Manipulating the Human Mind and Personality Via P-12 Education to Engineer Transformational Social Change

Notice how I did NOT write K-12. In most states and countries now, if we do a little digging, we will find early learning standards that put a heavy focus on social and emotional learning. That ‘P’ stands for Preschool, which is apparently where the transformation to new values and a new kind of mind and habits of thinking, must begin. A GERG (General Evolution Research Group) associate of Csik’s, Bela Banathy, and Ervin Laszlo and husband of Riane Eisler discussed in this post , David Loye, was kind enough to explain in a 1991 book that the systems thinkers had a new ‘schema’ for the mind. The mind could be programmed via education to become the “evolving guidance system for each person and for humanity as a whole.” From a book Ervin Laszlo edited called The New Evolutionary Paradigm that was a part of the World Futures General Evolution Studies, Loye wrote:

“Mind in this schema is further defined by viewing our time, the late 20th century, as a pivotal evolutionary dividing point between the dominance of the Truncated Mind and the crucial emergence and spread of Actualizing Mind, in which guidance sensitivities are more fully operative.”

Truncated Mind is a new term for what I have previously nicknamed the Axemaker Mind, but to build on what is laid out in my book Credentialed to Destroy , phonetic fluent reading and traditional Algebra build that Truncated Mind. Critical Thinking as defined now by P21 or Richard Paul, Excellence in education, and Competency help build that Actualizing Mind, even if none of the educators implementing its tenets in the classroom have never heard of GERG,  any of the Laszlos, or David Loye and Riane. Since the last post I also managed to get my hands on a 1966 lecture the creator of General Systems Theory (GST), Ludwig Von Bertalanffy, gave at Clark University. Titled “Toward a New Image of Man,” Bertalanffy stated that the purpose of GST was to create a model for a new psychological theory suitable for psychosocial change–people, economies, cities, societies.

In other words, it fits perfectly with the Social Systems Redesign work we have encountered in the last several posts and also with John Dewey’s vision laid out in my book. Loye was darn forthcoming as well about the need to “focus on human cognition, which shapes human action” in order to create a normative social theory that could close the gap between reality as it now exists and the “ideal developmental forms that must be the prime concern of all policy makers.” From what I can tell the politicians and policy makers at every level and both parties are glad to oblige now in 2015, but no one is being honest about what is up.

I think the vision of Heart-Core Learning we met in the last post is Loye’s Actualizing Mind. When Lucien Vattel writes about “a society that grossly overvalues the mind above the heart” and seeks an “education system that values both how we feel and behave, as much as what we ‘know'”, he is laying out the current form of the same argument as Loye and all the rest of the social transformationalists. Move away from the Truncated Mind and the P-12 education that produces it. Go for Deeper, experiential, Whole Child learning achieved through collaborative Projects and authentic role playing experiences–what Vattel called “interacting, playing, and making”–to build that needed Actualizing Mind.

Everything I have read from GEFF and any of the systems scientists and out of the Fuschl and Asilomar Conversations is all supporting this same vision. It is the inner workings of the mind that is Ground Zero for the needed transformation and a P-12 education centered in Competency is the way in. Loye started his discussion with citing several Club of Rome reports from the early 70s and ends with the 1977 one that Ervin Laszlo was in charge of that called for “the need for accelerating a fundamental shift in values.”

When I read that, it was hard not to think of the now ubiquitous Positive School Climate mandates and the suggested remedies to supposedly combat bullying. Getting at the inner workings of the student’s mind and personality even more directly though is the ASCD-sponsored 16 Habits of Mind push that aligns with the developing Thinking Skills push from the 80s and early 90s.

Empathy, cooperation, “having a disposition toward behaving intelligently when confronted with problems, the answers to which are not immediately known” sounds like just the very traits needed to implement a transformative theory of normative social change. Just the habits needed to persevere with actions to push for change whatever the difficulties encountered in the real world. If any of us were designing Habits of Mind suitable to create an exuberant change agent, one could hardly do better than what Costa and Kallick developed or what Critical Thinking and Thinking Skills (Marzano’s 1985 Framework for McREL) actually turn out to be fostering. from 1986 also laid out creating such “higher-order thinking and metacognitive strategies at all levels of schooling” and for all students and sold it under the appealing title of “Quality and Equality Through Cognitive Instruction.”

Everybody, it turns out, wants to create those very traits of minds the systems thinkers intent on transformational social change globally say they need. How should we feel when we discover that the Convergence Center’s Advisory Board on Re-Imagining Education included a medical doctor known for creating the area of Neurobiology whose vision for ed fits perfectly with Loye’s Actualizing Mind? Now when you look at “Awakening the Mind–Neurobiology and You” and its constant references to Mental Well-Being necessary practices, remember all the mandates in the ESEA Rewrite to providing for students’ mental health needs and whatever promotes mental well-being. Does that translate into a legal mandate from Congress to extinguish the Truncated Mind and build the Actualizing Mind in its place?

Siegel is at UCLA, which is also where the federally-funded School Mental Health Project is located. Anyone believe Siegels’ references to mental well-being are not designed to turn his desired practices into a legal mandate for all schools? Let me add one more tidbit: there are numerous stories on the Internet that Senator Lamar Alexander’s favorite book is called A God Within by Rene Dubos. Now I recognized Dubos as being frequently in the bibliography of references for most systems thinkers. In its Chapter called “On Being Human” Dubos explained that ‘The God within mankind is the spirit of purposeful and creative adventure.” That certainly sounds like a transformational mindset, especially with all the hype over purposeful behavior and envisioning the future.

Maybe Lamar as an ex-Governor really liked the vision from the previous page that “Over most of the world, the homeostatic feedbacks of supply-and-demand economy are giving way to new systems manipulated by government intervention.” Yes, that is unfortunately true and the date of the book’s publication in 1972 also coincides with an overall decline in mass prosperity with plenty of people wondering what has happened since. Note: crony interventions by governments and ‘systems redesign’ starting at the level of the human mind do not work very well, apart from enriching politicians, former ones, and their friends.

Loye did detail some tidbits I want to pass on because I can see their continued relevance now. In discussing programs for the needed fundamental shift in values, Loye mentioned that: “”for well over a decade, psychologist Milton Rokeach and associates throughout various parts of the world have been carrying out experiments using Rokeach’s Value Scale to explore value structural stable states. This work includes the induction, via cognitive dissonance, of the psychological equivalent of chaos states, and testing the effectiveness of interventions designed to produce fundamental and enduring values change.”

And we wonder why we have had an uptick in school shootings. What Loye did not say, but I know, because I have several of Rokeach’s books and have written about him and his links to Tranzi OBE is that Rokeach created the educational use of the term Competency to obscure the values and non-mental skills focus of this shift. We can see why the euphemisms ‘Objectives’ and “Outcomes’ also get used to hide the nature of this shift.

Anyone else read about Linda Darling-Hammond retiring as a Stanford ed prof to start a Learning Policy Institute recently? Here is a useful fact to keep in mind that Loye just happened to mention right after the Rokeach paragraph.

“The most comprehensive and well-financed study of ‘chaotic’ or transformational values change has been carried out over the past six years [about 1985 then] by California-based SRI International [Stanford Research Institute goes by just an acronym now], one of the world’s largest research institutions. Basing its VALS (values and life styles) program on the work of psychologist Abraham Maslow, SRI social scientists regularly update a data bank on more than 100,000 Americans to predict changes in attitudes, values, and preferences that will affect the American and world economic, social and political systems.”

Wow, how’s that for a confession? One of those SRI social scientists, Marina Gorbis, now heads the same Institute for the Future that works with KnowledgeWorks to develop visions for education in the future.

