If Reality is Ignored or Disregarded, When Do We Become a State Against Its People?

The natural science world is currently abuzz over a paper by Anthony Watts of the website Watts Up With That released Sunday, July 29, that shows that untainted temperature data reveals very little actual global warming. Certainly nothing unusual. The warming cited to justify all this redesigning of education, the economy, and societies all over the West appears to be coming from tainted, poorly located, sites like airports or parking lots. Then NOAA, a US federal science(?) agency, that clearly takes its work on behalf of the US Global Change Research Program  http://library.globalchange.gov/u-s-global-change-research-program-strategic-plan-2012-2021 as a mandate to create global change whatever the actual temperatures or the causes of any increases, skews everything upward again. Making modelling a truly terrible substitute for reality. You see, the Watts paper shows NOAA adjusted the well-sited increases by a factor of about 3 times. Creativity to Create a Sense of Crisis is probably an apt description for these apparent shenanigans.

Now this might just be a scandal among science insiders if we did not also have documented social change transformation aspirations like the Belmont Challenge and the Future Earth Alliance and now that USGCRP 2012-2021 report that looks suspiciously just like the US operating plans and the same time line for implementing the Belmont Challenge in the US. Let’s see,  the definition of “Advance Science” being used in that report says it is to integrate “natural and human components of the Earth system.” Well, being a human component sounds a bit better than being a sociotechnical system from another federal report cited in the July 27 story but it is not much of an improvement. We still have federal agencies and federal funding going to destroy the historic concept of the individual that Western civilization was built on. Quite successfully and prosperously I might add.

USGCRP, according to Mark McCaffrey of CIRES in Boulder, was “known as the Climate Change Research Program or CCSP during the George W. Bush era” when its work was limited to physical science and modelling. Apparently the Obama Administration had much more ambitious plans for climate change and redesigning an economy and American citizens around Sustainability as we have been discussing all summer. So what changed? Well McCaffrey maligns CCSP because it gave “marginal lip service and no funding to social science, education and communication efforts or research.” Instead, the Obama Administration created UNGCRP to be:

“a robust inter-agency effort with international links that now considers social science and effective education and communication to be integral to addressing global change.”

Do you think that’s a typo? It doesn’t say climate change. It says global change. Is that a recognition that AGW was always just a ruse? Well, we know where the international links come from because the Interagency Climate Change task force has the NSF Directorate for Geosciences that is also one of the managing partners of the Belmont Forum. We have the NOAA Climate Program. A desire for a rationale for global social and economic change around Sustainability might explain that determination to find warming no matter what. Finally, the 3rd member of the Global Change triumvirate is listed as the NASA Earth Science Education Science Mission Directorate.I guess someone wanted to reaffirm we are dealing with Capital S Science there. Never a good sign.

All three of these agencies currently report to John Holdren who was a co-author in the past with Paul Ehrlich who wants us to have a new kind of mind. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/how-disabilities-law-is-already-being-used-to-gain-ehrlichs-new-mind-and-the-future-earth-economy/ I am thinking all that new emphasis on the social sciences and education might make handy tools and weapons to gain new, non-Axemaker, minds. As a brief aside, US Senators weighing their vote on that UN Treaty ought to remember the UN now considers education to be their primary policy instrument too.

If the actual measured untainted temperatures show little actual global warming, government officials and the grant seeking professorate class seem to adjust upwards anyway. If a whole word sight dominant reading program shows poor results, you increase the training fees and expand the schools and districts that must use it. If the social and emotional learning emphasis of Outcomes-Based Education has a tragic history since it is deliberate psychological manipulation of pliable minds, you rename it and expand the implementation to a national commitment.

Those are all signs of a political ideology being forced without consent on young minds, businesses, citizens, a whole country. The planet that is supposed to be having an emergency. When you refuse to accept the results of experiments or observations of what works, that is the very definition of political dogma. Pretending it is actually Capital S Science will not change that underlying reality. An ideology systematically rejects empirical evidence. Power seeks to reject or transform reality.  I guess that is where the new robust emphasis on the social sciences and education and communication comes in. Transforming the reality of permitted human behaviors.

We saw the planned vision of consensus creating, managed communication in the July 27 post http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/blending-sustainability-and-education-to-gain-arational-nonlinear-minds-and-new-behaviors/ . We have been chronicling the manipulation of education all summer and the planned reliance on the regional accreditation agencies to act as the day to day enforcers on K-12 and higher ed of this political vision of education for global change.

That leaves the social sciences. Did you know pedagogy itself ceased to be about teaching the content and became a mixture of Marxist political theory masquerading as learning theory, Soviet psychological practices, and cultural anthropology and sociology theories about 25 years ago? It is the ultimate interdisciplinary social science. In a position to create those new non-Axemaker Minds. Especially in those insisting on being called Doctor or those who are Nationally Board Certified Teachers. Those Credentials really do not indicate what you thought. They were actively designed to gain access to positions for imposing political ideologies via education without constraint.

Education coupled with pedagogy, and a friendly cultivated media amenable to the desired communications to create political consensus, are indeed perfect methods for obtaining global change. To create an ideocracy. A country which determines what ideas are acceptable and what kind of minds are allowed. Subjugating knowledge to power has a long history. But only in countries where there is no actual personal liberty or economic freedom. Even if it still exists on paper and old textbooks.

Are we going to continue to allow education to be used to destroy the independence of the individual mind and other manifestations of liberty like private property and personal genuine excellence in our freely chosen pursuits?

It is still a rewriting of the essence of the US Constitution. Now it is out in the open. Please discuss passionately as the still-free individuals that you are. Without any compulsion to reach a consensus on this issue. You are not a subject under government control yet.

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    • I will check on it. That was the valid link when I wrote months ago but I download everything before I write a story on it for a reason.

      Thanks for the story. The link between education, sustainability, CAGW, and Constructivism in math and science is quite tight and insufficiently appreciated. Would you like to know what name the “Radically Change the Nature of Education” Profs came up with because Constructivism had a bad rep and made it too easy to go read Von Glasersfeld or recognize the Soviet links?

      Modelling. Now who wants to now make modelling into a science to be deferred to without question as if it were a religion instead?

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