Liberating the Sought Generalized Ears Primed in Advance for Plannified Collectivist Societies

Generalized Ears have nothing whatsoever to do with Dumbo and they will not allow us to fly. In fact, I would argue that the phrase ‘generalized ears’, like the hyped Competency or K-12 education built around Equity and Essential Skills for All, is designed to make sure NONE of us is likely to go off the provided script for our future predictable behavior. Maybe instead of the ‘script’ metaphor we should use ‘prescribed path’ since the current K-12 rhetoric is all about Career Pathways and Multiple Pathways to a Degree. Before we get to the whats and whys again, I want to give everyone reading this hope despite these dark designs. Even though Pols refuse to listen as enabling legislation at every level comes up for a vote, as has happened this past week in Congress on the ESEA Rewrites.

Congress has made the fundamental blueprint and points and implementation detailed in my book Credentialed to Destroy an even more crucial set of revelations than it was when I published it in 2013. That remains the foundation. Serendipitously it seems, but not really because of the actual connections of cybernetics to constructivism, I happened to be researching a sequel when I saw the language of these intended federal mandates. I have been able to call on some of that research and my Axemaker clear understanding of what is being sought to sound the alarm. It did not prevent passage, but we know for sure what we are dealing with. In light of my revelation in the last post of the alarming machines a gouverner , I want to first add more confirmation that the minds of men and their underlying personalities have long been viewed as the way to invisible social control over the masses of voters in Western countries. Quoting Karl Mannheim summing up Fascist Ideology:

“The superior person, the leader, knows that all political and social ideas are myths. He himself is entirely emancipated from them, but he values them…because they…stimulate enthusiastic feelings…and are the only forces that lead to (the desired) political activity.”

If you want to fundamentally transform and have a database in place to do just that and you have been using federal grants and contracts to lure state and local politicians of both parties into supporting the various needed component parts, you also need the K-12 and higher ed systems on the same page. That’s what these ESEA Rewrites were designed to do and it’s why the outrage of We the People is being ignored. Let me tell a little secret all the Social Control advocates know that they do not want us to know. It’s why I write this blog sounding the alarm and determinedly wrote the first book. To quote E.A. Ross from a 1953 essay by Professor Roger Nett published in Ethics with the Orwellian title “Conformity-Deviation and the Social Control Concept”:

“[E. A. Ross] concluded that ‘one who learns why society is urging him into the straight and narrow will resist its pressure. One who sees clearly how he is controlled will thenceforth be emancipated. To betray the secrets of ascendancy is to forearm the individual in his struggle with society.”

I would add politicians at every level to that struggle given what we are now seeing. To the progressive polyphonic federalism and Metropolitanism this blog has already laid out,  this week came . Won’t that go nicely with the above database and required federal education policy that is all about social and emotional learning, internalizing desired Generalized Ears, and then monitoring to check on action in the real world (Mastery)? shows how dramatic the confessions are now that there will be desired federal legislation.

So what are Generalized Ears? It’s the idea that what a person is likely to perceive from a given experience or provided information “depends upon anticipatory sets.” What has already been cultivated in a student’s, or anyone’s, mind and personality. In cybernetic schooling those anticipatory sets or Lenses are carefully manipulated, monitored, and rearranged when needed for desired political purposes. See Karl Mannheim again above. The same Kenneth Boulding I discussed in my book and we met here is the one who said that “one of the main objectives of General Systems Theory is to develop these generalized ears.” Boulding wanted a theory that would reliably predict “the dynamics of action and interaction” and Axemaker Minds get in the way.

To quote Ervin Laszlo again on how to shift away from Individualism to Collectivism, planners and politicians must NOT leave the “individual free to think of general reality as he pleases.” He further noted, echoing Mannheim and predicting what we now are calling Understanding By Design or Core Disciplinary Ideas or Cross-Cutting Themes, in 1963  that “unlike previous ages, plain force is [not] the most effective means of winning people today; ideas prove to be the most efficient tools for that end.” Is the bias in the new AP US History conceptual framework making more sense now? It’s not about facts, but criteria to guide what is noticed and ignored. This brain-based instruction article even admits to using a  “perception-action” emphasis in the classroom to physically rewire the brain. The motto this week after ECAA passage in the Senate seems to be Go Ahead and Admit It Now, no one can stop us.

