If Facts Won’t Cooperate, There is Always Pedagogy

So why do I keep mentioning the UN? Am I perhaps a jingoistic (think Rah! Rah! with flag decals) American who sees a loss of national sovereignty behind every meeting there by the East River in NYC or in Paris or Geneva? No. I think history shows they have stirred up great mischief. They give legitimacy to national leaders who cause great harm to their people in their own countries. I mention the UN repeatedly because they have great plans for global education and using it to transform the global economy and what people value and how they behave. When international bureaucrats living at our expense aspire to use the social sciences and education to  create unconscious emotional habitual responses we are not to even be aware of, we should be able to know that is what is up. And talk about it among ourselves. Several times. If we are being told we must “transcend mere economic considerations” shouldn’t someone in charge be honest with us?

As I mentioned in the previous post the stated goal is that we should have a post fossil fuels (cheap, efficient energy)/post-consumerist (we make the choices on what we want to buy)/post materialist economy (friendships and people matter more than things). All those approaches are strikingly naive and ignorant but this Green Economy and attaining such control is what is driving education globally. It is ultimately what the Common Core is all about. Let’s use their own words, shall we, so there is no confusion?

“Developing the workforce for transformed or new green jobs requires a new set of skills and knowledge different from those promoted in the past. This requires reorienting current formal and non-formal education at all levels to mainstream sustainable development, as promoted by UNESCO as the lead agency for the Decade on Education for Sustainable Development. It also requires technical and vocational education and training to train and retrain the existing workforce.”

That’s from a recent official, logo on the cover, UN report. And in case your invitation to the UN’s Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) decade got lost, it started in 2006. Like Education for All and those Millenium Development Goals, this is all supposed to be in place in the developed world countries like the US, Europe, and Australia by 2015. Now you know why these gypsy principals and gypsy supers and politicians are mandating changes in a hurry and all at once. And behaving like someone with diplomatic immunity wanting a night of partying around town.

This is going to be a quoty post because if I just summarize you probably won’t believe just how ridiculous and grasping these goals really are. Once again, this time from the UN’s current Higher Ed Sustainability Initiative (my bolding for emphasis):

ESD “aims at enabling everyone to acquire the values, competencies, skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to building more sustainable societies. This implies revising teaching content to respond to global and local challenges. It should also promote participatory teaching methods that allow students to acquire skills such as interdisciplinary thinking, integrated planning, understanding complexity, cooperating with others in decision-making processes, and participating in local, national and global processes towards sustainable development.”

Ouch! Out the window goes the Western tradition of the autonomous individual. You get to be a managed cog in a managed world in this vision. A modern day serf conditioned to accept your assigned role in a world where you have little control or liberty to go your own way and pursue your own dreams. That’s a world of no prosperity unless you are in the politically connected class. It’s a world where technology and knowledge and living standards regress. Just ask the 15th Century Chinese. Their bureaucrats so feared change and the resulting loss of control that they stopped innovation and individual initiative just like ESD and EFA seek to do today. And the greatness disappeared for centuries.

Facts and knowledge foster individual independence. Logic defeats bogus explanations. Outcomes Based Education is always the approach of the political schemers because it stealthily gets at what drives behaviors in most people most of the time–their values, beliefs, and emotions. Here once again in their own words:

“ESD seeks to impart trans-disciplinary understanding of social behaviour, cultural attitudes, sustainability principles and ethical values. . . [ESD] looks holistically at the interdependence of the environment, the economy, society and cultural diversity at the local to global levels. The aim is to nurture a common understanding of sustainable development and how daily activities in the economy have significant,  long-term material consequences for humans and the environment.”

There’s no freedom there. The whole idea is to use education to prevent awareness of servitude while ensuring predictable behavior. The long sought after goal of a would-be controlling class to make the social sciences as predictable in terms of cause and effect on people as the natural sciences like chemistry and physics.

If you have long wondered why those ClimateGate email revelations never seemed to matter to policy direction or the real global temperatures or whether the glaciers were actually melting and when it started. If the fact that the famous hockey stick graph from An Inconvenient Truth was actually a scam and the IPCC Reports are full of errors but nothing derails these initiatives makes no sense. Remember. There was always control over education.

Reality and facts don’t matter when you have access to children for hours each day at the level of the classroom. ESD targets those “curricula and learning materials” explicitly and “ESD concepts must be fully integrated into learning and teaching processes in all types, levels and settings of education.” Now you know why Michael Barber matters so much to our tale.

Oh my. Grab your wallet and hard hat. With those intentions and goals, we have a bumpy ride ahead in our summer of disclosing the Common Core Deception.


8 thoughts on “If Facts Won’t Cooperate, There is Always Pedagogy

  1. Your post reminds me of one of mine awhile back, where I discussed UNESCO’s educational goals as written back in 1948. Thanks for point out that they are still at it, and how their goals have gone from bad to worse.

