Forcing Equality of Communicative Competence as an Expedient Way to Promote Mental Time Travel

One of the benefits of now having an extensive research library documenting what I write about is being able to recognize what I am looking at now and then going back in time to when the hoped for means of transformation was first laid out. That’s what we did with Futuribles. Looking at that OECD paper from last week from the previous post as well as the aspirations from the Third Way Global Progress summit held by the Center for American Progress (CAP) in March reminded me I should go back and look at sociologist Anthony Giddens’ 2001 book called The Global Third Way Debate. Fitting right in with the Ford Foundation’s financing of both the behavioral sciences by founding CASBS in Palo Alto in the 50s and then Futuribles research in the 60s we have their Director of the Program of Governance and Civil Society, Michael Edwards insisting in writing that:

“So we are left with the task of humanising capitalism, that is, preserving the dynamism of markets, trade and entrepreneurial energy while finding better ways to distribute the surplus they create and reshape the processes that produce it…[I think we are included in the processes to be reshaped, but here’s more] Inequalities result from political decisions about the distribution of gains from economic activity. What is allocated to private consumption, public spending, and social responsibilities is never fixed, and it is democracy’s job–not the role of the markets–to determine our collective goals and common interests.”

Now since ‘markets’ are actually just lots of individuals making their own choices with the information they havebased on their own values, what Edwards was really saying was that, in the Third Way vision, political power will determine what ‘our collective goals and common interests’ must now be. Needless to say, education to alter consciousness in prescribed and unappreciated ways is Tool Para Excellence. Especially if it can be sold as helpful brain-based learning

Another speaker, Simon Szreter, stressed the need for ‘moral principles and priorities’, which could be “practically related to the workings of ‘the real world’, real people and their relationships to each other and to the economy; a specification of the practical policies and measures which are required in order to change the economy and society towards the desirable model of social and economic relationships that has been elaborated.” Now we could simply surmise education would once again be a handy tool for such deliberate change by political process, except barely two pages later we have the confession for “enabling us to focus on the crucial issue of the means by which the capacities of individuals to process information are distributed across an economy. In particular it can show how the politics of a society and its institutions critically influences the information-processing capacities of its citizens.”

Now wanting to control that information-processing capacity at the level of the mind is precisely what redefining people as simply ‘goal-seeking systems’ actually does. We have covered that in some depth on this blog and in far more detail in my book Credentialed to Destroy. Here’s the tragic element beyond the tyrannical control issues of such aspirations: “it is a crucial goal to maximise and equalise the the social and cultural scope of information exchange among the economy’s workers. Through generating the capacity to process information effectively–the promotion of communicative competence–on the part of the greatest proportion and diversity of citizens…One of the most significant and powerful sources of disruption of the possibility that citizens might enjoy a state of equality of communicative competence with each other is a dramatically unequal distribution of wealth and income in society.”

Well we know that’s on the OECD’s To Do list. With the US and CAP also having a Larry Summers-led Inclusive Prosperity Commission and the UN announcing Dignity for All by 2030, income and wealth distribution are supposedly on the current global Must Change through PolicyMaking and Think Tanks To Do List. What’s the other pincer per Szreter and out Third Way Fabians in 2001? This is a long quote, but very useful as a long term explanation of why education always comes up as a tool and where it fits in with the broader collectivist scheme (as usual, my bolding).

“The national education system is the other principal general influence, after income and wealth distribution, upon the formation of social capital, and the possibilities for equality of communicative competence. This is because it is simultaneously producing not just one economic product, as previously understood by economists, but two: both human capital and social capital. And it is only a good overall education system, in which all can have pride in their schools and from which all can derive a sense of personal achievement and worth, which can lay the necessary foundations for the proliferation of social capital all across the economy, by providing its basis in common communicative competence and mutual respect. [Anyone thinking Positive School Climate is just practice for these relationships of justice?] The argument from social capital holds in principle for a range of other important social policies which affect the equality of citizens’ capacities, such as health, housing and social security.”