Back to Boulding because his view of Knowledge is everywhere in the Common Core and any subsequent state learning standards that will fit the ESEA Rewrite’s mandates.

“Knowledge is not something that exists and grows in the abstract. It is a function of human organisms and social organization…Knowledge however grows by the receipt of meaningful information–that is, by the intake of messages by a knower which are capable of reorganizing his knowledge.” That would be what the ESEA Rewrite and Tom VanderArk above called personalized learning and what gets hyped also as a Growth Mindset. It is why Ervin Laszlo in Essential Society knew a social philosophy stressing the fulfillment of individual needs was necessary to push a more collectivist orientation and that “ideas act on individual minds.” His italics–remember that italization for emphasis every time you hear ‘student-centered learning’ being hyped.

What’s wrong with the use of the words Success or Achieve in the ESEA Rewrite or in the Parent Checklist the federal DoED issued Friday, July 17, which talked about ‘development’ and Success in Life as the purpose of K-12? They all reek of the behavioral scientist and system science social engineering goal with its “strongly felt need to get inside the ‘black box'” of the human mind of young people. They treat students as “homeostatic biological organisms with purposive, adaptive psychological properties.” Now when the school or teacher manipulates those properties, they get acclaimed as ‘effective’ and Growth, Achievement, Learning, or Success are all proclaimed. The actual result of psychological manipulation for collectivist, fundamental transformation purposes is obscured.

Laszlo openly laid out how the needed all-encompassing belief and value system needed for a transition to collectivism would work. He saw the desired model as what “reigned in the Middle Ages, during the prime of Christian influence on thought. The individual had only to believe in a doctrine which was offered everywhere, among the learned as among the simple [a precursor to Equity for All], to obtain what was held to be the full truth. He then received a fully comprehensible, satisfactory picture of the world, with God as the supreme ruler and source of all things, and man as the centre and finest example of his creation. As we are dealing here with social, and not with absolute values, we are not interested in the analytical truth of any statement, but merely in its effect if taken at face value.”

Axemaker Minds, clear and rational, well-stocked with their own personally selected store of facts, specialist minds instead of Generalized Ears, are notorious at not taking the Narrative as provided or the Sound Bytes on offer. If an individual’s perception of reality must be controlled so must curriculum and the concepts to be used to make “intuited experience” comprehensible. If all this seems still too far away in time or too abstract in principle, let’s once again bring this down to the classroom in the here and now. This week an article called “Geocaching is Catching Students’ Attention in the Classroom” was being hyped to illustrate the new need for “active learning as when students engage in developing projects in a more meaningful way than when concepts were simply presented using traditional methods by teachers.” The old way stressed the mental and the rational instead of activity and may not have involved emotionally charged content, triggering that all-important subjective mode of comprehension.

Building on the discussions of constructivism in reading and math and science in Chapters 2 and 3 of my book, we learn that engaging instruction and teacher professional development focus now on “ways that constructivist learning environments can help create active, reflective, student-centered learning that is socially relevant and personally meaningful to learners.” Triggering Laszlo’s sought subjective mode of comprehension that cannot see reality clearly and now to be mandated by Congress AND the states AND the school districts AND the accreditors AND generally in a charter school’s agreement for renewal that nobody but me seems to bother to read.

I will close with the best example of the now to be required Higher Order Thinking Skills and Understanding once again from Laszlo. Keep in mind its acknowledged purpose too.

“Consequently he will attempt to know his experience by an emotionally determined concept, provided by the aesthetic experience.[ Visual and grounded in activity]. He will still comprehend through concepts, but on a subjective, instinctive level and not through conscious reason.”

And after years of practicing this, the student will now be declared to be College and Career Ready.

Because with these aims of collectivism and social engineering, the planners know that euphemisms and odd, little known, real definitions, are their friends.



