Minds, Souls, & Attitudes: Whistleblowing the Tarbiyah Project for Islamic Education Imposed for ALL Students

The multiple tragedies in Paris on Friday in Paris did not change the topic of the Conclusion of this Trilogy. The ramifications of a document that came out of my UNESCO Lifelong Learning research, written by two Malaysian profs and presented at a 2011 Computing and Informatics Conference in Indonesia,  http://www.icoci.cms.net.my/proceedings/2011/papers/86.pdf is what has flushed out the other Ideology that fits 100% with the actual implementation I tracked first in my book Credentialed to Destroy, and now as additional details come into place, through this blog. By Ideology I mean in the cultural model sense used in the last post, but essentially it is the values, beliefs, and concepts a person sees the world through–the personal and social belief system or Worldview that guides individual and collective behavior.

The Arabic word for this is tarbiyah and it means education for Total Human Development, which is why its mandated practices and tenets dovetail so closely with that other M word that grew out of the political and human philosophy of Uncle Karl. I had never heard the word before yesterday. I had planned to write about the still troubling hijacking of acceptable religious belief systems using the secular K-12 classroom as laid out in an atrocious UNESCO/ UNICEF report sponsored by the Arigatou Foundation called “Learning to Live Together: An Intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Education.” Looking at that long document and its recommended activities and project-based learning and role-playing experiences, it was obvious this global targeting of each student’s values and beliefs, whatever their religion or lack of it, was already in place in various mandates I have covered.

I had pulled that ICOCI “Visionary Model of an Islamic Learning Community” in part because it had a nesting graphic that worked like a Russian Matrushka doll with the student at the center just like the Aspen Institute wanted in that “Students at the Center of a Networked World” report created by a Task Force Jeb Bush disturbingly chaired. It extends outwards to classroom, school, community, and workplace, and then global, so it also fits with something a psychologist named Urie Bronfenbrenner developed. The C3 Social Studies Common Core Framework already hypes BEST (see tags), which also fits with the Learning Cities/ Regions emphasis from the last post. So not only did the push not seem limited to Islamic communities and countries, the link mentioned that Learning Communities, which we already know are to be required in US schools under the definition of what constitutes being an Effective Principal (see FCL tag), are based on a concept created by the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1943.

Saturday morning then, I decided to reread that link carefully, and it said that the late Hassan Albanna used usrah as an education medium laying down its three components of knowing each other, understanding each other, and helping and caring for each other. I am leaving out the particular Arabic terms although these, and usually the symbol from Arabic script and a verse from the Quran, are consistently provided throughout every component of anything involved with this Tarbiyah Project.

Before anyone thinks I have to go to the other side of the world to track this, Tarbiyah was created by a native of Philadelphia, Dawud Tauhidi, who “embraced Islam in 1972. He studied at Lehigh University and later studied Arabic” at U-Penn. In 1980, he graduated from the famous al-Azhar University in Cairo where President Obama chose to go to address the Muslim World. His degree was in Usul ad-Din and Tauhidi’s masters and PhD in Islamic Studies are from U-Michigan. The Tarbiyah Project materials frequently cite to Michigan ed standards said to reflect the Project.

Now we could stick with that 2011 link which tells us “ICT will play a role in helping the democratization of the usrah system” so we can keep its tenets in mind as we look at various digital learning initiatives. I can look at the various prescribed features of the Tarbiyah Project and recognize the complete alignment with what is being mandated for US classrooms in NCLB waivers, Positive School Climate XO’s, civil rights laws, etc. Most of my regular readers and anyone who has read my book will be able to as well. Phrases like ‘continuous improvement’ that are what every administrator and anyone involved in student and school accountability track verbatim.

I have also tried to explain the focus on concepts and the desire to internalize what students will then use to guide perceptions and interpret daily experiences. Not only is that a component of Islamic education for holistic development of the Whole Child so they will learn to “be Muslim,” there was even a reference to the term ‘Enduring Understandings’. It has a tag as does its creator Lynn Erickson. Tarbiyah and Tawhid state that the heart and its transformation are to be the ‘core of education.” Anyone remember the subtitle of Erickson’s book on Concept-driven education? Stirring the Head, Heart and Soul. Did the Georgia Social Studies teachers down at the State DoE in 2009 receiving Conceptual Development training under a Bill Crenshaw know they were being trained to provide Islamic Education consistent with Tawhid (Spiritual Literacy) and Tarbiyah? Probably not and I doubt if the overpaid administrator knew either. That’s the beauty of K-12 globally now. People are pushing concepts they do not know the background of because there’s a lucrative job there, promotions, pensions, and frequently being a Change Agent through curriculum was the whole basis of the education doctorate.

And in it comes with virtually no one having the knowledge or incentives to look further. Did you know the Tarbiyah Project also likes to use that tired metaphor about education needing to move beyond the ‘factory-model’? With the name of the creator and project it will be easy to pull up lots of reports now, but this is too important to have to take Robin’s word for the alignment. Would you believe that in 2014 the US-China Education Review, perhaps excited about the implications of the 2013 Beijing Declaration and Learning Cities from the last post, published an article called “Revisiting the Concept of an Integrated Curriculum and its Implications for Contemporary Islamic Schools.” Again we have Malaysian profs who probably assumed they were talking among like-minded insiders.

It cited to the ‘Tarbiyah Project’ of Tauhidi and how it is an “entire curriculum approach” that can become embedded through standards and “involves integrating Islamic knowledge into every subject of the curriculum and, hence, the inevitable need to rewrite the curriculum.” This integration, which deplores self-contained subjects like algebra or chemistry, also goes by the name ‘Islamization of knowledge’. It “mainly involves integrating all subject disciplines into the Islamic Weltanschauung.” The German phrase for Worldview as the new focus of education.

So when you look at the Tabiyah Framework and its Universal Concepts, remember that the Next Generation Science Standards, with its CDIs-Core Disciplinary Ideas and CCCs-Cross-Cutting Concepts and themes, fits fully with what Tauhidi laid out. Maybe just in time for Bush 43 to allow the US to rejoin UNESCO. Anyway, evaluating Tarbiyah against the Common Core and competency-based education is so much easier with the boast that the Tarbiyah Project:

“promotes the inspiration and transformation of students through the process of teaching and learning in order to transform the world in the future. It has integrated the national curriculum with Islamic principles and output of a ‘brain-based research’. Hence, it avoids pure rote learning and makes learning more meaningful using students’ ability to think and comprehend.”

So the so-called Thinking Curriculum is consistent with Tarbiyah as are all the SEL and Whole Child Initiatives. Anyone reading the Overview should also remember the New 3 Rs of Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships because all are mentioned repeatedly as well. They even make it into Essential Learnings and Key Outcomes and Indicators that formative and summative assessments will be looking for and creating through Project-based Learning and cooperative projects.