    Back in ’48, they were all concerned with squashing nationalism and encouraging an international mind-set. Careful words were used to say, basically, let’s not tell our kids how bad some of these other countries are, b/c we want them to think we are all the same.

    They’ve moved on from that starting point, and into something more like this: now that kids know we are all the same worldwide, let’s teach them how we all need to conduct our lives the same, too, or else . . . we’ll kill the earth! Boy, that “AGW crisis” sure is handy for dictating an individual’s daily life, is it not?


    • Yes understanding who Julian Huxley was and what he wanted to achieve has come in handy more than once.

      Especially when he is quoted by name for his education policies but there is no effort to identify who he is.

      In case we sound mysterious Julian established UNESCO and is also known as Aldous’ brother.

      Many people believe the book Brave new World written by Aldous Huxley was based on listening to Julian’s aspirations.

      The Rio+20 conference next month is not getting the kind of attention in the media the conference in 1992 did. I suspect one reason is that they do not want to call attention to how much of the agenda is coming into effect through education initiatives. Treaty or not. Rising sea levels or not. Freezing to death as in the 1970s or roasting as the argument runs now.

      Very convenient as it is hard to disprove.

      • An interesting tangent. When my father was a teenager, he and his friends got to spend an evening with Aldous Huxley chatting about his writing and literature in general. Naturally, A Brave New World came up. Aldous told my father and his friends the novel was written very quickly and in a fit of pique at the then-current fascination with dystopian visions of the future. In other words, the novel is a parody. Aldous, being a serious writer, was more than a little peeved that Brave New World ended up being is most famous work, as he always considered it of lesser quality.

        • What a great story Miss Friday.

          There are people who are very important to ed reform as it envisioned who admired Julian Huxley.

          As you will see there is an element to all of this of wanting to use education to remake the world.

          My point is if it is not possible and is likely to have tragic consequences. We need to talk about it now.

    • Welcome Rafe. Given the extent of what is going on and what it means, I am so glad to hear from Australia.

      You will appreciate the analysis. Especially in the book.

      We are going to discuss how it affects us and what it will mean to all of us if we do not turn this misguided statist juggernaut around.

  2. Believe what you will of what I am about to say or do not. I am not trying to impress or brainwash any who may read my words. I am alumni representative of the class of ’99. I have been searching for blogs and articles related to this particular topic for years… to no avail. As a child, I spent many years being honed, groomed if you will, to take my eventual place as one of “the chosen ones.” I was a member of an academic group called the “Future Problem Solvers.” I worked on numerous “hypothetical national and global issues. We were a group of intelligent, free-thinking, philanthropic CHILDREN hoping only to come in first place at the next of our problem solving competitions. I will tell you only that I have long since learned that NONE of the problems we worked to solve were hypothetical- but actual, pressing and often heavily hidden issues. I always enjoyed research-finding the REAL truth and the real issues at hand. However, I soon learned of an (also “hypothetical”) group of children who were in some instances referred to as “the chosen ones.” This term referred to an elite group of freethinkers and problem solvers who, as long as they didn’t ask to many questions, were being fast-tracked to a bright, sunny future as scientists, politicians, teachers, leaders and scholars… intended to work for the greater goal of an integrated, trusting society of followers and zombified sheep who the “higher-ups” would be more easily able to control. There IS a hidden agenda to these Common Core educational standards. I cannot encourage you all strongly enough to be cautious. To be independent researchers, free-thinkers, d*mn near anarchists in your steel to learn the truth about those who seek to have control over the rest of us. I dropped out of this “fast-track” program…and to say that this was the beginning of a long streak of detrimental circumstances would be a gross understatement. I would never take back my decision to break away from the previously compliant version of myself- a “me” that would have lived and died in vain- a “me” that I am horrified to believe I ever could’ve been. I know we ask are taught to ditch our “trust issues,” but please, PLEASE for the future of our children and the future of our planet, please do not endeavor to trust blindly. Not all who claim to have our best interests at heart… actually do.

    • Ace-welcome to ISC. Do you know how I have written about the World Order Models project? Your story actually parallels what insiders have written about their recruiting at Ivy League schools over the decade. I was rather shocked to read such an open admission.

      Your K-12 experience reminds me of stories I have heard about the Odyssey of the Mind program.

      By the way, as this blog and my book regularly reveal, the hidden agenda to the CC standards is actually not hidden at all. That’s why I write. I also just learned that shortly after I wrote the blog post talking about the New Tech Network and the purpose of CC being to reform high school per Broad prize winning Gwinnett super Alvin Wilbanks, KnowledgeWorks announced it was spinning off the New Tech Network. The spin-off was completed October 1. Coincidence? An attempt to make the coordination and ties to Next Generation Learning and Competency-Based Learning less apparent?

      Hope you will contribute more of your experiences. This is all very real, quite coordinated, trackable, and in need of the disinfectant of sunlight. Welcome again to the effort.

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