Obscuring the Reinvention of All Education Around Envisaging New Ways of Being in the World

I am afraid All really does mean all. No matter how hard that graduate school is to get into or how high the tuition is, there really are deliberate plans laid out to shift graduate business, law, and other professional degrees to align with the planned shifts in K-12 and college, plus the economy and political structures, as we have been discussing. In fact, as I laid out in my book that came out last October, education at all levels is seen as the primary driver to change the future. Without tenure, a bias-inducing grant, or a political career on the line, everything I am reading and hearing the outlines for is likely to be malevolent in actual practice and reality, whatever anyone’s actual intentions.

I had framed another trilogy to gradually lay out what is being attempted, how the new assessments fit in, why I won’t be able to ban the nauseating word ‘Soviet’ in 2014 either, and how all this manipulation gets masked. Now if you think that sometimes my posts can seem a bit hyperbolic, I always try to tone them down from the aspirations and declarations I am dealing with. But somehow I just could not come up with an easy way to tell everyone that the Russian word obuchenie was going to be the January 2014 first entry in the ISC Vocabulary Hall of Fame. It will be quite the revelatory post though.

First I think we need a Prequel to remind us all once again just how transformative at every level imaginable the hoped for vision of the future really is. Plus all the influential people and institutions involved with this comprehensive effort that remains off most people’s radar screen. Thankfully the Eager For Fundamental Change folks at the Garrison Institute sent me this pdf as part of their aspirations for what needs to be taking place in 2014. http://www.garrisoninstitute.org/about-us/the-garrison-institute-blog/1858-hope-for-the-future-of-climate-change . Like the Schemers for Change at the UK’s RSA that we went into in December, Garrison simply intends to take physical climatic, assumed likely to be catastrophic, change as a given that will no longer be debated.

Time to move straight to laying out the intended social and cultural changes for all of us. If you do read the report and you give yourself a dime every time you read the phrase “behavior change,” you should be able to treat yourself to a nice lunch somewhere. Seems like just compensation for the mental anguish of once again wading through plans of social engineering and discovering how many people these days earn lucrative livings laying out and enforcing awful things to do to us and our children at our own expense. I think we can all admit that the real classroom implementations we have been discussing will be highly useful for “working on climate change from the social and behavioral facet means we are working towards wellbeing for all in a brighter, healthier and more fulfilling future.”

Even more useful to getting at those personal behavioral and social ‘facets’ may be this “Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects  in the Behavioral Sciences” just announced. http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=18614 It looks to me like the feds want to amend the law to allow the education research that is already going on in places so it can be expanded as desired. No effective recourse once people start to notice. I guess there are truly to be no legal barriers to the planned transformation.

If it seems like we are dealing with an entirely different view of the law than what used to go on in law school or civics class, it’s not your imagination. The law really is now seen as a useful tool to require normative change in individuals from the inside-out. “Make them do it so they will come to believe it” sounds just like the approach to education change Vicki Phillips and Michael Barber advocated for in the UK in their “Irreversible Change” paper. It is now coming to the US through education, legislation none of us asked for, and regulations we are not getting any chance to read.

It is all part of a fundamental shift of viewing the law “as a means of changing the wind” according to Gerald Torres of Texas-Austin School of Law (page 18). What we are seeing elected officials at all levels enact makes much more sense given these admitted transformative aspirations once you read that:

“for those interested in social change, it is useful to view lawmaking from the perspective of popular mobilizations and other sustained forms of collective action that make formal institutions, including those that regulate legal culture, more democratic. One of the important functions of law resides in its power to tell persuasive stories about individual fairness and social justice.”

Now that really does strike me as encouraging a mentality that legalizes a majority going after whatever it covets or just generally wishes for. From the bully pulpit of an elite law school and the forum of an exclusive symposium. Torres really leaves no ambiguity at all when he goes on:

“social movements and organized constituencies of non-expert participants play an important role in the creation of authoritative interpretative communities. [Not sure precisely where the authority comes from then except tyranny of a voting majority and Might Makes Right]. Many believe that social movements are most effective when they translate their claims into law.”

Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci wrote back in the 20s that the way to effectively go after the West was to March Through the Institutions and those quotes above are what that march looks like. It’s what the Common Core is a part of as we will see better in the upcoming trilogy. When the blurb heading on page 7 announces “Culture is the Change Agent” and advocates “Shifting Culture through Community,” Gramsci may not be mentioned by name, but his blueprint could hardly be more intact.

One of the most revelatory series of posts in 2013 to me were the ones we did talking about Daniel Bell and his 60s and 70s vision of what he called the Post-Industrial Society. It appears to me that the 2013 Garrison Climate, Mind and Behavior Symposium is simply renaming Bell’s vision as the post-consumption society. So if we had not done all that tracking of all these now familiar aspirations with a variety of names and advocates throughout 2013, these might seem like fresh ideas. Just created as an answer to the troubles of the Great Recession.

Instead it is new packaging and better PR sound bytes on an age old pursuit. Political power as usual wants to control economic power and the average person should simply do as they are told.

With neither complaint or effective remedy.

Now we are ready to start the Trilogy describing Tactics of Transformation designed to avoid detection.

Going to wear out the T and D keys at this alliterative rate.


18 thoughts on “Obscuring the Reinvention of All Education Around Envisaging New Ways of Being in the World

  1. I just read the first sentence and it alone echoes absolutely everything I just sent to you regarding the syllabus for my son’s “Rhetoric” class in college.

    You could cook an egg on my head at this moment I am so steaming mad.

    • I have not read your email yet. I am just glad I could sit up long enough to get a post up. Had to tell my son good-bye and don’t get near me the other day.

      Will be back.

        • Mari-

          I thought about what you sent me. It appears to be asking college students to practice role playing in high need situations that just happen to correspond in fact to the Brookings Institute’s or the Center for American Progress’ urban Metropolitanism plans for a new kind of economy. You imagine being in that situation and what you would do about it and write up your take action plans. You are priming the feelings of a need for change that will later make these students very amenable to federal initiatives like the Promise Neighborhoods. When you believe something is wrong and you have imagined yourself in that situation, you become primed for action, but nobody is looking into the true cause of what is wrong.

          What if the primary cause is the dysfunction created by adverse incentives contained in previous federal initiatives like LBJ’s Great Society?

          In pursuit of fixing tragic personal situations are we ingesting more of the poison that accelerated the very needs we now find unacceptable?

  2. ““Make them do it so they will come to believe it”

    YES! I woke up in the middle of the night last night with these very words running through my head. As students of all ages practice, empathizing and understanding and being content with vagaries and uncertainty because the World Today Is So Complicated, they will come to understand their perceptions as gospel.

    My Gawd. Its terrifying.

    Illustrative Example; For decades at my son’s former school, a top notch American History Teacher ( non-credentialed) has taken each new fall freshman class to D.C for a four day trip. It has been spectacular. They meet with their congressional representatives, they have seen the State Department and met with a former school graduate that now works there. Bottom line their historical and political legacy left to them has been made real. They do research in advance of this trip every summer and must write papers upon returning.

    Not anymore. Said teacher has been demoted and replaced by a Crendentialed teacher. The trip is now 3 days. No advance research from students required. No meetings with Senators. Nope. Beginning this year, the New 21 C curriculum designated that on the first day of the trip the kids upon arriving in D.C. would spend 5 hours touring monuments.

    Then for the remaining two days in Washington D.C., they stayed at the 4H center. They were divided into groups to work in Teams. The teams were then charged with the Project of Designing a Monument For The Future that took into consideration Sustainable, Global Goals for The Common Good.

    Yup. This Happened.

    • Oh. My. Mari! What a drastic sad change. And a perfect example of the efforts to change students. How does one not be the parent running through the halls with hair on fire screaming WAKE UP!

