Illusion Remains the Deadly Enemy of Hope, its Smiling Murderer: Continuing Our Journey to Keep Hope Alive

To explain the whys of what I have so unambiguously now documented, I frequently go back in time to others who have played the role of prescient Cassandra urging the Trojans not to bring that strange gift of a wooden horse within the unbreachable walls. Today’s title comes from an essay Whittaker Chambers published in Cold Friday to convey his reaction to the mid to late 1950s Eastern European revolts against Communist oppression. Chambers always understood what was under attack from ideologies that target “the view we hold, unconsciously or not, of the world and its meaning and the meaning of our lives in it.” Since I have been asserting for a while that this is precisely what the Common Core and 21st Century Learning and cybernetics and Radical Ed Reform through the decades is actually targeting, let’s look at the full quote:

“In this age, hope is something that must be taken by the throat. This is to say, hope, to be durable and real, must begin with things exactly as they are, not as we suppose they were (even a few tranquillizing months ago), or as we wish they might be…The terms of hope are not to delude ourselves about this in order not to suffer in the shattering spins of fear that casts out hope. The deadly enemy of hope, its smiling murderer–is illusion…hope for you (as it has been for [the Eastern Europeans]) can truly begin only when complacency has been eaten off as by an acid bath, consuming the temptation to illusion.”

Never thought of myself or my book as an acid bath before, but the metaphor may well be apt. The way out is consistent with what I tell audiences when I speak. We need to keep our focus at this point on the actual implementation being required. It is provable and alarming. Right now intentionally created illusions impede our way out of this planned darkness of raw political power merging the religious and the secular, the public and the private, and society and the economy. In fact I found those Chambers’ quotes when I was mulling over that the Baha’i see no boundaries to their planned usurpation of authority over the minute details of our personal beliefs and conduct. With the raw power and all-pervasive tentacles of the UN and its affiliates behind them and UNESCO pushing their values as the integral core of global education reforms, we have a problem.

Confronting the actual intentions seems the only way out. Baha’i came out of Islam and clearly retains Islam’s doctrine of absolute deference to political authority. Likewise, Baha’i clearly contemplates what Totally Integrative Education now seeks as well, the “political and the sacred are indissolubly merged.” I am also seeing in the consensus mandates of the required Discourse Classroom or the Fostering Communities of Learners mandate what an American scholar of Islam, Franz Rosenthal, analyzed as consistent with the Muslim concept of hurriyya where an individual Muslim “was expected to consider subordination of his own freedom to the beliefs, morality and customs of the group as the proper course of behavior.” Moreover, Rosenthal noted “the individual was not expected to exercise any free choice as to how he wished to be governed…”

That attitude, that was common to Communism and is a tenet of both Islam and Baha’i, is radically opposed to the Western conception of the primacy of the individual and reason and the conception of freedom that came out of the Enlightenment. The individual has been the essence of traditional education, especially after the printing press and easy access to books made literacy widespread. Now we are back to a Whole Child education that explicitly targets personal values, attitudes, and beliefs with the federal government collecting data to keep track of how the personal transformation from the inside-out is going. We need a Douglas MacArthur moment from when he confronted State Shinto in Japan after World War II.

“Shintoism, insofar as it is a religion of individual Japanese, is not to be interfered with. Shintoism, however, insofar as it is directed by the Japanese government, and as a measure enforced from above by the government, is to be done away with.”

And it was. Today we have comparable attempts to indoctrinate students into collectivism as the only viable solution and transformation as the only acceptable action. The Baha’i books I cited in the previous post are full of those aims. Instead of reiterating those, I want to point out that these aims also come from a different direction that greatly influenced what would come to be known as LBJ’s Great Society. Now with the 50th anniversary eminent, we had best fully appreciate what was really sought in the first place. The planners are not done yet. Back in 1961 Robert Theobald published The Challenge of Abundance laying out his vision of how the West must change now that it had sufficient wealth and technology to meet all needs. He also described using education as the means to obtain the necessary new attitudes and values. This is from page 1:

“the attitudes necessary for the most rapid rate of growth are not those which encourage a meaningful life for the individual or a valid sense of community.”

That desire is still what we are dealing with today and it is what also drove the Swedes to dramatically alter their ed system in the 60s as we discussed in ways that mirror what is being sought today in other parts of the world. The idea, which I believe is erroneous but it IS the foundation for all these sought transformations via education, is that the “society of abundance could, at last, provide independent means” for everyone to reach their potential and thus for the first time in history have “true freedom.” It was Marx’s vision and it drives UNESCO today as Scientific Humanism. It also goes by Human Capability theory now  and has an international conference coming up in Greece.

