Making Race and Class Oppression the Locomotives Driving the Positive School Climate Mandate

That does seem confusing doesn’t it? Instead of transmitting the knowledge gathered through the Ages so this current generation of students can mull that over and build on it, we seem to be embarking on a Game of Fruit Basket Turnover in our K-12 schools and colleges and universities. Required by federal regs or at least executive orders, NCLB waivers, and accreditors’ edicts. Whatever it takes to get Equity in Credential Attainment. Even if that means no one knows much and the scabs picked at and pulled off to gain a widespread sense of oppression to justify and create demand for a wholesale political, social, and economic Transformation create a toxic, flammable mixture of citizen rage. Plus cultivating dependent citizens with unrealizable expectations that only a Strongarm State can hold together.

Before I walk you through “The 10C’s: A Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Change” currently being cited by ASCD as part of their Whole Child Common Core Initiative as well as the National School Climate Center as part of the creation of the required Positive School Culture, let’s remember that famously true saying that “a society that values equality more than liberty will end up with neither.” If government officials can enforce equal results despite real differences, they are treating citizens in vastly different ways. Not only is that not equal, governments that develop a taste for telling certain people what they can and cannot do want to continue that power. And with everyone. Let’s think about the untouchable power of Government Officials in such a Political Favorites and Clients Economy with what really made capitalism unique. Since so many people seem to confuse the Crony Capitalist/Political Class Dirigiste economy with Capitalism now:

“In a free market system, in order for one to get more for himself, he must serve his fellow man. This is precisely what Adam Smith, the father of economics, meant when he said . . . in 1776 that ‘It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.’ . . . Free-market capitalism is relatively new in human history. Before the rise of capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering and enslaving their fellow man. Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by serving one’s fellow man.”

My thanks to the great Walter Williams for reminding us that a world where the federal government now intends to mandate that “I=We and We=I” through the schools may well take us back to those days of officially sanctioned plunder. That no government in history has ever been able to decree an equitable, just and peaceful society. Remember that as we go though the 10C’s. Where they say they are going has always been unattainable and is in fact undesirable to many if it means living as part of a Yoke, like Oxen or Cattle, being told what to Do and Feel and even what may be Known. Let’s be very careful we do not allow everything that works to be destroyed by educators and politicians and Businesses seeking to profit from Connections pushing an Impossible Utopian Dream.

The 10 Cs is a two-part model that includes the 5Cs of Awareness and the 5 Cs of Change. And it is not a model just cooked up for the Obama Administration’s ed reform push. No, it goes back to 1995 so it was created originally to be part of the 90s version under the Clintons known as Outcomes Based Education. We were always supposed to have our values and personal attitudes manipulated via education in fundamental ways. Our schemers prefer a different definition than they tend to tell us about. They wish to try to draw out a new kind of human being. You don’t mind a little experimenting on your children, do you?

The 5 Cs of Awareness are: Color, Culture, Class, Character, and Context. The 5Cs of Change are: Confidence, Courage, Commitment, Conflict, and Community. That last word is where all these education reforms we have examined are going. Community “means working collectively and collaboratively with others toward a shared vision.” And if a student does not share the vision at the start of the 10 Cs he must at the end. You see, the 10 Cs regards individualism as an unacceptably Eurocentric belief. School then becomes about creating values, attitudes, and beliefs so that each student not only values their own 10 Cs, “but the 10 Cs of others as well.”

Not a moment then to waste to see how students are to be taught to see themselves and others. Remember too that like emotions, this is also a type of learning accessible to all. The plan is to start with “an inventory of ourselves and examine our own experiences to more effectively confront issues of personal and societal oppression.”  First, each student is to be taught to look at skin color as an essential, unchangeable aspect of one’s individual/group identity. Charming, huh?

Then we move on to Culture which the students are told is always changing. I would point out that is not necessarily true but is very useful for schemers who would like to jettison an existing culture while creating a new one based on Theories of Utopia as well as political theories that have a tragic past. The students will be told that male and female are socially constructed, assigned roles that differ from culture to culture. The Culture lessons seem to be long on a “Free to Redefine” element without any accompanying lessons that redefinitions have consequences.

“The third C is Class and addresses power relations. It examines individual and group identity relative to power, authority, hierarchy, status, and the degree of access to, control over, or ownership of resources, including wealth, education, employment, housing, etc.” Now most kids have little idea what decisions and training went into their parents having what they have, or not, and the good or poor choices made. We are setting ourselves up for students decreeing “Ice Cream for All!” with no awareness there is a limited amount of milk and sugar available and it’s already been sold to others for necessary uses apart from dessert.

