Orthopraxy as Evidence-Based: Data Just Shows the Efficacy of the Sought Theory of Change

The reaction to the last post was certainly fascinating for those of you who do not read the comments or are not on Anita Hoge’s mailing list. I have to confess I already knew precisely what the citeable definition of “evidence-based” was when I wrote that post. I wanted to find out if there was any interest in the truth or whether the organized narrative and misdirection was the real point. Since we now have our answer and I said it was citeable, evidence-based under the School Improvement Grants during the Obama Administration referred to “activities, practices, or interventions” that had either been shown to be effective in creating the desired outcomes in the student  or had a “research-based rationale describing why it is likely to improve student outcomes or other relevant outcomes. The recommended format for demonstrating and communicating this rationale is through a logic model.” [frequently italicized for emphasis as logic model and so integral to organizing a society a la Upravleniye that it can be found translated into other languages and alphabets all over the globe].

Back to quoting from a recent Rand report having to do with funding streams under ESSA for “evidence-based” curricula and interventions. “The Education Department General Administration Regulations (EDGAR) defines a logic model as:

a well-specified conceptual framework that identifies key components of the proposed process, product, strategy, or practice (i.e., the active ‘ingredients’ that are hypothesized to be critical to achieving the relevant outcomes) and describes the relationships among the key components and outcomes, theoretically and operationally. (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 34, Sec. 77.1, 2015)

An effective logic model should draw on past research to detail the components of the intervention and provide empirical justification for the hypothesized ways these components affect the targeted outcomes. That is, logic models are effective tools for visually communicating to stakeholders what an intervention entails and why it should work.”

That sounds technical so let me quote from another part of the report since I have been screaming from the rooftops for years on this blog and detailed in Credentialed to Destroy that social and emotional learning should not be viewed as about a database of PII. Here’s the quote: “Among educators and researchers, there is a growing acknowledgment that student success depends not only on achievement in core academic subjects but also on learning a broader range of intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. Efforts to develop these competencies are often described using the phrase social and emotional learning (SEL).”

Well, that’s not how the False Narrative alarming parents of a surveillance state of PII instead of factually telling them school intends to rewire their children’s brains via prescribed experiences explains SEL. Why is that and why does it matter so much? Am I simply playing the annoying Classroom Rocket-arm who always shouted out “I know. I know” as they raised their hand? Here’s an example of why it matters so much  https://www.edsurge.com/news/2017-11-22-how-to-measure-success-without-academic-achievement Notice how the author declares the desired outcomes of getting to heaven or being “a good person” as interchangeable goals in terms of the desired internalized changes and personal characteristics sought and how to bring those about via classroom experiences.

How intrusive is that? That’s evidence-based policymaking in education. An IB Learner graphic or Portrait of a Graduate set out in state ESSA plans are logic models. Some of the most notorious curricula we have covered on this blog like Responsive Classroom, Tools of the Mind, the Good Behavior Game, mindfulness activities, and PATHS–Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies were all deemed by Rand to not just be evidence-based and qualified for federal funding, but already having proven efficacy at creating the desired intrapersonal and interpersonal characteristics in the student. See why I think it is such a mistake to make the tool of data the focus instead of the desired sought changes to the student? See how much it matters what the logic model or blueprint shows are the desired changes that classrooms then backward map curricula to create in the student?

Another evidence-based model of education, this time pushed by the Millennium School, tells us that the “highest function of education is to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole.” An adult whose neural hardware and the operating software installed via classroom experiences over years of “continuous improvement” along a desired learning progression doesn’t need to be constantly monitored by a “surveillance state”. His motivations, perceptions, emotions, interpretive tools, and the very means of grasping reality itself have all been programmed already. Those sought changes need to be the focus. The future behavior is quite predictable because K-12 education under names like “science-based” or “evidence-based” shifted from its historical focus on a body of knowledge to orthopraxy–school as practice for a desired future way of life.

A reader brought Brian D McLaren’s book The Great Spiritual Migration to my attention and his desired orthopraxy vision for a new kind of Christianity reminded me a great deal of how learning standards like the Common Core or a competency framework really work when properly understood in a way the False Narrative somehow seeks to prevent. In a world where heaven and being a good citizen require comparable classroom interventions and activities, I guess that makes sense. Instead of knowledge, it appears to me that we are to have a new model of education globally that fits with what McLaren called faith.