That would also be the same Maslow that the NEA hired back in 1962 to create its desired new vision of education grounded in psychology.

The truth is that the same vision has now been pursued for decades by people who turn out to be connected to each other and the same institutions. Only the names for the vision seem to change.

Changing the functions and structure at the level of the human mind and then locking it in physiologically.

No wonder there has been such deceit.


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  1. Reading this post makes me think of the quote I read earlier today ( can’t remember attribution ) that “surely the Devils greatest trick was convincing mankind that he did not exist.”

    Loyes mention of SRI s study of chaotic and transformational values change sounds like they are faithful comrades in ideology with Luria, Vygotsky and Lewin.

    (I’m sure you have posts linking them)

    The admissions are so in your face at this point that i suspect they feel they ” are as gods”.

    • That book I cited is rarely mentioned except I am so deep in this now if it is related it has come on my radar and I probably have it. The bibliographies and footnotes in these books are unbelievable. Remember Loye is also the editor of the book that Alexander Christakis wrote about the Structured Design Dialogue and how to restructure MOOCs. Ervin is described in that book as being with the Vienna Academy for the Study of the Future . No mention yet of the Club of Budapest or the Holos Consciousness.

      SRI has been on my radar for a while. I tagged both Marina Gorbis and Willis Harman of Global Mind Change on this post because they were both at SRI about this time. This is the alarming Gorbis post.

      Harman’s quoted point about virtual reality and how the body reacts as if the created situation is real is hugely pertinent now in our digital learning and Engagement mandates.

      For a few weeks now it has been clear that these are all manifestations with the same aim.

      And he actually cites Lewin. Here I found it: “…again in Lewin we find an articulation of the social aspects of ‘chaos’ theory in his famous perception of directed social change as a three-step process. At first there must be the ‘unfreezing’ of the prevailing state, which requires action to ‘break open the shell of complacency and self-righteousness.’ This is followed by second stage ‘moving to new levels’.But then there must be a third stage ‘re-freezing’ at this new level to prevent a regression to the former or original state.'”

      I had marked that passage because the Director of Academics for the League of Innovative Schools Conversion Charter district was openly touting using Kurt Lewin’s Freeze. Unfreeze. refreeze technique on teachers who were not along with the changes being forced on Fulton’s schoolchildren. I remember thinking he was a complete moron so of course he got promoted from being just an Area Super to being in charge of academics in a district determined to destroy each student’s minds. That was the day of my reason to credential idiots with doctorates epiphany. It empowers them to push techniques and practices they lack the wit to appreciate the consequences of.

      The previous Head of Academics is now the Super out in Texas prattling on about the values everyone should have.

    • Simply put it has been a shell game. Hide the mind arson. At this point if they took a vote on it ” hey all you okay with a bit o mind zap? ” at least 50-70% would say “yeah sure okay count me in” because they are so far gone at this point. Peace and love.

    • Isn’t this timely and from the same ASCD that pushes Costas’ Habits of Mind.

      Must create childrens’ minds ready to save humanity.

      Also from ASCD Whole Child Initiative these people are determined to confess to what is really up. In quoting Soren Kierkagard for authority (who does that?) they did forget to mention he is best known as the Fear and Trembling philosopher.

      I got assigned his book in college. I do not think he is an authority on what is suitable for educating young children.

      • I understand that he was known for his Christian faith, Fear and Trembling Philosophy . He was also about passion and engagement. Personally, to me, with my short range of understanding his philosophy that quote and use of the language in the article is saying they are looking for HOTS, and that level of engagement where transformation occurs. It strikes me as not using him in the sense of his spiritual direction but rather applying his principles in secular settings. I would not think ASCD believed the whole child philosophy was bent toward Christanity, they seem quite intent to be in the universalist range. An odd choice for sure. Old Dominion University despite the name, looks to be as deep in the muck as the others.
        What do you think?

        • I think every School of Ed is deep in the muck, although I have plenty of offline discussions that make it clear that not all ed profs are happy with this.

          I think ASCD is depply ensconced in the Kairos, World Parliament of Religions view and they do not want deviance that would prevent common cognitive maps. I am further along in the 1991 book now and the chapter on “Social Evolution” calls cognitive maps and the desire that they fit what the collective seeks as the “societal equivalent of DNA.” Those of us who are fluent readers with well-stocked minds essentially become antibiotics attacking the sought common cognitive mapping.

          I actually still have Fear and Trembling, but I believe the quote was used primarily so that the author came across as erudite. It would take someone familiar with who was quoted to recognize it was an ignorant and pompous quote unsuited for talking about young children. Bet the author wants to be called “Doctor’ even by her kids.

  2. Back in the early 80s there was a program similar to Teach for America entitled Teacher Corps. The training materials for Teacher Corps’ preparing teachers AND community supporters was the FUR method–Freezing, Unfreezing and Refreezing! Lewin and Maslow were foundational for their materials, along with Carl Rodgers and Lawrence Kohlberg.
    Also, I remember attending a National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYCE) annual meeting in Atlanta that had a cluster of training sessions dealing with the newly-introduced chaos theory, Vygotsky and Deconstructionism, and the new Italian pre-school program Reggio Emelio. Because the meeting was supposed to be geared to young children’s educational needs, I remember being shocked and a bit overwhelmed with the level of sophistication and futuristic teaching.
    When I read your posts and see the cycles repeating themselves over and over, it is gratifying to see how long it has taken our enemies to get to this point. But I fear that the cycles may be completing themselves and we be close to the end of the line as a free society.

    • CP-do you find that now that you are no longer reflecting on what you heard through the ‘lens’ of behaviorism as the means, it now makes sense in a much different way?

      I do not think it is an accident that, as I mentioned in the comments on the previous post, the Rockefeller Commission on the Humanities called in 1980 for critical thinking to be classed federally as a basic skill and that same year Richard Paul creates his Framework for Critical Thinking. We know it is actually dialectical thinking (because there are places and papers that say so from the early 80s) and thus chaos and FUR are synonyms for what is sought. Now that Framework is back in a formal plan for all students, public, private, charter, and homeschooled, and pushed by the same state with the economic plan I linked to yesterday. Like every governor and legislator can just decree rural areas into prosperity. Yet at the same time the ‘prosperity’ is grounded in federal grants to push this Triple Helix/Turchenkp vision. Totally unsustainable in the long run.

      I am also saddened by the extent to which the law and lawyers have become the vendors of the chains to be used to bind us.

  3. I am, after reading this ( and other articles on this and other sites) wondering who or what is really running our planet. The language seems, to me anyway, so far beyond what the average person ( even a professor ) uses, it is surreal to me.
    Do any of you even understand this ,what, (crap?) there is no realistic value anywhere. None of this stuff can even butter bread and teach any kid anything of value and it is no wonder so many of our kids are lost. The three “R’s are not even mentioned and without those nothing else makes sense and kids cannot make connections they need to make beyond those 3 basics.

    • Welcome to ISC. What we have from both institutions perceived as Leftist and those that claim to be ‘conservative’ and ‘free-market oriented/limited government’ is a determination to rejoin political power and economic power in a common place, away from individuals. My posts represent enough to give people a heads’ up while I once again write a comprehensive book detailing all the interconnections. What is sought is too dire for me to do otherwise. I have so much more than this and can literally now watch the hand-offs and make connections, as I did in this post with Rokeach and Gorbis, that requires a huge database of confessions.

      Telling this story, to me, IS the way out. This is clearly a road to dystopia that was supposed to be invisible. I get to the bottom of things. This is a factual story to me. People with influence, taxpayer or foundation money, and an ability to use the law to lock this all in have written or stated what they intend to do using education. They have told us the ends they wish to achieve. We do get to talk about it.