Instead, of reality and the inevitable tradeoffs of finite resources, we are to get student jam sessions that “the failure to recognize power imbalances is a key obstacle to productive and authentic dialogue about diversity because it avoids the fundamental issues of access, ownership, and control over one’s own/group life.” So students are to be encouraged by teachers and principals and facilitators (all living on salaries and benefits paid at taxpayer expense) to each “identify and accept the power that we do have, and creatively use that power in the service of social justice.”

Oh yeah, as part of that lesson students get told “we all have an obligation to use whatever power we possess in ways that work for peace and justice.” Something to keep in mind during the upcoming holidays if your college student comes home for turkey and dressing with a barrelful of new attitudes being cultivated for those tuition dollars. Not just a K-12 model you see.

Character then turns out to be all about the importance of Group Identities. Beyond the Eurocentric comment, it tells middle class White students that they believe in individuality because their “group identities of Color, Culture, and Class have been validated at every turn.” So Dominant Group Members put their primary emphasis on their C of Character. Only someone living at taxpayer expense would think deemphasizing personal Character in favor of parity with Social Group Identity was a Good Idea. Let’s just chalk this C up to the continuing assault on the legitimacy of the Individual.

The fifth C is Context. “The reality in which individuals and groups exist in time, location, environment, and the socio-political, economic, and historical conditions which influence individual and group experience.” Yes, it sounds to me like Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Thinking that we talked about here. . Heh, at least we are finding consistency in the Real Common Core implementation. Even if it IS light years from the rhetorical sales campaign. So Context shapes the meaning of Color, Culture, Class, and Character and is like “the basket that holds the other Cs together.” So our students who are largely ignorant of past history are being encouraged to think you can redesign societies, economies, and political structures. They will not see the Likely Downside of Wholesale Change. They are just being pushed to promote it.

How? The C of Confidence–“Reclaiming and redefining one’s personal and group identity and abilities, in ways that are inclusive of all people, will build confidence and unleash creativity that can enrich and enhance the quality of life for all people.” Maybe but history says probably not. Next C of Change is Courage to push for “movements for peace and social justice” despite likely backlash.

3rd C is (sustaining) Commitment. It is the “focus, strategy, determination, and consistency, driven by love. . . that is the deep and consistent passion for justice and embrace of humanity that has always driven social revolutions.” Reality check here from Scrooge. That is not what drives social revolutions. Gracious People. Read some history books not written by Howard Zinn.

The 4th C is (Engaging) Conflict. It means the “reflection, struggle, and creative tension that promotes growth and justice. . . when channeled appropriately, it is a force that can propel us forward.” Yes, right into an abyss. Just ask the French about 1795 how well delusions over human nature as a basis for a revolution worked out there.

And that gets us back to the 5th C-Community. Or not. I personally do not think these 5 Cs will create Community. I do think that widespread pushing of these 10 Cs will destroy a great country. Extinguish the greatest beacon for freedom the world has ever known. Squelch the only economic system that encourages cooperation among ordinary people that leaves all of them better off.

No one pushing the 10 Cs has to live with their likely pernicious consequences. We do. and we have every right to know about and object to this planned focus of K-12 and higher education.

That seems to be already starting judging by some assigned handouts printed out at home by 9th graders. The ones who will be voting in 2016 for the first time. Make more sense now?

20 thoughts on “Making Race and Class Oppression the Locomotives Driving the Positive School Climate Mandate

  1. There is an interesting look, this morning, at Michelle Rhee, a lib in cognito as a conservative, and of course accepted as such by those just looking for a mouthpiece and disregarding any vetting process. American Thinker is one source still on the hunt for progressive think in academia and every few days an expose of one liar or another among the elite mouths of public school Ed flapping now on a regular basis. You are pretty much a voice crying out in the wilderness, but not totally alone, Robin. Never give up on this, you have all the right connections, and you share them fearlessly.

  2. Here is the rubber meeting the proverbial road:

    While I normally don’t like to be apocalyptic in tone, my perception still remains, given this, and numerous other developments within K-12 public ed, the ideological sacking of the humanities and social sciences in academe (and especially the teachers colleges), and the pervasive control of the news media and entertainment industry by the Left (the very same Left, in many cases, as we see represented here), that these institutions are now well beyond the point of “reform,” and conservatives/libertarians must now VERY SERIOUSLY begin thinking of constructing, funding, and maintaining a body of alternative institutions of their own within the private, non-public sphere, the most important of these being K-12 (under the theory that properly educated children (both in the home and then, in the school classroom) will be far more resistant to the claims of ideological sectarian dogmas like critical theory, multiculturalism, Afrocentrism, postmodernism, post-colonial studies etc. when they have been educated to think critically and for themselves (“axemaker minds”) against a background of the best that has been said, thought, and explored intellectually throughout human history (the much despised “great books”).

