Niti, Nyaya, Government by Think Tanks, and Every Student Succeeds

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I took an unplanned break from writing, but not researching, since the last post. With the statutory language of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) now in place, the plans for the future I recognized when I read my state’s (Georgia) WIOA Plan, and other shenanigans offline surrounding false narratives, I decided to get to the bottom of all the interrelated parts. Let’s just say if my understanding was 20/20 on the real agenda behind all these education ‘reforms’ by the time I finished my first book Credentialed to Destroy, the acuity now can best be described as X-ray vision with the capacity to cut through metal when called for.

Since the fundamental transformation of each of us, our society, and the economy has been decreed federally via Bicameral and Bipartisan fiats like ESSA and WIOA to be imposed locally by elected officials, let’s keep following the trail in 2016. After all, some of you may get the chance to quiz the candidates about why they supported these measures or simply offered ineffective opposition. “Why did you vote to bring Fascism to America?” is such a conversation grabber. To be ready for such an exploration let’s add a few more words and phrases to our arsenal of explanations.

In December I saw this announcement and decided to get Easterly’s book. After all, I had spent much of 2015 arriving at the conclusion that many of the members of the Atlas Network like Heritage, Cato, and AEI seemed fully on board with a planned economy and education that focused on changing the student at a social and emotional level. I found the promotion of both Easterly’s work and that of Human Capability theorist Amartya Sen to be both troubling in its implications of a true agenda and fascinating at the same time. After all, if the so-called Left and Right have arrived at a synthesis and are not planning to tell us lest it interfere with fundraising, then our answers are located in who gets promoted.

First of all, when the Acknowledgments page thanks Larry Summers and Joseph Stiglitz we have just tied Easterly’s vision to the Inclusive Prosperity Commission and the UN’s Post-2015 Road to Dignity for All Plans. Easterly argued that the “cause of poverty is the absence of political and economic rights, the absence of a free political and economic system that would find the technical solutions to the poor’s problems.” If anyone else is having a Say What? moment, let’s skip to the conclusion of The Tyranny of Experts, where our tenured NYU prof decreed that “It is time at last for the silence on unequal rights for rich and poor to end. It is time at last for all men and women to be equally free.”

Now before any of us also request unicorn rides with that declaration and perhaps the waistline we had at eighteen, I want to transition to a paper released back in November that shows how such economic and social rights get created via education. We are not really having a philosophical discussion here. I am citing the relevant philosophers to explain what is to be happening in those train cars we call schools. This train has left the station and it appears to be an Express Bullet fit for Japan. When we declare substantive rights for all, someone else has the duty to provide and that paper and its well-funded vision for education teaches that “the best way to make positive changes in society is…by being active in or through engagement with government.”

If you do not want to confront this wholesale shift, let’s go back a page to where “this paper argues that young people must learn how to use the political system, and existing governmental institutions, to effect the change they wish to see in their communities.” This is the world of ESSA, WIOA, and the Left/Right synthesis of the future unfortunately where:

“it is not just economic inequality that affects the American experience. We have also seen increasing political inequality, as measured by the clout and power of different groups, often along lines of wealth, income, gender, and/or race. Educational inequality, measured by variance in the quality and access to educational opportunities, has also increased in recent years, leaving behind the country’s most vulnerable populations, and weakening America’s overall democracy. In turn, it has become our collective responsibility to work towards a system in which these inequalities do not exist.”

If these so-called rights and responsibilities are taught as factual entitlements in our schools with a vision of governments as the enforcer as a matter of law, these expectations fundamentally change our society. It’s 2016 and an election year, if this is the vision our schools and think tanks across the spectrum are pushing, we need to be aware. Back to our philosophers again, in this case Nobel-Prize winning economist Amartya Sen. He uses the Indian words niti and nyaya to describe the nature of the desired shift and even italicizes them for emphasis. Niti is identified as a theory of justice that is about having the right institutions and rules. That is not good enough anymore. A nyaya vision of what is to be required focuses on “actual realizations and accomplishments.”

If this discussion seems esoteric and a bit like an odd vocabulary lesson, all the language in ESSA about ‘evidence-based’ is simply another way to describe a nyaya vision of entitled intrusion and tracking of what the student has internalized to guide and motivate their behavior. ESSA didn’t make that a permissible activity for the schools. It created a mandate. When the Georgia WIOA Plan called for “immigrants and other individuals who are English language learners” to acquire “an understanding of the American system of government, individual freedom, and the responsibilities of citizenship,” it is that concept paper above’s vision, not what James Madison had in mind. The individual freedom is again straight out of Sen’s famous book Development as Freedom.