      I will admit I am frequently awakened with some 3 am epiphany as my mind continued to sort something out. This view of education is not ok with anyone not at the trough and it is an utterly sinful use of the hard-earned money we all pay out in property taxes especially. Reading that JFF link above and it’s bragging about Georgia and HB 186 was heartbreaking for me. That bill was so touchy it was passed without mention in press releases and as my book laid out it utterly changed Georgia education into polytech for all. Our legislators are willing to enslave our children at the level of what should be inviolate in a free society. Yet they did not want to admit openly to enacting 186. They simply wanting the powers created by it, much like Congress and WIOA.

      • Robin-

        Thinking about the attempts to do all this invisibly reminded me of this link recently sent to me by MM on Cass Sunsteins appreciation for Availability Cascades. I This must be the new euphemism for The Big Lie. Cass puts Goebbels to shame. Furthermore, our fearless leaders and communitarian lawyers like Cass seem to believe their own Cascades ( of baloney) more than the rest of us.

        Along the lines of theories about changing the environment and changing people I stumbled on The Green Ribbon ( sustainability) Award handed out to schools by the DoED .

        What is fascinating about this award is that as far as I can tell it does not bequeath actual monies. It does bequeath inclusion and comradeship and the dangling carrot of a potential seat at the table of the next feast.

        *What are the benefits of being selected an ED-Green Ribbon School, District Sustainability Awardee or Postsecondary Sustainability Awardee?

        ED-Green Ribbon Schools, District Sustainability Awardees, and Postsecondary Sustainability Awardees are nationally recognized as some of America’s most successful educational institutions in reducing their environmental impact and costs; improving health and wellness; and providing effective sustainability education.

        Schools, districts and postsecondary institutions selected may report a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment. They may be sought out as mentors to others schools, districts, or postsecondary institutions; and/or may find greater success raising funds and recruiting students.

        Each year, all honorees are invited to Washington, D.C. for a ceremony to celebrate their success, share information, and be honored with a plaque and banner to commemorate their achievement.

        * What is the impact of ED-Green Ribbon Schools on students, schools, communities, and education?

        ED-Green Ribbon Schools recognizes a handful of the highest-performing schools and districts in the nation each year. The program then uses these exemplary schools to communicate best practices and highlight critical resources that any school can employ. By communicating best practices and available resources, the recognition award is having a broad impact on students, teachers, and instruction in all schools, not just a handful of annual honorees.

        The award is also affecting how government works. As a result of the award, education, natural resource, health, and energy agencies in both state and federal governments are working together like never before to implement nominee selection processes and, in so doing, bringing more resources and expertise to schools.

        Finally, the award has affected non-governmental groups that have spearheaded the green schools movement. ED-GRS has provided facilities, health and environmental education-focused non-governmental organizations with a clear, comprehensive definition of green schools, allowing the many different green schools programs across the country to unite behind shared goals.

        Filling out the form for recommendation by one;s State Education Organization reveals how appropriately debased the school has become ( demonstrates proper Mental Hygiene ) and thereby qualifies it for groveling and inclusion status.

        • Such a great example of the fog of imperious blather that parents drink up like a keg in a frathouse. Clinging to vague words like a swizzle stick in a highball. Righteously hiding their own confusion as to appear at the perceived intellegence level as the exhaulted educrat carnivaliers. Worked for jim jones, rev moon ram dass est.

          • People talking about a Craig Barrett of Arizona holding fundraisers for Carly and being tied to achieve seem to not recognize he is also the former CEO of Intel. He is a fellow former tech exec so of course they know each other.—-inc./salary/652007#.VfvdrZfQNVc He is also involved with K-12 as a Board member.

            I did not realize until I saw that that he was on the engineering faculty of Stanford prior to Intel. Maybe he taught Thicklewight that co-wrote the book with Tony Wagner when he was getting his Ph.D. With computer chips having become a commodity with no ability to price at a premium , common sense tells us why public-private partnerships where creative destruction does not exist would look like the new business model. HP has a similar problem, which is why the compaq acquisition did not help.

            Colorado, Arizona, Florida, and Ohio are also the four states supposedly piloting charters at a cutting edge level. I looked at the template for BASIS and Great Heart in Arizona a while back. I remember noticing the emphasis was always on the curriculum changing the values of the student, which would certainly make our systems theorists happy. Hugh Hewitt had mentioned Great Heart Academies and how he wanted something comparable to the Common Core, but that it not be nationally imposed. This was part of what was said in the Orange County testimony last October.

          • I remembered there was a tie between BASIS. Olga Block, and Richard Spady’s wife now in Washington State, Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady , who is Russian and an educator. Given my interest in cybernetics I found the research group to be interesting. So I checked the Board of BASIS and that bio of Barrett is much more complete. It also says he is on the Skolkovo Foundation Council, which is where Pavel Luksha works and is tied to the Re-Imagining Futures Initiative GEFF is a part of.

            So here’s our direct connection of all these charters and the GEFF vision. I also need to pull my copy of Richard Spady’s book. Found it in an update to original comment. There are actually two. One, Richard Kirby wrote it with Barbara Ray Gilles and it came out in 2004– Nurturing Civilization Builders: Birthing the Best Schools in the World. I had forgotten it was so admiring of Riane Eisler’s vision and her book The Chalice and the Blade . Oh my and the fact that Gilles travelled on a Peace Mission with futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard to the USSR is detailed. Kirby was a member of the World Conference of Religious Futurists. He co-wrote a book with Spady called The Leadership of Civilization Building, which I have also read that is the second book and why I find the two Richard’s confusing in my mind.

            Anyway also note Barrett’s ties to the United Nations ICT program and the Clinton Global Initiative Education Board.

            Good thing people kept copying me yesterday offline, with me wondering why no one grasped Craig’s connection to Intel was the Link to be pointing out.

            It is too early in the morning to feel sick, but the inside epigraphs to the Gilles/Spady book are to the Dalai Lama, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (noosphere as the book explains), Edgar Mitchell, Lewis Mumford & Willis Harman, and Mahatma Gandhi. Maybe I should go back to bed while I mull this all over.

          • “Dr. Barrett currently serves as Co-Chairman of Achieve, Inc., an independent, bipartisan, non-profit education reform organization; ”

            What IS Achieve? A couple weeks ago I looked them up because a liberal daughter of an old friend got a job at AchiveMN to of be able to return home to be near her wonderful mom (soon grandma) . I had never heard of it. Curious because of this forum, I briefly looked into it. I gather that much of the $6 million they take in is dispersed to the local schools.

            1. Where do they get their money?

            2. What do they do?

            Also, anyone ever hear of Skills USA? What do they do?

          • I looked them up a few weeks ago as they participated in the GEFF program in Russia and then the World Skills conference in Brazil.

            My understanding is Achieve is the compromise entity developed in the late 90s to lead national education reforms around standards but via the states. Its creation dovetails roughly with the New Standards Project I have written about. It also becomes part of the fictional story of what is behind CCSSI, as ACHIEVE gets some of the credit as does their high school diploma project as a predecessor. I think it has been important that no one do what I tend to do and recognize Competency for what it is and know about the NSP. I mentioned in comments to the previous post that I had Diane Ravitch’s 1995 book National Standards in American Education: A Citizen’s Guide.

            It mentions the NSP, but glosses over its actual purpose and the extent of its interest among states and in performance standards and assessments, like portfolios. Ravitch kindly does link NSP to the thinking strategies/critical thinking push that we have tracked now to that NC Plan and to Marzano’s work for McREL in 1985. It also fits with the Developing Minds book Costas did for ASCD in 1990, that has now been renamed as the Habits of Mind linked to in this post.

