Lemming Alert! Fomenting Hysteria to Hide Ubiquitous Targeting of the Internalized Subjective

Ubiquitous is another one of my favorite words, ever since I took the PSAT in high school and failed to recognize that word as well as ‘usurp’. Looked them up when I got home and have used them ever since. Think of Ubiquitous as a shorthand way to avoid writing the phrase “everywhere we look” and its conciseness is apparent. Now this is a quote from an article called “Neural Plasticity and Human Development”:

“Neural plasticity can best be thought of as the subtle but orchestrated dance that occurs between the brain and the environment; specifically, it is the ability of the brain to be shaped by experience and, in turn, for this newly remolded brain to facilitate the embrace of new experiences, which leads to further neural changes ad infinitum.”

Learning standards such as the Common Core grounded in behavior or Competency Frameworks are simply a means of prescribing the desired ‘orchestrated dance’ of necessary experiences to get the desired neural changes. Preventing parents and taxpayers from grasping that essential fact appears to be at the heart of all the False Narratives. The most recent one hyping a supposed national database of PII pushed here https://truthinamericaneducation.com/privacy-issues-state-longitudinal-data-systems/stop-congressional-assault-student-privacy-parental-rights/ had my inbox busy yesterday and this weekend.

Now given the highly emotional language APP chose to use, parents are apparently to be driven to react from fury instead of to facts and apparently to defer to the fact that there are attorneys involved (as USPIE asserted). Because attorneys never misrepresent anything for the benefit of their paymasters. Someone doesn’t get out much into the real world. Anita Hoge also wrote a related article bemoaning a national data base called “Can the Motherlode of Federal Data Hurt You?”. So much of this psychological manipulation of children could be prevented if we could just eliminate the deliberately false narratives as well as the mistaken ones. When the purpose of education goals is neural rewiring, the national data base hype is a case of misdirection. Don’t look here!

Evidence-Based Policymaking in education is always neural in either its purpose or as a tool. Evidence-Based Policymaking is simply what the Russians called Upravleniye–the steering of people and institutions by government officials at every level according to prescribed goals and models. Governments want to establish the goals and then force all of us into compliance. No need for a national database to do that, education, especially when coupled to a False Narrative of what is really going on, will do fine. http://www.governing.com/col-pay-for-success-savings-trap.html from last month is a much better synopsis of Evidence-Based Policymaking and lets us have an honest conversation as to whether we want to be a society now organized by governments to be malleable and compliant. That’s the real authoritarian purposes.

I am going to go back to The Passion of the Western Mind book, because it appears to me that the much-misrepresented learning standards are an attempt to bypass this ancient debate:

“The true basis of knowledge was the natural world and the information it provided through the human senses. To fill the world with assumed final causes, as did Aristotle, or with intelligible divine essences, as did Plato, was to obscure from man a genuine understanding of nature on its own terms, solidly based on direct experimental contact and inductive reasoning from particulars. No longer should the pursuer of knowledge start from abstract definitions and verbal distinctions and then reason deductively, forcing the phenomena into a prearranged order [Remember Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete and Thinking like a Scientist, Historian, or Mathematician?] . Instead, he must begin with the unbiased analysis of concrete data and only reason inductively, and cautiously, to reach general, empirically supported conclusions.”

The opposite, in other words, to the Classical Education with its Good, True, and Beautiful being pushed by the same people who misrepresent SEL standards, competency-based education, and now this supposed national database. It’s also the opposite of where Conceptual Frameworks and Enduring Understandings and Disciplinary Core Ideas and Cross-Cutting Concepts and Themes take us globally. It’s not just this ideological training to think deductively from commonly prescribed ideas though. It’s the true reason for the SEL emphasis and once again it’s not about PII. This is from a book by Stanley Greenspan to make sure all reasoning is ultimately grounded in emotion so that the brain can be rewired accordingly. It’s called The Growth of the Mind and told me forthrightly that:

“Our appraisal of reality is in part, therefore, a subjective emotional operation in which we call upon our common biology and set of experiences to elucidate a shared sense of reality. This sense, supported by certain critical experiences, such as being part of various groups, in turn supports our social and political institutions.”

Those would be the very same social and political institutions everyone wants to transform in this Upravleniye, Evidence-Based Policymaking future, where governments and politicians set the goals we are all to adhere to, preferably while remaining blissfully unaware of the neural redesign via education. We really need SEL Standards and new, non-cognitive definitions of success because we must believe, at an emotional level, that “all members of society bear mutual responsibility for the welfare of the weakest among us…innovative action is needed to stem the forces now undermining our society’s ability to foster the qualities we most value.” Not quite sure who that ‘we’ is, but this vision demands “an understanding that emotional life is the foundation of intellect and of the judgment and moral sensibility needed in a democratic society.”

