conduct to ensure, is deeply grounded in what the 4Cs of 21st century learning are really about.

          It is all deeply grounded in Paulo Freire’s vision as well mentioned in this post by CFSC.

          • The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which would update jobs training programs in the U.S., passed the House by a vote of 415-6 Wednesday afternoon and now heads to President Barack Obama’s desk. Obama applauded Congress for passing the bill last night and said he looks forward to signing it into law. “This bipartisan compromise will help workers, including workers with disabilities, access employment, education, job-driven training, and support services,” Obama said. Labor Secretary Tom Perez called the bill “good for workers, employers and the economy as a whole.” Lobbyists and business groups were also thrilled.

            – Who voted “nay”? Justin Amash (R-Mich.), Paul Broun (R-Ga.), Jimmy Duncan (R-Tenn.), Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas).

            I am sickened by what’s actually in that document that so many must have refused to bother to read.

          • Robin, I wrote my congressman on this very issue and he never responded. I’m thinking government has grown so large and complicated, no one can keep up with what is actually happening. Lots of little fires everywhere. Please listen to this when you have time. This Democracy Now pretty much tells you in their videos exactly what is going on in education and the media. http://www.democracynow.org/2014/4/11/imagine_living_in_a_socialist_usa?autostart=true&get_clicky_key=suggested_next_story

          • Yes especially the part where they have the Thanksgiving in 50 years where no one eats meat anymore and people no longer get medical interventions after about 70.

          • http://www.learningfirst.org/21st-century-education-and-21st-century-citizenship#sthash.wM2ZO6Zz.dpuf shows how right on the money I am about the 4 Cs and what the real vision is.

            People who have not yet read the book really have no idea how prescient it turned out to be because I track by required implementation.

            Doesn’t this allmake the links between the competency requirement and the Civic Mission of Schools report more striking. And Sandra Day O’ Connor joined the Rockefeller Foundation that sponsored CFSC in 2006 as soon as she left the court.

          • Me. There is no doubt too that ‘Lens’ is another metaphor that is being overused. http://www.edutopia.org/blog/pbl-through-a-makers-lens-patrick-waters

            This is important though because it is a reminder that the Interventionists do not want individuals capable of actually making their own choices and decisions. All the talk about decision-making is monitoring whether behavior can be effectively guided by creating false perceptions of reality. That’s what the ‘lenses’ do. They are the provided metaphors that typically are not true but the student has no way of knowing that. Or they are true in some areas but not as they are being used to interpret experiences.

            The community organizers say they want to provide the ‘interpretive schemata’ that people will frame their views of themselves and the world through. The nerdy phrase is social construction of reality but it is precisely what CFSC is designed to force. That’s why the chart in the paper has each student’s psychological reality giving way to a ‘shared understanding.’ The shared understanding is then useful to creating the anger or guilt that inspires action to act on the social and physical reality we call life and the world. The problem is the false understanding has people wrecking what cannot be replaced and learning to expect the government to provide when they are just printing money at this point trying to create this welfare state mentality in enough voters.

            I went back and reread my notes from the 2009 Ga DoED Social Studies meeting on the Enduring Understandings and it was all about people in every generation getting to revise the rules of government in light of new views and needs. Wonderful view from someone who spent his adult life living at taxpayer expense and likely collects a salary at DoEd like so many while also receiving a pension from his former school district after the ‘retirement’.

          • This reminds me of the peer mediation/conflict resolution they had when my kids were in school. I thought taking adults out of the equation was nuts then and I think all this PBL crap is too. But you know, all these people are making a good living off theory and social manipulation. When I hear those who say these are the best and the brightest, I think no they aren’t. They are the foolish. These are the parasites eating the host!

          • I should be used to this by now. It still gets on my nerves reading “our democracy”. Has everyone forgotten the word Republic?

            Downloaded the report on that link. I get frustrated and find I need to crunch on something while I read these things. Normally I bake and ponder, that is even more dangerous. Husband says no more pies, to hot anyhow. Proving to be harmful to ones waistline. Must switch to ice or celery sticks, or find more time to jog.