72 thoughts on “Liberating the Sought Generalized Ears Primed in Advance for Plannified Collectivist Societies

  1. Please get over the outdated notion of “collectivist.” Your use of that term is unhelpful and divisive. The time has come for you to get over your fear and prejudice. We “share” prosperity now because we are all one. Catch up and get over your reluctance to admit your responsibility to do more to address historic injustices.

    You should use your blog to shed light on how systemic racism and structurally white privileged institutions erect barriers to opportunities for our vibrant teens and youths of color.

    You should be encouraging HUD to take a closer look at the white neighborhoods in Atlanta and implement robust action for diversity initiatives that will enrich everyone. Private schools and country clubs and white churches are just today’s version of fascist SS training camps. We just can’t afford to stay stuck in the past where hatred and intolerance were accepted as normal. For far too long we’ve looked the other way. Now is the time that history calls us to action.

    • But I do get to quote others use of the term.

      Fearful-why yes that’s one of the first adjectives that comes to mind when people describe me.

      The blog has you and your ever-changing email addresses and names but never changing ip address to enlighten us about our responsibilities. Online and off, my readers just rave about you as a Model of Altruism.

    • Our resident black, or red, panther is back again, ready, bricks and mortar in hand, to re-erect the Berlin Wall – around all of us.

      • That would be an internalized Berlin Wall designed to unconsciously guide what we notice or ignore in our day to day experiences and control how we interpret them. With repeated practice at school the desired perceptions get locked in at a physical, synapses and neurons graphed together or left to starve level.

        That’s what the House voted for and 81 US Senators. For politicians and public sector employees to have that kind of power in the 21st Century. For that kind of psychological terrorism to be exercise by people just looking out for their campaign contributors, seeking a promotion or lifelong pension(s) at taxpayer expense, or fulfilling their day job as a lobbyist, working for an economic development authority, or a bond lawyer hoping to push more infrastructure financing deals before all this blows up.

    • “Private schools and country clubs and white churches are just today’s version of fascist SS training camps.”

      If only I could still handle my liquor…

    • No, you’re not me, and I didn’t commit any particular injustices that I have to pay for. And I won’t.

      You can continue to amuse us if you like with your message. But my children will always be able to write more coherently than you are doing here.

  2. Excellent post, Robin. However, you say you want to give us hope. As a teacher, I know all you say is true. Where is hope to be found? I am as subversive of their agenda as I can be, (and my students’ success demonstrates how wrong they are), but am always aware of how unsafe it is. When one is at “professional development”, one is bombarded with such phrases as “21st century learning”, when one asks what they mean, let’s just say it becomes extremely uncomfortable. I work to create “Axemaker minds”, but only have the students for one year, and off they go into further indoctrination, aided by everyone in the education system. Hope is in short supply.

    • I think informed parents are the best hope now for teachers and students. One of my kids noted that instead of being angry at what I write teachers view having someone that understands the box they are in as the Hope.

      Hang in there and hopefully you are doing some time out this summer. I just started reading Erik Larsen’s book on the Lusitania after I finished this post. Nice respite after what I have plowed through in the last week.

      Welcome to ISC.

  3. This diabolical agenda will fail for one simple reason. It would have to be implemented by the average public school teacher who is barely capable of teaching kids basic reading and math, let alone implementing a brainwashing scheme .

    • dav-hopefully Jane will join in with her actual experience in the classroom, but as my book detailed the average teacher is not being allowed to teach reading and math properly. Moreover many now are being basically asked to follow a script or have so much of the classroom time in online curriculum that what they can and cannot do is basically irrelevant.

      When a school’s focus is on social interaction and it shifts to Project-Based Learning like the Maker Movement , the effect on the student comes from the nature of the visual, physically active, trained to perceive and role play with provided concepts. The so-called brainwashing is less an intent of a teacher than the known neurological byproduct that nerves that fire together wire together. That is clearly what the Gates Foundation’s Vicki Phillips and Pearson’s Michael Barber had in mind when they wrote Irreversible Change. Do, whether you want to or not and over time beliefs will change

    • Though it is true many teachers are ill-prepared, and many more are simply not that bright, (bottom 25% of college class), but many also go into teaching with a fine intelligence and strong sense of purpose. Unfortunately, the education power structure is set up now to further goals of the elite. There are layers upon layers of administration, including the new role of “coach”, to make sure all the bad ideas are carried out with fidelity. Teaching does not really have an organizational structure that rewards the successful. Often, school site teacher leaders are those willing to pander to that power structure. The rest of us are supposed to acknowledge the toadies’ expertise, and follow their model. .. We are. ………encouraged to observe them in the classroom, and copy their “strategies”, the ones they learner from their pandering to the power structure.