Greenspan’s vision of ‘democratic society’ is, of course, what Uncle Karl called the Human Development Society and also little’c’ communism. It requires “a society truly committed to the centrality of affective interchange in development. The real reform must take place in the values that guide our decisions–that is, in the integration of human nature that we use to frame the discussion. {Remember this was also a critical component of the preplanned Charlottesville Conversations?] The false dichotomy between emotion and intellect, between education and interaction, underlies our neglect to provide social and financial supports for families.”

This new vision of what it will take for humanity to flourish is based on a vision of education where “affective experience constitutes the foundation of the human mind.” If the False Narrative was forthright that it, or its financial supporters, also wants to control the subjective, emotional mind and make it the driver of future behavior, people might have a chance to say no. Hence, all the deceit. Greenspan’s work, by the way, was funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health and, as usual, was linked to as support for a vision of education being quietly mandated and implemented. He was forthright that in his vision of education: “To feel successful, children must have standards to measure themselves against.” He also explained that “to be effective, educational reform must reflect the insights revealed by the new research on how the mind develops…First and foremost is the fact that affect and interaction, rather than the acquisition of specific information and skills, are the foundation of learning of every kind.”

That’s not really true, but if it is believed by teachers and administrators and put into practice in schools, the kind of mind a student has can be neurally rewired. I have noticed that the deceit gets fast and furious, just like the recent hysterics over the weekend, whenever the subject of neural rewiring gets broached. If we are to avoid the mass drowning in governmental controls of the Upravleniye/ systems science blueprint, that can happen to lemmings that react blindly to what they are told and believe, we should understand why the Subjective is under such an organized, but covert, attack. Greenspan once again told us while laying out what he regarded as “Our Human Imperative” in his Conclusion.

“if the split between, on the one hand, subjective, spiritual, and emotional and, on the other, objective, rational, and materialistic conceptions of human nature continues to divide us as it has long done in Western thought, we may well continue on our present course. We may look to mechanistic and materialistic solutions, such as tougher social policies and more prisons, instead of attempting to meet emotional needs in a framework of appropriate structures and discipline.”

Eliminating those dichotomies and putting those structures and disciplines in place is what is really going on with Evidence-Based Policymaking. Unless we want to have our children’s minds and personalities further remolded by this compatible vision of education and the planned public policy steering of our workplaces and cities to proceed, we need to discuss what is really going on in terms of the reality being put in place, not the Guiding Fictions created by False Narratives. The False Narratives simply try to prevent us from the panoptic vision of education and the desired transformations that actually fit into place at every level like finely crafted, meshing gears.

All in one view at every level. We need the panopticon of education reforms that started with Credentialed to Destroy instead of this planned shroud of deceit we were supposed to fall for like lemmings.


38 thoughts on “Lemming Alert! Fomenting Hysteria to Hide Ubiquitous Targeting of the Internalized Subjective

  1. Robin, it’s not hype. If you listen to the CEP’s meetings, you hear them say that the goal is a federal database “clearinghouse”. They also talked specifically about the use of pii. They said it’s difficult to get access to useful pii as a researcher because of the unaligned state and federal data collection systems. I transcribed it myself from a CEP meeting video, which has since been removed. It’s on my blog, titled “Ripping the band aid would probably not fly. ” (Whatiscommoncore. WordPress. Com)

    • It is hype and it is a misinterpretation of the concern over PII. Don’t you think I have been following CEP? Don’t you know I am following initiatives like this one http://www.evidencecollaborative.org/ and their admitted ties to the neural rewiring agenda? Down to having hard copies of meeting minutes?

      This was released today from the group supporting this legislation. https://results4america.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Support-letter-11.13.17.pdf It is not a database of PII. It is about goals created by governments a at every level and a measurement of “how are we doing”? Centripetal to measuring against those goals or ‘standards”, not centrifugal as a collection of PII.

      The Student Privacy Toolkit, which was the last time your blog awoke before this push, was not a solution as I explained, and this is not about “dossiers’. It’s a horrific idea and it is totalitarian, but not for the reasons being hyped.

      • Cristel’s blog is promoting agency-based education and mistakenly asserting a distinction with how competency=based education really works. Because, unlike your false attack against me above, I really do read all these references so I have gone through all the conference materials as well as having read featured speaker, Ian Flinders, book calling for a Revolution of the Heart. Like Greenspan, agency-based education says it wants reason to be grounded in emotion.