Education is always such a crucial component over the decades this has been sought because, as Theobald wrote: “such a society is possible only with the acceptance of limited desires. We too can have a society of abundance in the rich countries before the end of the twentieth century [yes, a bit off-schedule here in the US!!!. hence the hurry now]. But abundance is not a specific quantity of goods; it is a state of mind, a set of attitudes. Man can never produce all he could use, abundance depends on the acceptance of a reasonable standard of living.”

As of 2012, by the way, the Ford Foundation began calling that very same concept the Line of Plenty. Think about that passage every time you read about education creating a Growth Mindset instead of a Fixed Mindset. The Growth is in the new values and attitudes and beliefs about the role of the individual and the primacy now of the community and the perceived common good. It really is about getting the desired evolution from the inside-out that will allow the social, political, and economic transformations that have been sought for many years, behind our backs. We cannot afford to maintain the illusion of good faith disputes over content or how to best tech reading or math. The reality is that everyone from John Dewey to the Baha’i to the Club of Rome and Theobald are all determined to use education globally are;

“asking that man become unselfish. This is not necessarily impossible. ‘Selfishness’ stems, at least in part, from the fact that Western economic and social systems are set up to encourage individualism. If we reduce the necessity for economic conflict, it may be that we can develop a co-operative form of society.”

History reveals a very expensive mess coming out of these intentions Theobald laid out in 1960, but this remains the true aim in 2014. Common sense tells us that such aims will continue to push us towards a kleptocracy, but too many of the decision-makers now in education have a vested interest in continuing and expanding the organized theft from taxpayers. All the more reason to ramp up the mind arson to avoid detection for long enough to get another lucrative contract or lock-in that pension or promotion.

It does create a tremendous irony though that all these destructive policies and determined pursuit of changes to students’ values, attitudes, and beliefs involve the use of so much deceit to try to put in place “a new idea–we must demand that man should become responsible and willing to make decisions on the basis of the general interest of the community.”

Because that goal is always so beneficial to those who hold the strings of economic, social, and political power. Ever fearful of the magnificence the unencumbered individual mind is capable of.

Keeping hope alive indeed. Piercing through the deceit straight to the core of the actual intentions.

14 thoughts on “Illusion Remains the Deadly Enemy of Hope, its Smiling Murderer: Continuing Our Journey to Keep Hope Alive

  1. Planned darkness of raw political power…. yes, that says it all.
    No democracy.
    What a terrible world these people (Who?) plan!

  2. Extraordinary essay — the empty speech reiterated by the reformers — “critical thinking” where there is none, and so on, creates mindlessness, and that space is filled by ideologies that are taught to brook no critical thinking, or dissent.

    I’ve said this before, but I have to express it again: your work deserves a bigger audience.

        • Oh. My. Goodness. That link was absolutely obnoxious and even frighteningly so.

          “This Pecha Kucha will explore the question: If every sentient being is a noble seed, how do we create the personal and cultural soil to bring each and every seed to its best fruition? It would be an ontological inquiry into happiness and wellbeing through analogy with fertile personal and cultural ground.”

          A crock of the lib/prog soup of verbiage and ideology with a touch of e absurd.

          Keep researching and posting Robin. Keep writing and penetrating the darkness and I will keep reposting, repeating and repraying.

          • Thanks Tina.

            It has been a very productive last few days interspersed with attending end of year meetings with public officials. So I am both grasping the essence of what is to be done via books and articles as well as listening in the audience to appreciate how public perception is being falsely guided to prevent a sufficient outcry.

            If politicians falsely believe their faith can bring along their constituents. Unfortunately I have watched the same people when they are not aware constituents are in the audience and they believe they are speaking to the choir. One more field trip today and then I will get back to writing. I know what needs to be said but real time frustrations from parents living this is illuminating. Especially those with kids in elementary school who do not understand it is not about math or reading anymore, but using traditional subjects to alter perceptions and establish a reflex of emotion and frustration. The idea that problems have no fixed answer and school should be training students to act anyway in the face of uncertainty.

            Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day. Mine ran over into yesterday as college daughter and I had a splendid lunch with her grandparents. I cannot spend all my time in the darkness. Life helps me refuel and replate my armor.

          • Hmm, this conference is sure to entrance participants with measures of group hypnosis and NLP.

            I’ve experienced it and I can smell it miles away.

  3. Has anyone seen this story. I have linked first the background story then the actual video. A New Hampshire dad was arrested at a school board meeting in a school library for exceeding the two minute rule and getting in a huff. The subject was explicit sexuality in a book assigned his 14 year old student. It looks like the video picks up after the Dad has his say by reading the passage, then the other dad got up to defend the school and be against “people like that guy who will dictate what our kids can and can’t read” then the Dad can’t help but respond when it seems that the sheep in the room just don’t get it.
    In the first link the reporter reads the passage that so inflamed the dad.
    Here is my take away. After getting over the fact of the sexually explicit passage, and the actual arrest of the dad. watch how no one protested his arrest, no one looked at him. NOT ONE PERSON STOOD FOR HIM. First they came for Jews, but I was not a Jew, then they came for the Christian, but I was not a Christian, then they came for me……no one left to stand. What is this country coming to?