Unless the pending reconciliation of the House-passed Student Success Act and the Senate-passed Every Child Achieves Act no longer reflects the language of either bill, the forthcoming ESEA Rewrite will be enshrining the fundamental concepts, values, beliefs, and attitudes of what it means to act as a Muslim per the Tarbiyah Project into federal law. Making the implementation point the states and local schools means nothing as Tarbiyah also fits so well with the Learning Cities/Regions focus that first brought it on my radar screen. Remember Chapter 7 of my book where I made the title about the Common Core always being about changing Values, Attitudes, and Beliefs? Here’s an enlightening quote:

“The ultimate aim of this Islamic education is closely related to character building, i.e. producing an integrated Islamic personality that requires Islamic values as its foundation. Hence, these two elements, i.e., beliefs and values, should be considered as key elements in the implementation of the Islamic integrated curriculum.”

What are those values? Well, the ubiquitous communitarianism we have located everywhere from what makes a Positive School Climate to what are Career Ready Practices is a key component. Tarbiyah is noted in footnotes as being consistent with Bloom’s Taxonomy and Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Tarbiyah was not mentioned in any of the Rapprochement of Cultures materials I read or in the Learning to Live Together required practices and activities for the classrooms, but they all fit like puzzle pieces assembling a photo vista once we know about the other initiatives. Remember how the purpose of the creator of a theory or practice comes in even if the implementer is unaware?

Islamic values and beliefs, Tauhidi and these cited others say, thoroughly permeate what is being required and implemented in the US and globally under a myriad of names. I have used tags and Proper Nouns for phrases to bring some of these out. In a world where people can be shot for drawing cartoons or anything maligning, I am reluctant to quote all of the references in the Tarbiyah Project documents and appendices to the Prophet, Quran, quotes from verses, or further Arabic names for what is desired to act as a Muslim instead of knowing about Islam. The Tarbiyah Project aligns with what is already being imposed, including the kind of dramatic change in pedagogy and instructional practices laid out by the Ultimate in American insiders here last week.  http://www.gtlcenter.org/sites/default/files/Using_New_Assessments_Educator_Evaluation.pdf We can all wish that a focus on Student Growth and the required Effective Teaching did not align so well with Tawhid and Tarbiyah.

How can free people survive in a world where the required practices all trace back to either Marxist theory for an ‘all needs met’ society or Islamic theory? In the Learning to Live Together report that was to be the basis for this post, the UNICEF/UNESCO writers make it clear just how regulated people are now to be to fulfill the UN’s agenda. No deviations or amendments allowed and they even said that.

It’s a one-way street though where the beliefs and perspectives of some groups and religions must be respected, while K-12 education deceitfully wipes out any religion, beliefs, or values that venerates the individual.

At least now we do not have to wonder why strange stories about required Mosque field trips and forced studies of Islamic pillars just keep cropping up.

Now let’s see what sunlight can do to this planned transformation without consent. It should trouble us all greatly that Tauhidi cited Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote about whoever controls school curriculum being in charge of the forms of government in the next generation.

Hopefully not, for all of our sakes.


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  1. Who wudda thunk it!? Brilliant, diabolical planning to ready the next generation for the world to come. We have been invaded, surrounded, manipulated, and depressed by those who intend to defeat us and strip us of all we hold dear as a society, taking away our individuality and hope.

    One thing we must do right now: Stop the reauthorization of the ESEA. That’s just a beginning, but it’s a great place to start. Then find all those bills like Ted Cruz’s S306 that would enable the enactment of legislation that will make the changes to ESEA without the reauthorization.

  2. I have been saying this for years, this has been planned for decades, the infiltration started with the flood of refugees post WWII and these past few years (maybe not even that long) is their culmination of their goals. The Aspen group got into our town a decade ago and their hold is firm there is no more individual thinking at any level anymore. Any time some one speaks out we get ignored, ridiculed and shut out from participation. I fear for our grand children. You write important stuff and I thank you for that and I will keep trying.

  3. Well, fethullah gulen’s charter schools make so much more sense to me now.
    And to think I ever scratched my head wondering why Mr. gulen was accomodated so easily here in the lovely Pocono Mountain range in the state of Pennsylvania in these United Stes of ….of….of…. What is it again? oh yes! America.

    • The longer version, complete with color graphics, is mind boggling. Remember that Sir Michael Barber is not just head of Pearson’s ed division and a fan of China and Russia and UNESCO taking the lead. He also was or is an ed prof at Moscow State and hired by Pakistan to revise their ed system. Now on those different roles have continuity and commonality.

      I was so shocked by all this and the undeniable implications. I happened to be home alone apart from the cats so I turned on my home security system in the middle of the day while I read it all. The pillars, the ‘forcea’ to perceive the world through, all the Arabic terms, the script, all the florid praise of the Prophet, but in reference to practices and theories that here just get required. Personalized learning gets reflected too as do the obligations to meet needs coming into new state-developed funding formulas.

      Someone said offline maybe it was merely imitaing the Common Core’s implementation, but all this has existed for more than a decade.

      • I have been remembering mental pictures left in my brain from my past reading of the book A Handmaids Tale. The new rules for education, the conformity, the enforced everything combined with the transhumanist push….. just scary.
        I’m grateful the sun was out today warming my bones because everything feels awfully dark.

        • Not as dark as it would be if we were not aware of this entire agenda. It would still be occurring AND we would have no idea. Like this, http://www.soulshoppe.com/mission-vision-pholosophy/ . I first saw Soul Shoppe on the website of self-described Islamic schools, usually private. Now that I am aware of this “character education’ curriculum, I can cross reference its use in plenty of public school districts.

          Also the Islamic schools keep noting how congruent the McGraw Hill textbooks are with their worldview. How special. That would mean they remain congruent when used in public schools by unknowing teachers and taxpayers.

          Like Denver Public Schools http://steele.dpsk12.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/CFRSoulShoppeMay12014.pdf

          • Robin please help me find these Islamic teaching tools at work in Houston ISD. Tell me where to look I can use it for sure.

          • Houston ISD is involved in so many troubling initiatives.

            It is pushing Appreciative Inquiry. It is where the Arnold Foundation is located with its evidence-based policy work that permeates ESSA and the whole concept of social impact investing. The Houston Endowment is described by the White House Social and Behavioral Sciences ‘Nudge’ Team as taking part in its Growth Mindset Study.

            All of these are compatible with the Tarbiyah Project as well. Are you telling me that there has been a particular incident in Houston ISD or are you concerned with the orientation?

        • Knowing that David Coleman’s mother, Elizabeth of the infamous TED talk, is on the Board of the NAIS along with Michael Horn http://www.nais.org/Users/Pages/NAISBoard.aspx goes a long way towards explaining why the change the student and must use technology is now so rampant there.