        That’s precisely what I mean about complaining on one hand about Whole Child or social and emotional learning standards to hype concern or create demand for various school choice measures, while simultaneously pushing a model of ed that unabashedly pushes the same vision. If writers like Professor Greenspan write about how we can now govern people through their embedded neural processes and structures, then that’s is the target we need to be discussing.

        If writers in this area are calling for panaceas that are not a solution as happened several years ago when suddenly there was a coordinated push to use Richard Paul and his Critical Thinking template as the answer to the outcry over the Common Core, we get to have a factual discussion, as this blog did at the time, on why this would be going directly from the sizzling skillet into the flames of the fire with no retardant for protection.

        I am trying to arm parents with accurate information that is demonstrable that keeps them and their children out of the proverbial flames and gives them a chance to bring down the temp in that skillet. A cry of “national database of PII” as what Evidence-Based Policymaking is about doesn’t do that. It has parents looking in the wrong place. A frenzy over federal involvement doesn’t make it OK for local schools to target the subjective either, especially when it is done under cover of a charter school board attorneys misrepresented to an elected school board or via a mission statement for a private school with the same effect.

        • I am involved with our school board, although I don’t put myself in the line of fire by running for a seat and then having to dress up for the interminable meetings. Instead I have politicked around on several advisory committees.

          And I can say Robin performs a valuable service by emphasizing what she does. The school governance system is dysfunctional enough, and without vigilance it can work to pull the wool over the eyes of citizens, parents and taxpayers. Robin’s blog and book just about coincided with an awakening within our community that has seen a throwing out of bad school board members and replacement of the administration and many principals, all for the better. I don’t know how much Robin had to do with it, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Thanks, Robin and please continue keeping the laser on the target!

          Maybe there are PII concerns. In this world I’ve given up expecting much of anything to be private but that doesn’t mean everyone has to. I am not saying it’s nothing.

          • Thanks David. PII is a statutorily defined term and it is not the issue in what is going on with ‘learning’ in the 21st century. If what is targeted is not part of a federal database, the student is still at risk because their mind and personality is the Ground Zero of the entire template. The microlevel in Urie Bronfenbrenner’s template of nested human systems that education is to alter and then create a steerable rudder. Greenspan writes about a 1993 meeting with Urie towards the end of his book. It was a “that explains a lot” moment.

            iNACOL put out a paper within the last week called “Redesigning Systems of Assessments for Student-Centered Learning” that is alarming enough when accurately understood. Accurate understanding is not where the herd was headed on this issue. The iNACOL paper in turn cited this one from the National Association of State Boards of Ed. It’s not concerned with the federal level either if you look at its template. http://www.nasbe.org/wp-content/uploads/Chattergoon-Marion.pdf

            It is the theory of learning aimed at the neural that these schools are using that is the danger and that is the needed area of focus. When I use the word ‘ubiquitous’ I mean the neural focus is everywhere once parents stop seeing this as about math, science, and reading and personal information being collected and more about the sought changes to their child at an internalized level. The materials are unanimous on that even if the commentators apart from me are clearly not. This is an important point from that NASBE paper:

            “While the research community has over the years engaged in lively debate over the merits of different theories [of how children learn], there is emerging consensus that learning happens through cognitive mechanisms within a social context. This consensus matters [it’s not about a federal database but the feds insisting this theory that rewires neurally as the model all schools must now use] because different models of student learning point to different assessment tasks. A balanced assessment system should include a range of cognitively complex tasks. Consider, for example, a state assessment system in which a majority of tasks only require recall of basic facts. Such an assessment system cannot tap into students’ abilities to learn information in collaborative or social contexts.”

            Your a science geek. Let’s think of this as a desire to install software at the level of the mind and personality that when used will permanently alter the student’s hardware. That reality is one parents would be horrified by if they grasped, which is all I am trying to do here. Now the cite for that point on “cognitive mechanisms within a social context” turned out to be this paper http://nepc.colorado.edu/files/TheRoleofAssessmentinaLearningCulture.pdf and it came from a 2000 AERA Presidential address. That would be about the same time AERA thought Bill Ayers would make a good officer. Shepard lays out all the changes in the student that can be accomplished if only the desired cognitive science learning theories, constructivism, and activity theories can be put in place in schools and the classroom.