    • Marlene-This report that came out yesterday from the Southern Poverty Law Center tries to make Common Core opposition a matter of Koch Brother funded kooks who want to destroy public education.

      Common Core destroys public education. I would be more than happy to go toe to toe with anyone the SPLC cares to send to discuss the actual facts pertaining to the Common Core.

      I noticed SLPC does not talk about the curriculum it has created for the Common Core, which seems pertinent to its charges. That came out when I did a post on Mica Pollock and her concept of Everyday Justice. Seems pertinent to me. All these critics emperil SLPC’s chosen vehicle into the classroom and especially assessments that get at desired new attitudes, values, and beliefs.

  4. Robin,
    Being on the front lines with Marxist -Socialist professors has its challenges. I have had to formally accuse one of Social and Political bias ,in particular, this week. The Georgia Senate passed the Academic Freedom Law in 2004. Two students were failed by Georgia Tech for going to a Republican convention in 2004. They had help from the Senate, led by Eric Johnson of Savannah. The Federal court judge penalized Georgia Tech for six years through 2012.

    • Barbara-

      About two weeks before the Southern Poverty Law Center published the report insisting that complaints about the Common Core were anti-public education and amounted to conspiracy theories, they took the precise same tactics on Agenda 21 and Sustainability.

      So splc is actively coordinating an effort to taint demonstrably connected facts where the involved individuals and institutions openly declare their intentions and coordination as merely ‘conspiracy theories.” Conspiring to obscure the truth under the banner of ‘conspiracy theory’ like it’s a blood libel.

      RICO actions and convictions typically involve less proof than what is available on all these issues. Of higher ed and K-12 administrators and those profs who are pushing the ‘vision’ feel emboldened now.

  5. Robin-

    Have you seen this bit that is currently making the rounds on the nets? It is promoting the online teaching and learning between Brazilian kids and Elderly folks. That this program just happens to be between Brazilian kids and a retirement facility in Chicago Im sure is no accident.

    A friend asked me my take and I explained to her the digital learning, no walls ( or teacher or parents getting in the way ) classrooms push. The especially cynical part of me also thought what a lovely front this would be for pedophile groups as well.

    Thinking about the indoctrination that is taking place currently in our schools and which is being dramatically amped up I was considering this next thought:

    The shooter and stranger danger drills that are now becoming de rigueur in ALL schools, in addition to garden variety fire drills, is a key component in the formation of a new consciousness.

    Any social psychologist knows that a traumatized mind is easier to manipulate. Small t or Big T. Fear works to short circuit the creative and curious mind. And when you have 7 year olds like my daughter several years ago hearing, ” Mr Smith Is In The Building” over a loud speaker and being directed by the teacher to practice hiding under her desk while remaining very quiet as the teacher locks the classroom door…..well lets just say such best practices do not foster a sense of expansive possibility.

    I spent quite a bit of time explaining she had nothing to fear while emphasizing common sense and street smarts. But she and many other children were confused and scared. And that of course is the point of these exercises despite what any bureaucrat says.

    Freaked out kids in front of computer screens fitted with adaptive software teaching tools, doing collaborative projects on sustainable green issues once in a while is not what we deserve.

    Thank You again.

    • Mari-

      I had never heard this phrase before, but when I searched it to get this link I discovered Paul Krugman is using it and The Economist and the Center for American Progress, not just the OECD.

      I was at a meeting yesterday in a historically high-achieving suburb of Atlanta and listening to the parents’ stories. They had no idea that the frustrations being imposed on their kids in math are intentional and not about the content. It truly is about creating that desired noetic keel.

      Phrases like the Great Gatsby Curve are in turn why education administrators feel entitled to target these children. Most parents had elementary school kids. The parents education and good jobs and material success have supposedly provided privileges that school must now disrupt to get to equity.

      And somehow instead of the real frustrations of 2 busy professionals we get the Image of Leonardo DiCaprio excess that must now be combatted through the schools. The real culprit has been the refusal over decades to teach inner-city students properly so they would remain ignorant and aggrieved and politically manipulable. I stood next to a nice man in the 2004 fall election who was at the precinct before dawn because the radio stations had been saying repeatedly that he would not be allowed to vote. I told him to come find me if there was a problem. Later he saw me out and about and said I was the nice lady who fought for his voting rights. The ones that were never really at risk but it fueled turnout.

      The Great Transition must be imposed to eliminate the Great Gatsby Curve.

      One can just imagine how the Great Gatsby is to be taught now.

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