          Here is the ed vision of another trustee http://www.sdministry.org/PDF/Siri%20Akal.pdf . I had never heard of Sikh Dharma, but it too wants an ed that allows for ‘human flourishing’.

          I guess that is Elizabeth’s idea of Public Action. She must have retired from Bennington.

          • Ach! Naturally, she is involved with NAIS. I should have known with her Bennington background. She is perfect for enabling the creation of the sort of Newly Minted Private School STEM Student. EC makes my skin crawl. Perhaps she is Diana Moon Glampers.

            I feel as though there are several players in this game who could claim the role. We could use a sort of 21st Century version of the 70’s tv show To Tell The Truth..”Will the real Diana Moon Glampers please stand up!”

          • Oh My. Western independent schools have it coming to them. Human Flourishing indeed. Sikh Dharma will ensure they are desperately free of facts to know that flourishing is the last thing they are doing. I hope parents catch on.

            They are here. Bit by bit. Group project happy talk and constant exhortations to civic mindedness that makes one feel their child should start memorizing odes to Mao can only be tolerated for so long, even by the least discerning among us.

          • And right on cue we have this highly duplicitous report coming out of AEI. https://www.aei.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Effect-of-Public-and-Private-Schooling-on-Anti-Semitism.pdf

            I have already written that Arthur Brooks’ vision is as a Progressive with a facade called ‘conservative’ to get naifs to embrace it blindly.

            I have mentioned that I have met Jay several times speaking on education at events sponsored by the Georgia member of the Atlas Network that AEI also belongs to. I think his bio at the back of the paper says it all. The people pushing hardest on ‘education reform’ as their adult livelihood and vocation all seem to have doctorates in poli sci or government like Greene. Like Tauhidi, either of the Colemans, Michael Horn from my experiences listening to him, LDH, Bill Ayers, etc,. they see Education reform as in student-centered learning as the best means to gain nonconsensual political and social transformation in a communitarian direction.

          • I am sorry but as usual confused here. Per their website it would seem that they are proponents of private schools being exempt from common core and any governmental involvement. Seems wholly contrary and “opposed to” David Cs agenda – or maybe it is “elites” get to have their schools and everybody else gets to have the mind-controlled schools? Per their website: NAIS supports policies that: Protect the autonomy of independent schools and ensure their self-governance, including defining and carrying out their educational missions, policies, and procedures without interference. Encourage strong and transparent governance and best practices for tax-exempt organizations. Oppose federal or state standards that could limit academic freedom and the diversity of academic programs. Preserve independent schools’ selective admission processes that are designed to attract students who will be best served by each school and the educational program offered. Retain the ability of independent schools to hire high-quality teachers and establish their job requirements and expectations. Maintain independent school autonomy in operational, governance, instructional, academic, and athletic programs and practices. Allow independent schools to provide appropriate student assessment and evaluation based on the school’s mission and the child’s educational needs, and to share resultant information only with relevant parties identified by the school.

          • And you are taking their rhetoric at face value instead of what is actually going on in these private schools? http://www.slideshare.net/JonathanEMartin/final-msa-nais-merged-presentation is a powerpoint on assessing for character traits.

            Or there is this admission http://admission.org/blogs/agenda-hh/item/9-measuring-what-matters-in-admission

            Or the personal experiences of a fair number of the regular commenters here.

            Or this from the 2014 conference on the importance of noncognitive. http://indexgroups.org/msa/docs/2014%20MSA%20NAIS%20Presentation.pdf

          • Thanks for the links. I admit to being too literal which often translates into gullible. I am familiar with one of the MSA schools. Very elite. Maybe I am under a false impression that elites responsible for this stuff are protecting their children by sending them to expensive private schools that do things the old school ways so that they can continue to hold onto power by teaching real academic content. Maybe those schools don’t exist after all.

          • There is a certain facet of the anti-Common Core crowd that used the argument “not good enough for Obama’s own kids” to sell what was wrong with it and when someone says that I always ask them what they think sidwell friends is like? TERC Investigations in elementary math. There is also a Private Schools for a Public Purpose consortium that will make stomachs turn. The EDLeader 21 consortium of large suburban metro counties pushing 21st century skills is also private schools in the area costing more than 25K a year.

            One elite school in atlanta has switched to the emilia-reggio program for preschool and elementary apparently oblivious some Italians thought it gave rise to their Red Brigade. I also know a superb English teacher, famous for her kids who went on to Ivies, who shifted schools after being told she had to make the computer use the point of English lit. In many ways the privates are worse because the kids are entitled, the teachers lack tenure, so a change in leadership can cause a wholesale shift within the year. Parents assume they have bought a fine ed and are not paying attention. Many are too busy earning the living that pays that tuition.

          • MS-this kink from the UK about the push to make education and learning globally about building compassion and empathy toward the ‘other’ the new focus of schools https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/rsa-blogs/2015/11/changing-how-we-treat-the-other/ fits honestly with what public, charters, independents, and parochial schools all intend to push.

            This http://www.promiseneighborhoodsinstitute.org/sites/default/files/Strive%2Band%2BPN%2BAlignment.pdf paper called “Aligning for Impact: Connecting Promise Neighborhoods and the Cradle-to-Career Civic Infrastructure” reminds me that at the (co)lab event I went to that hyped fulfilling King’s Beloved Community vision that is where the quote in that first link comes from, there were numerous students from the priciest, most exclusive ATL schools there to hear Sir Ken Robinson and Harvard’s Tony Wagner, but also to celebrate their formal ties with the charters in Atlanta’s East Lake Promise Neighborhood.

            I also remember the last year any of my kids were in private schools that they were all sponsoring having Alfie Kohn come speak on the evils of homework in elementary school. I thought it was a pernicious use of tuition dollars.

  4. I read the other day that Catholic schools in Britain are going to teach children Judaism. The kids probably don’t even know the Bible but they’ll know the Talmud and the Koran. In many schools, children are learning yoga which is another kind of spiritual twist. The idea is to wipe out Christianity, to make people forget about it, to erase all Christianr tradition so that the One World Religion can take root. That’s why the globalists aren’t concerned about Christians being slaughtered.

    I agree with you Tobias. This has been planned for years…since about May, 1776 when Adam Weishaupt completed his plan for completely overturning society. The Communist Manifesto is pretty much lifted from Weishaupt. The Fabians and Illuminati have been gradually doing to us what the Bolsheviks did to Russians in a fell swoop. As Robin knows, UNESCO and other branches of the UN have coiled their ideas through the education system, not only in America but also throughout the Western world.

    • Moira-this is out of the UK on Excellence in Islamic Education http://thebook.org/resource/aoe6.html , except it actually fits with what Excellence means in any education. That is particularly a problem given that Excellence & Equity are the mantras now looking to the civil rights laws and disproportionality of outcomes within school populations for enforcement.