In fact, it is as if the Hewlett and Ford Foundations and Generation Citizen all knew Sen’s work where “different sections of society (and not just the socially privileged) should be able to be active in the decisions of what to preserve and what to let go.” If governments and think tanks have declared that we are transitioning to “an accomplishment-based understanding of justice” because in the 21st Century “justice cannot be indifferent to the lives that people can actually lead” and this nyaya view of an entitled justice is to be sculpted in the “minds of men” [and boys and girls] via formative assessments and the real meaning of assessing annually for Higher Order Thinking and Understanding, we need to recognize this reality and the nature of the shift. When Bloomberg expands the metro areas participating in What Works Cities, this is the nyaya theory of justice in play as well.

It is ironic that the Atlas Network seems to regard all these affirmative initiatives as what Hayek would have supported as part of his spontaneous order vision. As my book pointed out, Hayek took a dim view of trying to achieve conscious direction invisibly via internalizing the desired values, attitudes, and beliefs to guide wanted behaviors. I was pretty sure I had something directly on point to refute this odious vision of the future as Hayekian. Since I have a depth of knowledge that is anything other than just sound bytes and a very large library of resources, I found what I was looking for in Volume 2 of Law Legislation and Liberty. That volume has the subtitle The Mirage of Social Justice.

Hayek didn’t just write a chapter on ‘Social’ or Distributive Justice where he presciently recognized that such social goals and governmental initiatives “means a progressive displacement of private by public law” whereby the law “subordinates the citizens to authority.” A pithier description of either WIOA or ESSA may never be found. Nothing like an escapee from Fascism to recognize its characteristics and dangers. Hayek then wrote an Appendix to that Chapter called “Justice and Individual Rights” of what he believed would happen in a society that tried to enact the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in practice as UNESCO has declared it is now doing. It was also about what would happen in a society which engenders “a feeling that they have a claim on ‘society’ for the provision of particular things which it is the duty of society to provide.”

Anyone else get the feeling that which books or even chapters of Hayek’s get assigned or quoted is now greatly circumscribed? Censorship by omission we can call it. Hayek knew what we all need to know as well now that the plans for conscious direction are to be developed in students,’ and apparently immigrants,’ personalities.

“It is meaningless to speak of a right to a condition that nobody has the duty, or perhaps even the power, to bring about. It is equally meaningless to speak of right in the sense of a claim on a spontaneous order, such as society, unless this is meant to imply that somebody has the duty of transforming that cosmos into an organization and thereby to assume the power to control its results.”

Organization is a more anachronistic term for what today just gets called a system. It starts with student-centered learning and systems thinking is a requirement for every student to be Workforce Ready under WIOA. Not a coincidence. Hayek knew what we all must know recognize so I am calling on this unassigned Appendix:

“If such claims are to be met, the spontaneous order which we call society must be replaced by a deliberately directed organization…[members] could not be allowed to use their knowledge for their own purposes but would have to carry out the plan which their rulers have designed to meet the needs to be satisfied.”

Have I explained yet that in countries like Scotland that are further along this road of social transformation via education ‘reforms,’ the very Experiences and Outcomes for each student are specified? The “Es” and “Os” they are called in what is the best example of the intended deliberate reorganization.

Welcome to 2016 as the Year of Epiphanies.

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  1. Your post brings to mind a document “Dated May 1979, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” (Technical Manual SW7905.1) was found in 1986 in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.

    According to the document, the “international elite” decided in 1954 to wage a “quiet war” against the American people with the goal of shifting wealth from “the irresponsible many” into the hands of the “responsible and worthy few.”

    “In view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table [sic] by choice and consent.”

    The goal was to establish an economy, which is “totally predictable and manipulable.” The masses will have to be “trained and assigned a yoke…from a very early age…”

    To achieve such conformity, the “family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government operated daycare centers for the occupationally orphaned children.”

    This is accomplished through “silent weapons” (propaganda and social engineering) applied in the media and schools.”

    • Kyrie-the Spencer Foundation that is one of the sponsors of that Education for Democracy concept paper was created from wealth from the purchase of Spencer’s company by IBM. Its specialty was behavioral sciences manipulation.

      Sen sees democracy as “government by discussion” and no longer in terms of the niti concept of elections and ballots. It also fits with that Public Agenda link I put up on the previous thread before Christmas and what the Rockefeller Foundation is pushing at the National Center for Dialogue and Deliberation. Sen quotes John Rawls and his Theory of Justice that the “definitive idea for deliberative democraCY IS THE IdEA OF DELIBERATION ITSELF. wHEN CITIZENS DELIBERATE, THEY EXCHANGE VIEWS AND DEBATE THEIR SUPPORTING REASONS CONCERNING PUBLIC POLITICAL QUESTIONS.”