    • You are right that most teachers could not come up with the brainwashing instruction on their own. A teacher does not have to be that bright to have all students turn on their ipads and go to that day’s ‘lesson’ from Pearson.

      Hence the ‘Common’ in ‘Common Core.’

    • The brainwashing scheme is much easier and simpler, however.

      All that is required is mastery of a relatively small body of cant, catch-phrases, and slogans.

  4. Further, we are all supposed to find “consensus” on current approaches to education. Anyone expressing dissent is looked upon with suspicion. And I am at an excellent school. Yes, I do try to let parents know what is happening, but that is difficult to do without looking like I wear a tin foil hat. One has to indeed be careful about what one says and to whom. Interestingly, my principal wants me to give a talk during professional development on how my students are so successful, and how they-especially the boys-are so happy in school. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure my methods are not what she wants to hear. Valuing the individual over the collective, no group projects, memorizing facts, not reading their exemplar texts, (in fact, deliberately choosing texts that subvert their collectivist goals), is not what anyone wants to hear.

    • Jane, Thank you for your efforts! Not sure how many parents realize what you are doing for their children. My son had a teacher like you last year. She and I are very concerned about the new principals desire for professional development to increase. Good luck to you this coming year.

      • Notice this has Oregon now as an international exemplar of planning.

        Plannified is a term Laszlo used to suggest the very same concept of a planned society, but not a rigid, must stick-to-it blueprint. It fits what is envisioned here too where what people believe and how they perceive and what they value gets planned. Plannifying then adjust for the effects, but without ever acknowledging that planning itself is the problem.

        • I suspect that part of the problem with their planning efforts is the influx of migrants and refugees from unlike cultures. A city design celebrates its people, but if the people are not in a mood to celebrate …

          But nobody quite dares to say that at the professional conference. At least I would imagine not.

          Another issue may be financial arrangements, thrown into disarray by the various financial crises in the Eurozone.

          So those crises can be used to “mobilize” change and upend the European planning profession, creating room for new agendas to enter.

    • Jane,

      One Million Thank You’s for hanging in there and teaching as you do. You have to have made a dent in the indoctrination process for your students. They will never unlearn what you have taught them. It might get buried for a little while but it won’t be completely forgotten.

      • If you want to write a book and create a successful blog and be a well-regarded professional who posts under their own name, we can talk about equality.

        Insisting on Equity in education and equality in outcomes of learning makes this kind of focus inevitable. Targeting the malleability of the human personality via governmental power to regulate and monitor.

        Fits quite well with the post, which is why the Left hypes achievement gaps so while insisting on constructivism. Malleable minds vs Axemaker Minds–the true human rights and civil rights struggle of the 21st century.

        • Eliminating disparities and gaps is justification enough for everything you argue against.

          Those who get ahead only do because of unfair advantages that cause divisive outcomes. Since we all started from the same place at the beginning, we should all make progress together and reach the same place at the same time. Anyone who gets ahead of the rest of us is a cheat and must be held accountable.

    • Cool Deborah. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

      With your interest in charters and my concern over what the language usually means and how School Choice is actually causing a convergence so there is no port in the storm to escape the developmental focus, this appears to be more evidence I am right to be worried.