            Ravitch does quote Lauren Resnick’s boss at Pittsburgh’s LRDC that “achievement testing in the twenty-first century ‘will not provide merely a score, a label, a grade level, or a percentile,’ but would be ‘a method of indexing stages of competence (my bolding) through indicators of the development of knowledge, skills, and cognitive process.” Such assessments would be integrated with instruction and would show to student and teacher the errors and misconceptions ‘which need instructional attention.’ The object of assessment, in other words, would be to improve instruction and learning, not just to produce a grade or a ranking.”

            The footnote to that quote goes to the 1985 ETS Invitational Conference held at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. It was called The Redesign of Testing in the Twenty-First Century. That is a quite good description of what is called formative assessment now and fits with the actual Common Core/Competency classroom implementation being mandated. So when Ravitch hypes Opt Out, she is resurrecting the NSP/LRDC vision that goes back at least to the mid-80s.

            Ravitch also quoted Lauren and her husband, Daniel Resnick, a history prof at Carnegie-Mellon that “what was needed now for a technologically sophisticated economy was ‘a significant new educational agenda…a thinking-oriented curriculum for all…While it is not new to include thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning in some students’ school curriculum, it is new to include it in everyone’s curriculum.'” That footnote links to a 1992 paper called “Assessing the Thinking Curriculum: New Tools for Educational Reform.”

        • This is the comparable Behavioral Sciences Report from the UK and it details the push going on all over the world in this area.

          A good time perhaps to remind again that in December 2013 the UK and US issued a joint statement declaring subjective well-being to be the new purpose of governments at all levels. I covered it in a December 23, 2013 post. This fits with what the systems theorists claim to be an obligation to meet Intangible Needs, largely through high-quality interpersonal relationships. Before we again describe that as loony, which its is, remember that this is precisely what Positive School Climate and Affirmative Student Codes of Conduct and Fostering Communities of Learners are all teaching the kids to be an obligation. In the Discourse Classroom students must come to a shared meaning.

          • Reading that UK report I kept thinking that while there ain’t no such thing as perfect, so many of the behavioral interventions these controlling do- gooders seem to want to implement for the common good would be unnecessary if citizens were educated properly in the first place. Perhaps if they could read. Imagine.

            But that obvious observation of mine takes us back to the beginning. All goes back to whose definition of successful society are we working under.

          • Yes, they infantilize via education and then get to sell the needed pacifiers, life coaches, advisors, counselors, etc. going forward. During the Atlanta cheating scandal I had breakfast with an area pol who asked me why I was so sure it was deliberate. I asked him how powerful is an ignorant and aggrieved group of citizens. He agreed that few things would be easier to manipulate politically.

            We can tell when the explanations are bogus, but Competency pushes tasks for a very good reason. The mental images in the cognitive map that have been deliberately put there to guide future action supply the aim and purpose for action that then gets practiced. Then it becomes unconscious. Did anyone notice that Habits of Mind cited to Csik’s book The Evolving Self? I have read that book and it is scary how it fits with what is being prescribed for classrooms. When I read Siegel’s Mindsight book he never linked to Csik, but his language fit and the references to mental well-being were constant. Lamar is about to make that a legal mandate under federal law on all schools and for all students.

            Csik is most certainly tied to all these people as well as CASBS. I believe he did a stint as a fellow there and never wanted to go back to Chicago winters. Csik’s Excellence where what is thought, felt, and wanted becomes the basis for action is getting pushed under civil rights laws. None of this is accidental, but it all adds up to a declared attempt to try to change at a neurological level what it means to be human. To try to lock in new practiced values and concerns and beliefs that are first internalized and then acted on repeatedly in the classroom, community, and in stipulated virtual reality.

            Schull went into Gaming and so did James Paul Gee. None of this is accidental and the consistency now and through the decades now that we are looking in the right place is staggering.

          • Wow. So we should go back to bartering according to Stanford huh? Subsistence living. Sounds Cosy,Authentic and Dreamy. Guess that is why The UN pushes the “Bugs Can Be Delicious and Nutritious ” theme so often.

          • I am about halfway through the fed workforce development book and it is completely unworkable and devastating unless someone works for one of the beneficiaries of the vision.

            Up to Chapter 10 “A New way of Doing Business: The Career Pathway Approach in Minnesota and Beyond.”

            Did enjoy all the confessions of what is really going on in Texas and all the links to Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation there.

            Bugs may be delicious but with the Human Eating Machine still home I have put out a Pork Butt to brown and then slow cook this afternoon in apple cider and braised onions.

      • Wanted to make sure you saw what the Workforce Data Quality Campaign was pushing to get states to get Businesses on board with this workforce vision.

        Mississippi and Alabama are the exemplars. No wonder the Alabama Governor has stripped authority over K-12 away from the elected State Board of Education and bestowed it on his appointed workforce board.

        Also pertinent is this interview put up yesterday involving Indiana. I guess it all fits with the mentality of that 5th grade civics assignment I linked to below.

        • So based on the following from this paper its safe to say that our dear leaders don’t see much added value in reading Shakespeare or Chaucer or even David Sedaris, much less examining patterns of faulty assumptions made about the nature of the human being throughout history?

          “If business leaders are armed with data on education pipelines, credentials, and career pathways, they will know where skills gaps exist or are likely to emerge. They can advise colleges, universities, and training providers about the types of courses and competencies that students will need in order to be hired.

          • Honestly after tackling the FRB book this weekend, then the Texas Business Driven P-12 system, and then deciphering that Project Quest was the WIOA exemplar for community and the Ford Foundation and MIT Sloan have been involved from the beginning, I went and watched the Tom Baker Doctor Who episodes on BBC.

            At least aliens are more forthcoming about invasions.

    • Tobias:
      I am always struck by this vacuous language as well. If the words seem like gibberish to others the ‘educators’ believe this shows how advanced their thinking is.

      • eclectic-the P21 papers on the 4cs linked on previous post keep citing Robert Sternberg , especially on Creativity and Critical Thinking . Now look at this

        Title is “An Evolutionary Interpretation of Intelligence, Creativity, and Wisdom: A Link Between the Evolution of Organisms and the Evolution of Ideas.” These people want to use education to change cognitive maps and make them consistent in how reality is perceived and what is valued and they do not want to get caught at it which is why we were falsely told that Whole Language was a dispute over how to teach reading.

        Bronfenbrenner admitted his Ecological Systems Theory was a metaphor, but teachers and students get taught BEST as if it is factual. It becomes how they interpret experiences and in that way it does alter reality.

        I quote these people because who would believe this otherwise. As someone married to a science geek though it is interesting how often these systems thinkers love to use a metaphor from the hard sciences that is not true. The history major in me would not recognize that and neither would most parents or teachers.

    • As I understand it (from Robin’s analysis) they do not want the 3 R’s foundation to be well formed. They put in lots of confusion, delay, project work, and basically infinite amounts of what you very accurately called, crap.

      But they use the opportunity to pursue a different agenda. If they can get this mind bending stuff implanted, then the 3 R’s probably won’t take even if attempted later in life. And who would have time and the ingenuity for that anyway. That’s one thing they do, they take away your ingenuity.

  4. Well…the entire World Futures series is published by Routledge.

    Talk about the usual suspects.

    Of course, with titles like “It’s Child’s Play: Contemplative Anthropocosmic Creativity” we can see that we are deep into the steaming carboniferous jungles of modern pedagogy where angels – and the sane – fear, but must, tread.

    • I was looking for a World Futures article this am cited in the book bibliography. The professor is a Jonathan Schull who wrote “Intelligence and Mind in Evolution”. When I found his cv online, he is now at Rochester Tech at the School of Interactive Games and Media so Jane MacGonnigal of Institute for the Future is not the only one who sees gaming and virtual reality as the way to change the brain physiologically and the students’ cognitive maps.