      Ok, caps lock disengaged. Rawls wrote that book while he was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences. Anything the behavioral science research shows as effective in changing what the student can do, believes, or values meets the evidence-based criteria. This social impact investing is built around trying to profit from behavioral science insights while also manipulating the electorate. A win-win, I suppose, if someone is a member of the connected oligarchy. Lots of people with PhDs in poli sci seem to work at ATLAS member think tanks specializing in education because it appears to be the best way to experiment in reality and on people using political and sociological theory. It’s nuts, which is why it is so crucial to drag these facts into the sunlight.

      That government by discussion reminds me of this article from Latin America referring to the Atlas Network as “government by think tank.” file:///D:/Downloads/ It reminded me that the founder and Chairman of the Atlas state member in Georgia was tasked by Governor Deal after his election in 2010 with picking or vetting his appointees.

      I hope that the number of people who see all this as “organized collective elite action” as that article called it is small. I do know, however, precisely what Easterly and Sen advocate for and where this all goes.

      • I know you are really good at the details, Robin. But I have to confess, I miss a portion of the details. Can I ask where do you say this all goes?

        • That is what Book 2 is about. I know the story and can use it as needed. For example it helps me recognizem for example, if a charter management organization model will satisfy the ESSA evidence-based criteria because it is grounded in Luria/ Leontiev/ Piotr Galperin’s cybernetic work.

          Everything I know now though is grounded in what is in the first book. Nothing in it has ceased to be relevant. Reading this blog without having read the book is like trying to write cursive before learning to print.

          Sorry you were in the filter. Taking down my tree.

          • I did read your first book. I didn’t realize your second book was out. I wrote you a note a couple years ago when I was part way into your first book that I had something to relay to you but didn’t want to try till I was completely through with the book. I don’t get to all your posts, but they seem like an extension of the first book I finished a couple years ago now.

          • The second book is not coming out until I am out of the K-12 system for all my children. That would be this summer. I do know the remainder of the story though and because of the urgency of what is being tried I tap into it in the interim as needed.

            I just worry about anyone who thinks the blog is a rehash of the book or that every post can summarize what preceded. This blog in particular is a real time dialogue. the books are the foundation.

            Is there anything worse than rewrapping all the ornaments in tissue paper?

          • Happy New Year, Robin!

            Sorry to be pedantic, but you have taught us well not to use inappropriate analogies. All our students learn cursive, not before learning printing, but not learning printing, period. This is as it was always done before printing was introduced as an adjunct to whole language. Printing is what destroyed handwriting in this country — and has restored it among our students for the past 20 years. (Come and gaze in amazement at our kindergarten bulletin board. I’d love to show you around.) H/t the late Sam Blumenfeld.

            In other news, I just came across an essay by Angelo Codevilla that calls Henry Kissinger on the carpet in a lengthy review of his book World Order. He charges K with constructing a System view of history (not in so many words, but that’s what he describes, functionally) by buttressing his World Order construct with a paucity of factual background and downright errors. As I read, I kept thinking, Robin, Robin, Robin…

          • Happy New Year to you as well. What I hate is that we are all busy and we want to believe that people are reliable to tell us the truth and what is really going on. But this is all the people being looked to to be the interpreters and they seem to have a different agenda.

            We have talked about this. I don’t go looking for anything. I look at what is going on and translate it,

            We have pulmonary systems and cardiac. If it’s not biological and someone describes a person or society as a ‘system’ someone has gone into nonconsensual planning mode.

          • I guess we should start calling it C-12. Cradle to 12. Honestly when I see a 2-year old at the grocery store playing with a device or their cell phone instead of talking to the parents, I just want to look at the mom or dad and shake them. It needs to be more than the behavioral scientists and the aspiring political reengineers who get that Experiences matter.

            I used to talk to my infants so much in the grocery store people actually said to me “lady, they don’t understand you.” And I would reply that someday, they will. Of course that may also be why my oldest at two and a half tried to play Peep-Eye with his 14 hour old sister in her hospital bassinet. He crouched down and popped up and yelled “Peep-Eye!”

          • Robin,

            Thank you for this comment:
            Reading this blog without having read the book is like trying to write cursive before learning to print.
            Found you recently on the recommendation of churchmouse and have been learning a lot while swimming upstream. Methinks it time to pick up book one at least.

          • Thanks Alec. I was at a program all day where Angela Glover of PolicyLink was the keynote speaker. She confirmed probably without meaning to that the so-called Left and Right are pushing the same vision for the future and it is grounded in Marx’s Human Development. Interestingly, in what I was reading when I got home from Martha Nussbaum, the well-rounded education required to get 21st Century Schools funding is grounded also in Marx’s work. I am going to incorporate it all into the next post, but one of my kids is sick so that may be delayed.