            Notice this “reformed Vision of the Curriculum” can lead to “Fostering of important dispositions and habits of mind” and “enactment of democratic practices in a caring community”. The focus is to change the student and that need not involve any PII. It is very invasive, however, which is why these theories target “personal identity”. The confusing aspect may be that personal identity can be effectively targeted in ways that never involve PII as defined under federal statutes. Notice also that once these desired learning theories and changed practices become firmly established devolution away from the feds really won’t change anything, especially if parents and taxpayers remain confused as to what the true focus is and why.

  2. Robin you obviously have not read the final (huge) report from the CEP. If you don’t think the government is going to merge all the data from all the federal agencies to create a dossier on every American then you do your public a great disservice. You really need to broaden your knowledge base and realize their are others that have been researching and fighting this battle much longer than you and they can back up with proof what they say. I think it very unprofessional and a bit conceited to think you are the only one that understands what is going on. The federal government collecting PII can be proven. You have become down right mean spirited.

    • At least you are not back here telling me Alice Linahan should be able to steal anything of mine she wants or insisting I am making ad hominem attacks on Duke Pesta when I expressed concern over the concepts first orientation of Freedom Project Academy. This post continues to lay out the reasons that orientation is concerning.

      Of course I have read that report and the legislation and all the reports tied to what evidence-based actually means. That’s why I know this is a case of deliberate misleading in many cases. The legislation may be vague, but, for example, the ed tech software industry has been quite graphic in what and how they intend to change in the students via the curriculum. Read all that too and absorbed the graphics.

      A database is static and learning is all about the change in what the student has internalized and what learning experiences caused the change. None of that is PII. Student-level data that has been deidentified as the legislation calls for is not PII. Insisting it might be possible to go from one database to another and eventually get to personal information is disinformation on what is being gathered and why. No need to speculate either. Two of the signatories to that What Works letter dated the 13th were AdvancED and AISP-Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy. I covered AdvancED’s Quality Standards and why they are so concerning in CtD, but again it’s about the forced change in the student at a subjective level, not PII.

      Same with AISP, which I have tracked on this blog and cited to so there’s again no confusion on what kind of education data they are interested on the student, what Competencies they track to, and how it ties to IMS Global. Again it’s not PII.

      This is a factual discussion about what is really going on in education, which you don’t seem to be interested in having. If parents saw some of the graphics I have in this area on the intended changes to their child, they would be horrified that the conversation was about Student Unit Records and not the intended neural changes.

  3. You say, “a supposed national database”? What that tells me is that you have no idea what you’re talking about because there is indeed a national database – standardized data at the state level that can be aggregated at the national level. Legislation taking steps towards that goal were passed in 1988, 1994 and 1997. At one point in time there was a prohibition from sharing personalized records but I have no doubt that with the collectivization at the national level, that records with the personal information of students attached is now shared widely.

    You seem to more of a fascination for words than you do the concepts and ideas behind them and consequences thereof. My suggestion would be that you get yourself a nice chair and big dictionary and knock yourself out because in the real world, it’s what’s behind the words that is important.

    • The issue is not what data has been gathered, but this narrative that the purpose of SEL standards or evidence-based policymaking is about gathering PII. It’s not.

      The point should be on the purpose of these learning standards and the reasons for the practices laid out in Schlafly’s Child Abuse in the Classroom book and all the harmful things that can be done to a child psychologically via curricula and prescribed learning experiences without ever getting to PII. PII is largely irrelevant to the psychological template. All that brain rewiring does not care.

      If I was not interested in the truth, I certainly would not let commenters through to hurl insults at me. The discussion needs to be on these Theories of Change involving childrens’ psyches that then get hidden under the term “evidence-based” and not a disinformation campaign about PII. We need to be able to have a factual discussion of how many teaching and learning required practices are now functioning at a Level 5 under NESTA’s Using Research Evidence criteria. http://www.alliance4usefulevidence.org/assets/CfPS-Using-Evidence-in-Scrutiny-WEB-1.pdf

      If you give Congressional testimony bragging about your ability to “mobilize parents” and then there is a massive effort to organize parents emotionally, with misleading graphics, around the wrong issues that put their kids at risk, don’t be surprised that I thought of the word lemmings. After all as Cass Sunstein and recent Nobel behavioral scientist Richard Thaler put it in their book Nudge on the human capacity to follow the herd: “Humans are not exactly lemmings, but they are easily influenced by the statements and deeds of others.”

      It was precisely that herd capacity being used in this alert and all the websites suddenly writing again to call attention to it. I am not going to ‘toe the line’ to a narrative that puts children at further risk, which this one does. We cannot fix what is not accurately described.