Now that common communicative competence to be required would also be what guides perception, interprets experience, and motivates future behavior and it is to be common and predictable. Very useful for that social and individual steering capacity governments at all levels are now seeking. A useful paper on all this came out of Europe in 2009 and it’s called “Thinking as the control of imagination: a conceptual framework for goal-directed systems.” That’s us, remember? And the common communicative competence means comparable goals that are invisibly manipulated via educational ‘standards,’ desired competencies that are targeted for ‘testing,’ and other statutory or regulatory mandates.

Before I offer up the following quote that is pertinent to all the reimagining of the future and the offering of guiding fictions from the last two posts, it leaves out what phonetically fluent readers have always been able to do. Get a handle on the nature of the world and people historically and consistently through massive amounts of diverse reading. Common communicative competence rules that obstacle to mental reengineering out. The researchers in that article stated that “behavior consists in the control of perceptions.” Yet, we know the whole purpose of using standards to prescribe the categories and concepts all are now to learn as the Framework of a Discipline is to control perception. Now let’s move forward to the quote of what is desired in our ‘goal-seeking system’ as the students and eventually us are being called.

“when a comparison is done not between sensed and desired states, but between internally simulated and desired states, the architecture acquires control over its own imagination: this makes it able to interactively set its goals and plans, and ultimately to think by mentally simulating actions.”

Now I offered that long quote from Szreter because it’s not just the common communicative competence guiding what will be internally simulated in most people. With his definition of social capital and how it was to be obtained, the Third Way made it quite clear the desired states were also to be the focus of manipulation via education. That is what policymakers mean when they insist what they lay out is a normative vision for how the future should change. Robert Heilbroner, a well-known Marxist professor wrote Visions of the Future in 1995. He started the chapter on Visions of Tomorrow by acknowledging he did not wish to predict the shape of tomorrow, but he did want to guide what was imaginable. As he wrote, “I stress this crucial word–to exercise effective control over the future-shaping forces of Today…leaves us with the somewhat less futile effort of inquiring into the possibilities of changing or controlling the trends of the present.”

Now let’s leave aside the enormous potential of digital learning and the simulations of virtual reality assessments to reconfigure what a mind will soon be internalizing as imaginable. Let’s just get back to all the role-playing assignments that now form such a tremendous part of history and social studies classes. The ubiquity making more sense now? Now let’s go back to David J Staley’s History and Future book to see how common communicative competence in the name of Equity and controlling the Imagination come together.

“The result of these imagination leadership thought exercises is a mental map of a future business space. The goal of these scenario exercises is to, first, clarify or otherwise expose preexisting mental maps, and to especially reveal unarticulated assumptions. Second, these scenario exercises help the group to refine their mental maps by suggesting new or unforeseen opportunities and threats. Third, the goal is to create many of these mental maps in the maps of audience members, to replace the monolithic mental map of the future with a ‘diversified portfolio’ of mental maps, to allow us to better cope with change. This is related to the fourth goal of these thought experiments: to help us order our perceptions, to create effective mental filters that allow us to make sense of all the data and information that bombards our senses. As we take data and information, we have a better way to categorize and organize the data.”

Now with that last quote, I think I will stop and let everyone contemplate the implications of education allowing political power to now create those mental filters for whatever transformational purposes politicians or their cronies find expedient.

All going on without telling the students, their parents, or the taxpayers accurately what is being targeted and why.

Mental time travel using these parameters is likely to leave us all Lost in Space, except the space is not Outer anymore.



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  1. Ayep.

    These imagination leadership thought exercises now practiced in what used to be academic classes have been perfected during the past 30 plus years of situational ethics/values clarification sex ed exercises in schools.

    In many ways our kids are already primed for this kind of role play mind manipulation. Their “values”..( parent’s values ) have already been exposed..I mean clarified… and dissected and re-framed to align with the new and improved ” normative” group sexual mores and values.

    You know, the values that say you can be, NAY, you ARE a woman even if you are actually biologically a man.
    Because ” If that is your reality dude…”

    Sex ed was probably always part of the beta testing for the ‘academic’ push. Now its just handy as reinforcing tool for maintaining feeling mush mind.