            Good time to read the book. The cite to Robert Tucker I added towards the end of editing is more relevant than ever now that the admitted Prog think tanks and the Atlas Network members are all moving in the same direction. I did notice that the admitted Leftists want to deny working with business groups and simply hold out working with Chambers as a possibility. I know they will actually all be working together on State and local WIOA boards.

          • Oh wait! The most recent article I read referring to P-12 indicated that the P stands for Pre-Natal. So. Even before the Cradle. You in educayshun for the expectant mama so she brings forth the desired comrade citizen ready to embrace her rights and responsibilities. Cannot make this stuff up.

          • If you want to go to Chicago in March we have the Strive Together Cradle to Career exploring Communities Meeting.

            Did you know the new Crapulus spending bill Ryan just had to get passed funds Title 1 spending to birth as well? No wonder Title 1 got expanded by $500 million for next year. What happens in a world where people come to believe that they have a right to have others take care of them and we are actually borrowing the money to create that dependence? At some point we have dependence, diminished mental capacity as we know what Quality Learning actually means, and the OPM and ability to borrow runs out. I do not want any of us to be up that proverbial creek without a paddle just because some people may otherwise choose to paddle in their own directions. Here no one can paddle and everyone is acting like these boats can row themselves and just keep on picking up passengers.

            Yesterday was a very painful day to understand economics. The basic desires though are no different from the Reason Foundation and Cato, two Atlas members, calling for Guaranteed Basic Incomes. Nor is it different from what the Heritage Foundation, another Atlas member, laid out last February in that troubling Education Next report I discussed here.

            I had forgotten that I recognized the link to the UN’s announced Post-2015 Plans at the time. That was back when I was still struggling to understand the nature of the synthesized vision, but had begun to grasp that something was happening and that the Left and Right think tanks were all using common language about ‘self-governance.’ At the time I had not figured out that there was an Atlas Network.

            What a journey we are on, but we increasingly have the factual parameters. Wearying though it may be. In the powerful video played yesterday the 14 year-old Trayvon and the word Skittles was intended to drive emotions of fury and I was thinking about how he didn’t look like that. What would have happened to a Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie whatever in Baltimore etc. if they had not been products of Urban School Systems uninterested in properly teaching reading, writing, and math because they wanted Ignorant and Aggrieved Change Agents ready to lobby for transformational change?

            Instead they all became criminals, but whose fault is that really? It certainly is not a product of the wealth wageless labor created in the South as I heard yesterday. I have heard Nathaniel Smith of the Partnership for Southern Equity before and I always wonder if he is deliberately a historical ignoramus or simply understands the powerful draw of this false narrative being constructed. Painful for a history major to hear because that wealth really did disappear with Sherman’s burning. The South became prosperous later again for other reasons than slavery but who in Smith’s typical audience gets that?

        • On the Peep-eye note; I tried with every baby to see where the understanding level might be, and contrary to dr.s and others insistence that any smile is just “gas, at three days old, or less, (I don’t remember exactly) I told my new born daughter that I liked her dress, held it up to myself, and asked her if I could wear it and pretended to try to put it on, and she smiled! She laughed early too.

          • Hmmmm…. well…. I see this working out in a manner not dissimilar to an independent school near me where the administration has unofficially sanctioned the black students who have claimed an area of the upper school as their ‘Black Corner.’
            Apparently, the not black students know that they are not to encroach upon this space. The administration has defended its unofficial sanction by stating that these black students need a safe space.
            Now mind you there have been zero racist aggressions in this learning establishment directed by any student or faculty member to them, Micro or otherwise. For Decades.
            I wonder if a white corner or an Asian Corner or a Ukranian corner/safe space will be tolerated with such compassion?

            P.S. I talked to my kids all day every day from the minute they each popped out. I thought doing that was a no brainer. Shows ya what I know.

      • a late comment but a long time ago I posted a chinese Agenda 21 document that spilled the beans on dialogue democracy, or whatever name it might be called. this document stated that this effort was to give the illusion that the voice of the people was important to governance, when it was not or that by their being given the opportunity for discussion they would believe that outcomes were designed by them when in reality all moves would of course be predetermined. but the illusion that what happened to them was of their own design it was acceptable. Shades of Huxley’s Ultimate Revolution talk exactly! that link may be from 2 or more years ago!

        • Still relevant mm. I have been working on documenting what I recognized before writing again now that I have gotten the sick college kid back to school today. She had lots of food requests in the last several days.

          The word you are looking for is deliberative democracy. You may remember I wrote about the Rockefeller Foundation funding the Deliberative Democracy Handbook and how it fit in with the link in this post and also their funding and the vision of the National Center for Discourse and Deliberation.