    The Left thrives and feeds on ignorance (and indeed, if the introductory survey education textbooks and post-graduate continuing education textbooks I’ve collected, of the kind used in the teachers colleges and in the various seminars and coarses public school teachers attend to keep up on all the trendy intellectual fads passing through public ed are any indication, on utter stupefaction) and, most saliently, on ignorance of history.

    Home schooling is part of the answer, but I do think a conservative “counter-culture” really needs to arise and set itself off starkly from what Mark Steyn has called “the default position of the culture.”


    • One small quibble: We do not want to teach our students to “think critically.” This expression was introduced by cultural Marxist Max Horkheimer, the father of “critical theory.” On principal I boycott the phrase, paraphrasing it with “thinking logically and independently”; in my lexicon “critical thinking” has become “higher-order thinking (skills).”

      • Deborah,

        I usually use the term analytical, logical thinking for the same reason. It is used now as a 21st century thinking skill, one of the 4 Cs, in the sense of understanding what is currently wrong with society.

        Thanks for bringing up the Frankfurt School. The 10 Cs shows that Cultural Marxism and classical are merging into a Hate the Way Things Are, Let’s Imagine a Utopia, Put it in Place and See What Happens Ideology.

        Dangerous. What I call eating your Seed Corn. Somethings that are necessary vanish once they are jettisoned.

      • Deborah, this is precisely the problem of the corruption of language introduced through “political correctness,” and something we have to “take back” through the very conservative counter-culture of which I speak.

        25 years ago, when I went back to college, I took two introductory philosophy coarses, which were deductive and inductive logic, respectively. The second class on inductive logic featured a textbook, which I still have, called, “Critical Reasoning,” by Jerry Cederblom and David Paulsen. One can go to the USC university library here and find numerous older texts on “critical thinking” that are about just that, in the classic sense: the art and method of disciplined thought and logical argumentation.
        I’m just not ready to concede this linguistic territory to the Left quite yet. I fully understand what the term “critical thinking” has come to mean (and especially in the core theoretical and promotional texts of movements like Common Core and OBE etc., in which “critical thinking” stands in for “the correct ideological framework,” but I think this is one of those areas (like the term “liberal”) that perhaps we should not just give up to the Left but attempt to reclaim.

        Just a thought, but I understand your concerns.

        • Loran, the co-option of the language is indeed the problem. Who, for example, can object to the idea of promoting sustainability through stewardship of our scarce resources? You and I know, however, that this is code. The hijacking of the term “critical thinking” is a relatively minor issue, when one considers the magnitude of the leviathan that is presently engulfing us, but it is a pet peeve of mine. And its use provides an opportunity to introduce the subject of the Frankfurt School, as Robin did, and the subversive work of its “scholars” to those who are not familiar with it.

    • Loran, I am pretty suspicious of home-schoolers, especially of the “unschooling” variety. The ones I know homeschool precisely as a way of controlling all of the interactions that their children have, so that the children will never know a person with an “axemaker mind”, and will never stumble across information that will show what disastrous and truly evil things have always come from socialism in history.

  3. From the PDF:

    “We are a Black, African, Trinbagonean, heterosexual, Catholic-raised, middle-class, ablebodied man and a White, Italian American, heterosexual, Catholic-raised, able-bodied, woman, both living in the greater Boston area.”

    Fascinating. A cornucopia of group/tribal/ identities, all of which apparently, in the minds of Johnson and DeRosa, are intended to substitute for “human being.” What’s really interesting within this “diversity” mentality is the manner in which there is now no fundamental, underlying, core human essence, or self, that accretes or accumulates aspects of all of these influences throughout one’s formative life experiences, but yet transcends all of them (or is capable of doing so if one does not choose to define oneself in and through group/identity affiliations) and is not delimited or bounded by any of them.

    The real danger of multiculturalism and identity politics is not just the tribal balkanization, separatism, and in-group chauvinism it encourages, but the idea that the core, underlying self is nothing more than a kind of dirty snowball – a tightly packed mass of accreted psychological, cultural, and racial material picked up as the snowball rolls down the hill of culture, sub-culture, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic condition.

