Knowledge to Avoid Becoming Roadkill on the Bipartisan Global Road to Dignity by 2030

Sorry for such a graphic metaphor, but somehow reading all the plans to “transform the world to better meet human needs” made me think we have a global class of politicians and cronies, at every level of government, who actually view ordinary people and poverty as their excuse to be in charge and live at our expense in the 21st Century. Human needs and poverty are just excuses for Power where “change in the management of our economies” is the new rationale for Fascism. It prevents at every level ordinary individuals from making their own choices about what they want and what they value. Back in December 2014, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon issued the Post-2015 Global Marching Orders Governments at all Levels are now going about fulfilling. The report is called “The road to dignity by 2030: ending poverty, transforming all lives and protecting the planet.”

“Young people will be the torchbearers” of this vision of “inclusive and shared prosperity” grounded in a “human right” to have the State ensure that “social needs” are met, enforceable under the rule of law (reimagined just like federalism). Not interested in having the UN declare that your life must be transformed? Nobody intends to ask any of our permission. The world simply needs “more effective governance and capable and capable institutions, for new and innovative partnerships, including with responsible business and effective local authorities, and for a data revolution.” That last, of course, gets provided both by the digital learning mandates and by the Internet of Things and social media. That’s probably why how to gather and use all this data for new kinds of governments was the focus this week for yet another get together we were not invited to. Ban Ki-Moon was there though and so was Sir Ken Robinson making sure the global vision of “quality learning for all” remained on track.

Expensive Consultants were there and ready to advise governments and discuss the “key role of business” in satisfying these global plans. “Companies are ready to change how they do business and to contribute by transforming markets from within and making production, consumption and the allocation of capital more inclusive and sustainable.” Nobody asked us, the existing customers and taxpayers. I guess existing Big Business knows whose hand will be feeding it in this vision for managing our economies to meet human needs. When the UN is officially calling out to local authorities and Business and stressing the desire to accomplish these plans for transformation by “aligning private action and public policies,” it’s really hard for me not to read this America Next vision of what is supposed to be the ‘conservative’ vision of K-12 education with its emphasis on the local and private providers through the broader intentions. was released this week. It is chockful of global Terms of Art like “high-quality standards” for all that fits right into Ban Ki-Moon’s Road to Dignity by 2030. All being done with language about free enterprise, a local government emphasis, and the money following the child. The UN laid out in a 2014 World Economic Forum report it co-wrote on its Post-2015 plans that vouchers were the global means for accomplishing its education agenda. We should take them at their word. To turn our young people into the desired torchbearers would be another way to put it. Seeing regulation via “one of the many well-regarded private accreditation agencies” as the answer for private schools to keep their autonomy despite the influx of public money is either deliberately deceitful by whoever wrote that paragraph or it indicates a woeful ignorance by the report’s authors of the nature of accreditation and its links to the UN System.

Talking in terms of a “public safety net, a minimum standard of sustenance beneath which citizens guarantee no neighbor will fall” is to accept the UN and Karl Marx vision of an enforceable obligation to meet human needs. In other words, in language about limited government, that report actually accepts the entire premise of the Welfare State. It’s a ‘conservative’ document that dovetails with the Road to Dignity by 2030 vision and leaves people ready to be blindsided by what is coming from the UN, local and state authorities, and in the name of progressive or polyphonic federalism. If you live in another country though, these same initiatives may be coming at you via what is being called Devolution. also came out this week. It’s a reminder that when the UN agenda of Dignity for All translates into a right of every geographic area at the local level to experience ‘prosperity,’ we will find lots of local politicians ready to sign up for the vision. The local emphasis makes the broader agenda of transformation harder to see and easier to enforce against both people and places. Ban Ki-Moon is probably not coming to your town to trumpet this 2030 justice for everyone vision. That will be the School Principal or District Super, the mayor or a state legislator, even if they have not yet gone for their CIFAL Network training for Local Actors created by the UN System. (see tag).

The Welfare State just put on a new outfit with different names when the rest of the UK decides that no one should have to relocate to London or the SouthEast of Britain to succeed and that local economies and their inhabitants should also have a right to success in terms of “health, education and opportunity.” Politicians apparently believe that basic needs can be met by regulatory fiat. Not likely, but in the US Detroit and Chicago really like this vision a great deal. Have I succeeded in making everyone wary about hyping the Local as the solution with such plans for transformation swirling around us? Good.

A demand out of the UN that “we leave no one behind, ensuring equality, non-discrimination, equity and inclusion at all levels” and a mandate that “we must pay special attention to the people, groups and countries most in need” means that for the vision to have any chance, much of the focus of the actual policies has to be at the local level. The spirit of these demands and mandates is precisely what we are seeing in the ESEA Rewrite we have looked at and also the WIOA (see tag) legislation passed this summer on a Bipartisan basis. It also fits with the vision for Inclusive Capitalism and the NEW American Dream advocated by one of the primary institutions involved in creating the Common Core and the rubrics for what will count as College and Career Ready in the future.The Business Roundtable is also involved to keep the focus on Big Business and academia’s perks.

In August 2014 the ACT Foundation published “National Learning Economy The NEW American Dream: Our Vision for Living, Learning, and Working in the Performance Era.” Now try to control your shock as it too contains a vision that also has us on that Road to Dignity by 2030.  It also sees the answers to the future in “collective efforts” and “collective action”. Individuals now apparently only exist to have their needs met, as determined by someone else, and “their greater life satisfaction” managed for “themselves and their families.” In this Performance Era the role of knowledge is “shifting” lest it interfere with all these plans being made on our behalf. Instead we get the “interconnected factors of productivity, learning, and skills development”. Once again as determined by cooperating politicians and amenable Businessmen to the UN’s plans for us.

Beyond literally tying the Common Core now to “Capitalism evolving toward inclusion and social welfare,” that ACT/ Business Roundtable document also proclaims that the National Learning Economy will need the integration of “three critical mutually reenforcing systems: economic development (employers and policy), workforce development, and education systems (researchers, educators, trainers, etc. in K-12, postsecondary, informal, and other learning systems).” Probably a good thing it’s so chilly outside because I really am tempted to take an I Told You So Victory Lap at that open admission. Even better for those who have read the Conclusion to my book is the open admission that this is all tied to a different conception of economic growth where “sustainability and renewal are the primary goals.”

I guess meeting the human needs of all will mean no more taken-for-granted modern conveniences like disposable diapers for ordinary people. I have pointed out before that meeting human needs once a certain level of technology and overall prosperity is achieved was the hallmark of what Karl Marx called the Human Development Model. It’s the purpose of the vision of the Road to Dignity by 2030. It was there in that America Next K-12 vision and in Devolution’s insistence in using the local to “distribute ownership and agency to all.” This is how the ACT Foundation winds up its vision of the Pathway to the National Learning Economy:

“In essence, we must construct a road to success for everyone in the performance era, where every piece fits together [including people, their sculpted worldviews via education and the media, and their personalities through social and emotional learning and a Whole Child emphasis] to create a stable, dynamic pathway that continues to grow and offer unique new destinations [using someone else’s itinerary] for every working learner to explore in ways that fit their living, learning, and working needs.”