    Lost in Inner Space in the extreme. Competent to communicate with vapid and vacuous thinking.

      • The language about fulfilling potential is literally straight out of Marx as translated.

        The research-based vision is the Science of the Individual vision that looks for KSA-in-context (knowledge, skills, attributes) in the internalized, intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions sense. I have been very busy. The Pezzulo/Castelfranchi article cited here is only part of what I have on all this.

        Plus the GSV Summit going on right now in San Diego brags that the feds are now spending $500 million per year for the brain mapping to be comparable to the Human Genome Project. As to your pet peeve, the 2020 Vision: A History of the Future GSV document also calls for Accelerating “Ideas that Address the Integration of Mind, Body, Soul.”

        Here’s the quote from the conclusion: “While we were focused on building a strong base of brain science, we also aimed to catalyze the application of research findings to benefit end users [??]–particularly with solution that created impact with a holistic “mind, Body, Soul’ approach. As we knew from the ground-breaking research of Dr. Adam Gazzaley at UCSF, the most transformative ‘learning’ resources–those that optimized the actual functioning of the brain–would combine physical and cognitive exercises in formats that inspired and engaged.

        We do not want to wait until the completion of the BRAIN initiative to support product innovation on this front. So we allocated funding in the model of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to accelerate innovative technology applications of research.”

        I am very sorry governments are doing what they are doing, but glad we are thoroughly on top of it in real time. It rather makes this Pravdaesque false victory lap over the Common Core all the more sickening. I guess the Heartland wants to move onto their true agenda that caused them to seek out Amitai Etzioni to write the Forward to the school choice book they sponsored in the 90s with its communitarian agenda.

        • Here is a perfect example of what you describe below.
          Education actively Using sex impulse intensity to distract disable and corrupt a la Weimar. The link is from a university sex ed program web site. This is no joke.

          You said:
          “those that optimized the actual functioning of the brain–would combine physical and cognitive exercises in formats that inspired and engaged.”

          • So much for, ” Why don’t you read a great book!
            Or get out in the fresh air to clear your head.”

            Yes, this programming certainly distracts and motivates…and all for STD prevention…..bless their hearts.

            Such Givers.

          • Nothing like a state accountability paper from someone who was behind the Georgia statutory stripping of authority from elected school boards.

            Or calling AdvancED a nonprofit when anyone it employs profits so handsomely and doesn’t have to pay taxes on the revenue. Better compensation and benefits. What a racket. When I first started to sense something was wrong in private education it turned out the then Headmaster of the private school was on the SACS Board. No wonder we parents were supposed to shut up and take whatever changes were offered up to make sure our children would have their Axemaker Minds stripped away at a high cost, financial and personal..

            Yet so many believe the answer to these reforms is to get away from public schools.

    • How about Minecraft being hyped as a means to build brain cells? is the original . is how it is being hyped.

      The Common Core is not dead. It simply was never accurately described by the various Atlas member think tanks trying to monopolize both sides of the narrative. They should read my book and what John Goodlad described as the common core in the mid-80s.

      • Robin,

        Over the weekend I attended a party where several women there who had younger kids were talking about how much their chillun LOVED playing Minecraft. We are talking 9 and 10 year olds. I was appalled but it was not the time or place to suggest an alternate form of entertainment.

        In the event that I ever have the time and space to talk about this software to moms, can you suggest a way to broach the conversation and how to explain what is being done to the child’s inner world?

        I should mention as well that one of these little girls attends a Catholic school and her mom is very devout. And yet this child came home the other day insisting she did not believe in God.
        Some of that convo is simply the child testing her mom and pushing her buttons but I can’t help but wonder about any intervening brain training encouraging such an outburst.

        • Ok, Got it. So no plot. No goal. ( Except of course what the Microsoft programmers have allowed and accounted for) and Teamwork means kids immersed in this are just endlessly, practicing imagining futures, invisibly created for them, without any basis in reality but the patterning and expectation will be embedded in the brain circuitry and seem as real as day because…Minecraft!