      “CAN CHARTER SCHOOLS SAVE NYC’S CATHOLIC EDUCATION?—Capital’s Eliza Shapiro: “Our Lady Queen of Angels, a 123-year-old Catholic school in East Harlem, is starting to look a lot like the Success Academy charter school around the corner. At Queen of Angels, an intricately decorated bulletin board—a fixture of charter school hallways—promoting the reading prowess of the school’s kindergarten classes hangs next to framed photographs of Pope Francis and Cardinal Timothy Dolan. The school is replacing its dusty slateboards with new whiteboards, and its leaders are picking out new desks for next year, an attempt to be what its leaders call “intentional with branding,” a phrase and philosophy borrowed from the charter sector. On a typical school day several weeks ago, sixth graders in blue pleated skirts and ties flipped through new primary source books on colonial America, part of the school’s newly streamlined curriculum provided by Amplify.

      “Our Lady Queen of Angels looks and feels different than it did just a few years ago, and its charter-aligned upgrades have already begun to pay off: Pope Francis will visit the school during his visit to the city in September.With Catholic schools closing across New York City and enrollment plummeting 35 percent over the last decade alone, Queen of Angels and five other Catholic schools in East Harlem and the South Bronx have banded into a ‘network’— another charter term—of six schools and 2,100 students to try to reverse course. A central part of the plan to push back the decline of Catholic education is to treat the city’s successful charter school sector as a model, rather than a competitor. … The six schools are managed by the new Partnership for Inner City Education, which signed an 11-year contract with the Archdiocese of New York in 2013. ‘The Catholic school system as a whole right now is taking a step back and saying, “we need to get this right now,”’ said Cecilia Greene, the Partnership’s director of stewardship.”

    • Deborah:

      Thanks. From your linked article. Very interesting quote. Those people also do not know how or want to build. They do not go into those fields. They ‘assume’ wealth exists and is created and go from there.

      Edmund Burke once observed of the French Revolutionaries, “It is undoubtedly true, though it may seem paradoxical; but in general, those who are habitually employed in fault finding and displaying faults, are unqualified for the work of reformation: because their minds are not only unfurnished with patterns of the fair and good, but by habit they come to take no delight in the contemplation of those things.”

      • You’re welcome. It is a real triumph when someone whose expertise is in some other field has the breadth of vision to see the common underlying roots. And to step outside his immediate discipline and take a look at it. Nyquist, like Robin, has a powerful, synthesizing mind. I suppose that’s what attracts me to their respective commentaries.

  5. Wow, such a big apple into which to bite! So sorry that our Catholic friends have not realized that accepting federal/public money requires use and measurement of curricula and programs used. That essentially causes parochial schools to be purveyors of public education. Take the money, dance to the tune.

    As far as our contributor-of-many-names goes, I can suggest that she (?) access a film entitled “Harrison Bergeron” ( or the story ) to get a look at what she proposes. It’s very graphic and interesting.

    • Have I ever mentioned that right next to the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences in showing up with ideas for great mischief is the Spencer Foundation? They fund them.

      I had not seen that but it fits with my insight that the city planning and the human planning are both cybernetic systems being engineered as if the people involved have no say.

      Love that phrase “creating significant alternatives to traditional and inappropriate classroom experiences.” Then when those experiences result in poor showings on still required tests like the SAT or state CRCTs like Georgia’s that have been dumbed down, the administrators cheat to cover up the shift in the nature of what’s going on in the classroom as in Bev Hall and Atlanta. Biding their time hoping to get rid of any objective measurements of correct and incorrect answers. Then, as now when there is a shift to performance assessments, the profs refer to them still as “standardized tests” wanting to mislead parents and taxpayers that school is still about the transmission of knowledge instead of ‘conceptual lenses’ and cross-cutting themes coupled to activities and group projects that put a premium on social interaction.

      Graduation rates go up. The uninformed can now go on to higher ed and thus provide jobs for professors and administrators and higher ed too can shift its nature to make sure all can earn degrees. Then employers can be pressured to make their workforce reflect population diversity and nowhere in the system do we find employees worth what must be paid them as a ‘living wage’.

      And we wonder where the jobs are and blame capitalism and personal greed for what does not work well anymore.

    • So it turns out fair test is really interested in pushing the shift to formative assessment where the qualities, values, attitudes, and behaviors we want students to have guides what activities go on in classroom.

      Notice Rick Stiggins from your state involved and listed as an ETS consultant. They sponsored the Gordon Commission. CCSSO is also involved and the learning push is global just like GELP.

