Morphing the Common Core into a New Rewritten US Constitution by Mandating False Beliefs

I always feel a bit like Scrooge when pointing out Equality for All enforced by government coercion is not in fact a Lovely Idea. But it’s too easy to malign someone who says “Not so fast” as having their nest egg and wanting to lock others out. But that is actually not how commerce and markets have ever worked in history. Which remains a darn useful guide to how things will likely work in the future. So before I explain how CCSSI turns out to be a huge con to change the nature of the US Constitution away from its historic role, let me explain for a minute what we are losing. Let me point out basically why Prosperity Generation Seed Corn like diversified expert knowledge and incentives should always be protected. While it still exists.

It turns out that throughout history specialized production/diversified consumption has been the key to mass prosperity. So moving everyone to Common Levels of Adequate Skills guts that. As does the open declaration that we are moving back to a Government directed Economy of Protected Political Favorites.

I have also noticed that in all the scheming I have been describing where education is an essential part of the No Growth, Post-GDP Future, when education is standing alone no one is being honest with the students and taxpayers on what’s really in store for the future. That the claims of Economic Development around education globally are really just a means to steer more money into that compliant sector for Social Control over the masses. As the always graphic Europeans described it, to obtain “a deep, structural shift in the basic premises of thoughts, feelings and actions.”

So before the bolts of the invisible serfs collars to hobble minds, manipulate hearts, and propel future individual actions have been welded shut, let me remind everyone one more time that historically personal economic freedom predicts a country’s prosperity “better than its mineral wealth, education system or infrastructure do.” That an all-powerful state means economic stagnation at best unless you are part of the politically connected few.

Now that I have sounded that warning one more time hoping to save our Prosperity Seed Corn from Official Arson, it turns out that CCSSI is part of a ploy to create a national equal citizenship guarantee. This highly creative theory of “social citizenship” has been created by controversial former Berkeley Law Professor, Goodwin Liu. You may recognize him from his failed nomination to the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals or his subsequent installation on California’s Supreme Court. Where he has apparently been trying to show he would not be a radical jurist after all. Anyone believing that has not read his “Education, Equality, and National Citizenship” Manifesto from the Yale Law Journal. No, not when he was an impetuous law student. Published in 2006. Part of his adult philosophy of how to revamp the nature of the US Constitution through a highly imaginative reconstruction of the citizenship language of the 14th Amendment.

Liu asserts that the term “citizenship” should now be interpreted to have “social and economic dimensions” instead of just its civil and political meanings. To be a font of substantive guarantees to “secure full and equal citizenship.” Now if this is starting to sound a bit like an insistence on the Scandinavian welfare state as enshrined in the US Constitution when we were not looking, Liu does make quite the use of qualifying language. Well, kind of. See what you think.

This guarantee is not to be “a rigid requirement of national levelling” and “economic inequality is not inherently at odds with equal citizenship.” The “account of citizenship” offered by Liu “does not squarely challenge the competitive norms of  the marketplace and its competitive hierarchies.” Liu just wants to create a principle of “bounded inequality” that looks at what others have so social stratification will cease to be a problem. Right.

So basically creative Liu wants either SCOTUS or Congress to assume that the citizenship language means we are all members of a national community called the United States of America and that Membership has its privileges and duties that do not include an American Express card. Because you would have to pay that bill each month. No membership in the US community means everyone has positive rights to certain forms of government assistance to “secure full and equal national citizenship.” Basically social citizenship turns into a claim encompassing “the whole range from the right to a modicum of economic welfare and security to the right to share to the full in the social heritage and to live the life of a civilised being according to the standards prevailing in the society.”

Now here’s the fascinating concession to our already having found  the confession that the CCSSI sales pitch of national content standards  was a ruse Liu sees the need for his federal guarantee of equal national citizenship to be created via:

“enlisting non-governmental organizations to develop national education standards and by incentivizing states to adopt them voluntarily.”

There could not be a more succinct description of CCSSI, the Common Core State Standards Initiative, than that. Which would also explain why the implementation of CCSSI I have chronicled looks nothing like the rhetoric. And why lawyers rightfully concerned with violations of the 10th Amendment or federal statutes are missing the true story. A sought profound rewriting  of the 14th Amendment to turn the nature of the US Constitution upside-down.  Starting with the need for national education standards. But why that exactly?

Beyond the levelling function we have chronicled, I think the answer lies in the odd definitions of College and Career Ready Standards we have noted along with the Positive School Climate mandate I have described. Plus what we talked about in the last post. There is a desire to create a view of national citizenship not as the source of evenhanded protection against an overbearing state but as the generator of citizenship obligations and duties and responsibilities. All of these words get used over and over again in reference to this new view of education for citizenship. There is to no longer be a right to be left alone. This is not only true in US but in the descriptions from all over the world. Education is being seen as the means for creating the Values and Attitudes, the real common core, that recognizes a personal and collective responsibility towards solidarity with others to achieve social justice, understanding and cooperation amongst peoples.”

And I am retorting that this so-called “model of partnership” created via education with government employees acting as enforcers is unlikely to work out as envisioned. And I think all of this rewriting of the 14th Amendment and UNESCO Education for All and Systems Thinking and Transformational OBE and Career Pathways and OECD Competences are all examples of a return to the Predator State. With a global Nomenklatura this time. No more genuine personal autonomy or economic freedom. By the time anyone could have figured this all out it would have been too late. I think no one intended for a history geek who once aced Con Law to be tracking education policy by its economic function and political results.