There’s that word again. Now whose needs will really be met in this Road to Dignity by 2030 vision?

The way to avoid being Roadkill is to be aware of all these created pieces and how they fit together.

Think of this post as the most useful Valentine we will ever get.

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  1. My 7th grader currently working on a debate for why plastic water bottles should/should not be banned from school. I am getting a chilly feeling that the next big push from big govt folks will be about water rights. Someone pls tell me not to worry!

  2. Robin,
    When I followedyour link to one of the articles you reference here I noticed that Bobby Jindal signed off on it. This is confusing since I’ve read that he is one of the governors that has stopped the implementation of common core in his state. ( I believe I’ve read that The Federal government was even trying to sue him over this). How do you fit that in with his involvement with this document?

    • I think either Jindal is sloppy about what he attaches his name to or he wants the political leverage from being against the Common Core while knowing that this is really about workforce development and Competency and CCSSI’s purpose was merely to align all states with having some type of performance standards. There is another Gates-funded initiative that is global called the Achievement Standards Network. CCSSI and all of the ‘replacements’ I have seen remain true to the ASN vision. Content standards are defined as what “students are to know and be able to do”. Curricula is defined as whatever is to occur in the classroom. Neither fits with what parents expect. Both, however, fit with the repeated references in that document to “high quality” standards.

      There is another related Ban Ki-Moon document I will give the name of to make it easy to find. Any UN or OECD document if I give a hot link will be down within the hour. Like the Road to Dignity report, these are so seminal that they have been translated on the UN site to Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, and Spanish. On July 26, 2013 Moon released a report that has even more language about education and the vision of development as a human right under a 1986 resolution. The report is called “A life of dignity for all: accelerating progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and advancing the United Nationas development agenda beyond 2015.”

      One aspect I am still researching relates to this communitarian vision and why the so-called ‘conservative’ think tanks all seem to be enamored of the Welfare State as long as the money flows to private businesses. That’s not free enterprise and using that term as this America Next report did is at best disingenuous. This should not all be that we are going to have all schools push the cooperative commonwealth and investors in charter chains will benefit from understanding what student achievement now really means. Everybody else will remain in the dark about why everyone is suddenly doing so much better at school without realizing the shift to skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

      The book Reinventing Government arrived yesterday so this is still an area of ‘precisely what is going on?” that I do not have a full handle on. The role of the local in these plans and the meaning of “high quality” and its ubiquitous presence across what is supposed to be a political dichotomy though is relevant to where we will actually end up. As my concept of Inadvertant Change Agents makes clear, Jindal’s intentions do not really affect where pushing certain policies and practices takes us. He is a busy man. He may not know that these are all defined terms, accreditation is the poison delivery system, and money following the child is what the UN wants as long as the accreditors have their current oversight powers. WASC actually brags about being a driver of cultural change in the sense of social evolution through K-12 or higher ed. It came out in a report IFTF’s head Marina Gorbis was involved with.

      • The resurrection of Uncle Karl.

        Can you plug your nose for one minute and 57 seconds? Watch this.

        I was talking with a young man who is getting his PhD in some environmental field from Berkley and he said that Marx was really very concerned with the environment. No surprise other than the sensation of my blood running cold.

        • It is horrifying how often Marx or his theories come up. As the book relates asserting the theories without using the M word is also a real problem. In my discussion with the AP teacher last week on the Mischievous Masquerade post where he complained that I viewed David Christian as a communist and I said I did view him as a Marxist, David Christian’s work was the first place I ever encountered the belief that neither China or the Soviet Union count to determine whether Uncle Karl’s theories can work. I remember being horrified. Now I get from reading Robert Tucker’s work what Christian meant. Only the West has gone through the stages of capitalism to produce the magic ICT technology. Calling someone a Marxist because they write about Lenin and Mao trying to impose communism on an agricultural base and how that disqualifies the experiment is a valid description of the analysis. Being able to recognize the analysis whatever it is called is why I went down that particular rabbit hole.

          That alienation analysis is a big part of now requiring Communities of Learners in each school and a shared mission and common mindset. The book Reinventing Government that I am looking at had this passage that really gets at requiring that people cease thinking of themselves as independent and as individuals first. It is under a subheading called “The Issue of Equity” in the chapter on Competitive Government. By the way, the whole book sees the new purpose of Government as steering society to meet people’s needs. One function of the omnipresent “high quality learning” is of course to build a noetic keel that can be steered. Probably not a coincidence. My bolding.

          “Our public schools exist to provide education, but they also exist to bring children from all walks of life together. The mixing of social classes and races is extremely important in a democracy; without it, we lose our capacity to understand and empathize with those who are different from us. When that happens, it is not long before our society loses its ability to care for those who need help. We become a collection of individuals, not a community.”

          Cultivating that sense of membership in a community is even one of the specified Career Ready Practices. Nobody will know much, but they will not ‘feel’ alienated. Woohoo!

          • But we already have a community. We bought a house in this community. This is our community. People in different communities also have their communities, which are not ours.

            I doubt the standards say that someone else can decide to make school about a different community. Maybe that’s a ground on which to fight this battle.

            Obama’s HUD department want us to build low-income “affordable” housing in our community. But it can’t be for our own low-income people, like our town workers or seniors who have lived here as adults. No, it’s supposed to be “fair” meaning it has to be marketed to diverse racial groups in about a 50 mile radius. He’s also conveniently dumped a bunch of illegal aliens on our doorstep. To care about community is fine. To recreate our community by force and then say that caring about community means giving to these newcomers is ridiculous.

            I used to be a caring person trying to promote high ideals. Now that energy is going to see which trick they’re trying to pull on me and protecting myself from them.

          • is about developing communities of learners. It’s tied into what will now constitute being an effective principal.

            So is it part of CCSSI? No. Is it an essential component of the actual implementation? Absolutely.

            I wrote a post on this I will locate. This relates also to the Discourse Classroom as developed by Courtney Cazden. Ann Brown who created Fostering CoLs, Cazden, and Michael Cole of cultural historical activity theory all visited the USSR on the same trip and cam back with ideas that are now essential components of the real implementation.

          • Robin,

            This Barbara Rogoff paper on Communities of Learners is quite interesting. She’s proposing a model more like the Guatemalan Mayans, saying how hard it is for European American people to adapt to this.

            Which shall we use as our model of civilization? Nothing against the Mayans personally but … nope. I don’t think the intellectual heritage passed on in the Mayan household is as valuable as that in the European American one. On the other hand, it may be even harder for them to adapt and succeed in the European model, hence the binding impact of Equity mandates in forcing this alternative above others.

            She doesn’t even say that one learns more in the COL model than in others.

            There’s a privately funded college starting up that seems to fit this model, with a group of students moving around the world, living together, taking online courses.