      The longer version of the overview is the true goldmine. It is 80 pages and has a stick figure boy with his arms up. Top left says “Education for Total Human Development” and bottom right says “A Holistic Vision of Islamic Education.” It is all mind-blowing full of significant terms like deep knowledge, authentic assessment, and engagement and why they are all needed to create a true Islamic personality and this new vision of education that can supplant both the secular and the religious like madrassahs.

      Remember when I started this trilogy I said all the parts are applicable to the Rapprochement of Cultures, but that none of these reports mention it. The Tarbiyah Project is another thing that you have to first somehow learn about the existence of and then the materials fit so much of what is being mandated.

      It fits with Human Rights Education because all of these ideologies are trying to force social reconstruction by building up from the human mind. That is why the nesting visual is so telling.

      Politicians and bureaucrats are OK with how this work, whether they are familiar with Tarbiyah or not, because Tauhidi’s vision of what being a Muslim means is fundamentally a submission scheme. Making the mind and personality amenable to submission to political power and the will of a majority. Most pols at all levels are perfectly willing to sell off the right to exploit citizens for their personal benefit and the benefit of campaign contributors. They simply do not want people to recognize we are devolving into that kind of kleptocracy.

    • So now the Federation of Associations in the Brain & behavioral Sciences decides to honor the long deceased Ann Brown http://www.fabbs.org/news/fabbs-foundation-honors-ann-l-brown/ who just happens to be the creator of FCL-Fostering Communities of Learners. I mentioned in this post as the new measure of what it means to be an Effective Principal and thus eligible for further lucrative advancement.

      She was also on the USSR trip with Michael Cole–creator of CHAT–Cultural Historical Activity Theory and Luria’s autobiography translator and Courtney Cazden who is behind the Discourse Classroom to come to a common understanding. What we call Delphi and the Swedes call Study Circles, Tarbiyah calls Taqiyah.

      Must be a crucial component for collectivist political and social transformation, huh?

    • Moira I believe you are right on target. As is Robin, of course. I just spoke with a teacher of my 10th grade grandson, and she spouted so much agit-prop in one short conversation, almost refusing to allow him to transfer out of her class. However she knew that the parent still has some power, at least in this Central Florida county, and as a retired teacher I also know this very well. I put the decision on hold for the night. Just to get off of the phone from her smoothly.

      I can’t wait to get him out of her class tomorrow, as she was so obviously totally submerged in the kool-aid and her attitude was offensive to me as well as I can imagine it was to him. Thanks to this website and her book, Robin has strengthened my reserve to keep my babies out of harms way as much as possible.

  5. Thank you Robin,
    I’m reading The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen to gain understanding of Marx theory. It’s a weak theory and from those times I have a hard time understanding why there is momentum caring through. I see how each generation since has allowed separation of family-that’s the story of economy . Government provides society abides and we have been ushered through our formative years to reach adulthood prepared to continue this economy. What a scam. I’m just a parent trying to maneuver and consider what will prepare my 14 year old for the next illusion everyone else believes…..a communitarian technocracy.

    • I started with Robert Heilbroner and a short book he wrote as well as Muravchik’s Heaven on Earth, which was where I learned about Babeuf, discussed in Chapter 1 of my book.

      There are many good explanations now on this blog as I have explained how Marxist Humanism launched globally in 1962, basically at the same time the NEA, Maslow, and Rogers launched psychological Humanism and using the schools to alter perception.

      Look at the footnotes in my book for more good sources and reread Chapter 6 as the social reconstructionists brag about teaching Marxism to an unknowing audience because they never use the M word. Essentially the Tarbiyah Project is to unknowlingly train how to act as a Muslim in your personal and public life without necessarily being aware that is what you have been taught. Yet all the architects of this and their funders and these UN entities and government officials in other countries know. They will know the implications too of that ESEA Rewrite on the psyche. If its purpose is to develop an Islamic personality, that doesn’t get altered because someone is unaware of the intended effects of the conditioning practices and activities.

  6. Many will be shocked to find out there are actually two Quarans. The “Hadith” are storys about Mohamad; the shortest is three words long: “War is deception”. Migration to a foreign country (“refugee-ism”) is actually an individual act of Jihad for the Islamist. You can quickly find out all kinds of unknown details about Islam, that every free person should know from Bill Warner’s videos and books. Warner lays out a whole lot of Islam’s cards on the table for anyone who chooses to look. In his video “A Taste Of Islam” he give a nice summary of his books and pamphlets. Several of my researcher friends highly recommend Warner’s video “Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret”.

    • http://mccfts.org/handbook.pdf is just one of the many current handbooks I have located from Islamic Academies that are private schools proclaiming they are teaching under the Common Core standards. Quite compatible clearly. This one is tied to the Islamic community center in Chicago.

      I have read Andy McCarthy’s books so I know the significance of ISNA, but here they are celebrating the need for an integrated curriculum and also discussing the Tarbiyah Project and the school created in canton, Michigan. http://www.isna.net/uploads/1/5/7/4/15744382/moslimany_uddin___douglas_-_integrated_unit_models.pdf

      • What Dr. Warner (international Islamist expert) explains, helps a Westerner or American understand that every utterance stemming from an Islamist, official or casual, toward a non-Islamist (Cathar) is “Ostensible”; every word, as prescribed by “Mohamed”. It doesn’t matter what they say, it is full of deceit, and is an act of Jihad (war) against America and our inidividual selves. I make a point to read recommended links, but when it comes to Islam, in any fashion, it doesn’t matter what was said at the links. Thanks to Dr. Warner, I will parse those links differently than the Islamically illiterate American. Whether it sounded positive or negative; I already know it is an attack. We need to get people up to speed on the modus operandi of Islam that is raining down on us; fast.

        • Kyrie-that would make the almost total congruence down to actual phrases between the laid out Tarbiyah Project and the actual, legally imposed, elements of the real implementation even worse. This morning one of my searches that comes from understanding these commonalities pulled up a link, I will not post, but I sent it offline to other regular readers here so I was not the only one to see it.

          Unfortunately it confirmed what you are saying about the intentional active deceit. The way I explained it offline in another discussion is that the public sector wants to specify what acceptable personal belief systems are and it no longer wants the fact that the belief system arises out of religion to prevent its interference. Since tricky safety barriers like the First Amendment prevent such overt meddling if known, this is all coming in the back door through XOs, the accreditors, TOGAs like NGA, CCSSO, or ICLEI, etc.

          I also find the continued omission to references to Rapprochement of Cultures out of UNESCO unless someone is already familiar with the term to be borderline obscene

          • Even something like this New England Consortium on the Redesign of High Schools fits both Tarbiyah and what Lifelong Learning and Learning Regions call for once we know the template. http://i3.cssr.us/

        • Exactly right about Islam. Makes the US approach to the Middle East even more alarming. Words are nothing. Only strength is understood.