          So when some policy wonk comes along and says IMAGINE what we can have for ALL of US if we just work as a team and share and care and BELEIVE they will say ” OK.. because MINECRAFT!”

          ““Because there’s no overt goal, no immediate plot, no structure, you have the flexibility and freedom to do what you want,” says Jeff Haynes of Common Sense Media, which rates software and games for age appropriateness and gives Minecraft a top “learning” score. “It fosters life skills like creativity, curiosity, exploration and teamwork.”

          • Last thing.

            I don’t think I’m crazy for considering that the name Minecraft sounds vaguely like MINDcraft or that the name was deliberately chosen as a sort if inside joke to the people who created it for the purposes desired.

            Sort of like the buried meaning in Common CORE.

          • Or that it was developed in a country that the 1971 book The New Totalitarians that I wrote about here said was much closer to the little c vision of Karl Marx’s Human Development Model than anything the USSR had created. The Richard Layard/ Jeffrey Sachs UN Global Happiness report that began in 2012 agrees it is the benchmark. I have materials that make what is going on quite clear, but they are more in books here for using in the second book. I know, the Willis Harman quote from Global Mind Change that the human body and mind does not react differently to cultivated virtual reality vs natural environments and experiences is a start.

   is the post from March 2013 on the Gaming push.

   has the Willis Harman quote.

            Remember that the 1968 Bellagio conference that kicked off the reimagining of the future around normative goals of transformation from the Rockefeller property hyped the creation of the Institute for the Future as part of those goals. That is what Marina Gorbis now heads and who Jane MacGonnigal works for and who KnowledgeWorks likes to partner with on its education forecasts of the future.

          • How’s this for a manipulative quote: “Research shows that public understanding is a necessary precursor to building public will. When people hear a clear and effective message and have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through ongoing conversation, they come to view themselves as participants in a meaningful process, rather than as consumers of a product. When people feel they are a trusted and respected voice in their community, they respond with their hearts, minds, and hands.”

   I guess this is like the frameworks Institute and we are all simply supposed to accept the assigned narrative and go get our pom poms to celebrate our “public servants” 21st century zeal.

            Idiotize, of course, gets the life expectations misaligned to the reasonable value most students bring to any prospective employer. All of a sudden only governments can provide. The Chugach vision IS the goal-seeking systems thinking Boulding laid out. It explains Robert Marzano buying RISC as well given his and McREL’s involvement when all this Intrapersonal control of the simplex was still called Thinking Skills in the 80s.

            Notice not only all the references to Whole Child and the Domains but also the goal of “Basic Skills Proficiency.” That I suppose is enough to put on the assigned lenses and act as if that is actually how the world does and should work.

  2. Of course, playing mind numbing video games for hours is not actually mind numbing but mind training.

    My sister in law has a 2 year old. I am appalled when I see him wandering the house carrying her phone around playing on it. Not only that, he carries a tablet around so he can watch ‘learning’ videos on demand. He literally stared at it all evening when they came for a visit. They were proud of his technology skills and wanted us to agree how cute it was. Later I asked my husband why they were so shocked to discover he is slightly behind developmentally. How about actually talking to the boy or playing and reading to him. It is utterly frightening to think about the upcoming generation and how they will handle life and the world.

    • I was at kids choral concert. Family in row next to us had a 6-7 yr old laying down with iphone playing games with one of those ring pops in his mouth, not keeping still practically drooling, parents oblivious, actual sounds coming out distracting from CONCERT i thought another one bites the dust. He looked over at me with a deranged look like alfred e nueman on meth. It was scary and sad. Ah goal acheived, eh.

    • Love this video. Even if the subjects were cherry picked out of more sane responses these poor addled, nitwits give evidence to exactly what is intended to be instilled in the neural networks for ALL MINDS for Equity.

      • Methinks set up to appear majority far gone in second order change… Demoralization tactic. Just a hunch. Maybe even Aktoors..
        Anything slick and well produced guides
        “perception” as reality, as discussed above. The tactics are used across the board….

    • The conclusion is right on. If we can’t even speak directly about such obvious things, how can we hope to discuss things that are actually difficult?