            My beef with it, predictably, is that their “critical thinking” education doesn’t contain enough meat on the bones. They learn about navigating our 500+ year intellectual heritage (and how to look up supposedly whatever else they need to know) without learning any part of it in depth.

            (They’re “very selective” because they took a tiny class in year one and gave them full scholarships. Those kids now have to take a year off while the university spins up its second year courses and processes another first year class, and kids won’t always get full scholarships so selectivity must drop. It’s aimed at the millions of kids in China and India who are good students but are rejected by US Ivy League and similar, so they say now.)

      • Are you going to tell them that all this activity is a waste of time for students and brainwashing before they’re sharp enough to notice it, and what you really care about is that they learn to read fluently and do arithmetic thru fractions by the time they leave elementary school? (Assuming it’s an elementary principal you’re hiring.)

        • I have no authority to hire anyone. I am just a mom who has the respect of those that are. Fortunately they are willing to listen to parents.
          I hope to get their attention on things to look for. All I can do is try. It is k-12. Small classical private. No computers in classroom. I know it will be under attack.

          Have a look at this and the sponsors/ leaders.

          • Buck Institute for Education and here’s its list of partners.

            Last one is the Southern Regional Education Board and its push to jettison the academic high school and make tecademics the focus. Not a single entity on that list I do not know a story about.

            PBL, like digital learning, uses the Right experiential Brain instead of the analytical Left Hemisphere. That was laid out very graphically in one of my books that dates back originally to the 80s. The things that get described before there is any controversy.

          • I didn’t recognize any of the names on the Board, but I did find the language on one of the pages about “fellow PBL travelers” reminiscent of hm, something.

            Has this project-based-learning ever produced a graduate? Could that graduate do anything? They seem to propose getting rid of lecture and having the teacher guide each project. This is the main paper they have describing the method:

            They describe some sort of a project for using land optimally for a parking lot using linear algebra and matrices. Furthermore I think the tool used was really linear programming. The only problem is, there is no chance at all that those students had the faintest idea why they were making those particular matrices and doing those calculations, and I doubt the teacher knew much more about it. Such a project could be great and give students inspiration for further study if led by a competent teacher, but it all depends on having the teacher — not exactly the point of PBL is it?

            They have a project search tool. You can look up a given CC standard and then find projects that relate to it. Sounds great! Well I looked up a project related to Geometry, understanding congruence and similarity. The projects suggested involved making artwork and quilts. I think they have a ways to go in their development of projects. A very long ways, based on my tiny sample.

            Before permitting this I would investigate the curriculum you want to teach and see if you like their projects, because that’s really what they have to offer.

            They do heavy project-based work at the University of Phoenix which admits anyone who pays. What ends up happening a lot is that the one strong student in the group does all the work (only way to save his or her own grade), or the projects are garbage. Something can usually be found for a weak student who tries hard, but how else do you deal with a real slacker? If your school is selective, I suppose some amount of project based learning could work.

  3. Good Morning:

    What is missing from this article is the horrific corruption in the North Central Accrediting Agency for universities. These people should have been thrown into jail a long, long time ago. The University of Arizona is well known for it’s doctoral program which facilitates the examination of federal student loan programs. The purpose of this course of study is to determine ways to help students of color get their student loans and not have to repay them. Fiddling the loan system is what U of A teaches, and there is no better example of this than in one of the schools in Ohio state which is also a member of this same accreditation grouping. Funny how that works: you study how to make student loans easier for underprivileged people and then you get a job as president or upper management at one of the affiliated universities implementing that strategy.

    • I’ve had a little exposure to for-profit schools that subsist on students loans taken by students who will probably never be able to repay them. But how can a school get kids off the hook for their loans? (Do I need to enroll at Arizona to learn this?) I assumed the whole thing was designed to sentence them to a lifetime of debt slavery.

  4. I heard someone say one of the most naive things today. Literally a facepalm moment. “Well we are a christian school so none of this will get to us”. Sigh. Now I’m going to go for a walk and shake it off.

  5. Settled Science Or Fraud, AGW Is Still Just A Tool To Change The World Order

    I came across a twitter reminder by Patrick Moore, former Greenpeace activist now an Anthropogenic Global Warming skeptic

    — “in case you had forgotten the IPCC wants to smash capitalism” — “intentionally transform economic development model”, Feb 12, 2015. The link provided is

    (ISC readers please note that Robin mentions Christiana Figueres in her Jan 19, 2015 post.)

    Quotes from the article:

    – U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare

    – the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism

    – “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” says Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.

    Questions arising:

    1 Just WHO is this “we”? Are these people already in our communities?
    2 WHAT is the “defined period of time”? Has this shift already started?
    3 WHAT is to replace the current “economic development model” (capitalism, free-market system, spontaneous natural order or whatever other names apply to the present state of affairs)?
    4 From WHOM do these UN officials get their authority to start imposing this new order?
    5 WHAT are the signals we can see to warn us that this is happening in our communities without our general knowledge or consent?
    6 WHICH means of persuasion will be used to pretend this is democracy in action?
    7 Could the shift — already noticed in our education systems — from traditional learning to 21st Century Learning Paradigm Shift be part of this overarching plan, again without general knowledge or consent?

  6. OT in a way, but go see the movie “Kingsman”. It’s actually the most anti-global elite movie I have ever seen. It’s nice to see that for once.

    • Hi BF. Thanks for the recommendation. I just saw your comment on Instapundit as I noticed the traffic when I got back from the grocery store. I am still a mom in my real life too.

      Look at it this way. What I am saying is documented in excruciating detail so is it scarier to be forewarned and be able to protect your children or be blissfully unaware?

      From your reply to the person who recommended the blog, it looks like you are doing precisely what I hope all parents and grandparents will do. Preserve that Axemaker Mind and be aware that the social and emotional is being explicitly targeted.

      I think Glenn Reynolds may find Cognitive Immunity to be a good idea and so do I. It’s why I write. The educators and especially the administrators hoping for lucrative promotions really do write about using formative assessment to resculpt the brain’s pathways so that the student uses the less analytical regions of the brain. The OECD’s research arm is CERI and it’s neuroscience aspirations are quite tied to the OECD’s Great Transition initiative.

      Knowledge is the way to avoid having your children being Roadkill as these clowns push their theories into practice in real classrooms.

  7. Hi Robin —

    I know this is kinda off topic for this thread but I went to a budget committee meeting (I’m a member) the other night at my school district’s district office. The meeting is slated to begin at 7 pm but we have members on the school board who just love to hear themselves speak so it never starts on time because we have to listen to the board bloviating.

    So I happened to catch the end of the board meeting and, as usual, the discussion is about AVID. I know I’ve talked to you about AVID before because it scares me.

    I want to sort of outline my experience and things I heard and saw because I’m hoping you and your readers will have something for me; words of wisdom, some prior experience, something.

    When I walk into the back door of the meeting I see that there is a Power Point going on and the “AVID Coordinators” are telling about their progress with implementing and the AVID program. Oh, excuse me, it’s not a program, it’s a SYSTEM, which I’ll tell you about later.