      • Dont forget as told to me by superintendant of Catholic archdiocese that ” the handbook is the CONTRACT” meaning school assumes complete agreement by parents by their signing or accepting it and sending their kids through its doors. Legal, no it is really nonconsensual and as years have gone on added to to make a book rather than the single page or 2 it used to be citing rules of uniform and comportment. Now they embed all the gibberish front language with the baggage of its truth hidden and glossed over.
        ” oh those big trunks with the hazmat sign all over them, ignore those, nothing to see here, look at the EXCELLANCE and LEADERSHIP!”

        • Exactly. Remember I rang the bell here http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/standing-still-as-the-yoke-is-fastened-student-codes-of-conduct-to-now-build-collectivism/ after discovering that the Handbook intended to impose an Affirmative Code of Conduct where a failure to treat all other students as equals with a perspective entitled to respect would create citable conduct.

          Nothing like using the Student Handbook to quietly force the kind of social solidarity we see in communist or fascist societies. The Board member there even admitted the purpose was to force an attitude of cooperation in the classroom as a legal requirement. We see that same attitude in Conley’s Developmental Framework LL provided above. It is an inherent part of what constitutes moving along levels toward being an Expert. An Expert is not so much knowledgeable about the world, but well-practiced in cooperative behaviors and building consensus. Again what the Tarbiyah Project called Harqiyah.

          The good news is that what I was working on this morning proves via quotation that by the late 50s both the Tavistock Institute and Ralph Tyler and his Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences were looking into Eastern religions as a means of creating the kind of internalized values and beliefs that could drive personal behaviors and social and political transformations toward the MH ideal. That explains how Tauwidi with his Michigan graduate degrees knew what a blend of Islamic education with systems thinking could force in the classroom. Michigan is where the Institute for Social Research with its motto of “Social Science in the Public Interest” has been located since the late 40s. It is based on Kurt Lewin’s social psychology work that all systems thinkers embrace. Kurt Lewin’s work is also the cited method from the now Director of Academics for Fulton said would be used on teachers that did not want to shift from knowledge transmission to a change the student approach. That came up in the same meeting as that Affirmative Student Code of Conduct.

    • Kyrie:
      There is third level of Islamic teaching, the Tafsir. The Sunnis are the largest group of Muslims. Their religion is very much top down like Catholicism, not bottom up like Protestantism. The most respected Sunni tafsirs are well known and used to teach Muslims. You can google them in general or for any verse to see what the Sunni legal scholars believe and teach. Most of the defensive writings about Islam are not written for other Muslims but for non-Muslims. The people writing them usually have no standing in Islam, no authority, and are not recognized as Islamic scholars by the respected Sunni Islamic law scholars.

      Excellent introduction:
      Google Youtube videos by Stephen Coughlin.
      Stephen Coughlin red pill


      • I went though your video link for Stephen Caughlin Red Pill pt 1 so far. Dr. Bill Warner’s info was also nixed from the same government circles as Caughlin’s work.
        I am actually going somewhere with this. Here is another layer to uncover. Caughlin pointed out the term “Bridge Builder” and pointed out it means more than the casual observers expects and he is 100% correct. 30 minutes glancing into the following 4 items will uncover another crucial layer for anyone who cares to look: 1. The Pope’s title is “Pontiff”, which also means “Bridge Builder”. 2. Read “Morals and Dogma” pages 544-547. 3. Look up the word “faithful” in the Catholic Encyclopedia online. 4. Google “Mithra”; note it has both “Sun” and “Moon” worship arms. Researcher Tupper Saussy’s work shows the ties nicely; Saussy shows the Bishops mentioned by Caughlin were not undermining the Pope.

        • Switching us back to a pure education topic the National Science Foundation announced there is a webinar on November 23 to describe the second phase of its push for an understanding of neural and cognitive systems. They liked bolding so I did it too. Since the solicitation http://nsf.gov/events/event_summ.jsp?cntn_id=136917&org=NSF talks about ‘potentially risky’ proposals, we can only hope the risk is that a grant may not be renewed.

          This is part of the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative I have warned about with links.

          Remember what the previous post said about locking in cultural models neurologically so people can be ruled unawares. Now we know that the initiative involves religious leaders from religions we may not want anything to do with. A paper I read this morning on Tarbiyah on something called the Curriculum Framework for Madrasah Education stated that Islam is not a religion for individuals. That verifies again that student-centered education and personalized learning are about stripping away individual autonomy without that being apparent.

          One more astonishing link that may well be related is this google announcement http://www.gdeltproject.org/about.html on the astonishing levels of data they are accumulating.

          • He is also at GWU so that puts him solidly in Amitai Etzioni’s orbit. Active Society game plan with new names and the kind of information that Etzioni’s fellow cyberneticists have always craved.

            What I am seeing is like a three-legged stool where the seat area view and use of student-centered learning is agreed upon by all the legs for slightly different transformative reasons. Behavioral sciences and systems thinkers are one leg, Eastern religions, including Islam with a collectivist orientation are leg two, and Marxist Humanism is leg 3. They are all aware of each other and cooperating and we area supposed to be in the dark. The OECD and UNESCO bring them all together in a common template that is supposed to be beyond our horizon to discern.

            But they launched part of this in my backyard and ultimately I seem to have gotten the full shape of the labyrinth so I can now move around in safety and get back out. I know what the elephant looks like even without looking at it visually in its entirety would be an apt metaphor.

      • Coughlin’s series “Red Pill” are so valuable. I started to watch part one and could not stop until I had seen 4. Will continue with more later. Words are important ,as we have discovered as regards education reform. Rigor ,for example, means something other than what would be assumed by the average reader. The same is true in Islam. Coughlin speaks about that specifically in one of the sessions.
        Invaluable insight to be gained.

  7. Robin,
    I have been following your blog for going on three years. Loved your book!! I recommended both to my friends and the followers of my Facebook page. The common response was: “Brilliant, but hard to read.” So I tried to summarize parts of your book for them. Alas, the feedback was lukewarm. It is clear that I was unable to convey the facts, your understanding and passion to their satisfaction.

    I think this might be a common problem, notwithstanding the many followers who seem to understand you quite well. I wonder if you might consider a remedy for those of us who know you have something important to say but tend to get lost in the trees. What I am suggesting is an abstract for each blog post that gives the major points with as little jargon as possible.

    In the present post I think you are saying that the Islamist “tarbiyah” (education for Total Human Development) is part of the “troubling hijacking of acceptable religious belief systems using the secular K-12 classroom” – that is the aim of progressive educators in this country and around the world. Your bottom line is “whoever controls school curriculum (is) in charge of the forms of government in the next generation.” Is this as ominous as it sounds?