      His bio also says he was a founding member of GERG-the General Evolution Research Group Ervin, Riane Eisler, Csik, Banathy, and Loye all formed. He was also a prof at Haverford when Alexander laszlo was a student there, which is probably NOT a coincidence.

      If you want to get ahead of me, here’s a link to someone else listed in the biblio.

  5. Speaking here of their journal “World Futures
    The Journal of New Paradigm Research”

    There’s also a World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution. The publisher here is Taylor & Francis, with whom I am not familiar.

  6. But, oh well, Loye is, at the end of the day, just another left-wing utopian fantasist – the Anointed – seeking to remake and redeem humanity from its fallen condition through a grandiose ideological schema in which human beings take the reins of evolutionary forces and commandeer them for “hope and change:”

    In terms of the history and psychology of the American Dream, the book contrasts the consequences of the regressive mindset and policies of the Greed Era and G.W.Bush years with progressive hopes for the Obama years.

  7. “…while the world crumbles around us—the greed for power of|corporations, rightwing politicians and religions, and suborned media serving the command of the PseudoDarwinian paradigm.”

    Actually, this is beginning to sound like Chomsky.

    • Chomsky gets cited a lot and in a way that indicates they all know each other.

      Nel Noddings at Stanford is another member of this group. Not only did she write the Preface for Riane’s book, but she consults for CASEL and anti-bullying initiatives all over the world. We came back to the systems scientists because of their ties to school districts and the Global Education Futures Forum.

      When I went though the backup papers for Laurenne Jobs’ new high school competition with a pie of $50 million at stake, the ties to all the things I have ver written about were overwhelming. Carnevale is cited as is Deeper Learning and David Christian and Bill Gates hyping Big History. No mention of its ties to Moscow State. Carol Dweck and her Growth Mindset are also touted as id Brain Science and Building Students’ Sense of Identity.

  8. Behold the mind of a totalitarian leftist:

    “We know the answers. We know what to do.”

    Hayek called the desire and hubris that sought to plan and control entire economies the “fatal conceit.” Loye’s idea, grounded in “social science” to plan, control, and ideologically construct the salvation and redemption of humanity takes this idea to the infinite power.

  9. Good heavens…just surfing and reading some of this stuff and Loye, Eisler, and Laszlo are utter loons.

    We can chuckle and roll our eyes at political correctness and ideological hubris gone mad of this kind until folks like this actually obtain political power and influence.

    And there’s nothing remotely funny about that at all.

  10. Amen.
    Not many here are laughing. …Although…once in a while a sardonic chuckle or two keeps the screams of fury at bay. No, these misguided, narcissistic, loons mean business. They have grown terribly powerful and are in love with what they see in the mirror and what is reflected back to them in grants and in the eyes of their devoted, grasping, ambitious and vapid minions.

    So we gotta push back and keep talking and exposing this ugliness where we can.

    • I read Malaska yesterday as I finished the 1991 book mentioned in this post. I found this because I was looking into the Intangible Needs Society he had laid out, given that it perfectly mirrored Marx’s Human Development Society without using the M word. So much of what is being sought via the schools and imposed legally fits with the little c communism of the Human Development Society.

      Again this is prominently resurrecting Malaska’s analysis and published in 2014.

      This dovetails perfectly too with the UN’s announced Post-2015 Agenda and what the OECD calls the Great Transition. So much of the agenda has to do with manipulating consciousness and then locking it in neurologically and legislatively. We have to be able to see this to stop it. I can see it and so can my readers, but so much effort has gone into keeping references to my book away from mainstream readers. The effort to control what people concerned about the Common Core actually get to learn and hear is mind-boggling.

      I am right and can prove it and lots of people do not like that this story is being accurately perceived and presented.

    • I have just finished watching a video featuring Diana West (The Death of the Grown-up, American Betrayal), Jeff Nyquist, a geopolitical analyst whom I have referred to before, and a Brazilian academic named Olavo de Carvahlo. I managed to interest Nyquist in the current American educational scene, and he featured Robin’s book in the last essay he wrote on his blog.

      Carvahlo is significant because he almost single-handedly managed to awaken the Brazilian public to Communist subversion of the country over a period of twenty years of non-stop publication and speaking out. Education is discussed rather tangentially in the video but in terms that will resonate with all of us who follow ISC. The video is a bit rough, and the four-way conversation, hosted by a student of Carvahlo, gets off to a shaky start, but then things start moving, so stick with it. I recommend watching it because it is an inspiring example of what one voice, crying in the wilderness, can accomplish.

      “So we gotta push back and keep talking and exposing this ugliness where we can.”

      Yes we do. And Yes We Can!

      • This is an article from a fellow of the Georgia component of the Atlas Network on he 7 Cs of education.

        It comes out in favor of community schools, a curriculum that reflects the school mission and a mission statement that is about more than academics. It wants non-academic needs to be met and wants to emphasize character precisely the way Charles Fadel of the Center for Curriculum Redesign does too.

        It is consistent with the communitarianism I first picked up on in a book the Heartland published with a Foreword by Amitai Etzioni in the 90s.

        It fits with what I am discerning from papers out of other listed members of the same network as what is a global template out of UNESCO, the OECD, GEFF, the Davos World Economic Forum, and Richard Paul’s Framework on Critical Thinking is made palatable by making it appear state-led or locally imposed. Yet the coordination is quite noticeable.

        When I looked into the Hoover Institution after Bill Evers’ Federalism paper for Pioneer recently, it talked obliquely about fulfilling Herbert Hoover’s vision. The problem is that another book I have happened to mention that Herbert Hoover’s vision is that the world should be free from want. That is a lovely premise of course, but a Mind Arson vision of education is the least likely to get us there.

        GPPF is the same group that considers Fulton’s Charter to be an exemplar of School Choice as I was at the breakfast when they said it, just hours before the infamous Snow Jam in 2014. A creed that binds all to a largely non-academic vision about life skills and digital learning is a choice most parents would reject if properly understood.

        • “Georgians must exercise compassion toward those families who are facing difficult circumstances in securing an adequate education for their children. President George W. Bush once said, “Government cannot love a child, but it can support those who do, parents and family members and neighbors and caring adults who have heard the call.” State officials should do more to educate Georgians about faith-based and community initiatives that help families secure the social services necessary to create a stable learning environment for their children. ”

          Are you kidding me? In all my years of studying scripture I have never read, look to your faith based organizations to help you get government services! This reminds me of the initiative in churches that ask people to serve DHS by cleaning their offices or helping remodel. One went so far as to say they are united with the vision of DHS. Perhaps I am the only individual that feels an awkward sense of separation there but I seriously doubt it.

          • Good point and now we have this $160 million federal initiative that came out this week on how Big Data can fuel the Human Development/ Society of Intangible Needs Model. Of course they leave out the M word or the links to the systems theorists and World Futures Vision. Plus unless we catch the federal announcement, which like WIOA I did, this will be sold politically as a local initiative and an example of federalism.

            It is–polyphonic progressive federalism in pursuit of the World Futures and UN Post-2015 vision without us noticing.

            Plus now that I have read the Smart Cities and Connected Communities Framework it is all about Public-Private partnerships and the Turchenko vision of allies described in my book.

            We are here and, I guess, so am I.

    • No, but LSE is where that Fabian window is that the Webbs commissioned and we have talked about that.

      I think what Malaska is describing as the Society of Intangible Needs fits with what the Fabians have always wanted to achieve. The Fabian Society and the Ford Foundation and the Kennedy School of Government among others were all participants in Anthony Giddens’ The Global Third Way conference that I have written about.