    About half the people who are there to watch (all district employees, no parents ever show up) are wearing AVID polo shirts and AVID jackets. They have their AVID totes and keychains, etc.

    The Power Point screen is showing the AVID Goals or Benchmarks, something like that. And the bullet points all talk about the students doing their Cornell Notes, notebook checks (which is a big part of AVID, I guess), and some other things I can’t remember but at the very bottom is a bullet point that says Dweck: Growth Mindset.

    Of course, for all the reasons you map out, Growth Mindset sets alarm bells off in my head and my BP heading north.

    A couple girls who are in middle school and high school stand up and give small presentations as to how they love AVID.

    The gist from them is that:
    1. AVID changed their goals in life.
    2. AVID gives them the support system to reach their goals.
    3. AVID has changed their thoughts about themselves and the world around them.
    4. AVID has taught them how to stand up for themselves and how to stand up and advocate for themselves or others when they see something isn’t right.
    5. AVID gives them confidence.
    6. AVID literally makes it so that no student needs an IEP, ever. The one girl had an IEP for her entire school career but because of AVID, it is gone.

    Now, I’m literally biting my tongue at this point because it sounds like a cult meeting. I keep expecting them to come out with a chicken and sacrifice it in the name of AVID or something.

    Finally, FINALLY, the slobbering over AVID is over and the Budget Committee begins. AVID is in the BC’s purview because it’s enormously expensive. So I automatically start asking questions about AVID, of which I already know the answer because I have researched AVID and I KNOW what it is.

    Right now AVID is in the middle school and the high school in our town. However, even though it is traditionally used for “underserved populations, economically disadvantaged, educationally disadvantaged” kids, our Super thinks it’s a fabulous idea to put this program into EVERY school in the district, starting in KG. I’m asking why we would do this.

    Well, they say, because graduation rates and college success depend on AVID. 90% of all kids who are in the AVID program graduate from high school and go on to a successful 4 year college career and get a degree. I’m wondering if they have tested entire districts who have used AVID or not here…has this ever been done, etc? I’m thinking they are saying 90% of the kids who go through AVID…which would be around 60 kids in our entire district, and that obviously makes the percentage not so awesome sounding.

    Only 30% of kids who don’t use AVID go to college and obtain degrees. But aren’t we measuring a much larger population of students here? Well…logistics aside…I digress.

    So this whole time my mind is screaming, “GROWTH MINDSET GROWTH MINDSET GROWTH MINDSET” and I’m having a hard time not blurting out how crazy these people sound.

    At the end of the Super’s answer to me about how AVID will be great for all students he says, “Common Core is the ‘what,’ AVID is the ‘how.'”

    Now, after the meeting, I make a beeline for the door because I have no interest in talking to any of these district people, at all. They have proven themselves to be money hungry and ridiculous through-out the meeting.

    On my way out I noticed a DOK wheel posted on a bulletin board and a poster with a chart talking about Growth Mindset. I slam on my brakes and walk backwards to see this chart. My mouth is hanging open, I just know it.

    I’m practically running to get to my car because at this point I’m pretty sure I will get brainwashed accidentally on the way out and the director of AVID for the high school stops me because she could tell I was really interested in AVID and she wants to answer any questions I might have about it because it’s such an awesome system. This is where I’m schooled on the fact that AVID is not a program, it’s a SYSTEM, and the Super is misspeaking when he calls it a program.

    Anyway, I know, super long comment but I have to tell it like it happened or I might forget something. Hoping that when reading this ridiculously long comment, it might jog one of your readers’ memories on things they’ve witnessed or heard about regarding AVID.

    Thanks, Robin, for all you do.

    • I found you after you left the above comment. You were in page 17 of the spam from just the last 24 hours.

      Reread my post where I wrote about cybernetics and Piotr Galperin. Also look at the microcredentials report from Digital Promise that is either in this post or the previous where they have the visual of the model before and after instruction. That is what AVID is doing. The brain is mostly empty but for the concepts, associations, and ties to the real physical world provided. Then it guides perception. The Super’s comment, which was probably instinctual, is helpful. If you quit thinking of the Common Core as about traditional knowledge and think of it as a small c common core as Good lad and Comer intended, it means for students to have a shared perspective. The Super told you AVID is the way to get students to have that desired shared perspective.

      To build on what is in this post, if the goal is a collectivist society grounded in Equity with governments at all levels steering people, physical places, and the economy, that shared perspective is an essential component. I am actually not guessing here. I went back over some of the World Order Models Project work from the 90s this morning and confirmed it dovetailed with Ban Ki-Moon’s vision and that America Next report.

    • We’ve got AVID in my district too. I am also on the budget committee and will try to see how much it costs us.

      One of my neighbors has several children in the school and one of them is in AVID. I thought it was offered for kids who have learning difficulties of some sort, but this daughter is at least an average student. If you fill it with kids who won’t need much help anyway you can get very good stats. It is not, by the way, offered to most kids.

      90% of kids from AVID get 4 year degrees and only 30% of the rest of the kids do? Either they are selecting the very top kids for it, they are lying, or this program really is some sort of magic elixir for stupid student mistakes that cause failure.

      I’d be amazed if #3 is the real truth.

  8. The best solution is to teach our kids to think independently and to work around the system, and what is the cancer of Socialism, and to politely refuse to take part in the UN nonsense. Then tell as many people as possible.

    Socialists hate being told “no”.
    People who can think for themselves are a danger to Socialists.
    You can see how they want to put the whole society into a conforming straight jacket.

    • “People who can think for themselves are a danger to Socialists.”

      I think this is the main reason why our kids are not being forced to read the classics any more. They are told to merely “read whatever they feeeeel like reading”; and that just so long as they are reading something, that’s good enough.

      I say phoeey! Classical literature is very important in getting kids to understand other people’s thoughts, experiences, and opinions and serves to open the door to one’s mind. It may be the key ingredient to empowering people to think on their own. If you never step outside your own little world, how can you think in a big way about anything?