          You know how I say when I track crucial ideas that are a main driver of the implementation vision sooner or later the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) in Palo Alto comes up?

 “Deliberative Democracy reinvigorates ‘We the People'” from 2004.

          Same prof cited here from this past summer in a part of the country I believe you are familiar with.

          What you are describing also fits with Structured Design Dialogue, which many simply call Delphi. SDD though gets into Christakis’ important work and its links to MOOCs and thus online learning.

          • I realized within the past year that Design Thinking for Skools is just a veiled repackaging of Structured Design Dialogue/Delphi instruction in consensus mindedness- group think.

            The pitch to get it into schools years ago was that it was a method of creative problem solving based on commercial design strategies coming out of Stanford’s Design School. But like CCSS it was merely a trojan horse.

            It is nothing more than deliberative dialogue conditioning, thinking scripts, invisibly,coerced consensus building.

    • Alarming isn’t it? Yet people still make Personally Identifiable Information the bugaboo they worry about. That’s not how Big Data works and it’s not how personalized learning adapting to student data works.

      One side understands precisely what the Es and Os are and were and how to manipulate the young person or adult as a result. Some spontaneous order once we use behavioral science, pedagogy, and digital learning to reengineer who people are from the inside-out.

      • Look at what launched today. Apparently WIOA is one big stream of PFS opportunities and all this grows out of a White House slush fund to push this model. First area of emphasis? Youth workforce development under WIOA.

        Through our ongoing partnerships with governments, funders, and nonprofits working in our communities, we are constantly refining our methods to accelerate America’s transition towards a performance-based social sector. This transition cannot be accomplished alone, and we are grateful for your ongoing support.

        A performance-based social sector? Pushing a nyaya view of justice?

        • The Performance -based social sector “Nyaya View” sounds to me like the playground taunt:

          “Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah..Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!”, issuing from the greedy maws of the Planners.

  2. Happy New Year! Robin, Not sure readers fully understand what or who the Atlas Network is, or what group of people they claim to represent.
    Thought this may interest you as we see this convergence of left/right thinking intended for directing public thought. Really, much of this is reminiscent of the Frameworks videos we watched about directing public opinion although it feels much worse given the spiritual aspect Warren bring in.

    • Thanks LL. Ornaments off tree and wrapped up. Every time I come downstairs I bring more Carolers to go live in the cedar closet until next year.

      Here is a link to the site where people can look up the members.

      George, of course, is tied to the American Principles Project, an Atlas Network member, and was a prof to Ted Cruz when he was at Princeton.

      Interesting there that Shane VanderHart of Truth in American Education blog site fails to mention in his bio for that piece that he is also the APP Communications Director. “Here’s my boss talking with Ted Cruz” would seem to be called for.

      This is what I mean about nominal opposition to ESSA, but not effective opposition. Perhaps because so many Atlas members are tied to Charter Management organizations (CMOs) that can make out like bandits under ESSA as long as they push the psychosocial engineering and behavioral science techniques.

      One of the books I read during my writing hiatus was Steven C Rockefeller’s 1991 book (just in time for the 2nd attempt at Radical Ed Reform) John Dewey: Religious Faith and Democratic Humanism.

      This passage reminds me a lot of what we hear from the so-called Left and Right and seems to be the synthesis they have in mind. It really builds on my discussions of Dewey’s central role in my book.

      “[Dewey’s] concept of growth is one of the big unifying ideas in this evolutionary philosophy of human nature and society. It ties his theory of the moral life together with his psychology, theory of education, and social thought. It is Dewey’s view that psychology is centrally concerned with the dynamics of growth; education is to be identified with the process of growth; the inclusive moral end is growth; and democratic social reconstruction means making all institutions means of human growth.”

      Remember when the feds made Student Growth the requisite measure of Teacher Effectiveness under the NCLB waivers? Not coincidental. Student Growth also counts as evidence-based practices that gets a charter renewed and allows CMOs to be eligible for expansion under ESSA funding. Coincidental?

    • This fits with your point above and my point about the Atlas Network.

      Every authority cited in the piece is actually with a member of the Atlas Network–the Heartland Institute and the Friedman, but there is nothing that identifies these various think tanks as having a common agenda. Fordham is another as is the Foundation for Excellence in Education that Jeb Bush founded and Condi Rice is now involved with.

      That same author from Friedman was a speaker at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta last year, which I found curious. When I was at the Georgia Public Policy (an Atlas member) Legislative Forum in October, a former candidate for State School Super, a former school board member, ed prof, and teacher, raised a question to a number of Atlas members including the Acton Institute pointing out that there was no actual choice behind the school choice slogan. Instead of being alarmed, the group asked her what her question was.