            I read today that GA has new testing. I was just reading in Ch. 4 last night about the CRCTs.

            Would that recent bill passing this week seal the deal on polytech? They’ve now got all of 90s, plus the assessments, school to work, now this new bill.

            Honestly Robin, reading about equitable education, social justice, white privledge, deliberative democracy, sure could make one think these efforts are set to prepare for a higher influx of immigrants. Curious timing with our border problems.

          • It seems like there are better ways to use an hour than listen to Danielle Allen, but you have to listen to recognize that these people really do mean that. She has a smug way of talking with her hands in her pockets that reminded me of Elizabeth Coleman, the mother of Common Core architect and now College Board commandante David Coleman. In her TED talk where she gushed over John Dewey she did the same thing.

            Elizabeth Coleman’s background is sociology and I think these people already look at the world with the kind of ideological lenses they want for our students now. Maybe the emphasis on what might be and seeing the is and now through the emotion of anger and false attributions of blame leads to the odd detachment that we see with that hands in pocket thing. Maybe it’s like smoking on a pipe as the trains pull away in Eastern Europe.

            Yesterday I was at a presentation by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission on the rollout of the new tiered certificates to be able to teach. It felt like something out of the Soviet Union. All behavioral in what is desired including a new Ethics component that is built on interactive gaming platform. That you do not have to initially pass so they are gathering a baseline of values, attitudes, and beliefs during the teacher ed process that can then be monitored for change.

            One of the speakers, a former ed prof, obviously thought no one in the audience understood how Fostering Communities of Learners work and Effective Principals being those who created coercive Professional Learning Communities. He did a spiel of how the student was the most important person in the building and then teachers, followed by parents. When I came home I quickly found numerous papers he had written with Gene Bottoms of Tecademics fame on how to reform Principalship.

            Tecademics that got incorporated into SREB’s High School that Work fits that vision of Work Preparedness in WIOA. http://www.wallacefoundation.org/knowledge-center/school-leadership/principal-training/Documents/SREB-Leadership-Initiative-Creating-Effective-Prinicpals.pdf

            So yes. It also fits with the actual definition of College Readiness David Conley created for the Gates Foundation in 2007. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/now-more-than-five-years-into-an-attempt-to-help-organize-a-near-total-revision-of-human-behavior/

            The mention in that old post of Paul Ehrlich is a reminder of his work for UN affiliated entities and how this all also fits their vision of education being just values and vocational globally. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/values-and-vocational-creating-citizen-drones-via-education-worldwide/

            We do have a common template and for the reasons Robert Beck laid out with federal sponsorship as I described in the book.

            Also remember the close friendship between Beck and Freeman Butts. It is Butts view of citizenship education and its use to reimagine democracy that I described in the book that remains in play here. These ideas are staying consistent over the decades, which is why the book remains the foundation. This blog simply tracks the new names and advocates and real time juggernauts to invisibly gain implementation. That’s what WIOA does at so many levels. Look at who else gets priority economic citizenship. It is far more than the press release mentions of the disabled. They are more of a PR afterthought riding the command economy being put in place.

          • Thanks Carol. Same story I am hearing from all over the country. The vote no one wants to talk about. It was supposed to be perceived as merely about disabilities. That is more of a red herring.

            Another one of those videos on radically reimagining learning to get graduation rates up without anyone actually knowing anything. Which of course creates those annoying Axemaker Minds.


  8. Wow! That article, almost bordering on fall in line with our values or get out. Good grief, so should all of us conservative Christians be forced to work for Hobby Lobby or Chick-Fill-A? A new kind of segregation.

    I see your point on the CTE missing academics. They receive a standard diploma, obviously not worth as much these days in terms of knowledge.

    • Remember Robert Beck from the book and Polytechism for all? That’s still the vision. Solid academics for anyone gives them the power to develop their own conceptual understandings.

      Rave’s aspiration of a steerable keel is still the goal. It’s why there is so much overlap.

    • LL-Did you know Portland in particular but Oregon in general is also a partner to this National Equity Project. http://nationalequityproject.org/about/education-equity

      This just reeks of being grounded in community organizing. I have been looking into PICO in connection with the next 2 posts and reflecting on the Rockefeller citing of using Paolo Freire’s vision as part of CFSC-Communication For Social Change. I was thinking nep was confined to Oakland and California but it’s way beyond that now.