  9. Hi Robin –
    I left you a huge comment yesterday talking about AVID in my school district. Something must have glitched because it never posted and I didn’t get an email that it had.
    Anyway, I wanted to run something by you and your readers. My district has been working on implementing AVID for a couple years now, at least in 2 schools, the middle school and high school.
    They talk about it at every board meeting. Last week I went to the budget committee meeting (I’m on it) and I heard the last half hour of the board meeting.
    It was all about AVID and how wonderful it is. At least 1/4 or 1/3 of the people there (all district employees) were wearing AVID polos and AVID jackets.
    They had a Power Point going and I caught the last slide where they were using bullet points to highlight AVID goals and/or benchmarks.
    The very last bullet point said Dweck: Growth Mindset
    Of course this set bells off in my head. Two girls from the high school gave a small presentation on how AVID has changed their lives. Because of AVID they now are able to see a goal for their future; they have changed their way of thinking and now know that if they see something they don’t like they have the power to stand up and change it, to advocate for change.
    One of them even was on an IEP but now no longer needs one because the miraculous AVID makes everyone smart. ??!!
    I asked during the BC meeting (because AVID falls under our purview and is VERY expensive) why they were planning on making all schools in the district, including K-5 and K-8 AVID schools. AVID is intended for “educationally/economically disadvantaged and traditionally underserved students.”
    The Super tells me that 90% of all kids who go through AVID go on to complete 4 years of college. Only 30% of kids who don’t use AVID do the same. I am thinking they are not measuring entire AVID districts when talking about these percentages…for example, AVID directly impacts about 60 students in our district right now, and 90% of THOSE kids will go to college…where as 30% of the 1,000+ overall students will do the same.
    I digress.
    I was freaked out because this meeting was all about AVID and how wonderful it is. In fact, I made the comment that I’m shocked as hell to know that I ever graduated from high school and am successful in life without AVID!
    And now we are going to start AVID in KG…these poor brainwashed kids.
    LL did some quick research and saw that Dweck’s Growth Mindset is the center of AVID.
    Our district Super told me that Common Core is the WHAT and AVID is the HOW.
    What do you think? Any readers here have any experience with AVID?
    I see this as a MONUMENTAL AND HORRENDOUS mistake that we (our district) is making…

    • You are rescued and your original post and my reply is above. I am familiar with AVID. It is part of what the League of Innovative Schools Gypsy Super brought from Charlotte-Meck. It is supposedly being used to get graduation rates up and the increase in rates in last two years is now being touted to show success of the Common Core and being a charter system.

      Since I know buzz phrases beyond Dweck, let me play around and find you something juicy in addition to that old Galperin post and this accompanying cybernetics post.

        • ties AVID and these interventions to the Learning Lab Network that is in turn tied to Competency and GELP.

          Remember what CCSSO is developing to succeed the CCSSI now that the troubling objective assessments have been eliminated?

          I am adding this comment now that I am about halfway through that document to tell you that the OECD has been quietly pushing the idea that the new purpose of K-12 education in the 21st century is “self-regulation”–a recurring theme of that document. I have also tackled the OECD’s metacognition papers and they also fit with what I am seeing in this report. It also fits with David Conley and EPIC’s work.

          • GELP Lays Out The Implosion

            We’ve had these transformation gurus visiting British Columbia from at least 1986 when Michael Fullan gave a keynote — New Cultures for School Improvement. It’s been a steady flow of gurus over the last 3 decades, regardless of political stripe of the government — socialist, liberal or conservative. The Ministry of Education and its eager bureaucrats lap it all up.

            Funny you should mention GELP — Global Education Leaders’ Partnership. On January 29 we had two directors, Tony MacKay and David Albury doing their spiel. In a webcast this is what Albury said about our proposed (long quiet planning in the background) personalized education plan:

            “This is a pivotal moment for BC . . . if we can continue to work together in this way we can build on how far we’ve got and really accelerate and sustain this — we’ll achieve what nobody else has yet achieved and that is to transform the system across the whole province . . . to enable all young people to have the skills and knowledge to be successful in the 21st Century . . . I wish you all the very best.”

            Who knows when the last lever will be pulled to activate the wholesale “transformation” — when “the system across the whole province” will be transformed to 21st C Learning?

            This is what I wrote to a local newspaper on this issue:

            “Who’s going to be the 100th Monkey? You know the story — see Wikipedia 100th Monkey Effect — when a critical mass is reached all it takes is just one more recruit to get a system-wide new behavior. “

            Only a very few others beside myself see this implosion being set up, but it’s so frustrating. People just don’t get it!

          • Or they do get it and find the book and this blog frightening so they avoid knowing. The truth is worse than anything I have yet put to print, but I do have it documented now. As people must know because of what is happening to their families or being forced on their classrooms, I will have the answers. Apparently we ARE supposed to know this on the front end.

            I wouldn’t say any of this keeps me awake at night, but the epiphanies regularly awaken me about 4 in the morning. Usually with a connection that was there in my mind on the periphery. Those seem to want to come out of the shadows while it is still dark.

          • I have put up a link to the Commission on Inclusive Prosperity report below, issued last month. In the report it says that Canada, Australia, and Sweden are all part of the Commission. This is clearly the Developed economy vision for Moon’s Dignity for All by 2030 UN vision.

            It also will not get prosperity for anyone outside the public sector. Might as well be selling unicorn rides because they would be fun. The ed component is a clear part.

          • I wondered if I went to spam…crazy!
            So…which one of you people here on this thread is going to my next board meeting to “school” the education experts?? 😉

          • Have you noticed a language change recently? I see more about the ‘opportunity gap ‘ than achievement gap.

          • The opportunity gap ties in more with the desired remedy as available under the federal civil rights laws. Excellence and Equity as a legal right that the laws need to force on the classroom. It also means the designated playpen though is quite literally an area of my expertise. It is intended to be invisibly binding. Instead, it is visibly traceable now that we now what is being tried.

          • Yes, self-regulation is a big one on the non-cognitive field tests that AIR is running out here in CA. Digging into the McGraw Hill contract with SBAC, I found an interesting page in the reader training section for the performance tasks (which in the original Grit report are called behavior tasks) about special “alerts” that must be created when students fall outside the accepted behavioral norms. CraZy!!!

            The level of conditioning (aka professional development) needed to pull this reform off is mind blowing, yet…it’s happening and so few are questioning the massive, massive beauracracy being put in place to operate our public schools.

          • JT-look at what all the data is actually being used for as the Data Quality Campaign joins forces with KnowledgeWorks’ subsidiary Strive Together to come up with that Cradle to Career coverage.


            There’s a mention in here too of the Kings County Road Map Project. Interestingly enough, I found that doc yesterday as it also touts AVID.

            As you and I have discussed before, most parents still do not get the nature of the changes. Those that do seem to be largely looking in the wrong direction for guidance. It appears that a wide variety of groups across the perceived political and ideological spectrum think that creating the desired “cognitive capacity” will fit with their aspirations for a future where they get to be the decision-makers. I honestly think that is what it boils down to.

            No way is it a coincidence that when I track the “let the money follow the child” cites back to the beginning it is all about how governments at all levels should now be “steering” society and the economy. Meanwhile, one of the most common metaphors for that desired “cognitive capacity” or cultivated mindset is a “keel” that can be steered. Talk about metaphors dovetailing and across decades too.

          • That AIR report mentions at the end that NY and Kentucky have adopted tougher performance standards and suggests those states as models of communication.

            Well I live in NY and I’m not sure which performance standards they are talking about. Are they a part of our annual Math and ELA exams that supposedly test the school and teachers but not the students? Or a part of our newly CC-compliant Regents exams that are high-stakes tests for students? I would guess the former, as I don’t even think the CC compliant English Regents exam has been administered yet.

            Well the change in the annual Math and ELA tests caused a tremendous uproar and a significant amount of test-skipping, even though nothing beyond (false) self-esteem was at stake for the students. Then they watered the tests down a bit (and in the case of ELA went back to something more like the old test) and the screaming subsided.