    • Any database of PII is absolutely nothing to take lightly or be blindly accepting of but as long as our childrens’ psyche’s ( values, attitudes and predicted behaviors ) are being manipulated in the classroom data collection is a secondary issue.

      The primary issue is BRAINWASHING.

      If by some miracle legal challenges to PII collection were successfully adopted and federally aggregated data collection of any kind stopped tomorrow that would not change the systematized mind arson via computer learning, SEL group projects and Experiential ” real life ” learning happening currently in every public , private, religious or homeschool classroom in the country.

      The psychological, neuro-cognitive rewiring taking place RIGHT NOW is what matters. Whether Uncle Sam has a dossier or not on the manufactured emotionally reactive, fact free, zombie robots , primarily loyal to all Statist aims is irrelevant. The Brainwashed Citizens will remain and vote and behave as the social engineers desire.

  4. Robin, Karen, I appreciate what you do. I think Robin’s point (correct me if I am wrong) is that you see manipulation of people’s minds collectively as more threatening than potential manipulation of individuals by control of pii. You are opposed to the emphasis on pii by groups like Truth in American Education, Jane Robbins and others because you see it as being beside the larger point. To me, they go hand in hand. Oppression of the masses, or the ability by oppressors to root out individual mavericks seem like ugly peas in a cozy pod to me. I hope we few, few individuals who watch and document the erosion of personal liberty always remain in harmony with each other as much as possible, and disagree, if necessary with great respect.

    • It’s individual manipulation of the mind, but the broader template of shared understandings and ‘meaning-making’ is collective. Where ever people start in the end they are to end up in the same place in terms of what they believe, value, and what categories of thought they use as well as for people to use Arational thought processes grounded in emotion. To be evidence-based is not about a database it is to be effective in creating the desired change and that change has to be at an internalized, neural level. Databases of personal information are terrible, but that simply is not the essence of evidence-based policymaking when it comes to education.

      If any kind of federal mandate goes away and these mandates are imposed by states or a district and implemented via the schools, the children remain at great risk because their brains and personalities are to be neurally rewired. I can only work so fast, but the level of documentation I have on this is overwhelming and sickening. Unfortunately as well, DeVos has long been on board with the change-the-child template through the mind and it is also something Calvin College where she attended pushes as well.

      I am saying that the definition of PII is not what is implemented via these techniques and that restoring FERPA, which would be nice, will not help either. It’s not that I am smart or that this is personal, but it has taken me years of work to master the areas involved with this. It’s literally like learning another language. Once mastered though it is easy to see what is really being said. Anyone wanting to understand evidence-based policymaking really should take a look at this first ever Forum for Government that took place in late September 2016 in London and see what is planned for us in the name of education and wellbeing. http://www.alliance4usefulevidence.org/event/evidence-works-2016-29-30-september/

      Notice too that the Hewlett Foundation sponsored this “This event was organised in partnership with Nesta and Results for All/Results for America, with support from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation” so they view evidence-based learning as compatible with their financing of Deeper learning. Remember how they hired Robert Kegan and Peter Senge to assess whether assessments would be measuring Deeper Learning? Both are into New Age thought.

  5. Christel, IMHO your summation is a fair one.( I wrote some addressing this right before your post) I think what I see is that the mind manipulation is the foremost issue because as long as it remains unseen or unacknowledged there will be few if any individual mavericks left to challenge anyone. The techniques will remain, institutionalized , unabated. Existence of or Collection of PII to restrain any individual , much less punish them, will be irrelevant because everyone will be mentally locked down into approved group think. The brainwashed masses won’t know enough and/or will be programmed to dislike and disregard personal liberty.

    • Look who cares about this legislation “Associations of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences”. http://fabbs.org/2017/11/15/legislation-to-implement-commission-on-evidence-based-policymakings-recommendations-passes-house/ Weaselly too to use a nonrecorded voice vote on something controversial. That Bipartisan Policy Center just loves the cybernetic steering template for people and any human institution.

      Look at what else they are celebrating. http://fabbs.org/2017/11/15/the-national-academies-celebrates-the-20th-anniversary-of-its-board-on-behavioral-cognitive-and-sensory-sciences/

      Program even admitted the rewiring emphasis. “A panel of distinguished scholars presented research from the behavoral sciences and commented on possible future directions for the field. Their presentations addressed the human brain (functional imaging and rewiring), stress (its impact on aging, morbidity, and mortality, and racial differences), and aging (happiness). A second panel of emerging scholars provided a look toward 2037 and presented research examining mindfulness interventions for health, health disparities in preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease, computational cognitive science at the intersections of humans and technology, and applied behavioral science research in policy. The Symposium’s sponsors, including federal agency funders and FABBS’ Executive Director Paula Skedsvold, shared their visions for future research in these sciences. The day’s events concluded with a conversation on “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert (Harvard University) and David Brooks (New York Times).