        • Its a control system manufactured for self perpetuation. Its the song that never ends it just goes on and on my friend…
          Its printing money.
          Evidence based and research based science based… They control the studies the funding the outcome the messaging the dupe board members the activist drones…with BAKSHEESH! Its really quite awesomely old school totalitarian. Ah but the PERCEPTIONS are controlled to not see it. Hello China!!!!! Ol’Mao had it easier there because their writing system is like whole word not alphabetic. Easier to bamboozle.

          ( they are getting closer with droves of Americans unable to read in the phonetic decoding fashion just functional vocab due to chaotic misanthropic teaching tends.)

        • An essential part is that Obama just threw the money out there, and he knew that over a period of 8 years, the developers would come and get it. Nothing too complicated — he used the power of government to direct the market to do the hard work.

          This is abusive if it’s not agreed by the voters, but it is what it is.

          Hoping Trump will find a way to redirect this and improve things without wasting everything. There’s some good from it. PARCC style testing tech. really is pretty cool. I used it in an online course, and it works for old-school tests of old-school material.

          • The technology can be used to teach whatever its creators seek to instill. I believe the same principles, but with a legitimate aim, are now used to train airplane mechanics according to some of my materials.

          • Take a look at how the local governments and the evidence-based policy of the Bloomberg financed What Works Cities intends to use data to make governments essential at all levels.

            Not news to us but when we realize it is also a Brookings initiative and thus aligned to what Bruce Katz announced in Sweden as the duties of local governments in his speech to Kommuninvest and what Aspen put out in The City as Platform the local is where we are to be thoroughly yoked.

  3. A big movement starting up against SETRA. As usual questioning what they want us to believe.

    “If SETRA passes in its current form, the federal government will be empowered to expand psychological profiling of our children. Parents must understand this threat so they can mobilize to stop it.”

    “Section 132 of SETRA expands authorized research to include “research on social and emotional learning [SEL] . . . .” SEL is defined as “the process through which children . . . acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.”

    • Perpetually a day late and a dollar short. Seriously how can any of the “front writers” and spokesmodels in the spotlight be trusted as they drag along bags full of old news? Kabuki.
      Last time i checked Robin, you have not been interviewed at townhall, politico or Breitbart. Gotta call central casting for that. How are all the spokesmodels against common core qualified to speak for all parents? A suit and tie? An ed degree? A Dr. A part time theater teacher??? PALEEEEEZ

      • Listening to the academic a$$hats about common core math and their tapioca tonics waxing concerned on mid media is just getting gross. The medicated musings of a brooks brothers bandersnatch are even harder to swallow. Adult beverage with lunch today methinks.

        • Take a look at what is admitted to by Bruce Katz in this speech recently to Kommuninvest in Sweden.

          This is why we see so much construction going on in major cities now. It’s these kinds of bond financing or assumed appreciation being borrowed against with taxpayers ultimately on the nook long after the fees have all accrued to cronies. Same politicians and networks pushing the workforce development vision.

          • Last Trump rally I watched, the angry populism is not about investing in cities and combating climate change. Sheesh.

          • This interview with Bill Gates on ai should interest you.

            This insistence that definitions of personalized learning are all over the place though is simply not true among those that are knowledgeable. It’s simply that there would be no popular support if the real aims were disclosed as I have been doing. Those researchers funded by Gates or Hewlett or Carnegie or Ford or fed ED know exactly what is envisioned. In fact, it has been the same vision for decades.

        • Another lost invite.

          Australia, Canada, Denmark have all joined. Meanwhile I continue to follow the implications of all this in what Europe calls Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied Systems. Fits in perfectly with what the Ford Foundation hoped for with its Futuribles funding that was also based in Europe.

          • A very interesting quote from the seminar that the mind races doc came out of.