“faith is conviction, the deep and motivating sense that a course of action is right and worth doing. This conviction is lived out in the context of uncertainty. It involves a risk, an unknown. It proceeds not by certainty, but through confidence, the deep and motivating sense that a risk is worthwhile. This conviction (faith) and confidence (hope) are then expressed through love. Seen in this light, you can have a lot of beliefs with very little faith, and you can have a lot of faith with very little in the way of beliefs.”

Now if the actual purpose of this new vision of education is creating a good person or Godly citizen ready to act as a Maker of History to push a new vision of “living systems” and how they will interact in the 21st century, all the deceit really does start to make sense doesn’t it? It explains why I keep finding professors and graduate students in social and public policy being taught that social systems can be redesigned to fit new intentions. It just takes new goals, government edicts, and plenty of data that need not be personally identifiable at all to work just fine.

Since I am still in a wrist brace and this is already longer than I intended to type, let me close with another link that the Rand report cited called “Making Evidence Locally: Rethinking Education Research under the Every Student Succeeds Act” by Thomas J. Kane. Kane has also written about how states can create ‘efficacy networks’ to test strategies for school improvement back in April 2017 in an interview on a site devoted to government innovation. The first was published in the Spring here http://educationnext.org/files/ednext_xvii_2_kane.pdf in a Harvard publication supported financially by the Bradley Foundation. Now that philanthropy is free to support financially whomever it wishes, just as we are free to notice that article places it supporting two sides of the ‘evidence-based” narrative.

If you are an education insider you get the accurate story of what the model means and how so much of the sought implementation and testing for efficacy is planned for the local level. If you are a parent though wondering what is happening to your child and are looking for answers, you are liable to be led to books published by Bradley’s publishing subsidiary, Encounter Books, that push the useful False Narrative. You may hear the hype about School Choice or databases or Student Unit Records and end up listening to someone employed by a think tank funded by Bradley’s deep coffers. I just find the involvement on both sides to be fascinating and I am very grateful to that Rand report footnote.

I am also grateful we have an ability to move beyond where the Right and Left Pincers want to take this discussion of what is really going on in K-12 education. They keep hyping research-based education. I guess I am glad we are still able to have research-based writing on the topic, even if the False Narrative does try to prevent widespread circulation or appreciation for its accuracy.


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  1. So glad you are back on line! Have been absent everything for the last month or so, so am going to have to wade through hundreds of emails to catch up. Am anxious to find out what has been going on. Find your material to be on target and setting us on the right track. Thanks and sorry to hear about your difficulties. Hope you continue to improve. Best

    • It is easy to mislead people in this area or have a mistaken interpretation if elements in fulfilling the blueprint get mistaken for the goals instead of mechanisms for achieving the goals. For example, a managed economy or Womb to Tomb may appear to be goals, but once you see the backward mapping laid out in the Bellagio 1968 documents on how to achieve the Human Development Society and the MH vision, it becomes clear they are simply tools in different elements of what Ervin Laszlo called the Organized Society. I found this document laying out the difference between an Action Plan and a Logic Model to be helpful. http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~pbd/pdfs/Action_plan.pdf

      ERIC already has that Kane paper up on their server so we know it is pertinent to IES. In addition, Kane has been a Senior Fellow at Brookings so there’s the link to Bellagio as well as the Learning Metrics Task Force. Finally, the ERIC link cites the Hoover Institution so we really do have Right and Left Pincers fully coordinating.

      Yes, it has been a sad several weeks at my house. At least all of my children made it for the funeral from where ever they were. There is comfort in that.

    • I have read Four Dimensional Education and know exactly how it fits with evidence-based, but this seminar http://curriculumredesign.org/seminars/ states that the CCR framework has now been translated into 14 languages. That fits with what a search on evidence-based and logic model pulled up.


      Understand the complex future facing humanity and students caused by technological and human factors; rethink educational practices for a sustainable humanity and a new economy, in light of robotics/artificial intelligence, gene editing, etc.
      Re-prioritize knowledge, skills, character and meta-learning in the curriculum, with a focus on *transfer and expertise*.
      Delve deeper into specific knowledge facets that need to be rethought in schools: STEM, Humanities, Arts; essential content and core concepts; interdisciplinarity; major themes (global literacy, systems thinking etc.)
      Rethink new approaches at the system and classroom levels for modern knowledge (entrepreneurship, wellness, robotics, etc.), themes (digital literacy, global literacy, information literacy, etc.), and interdisciplinarity; skills (creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration), character (aka SEL: Mindfulness, Curiosity, Courage, Resilience, Ethics, Leadership) and Meta-Learning (Growth mindset and Metacognition)
      Develop an action plan for your school to make education more relevant, and your offering more impactful, attractive and competitive.