      BBCSS will post an archive of the event on its website.”

      My bolding.

      • Robin,
        Please correct me if I misunderstand. Regardless of what PII they intend to collect, do collect, or plan to merge with other data, that static PII data is really extraneous. They do not need PII to collect and monitor the data they really want which informs them of the current status of internal change of emotions, mindsets and neural pathways within the child. Perhaps agreeing that this change can be monitored without any form of PII needs further basic explanation. In addition, understanding that the education template is the same without regard for the type of education, classical, Christian, Catholic, environmental, etc. is difficult and can feel offensive to parents because we often feel protected by these titles but it is essential.

        Respect for the work of another is vital. However, it is noticeable that effort is made not to acknowledge the work of Robin and purposefully keep her research from discussion sites and away from mention. Even comments mentioning her name are often not allowed in groups, forums and websites.

        On another note thought you may find this interesting.

        See section1

  6. Divide and conquor. The mental manipulation in classrooms is ruining kids and culture. The people who discover it are pitted against each other by mischief makers. Twisters and whisperers, wanting to divide.

    Its so rediculous and messed up that “personally identifiable information” data mining on children is even a thing. Its maniacal! But even if all the data collected is burned on a pyre, the gruesome mengela meddling with childrens brains and behaviors will still be there. Then what? The exhausted followers will go back to tv or tennis because what did they get? Are their kids more scholarly, more contented and happy because the dossier’s are in ashes? Will the vulgar sex drugs and violence, often exposed in curriculum disappear? Will The depressing duncemaking occuring by institutional deception of citizenry and abuse of children in classrooms stop because PII dossier’s are illegal?
    It seems that the data collection has left the barn. We are already there.
    The law seems to be on the backend here. How does one know they are being surveilled?
    How will individualized learning prevent dossiers and data collection? The teacher wont even know whats happening screen to screen in her classroom, parents wont ever see the resl time occurances from the classroom, a teacher doesnt even understand the subject, she will just follow the rigor growth baloney path as written in her toolkit for common core. Last time i checked that rot is all still there, UbD, deep learning, growth mindset, deep reading, habits of mind, mindfulness, close reading, backward mapping, all the carcasses of baloney mind manipulation in every subject. Still there. Eminem lyrics as literature, still there. Garbage in never out, trapped in the systems loop.
    So if the data collection legislation passes or fails what does it matter? how do we know they will curtail it? The vagueness quotient in laws is getting bigger and bigger. It resembols the words with multi meaning, each a trojan horse.
    I know of many existing laws that are not enforced.
    Abuse of children in real time is the target. Now.
    Seems that keeping parent family rights and priorities over the education of our children, and exposing the mental abuse and misuse of tax dollars for psychobabble in schools is more of a winning issue to not be divided on.

        • That “Using evidence in scrutiny” guide for local governments link I put up cited to a 2016 paper on how to help individuals Make Better Decisions”. Once again when following up on what evidence-based policymaking or SEL Standards or what Higher Order Thinking Skills really mean, we find a focus at controlling, until the desired practices become Habits of Mind, each individual’s future decision-making. So if it’s conscious it is prescribed because student was trained to act from emotion using prescribed categories of thought. If it’s unconscious, it’s the trained Habits of Mind and internalized Dispositions that have become grounded in the student’s very Identity.

          Here’s the paper although that summary is grounded in more than that. http://www.bps.org.uk/system/files/Public%20files/Comms-media/Making%20better%20decisions.pdf

          BPS is British Psychological Society. Lovely, huh?

        • Did you see this? https://www.edsurge.com/news/2017-11-14-brainwave-headsets-are-making-their-way-into-classrooms-for-meditation-and-discipline

          The Muse device would be evidence-based even if none of these changes or data ever become a part of any database.

          The vendor is following the PII Guidelines, but that offers no protection to students against rewiring from neurofeedback.

          That Millenium School, a middle school grounded in developmental and neuroscience sounds alarming, huh?

          Here’s a quote: “Millennium School is an innovation lab exploring the intersection of Developmental Science and Adolescent Education in the heart of San Francisco. In partnership with professors from leading universities, Millennium is developing an integrated educational program based on neuroscience and developmental psychology.