            “In order to deal with novel and dynamic environments, cognitive systems need sophisticated capabilities based on many kinds of anticipation. Expectations and prediction-based control mechanisms underlie effective routinized behavior. Every step we take relies on the expectation that the floor will not give way beneath us; the pervasiveness of such expectations is highlighted by the surprise we experience when we suddenly lose our footing and by our ability to control and adjust it by using a prediction-control loop. Moreover, the ability of building higher order expectations about future events has been a major evolutionary and cognitive breakthrough for humans. Our representations are detached from the present here and now, and we can conceive forthcoming events – and even situations that will never be real. We are able to reason not only about what we experience, but about expected, desired and feared futures—our behavior can thus be really “driven by the future.”

          • So will this and this paper “Towards an anticipation control theory of the mind” out of Brussels .

            Every time you read a reference to ‘representation’ remember that controlling that is what Pedagogical Content Knowledge is all about and ETS is tracking.

            One of those days when the senior in college did her honors presentation to me by phone so I could hear it and check timing and youngest is trying to get signed up for her orientation. I am practically numb though with what has turned up from all over the world with these insights.

          • This popped out as I continue to notice the implications of all this. Thye Presence of Alexander and his wife Kathia Castro Laszlo ties this to the GEFF 2035 initiative that had that forum a year ago in Silicon Valley that Tom VanderArk was at and thus what is going on in my local school system that has hired the Beaverton school super from Oregon.

            Remember the 1987 dispute between von Glasersfeld and Jeremy Kilpatrick covered in the book? Turns out von Glasersfeld is tied to the cybernetics, people as purposeful systems, the internalized representation need not reflect reality crowd as long as it is a useful guiding fiction. Knowing the actual implementation so well from the first book aids the tracking of all this as well as recognizing names or theories and what the real implications are.

        • In NY they changed the Algebra 2 – Trigonometry Regents exam to the new Common Core. Our district’s math teachers put out a list of 17 topics that were covered on the old exam that are no longer on the new CC exam.

          I would say they are the most advanced part of Algebra 2, generally the material that may not be obviously useful but will become important when the student takes calculus and further math courses.

          The old presumption was, I guess, that when kids get this far in math they might take some more STEM classes, and Algebra 2 was designed appropriately for that. The new CC Algebra 2 is basically an enhanced Algebra 1, a “capstone” course that doesn’t prepare for the typical next steps. But it makes it more accessible to a wider population of students.

          I don’t know if this is inevitable given the previous CC math courses. Actually the earlier ones looked OK to me, although I’m not a school math teacher and don’t know what works well. But Algebra 2 has been dumbed down. Maybe this can be mostly fixed (for kids who survive this far) by keeping the old topics in Algebra 2.

          • We are worried that Algebra 2 does not adequately prepare students for Pre-calculus and Calculus AB. We have a serious decline in acceleration. Pre-Calc is a gatekeeper college course; those who pass it succeed in college. Rough times ahead.

  4. analysis of spokesmodels against common core, seems that they are to hold our hands as we are pushed off the cliff. Their outrage is confirming what will be. The inevitable. The fake struggle gets the emotions going and the public mirrors the helplessness.

    …And scene. Cut.

    • We saw this with ESSA where various Atlas members had their employees and affiliates insisting there was no time to read the legislation when there actually was. There was simply no desire to make an accurate analysis of the statute in time to stop it. That’s why I call it the Faux Opposition.

      Where were Emmett and Jane with their concerns over ‘research’ in SETDA when Georgia and other states passed the Foundation for Excellence in Education Student Privacy model legislation that actually grants adaptive learning as a statutory right in education? Nothing gets at the internalized simplex like adaptive learning yet that was never pointed out. The privacy discussion gets treated as if the government wants to keep surveillance data bases classifying what category the student is put into. What do they think the entire education is a dynamic process of intrapersonal and interpersonal transformation is about?

      Yet parents circulate these articles claiming common core is dead or the main concern is to protect the privacy of the data produced by education and rejoice that their opposition has had an effect. Meanwhile they are totally unprotected against the true aims of psychological transformation. Two days ago I recognized the implications of a footnote tying what was sought not just to ESSA now but to what I described in the book regarding the Holmes Group and its aims of pedagogical content knowledge. Looking for the cited articles by Lee Shulman in the mid-80s implicated the Spencer Foundation with its fortune grounded in motivational research and the behavioral sciences as well as ETS, the Gates-funded MET Survey of Teacher Effectiveness, what the OECD is calling the ITEL initiative, as well as countries from Italy, the Czech Republic, and Spain adopting this model that I recognize as the term obuchenie from that trilogy of posts.