    Thank you for considering my request.
    Your fan, Bill

    • It is, but it is all belief systems being hijacked and then used. Remember the point of the cognitive anthropologists from the last post on the need to control perception in order to rule without open rebellion. The religion comes in because in the West, and especially the US, religious beliefs are protected so instead of censoring after book comes out, which is quite noticeable, we are altering what is believed and valued at school and calling it social and emotional, anti-bullying learning or personalized learning and few are the wiser. Back to the book analogy, we are rearranging the text after the writer wrote the transcript but before it goes to be published and not telling the writer we made the shift.

      I use the tags on each post to try to summarize and also in comments. If I merely summarized what is laid out in the book and on this blog now as we rock along, who would really believe me?

      I can try what you say as a bullet point. I think this is actually my longest blog post as is. It clocked in just at 1900 words. Some of this particular posts winding nature is I can see all the initiatives we have covered in what Tauhidi laid out exhaustively. I was trying to prompt that as well and then giving what might not be remembered a tag so someone can reacquaint themselves with the first time I explained Positive SChool Climate, PBIS, or Fostering Communities of Learners.

      I have never done this before and I would be the first one surprised at 30 if someone told me I would become a writer in my 50s.

      Thanks for your kind words as well. Understanding this is not pleasant, but trying to get out the word so as many of the next generation are as protected as possible is the only way I know of to deal with what I have documented from outright confessions of intent.

  8. New Conley admissions

    “This set of developmental frameworks was created to facilitate discussion within communities of practice and to enhance a shared understanding of the dynamic nature of four essential skills—collaboration, communication, creativity, and self-direction in learning.”


    • All four of those essential skills are components of the Tawhid–Spiritual Literacy-wheel that is an essential component of having the desired submissive Islamic Personality ready to be a member of the community and act as desired to achieve justice per the Tarbiyah Human Development vision. I have the 80 page version of TP in a yellow file stapled by sections for easy reference. I have noticed that the explicitly Islamic/madrasah versions of Tarbiyah that do not intend to be all-inclusive are missing those fun wheels that lay out so much and fit so well with what Conley is saying.

      I do not blame William above for being frustrated by the complexity but given where I start in any of these disclosures this is much simplified, while still being specific enough to be provable for anyone skeptical.

      Remember also ‘dynamic’ is a synonym for dialectical. Real world experiences affect what gets internalized as a schema for how the world works. It then guides what gets noticed (a lens), what motivates, and how experiences are interpreted. That guides action that then, hopefully if you are interested in fundamental transformation, changes the actual world.

    • Notice that framework says these are developmental progressions, not content progressions. What I warned about in Chapter 7 of my book on what learning tasks were really about.

      This all fits with the theories the cognitive anthropologists were laying out in the early 90s with a theory for a new model of K-12 education that would need to be ‘person-centered’.

      Just as the new ESEA Rewrites are about to make a matter of federal law and consistent with what systems thinkers and Tarbiyah essayists also want.

  9. While reading this I thought of how many global ed reformers (Barber, LDH, Fadel, Fullan) view American individualism as an impediment to character development. All this clarifies why the new civics standards coming out of Quigley’s Center for Civics Education push communitarianism and the individual’s obligation to the common good. The high school government curriculum does not mention the fact that the US is a democratic republic. The notion of individual sovereignty is being replaced by the power of the collective, and it’s an easy sell when you don’t know your history. We are certainly in trouble as evidenced by the college students of late who are unknowingly pleading to become the governed and trading their freedom for tyranny. How long will it take for others to wake up and recognize the elephant?

    • JT-when you get time read the developmental frameworks LL put up yesterday and that obligation to help others and value their perspectives and to become a knitted together group that functions as a unit and does not prefer private interests is throughout. It reminded me of that Finnish mandatory Ladder of Cooperation we covered last year here. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/openly-admitting-global-coordination-to-impose-behavioral-programming-using-education-and-the-law/

      Notice there is no mention of Competency in that framework even though it is described in other words constantly. It reminded me of Flyvberg and what he said Competency and Proficiency really mean. Reading the General Biblio at the end Conley links to the same Dreyfus brothers who Flyv said wanted to explode the classic Enlightenment reverence in the West for the individual and his or her rational mind. This is that Flyv post http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/police-power-to-compel-adult-beliefs-meanwhile-values-manipulation-captures-young-minds-forever/

      Linking that is an admission by Conley and Gene Wilhoit, whether they meant to or not, that we are dealing with Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions to create the Arational Mind Flyv wrote about.

      Final point in the Biblio it cites to 2011 research from Tehran by Saeednia on Persian students 9-11 on Self-Directed Learning. That’s another word for the kind of cybernetic/Thinking Skills model Marzano created for McREL back in the 80s. I have not given my full list of synonyms for just this reason. WE know from the Tarbiyah Project that they want this same cybernetic, internalize what we want as your beliefs and values so you will interpret as we wish and be motivated to act when desired. That Saeednia link is more proof that the mainstream actual US Competency-based education (frameworks are said to come out of Innovation Lab Network) is known at least to some insiders like Conley to be fully compatable and in a mirror image of what the Tarbiyah Project ed intends to create.

      Substituting Self-Directed for Critical Thinking does not sever the links to what we have pulled up on the links between Richard Paul’s work, the NC Plan, Marzano, and what went on in California as the California Creativity Test. The last person of particular in that Biblio was Arthur Costas and he has also renamed his earlier Creativity work that went into the CA test as Self-Directed Learning. New names do nothing to shake the tracking once we know the full template and its functions.

      Maybe if we send the House and Senate the Arabic name, followed by the script image. for the personal characteristics or obligations they are enshrining into federal law they will appreciate they are laying the foundation for future submission in the minds and personalities of American students.

  10. Quite the admission here. Uncertain the link is stable. Search Arab human development report 2003. Part 2, p.36

    In all societies there is a number, large or small, of people who possess some knowledge. The challenge of building knowledge capital within a human system, however, resides in converting individual knowledge to collective knowledge. A large amount of knowledge exists in the minds of individuals in the form of answers to the questions: how and why? This constitutes a knowledge model on the individual level. A higher order type of knowledge is acquired through conceptual learning, which can change knowledge frameworks and thus the world-view of individuals. Conceptual learning can be distinguished from lower order procedural learning, which simply leads to changes in actions. A change in the knowledge model occurs when new actions, embedded in new knowledge frameworks, are established. Generally speaking, it can be saidthat individual knowledge models arise from a world-view (Weltenschaung) of the system embedded in the general knowledge model internalised by system members.This discussion raises questions as to the content of the dominant knowledge model in the Arab world and whether it reinforces or hinders human development.
    Most human systems possess common knowledge models that aim to protect the status quo and to entrench it in the form of conservative societal institutions, knowledge transmission mechanisms, and reward systems. Such models deter members of these societies from challenging the status quo and deprive them of opportunities for learning. From a developmental point of view, such learning is not useful and could be harmful. An example of this type of learning in Arab countries is the widespread culture of myths and the supernatural. Controversy often springs up around what could be deemed useful versus harmful learning. The controversy, in fact, re-
    flects the differing social interests behind these viewpoints. The only way out of this impasse is to adopt a decisive criterion.In this case, it is suggested that the criterion be the extent of contribution to building human development, according to the definition adopted by this Report in Part I. This is the measure by which the elements of the Arab knowledge model must be judged, so that those features enhancing human development may be identified and fostered. Knowledge is one of the few human resources that does not perish, but rather proliferates through consumption.

