Leveraging the Information-Sphere of Society as the Fulcrum for Involuntary Change

Anyone else watching the tragic events of this summer in Dallas and Orlando and wondering why there is such a determined effort to mislead us all about the nature of what happened and why? To stir up group grievances and even hatred, even if the relevant facts have to be either ignored or lied about? Some days I think the only nice thing about understanding this program of wholesale change in people’s internalized mental models is having access to previous blueprints from my personal library of declared intentions. Today we will look back to a 1988 book The Cassandra Conference: Resources and the Human Predicament edited by Paul R. Ehrlich and John P Holdren. Recognize those two names? I thought so.

That would be the year before his book New World New Mind covered in this post http://invisibleserfscollar.com/how-disabilities-law-is-already-being-used-to-gain-ehrlichs-new-mind-and-the-future-earth-economy/ . Most people recognize Professor Ehrlich from all his hyping of pending environmental catastrophe that never actually happen, but did you know he also has a close working relationship with the very Stanford psychology prof, Albert Bandura (see tag), pushing education as a means for Resistance-Proof Biosocial Revolution in the June 14, 2016 ISC post? Pertinent to our story, in other words, so let’s remind ourselves of how John Holdren fits into our current onslaughts.

He has been at the White House https://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/ostp/about/leadershipstaff/director since 2009 in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. It means that the League of Innovative Schools with its neurological focus reports to him as does Digital Promise. The BRAIN Initiative does too, as well as the NSF and thus its Science of Learning Centers. Last but not least, he oversees the nudge-oriented Behavioral Science Team and its push for a national Growth Mindset study.

Now that we have established both men’s pertinence to what is actually being pursued, let’s go eavesdrop on a chapter written by another name we should all recognize–Donella Meadows (see tag) of the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth fame. The chapter was called “How Can We Improve Our Chances?” and it was seeking a means at more effectively shaping “the thinking and the policies of our society.” Tool Number 1 listed was developing new concepts to be used to frame public perception and discussion.

Wouldn’t it be useful to know now what Holdren, Ehrlich, and Meadows said was the “primary social leverage point” in their pursuit of fundamental social, economic, and political change? That would be “the source of ideas.” All three people and, I suppose, the Conference attendees in general, declared as follows so let’s listen in: “we are a part of, though by no means all of, that elect set of people in any society who are its idea generators–the people who interpret society to itself, set up its arguments, frame its issues, define its categories, coin its phrases.”

Just the declared intentions we want from someone in a position to specify, with federal funding, what will be the Next Generation Science DCIs–Disciplinary Core Ideas and CCCs–Cross-Cutting Concepts and Themes, to be imposed and then assessed for in all K-12 education. In fact, this quote from influential, but misguided, economist John Maynard Keynes was cited approvingly in full:

“The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back. I am sure that the power of vested interests is vastly exaggerated compared with the gradual encroachment of ideas.”

Listening to President Obama (from yesterday’s speech that doesn’t really count as a eulogy any bereaved person wanted to hear) and the media’s portrayal of what led to Orlando, and how Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, and Dallas are somehow all equivalent ‘killings,’ it is apparent that all these events must be interpreted to make Group Equity the point. Neither politicians nor the media seem to want to give up the desired narrative, whatever the actual facts or the deadly consequences of the politically useful ideas. Useful that is if fundamental transformation is what is actually sought. This post actually starts a Trilogy to show that is precisely what is going on and how the language used fits with broader goals that track to the UN and its 2030 Dignity For All global focus.

Today though, we need to appreciate why the so-called Information Sphere is so crucial that we have politicians and the media determined not to let mass, intentional, planned-in-advance murder get in the way of their determination to Use Ideas to stir up useful group grievances and cultivate useful personal guilt. Both education and the media are the two critical components of communication in any society and we all need to understand what Ehrlich, Holdren, Meadows, and all the entities and institutions they have worked for since 1988 all knew and were relying on when they made their plans for us: “To prevail, we are going to have to use the power of ideas more skillfully than they do. That means, I think, understanding fully and profoundly, first how ideas create societies and, second, how they create our own selves and our effectiveness.”