            Pardon me if I don’t see the triumph of excellent communication in that.

    • Macey,
      Your Super has definitely drunk the Kool-Aid. There’s a beautiful button on AVID’s homepage that says “Common Core is the WHAT and AVID College Readiness System is the HOW”.

      • PA Momma – I know…he’s like a brainwashed tool.
        I can’t handle how these people are supposedly so smart, him with a PhD and all…but they’re SO STUPID.
        Is it the money that blinds them?

        • Yes, for some money is a driver. I think, however, that human nature is most interested in power and control. The former elem principal from my old district was most definitely of Robin’s “gypsy” type. He was there long enough to change the math curriculum for the worse (part of the reason my girls are now homeschooled), make sure that all the PA Board of Ed’s behavioral RTii were implemented, and of course, went after grant after grant. When the $$ is coming in, who is going to listen to a few concerned parents who clearly don’t have the educational “expertise” that a master’s or doctorate prepared educator does? I’m with Robin when I say that I feel that most people don’t really want to know.

          Perhaps it’s partly because they’re not sure what to do?

        • Well for one thing it’s the joke-like credentialling system that means they are not all that bright. And if AVID can provide him talking points like that, no doubt tested for effectiveness with focus groups at least, he’ll use them.

  10. The 17Feb15 WSJ, on page 2 of the Health Care section, has an article on Mindfulness and how splendid it is. Lots of positives (24% increase in social behaviours, 24% decrease is aggression, decreased depression behaviours, and improved classroom behaviour – no mention how these were assessed) and the only negative is that it might be associated with Buddhist practices. But it isn’t, really. Basically the article says, it’s not a religion so get over it.

    • It’s just that everybody pushing it is enamored of Eastern religious practices. Purely coincidental unless we pay attention to the Garrison Institute.

      I think it was LL who caught the Mindfulness mandate coming in under the physical education standard in her school system.

      Remember the contemplative education trilogy I did where the same people pushing the same practices call it positive psychology on some days and others that it is New Age religious practices. Reminds me of the Social Reconstructionists I described in my book where they are so proud of training people to analyze the world like Marxists but leaving them unawares because of not using the M word.

  11. Interesting about language. Just this morning there was an article about someone pretty high up in the UN finally admitting that “climate change” was NEVER about the environment. Rather, it has ALWAYS been about economics: in particular, getting rid of pesky Capitalism.

  12. Marxists are Materialists. All they think of is the physical (ie, money). Like that will solve ALL the worries in the world! Ha! And they say Capitalists are greedy?

    • If you think of Marxism as a power legitimation to the public sector theory it all starts to fit. Economic and political power will merge and try to control the ordinary individual anywhere and everywhere it can get away with it.

      I just love all these people who have tax-free salaries or insist on all sorts of allowances to reimburse for taxes insisting they want to maximize the take from the private sector. It is not a fixed pie and well-paying jobs cannot grow from deliberate policies of mind arson.

    • Look what came out last month. The report of the Commission on Inclusive Prosperity funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and involving both the UK and US and the Center for American Progress. Roughly one year after both governments declared meeting subjective well-being as the new purpose of governments at all levels.

      It all fits with what is going on in your state and coming everywhere else under a variety of names, but not much variation in function once the pieces are put together. Hence my delay in writing. I am doublechecking some things to makes sure I appreciate how it all fits.

        • Thanks. I am doing an interview with Women on the Wall in about an hour. I was too sniffley last night with a head cold to listen.

          Anita brings such a wealth of experience to these discussions. Pennsylvania was cited quite a bit for its transformational practices in the 1992 Reinventing Government book that ties to what was in that America Next report. Of course it was at least upfront in stating this is all to achieve the progressive vision. What that Commission on Inclusive Prosperity report linked to above calls inclusive capitalism. Having read that report now I would call it all a fairy tale.

          As Anita knows, this new kind of government directed economy has always needed to target the Whole Child and change values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. The RG authors even quoted her nemesis Ralph Tyler on a point.

          Anita’s point on page 552 of the House ESEA bill was a question I was asked Tuesday night. This was my reply yesterday morning: “This is not a legal opinion, but that language appears to make claims that the bill makes the states autonomous and the final authorities technically true and substantively false. If adopting a state budget incorporating federal grants and their terms constitutes legislative express consent, then all this reminds me of how polyphonic federalism is supposed to work.

          The feds and the states are steering together in a direction towards collectivism while pretending to remain distinct in the manner intended back in the 1780s.”

          Like that America Next report that section wants to make empty assertions and then override the substance without getting caught. We are dealing with politicians of both parties at all levels who want to rule and want us to submit and they fully intend to disregard the Constitution and use legislative and executive power to make progressive federalism per the Soros vision a fait accompli, apparently 4 years ahead of schedule.

      • Quote from that paper:
        “A race to the top is the only route to inclusive prosperity.”

        Whatever “race to the top” means, we’ve seen it before in the government grants that locked “winning” states into CC implementation.

  13. Thanks for the links, Robin. Sending the AIR link to a school board member who is suddenly realizing how right you were about common core being a bucket for so much more.

        • This will make it clearer still. I feel like the optician trying to click around to decide on the final contact lens prescription.

          This is what Summers heads now. Notice the co-head came out of AT&T and remember what Marshal McLuhan wrote in The Global Village.

          We have the Rand Corporation, public-private partnership advocacy, everything that we now know matters. I first came across this Center for Business and Government at Harvard when the former Finnish Prime Minister at some global ed conference hawking the GELP vision was also teaching at this center for a semester or so. Remembering that and Summers involvement in that Inclusive Prosperity report woke me up this morning. Touting Robert Reich’s former involvement in the Center is a reminder he wrote the Preface for The Spirit Level book published in the UK that was inescapably Marxist in its vision of the future.

          This is the post where I laid out the Spirit Level vision.
          I had forgotten that post also ties that vision to Pearson, which is involved in producing so much of the assessments and online, digital activities that are replacing textbooks. Just who we want creating the virtual reality students will be embedded in. No wonder another paper just came out touting CEPAs–Curriculum Embedded Performance Assessments instead of that “high stakes testing”.

          The Kennedy School of Government Dean Joseph Nye was one of the listed contributors, along with the head of the Fabian Society, to sociologist Anthony Giddens’ 2001 book The Global Third Way Debate that is essentially this same vision. Especially interesting since the most well-known Third Way politician, former UK PM Tony Blair, recently spoke at a House Republican retreat and supposedly got a standing ovation. I guess we could describe Kline’s language in the ESEA Rewrite on pages 552-553 as Third Way Fabian progressive federalism.

  14. So I was listening to Alice L. and Anita Hoge was on talking about hr5… she says that it strips states of states rights and redefines parent rights. If a state takes esea $ they give their rights to the feds.
    Is this true and what’s the diff between this bill and the Lamar Alexander one in the Senate?