    There’s little chance of escape from this kind of intellectual iron cage once it takes hold of the mind, which is why, again, we need to begin developing our own “counter-culture” outside the reach of “Big Brother.” Forget “Julia,” she’s probably a lost cause. Our own children and grandchildren, on the other hand, may yet rise to challenge Mustapha Mond and his merry band of master controllers. But to do so, they will have to either survive 12 years of public education AND pop entertainment culture AND mainstream news media or be “trained up as they should go” by deeply independent and educated (self or formal) parents who will not longer tolerate the twitching corpse that is public education.

    • More than 12 years. This is destroying higher ed probably even faster.

      It is Tribalism. I have moved on to something related today but I just wrote in margin that in the old facts, knowledge transmission world, good students created their own conceptual frameworks and could support their reasoning. Over and over again we get a desire to assign us our allowed concepts and create an inclusive mental frameworks defining and limiting what we are to know and how we are to think.

      You see it in this 10Cs essay where they want people to accept the Group Think of their assigned identity group.

      Notice the essay also says the 10Cs permeates Harvard Graduate School of Ed.

      This is how the bosses and future ed profs are being taught to believe in.

  4. Sorry, that last post was mine, but I failed to identify myself.

    A little bit intensely driven by the subject matter today, I fear.

    • One of the most troubling rationales I read, and it happens quite a lot, is that some recommended practice will allow us to avoid what happened to Germany in the 30s. And then the recommendation will be precisely the kind of poisonous practice that Germany adopted in 19th that created that nationalistic, herd-mentality driven by emotion. Nationalistic is not “God Bless the USA” as long as America cherishes the primacy of the Individualism. Poisonous nationalism is this communityhas primacy and you are merely a part.

      I think having a solid background in history and economics makes telling this story easier because I can generally catch the fallacy or the erroneous, frequently deliberate, argument. And put it all in the appropriate context. It’s about getting and keeping power and wiping out the ability of unique individuals to get in the way.

      Now that is simply not an unprecedented desire. It’s the norm of history and it seems to be returning with a vengeance.

  5. I don’t know why, but the post above, where I say I didn’t identify myself on the last post, is the third of a total of three posts, two of which should have posted before that one. I don’t know the WordPress software is doing here, but just to let everyone know, that little post above should have posted last.

    Odd, but, well, computers and all that…

  6. What’s really going on here, in my view – what the Left is really trying to accomplish, wittingly or unwittingly – is a retreat from a free, open, contract-based society to a closed, highly delimited, status-based society. In other words, feudalism (or one could perhaps say “neo-feudalism”)

    Uncoerced contractual relations between free individuals, equality under the law, individual merit based upon achievement (in business and temporal matters generally) and upon character (in business but more importantly in personal human relations) is to be replaced by the ancient standards: blood and soil, kin and tribe, status and class.

    Different laws and rules for each: black and white, peasant, commoner, craftsman, merchant, and nobility; born high or born low. Those wearing the powdered wigs and with the proper credentials and advanced degrees rule (“the intellectuals” in Paul Johnson’s and Thomas Sowell’s sense). “The masses” dutifully move together as a herd for the “common good.”

    These people have no idea – no idea – what they’re doing.

    Or, the really terrifying thought is…perhaps they do.

    • Mostly I encounter people who are knowingly pushing policies and practices but who are unaware of the real intentions behind what they are pushing.

      I get both. The likely consequences based of history and the intended consequences since I frequently am able to track to that level. I do not write a post until I have copies of everything involved. But I am missing the Magic Credential.

      If you have the Magic Credential, lack of accurate knowledge is not an obstacle. In fact, that ignorance is cultivated lest knowledge impede a willingness to push.

      Daly & Cobb in their book for the common good actually make a reference to Sustainability leading to neofeudalism. Unfortunately they saw it as a feature, not a bug.

      That free open society created world transforming technology and the power brokers do not want that happening again. Hence shutting down the Axemaker Minds. Remember I have actually read several of Burke’s books including The Axemaker’s Gift.

      • “Mostly I encounter people who are knowingly pushing policies and practices but who are unaware of the real intentions behind what they are pushing.”

        There are two kinds of people, traditionally, who fall into this category, which came historically to be called “useful idiots” and, as Eugene Lyons put it in his book, The Red Decade, “the innocents.”