So when http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/printgroupProfile.asp?grpid=7876 Black Lives Matters calls for ‘quality education for all’ as part of its manifesto, it’s not about facts and teaching reading properly. It has a particular meaning that makes a student amenable to the desired fundamental transformations. Quality Learning was first proposed by not defunct in the least despite decades of being deceased, political philosopher John Dewey, and his plans for education I covered in my book Credentialed to Destroy. He too wanted to control the prevailing Information Sphere at the level of each student’s mind and personality. Back to 1988: “our terribly complex socioeconomic systems are shaped by two basic forces. The first is the physical operation of the universe…”

Guess what? Cause and effect in that physical universe is not affected as “what we say or believe about them has absolutely no influence on how they behave.” In this age of deliberate Mind Arson I would add that whether we even accurately know anything has no effect. Physical laws are “the least changeable parts of a system’s structure. They are the constraints within which a system has to operate; they are not the ultimate or guiding force.” These are not my italics, by the way, and the true guiding force is precisely the reason for all the hype about brain-based learning and student-centered education. Let me quote the next paragraph to the quote we just finished as it is so explicit:

“The source of system structure, the real leverage point for change, is its information–the shared, slowly changing, often unspoken set of social beliefs, and the locally available, always changing streams of specific information [Can we say ‘Individual-in-Context’?], which together influence all human decisions, actions, technologies, and organizations. The human information system works on the physical universe, constrained by its laws, but within those laws there is scope for all the varied inventions, organizations, and cultures that human beings have produced over the ages.”

Guess what? Everyone targeting the Information-Sphere via education and media memes and narratives has plans for a new culture that is politically controlled and coordinated at every level of government. That will be the focus of the remainder of this Trilogy. Meanwhile, we have the admission that in the Information-Sphere “things are very much influenced by what is wished, believed, and said.” That’s the reason for all the lies around race, Islam, Climate Change, how to teach reading, and so much else. That’s why it is apparently OK to stir people up so they falsely believe and feel they are under attack because of race and then turn around and falsely assure people that they are not at risk from some evil-doers because they are not adherents of a certain religion. Let’s quote our influential transformationalists yet again down to what they chose to italicize for emphasis:

“Over the very short term social systems are indeed dominated by their physical setups…But over the long term social systems are shaped almost entirely by the information-sphere, within the constraints of physical laws.” In the age of constructivist math and science those would be the unknown or misapplied (via Transfer to new situations!!) physical laws, but at least there will be no constraints from facts imperiling fundamental transformations. Does this sound giddy to anyone else? “Do you begin to see how easy changing a system can be, if the right information is just put into the right place?”

Why yes I do and now so does everyone reading this post. Does yesterday’s Presidential funeral oration and national and local news coverage suddenly make sense when we eavesdrop and learn “That is our work, to shape the information-sphere of society so that it supports systems of sufficiency, sustainability, and justice, instead of scarcity and waste, degradation, and oppression.” None of us apparently are the insiders who have been designated to be the transformational Idea-Generators although I think I am establishing my reputation as an Idea-Explainer, even if it is unauthorized by the Elect Set of People described above.

Might as well then reiterate the preferred method before we move on to the admitted goals. Remember also that for the Elect Schemers, a person is just another form of system:

“Systems arise, in the long term, from information and ideas. They can be changed most easily through information and ideas. Like the atmosphere, the information-sphere flows through us, through our minds, so thoroughly and constantly that we are hardly aware of it. We take information and put it out. Every word we speak, every action and gesture either reinforces and endorses the socially shared information-sphere or challenges and changes it.”

So much of what must now occur in classrooms globally tracks back to the people who we have just quoted. Let’s all start the rebellion against the schemers using education and the media to fulfill these plans where “with every word we are literally shaping reality for ourselves and others.”

At least we no longer need to speculate on the organized desire to control our very vocabulary and the concepts and categories we are to use to perceive the world and interpret our experiences.