        • The testing is a red herring. Look over here, testing cruelty, it’s so wrong. Boom, we just sucked up every right you had to an authentic private education. They just usurped states rights and powers in education. No wonder they only want to focus on 15 pages of testing information. This is such crap.

          • LL-all this in the HR Rewrite and the Commission on Inclusive Prosperity report reminds of this old post

            Revel was so right in his Last Exit to Utopia book where he wrote presciently about precisely what we have coming at us like a tsunami in 2015:

            “there can be no society without inequalities. These may derive from differences between individual performance or from disparities in advantages controlled by the state–or more simply from the wall separating those who have one or more state privileges and those who have none. Here I am using the word ‘privilege’ in the exact sense defined by Littre as ‘an advantage granted to an individual or group and enjoyed to the exclusion of others, to the detriment of common law’…The inequalities within productive liberal societies are constantly subject to the mixing process and always in flux. In statist, redistributionist societies, the inequalities are frozen into place.”

            That’s what Competency-based education and high-quality learning actually do. That post was the first time I think I encountered a report that explicitly talked about physically rewiring the brain to create future predictable human behavior. Something we have now been inundated with in the 18 months since I wrote that.

            All these phrases about Inclusive Prosperity really mean is that only the politically selected can prosper and we will cease to be a productive society. An aim that needs to be acknowledged now and not five years from now after all these positive psych programs adopted in the name of mental health and digital learning initiatives have changed students as designed at a neurobiological level. For the benefit of the public sector and chosen beneficiaries in the private.

  15. Doing a little reading on congressman Kline. He and his staff sure do spend a good amount of time with the Aspen Institute, and jobs for the future.

    • Speaking of Aspen we can add this new venture to what they are up to. Brought to us by their Communities Strategies Group. You can download the module for your particular region of the country. This was mentioned in that Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies template the Department of Commerce’s EDA has states doing. In turn these CEDS are supposed to link with WIOA, K-12, the transit plan for every city over 50,000. Everything–healthcare, housing, workforce development.

      The public sector wants to steer as that Reinventing Government book and Turchenko as described in my book both laid out.

      On Kline remember that Michigan is a state losing population so a vision where the prosperous areas of the country owe support to the less prosperous states and rural areas is very attractive to politicians at all these levels. That Inclusive Prosperity report states the same thing and keeps mentioning not just the education vision but also the regional economic development and the requirement of equity.

      Now this cannot be coincidental. Larry Summers, Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, who chaired that Commission is teaching a course this semester with Cass Sunstein from the law school on public policymaking and being inside government. Remember Cass Sunstein was President Obama’s regulatory czar in his first term and he is deeply involved in the Constitution in 2020 push going back to the 2005 Yale conference. We actually have a convergence once people put on their sunglasses and turn towards the glare.

      We are dealing with politicians of both parties who either believe or are treating people as existing for their benefit. My serf metaphor just gets more relevant by the day.

        • This came out yesterday and is announcing what the OHIO, California, Virginia, and Idaho governors plan to do with their WIOA discretionary funds as they are announcing in their budgets.

          I would suggest this is pertinent to Kasich’s misinformation campaign on the Common Core. The workforce development reality is something these governors want the benefits of without having to deal with voters angered about the real, but undeclared publicly, shift in K-12 emphasis.

          This just came out as well from KnowledgeWorks with a Dear Federal PolicyMaker beginning on the use of competency based education to solve the workforce needs.

          This timing, given Kw’s intense involvement in this for a while and the 2011 summit the feds participated in and Carnegie sponsored, tells me this has been put out there to drive the final ESEA rewrite language that will then marry nicely with WIOA and sector startegies and the true polyphonic progressive agenda.

          • I don’t think anyone wanted the Common Core to be linked to School to Work or the social and emotional learning emphasis that made OBE so controversial. Likewise, that KW report I just put up is very duplicitous and trying to cover up what I had surmised 3 years ago for the book. All roads lead to competency and it’s not about knowledge but behavior.

            The interesting thing about that KW report is that it fits well with precisely what I have been tying together this week. The descriptions used for the Common Core that never quite fit are virtually verbatim the descriptions the Reinventing Schools Coalition uses to describe their self-confessed, second-order change, competency-based education model. Notice that someone from Oregon is listed in the back of that report as being at the Feb 2014 convening in Dallas. Also someone from EDLeader 21.

            Unfortunately for everyone involved since I wrote the book I can now tie Competency to that pursuit of the Arational Mind that seeks to build neural pathways in the holistic, visual, grounded in emotion Right Hemisphere. That KW report was only published Tuesday, Feb 17. Same day my book on the Chugach vision showed up. That book can pretend this was all hatched in Alaska and has now come to the lower 48 and needs the Congressional imprint. Except I also have Bill Spady’s book and now about the Achieving Excellence work in Colorado. This is all what Spady called Complex Life Performance outcomes before he became notorious after Columbine. is that old post.

            I had already noticed that the Oregon report on new types of assessments fit with the League of Innovative Schools, Chugach, and RISC visions. I think none of this was supposed to be understood as anything other than the Common Core to be internationally competitive and solve the skills gap problem Hence all the deceit at all levels.

            Hopefully I will write gain tomorrow. I am fighting a head cold and am a bit less than perky. That KW report was a tactical mistake though because it is so clearly designed to force the ESEA Rewrite into the progressive federalism vision. It is what it is and I am glad the book always said CC was a Bait and Switch to get to Competency and the old Transformational OBE/polytech vision. How right I was and all those details matter that are in the book because it means renaming or splitting into pieces and using multiple levels of government do not shake the ability to recognize the broader template. With it come the likely consequences I also laid out.

            I would be very happy if my head did not want to explode.

    • And a new name for what AVID offers and the REinventing Schools Coalition and where Knowledge Works has us going.

      Proficiency teaching and learning. We could just call it Proficiency obuchenie as in our obuchenie trilogy. Newcomers See tag. We discovered it’s a Russian word that does not translate fully, but fits with creating an internal steerable noetic keel.

      Because governments who want to steer society and the economy and their Big Business buddies a la that Compact need steerable citizens. That’s what this Competency ed vision does. It carves that keel step by step using formative assessment and data and annual ‘tests’ to monitor its existence and development as if the person was a system, not an independent individual. Just like James Paul Gee imagined. No wonder he shifted from pushing Whole Language to Digital Leaning and was on the Gordon Commission.

      It is all coming together exactly as I foresaw. What I did not foresee was this meshing effect of every direction involved with progressive federalism. We have governments at all levels and their plans a la CEDS or the MPOs and WIOA creating the vertical polyphonic stew. Then we have the TOGAs–Translocal Organizations of Government Actors like the National Governors Association, CCSSO, League of Mayors, etc. creating the horizontal aspect of the net at all levels. Again steering in a coordinated direction.

      Obuchenie creates the necessary neural net at the level of the person’s mind and personality while progressive federalism is pulling horizontally and vertically in a common direction. By the way the World Order Models Project envisioned this back in the 90s in a book Richard Falk wrote called Humane Governance that I have. I looked back through it this week before I caught what my daughter had.