      Looking also at the Fredericton 2014 conference now in New Brunswick, Canada

      Yoohoo! Tunya.

      Now we have confessions on how formative assessment will be used to meet the Common Core learning standards.

      Ties to CCSSO and CRESST.

      • That makes sense. In the white paper on charting a new system of assessment in Oregon it stated they (the union OEA) would advocate for funding the project with esea reauthorization. Rob Saxton previous deputy superintendent and on the workgroup for this project has recently left the department of education to join NWEA. Collecting doubles. Go figure? BATs and SOS both involved. Next push for them is lobbying for increased C corp taxes on the state to bring additional funding. Bad idea for a state utterly unfriendly to small businesses. Wait. Unless you are a green company or a pot store.

        • Notice today’s White House summit on using civil rights laws to gain equity in school discipline.

          Reminds me of a paper I just finished talking about formative assessment in higher ed as part of a desire to “create most democracy in intellectual life”. Will it soon be illicit to be smart?

          If the formative classroom is all about constructing a shared meaning where does that leave the logical student with a personal opinion grounded in a well-read mind full of facts?

          Written up for non-cooperation for not assenting to the strongly held views of the emotional majority?

          • In the same way that every perceived problem led to a call for a Positive School Climate, everything leads to the classroom being about meeting the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of the students. We know from my book that’s what accreditors require and it’s in the ESEA Rewrite as a madate imposed by the feds on all schools and every state. Now it’s the remedy to be pushed via civil rights laws as the answer to disparate disciplinary outcomes even if they are factually tied to different rates of objective misbehavior.

            Every road and every legal tool is forcing the same psychosocial orientation on the classroom that Dewey always wanted. Same reasons too as Loran just noted in that Next System paper. It’s the American people and really the world unaware of the psychological rape that the schools are about to be forced into. Not just a few schools as before with tragic results, but everywhere.

          • Look at this on student privacy. Notice we can download the “fact sheet” but not the legislation.

            This is what the pols now want to do. Get people to accept their talking points about what legislation does and does not do instead of the actual legislative language. That is what is binding, but we mustn’t be allowed to catch on to what is really going on.

            Perhaps the Congressmen and Senators would like Fascist salutes to go with the Fascist doctrines they want to bind us with. All without being caught out and recognized as scoundrels for what they want to do.

        • Have you seen this?

          It really helps show just how much about ‘behavior’ this approach of learning and performances has become.

          And boy does this make San Francisco sound like Finland.

          When I was out there in June they were touting shifting to computer programming instruction for all kids throughout K-12. Literally trying to control how the students think as if people should now be closed systems instead of open ones with Axemaker Minds. I guess Silicon Valley fears genuine innovation now.

          • There is that social justice in the classroom topic again. Why is varying abilities in the classroom such a problem for people?

            “District officials say the controversial practice of tracking students — or separating them based on talent and ability — is simply wrong.”

            Because my son is a white upper middle class student in Adv. Calc as a senior he is a problem for other students? Not fair, they say?

            Is life supposed to be FAIR?

          • Because differences in ability are assumed to be due to differences in experiences. Differences in experiences track the socioeconomic levels and are thus an illegitimate basis for making accommodations.

            Plus the knowledge and vocabulary of each student belong to the other students and we must not keep the smart students together. Then they are not increasing the vocabulary of the less experienced or intelligent students.

            There’s nothing like getting rid of tracking to truly horrify the bright kids about how stupid some of their classmates are.

            When we first hit this full bore in 8th grade, I had my youngest read Harrison Bergeron.

          • Oh. My. Goodness.

            Deeper Learning and the Common Core brought to us by the systems thinkers at the Waters Foundation and Peter Senge’s SolED.

            Look at all the feedback and systems thinking activities they have students as young as 3 and 4 participating in. These kids are having these relationships, real or not, hardwired into their brain’s images of how the world works. It turns the brain into a designed closed system manipulated for political purposes.

            The true significance of OBE and systems thinking just gets more apparent.