Or as President Obama phrased it yesterday–‘our obligation to reach a consensus.’

No wonder no one wants Axemaker Minds in the room anymore.

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  1. Earlier today I happened upon the final recommendation paper made by a helpful psychologist to the Newton Board of Education in 2013 following the year she and her cohorts spent in the Sandy Hook school district after the tragedy of 2012. ( The good doctor and associates were funded in their efforts to help the community by a federal SERV grant ) The good doctor is one Melissa Brymer of UCLA’s neuropsychiatric institute and hospital ,as well as, Duke University Medical Center.

    This bit here caught my eye:

    ” After violent events, communities need to foster a social justice framework to counter the feelings of helplessness, lack of control,, and mistrust. Social Justice for the purposes of this report, means equal rights fostered by transparent and consistent communication between all parties, informed decision making driven by calm, deliberate and open problem solving, and opportunities for all citizens in the community to give voice to the critical issues shaping their environment. This requires evoking a democracy and holding leaders and their citizens equally accountable for both the process and thew final outcome of problem solving and decision making.”

    It continues on in a familiar refrain. Also of note is that on December 14th 2012 mere days after the shooting Dr. Bryson was on NPR speaking to the nation about the effects of Sandy Hook tragedy to the world at large. She is a real go to helper I’d say. The paper is here: http://www.newtown.k12.ct.us/Portals/Newtown/District/docs/Facilities/Brymer%20Report%20-%20Final.pdf

    • Thanks aces, never let a crisis go to waste indeed. Notice this that came out today that I saw after this post went up simply does not mention Dallas or Orlando at all. https://www.edsurge.com/news/2016-07-13-a-commitment-to-confronting-our-bias-and-privileges

      If you remember I went on the Newtown School District site that tragic Friday before it was ‘fixed’ and discovered the focus of the classrooms was on something called the Tree of Character and the desired characteristics the students should be acquiring through their classroom activities. That district had unfortunately long since moved away from a Transmission of Knowledge orientation in their schools. Newtown was also what was called a ‘Transition Town’ in the Agenda 21/ICLEI nomenclature. So where Dr Brymer immediately wanted to go takes the theories behind Positive School Climate and expands them to the meso-level of the community. Precisely as called for by the Social Determinants of Health documents we are going to cover in Part 2.

  2. Off topic. Did you by chance catch the exchange between a GA state prof and ex CIA agent Buck Sexton about France on CNN? Yikes!

    • Don’t forget that the national Strive Together template developed by Knowledge Works (that created the New Tech Network to be exemplar high school and works with Institute for the Future) created its template originally for Cincinnati. The Lumina Foundation, in addition to being in charge of redoing the conception of higher ed with the Diploma Qualifications Profile based on Robert Kegan’s work (RSA also hosted him), featured Strive Together prominently at the ‘convening’ of 75 metro areas in Dallas in January 2015.

      It also fits with a book I read this weekend by radical profs Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis that was supported by the MacArthur Foundation as part of the Real Utopias Project. It was called Recasting Egalitarianism: New Rules for Communities, States and Markets. They wrote about how framing Left Wing radical goals in language associated with conservatism caused people to let their guards down and not appreciate the true nature of the shift. Precisely what we have noticed with various members of the Atlas Network.

      Great paper. I am looking at the “Community Schools: Transforming Struggling Schools into Thriving Schools” it cites from the Center for Popular Democracy. I noticed Randi Weingarten if AFT is on that Board and I remember what she said when she introduced Wade Henderson of the Leadership Conference. I was appalled by their statement last week set out here http://www.civilrights.org/press/2016/back-the-blue-act.html

      Just added this on what Randi is doing today: “Cleveland and the Republican National Convention will be the focus of the political world this week, but the American Federation of Teachers will also be doing their come-together thing starting today in Minneapolis, where Hillary Clinton will address the gathering at 5 p.m. The union’s biennial convention is expected to draw some 3,000 delegates and a thousand other guests. President Randi Weingarten will deliver her keynote this morning, and she’s expected to praise Sen. Bernie Sanders for helping to make the Democratic Party platform “the most progressive in American history.” Weingarten, a longtime Clinton ally, will celebrate the presumptive Democratic nominee’s record on education and take jabs at Donald Trump, according to remarks prepared for delivery that were shared with Morning Education.”