      Also do not forget about the nef vision I went into in the book that we have tracked into K-12 education and the oecd and unesco already. I was off reading this paper;jsessionid=7E1AD316733E9DE94D9CD9E9D0B4A51C?sequence=1 this morning and pondering how much the change in values and vision starting on page 13-20 fits with what we know is also sought in K-12 classrooms under various excuses.

        • Wow, I did not know VanDerArk wrote about the Silicon Valley GEFF forum. Remember Richard Riley is on the Board of KnowledgeWorks and that KW used to own the New Tech Network before spinning it off last year. probably because I kept pointing out the link and the ties to the Innovation Lab Network and the work CCSSO hired Riley’s Education Counsel to do on Competency-Based education. Also remember Riley is Vice Chair of the Carnegie Corporation and they sponsored the 2011 Competency-based Education summit that fed ed officials participated in as well as Michael Horn and Sajan George.

          Carnegie also underwrote VanderArk’s most recent book on Smart Cities.

          • So in 2013 I publish a book exposing the Turchenko vision for subordinating the West and tie it to Competencies and Qualifications Frameworks globally and suddenly the same university-industry/Big Business-governments gets renamed as the Triple Helix. I think I first recognized that rename when I was tracking Pavel Luksha of GEFF and what Skolkovo is pushing globally. It was like a “didn’t you get a new name?” epiphany.

            Here’s what is so wild that you brought up Triple Helix. It shows up explicitly as the named model in the beginning of Chapter 15 (page 341 of 670) called “Workforce Development in a Targeted, Multisector Economic Strategy” using SUNY’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering as the case study.

            Notice also that JPMorgan Chase, that sponsor of the Global Cities conferences that feature Brookings’ Bruce Katz whose work used to be called Regional Equity and now goes by the Rockefeller Foundation funded Metropolitanism, is also a funder of WIRED 65 described in Chapter 13, once again abolishing state boundaries for planning purposes. Since I have read several of Katz’s books I know he started as a staffer for Henry Cisneros. As Mayor of San Antonio Cisneros created the Project Quest, Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation affiliate, that is mentioned several times, including that it has spread all through Texas and Arkansas and into SW as template. Chapter 11 is all about Capital IDEA as based in Austin and modelled on Project Quest. Is Austin Interfaith and comparable collaborations with radical community organizing entities like IAF the model for former President Bush’s Faith-based providers?

            I ask because Chapter 14 states that the WIRED federal initiative of grants for Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development began in 2005 in Bush’s 2nd term. Thanks a lot 43.

            Also, given that in most of these papers Anthony Cranevale, now a Prof at G’town hauling in gates grant money for his pontifications, is the cited authority for how this works, the Workplace Basics Manuals he created for the Department of Labor reimagining K-12 education under Bush 41 are more pertinent than ever, especially with Lamar Alexander as Bush’s Ed Sec about that time and Diane Ravitch also a fed ED Under Sec at the time. It’s the same vision he calls Competencies throughout this Federal Reserve vision. Also Laurene Jobs’ $50 million Redo High School Competition, Project XQ, going on now, cites to Carnevale’s Workforce vision as part of the justification for the needed transformation.

            All this circular citing of the same person makes him all the more pertinent now. Here are those posts from August 2014.



            Notice also that all these initiatives are only viable as long as they are getting grants that we have been borrowing from Chinese to fund.

          • So Texas turns out to be the model for these workforce/business sector strategies going back to 43’s Governorship that is now being nationalized. It is covered in Chapter 8 that then cites to this highly alarming 2014 paper.

            Aligning K-12 education, workforce, and economic development in Texas and announcing the Pre-K to Careers model and Business-Driven Education system. Bolded in the document just like that.

            Yet something else crucial going on in Texas education being missed because Donna Garner is not covering it and people actually believe she is an authority on Texas education.

            As I have said consistently, Texas did not need the Common Core. Tragic to read that Teaxs is pushing this vision “only partly under pressure from the IAF affiliates.”

        • LL:
          At your link
          ” It’s been interesting to watch the dialog move from blended (2010-12), to personalized (2013), to next gen (2014) to student-centered. As described by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, student centered is personalized, competency-based, anytime anywhere learning that is student-driven.”

          So, they have been chasing different shiny objects under different names for several years (and decades before that) likely without waiting for empirical data from results before they chase different shiny objects. Since past is prologue they will be chasing different shiny objects forever. They have abandoned every past shiny object in favor of new ones so why should we take them seriously about their latest shiny object/fad?

  11. Robin. to answer your earlier question addressed to me, my “lens” hasn’t really changed from the behavioral aspect of all this. But it has broadened to include where the behavioralists have gone in their research and results. We are still experiencing the effects of their manipulation and the fact that they pointed the way to control us.

    My burning question of the morning is do any of the declared candidates for the highest office in our land have any exposure to or understanding of what we’ve been talking about?

    • Most of the candidates I have looked at seem to have an interest in promoting the UNESCO/OECD vision. That may simply be a matter of who they have hired as advisors and they might be capable of learning.

      The systems theorists by the way love to cite Skinner and as Jerome Bruner said openly in a book I have, they found a better way to get to same type of mental and emotional control. The other part though is that the reason for shifting from facts that the cognitive scientists/systems theorists need to get to that non-Axemaker, Actualizing Mind gets attributed to a rejection of “behavioristic principles of learning.”

      Here’s a sample from Ravitch’s book again and is the paragraph after what I just quoted to Eclectic and the next page from the Glaser quote. “The Resnicks analysis was radical indeed. They maintained that ‘a thinking curriculum’ for all was impossible so long as the students continued to rely exclusively on standardized, multiple-choice tests. Such tests are based on behavioristic principles of learning; they break learning into little bits of decontextualized knowledge, which students produce on request but do not necessarily know how to use outside the classroom. When teachers try to raise test scores by teaching to this kind of test, instruction becomes focused on meeting the demands of the test. Thus, teaching to a multiple-choice test that was developed without regard to the school’s curriculum not only gives the test too much power [hence the nickname to come High Stakes Testing], but corrupts instruction and devalues thoughtful, reflective study.”

      The last phrase I bolded sounds just like Metacognition, doesn’t it? The previous on apply outside the classroom dovetails with one of the 7 Cs listed above–Competence. See how there really is a synthesis we are supposed to seek blindly led by rhetoric like School Choice and High Stakes Testing.

      Also on the next page, in a strategy that fits with what happened with the ARRA in 2009, Ravitch stated: “From a strategic point of view, Resnick argued that the federal role should be limited to providing financial support for ‘broadly specified national standards.'” Such standards would also emphasize “performance assessments, also called authentic assessment.”

      That of course fits with what Lamar has crafted into Every Child Achieves Act and the Higher Order Thinking Skills mandate gets at what Glaser wanted assessed back in 1985. Here’s one more quote that fits with how ECAA and the House version of the ESEA Rewrite are being sold by many ‘conservative’ groups and Republican consultants and politicians. “These national standards should be sufficiently broad so that states and localities can ‘craft curricula and assessments…suitable to their own communities.'”

      Of course the latter means White Privilege guilting in affluent suburbs and hyping victimization everywhere where inequality, race, or ethnicity can be hyped. It sounds nice and ‘federal’ though. The footnote in the last quote was to a paper Lauren presented at the 1992 AERA annual conference.

      • That comment was absolutely stunning. It explains so much. Systematic, sequential, coherent and content-rich instruction such as we deliver in our, you should excuse the expression, charter schools is “little bits of decontextualized knowledge,” aka “behavioristic principles of learning.” Unlike deep reading, I suppose. Just a high-falutin way of repackaging the old derogatory “rote memorization of the facts.” And we have to get away from that conditioned, parrot-like regurgitation of meaningless facts by moving to Big Ideas. All context, albeit a completely falsified one, no content.