      This is Quality Education as they term is intended, but it is not the layman’s definition of it.

      Then there is the $15+ million Gates Foundation grant this history mentions. http://nationalequityproject.org/about/history

      Starting out as part of the Coalition of Essential Schools. What caused so much damage to Australia’s education when it embraced the ATLAS Project in 2002.

      • Not surprised to see Portland Public listed. OSBA and Confederation of Oregon School Administstors seem to be pushing things like this out. Then they get backing from the business roundtable and public private partnerships. Found a power point from COSA diuscusding NWO. Yikes.

        What’s with the symbols on that site?

        • This might seem silly but can you describe what these kids will be missing? Obviously they will read, not fluently, they will have general education still, but it will be focused more on how the kids feel about the topics? You would think families would begin to notice the lack of skills.

          I was reading through some classical conversations curriculum, very interesting that there is actually instuction in logical thinking.

          • It’s not silly and I have been mulling this all over for several days and cross checking to make sure I am right. Then mulling over the implications.

            There is a common core that goes beyond trying to create desired values, attitudes, and beliefs. Out of the community organizing work came a recognition of how to create anger and guilt and how either can be used to motivate action. So curricula is tied to that as we have been noticing.

            What we are all going to have to come to grips with, but the path is quite clear and the citations explicit is that school becomes about targeting each student’s psychological reality. How they see the world. If not as desired, change it and collect data on what it took, characteristics of student changed, and how long it took. If students take the ‘lenses’ or Enduring Understandings or there other names as ‘acting like an expert’ etc, then continue to cultivate a la cybernetics so that the web of interpretive concepts, tied associations, and links to real world problems are all in place.

            Remember the details on constructivism detailed in book. In place there is no obstacle to the kind of mental and emotional web behavioral scientists have been researching.

            It comes out of community organizing especially. To organize effectively it is important to guide perceptions as to who is at fault and what should be done about it. Now that is to be unleashed on the suburbs. It has already been going on in the urban schools. Obscuring this real intent is a big part of what is being covered up in the cheating scandals.

          • LL, I was speaking to one mother about this and she said well, her children will just have to be stupid then because she is not willing to make the changes in her life that would be needed to protect them from it. So frustrating. Very few seem to have the attention span to listen. Others don’t want to because it would mean them giving up something they don’t want to give up……

          • What a shame. I suppose that is what they are counting on. Set in our ways or lifestyles so much we might accept instead of sacrifice.

  9. I have lifted this off an education blog. This guy seems to be the “champion” for the teachers. (BAT to be exact)
    Fireworks & Revolutions

    As the 2014 NEA Rep Assembly winds down, and we simultaneously set off fireworks to celebrate the collection of 56 signatures on our nation’s Declaration, I keep thinking about the ways revolutionaries are created. Some seem born, and leap to any cause that opposes power; others seem slow to accept insurrection until swept up by events.

    The Boston-born Sons (and Daughters) of Liberty filled a role that many Badass Teachers feel suited to—public displays of disaffection toward governmental and corporate structures that are insensitive to vital public institutions. For the Sons of Liberty, the collusion of the British Crown and the East India Company presented a corporatocracy worth challenging because it acted beyond the reach of representative assemblies. BATs look to the alliance of the Gates Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education with similar hostility.

    Hostility, however, can be self-defeating. Poet Charles Bukowski’s description of the alienation from American society he experienced as a student and young person exemplifies this:

    “The problem was you had to keep choosing between one evil or another, and no matter what you chose, they sliced a little bit more off you, until there was nothing left. At the age of 25 most people were finished. A whole g—damned nation of a—holes driving automobiles, eating, having babies, doing everything in the worst way possible, like voting for the presidential candidates who reminded them most of themselves.”

    Bukowski damned corporatism and the idiocy it promoted, but was famous for his own forays into idiocy and self-destructive behavior. Still, his words evoke feelings persons close to current educational politics can relate to.