      • My daughters 6 the grade trip to dc consisted of touring all the war memorial monuments including Vietnam, and the newseum… All disaster and downer city. Forget the awesome art science and cultural historical sites and our nations capital. Nope. I had to go and was tortured… Sick really. Omg college classes, laws school.. These rats are in everything. They are total losers. Sorry. Debbie downer sky is falling fraud losers. Oh and sicko’s too. As I recall Charles Manson and jim jones both had techniques for changing minds.

        • Madmommy-wait until you see the business school stuff. We are playing a dysfunctional game where the only people who get a return on their degree investment are the ones who turn to parasitical rent seeking.

          You can just imagine what I am like to travel with. I research where we are going and what is worth doing. Now my almost grown kids do not like to travel without me because they want those stories and the cool places to stay where you meet people from all over. When the Twilight books were so big, I had a bunch of little girls in back seats talking about Volterra, Italy. I piped up with “we took you there when you were 5 and 7. Is it in the books?” Then the friends wanted to know what the real Volterra was like.

          Travel should turbocharge the information already obtained from books so that when you read when you get back you really see it.

      • I honestly do not know. It’s not uncaring I think. Just serious denial. An unconscious or maybe conscious decision to remain focused on upon the very surface of life’s events.

        My daughter’s 10th grade class just finished reading A Brave New World. She reports to me that she and one other student out of 100 have been captivated by the ‘story’. She has come home from school every day for almost two months despairing that none of her peers like the book or are interested to discuss the themes the book raises either In class or out.

        I remember reading this book in high school too and I valued it as well. A few kids were uninterested then but I chalked that up to being a teenager. Some people fear non-conformity at primal level and addressing that in the conformist teenage years is a challenge. But at least back in 1982 more of my classmates cared. Although, ha! in hindsight much of the discussion then about Huxley’s vision was relegated to viewing his premise through the lens of the Evil USSR only, not as a model for things to come for ALL of us, as it so clearly was demonstrating.

        Strange Times.

    • Interesting. I am wondering how this relates to the monuments on the Mall question on the AP English language exam last year? coincidence.

      • I’m not familiar with that AP question. Can you break it down for me? I would not be shocked if there was a connection, if only because some educrat on staff remembered it and thought, ” This is as good a place as any to start since we are replacing the previous model.” Based on what I have seen at the school they are seriously winging it these days.

  3. Interesting to note that after years and years of radical behavioral psychology being used on a captive audience of teachers and children, they are proposing to legalize the immoral and dangerous methods.

    • Hi Ann. Yes because it’s not isolated anymore nor dominated by Title 1 sites where the parents may not recognize what is actually going on at the time.

      “This time there will be no barriers to fruition nor effective recourse for parents and students who do notice” is basically the new motto. Plus because the push for how people should be framing their daily experiences is ultimately coming out of international rent-seeking parasitical entities, they need to brush aside constraints in countries like the US where ultimate sovereignty is supposed to reside in the individual. There really is a stated preference for the French model.

      They are still trying to hide it though. People have been writing about the new disciplinary rules issued Wednesday without focusing on the fact they also positioned Positive School Climate models and the Positive Psych behavioral models as a safe harbor to avoid being sued under bogus interpretations of federal civil rights laws.

      Radical behavior psychology imposed to avoid being sued by our now radicalized DOJ and DoED.

  4. Just stumbled on this gem which should be coming to intro level sociology classes at your local college soon.

    Peter Callero, of the department of sociology, Western Oregon University, has written a book titled: The Myth of Individualism: How Social Forces Shape Our Lives (2013, 2nd Ed):

    “Most people today believe that an individual is a person with an independent and distinct identification. This, however, is a myth.”
    “Individualism is a set of beliefs that economic success comes from one’s own hard work, and that private life is more important than public life; it is an “ideology based on self-determination,” where a person can freely choose what he or she wants to do. However, these beliefs are not sustained by reality.”

    Oh boy.

    • mc-those quotes fit with a great deal of what I have been reading.

      It takes time to appreciate just how much trouble is coming at us now, but as I keep repeating these intentions are quite unambiguous.

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