    • So we have the Walton Family Foundation announcing they are putting $6.5 million over the next 3 years into character education and research into Grit.

      When I look into it I find Angela Duckworth involved, private and charter schools, and lamar Alexander’s Ed Advisor and witness, Marty West, also cited at the bottom of the page as involved with Character Lab.

      Not coincidental, nor is the timing.

        • And you will find this interesting. Once again this will be touted as state-led even though it is not in the least.

          Being pushed by the Federals Reserve Banks of Kansas City and Atlanta and Rutgers. Also by the Aspen Institute that is in formal partnerships now with Departments of Labor and also I believe Commerce with its Communities that Work partnerships. The 670 page book of this agenda has just been published and can be downloaded elsewhere on the site.

          We have the XQ Project of Laurene Jobs citing Anthony Carnevale, former head of the National Commission of Education and the Economy, and so does this. Clearly we are back to the Workplace Basics manuals vision for K-12 he wrote for the Department of Labor back in the late 80s. Remember he was Marc Tucker’s boss at NCEE and Marc Tucker was then the co-director of the NSP with Lauren Resnick in the 90s. Everything going on in 2015 from either party, at any level, from every think tank I am seeing is the same vision from the 80s and early 90s, before the controversy derailed it. It also fits with what the systems theorists want and need to dictate mental states and personalities via education.

          • That certainly is interesting. It seems slightly odd to have education initiatives hiding at the federal Reserve bank. Although if we are combining education and workforce development it would make sense to them.

            I looked around a little. Did you notice the connection to those pesky soft skills I know you just love?

            Look at the long list of funders and partners.

            I shared that bat blog post because of how much it mirrors exactly what we discuss. Whole child, community schools. Two of those named are from my area. In addition involved with NPE and constant lobbying for this model. All connected to Ravitch. Combine that with what you have said in these comments. Nothing more than state arms of enforcement through community to create frustration and action. Good thing so many are united with anti ccss groups, right? Gag, I see rats running on that spinning wheel again.

          • Having GEFF and the systems theorists citing George Akerlof while wife Janet Yellen heads the fed and they are quietly but actively working to change nature of ed in all the ways we track, including the Global Achievement Standards network seems like a conflict of interest.

            I read somewhere that all the Rockefeller entities work for the same ends, whether it be philanthropic like the foundation or Chase Manhattan or JPM Chase now. I guess having the Fed, which they own a part of and helped start with Abby’s father Aldrich makes sense to them and their managers. Interesting though given how much damage to the real economy Quantitative Easing has done.

          • Thanks for the Kansas link. Still reading through it but Chapter 7 was illuminating. Seems the plan then is to standardize every profession under the sun and use credentialing systems to control the workforce. Bye, bye creative destruction…

          • Make sure you notice California’s involvement “New Way of Doing Business” Alliance for Quality Career Pathways vision laid out in Chapter 10. Also I believe that James Irvine Foundation is based in California and is tied to the big real estate developer in Southern California, isn’t it? Working then with CLASP, the Joyce Foundation that President Obama was on the Board of in Chicago, and the Greater twin Cities United Way.

            Other states are Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Supposedly this Career Pathway approach, that WIOA now imposed on all states, is not merely a model but a systems transformation strategy, italicized for emphasis just like that.

            The first systems to be transformed are the students via personalized learning using the digital format in a competency-based education vision. Then it’s workplaces, cities, economies, and, oh, the same federal Reserve of Atlanta that created this vision is holding a housing forum next week to decide which areas will be forcibly integrated economically, whatever it takes. I guess place is also a system to be transformed.

            I woke up this morning thinking through it all and feeling like we were hurtling towards an abyss except it is like a trough going in every direction. Government and charitable grantmaking, regulations, and the law are all mandating a civilization destroying vision of the future for the average person.

      • Excerpt: “One of the things we spent a lot of time on last year on was building a little web app that interacts with the Google API, so that our teachers can just use Google Calendar to just schedule our scholars for a lesson. And then there’s a little app that we built on the front end for scholars that makes the information contained within a calendar invite understandable to a five year old who doesn’t have a concept of time yet and might not be able to read yet. It makes it all pictoral and image-based.”

        Replace the word “little” used twice with “crappy” and this makes more sense. The poorly crafted sentences used to describe the school are as awful as the concept they present. When are parents going to start asking what their kid is ACTUALLY learning? Or don’t they realize that flooding a kindergartener with images all day will not turn them into fluent readers / writers?

  12. Whole-Language Baggage Continues To Clutter Education Agendas

    It’s true — I’m finding out as I research the whole-language movement — it was never just about teaching reading. Whole-language has religious, ideological overtones. It sets out to shape the holistic, humanistic child. It attracts discontented teachers.

    Reading — the physical act of reading — is a straightforward skill taught engaging the language hemisphere of the brain. English is a phonetic language. Decoding takes patience, but once learned (and taught), also becomes a transferable aptitude applicable to other challenges beyond reading .

    Whole-language approach is a huge package of social and emotional learning, emphasizing “guessing” of sight words, and encompasses school experiences far beyond primary years when basic reading should have been mastered and “reading to learn” replacing “learning to read”.

    It’s a long, unpleasant story — the Reading Wars. Started in 1898 by John Dewey who called phonics a “drill” and perversion he helped set in motion the collectivist/progressive movement in education, “learning by doing”, and we still reap the dubious and damaging “rewards” in 21st C Learning initiatives in our Western English-speaking world.

    The late Samuel Blumenfeld (The New Illiterates, Crimes of the Educators) quotes in his book on Homeschooling the words of Dr. Seuss on the matter:

    “That damned ‘Cat in the Hat’ . . . I did it for a textbook house and they sent me a word list. That was due to the Dewey revolt in the Twenties, in which they threw out phonic reading and went to word recognition . . . I think killing phonics was one of the greatest causes of illiteracy in the country . . . there were two hundred and twenty-three words to use in this book . . . I read the list three times and I almost went out of my head. I said, I’ll read it once more and if I can find two words that rhyme that’ll be the title of my book . . . I found ‘cat’ and ‘hat’ and I said, ‘The title will be ‘The Cat in the Hat.’”

    See more on this viewpoint – see comment :

    • Note that Sir Ken Robinson is pushing the World’s Largest Lesson on September 25, 2015 to get students all over the world on board for the UN’s new development goal. That would be Ban Ki-Moon’s Dignity for All by 2030 that amounts to little c communism per Marx’s Human Development Society imposed globally. Of course it doesn’t get described that way but what is sought fits and is what the systems theorists have been pushing as well.

      is the 6 minute video released as part of it. New values–where have we heard that before?

      All these learning standards like competency-based ed or the Common Core and 21st Century Learning get used to advance this agenda globally.

      Now I have finished watching it and noticing the Pearson, HuffPo, Google, UNDP, and Gates Foundation sponsorship among others. There is plenty on Earth for all of us, we just need to learn to share. Now think of the effect of young students all over the world being told this. No one recognizing that it is not true as we descend further into destruction brought to us by the kleptocrats at the UN and throughout the public policy sector.

      I heard Ken Robinson at (co)lab and he made a comment about education as “organic development” that ties 100% into the Laszlo/systems thinking vision of what the world might be. I remember wondering what he meant as I took notes, long before I started reading the systems theorists vision of people as organisms that can be reorganized systemically to fit this political collectivist agenda. I also think Robinson was heavily influenced by the poverty of Liverpool when he was growing up. He may honestly believe governments can decree that there will be no more poverty. Only free individuals can create genuine mass prosperity and there is no freedom in this agenda. He grew up in a Liverpool wrecked by the UK socialist agenda so now we are going to internationalize it through the UN?