      I so thoroughly have everything lapping each other now it is breathtaking. Yet virtually everything is laid out in my book. I just understand additional implications far better. It remains the needed foundation to actually have factual lenses guiding perception of these reforms. As a reader and I discussed on my recent visit out to California, too many parents do not want the truth to be the real story.

      Too many parents found daily videos of the Lion King to make child care easier as well as GameBoys. That they might as well have drunk throughout the pregnancies for comparable neural effects on their children’s brains is another uncomfortable truth that might force a change in how they go about parenting. Tragic.

      • From looking at the slideshow linked above by you Robin, i see in a slide somewhere after 25 that states mindfulness actually “a measurable thickensing of brain tissue ” and i was wondering if it was legal for teachers or schools to thicken any part of our children’s bodies intentionally? Especially without consent? Oh wait they have covered that by trickery in the school handbook. Nevermind.

        • Madmommy-have been a bit under the weather, in part I believe, because of the reality of just what is being imposed and how calculated it all is. As you can surmise from my certainty I have far more research than I have disclosed in addition to the beginnings of all these behavioral science theories and why precisely they were created. I know all that I can prove it with clear admissions.

          Yet your typical holder of an education doctorate doesn’t know this. They only know what they are being told so they will force the implementation of these theories. The typical lawyer doing this type of work doesn’t understand the implications of the documents they have been told to push. In my experience most do not understand the actual language. The definition of education law, which I have looked into, after shock over all the school board members I have encountered who believe they are getting good advice and they are not is to “enact education policy.” That means that if the purpose of education policy is actually backward mapping from Marx;s Human Development Society and the kinds of ‘citizens’ needed not to be effectively opposed in time, that the actual purpose of being an education lawyer is to enact a collectivist Human Development Society using contracts, regulation, and statutory provisions imposed at the level of the human nervous system.

          Do they know that? Some may, but most of this gets put in place because it’s so darn lucrative to have such access to the taxpayer teat. It certainly puts Arne Duncan’s comment that fed ED got what it wanted from ESSA because they had better lawyers than Congress into perspective. Lamar had Marty West and he certainly knows what is going on as someone who is also a prof at the Kennedy School of Government. I do know that for me the actual language of these charters and what is in the state statutes and ESSA is a water shed of revelatory language that is easily trackable to various efforts that should have remained hidden because they use slightly different terms.

          But I track by function and it has all rolled out anyway. I am very sad, but also glad after working full time of this for almost 6 years the rest of the story has come out in what I have pulled together. The funny thing was how much of what I knew had to be relevant after various epiphanies was due to recognizing someone or something that I only knew about because of following up on the chosen legal language in a charter or statute. The means of forcing quiet compliance is ultimately what made the ties indisputable.

          • Speaking of Marx’s Human Development Society and the desired citizen to be created for it, my Senior daughter was recognized as CITIZEN of the week at her school last Friday. In this particular environment it is still a benign award. A good kid fine job, Fine Job Good Kid type of thing. But I am exceptionally close to asking the Bandersnatch head of school, “Why can’t we just have a Person or Student of the Week rather than the Maoist Citizen? Its pointless I know. He is a good soldier. But I like to dream.

      • As a side issue, was there ever a bill passed thru Congress or any legislature anywhere without allowing time for reading, because “there’s just no time to read it”?

        If I ever made an excuse like that at any job I had, I would have found myself quickly in trouble. It’s just nonsense. If there’s no time to read it, vote no until there is time to read it. I think the nonsense started under W.

        Or is there some earlier instance of this insanity before W?

        • There was time to read it. I have said before it took me 13 hours to get through ESSA and I started that Monday in early afternoon because daughter was here before driving back to college. That statute was so tied to enabling a behavioral science/student as a system view that benefits the far Left plus the Cronies who just love a planned economy and public-private partnerships they can be a part of groups and they wanted it to go through even if some funded think tanks that claimed to be against ESSA.