    The distress BATs feel about the election of Lily Garcia to the NEA presidency (and Randi Weingarten’s reign in the AFT) is linked to their rejection of corporatism and its corrosive effect on democracy within the teaching profession. Corporatists have slowly emerged as leaders in each organization because they are not leaders at all. This is the irony of corporatism. The way out is not self-destructive calls for separation from those organizations or revolution against their leadership. It is a commitment to self-discovery and re-creation. We must change ourselves in order to change our national professional organizations and to protect public education.

    BATs have had a remarkable year. We have become self-aware, all 49,000 and more of us. We have begun to present a recognizable and consistent voice on matters of public education. It’s probably a bit early to expect name cards at the tables of decision to include many BAT members, though. As an organization, providing a compelling vision for public education that is supported by a mechanism for achieving it will be necessary to turn self-awareness into visible action. And that is a concern.

    As long as we find it necessary to identify ourselves as BATs– as members of an interest group— we risk becoming one of the corporate structures that inhibit the function of democracy itself. When we are able to convince people that their obligation is to society as a whole, we will have convinced them to be part of a true democracy, where interest is subjugated to disinterest. We may also find it possible to shed our interest label.

    There is no reason to expect the tension between democracy and corporatism to be anything but prolonged and difficult. It has been a central conflict in our national history since its inception.

    We should be pleased that the past year has given rise to the BATs and the idea that public education is worth supporting. I think it’s time to set some signposts that might indicate the effect our movement has had as we look forward to our second anniversary:

    Has CCSS become a pejorative in its own right? That might mean that people are experiencing frustrations due to the impacts it has on instruction and on the finances of school districts across the nation.

    What is the level of awareness of Gates Foundation involvement in public affairs, including education? Debate on the impact of its semi-private initiatives will bring it into the sunshine of democratic process.

    What is the status of recognizable BAT participation in national, state, and local education policy decisions?

    To what extent have BATs extended their activities to other initiatives for social justice and general public policies?

    If we become more self-aware, and if we seek to have a positive impact on local, state and national affairs, we will look back on the 2014-15 academic year as one of democracy-building success. We will watch the fireworks with new understanding of the challenges the Founding Fathers passed on to posterity.

    We will also feel less like Charles Bukowski, and be better able to contribute to society as a whole. Then, the primary obligation we have—to convince the coming generations that their obligation to society actually exists—will be next.

    © David Sudmeier, 2014

    • Their obligation to ‘society as a whole.’ As I snarked in the book, society as a noun like that does not exist outside of Mrs Astor’s legendary ballroom and list.

      Is Sudmeier saying what Hong Kong wants to require now in its ed sponsored view of citizenship as Kohlberg’s Universal Love? I know that is also a huge component of what CCSSO is pushing in the classroom. We know his former student, Harvard prof Robert Kegan, has a very strong role in the actual Common Core implementation in the US, higher ed reform here, and the OECD Key Competences push globally of what actually makes a country internationally competitive via education.

      I went back over that post yesterday as I thought about this push towards the collective http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/prescribing-how-we-frame-experiences-is-the-lynchpin-of-wholesale-unconscious-behavioral-change/ because I knew it related to what I wanted to say next.

      Sudmeier is wrong in his fascination towards democracy as it will simply empower individuals with no recourse when exploitation by governments occur. He is right though about Corporatism. That’s also a huge problem with the Local Workforce development Boards that the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act would mandate. Private interests with access to public money and public powers of coercion seems to be the whole point of these public-private partnerships.

      I had to run out with one of my kids this AM, but I should get back to posting later today.

      • Robin, Having read much of what this guy has put out, my thought is his agenda is to use some truth (corporation influence) to vilify the private sector while encouraging unity of the public sector in making a stand as one collective body for the lefts agenda. Just a manipulation of the teachers who seem to eat it up. At least many of them. EVERYTHING is orchestrated on the left. I do believe this.

        • Carol-the Rockefeller Foundation says they coordinate messages with other foundations and policy making entities.