      That was the moment I was truly certain this was all really a scam to get private access to all the taxpayer money.

        • And explain the Atlas agreement with the ASCD that it is the Whole Child in a holistic manner–“well-rounded education” as ESSA put it–to be targeted. This is what the Rockefeller bio on Dewey, Religious Faith and Democratic Humanism said. Again this also fits in with many of the charters I have looked at and the actuality (that parents do not grasp) of what is being ‘assessed. It also explains why so many members of Atlas and others who are openly Dewey devotees keep referring to ‘testing’ and too much of it when they understand that the projects and online gaming are the assessments and that there is little testing.

          According to Dewey “Real moral understanding actually involves the heart and gut as well as the head.” Parents being told that their child will receive a “classical education” taught through ideas ought to be familiar with this direct Dewey quote from his book Ethics. I also noticed Sen in his Theory of Justice book never mentions Dewey. I think it is because the Rockefeller book, especially when added to the bios of Dewey I cited in my book really does give the overview of what we are looking at and the use of education to get there.

          Resentment, ranging from fierce abhorrence through disgust to mild repugnance, is a necessary ingredient of knowledge of evil which is genuine knowledge. Affection, from intense love to mild favor, is an ingredient in all operative knowledge, all full apprehension of the good.

          In short, if moral reflection is to influence behavior, it must engage the whole feeling, thinking, and willing person.” That Was Dewey in the italics and Steven Rockefeller’s summaries of his thought otherwise.

          Here is the “Educating for Democracy” report in this post again. “low-income and students of color do not receive effective democracy education experiences…This inequity offers an opportunity. Focusing on providing low-income population with an authentic democracy education experience, whether it be in-classroom civics or youth organizing, can show young people how they can take ownership of problems in their own communities, and ultimately, shift power structures. And ultimately, their leadership is vital, as issues like inwquality must be solved by those directly impacted by the problem…

          A concrete way to interrupt this cycle is through democracy education, and through changing the very foundations from which this cycle emerges—the behavior, motivations, and knowledge of young people.”

          Sound familiar? Also fits with the Competency discussion in Chapter 4 on the Civic Mission of Schools.

  3. This is from Hopkins ED website
    This sounds just like ESSA

    “This process requires a total reorientation in these potential workers by mediating those prerequisites of learning that will enable these people to learn the new ways of thinking, perceiving, and functioning necessary for their adaptation.”

    adaptation no doubt to the ” 21st century” workforce and planned world

    • Thanks madmommy. That kind of described neurological change is precisely what constitutes ‘evidence-based’ under ESSA and what creates full payouts in social impact bonds. They will model a change in life circumstances due to the observed adaptive change and her gushes the taxpayer money with a nice rate of return unavailable outside the public-private world.

      For more on what social impact investing and evidence-based policy takes us look at the 2015 Arnold Foundation Annual Report. It cam out a few weeks ago and makes no bones about the kind of deliberate redesign of people and social systems planned.

  4. Have you read this book?

    “Is Google making us stupid?” When Nicholas Carr posed that question, in a celebrated Atlantic Monthly cover story, he tapped into a well of anxiety about how the Internet is changing us. He also crystallized one of the most important debates of our time: As we enjoy the Net’s bounties, are we sacrificing our ability to read and think deeply?
    Now, Carr expands his argument into the most compelling exploration of the Internet’s intellectual and cultural consequences yet published. As he describes how human thought has been shaped through the centuries by “tools of the mind”―from the alphabet to maps, to the printing press, the clock, and the computer―Carr interweaves a fascinating account of recent discoveries in neuroscience by such pioneers as Michael Merzenich and Eric Kandel. Our brains, the historical and scientific evidence reveals, change in response to our experiences. The technologies we use to find, store, and share information can literally reroute our neural pathways. “

    • That’s the rationale for prescribing Es and Os. It’s also how Digital Learning as a mandate and the Common Core parity of Print and MultiMedia is actually about preventing the creation of an Axemaker Mind.

      Education becomes about creating desired sympathies and common understandings. I have been looking into the premises of this so-called “classical education’ that Alice Linahan, Karen Bracken, Duke Pesta, the Barney Charter School Network, and others are pushing where the hype is “teaching through ideas.” That early February Houston conference that is a successor to the Stand in the Gap bus tour from fall 2014. Umm, does anyone involved remember the Russian Ilyenkov and the Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete Theory that would reliably guide how the world is perceived and experiences interpreted? That was also my reaction to listening to David Barton’s presentation on the purpose of education from some church in Dothan that was apparently a part of that same tour. I wondered if Barton knew he had just provided a fairly good overview of how the invisible cybernetically constructed mind and personality are to function to reliably guide both unconscious and deliberate future behavior.