      • Reader sent me this.

        Sandra Day O’Connor went on the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation when she left SCOTUS. So this kind of role playing gaming with a new vision of the Constitution actually fits withthe Democracy Handbook and Metropolitanism and that Commission on Inclusive Prosperity report–all funded by the Rock F.

    • Yet another statement from the ‘conservative’ think tanks taking the social welfare state as a given.

      I wonder how many people recognize that so many of the ‘ed experts’ widely quoted actually have their PhD’s in poly sci. Wouldn’t being the education expert at a reputedly conservative think tank be an excellent way to gain the desired synthesis of the progressive vision?

        • Absolutely. None of that is news, but it does tie it all together nicely. I always like to see attention focused on the Gordon Commission (also has a tag).

          The actual term of art for these stealth assessments is CEPAs–classroom-embedded performance assessments and gaming is a prime example or that Civics online curriculum I linked to.

          The correct response to the red herring about a higher ed grant is that this relates to higher ed’s shift to competency as well. I can certainly look at the ETS (home of the Gordon Commission) Proficiency Profile created for higher ed and tie it to the Common Core’s intentions for K-12. There’s a reason it’s a bad idea to pick a fight with me. I just keep churning out the related facts in even more detail.

          The Constitution in 2020 calls all this data-gathering the National Surveillance State and sees it as a feature, not a bug, of the progressive vision of the role of the State in governing people and society. Bill Gates does not see this as just a story about education. Pretending it is makes it harder to fight against responses of “we do not currently have a contract with your state” responses.

          • I will enjoy watching the fight there. Utah was one of the first to get noticed as objecting to the data gathering. It seems that they forget to ask the ‘why?’

          • I have been poking around IMS and recognize the model from a conference at Stanford I watched. It was one of the first times I grasped the extent to which this was all intended to circumscribe what it means for people to know. Rob Abel has a paper on the Common Core and how it is to transition to a new type odf assessment but all the links to it are dead. Probably did not want anyone linking to it in a reply in Utah.

            Turns out the CIO of the local school district where I live is involved with their K-12 personalized learning work. Her bio said this “Ms. Sacks recently became the CIO at Fulton County Schools, in Atlanta, where a world-class leadership team has assembled for true educational transformation and personalized learning across one of the country’s largest and most diverse populations. ”

            True educational transformation–and people wonder why I know so much. As I have said, apparently someone was supposed to be in these places and hear what was said.

            The most diverse populations is, of course, what makes Fulton Ground Zero for showing how digital learning and competency-based education can bring Equity. Did you notice that the KW report insisted that was the new obligation of the federal government? To force equity in educational outcomes. Now this truly is the progressive vision.

            Still can’t believe Fulton’s Director of Accountability said to my face that I probably did not understand formative assessment. It was his statements dovetailing so with what I recognized as James Comer’s vision that made me come home, pull the Democratic Schooling book from the 80s, and stumble across the whole concept of progressive federalism. Fortuitous.

  16. Because I’m a little slow…I don’t understand why they would put the wording in the bill just to see how many of us are paying attention. I don’t put it past them because it seems like they like to play games a lot but I still don’t understand it.
    And why are they doing the game with “look, a squirrel!” before the main bill drops? Because they want to see how many are sidetracked?

    • Who paid attention to WIOA? It simply was not discussed. I only found out about it because the Leadership Conference was high-fiving over it and I remembered what Wade Henderson had said at the ed Accountability summit in June on not letting the US Constitution stand in the way of the Equity and just society vision.

      The primary action is in the Senate. I have this old joke that the really troubling terms are always past the point in the statute or report where anyone with a life would have stopped reading. I’ll use Anita Hoge as an example even though we have never met or spoken. I listened to part of her interview with Women on the Wall on this. Anita read through the entire bill because her experiences in education in the 80s and 90s and what she has been seeing in PA now all were screaming that this is it. School to Work, Ralph Tyler’s Quality social and emotional learning vision, and OBE are all back. Better monitor the ESEA Rewrite. So she took the time it took to catch all this.

      Now Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray know that every page of their bill will now get read. If I were them, I would use language that incorporated terms that let other legislation or other entities force the most politically explosive desires and not put it in the ESEA Rewrite. There are other ways to make it binding on the states and schools. I know that and so do their lawyers. Now the focus can be on how to do that so that the Rewrite looks more innocuous than its actual function.

      That’s why to do a Look Squirrel now. It affects how much of the binding end game they can afford to put in a single piece of legislation. Why not, for example, put something likely to upset people in the STEM Ed act that is less likely to be perused? Congressional legislation needs to dovetail to be the integrated system desired. That does not mean one statute. Like WIOA, put the controversial aspects somewhere less likely to be monitored.

      This is a vision that has been sought for over 100 years and in earnest for decades. We are literally living in an End Game attempt to force a mostly invisible binding coup. And we are watching and appreciating in real time. How frustrating do you think that is to anyone enamored of the progressive vision? It is Bipartisan and throughout all levels of government.

      People were not supposed to remember or connect the dots, but we do and we have.

        • Anon-I think they will now try to get the same explosive results another way. Remember Culberson’s language on 552 did not work in the way I understand he says were his intentions. If this had gone unnoticed, he would have been credited by supporters as a states rights person and probably gotten campaign contributions because of it. Meanwhile lots of people at a different level would have recognized that in or out, that language is not really protecting the states or school districts or binding the feds.

          I intend to monitor other legislation, but I am one person who can barely stop coughing at the moment. Others need to be watching everything coming out of any education committee in either house. I am simply putting out the warning. Any good lawyer knows how to think of ways to avoid controversy while still getting the desired binding effect. Whatever happens with HR5, we at least know where all this wants to force the implementation. Helps know what to look for in other vehicles.

          • Remember in the book when I was talking about how all politicians collude when they want something that would not be possible if widely known?

            That’s what this is. The book Reinventing Government was very upfront about governments steering society. All of these reports I am citing are to. Telling voters “I want to govern you” is no way to get or stay elected. So people lie or they simply fail to get to the bottom of what language really means. That’s one reason governments are so wasteful. They are spending OPM and they want the upside of power without any downside. It is times like this it is good to have been a history major.

            You have a good feel for all the squirrelly things people have tried to get away with before. Doesn’t mean we have to acquiesce. Kitzhaber couldn’t keep his own house in order. He certainly did not need to be your personal governor. He was elected to lead the state not the people of Oregon personally. Same with the local mators, city council members, or Congress itself. The Constitution was created to prevent elected officials from, being the boss of us in any fundamental sense. Now progressives want to be the boss of all of us using the coercive power of governments at all levels. Phooey!

          • Good point. That’s a good way of looking at it. I do remember that part in your book…I need to get it out and start high-lighting it to death like LL. 😀

  17. Human centered. UGH. They just sound so pretty if you don’t know what they actually mean.
    It’s past five on the other side of the world…so I think it’s pretty much always after five somewhere. 🙂

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