          Many of the people who dislike Common Core are saying charters are the answer. Typically the language in the charter actually guts academics once you know the meaning of the terms used. Most charters remain subject to the accreditation agencies who see the function of education as an avenue for social change. The Quality Standards AdvancED released have no interest in knowledge as the book laid out in Chapter 7, citing the actual language.

          Charters were originally envisioned as a means to require a shift from academics. I am not speculating. I have the actual 1988 Us DoED grant funded document saying so.

          I could write a charter that would give genuine school choice, but that’s because language is my living and I know where the barriers are and what all these terms actually mean. Many critics are giving a remedy that in many instances will make things far worse than they are now.

          Try looking up Paolo Freire Charter and see how many there are and what their vision is. That same vision is also quietly in place at other charters that use a more reputable name. Radical design via charter language but no tip off unless parents and taxpayers know the be wary.

          • Robin, I’m not a fan of Charters and I see them being used as a tool to instigate uprisings of the teachers union members and you’re right, they have the same agendas as the public schools really. I’m thinking EVERYTHING is a means to an end. Not related to common core, have you seen the Charters going up around the US by the Muslim Imam from Turkey that lives in the PA mountains? Charters that teach……Islam, Shari and Arabic. http://www.eagleforum.org/publications/educate/jan13/turkish-charter-schools-in-america.html Wonderful huh? Seem the good ole USA is gonna be tackling problems coming from every direction. What amazes me is I have found more people up here in the North Georgia mountains who know more of what is going on then anyone I’ve talked to in metropolitan areas. God help us……..

          • This from Politico indicates that the US House will suspend rules to quickly pass WIOA. Apparently I am not the only one using that acronym.

            “The House plans to take up the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act this week, the massive jobs and workforce education bill the Senate passed in June. WIOA would update the workforce system by placing a fresh emphasis on partnerships between businesses and workforce training organizations and overhauling the employment system for young people with disabilities. The House is considering WIOA under suspension of the rules, which indicates members think it will be easy to pass. No amendments will be offered and two-thirds of members will have to vote for the bill for it to pass.”

            I imagine the entire 535 members of Congress are relying on one page briefs or the idea instead of actually reading the 812 page monstrosity. Guess which is binding-the statute or the one page summary of the high points?

          • Yeah, who needs a stinkin Constitution………..why read bills if there is nothing to protect?

    • Carol,
      Not sure if you are on FB but the Bat teachers have a huge online presence. A group in each state. I believe the main leader is a self proclaimed communist, even running for office in NY. Our Bat group here leans very heavy to the left. Early on in my research, long before finding Robins work, I followed their group online. I quickly learned they have another agenda all together. I believe they have a very large march on DC planned soon.

      • LL, If it weren’t for you and Robin, I would still be in the dark about most of this. I’ll go look it up. I had thought that teacher in Seattle had come up with the term. Brother…..

      • What timing. I just received this email from the blog I follow and it addresses the Democracy issue with the BAT’s. David Sudmeier commented on About.

        in response to Joanna Best:

        Can you please do a post about why public schools are a cornerstone of democracy? I cannot articulate why and I wish I could. I want to know what other people have to say on that.

        I’ve tried to deal with that relationship on a number of occasions…Here’s one attempt: http://davidsudmeier.com/2014/03/17/the-common-good-for-sale/

        I think clarifying what democracy is, and what needs that system must fill in order to thrive, is an ongoing debate which should never end.

        Best wishes.

        David Sudmeir

      • Oh gosh LL, and here is more. I might be coming across as naïve when it comes to what is happening in the teaching profession, and I guess I am, but this absolutely floors me. The very people who are supposedly educated to instruct my children on history and our form of government are clueless. Joanna Best commented on About.

        in response to dianeravitch:

        Joanna, the last chapter of “Reign of Error” explains the tie between democracy and public education. The bottom lime is having institutions that build community and a sense of the common good, where everyone has a voice. Versus treating education as a consumer good, me first, I’ll do what’s best for me and mine. One […]

        makes sense.
        I will reread the chapter.
        Somehow that message has to become resounding and powerful. . .such that folks realize they are standing with the bag and the music has stopped and the joke was on them for not standing up for democracy, but falling into the trap of “me first.” Maybe that is truly an instance where Duane’s GAGAers rings true. . .a mother in our district said the following (upon pulling her daughter out of our very good school to put her in the shiny new charter up the street, in a strip mall, mind you): “my inner voice is telling me I should leave her at the public school—we’ve really loved it; but my friends are all going to the charter.” The “no child left behind” mantra seems to have worked its way into an inner paranoia of people that if they don’t “shop” for school, they are leaving their child behind. It has created a mistrust in self, ironically by putting self first.