  3. LEED is highly criticized and how rather inverted to seek ” sustainability” and net zero when building massive high density housing with a toilet in every tiny hovel. Except they are not hovels they are state of the art little luxury boxes with gourmet groceries and shopping avenues connected with Chico and chipoltle , but hundreds/thousands of them in one small spot making big fat footprints any way you slice it. Its illusion.
    Its the guilt nudge front for exactly what you say.
    Honestly think about the massive ghost towns in china, ours are not as high and are filling up with those willing to live in the Truman Show, voluntary for now.

  4. I wonder how Urie B’s parents pulled that off. One didn’t just apply for a passport to emigrate from the USSR in 1923. My grandfather had to use a ruse and his knowledge of fluent, unaccented Polish to manage to slip out a few years earlier, when things were much more chaotic and less bureaucratically controlled in the immediate wake of the civil war.

    If people were allowed to emigrate, it was because they were going to do something useful for the regime.


    • And he travelled through China and Russia in the 1950s and 60s and studied their kindergarten systems. Again access to highly restricted areas.

      His work was also translated into Finnish in 1974. Fighting off a head cold and dealing with multi-generational family matters, but Urie’s work just becomes more seminal, almost like John Dewey’s. It is also called the Bioecological Systems Theory now to refer explicitly to its biological aims at the level of the human nervous system.

  5. “The revised Perkins Act will provide incentives for strong business sector engagement with high schools and colleges. Legislation also will provide for experiential learning so young people are truly career ready with both strong academic skills and the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

    ∙ Most important, there will be specific metrics for success – metrics such as graduation rates and subsequent employment.

    These common-sense solutions – cross-sector partnerships, rigorous and targeted curricula, workplace learning, clearly defined success metrics – are already driving remarkable results. Recognizing that a high school diploma is no longer enough to build a middle-class career, IBM and its education partners developed the P-TECH grade 9 to 14 schools connecting education directly to jobs.”

    • Just like I figured out in my book and said this is coming and PTech is the model. Back in town.

      This launched while I was gone. http://www.results4america.org/policy-hub/every-student-succeeds-act/

      So glad I understand all this. “Through the Ed Lab, RFA will help state and local leaders implement the ground-breaking evidence provisions in the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which was enacted in December. ESSA could help shift more than $2 billion annually in federal education funds towards evidence-based, results-driven solutions in each of the next four years.”

        • Great link, which is why it is so dangerous to hype power to the local governments instead of individuals themselves. I have been watching Habitat III, which is where the substantive policy action to gain actual implementation at what Urie called the Meso levels that then fit with where School Choice actually leads the Republicans and Libertarians and democratic education and Excellence take the Dems and Progressives.

          Right now the education policies of both contenders for the US Presidency both go to the same place and it is Urie’s microlevel at its biological center. I think the key difference is Hillary is fully on board and has been since she was fascinated with saul alinsky as a college student and then Bill’s work with John Goodlad on global education in 1987 and her ties to Marc Tucker and NCEE.

          I think Trump would have a problem if he recognized where all this really goes. Supposedly Donald Trump Jr’s work came from FH Buckley at George Mason U of Law, who in turn says his ideas came from Thomas Lindsay. After I got back I started tracking all this to figure out precisely where the bad advice was coming from Lindsay is now at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, which is of course pushing for a Con Con to get us a new Constitution. https://insidehighered.com/views/2008/04/25/lindsay is from 2008 and sounds just like where we ended up when we looked into Classical Education that we are to be provided with the principles that will then guide our perception. Lindsay’s rep turns out to be democratic education.