          These educators have convened to create a model middle school that implements best practices for holistic student development, translating leading research and experiential learning techniques into practical application. The program combines integrated academics with self-discovery and real-word application through student-centered projects.

          Beyond operating the lab school, Millennium disseminates its whole-student development methodology through professional development programs for teachers. The combined result is an integrated learning organization exploring humanistic education for the 21st century.”

          Basing it on neuroscience and developmental psychology makes this evidence-based.

      • One of the things I noticed in reviewing the APP materials that were being forwarded to me was that they do not seem to fully grasp what SEL actually is. If we stop the abbreviating though and see the ‘social’ component as the interpersonal competencies from the 2014 Rand/White House conference and the emotional as the Intrapersonal competencies from the same conference, the true targeting for change gets clearer. Now let’s add what was in that Lori Shepard link I put up yesterday that fits with Peck’s Caring Community as well as Greenspan’s insistence that intelligence be grounded in emotion as it is motivating.

        So the student is a system that can be reprogrammed via certain types of school activities and experiences and the data collected, as with Rogers Lane, tells us what changes have occurred as a result of the prescribed activities. Now I can measure where the student is against what my goals are for the student and again none of this involves PII. This was the mother of all false directions even though databases are a bad thing. At the end of the day we have the Graduate Profile or Portrait of a Learner specifying the desired internal changes that are to take place during the years of school that guide how student will behave in the future, what he will perceive or ignore, and how he will interpret his daily experiences. All thoroughly socially engineered for political effect and again nothing is related to PII.

        The interpersonal activities, projects, and on-line virtual reality experiences carve out the desired internalized rudder. That carving out at a neural level is evidence-based policymaking. Then steering those created rudders becomes evidence-based policymaking too at the group level. That’s the Upravleniye element. Governments create goals for the city, society, and workplaces and then measure the results over time and adjust accordingly. It’s a bit like a flexible Five Year Plan, but it all starts at the internalized, neural level. That’s why it even has a name–nanotechnology, which was rather a shock to me.

    • This is a quote from my cutting edge school district, which is a League of Innovative Schools exemplar. on what they are doing. Remember none of this, however invasive involves PII. Data collection is not PII either unless it’s one of the very limited statutory definitions that have little to do with what is being transformed at a neural level.

      “To provide purposeful experiences while learners take risks, grow from challenges, and lead successful lives in a changing world.” Subject content is merely a means of creating group activities to change the children at an internalized level.

      If you want to get a good idea of the real data gathering and again it is evidence-based but has nothing to do with PII, search out Rogers Lane Elementary in Wake County, NC “Day in the Life in August/September of Year One.” It’s a new school that opened this fall with its focus on the three principles of Agents of Change, Out of this World Learning, and Intentional and Reciprocal Relationships.”

    • One more point that is crucial to appreciate. When Emmett McGroarity used the phrase Chinese-style dossiers in connection with this Action Alert on the Evidence-based policymaking bill, it’s really inapt. It enrages parents, but dossiers is actually a terrible analogy once we appreciate the true target of evidence-based education. The Chinese created dossiers on their citizens to monitor compliance with external authority as to what they could do and what opinions they could express.

      What makes cybernetics so much superior as a means of authoritarianism is that the desired circumscription gets neurally wired in. This type of education is programming the student to be compliant. It’s internal (Intrapersonal) and largely invisible. Much of the education ‘data’ is not something that would become a dossier because it is now largely a remnant of what was, not what is. A longitudinal database is a history of what was, what changed, and why. Who the student is personally is the least relevant aspect except for concerns over Equity. The crucial aspect is always what changed and what experiences created that change moving along the way to the ultimate goals of what the desired citizen of the future should become. You don’t use the information in a longitudinal data system to create dossiers. You use it to create a blueprint of What Works to change the future citizens in the desired ways.

      So let’s be very careful about using terms like dossier or database because they shift attention away from the real focus of these education reforms that argue they are evidence-based. Remember that phrase runs all the way through ESSA. The evidence-base is not on a database, but in the changes to the student’s mind and personality. That’s why a new kind of assessment was needed as Lori Shepard again laid out.

  7. “Remember that phrase runs all the way through ESSA. ”
    Remembering back to the fight against ESEA, and its name change ESSA , there were lots of big voices on the common core scene who were silent in the fight against this enormous education bill the size of obamacare, til the very end when it was clear it would pass. ” no, wait, stop” kinda like willy wonka.

    • ESSA enshrined the same template as Project Education Reform: Time for Results, which Lamar was involved as the TN gov heading the sponsoring NGA.