  6. Just finished the NSRP Report you linked to in the other post ( and in essence, and despite countless intelligence-insulting denials throughout the paper, its fundamentally a plan to resurrect and reconstruct the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the United States, only with a contemporary green rather than red sickle and hammer.

    There are numerous rhetorical ploys used throughout (such as “deep democracy” and “participatory” this and that), but the intent and ideological ground of the document and its vision are quite clear.

    • Now you can see why I am so worried. There is not really a dispute as to intentions. We just have a refusal from many in our political class to read what they enact.

      We hype a return to the local as proof that legislation is more conservative when the mayors and city councils and regional MTOs are all pushing a “we control the economy vision and we intend to reorganize space, education, and workplaces around equity for all.”

      What is different according to the planners is that they will use supercomputers and data to plan and not be locked into a particular plan. They are, however, determinedly locked into specific goals. The chronic existence of poverty, laziness, and stupidity in the human condition as a factual matter becomes the excuse to enslave us all.

      All while Republican senators and Congressman proclaim they “have protected the children and returned power to the states.” Nonsense.

      • The Republicans aren’t leftists, but are simply prone and inert. The Left builds the playground, and the Republicans are the first to be found hanging in the monkey bars with them.

        The Republicans have no real ideology or political philosophy at all, which is probably what is so maddening and frustrating about them, and they have no chance against people who do and for whom that ideology is a “consuming fire.”

        • Which means there is no comeback for these pushes that came out yesterday.

          Remember pols stating that All Lives Matter is now an insult that must be apologized for.

          Living Cities is funded by many of the major foundations but it grew from the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations’ work on urban renewal in early 60s. As chapter 6 of my book lad out it was the same rough template in the 60s, 90s, and now.

          Also notice author is a Harvard sociology/Government student, an undergrad, consumed by achieving racial equity. I guess she feels bad about her White Privilege and thinks socialism is the answer. She needs to drop the theory courses and learn more actual history so she can better appreciate the consequences she is advocating for.

    • I just heard Mark Levin make reference to the “Degrowth” movement which he discusses in his new book which is about to be released. I did a quick word search of the NSRP report and came up with the name of Serge Latouche, who is the rad French prof identified as the father of this particular metastasis. It is absolutely a communist movement.

      This article on Degrowth has the suggestive title, “Slowing Education?”

      • There are annual conferences on Degrowth. It started I believe around 2008 and now there are American conferences too, especially in Canada. I cannot remember how it came up, but it splashed onto my radar maybe two years ago.

        For all the stuff I have described there is so much related I know about, but just cannot get to.

      • From “Slowing Education”:

        “…These elements could lead us towards the construction of a slow, decentralized, locally based, democratic and participative transition process in which each of us would become an ‘educator’ in our own environment. …”

        My particular environment happens to involve a lot of Axemaker type thinking. So I should teach that in my locally-based ‘educational’ activities, right?

        Ah, anyway it will be pretty hopeless unless there are a lot of uncooperative people like me doing the same thing.

        • My definitive proof that the ESEA Rewrites are all about enshrining students as malleable, cybernetic systems that can be manipulated to suit the politically empowered is absolutely pouring out.

          Looks like I will have to do a series of posts just hammering what is now indisputable. It also proves the coordination around the local that is actually the global and getting feds to pretend to defer.

          Anyway, thought you would appreciate this link.

          Talk about conferences in spectacular places we are not invited to.

  7. Oh no re the video to explain cc math to parents!

    Also interesting to me anyway..that when I read that line about :

    ” we no longer count on fingers but use a number line and learn place value.” I gasped .

    This is what they did to me in 1973 in Baltimore county public( we are all equal here said the principal to my mother ) school in first grade. That damn number line!!! To say that they confused me and short circuited my math brain at the time is an understatement. I was perfectly fine with basic math prior to that year of school.

    The following year, second grade, I was sent to a private school. The school reviewed my entry tests comparing one before first grade and after and asked my parents if I had suffered some brain damage as result of an accident.

    Nope just had my brain messed with by jerks. Thank the Lord I could already read well by then.
    Breaks my heart that kids are being subjected to this. And they can t read either.

    • Make sure you read those two links I just put up to LL on not teaching algebra until 9th and making it ‘conceptual’. Also the move away from right answers.