    • Successfully downloaded and so far still available on several servers. So the Arab Human Development Report was inaugurated by the UN in the previous year–2002. Maybe there were instigating events in 2001?

      Now we can add another acronym-LARPs to our analysis of how the mindsets needed by everyone from the systems thinkers to Amitai Etzioni to the social justice warriors and the Tarbiyah Project come into place. http://www.eschoolnews.com/2015/11/17/role-play-active-218/ Live-Action Role Play . It acts out a narrative and involves the emotions and is embedded in a social context.

      Here are another two Arabic words for practices and goals we see in all of our classrooms now as the focus of student-centered learning. Shakhsiyah means personality/identity and the idea is that classroom practices should nurture it. Doesn’t that sound just like metacognition and the ASCD Whole Child Emphasis and Restorative Justice practices in each classroom as part of a mandated Positive School Climate?

      Second word is Halaqah, a Narrative Inquiry method rooted in a participative, collaborative, dialogic and spiritual reflexive conversation with autoethnography.” Doesn’t that sound like a Sharing Circle or a Discourse Classroom per Courtney Cazden?. It is designed to create “Thinking Skills”. “Halaqah as a method does not treat participants as complex ‘material subjects’ but values human potential for realisation of deep meaning and personal growth on a spiritual level.”

      In other words, an education that reflects the tenets of the Tarbiyah Project as well as what every Humanist Psychologist, Marxist Humanist, or Systems Thinker has ever sought to grease the needed transformation of the individual psyche is PRECISELY how Every Child can now Succeed per Congressional “bicameral and bipartisan” mandate.

      I suppose the new acronym will be ECSA and we will just have to taint the politicians of both parties with the Arabic words and scripts for the personalized submission they plan to enact.

        • Thanks for the links LL. Downloaded and reading through. We need an info graphic to organize the timeline / players, showing how these very dangerous theories lead right into American classrooms, and even worse are pushed by teachers who have no clue where they originated. A friend teaches at a charter and has PD coaches watching her every move in person and on video, making sure student behavior aligns with the codes of conduct. The fact teachers put up with this suggests how far down the road we are.

          • JT-I have figured out the personal and in the same place relationships that make our Tripod work as it clearly does. You should see the margins of the books as I make all these connections of what was being theorized about 20 or 30 years ago or longer to what it in the Trabiyah Project and the ESEA Rewrite frameork that passed the conference committee this week and that Conley/EPIC Framework just for starters.

            Your comment about the watched teacher and prescribed student behavior with no permitted deviance reminded me exactly of the Irreversible Change template Michael Barber (now at Pearson) and Vicki Phillips (now at the Gates Foundation in charge of what is College and Career Ready) created back in 2001 for the UK. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/using-teacher-evals-to-coerce-irreversible-change-in-the-drive-towards-statism-globally/ lays it out.

            The idea was that behavior change would be mandated and that altered beliefs would follow a required change in practices. The kind of desired internalization the cyberneticians/behavioral scientists/ Tarbiyah ed advocates all seek arise from new mental processes that get grounded at a neurological synaptic level from new experiences. It fits perfectly with activity based education like the Maker Movement and thus the redo of high school the White House is pushing.

            I think I may need to create graphics for my next book so people can really appreciate how this internalization works. If I had spare time I could take an art class. Hopefully my childhood skills at drawing can come back.

    • https://www.uschamberfoundation.org/sites/default/files/publication/edu/ICW_EITCToolkitrdc.pdf

      Now if the existence of poverty is seen as bring ‘wealth’ into a community via government transfers like the EITC, aren’t we monetizing the existence of needs and giving local governments with weak economies every reason in the world to want to take in refugees? It’s not sustainable but the same chamber foundation that wrote Managing the Talent Pipelinelast year also sees EITC as a means of building local wealth and workforce development. This is ludicrous, but the chamber will be a presence on virtually all state and local WIOA Boards with this vision.

    • JT-Did you see this confession that the Maker Movement is really about experimenting with new ways to live in the future? https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/reports/ours-to-master/

      Since the New Tech Network and High Tech High is based on the Maker Movement vision for school and the White House, OECD, and UNESCO have all cited the New Tech Network as the exemplar of what the new type of high school should look like, I believe if we had a magic marker on the blog we could draw a series of lines that the new American high school is to be about envisioning and then practicing new ways to live in the future.

      No wonder KnowledgeWorks spun out the New Tech Network after seeding them well. Otherwise everyone would plug all this where it belongs–in the midst of that Promise Neighborhoods/Strive link and begin thinking of the Lumina convening of 75 metros in Dallas last January with Strive and the Learning Regions I wrote about in the previous post.

        • Here’s to the masses waking up that there are “Bicameral and Bipartisan” would be overlords in political office throughout all levels of government now.

          I really do have the blueprints, which I am reading through today while trying not to shriek at my annoying teenager. It may be tomorrow before I get up my annual What I am Thankful for and why it matters post.

          Plus I need to make my cornbreas so it can start to dry out.

          • Remember the C3 Social Studies Framework that came out Thanks giving of 2012? What a doozy. CCSSO later said they weren’t formally sponsoring, but the ELA standards incorporate by reference just like NGSS.

  11. SEATTLE (November 18, 2015) – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced it will commit $34.7 million over three years to five newly-formed Teacher Preparation Transformation Centers that will bring together higher education institutions, teacher-preparation providers and K-12 school systems to share data, knowledge and best practices. These cooperatives will develop, pilot and scale effective teacher-preparation practices to help ensure that more teacher-candidates graduate ready to improve student outcomes in K-12 public schools.

  12. One more.
    In reading Towards the Compassionate School[1] I am even more interested to know if the 10 declared “truths” about compassion are actually true for all of us. If so, how do we actually live these “truths”?
    In his RSA video, Roman Krznaric (Empathy: A Handbook for Revolution) confirms the focus of the future must be outrospection – who are we in relation to the “other”. He sees this focus as the foundation of radical social change.