      The only thing entertaining about the attacks of the last several days is my children have decided the Wordsmith is my new nickname.

      Evidence-based is a critical component of what is really going on and like so many things such as rigor or critical thinking, it is the unexpected actual definition that is guiding these so-called reforms.

      Got the turkey now and fresh cranberries and a recipe that includes chilled vodka to make a flaky pie crust. My college kid is determined to cut the sodium in her grandmother’s favorite pumpkin pie. That means, of course, that I must learn to bake over the next few days.

      • Enjoy! I’ll be thinking of you as Betty my Kitchen Aid and I whip up all the treats as we do every year. Making cinnamon rolls again this year for breakfast. The recipe I use was my great, great grandmothers and makes a pan of dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and a loaf of bread.

        • traditions are so nice. i got one of those truly excruciating injections of cortisone in right wrist this morning.

          am reading yet another of those confessional books explaining how to change the classroom to change students brains physiologically so they will have new ways of thinking that are emotional and collective. not sure why precisely we are supposed to ignore these confessions in books by connected insiders in favor of a false contrived narrative, but logic is clearly not karen’s strong suit.

          Comity in pushing lies or mistaken assumptions involving children seems like a terrible idea. Not sure how that makes me the mean, awful, cruel, insert adjective of choice person. I also don’t get putting a discussion of tools like data gathering above talking about the blueprint they are being gathered to pursue.

          When you understand this particular topic of what evidence-based policymaking is about you can track the same template all over the globe in a myriad of languages and their alphabets. Took me to sweden yesterday where they have rolled in Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry form of systems thinking to “make the desired outcomes more positive.”

          Cooking in a wrist splint is going to be a bit tricky. Am in charge of roasted turkey, cornbread dressing, and cranberry sauce. i do that with port wine and then use it later with pork tenderloin as a dipping sauce.

        • how timely. http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/education_futures/2017/11/why_neuroscience_should_drive_personalized_learning.html

          it confirms the data is the tool to create neural based changes in student’s brains.

          all this discussion about being smart treats my factual discussions that are well-documumented by the time i am willing to write about them in a book or on this blog as simply being my personal interpretation. that somehow i think my interpretation is superior because i am bright instead of because it can be shown to be factually true and traced to people in a position to make it so. That’s why the books matter. They are confessions that cannot be deleted when someone unapproved is later reading them. other people’s interpretations in ed, especially on certain issues, do not track to provable facts or definitions in my possession. sounding an alert and using an apt behavioral science metaphor doesn’t make me mean. that’s a strange interpretation unless someone only lives in a world of competing interpretations rather than provable ones,

          notice too that the equity mandate forces the targeting of the neural. important when it is civil rights laws being used to be the cudgel as it is harder to find, but mandatory nonetheless.

  8. Bottom line is: No matter how you want to label it. Our government is collecting data on every American in this country. They ARE collecting PII and every move we make and every breath we take. So lets stop trying to come off as the only one that knows what is going on. We are all saying the same thing at the end of the day. American is looking more and more like Communist China everyday and Americans are sitting back and yawning about it or arguing about who has labeled it with the right terminology. HR4174 only made legal what they have been doing for several years and that CAN BE PROVEN. HR3157 again will only make legal what they have been doing for years and that too CAN BE PROVEN. So lets all get down to basics and end this insanity. Just pull up a Lily Tang video about life in Mao’s China and you will understand all you need to understand. We can sit around arguing about who is the smartest in the group or how many books we have read but bottom line is we are in deep trouble and we better do something about it now!!! What we should be discussing is exactly WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO to stop what we all know is happening. Robin I don’t know what happened to you but you have become down right mean and cruel.

    • thank you. it’s no fun to be under attack for trying to get out accurate info and as I will explain after the holidays, there’s not a dispute over what Evidence-Based Policymaking is, except from the same group determined to also misrepresent (whether deliberately or via repeated error) sel standards and competency-based ed. I added though to my body of proof since this post and this is the link to the swedish document I mentioned. Appendix 2 is the AI modification. Cooperrider is a Case Western prof with Ervin Laszlo’s son Christopher and a former student of peter senge. Cooperride and Laszlo are involved too with the UN’s push to remake the nature of business schools–PRME.


    • Thank you. Did a roasted turkey with a garlic lemon butter under the skin on an organic bird that grew up not so far from you where he got to get out and about.

      My brother took a whole drumstick a la Henry VIII. Hope you had a wonderful day as well.

      I must say I was not quite ready for my youngest to start getting out the carolers.

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