      Oh, let’s advocate for that and call it misleadingly a Classical Education and the parents in a manufactured uproar over the “Common Core” will come running to us. We make money and parents have no idea they have actually embraced the Transdisciplinary vision of reengineering the student at the level of the mind and personality as well.

      I have such an annoying level of knowledge. I hear all these prescribed talking points in someone else’s sales pitch and recognize the ancestry of the pitched idea and what it was intended to do.

      Yesterday in the program I was in the representative from the Atlanta Regional Commission hyping the Changed Demographics and how we had to educate our New Majority Minority Population appropriately kept using the terms software developers and coders interchangeably. One creates intellectual property for a needed purpose that didn’t exist before. The other works with existing tools not much differently than the old saw and hammer or even the computer itself. Those differences though are crucial to creating the very prosperity everyone seems to want to redistribute in this economic and social rights world. In the call for Equity and Excellence, we are systematically squelching the minds and personalities we will need to fund those declared economic and social rights.

      • What has the housing justice movement been like in your area? A recent dust up in our area by a tenants unite group has a movement against landlord’s. Hearing anything on this while you are at seminars or forums?

        • Yes, it came up yesterday at the program at the Carter Center where Angela Glover Blackwell was the Keynote Speaker. You may remember that PolicyLink and the Center for American Progress post I wrote back in summer 2013 on the transformational vision.

          Yesterday it came up in the context of elderly women outliving their assets and becoming housing insecure. As I believe I have mentioned I was at the Atlanta Housing Forum’s overview of the Texas case and the Obama administration’s ruling on required Inclusion. My understanding is real estate developers of mixed properties are being told there will be no approval unless 25% of rental units are for low-income voucher recipients while the developers recognize anything over 1 out of 5 dooms the long-term viability of the property. No matter how nice it becomes known as a section 8 site.

          There was also a reference to anger over landlords passing on real estate tax increases to tenants. I am not sure what income stream they believe pays property taxes. The general consensus was that there was enough money to meet all these needs and it just took political will. Insufficient wages and lack of union organizing were considered the reason poverty still exists. I was there because of my interest in the common rhetoric between the admitted Left and the so-called Conservative think tanks. I just found the Mother of All finds in this area as an author of something footnoted in Sen’s Justice book just explained this alliance as something the Eurocommunists came up with in the 70s that spread to South America and Japan. I will put it in the next post along with how it links to Dewey, K-12, and that George/Warren/Cornel West summit above.

          It also fits with that Convergence Institute we found following up on the Texas administrator meeting from last January that then led me to that troubling Bipartisan Leadership Conference in DC in December 2014. All the pieces are fitting in ways I would never have guessed would be laid out as I follow all these crumbs in the cited books from both sides. fascinating how many of the names Blackwell dropped I had read and knew exactly where this all led.

        • I have written before about UNESCO’s World Summit on the Information Society but they adopted another vision document in December in NYC where our invites went missing.

          But I would have found something appropriate to wear…

          Seriously everything here on the use of Big Data to achieve fits with what I heard yesterday.

    • Oh, I know Mislevy from the Gordon Commission.

      I spent the morning reading this from Texas that came out yesterday with a Governor Abbott press conference. It certainly puts the shenanigans in Texas into perspective. I am clearly going to have to deviate somewhat from my planned next post to explain that the US was founded on the principle that there are things no government may do to an individual without permission. So the parents getting all enraged over education can also be led to blindly lobby for the Con Con.

      Yet another paper written by a Poli Sci PhD who thinks the way to redesign the American political system with minimal opposition is to work for a so-called ‘conservative’ think tank. Good thing we have all this Atlas Network discussion in place over the last several posts. Guess what TPPF belongs to?

      Remember when I said that although I took time off from writing over the holidays, I did not take time off from researching so I could put ESSA and everything else into its correct perspective? One of the books I read was Law Prof Sanford Levinson’s Our Democratic Constitution: Where the Constitution Goes Wrong (And How We the People Can Correct It). Would anyone like to guess where Levinson is a Law Prof? The University of Texas School of Law. Anyone want to know what book originally called for a Con Con? Everyone is doing so well they should buy a Powerball ticket today and truly go for it.

      Want to know who the advocating blurbs are on the back cover? why, none other than Cass Sunstein, former first-term Regulatory Czar and Nudger-in-Chief in all this ‘evidence-based’ public policy and then Harvard Law Dean and now SCOTUS member, Elena Kagan.