      I find this Pioneer paper that came out yesterday to be fascinating for what it has chosen to omit in the Common Core story.

      It appears to me to be a con job in what it leaves out that makes its hype of “competitive federalism” factually impossible.

      It also seems to want to bolster Lamar’s pitch about returning power to the states and local districts. Calling him a conservative is certainly laughable and it’s characterizations of NAEP indicate Evers either fails to understand it or hopes we do not.

      I think ultimately what everyone involved wants to cover up is that many charters use the same concept of ‘learning’ as in change the child from the inside-out as what I find objectionable in the Every Child Achieves Act. The Common Core is an example of learning standards of that type and all the replacements that states can use must still be that kind of behaviorally and psychologically focused ‘goals’ for the student.

      If the charter is successful in changing the child psychologically, then they are deemed successful and they get to keep their access to public money for another set of years.

      Notice there is no mention of the New Standards Project in the paper in the discussion on what led to the Common Core. Why not? Is it because it shows the facetiousness of the state-led and local argument?

      No mention of WIOA or accreditation. Is it because with its private interests accessing public money and dictating binding public policy, accreditation is the kind of perfect cronyistic business model these ‘think tanks’ want in our new era of State Capitalism?

      I was at the program the Ga version did with Google more than a year ago and it could have hardly been more embracing of what my book described as the Turchenko vision of the West. That was the conference where I then looked at the Dalian conference in China that attendees had just gone to and found Marina Gorbis and Dennis Meadows and the open hype of embracing the Singapore vision for a directed economy. I guess the Korean chabol system for the economy is also desired.

      Isn’t that where this competitive federalism would really take us given the ignored realities of what is actually already required of the states and cities?

      That was also how that America Next education report Jindal and Heritage hyped worked. Inserting several references to ‘free enterprise’ does not change how an economic model functions. It’s not free enterprise if you have a private provider of a government stipulated service.

      Free enterprise is when people choose both what they want and need and someone decides to make money meeting those desires. I am not seeing any genuine choice in anything being offered once we parse through the rhetoric.

    • Very good anon. Yes, I have chicken in a tomato wine sauce simmering while I sipped on a cabernet and stirred.

      I also played with the clear part what you cite and how I know Transformational OBE works from the book with the overall cybernetic model.

      I had several confirmations today under synonyms and discovered the relevant books are sky high now. It’s as if the passage of the rewrites made all the component element textbboks so precious some wanted $40 just to rent and hundreds to buy used.

    • (regarding research on “grit”) “He acknowledged the risk of the research being overhyped and told journalists that he and his colleagues are policing their own studies against misuse. ”

      Ah yes, misuse. I showed X, but you can only use it to prove things like Y. Proving Z with it is misuse, because we know the people who support Z are bad people who support the wrong agenda. I can “police” this and not allow you to use my research result for Z.

      In this case grit is somehow supposed to be important and measurable, and something teachers can foster, but we are not to use that measurement in teacher evaluations. Because, well, of the brutal effects of discrimination or something. That didn’t actually make sense, but discrimination is brutal, brutal.

    • I suggest playing around with this and the idea that we have already moved beyond a print emphasis.

      Also notice the Whole Language push that is a big part of CC coupled to the vocabulary push means that we are limiting how our minds work. We will then work more like a semantic web.

      Busy today, but it has been a truly amazing weekend for Us that Refuse to Shred Our Axemaker Individual Minds just because Pols and Think Tanks want us to do that.

      • Interesting. They expect the problems to develop (increased ADHD, inability to distinguish human vs. cyber, etc.) and push harder to cause those problems to happen.

        The map is useful for preventive planning though. Wouldn’t all that tech. be great if we can get to use it with unpoisoned minds?

        I guess this is the risk that at all cost, folks like Bill Gates want to prevent.

  8. “For example, students may simply memorize a teacher’s lecture on the principle of buoyancy in water but a more effective way of teaching the concept is to have students watch videos, discuss buoyancy in groups, build their own boat, make predictions about its seaworthiness and then test whether it floats.”

    We’re doomed…

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