And because perceptions can trump reality, if you teach students this altered definition of Citizenship and obligation for the Common Good and demerits for acts of individuality, and then gather data to enforce this Image of the Perfect Collectivist Citizen Drone for the 21st Century, you can create her. Regardless of the language and historical intent of the Constitution. I have seen the College Board’s revisions of their AP history courses. No one is likely to be learning the truth about the Constitution in an American classroom for very much longer.

History shows that self-interest always exists and only free markets channel it in beneficial ways. A government employee with the ability to enforce an education edict that insists that “community means working collectively and collaboratively with others toward a shared vision” still has a self-interest they will try to maximize. That will likely involve pushing this sought mandate to get a raise or promotion no matter how bad the results for students and taxpayers.

Everything that has been a barrier in the past to the Overbearing State is being dismantled. At the exact same time the countries that have social democracy/welfare state for all have found it to be unsustainable. All those realities are being ignored though by politicians and Connected Businesses wanting to preserve power and economically unsophisticated voters and students wanting free stuff at someone else’s expense.

I am not going to tell you we need to stop this before it goes airborne. That really happened in the 90s as Outcomes Based Education. I am just hoping to create enough alarm before we get to the May Not Turn Around part of the Trip.

I mean did anyone even pack a life raft for when we go down? I can hear that left engine sputtering badly and we cannot all fly on only one engine.



5 thoughts on “Morphing the Common Core into a New Rewritten US Constitution by Mandating False Beliefs

  1. In skimming through this site I notice your use of “buzz words” like “systems”, “vocations”, etc. Unfortunately, these words have earned negative connotations by the programs being implemented by government. For instance; if we are to believe Governments were instituted to secure that “separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature . . . entitle” us; then how best to exemplify those “Laws” but by the word “system(s)”? Don’t we use “ecosystems” to describe the microcosm within the macrocosm? Has “systemic” governance “from the consent of the governed” been replaced by “systematic” governance by an oligarchy that uses their BAR to control a “Party” system? And what about “vocations”? Webster’s 1828 Dictionary better defines the words used in 1776 than 2012. In that Dictionary, Webster shows a clear difference between having a systemic “vocation” and a systematically selected “career”. Please take the time to peruse the courses available at (Roger) Sherman Institute: and

    (BTW – “the ultimate weapons” are truth and integrity.)

    Best wishes,

    • Niki,

      I am leaving your post up but your Sherman Institute/Integrity Training appears to me to be pro-Peter Senge/Full Personality Systems Thinking.

      As you may know I have a real problem with this a la Camp Snowball or Spence Rogers PEAK training for adults when the psychological or Eastern religion techniques are to be used on still developing children. It is designed to grab the young malleable minds at the levels of emotion or the unconscious so that future behavior is influenced.

      I really have a problem that all of this holistic change in emphasis is going on without parents’ knowledge. Especially when it is designed to try to break that Axemaker Mind created from home.

      It is such a shame when bright teenagers feel they are being mentally assaulted at school by teachers who are being told they must try to create frustrated emotion as a learning tool or they will be fired or not given a raise because they will be deemed “Not Effective.”

      So if adults find Integrity Training helpful, all power to their free choice on how to best maneuver through life. But trying to keep the mind dormant in school while stimulating the other aspects of the personality in children and adolescents is precisely what in my mind led to Columbine and other tragedies.

  2. I appreciate your response, Robin, and have no disagreement with what you keyed here. In fact, it is because I recognize that the psycho-social studies done by John Dewey had been “systematically” used for (at least) a Century to “keep the mind dormant” that I posted my original comment and the links.

    During the 20th Century education appears to have been compartmentalized to the extent that parents, grandparents, teachers and politicians seem (now) to lack innate insights – i.e., the “common sense” – that was, in prior generations, useful to the task of motivating dormant minds. An example of this phenomenon is when Legislators talk (with a straight face) about “balancing the budget” with “fiat money”. “Integrity Training” is simply a tool for individuals and groups to “systemically” integrate what they have learned and become more effective problem solvers and communicators.

    BTW – On the “Integrity Training” portion of the Sherman Institute site, you may enjoy the poems on the 2nd slide of the 2 slide powerpoint; “The Ambulance Down in the Valley”.

    • Holistic in the schools now means the intellectual is minimized, the values are collectivist in a way that has never worked and is unlikely to now, and there can be no Judeo-Christian component. So we are getting Far Eastern spirituality without the trigger words that would give the game up. If you notice though by function that something is mirroring say a Buddhist practice and then do a search out come speeches acknowledging that’s what is really going on. But no one will admit that’s a big part of this new 3 R’s focus for example.

      Since equality has never worked in the past and some of us get all this personality manipulation, we tell our own kids and friends what they still need to know and be able to do no matter what the principal says. Or the College Pres. Meanwhile we have plenty of kids assuming Equality for All and Fair Shares is in the offing and not bothering to get marketable knowledge or skills. They would rather campaign for human rights without having to worry about economic ramifications.

      We are so headed over the cliff if we stay on this path. Not because I have no good will and am selfish but because in the end incentives matter as do means and ends. Letting all these students and now adults believe reality can be overridden harms the most idealistic the most.

      And as someone whose Dad never cared about the academic honors if “you don’t have horse sense,” I get integration. But I integrate from a base of lots of knowledge. As opposed to this ed model that pushes integration so nobody knows much and what they do know is concrete and not abstract.

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