          Most importantly Buckley turns out to be in charge of the Manne Programs in Economics for Federal Judges. Also pushing what principles are to be used as lenses in analyzing ‘economic consequences’ of regulations. It keeps hyping how little judges knew about economics and how grateful they are, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

          Lindsay was also director of the National Endowment for the Humanities We the People project, which I recognize as problemmatic. All his degrees are in poli sci and “In recognition of his scholarship on democratic education, Lindsay was made the 1992-93 Bradley Resident Scholar at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC.” Ahh, the Atlas Network again that TPPF is also a part of. Interesting tie to the Bradley Foundation too as they own Encounter Books, which published Buckley’s last two books. The April one wants to “bridge the gap between law and economics” and I have now ordered it as I keep tracking the history of all these ideas headed to a common, unappreciated place. Unlike those judges I like econ and was good enough at college to be an infamous curve breaker. I just can’t wait for Buckley to explain the law AND economics to me.

          I also recognize that the phrase he uses about “socialist ends by capitalist means” is precisely what Gintis and Bowles said. They also saw the local as the best way in, just like the Atlas Network and Habitat III. I guess my mental break is officially over.

          • Also found this on Lindsay referring to post-Heritage: “This was followed by his being awarded a Research Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. In 2002, he received his graduate certificate from the Institute for Educational Management Program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.” It was here as apparently he also writes columns for the Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/thomas-lindsay-phd

            I guess this is what “Movement Conservatism” actually is. Obscuring language as the facade for Marxist ideas.

          • No, but as you know we have covered just how dominant Teaching Tolerance and the CARE Guide created with the NEA are in what is actually pushed in the classrooms. That explains my youngest adamantly not even wanting to see Trump Tower even though it is hard to avoid if you are going down to central park. Did you notice the reference to “years of anti-bullying work”?

            http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/social-cohesion-can-commence-once-reality-is-born-largely-from-beliefs-and-boundaries-co-created-with-others/ is the SPLC post that covered their Teaching Diverse Students Initiative that should have been mentioned in that paper if it was actually trying to be objective rather than fuel a belief that slavery could return or that microchips could be used for Muslim students. Clearly wants to fuel the frenzy, doesn’t it?

            http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/shaping-a-mind-is-more-important-than-stuffing-it-grasping-the-psychosocial-key-to-fundamental-transformations/ is the next post and covers what is pushed by the CARE Guide. Nothing like going back and rereading that language about students being prepared to contribute to the social whole.

            The reality is that this election is interfering with the sculpted consensus and supposedly shared values that has become the little appreciated new purpose of K-12 schools. Much like the media omitting the first name of the Munich shooter or pretending Trayvon Martin still looked like a 13 year old or that Michael Brown said “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot” we have false narratives circulating because aggrieved or uninformed people vote as their remedy or remain unworried when they are actually under attack. Between schools and the media many teenagers will rarely hear or read anything that is factually true.

      • Seems the “evidence based” provisions in ESSA will guarantee schools shift away from academics to psychosocial development centers. If this reform was really about educating students, none of this so called innovation by way of federal grants would be the least bit necessary.

  6. Yes, I did notice that. Thanks for the refresher links. Talked with my oldest about it. He said he thought it was interesting how the classroom level results get left out. His friends in tow agreed they could all raise their hand and the teacher would choose the non white kid every time, like they were told they must do so. He told me after a large anti-bullying assembly that he felt like he was the only kid not under the clapping, chanting spell.

    • I just finished Sandra Bloom’s Sanctuary Model book and it fits with the CARE Guide, Positive School Climate mandates, the Discourse Classroom, Obama’s Brothers Keepers Initiative down to using that phrase repeatedly, and the entire desired approach that wants to give criminals a pass because their behavior must come from a place of hurt and the persistence of inequitable ‘systems’.

      I wanted to look at that before plugging it into the Social Determinants of Health template that we are clearly getting shoved at us. Love how Bloom insisted if people do not want to assume responsibilities for others and measure their language, the law needs to regulate that undesired rhetoric.

      My daughter that just graduated from college and her best friend, who received an IB Diploma, used to joke that they might become reflexively violent if someone just uttered the phrase “Are you an IB Learner”?