        Anyway—I will read it and hope to hear more of its points in the dialogue about public education. It’s getting even more critical to find new ways to bolster what is being wasted in the name of choice

          • Robin, Do you know where I first read about the IEL concept? When reading about John Dewey and that period of “educational enlightenment”. There was a governor from Pennsylvania who thought the total community/collective approach was the way to go and John Dewey agreed. I can’t remember his name but I remember thinking wow, this has been an ongoing goal for decades! Same thing I thought of when Hillary spoke of it taking a village. Now they are taking it further by vilifying individuality. (dang I wish I had something that even resembled a memory)

          • Look what the ISTE keynoter pushed last week http://www.centerdigitaled.com/news/The-Freedom-of-Learning-by-Play.html

            The power of play is precisely John Dewey’s point of how ed should be used to foster social change in the broader society.

            Was the governor you are thinking of Harris Wofford by any chance? His name was on something I saw recently and I thought “whoa, you went on to be governor. That would give a great deal of power to try to effect this vision.”

          • No, I think his name began with a B, like Baugh or something. I’ll look it up.

          • Oh boy does this article infuriate me. I too believe play is important in a childs life. And you know what, as children we played AND learned. We played after school and had PE or recess during school. What has happened is PROGRESSIVE policies have destroyed the family, has made neighborhoods unsafe and has taken time away from the family where oversight normally took place. Progessive policies have brought about lawsuits in schools so kids can’t do a darn thing in fear of being hurt. I could go on and on. And now they use all this dysfunction they have created to bring about their idea of community?

  10. I believe I have read the description of that CareerConnect before. I’m almost positive it was while researching database connections. Now that I think about it, GA is not on this list.

    And the CareerConnect is a Doleta program if I am not mistaken.

    I’d bet those copyrighted career clusters are involved? That makes sense if new testing will assign them to a path.

    How controlled is that!

    • The Career Clusters come from DoL. I was in meetings on this when I first encountered them here in Ga in that HB 196 I said in the book fit too well to the International vision not to be a pilot.

      Also fits with the High Schools That [Do Not, Snark] Work from SREB and what Jeannie Oakes developed that Alliance for Excellent Education is now pushing. All essentially the same Beck vision incorprated into a State Capitalism planned vision.

    • “The idea of a school in which pupils, and therefore, studies and methods, are connected with social life, instead of being isolated, is one familiar in educational theory. In some form, it is the idea that underlies all attempts a thorough-going educational reform. What is characteristic of Soviet education is not, there-fore, the idea of a dovetailing of school activities into out-of-school social activities, but the fact that for the first time in history there is an educational system officially organized on the basis of this principle. Instead of being exemplified, as it is with ourselves, in a few scattering schools that are private enterprises, it has the weight and a authority of the whole régime behind it. In trying to satisfy my mind as to how and why it was that the educational leaders have been able in so short a time to develop a working model of this sort of education, with so little precedent upon which to fallback, I was forced to the conclusion that the secret lay in the fact that they could give to the economic and industrial phase of social life the central place it actually occupies in present life. In that fact lies the great advantage the Revolution has conferred upon educational reformers in Russia, in comparison with those in the rest of the world. I do not see how any honest educational reformer in western countries can deny that the greatest practical obstacle in the way of introducing into schools that connection with social life which he regards as desirable is the great part played by personal competition and desire for private profit in our economic life. This fact almost makes it necessary that in important respects school activities should be protected from social contacts and connections,instead of being organized to create them. The Russian educational situation is enough to convert one to the idea that only in a society based upon the coöperative principle can the ideals of educational reformers be adequately carried into operation. ” John Dewey

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