          All the references to Proficiency in NCLB are alarming as it is just as much a defined term in the Arational view of programming behavior via the internalized Simplex as Competency is. Flyvbjerg has Proficiency after Competency in his making plans and acting on them ladder on the way to acting like an Expert (without actually being one}. I feel better, but yesterday was a sad day as details of that accident seeped out. It was my college kid somewhere else who told me yesterday morning. Two of the fatalities turned out to have been in the sorority pledge class of a dear friend’s daughter. All from this area so lots of benumbed parents all over Atlanta yesterday and today. They were not from a single sorority so lots of students knew at least one of the girls and the driver had been their Freshman Year Hall RA.

          A book covering the Macy Foundation conferences was cited in something I uncovered last week and it came earlier this week. I always thought it was tied to the department store fortune, but no it was a fortune created in oil by a Rockefeller partner plus shipping. Anyway, it is augmenting what I already have on who knew what when and what the neurobiological aims have been all along. Mentally and emotionally I am ready now to write the CDT sequel, but the real time pushes that tie into the template I have uncovered are just to unrelenting not to keep the blog going as well.

          My goal is to stay better today and get back to writing soon. This graphic on Developing Autonomy actually fits 100% with the students as goal-seeking systems whose internalized simplex can be monitored, measured, and redesigned. That’s what personalized learning really is. It’s also what continuous improvement is really about, which is why this paper carefully uses euphemisms.

          • I am so sorry to learn about the car wreck that killed the UGA students. Things just don’t make sense sometimes.

  5. Can we hardly wait to see what the next Congress and administration have in store for us by way of “tweaking” the ESSA?

    • In case we ever wondered why the narrative is so consistent.

      Or the graphics of what you call the Delphi Process and which today has much more alluring names. Notice that NCDD and the concept of “Beginning with the end in mind” [aka goals and outcomes] is the National Center for Dialogue and Deliberation which I have written about. It is also Rockefeller Foundation funded like Bruce Katz and his Metropolitanism push via Brookings. It also shows what I have also written about CFSC–Communication for Social Change is a synonym for Delphi.

      • More thoughts on the consistent narrative and ” Our Story”
        ( Our Problem? We have one? Of COURSE there has to BE a problem! ) that the lovely Mr. Ganz elucidates for us. And Robin you spoke to what I am about to describe in your podcast with Jasun Horsely which is that education and the media will be the controls used to form the narrative for us all.

        I have occasion to listen to an ‘Oldies’ station when I am driving my youngest offspring hither and yon. Imagine my surprise when ‘ Oldies” no longer means Chubby Checker but Fleetwood Mac. But I digress. Interspersed between song sets I have on multiple occasions heard an infomercial narrated by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC extolling the virtues of OUR COMMON STORY whatever THAT is. Its all drama and emotion about nothing much in particular. I think she and her handlers are counting on a listening audience that is still pretty baked from the 70’s. Must train the moms and dads to be on board with the kiddos after all, right?

      • If we were doing the limbo underneath this particular bar set by the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools I’m thinking we would probably be flat on our backs and out of the competition.

        • I wish I felt better tonight, but that was a funny visual. At my age the thought of limboing just made me think of how all the centers of gravity shift from when we were teenagers.

      • Who has God-given authority over what goes into your child’s open mind? Business sectors and federal government? Or parents, with the consented-to assistance of teachers and perhaps a local school board? is a quote from that post. Yet earlier the post said that common core would be OK if it actually had been state-led. When properly understood, something available to anyone who has read my book Credentialed To Destroy, governments at the state and local level have no business monitoring, measuring, and manipulating each student’s internalized Simplex.

        It should be sacrosanct as part of each individual’s ‘property’ as the Founding Fathers intended. is an oldie but quite valid on this point.

        That post is either intended to get back control of the narrative or reflects genuine confusion over what is going on or both. I am drinking a glass of EmergenC, but hopefully will have a new post up today.

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