  13. Can’t speak to the Ravitch-pushers who may be discussing Pat Huff’s book , but having met him and corresponded with him, I will vouch for his sincerity and earnestness in trying to find some answers to all the questions we’ve been asking. He is not a neocon or in anybody’s pocket who is a part of the education establishment. His book grew out of his dissertation that he wrote for the doctorate he earned last year. You can view a presentation by him at the site of The Global Road to Ruin through Education videos.

  14. The open house at my child’s HS was interesting. My child is one of 12 kids in the entire school taking calculus. The teacher has been at risk of his position because parents complain he makes math to difficult . I think he is on the chopping block because he is pushing traditional algorithm . A conversation with him led me to look up a few things run in into this . Just as you mentioned in your book regarding traditional mathematics being oppressive .

    The most egregious class, believe it or not, was creative writing . The very young instructor led us through the use of Blooms Taxonomy and HOTS. She wants students to reflect on values. She did not like my questions .

    Thanks for all your hard work allowing parents like me to learn and ask questions .

    • I quit going to Open Houses about 4 years ago because my insights hurt too much.

      By then though the last was in high school and I knew how to protect.

      Honestly though as a History Major and an econ minor I am mulling over the implications of the PRIVATE FRB system pushing all this.

      Was WOIA, as awful as it is, just whipping Congress to authorize what the owners of the FRB wanted to have happen all along?

      How is this not Fascism but because elections still exist people do not get the nature of all this shifting?

      • Robin, I am reading Antony Sutton’s book the Federal Reserve Conspiracy and well………Aldrich and Warburg and all their descendants and private FRB players for the past 102 years have been patient indeed. And determined.

        Chapter three is poignant in places as he quotes Andrew Jackson fearing that American government had passed from the hands of the many to the few due to the machinations and impositions of the ( central) Bank Of The United States as it waged it’s war of intimidation against the American people in its hope to maintain its charter.

        He closes the chapter by saying:

        “As Jackson wrote his last message, ( 1837 ) socialist manifestos were being weighed and put to paper. Not to improve the lot of the common man as they would have us believe, but as devices to gain political power for the elite.”

        And I did not know but do now that one of our own home grown citizens beat Uncle Karl to the totalitarian manifesto punch in 1841.

        “Clinton Roosevelt – The Science of Government Founded On Natural Law (New York 1841) This is a proposal for a totalitarian government without individual rights run by an elitist establishment.”

        • As is well established, I never theorize about a conspiracy, but neither do I call a coordinated effort to gain political, economic, and social power by stealth ‘a conspiracy’. It is collusion pure and simple and that book put out by Rutgers, FRB-Kansas City (the host of the annual Jackson Hole meeting), and FRB-Atlanta is essentially a call by a group that governments at all levels need to use their powers of coercion and confiscation to assert control over all these ‘systems’ down to the level of the human mind.

          When WIOA initially passed the Senate no one would talk about it except as a statute for the disabled, it was the fact that Wade Henderson Leadership Council that I knew was radical was so excited that made me pay attention and read it. I was horrified. On the day after it passed in the other chamber, the only mention was the Council on Foreign Relations. A little research shoes CFR has ties to the FRB System.

          Yes, this is appalling, but between my first book, this blog, and what I now have documented physically in hard copy in the research for the 2nd, it is all properly and accurately understood. I believe WIOA was supposed to remain unknown and thus unappreciated. What it calls for and what that Texas document laid out is fascism. That seems to be the consensus choice for us, imposed by elected and appointed officials, public employees wanting their pensions for life, and private entities like the accreditors who do not even pay taxes on their revenue because they are ‘non-profit’. All that not paid in taxes then is available for salaries and bonuses, just like the foundations.

          • This story fits the end to a T. “The top editorial staffers of Campbell Brown’s education site, The Seventy Four, are well-paid, according filings with the Internal Revenue Service. The top editor earns about $200,000, two other editors earn about $150,000 and $125,000, respectively, and a reporter earns about $90,000, according to The Seventy Four’s application for tax-exempt status. (Salaries more than $50,000 were listed as estimates and without names because the January 2015 application was filed before the staff was hired.)”

            This was the group behind ed debate in New Hampshire and pushing for charters and funded by people with a fondness for PPPs-Public/Private Partnerships. The private part sets itself up frequently as a nonprofit.

          • What you say about WIOA makes sense. When I read the legislation after you tracked it down I was appalled as well. Naturally I kept looking for the subject of it to come up in various media venues, or talking points from policy wonks etc…. But nary a peep was heard. When I mentioned WIOA to people the look on their faces said essentially,
            ” Whatever.”
            So, yep. WIOA was likely always meant to be hidden machinery for us cogs to operate within, in lockstep, without being quite sure how all the gears got oiled.

          • Now couple wioa and the frb paper to this kind of analysis.

            I am being told that feds want 20% of new developments to be section 8, which developers regard as not viable. I think that is why we are seeing political entities become the landlord and issue the bonds. The local mayor and his city center to be fiasco just prattled on over the weekend about how lease revenue would pay off up to $220 million in bonds. As if long term lease revenue at necessary levels is guaranteed.

            Being repeated all over I believe.

          • And where pray tell will our dear leaders live? Will they choose to purchase their digs ( or continue paying their mortgage) right next to the stack and pack Sec 8 housing? Or will there be political enclaves. For our common good.

            Referencing the Serfs Collar, I have been observing the architecturally soulless stack and pack buildings being erected everywhere in my neck of the woods .They all are built so that the ground floors extend practically to the curb. The net effect of it makes me feel suffocated. These building’s floors above seem to loom over the street which reminds me of the densely packed and occasionally obstructive buildings which lined the streets of medieval villages.

          • I call it Soviet housing and it is so cookie cutter. What I am seeing is connected people know there are recorded plans so they sell where there will be mixed use and moved to planned to stay single-family residential and no buses along route and then knock down ranch and build with a gate.

    • Take a look at this Pravdaesque manipulation of parents who have no idea what the phrase “teaching and learning” is actually getting at. There is that almost omnipresent Gates Foundation funding.

      Notice that pages 16 and 17 make the same crucial point about needing this info to alter other education products to “meet the learning needs of all.” That is because these researchers and tech companies behind this well-connected, insider Future Of Privacy Forum need to know what “learning experiences” create the desired internalization at a neurological level in which students and how it guides future behavior and strategies used when there is not correct, single answer to a ‘real world problem.’

      If I rewrote this propaganda piece to accurately describe what is being gathered and why, support would decline rapidly. It’s not just the students who must have meaningful false beliefs.

      This is the schedule for today’s symposium.

      Do Texans know Houston ISD is one of the sponsors? Why?

  15. Robin, what if you did a cliff notes version of this propaganda piece for the layman, which we could hand out along with the original to show parents what is going on?!

    I know. Im always making more work for you. But its actually a great idea. If I could get everyone to read this blog and your books I would. Ive tried. Believe me. But something shorter and sweeter and immediate might be the carrot that hooks em to learn more.

    Pretty Please? I’ll send you tea. 🙂

  16. 9.27.21 Just noticed this prophetic article. May I direct everyone concerned about the deceitful linguistic manipulation of our institutions, especially of our schools to just ignore the ‘back to safety’ cancel culture warning and advance: proceed to the site.
    Dr. Marlene McMillan is a brilliant, highly educated teacher, lawyer, author and mother who homeschooled her 7 children! Register to join her Wednesday webinar at 5:35 pm- pst. You Will NOT be disappointed!
    Also I refer you to Dean Gotcher of Authority Research Institute. Densly packed Truth. Another brilliant mind.

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