  7. I came across this piece, worth reading. I think it is an example of how the educational methods described in this blog are put to use.

    PoliticallyShort June 26, 2016
    The Democrat Media Complex

    … Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”…

    ….. As Breitbart continued, “the mainstream media portrays themselves as objective observers of reality when they’re no such thing —they’re partisan critical theory hacks who think they can destroy everything America stands for by standing on the sidelines and sniping at patriotic Americans with all their favorite slurs. They have nothing but contempt for the American people.”… The objective of the press today is not merely to inform, but to instruct the millions of impressionable American minds on what to believe, who to believe, and how to believe.

    …. The role that the press plays is to make clear to the American people what the Obama administration is doing, why the administration is doing it, and why it is forced to act in a certain way. …

    …. Goebbels, whom turned press conferences into secret meetings where the Propaganda Ministry would pass on detailed instructions to selected journalists, supplying articles to be printed verbatim or used as the basis for reports stated the following to the journalists, “You are to know not only what is happening, but also the government’s view of it and how you can convey that to the people most effectively.” That they were not to convey or print any view in opposition to the regime did not need to be said. This applies to our own press today

    • Thanks eclectic and agree wholeheartedly, which is why unesco refers to both as ‘media education’ since they both aim to shape prevailing belief systems about the nature of reality and what needs to change.

      Saw this this morning too. http://www.edtechmagazine.com/k12/article/2016/07/9-steps-future-ready-education Notice the unabashed references to the ‘skills needed for the future workforce’ as well as the Texas High Performance consortium as an exemplar. It assesses the Whole Person in authentic ways. Truly not about math and reading in the Lone Star State anymore.

      • I have mentioned the example of narrative ruling over facts that bothered me the most. It still bothers me. Miriam Carey, 34, made a wrong turn into a driveway in downtown DC. She was swarmed by cops out of uniform yelling at her. She backed up to get away. She may have panicked. They began shooting at her car. She drove away fast but not real fast. Down the road, some concrete barriers rose out of holes in the street. She turned around and drove back the other way. They shot her five times in the back through her rear windshield, killing her. Two years later the attorney for her next of kin still cannot obtain dash cam or security cam videos of the incident for reasons of ‘national security.’

        The narrative is that she rammed this and that, speed away at high speed, and could have been a terrorist, and was driving a deadly weapon and the cops feared for their lives, etc. Basically she was declared an enemy of the state. It reminded me of a scene in Fahrenheit 451.

        Her daughter was in a car seat and not harmed. Miriam Carey was a 34 year old black dental hygienist. Many news stories left out the black part.

  8. From your World Bank link above.
    “Social institutions are just when the advantages they allocate are not distributed in a way that is arbitrary from a moral point of view. Distributions that result from parental wealth, place of birth, gender, race, or caste are typically considered to be morally arbitrary”.
    I may or may not have choked on a nice glass of iced tea when reading that sentence. I instantly flashed back to last night on the DNC when the young gal was holding the sign weeping. http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/07/crying-bernie-sanders-supporters
    Did you watch last night? I just about lost it over the little girl stating she wants her parents to watch her at the science fair. So now you are a terrible person if you wish to enforce current immigration law. I mean how could you deny this little lady her parents at the science fair? At some point one of the broke the law! No one likes that though…..

  9. Please enjoy this c span vid from 1991 featuring then ed sec Lamar Alexander and his New American Schools Development Corporation and some of its exec’s and board


    including the incredible talking point babblings of then Jersey Gov Tom Keane and his equally effervescent colleague Lamar Alexander.

    A purely private entity. But looks like a PPP to me! Amazing. Fundraising to lay all the policy and program groundwork with all our friends we talk about here, cha Ching to justify and shakedown for transfo schools. Even a shoutout to Sizer and Comer! The plan has brought us to the dialectical end we are seeing with these supposed republican conservatives bringing us ESSA to marry Hillary and Obama’s leftist democrat Obamacare in a match made in Etzioni heaven.

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