    • Outrospection already fits with Robert Kegan’s Stages that were incorporated into the OECD’s Key Competences that PISA is looking for. Covered in Chapter 4 on Competency.

      I learned a new word this morning that explains so much. Engagement, relevance, making the classroom about pursuing personal interests.

      Cathexis, cathect, cathected Something internalized as a behavior motivating force where pursuing it as a goal is grounded in emotion. It allows social control over behavior without that control being overt and extrinsic, at least obviously so to the person being neurologically manipulated or his or her parents.

      When properly understood Success under ESSA is all about realizing this vision for social control over behavior, perception, and even what gets recalled later. Given Tauwidi’s Michigan graduate degrees and their strong role in the development of systems theory Tauwidi created the Tarbiyah Project to mirror systems thinking and the behavioral sciences. It was the alignment I found so striking.

      Krznaric’s work is directly implicated in two aspects of the Tarbiyah Project’s Key Outcomes and Indicators. Too bad my keyboard does not have Arabic script keys. The Essential Learning of Noble Character or Moral Literacy with the Culminating Outcome of the Self-Directed Individual. That’s right Conley and EPIC’s Developmental Framework of Skills and Dispositions also aligns 100%. No wonder they changed the language from Critical Thinking after I found the Paul Framework and Arthur Costas’ work.

      Here’s the Tarbiyah definition of a Self-Directed Individual: ” Has a sound grasp of the principles of moral reasoning and a commitment to moral action, with an emphasis on integrity, honesty, kindness, and justice.” The Key Learning Outcomes exemplifying Self-Directed Learning without the Arab script or names are Self-Awareness (identity), Compassion (Conscience), and Uprightness (Character & Conduct).

      No wonder Character education is omnipresent. Bolding was in table.

      Public Service or Social Literacy is another Essential Learning with Community Contributor as the Culminating Outcome. Here’s the definition: “Has a strong sense of caring, stwardship, service and social activism, and a commitment to using one;s life to make a difference in the world.”

      Key Learning Outcomes are Justice (Stewardship), Responsibility (Service), and Exampleship(Leadership)

    • Yes, and did you see the community organizer President Obama admired most, Harry Boyte, who has a tag and created the phrase ‘cooperative commonwealth’ to describe where the is all going wrote this yesterday in EdWeek (my bolding):

      ” In a world of growing violence, threats from groups like ISIS, and fragmentation, we need a citizen-led alternative to Manichean politics. This is my first idea: culture change involves conceptual change, put into practice in a different kind of politics, plural and citizen-centered [remember Tarbiyah and the Learning Region’s use of that nesting graphic to illustrate the metaphor for the areas of impact], taking root in free spaces.

      This means ‘relationships before program,’ in the language of community organizing, but such citizen politics can take place many places beyond community organizations, including in and around schools.”

      Now won’t mandatory Fostering Communities of Learners and Positive School Climate and Affirmative Student Codes of Conduct to be signed off on in the Handbook or Junior gets a zero for his first grade of the year and Conley’s definitions of Proficiency all work to create Boyte’s new kind of democracy that fits with what Marx, Dewey, the OECD, UNESCO, and apparently now the US Congress now all want?

      Much of the rhetoric from thunk tanks on both sides of the Common Core seems to be A-OK with this Human Development Society vision as long as their allies, unions or Big Business, respectively, get to partake in taxpayer money to meet the declared ‘needs.’

      Did you see that whopper of an either duplicitous or ignorant story this morning from Heritage about Massachusetts? http://dailysignal.com/2015/11/23/why-massachusetts-gave-up-on-common-core/

      It reminded me of that Pioneer report on data privacy, which managed to somehow advocate for the precise remedy MIT and Sandy Pentland want to pursue the global social justice/ we can plan economies, systems-thinking vision. Maybe the authors do not know this because they actually do not know education policy particularly well. They simply write and speak about it.

      I did notice Mary Clare Reim in getting a Public Policy Masters at GWU. That would mean the same place pushing Amiati Etzioni and his communitarianism vision for all of us that fits with Harry Boyte’s work too. Come to think of it everyone’s vision on the so-called Right Think Tanks magically seems to get to Etzioni’s Active Society vision.

  13. Is all this stuff really Islamic? Is it what Muslims do, moreso than others? That wasn’t my impression, from the brief time I spent in an Islamic state (Dubai) and various other contacts with Muslim people at work, and even what we see now on the news.

    They’re not more like these “Islamic” characteristics than anyone else is.

    So I think it’s much more to cause us to accept Islamic immigrants and outside influences generally, rather than making us mainstream Muslims. The training for actual Muslims is memorizing the Quran in Arabic, praying five times a day toward Mecca, etc. No discernable connection to what they want to put in our schools.

    • What fits with the actual implementation for all students gets augmented in a school that is admitting it is Islamic in its orientation. This is admitted to be a new model for Islamic students that just happens to fits precisely what ESSA is about to mandate. I do not know if these links will stay up although I am working from a hard copy. http://www.theisla.org/filemgmt_data/files/2007%20Tauhidi%20-%20Challenge%20of%20Making%20Education%20Whole%20Again.pdf is from Tauhidi in 2007 and is called in its main title “From Islamic Studies to Islamic Education.”

      That is not a primary source for this post but it illustrates this new vision. http://isf.education/images/ResearchandResources/ComparePaperFarahAhmedFinal.pdf is out of the UK and supposedly just so Muslim children need not feel divided between what is pushed via religion vs school. Again it fits with what is being mandated for non-Muslim students absent direct mentions of the Quran. Would you like to know how often Educating for Identity is in one of the student-centered learning/competency US docs?

      I know it is no accident the Reds and Islamists seem to have agreed on a common template since both seek submission to an ideology without scrutiny and both are collectivists. One of my sources even said that Islam id not a religion of individuals. It is a religion of individuals embedded within a community. The Marxist Humanist systems thinkers feel precisely the same way and intend to mandate it with every bit of legal authority they can zero in on.

    • I really wish I knew how to say this tactfully, but my admonition is that of protection, and in no way rebellious or to “defy”. The reason why Dr. Bill Warner’s videos are so important is because you cannot tell by “observing” what is brewing under the surface so this must be understood at the “doctrine” level. We all have met very nice Muslims; but that in itself is commanded of every Muslim by Mohammad. If you say that you know this kindness is genuine, the doctrine is working perfectly for those following the doctrine. Therefore, it would be prudent to learn the doctrine. What you are describing is one of many Muslim warfare tactics. One story in the Hadid, a book teaching Muslims to be perfect like Mohamed, is these 3 words: “War is deception”. There is no requirement to call them out when acting kindly; just be aware of what they are “required” to do. We have a very dear Muslim friend and he is very perfect. He would not translate some Quaran scripture for us that was hanging in his brother’s house on the wall. I did recognize the “Bismillah” at the beginning.

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