        Wide eyed, idealistic, virtuous despots (“the anointed,” as Sowell has termed them) who’s gnostic insight has shown them the “better world” that “we can make” if only we have “the will.”

        We can begin with the French Revolution and come forward to the New Left of the 60s and the “progressives” of the present and we can see the same psychologies at work, the same personality structures, and very similar themes, attitudes, and ideological systems, with slight variations, making the same claims predicated upon virtually the same ideas and arguments. Entire continents economically raped? 130 and counting million people buried? Countless millions of lives ruined and debased? No problem. The theories, we are always told, “have never really been tried.” Utopian leftist theory can never be wrong. Reality is the problem. And that can be changed “if we all come together.”

        With the Left pretty much running the proverbial show now, and dominating all of the major institutions of society that create, interpret, and disseminate information and knowledge and condition and limit the terms of discourse and debate, things appear grim, but only when we’re talking about “reform.” I just really don’t think either K-12, higher ed, or the pop news and entertainment cultures are reformable, at this point.

        Its time to set up alternative institutions and media. I’m not saying that there should be no continued struggle to expose and reform the public schools, and that we should just give up and leave them to there own devices, just that we should not put too many eggs in the reform basket.

        • I think the first changes that need to be made is for people to realize that accreditation is a primary source of the poison. Giving them overview power, as Louisiana did as part of their voucher legislation, simply means private schools will be ruined too. And also a widespread recognition that they have become an enforcement arm for UNESCO’s political vision of a cultural takeover via the noetic system.

          Secondly, the change in the nature of the Colleges of Education so that the good teachers are in agony at the nonsense in their coursework. Those on board tend to either have a chip on their shoulder and see education as a means of levelling or they are not very good at recognizing false stories when presented to them. Pedagogy is NOT about how to best teach content. These are political degrees now for the most part especially the Educational Leadership degree or now just Certification.

          When I see that Educational Leadership credential it’s like, Oh Good, an adult who sees education as a political weapon to make society Equal. Someone who does not know what Utopia means, much less than it is “Nowhere” for a reason.

          I think Critical Thinking is a bigger deal than Deborah in part because the new vision for College, Career, and Civic Life that I read this morning says that Critical Thinking skills, problems solving skills, and collaboration skills are what the 21st century economy needs. Just that. Only because we are headed towards a state-controlled post-GDP economy where who gets the job and what they are to be paid is established by fiat.

          If that’s not where we end up, and I do think this whole story is available too soon for it to work, having K-12 and higher ed having pushed such limited skills and little knowledge will simply make it that much harder for anyone whose families did not step up in this interim and say “I’ll teach you to read. I’ll explain why freedom matters. This is why making race and class and oppression the focus is a dangerous fire to be lighting. Knowledge does matter and this is what you need to know to be worth hiring.”

          It breaks my heart how much urban schoolchildren have been deliberately hobbled with known poor curricula precisely to make it easier to community organize them and their families. And I don’t just suspect that. I have read that confession of intentions more than once in the last few months.

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  8. Instead of us conservatives continuing to dicuss the demise of our children, freedom, individualism, constitutional rights, etc. between ourselves, WE need to start DOING MORE!
    Put a “I don’t belive the liberal Media” bumpersticker on your cars! I would love to see as many of those as the stupid “o 2008” stickers!! Go to your school board meetings and voice your concern of history being rewritten or teachers that are not up to par…or if you can REMOVE your children from public school and send them elsewhere and write a letter WHY you are doing it. I did!! I see so many of us disgusted, concerned and willing to blog till the cows come home, but I want to see MORE ACTION in our great country! The libs have all their unified signs, soundbites, etc. WE need to get on the SAME page and start TALKING not always being on the DEFENSE. If things continue, we will have a Leviathan, or a Utopian Marxist society! Hardwork and individualism made this country great..not the 10Cs all it does is separate and divide us!

    • Apt name Fed Up.

      I would not disagree with anything you said except to point out that the education agenda I am describing is not OK with most people, whatever their beliefs on the proper role of government. This is way over most people’s level of comfort on both sides of the aisle.

      So many are just talking about the intentions of the Common Core and not paying attention to all these binding laws and regulations and other back door mean that dictate what is to go on in the classroom.

      Thanks for commenting. I will keep describing what is going on and what the consequences have been in past and are likely to be in the future. Tell other parents and taxpayers. This is about far more than education. It is strictly a means to change prevailing attitudes, values, and beliefs and thus eventually behaviors at a largely unconscious reflexive level.

      That’s the invisible part of the serf’s collar.

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