      But there’s more confirming evidence that the admitted Left and the touted ‘Right” think tanks are actually launching a planned synthesis on us grounded in Second-Generation economic and social rights. Another touting blurb in side the front cover is from American Principles Project founder Robert P. George. Yes, the same one on the video chatting with Rick Warren and Cornel West in the video above as well as the video with his former student and now Presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

      In case I do not get a chance to write tomorrow, let’s quote Professor George since that’s why he did the blurb. Can you say Convergence? (my bolding for emphasis)

      “Few scholars are in the same league with Professor Sanford Levinson when it comes to raising provocative questions about the Constitution and conventional modes of interpreting its provisions. Whether one agrees or disagrees with his analyses and prescriptions is largely beside the point [actually I disagree wholeheartedly especially in a Transdisciplinary world of Teaching via Concepts], what matters is that he forces readers to think about dimensions of constitutional questions that largely go unnoticed. In Our Undemocratic Constitution, Professor Levinson is at his thought-provoking best.”

      I really do have a very fine library admitting to all the Fundamental Transformation Plans. I reall wish people would quit giving cause to tap into it.

      • I was guessing this but here’s the proof. In 2011 with Levinson and the American Constitution Society as sponsors.

        I first ran into this Soros-funded vision when I discovered ‘progressive polyphonic federalism’ about a year ago when the Emory Dean and former SCOTUS clerk did a lunch meeting I went to. I also explain how it started in 2005 at Yale (the year before that book came out) and that Eric Holder, Janet Reno, and Cass Sunstein were all involved.

        Then I bought and read the Constitution in 2020book.

        Honestly this all feels like everyone has tossed me into the Brer Patch thinking I will hate it there and not know what to do with the thorns. Not to pat myself on the back, but I booked Con Law in a class that produced two future SCOTUS clerks. I like this stuff.

        And here is Levinson from yesterday saying that Abbott’s speech contradicts his averred insistence that he reveres the Constitution.

        Probably because it gets in the way of states moving toward the planned cooperative commonwealth run based on Big Data.

        One more, here is the 2009 Aspen Ideas Festival where Levinson was one of the speakers on the Constitution in 2020. has the video.

      • Mislevy and Alperovitz and WHO else has found a home at University of Maryland at some point in time? I had no idea the place was harboring these psychos. ( I grew up in Bawlmer…MD…. would never go back…..but still )

        • Maryland used to be where CIRCLE was before it moved on to Tufts to coordinate with Sustainability. Some of this is in the book as is cites to Judith Torney-Punta back when her Transformational Change schtick was Global Education instead of Civic Learning. She was a contributor to that 70s Global Age book that Goodlad wrote the Intro for.

          It is also home to the Service Learning Initiative and also I believe Ted Howard.

          Notice that link has a video of Angela Glover Blackwell interviewing Ted Howard. She was the keynoter at the program at the Carter Center on Thursday where the researcher from the Economics Policy Institute insisted the cause of poverty was the failure to pay people enough. Apparently think tank employment does not create any concept of what a low margin business is.

          The Convergence is quite visible now. I woke up this morning just knowing a book I had not gotten to yet would be a false narrative if things truly had lined up as everything now points to. Sure enough the author starts off with saying he had never written about education before 2009 and thanked the people at the Hoover Institute at Stanford for helping him. He also described it as home to so much of the “k-12 education reform agenda.” I thought “no wonder it fits with the CASBS agenda so well.”

        • That squirt insisting increased wages are the solution to ending poverty for all is from Georgetown eh? Well now I am good and annoyed.

      • “One public financing method comes up for frequent criticism in Idaho, especially among anti-tax groups: tax-increment financing by urban renewal agencies. Idaho has about 60 urban renewal districts where the independent agencies, created by a local governing body, can collect a portion of taxes in a given district to finance development within that area.

        Critics complain that the agencies are unelected bodies whose districts siphon away taxes that would otherwise fund schools and local services. They also contend that the bodies live on past their original missions, looking for more ways to collect taxes and spend money.”

        They are right to be critical of the use of UR to create and drive business. Often times councils do not understand it. Just like any real estate you own the building appreciates. With UR you can take a building and borrow against it. What people do not understand is that if fire/police, are in the UR zone it freezes the revenue for that zone until the debt is paid. So your local fire and police may need to operate on an existing budget for 50 years while the appreciation is used to pay off the debt. In a messed up city like mine they will use UR funds to purchase a government owned building to remodel it. The dumb thing is government does not produce anything by way of funds to repay the loans. This is how economic recovery is to work? It will fail.

  5. JG Thanks for your first book. Your second will be welcomed. My book is a year away, concerning the academic life of a typical university student in Georgia and the grade reduction when not being politically correct The Republican George Senate voted to censure Apush and the Georgia University History curriculum after a lively debate between two university professors (who were miraculously conservative in their views .) A wide variety of Georgia citizens worked diligently to petition the Senate who also voted to censure Common Core in Georgia in February 2015.

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