      I really hate coming across objectives framed in terms of “humanity”.

      • You can see from reading these reports that they are using all of the sophistication of science and psychology to make their ideologies stick (not knowledge: just the underlying world-view). I saw those lovely children on the front of the School-learning Organisation publication and my heart sank. These will be the people who will mock us if we are still here in 10-20 years. Their words and their life-force will be for the performance of someone else’s will. They will be cult members and not know it! Please, anyone in a position to do so, we must resist. Teach your children the truth even if it means ridicule, loss or death.

        • I keep reading that this new vision of the future requires a new kind of consciousness and then I recognize that the cite is to Ken Wilber who of course partners with Robert Kegan whose Key Competences work is the focus of the OECD’s ed efforts globally. He, along with Peter Senge, was who the Hewlett Foundation hired to make sure the Common Core assessments would measure so-called Deeper Learning. The Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Competencies also comes from Kegan’s work.

          Wilber has created a Quadrant on the desired evolution with Self & Consciousness on the top left and Brain & Organism to the top right. Bottom right is Social System & Environment and then Bottom Left is Culture & Worldview. All these visions of ed, going back to Tranzi OBE laid out in Credentialed to Destroy target these 4 areas. The data is a tool for something much worse. McLaren cited Steve McIntosh and I read this interview with him yesterday. http://www.integral-review.org/documents/Volckmann,%20Interview%20with%20Steve%20McIntosh,%20Vol.4%20No.1.pdf

          He talks a lot about the need to control worldview but this sentence really jumped out at me because it shows just how invisible this type of control is. “…for most people these kinds of intelligences are less significant than their core values. So when we recognize the very important role that values play in orienting our attention and determining our intention, and when we see our values come largely from our worldview, our position on the spiral of development, we begin to see why ‘the values or worldviews line’ is so important in determining the internal location of our consciousness overall.'”

          What people REALLY fail to grasp is how much of this shift comes in as Equity mandates and under Personalized Learning.

  2. YES! Participatory democracy! Much like a rigged delphi town meeting or the government of CHINA.

    So sexualizing, stupidifying, corrupting, misleading, children k-12 whatever it takes to tie them to a relativist but truthfully, shame base, make them reject trad west, history family church God, through all the effforts and playacting and Neuro meddling hypnotizing lying censoring confusing neglecting , tricks and tools they create the empty shells who will participate in the sham. The bloviating high falootin language of psychology and science served in every sentence keeps everyone from understanding the deception because it requires deconstructing every sentence and word to see the BS clear as day. Nobody does it but this crowd. Thats their ace in the hole.

    • Did you see this article put out this week from the Witherspoon Institute (which is tied to the Bradley Foundation and was a part of the 2011 creation of the Common Core False Narrative via the Closing the Door on Innovationrelease http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2017/12/20569/ ?

      I find the Transgender analysis of the Obama admin troubling as well, but then suddenly we get this doozy statement “At the heart of American liberty is parents’ right and freedom to form the worldview of their children. Insistence on adherence to a new sexual orthodoxy undermines that right. It trains children to disregard anything that conflicts with the new orthodoxy, whether it comes from parents, from religion, or even from science.”

      That is nothing more than propaganda trying to get parents to accept the very troubling idea that education is supposed to be about worldview formation instead of the transmission of knowledge. Moreover, if Emmett and Jane really believed that statement they would not write reports or create campaigns to alarm parents that misstate what Tranzi OBE does or Competency-based ed or SEL standards or what evidence-based means in education. All of these ‘reforms’ are a means to alter worldviews when properly understood. The misexplanations allow the private or parochial schools, charters, or online providers to still get at worldview formation without parents being any the wiser because they have been misled about how learning standards work.

      I found that statement to be one of the most disingenuous things I have ever read. People need to be as wary of the opinions of lawyers working for public policy think tanks as they would be if they encountered them in a criminal defense context. After all, in both cases, there is a client and their desired interest they are being paid to represent whatever the actual facts.

      In education reforms and its ties to the MH utopian vision of a little c communism globally by 2030, the think tanks want us to believe what we are told and to frame using the assigned concepts. Precisely what they are also teaching our kids to make a habit of mind. No wonder Karen Bracken wanted me to quit reading all the books that admit quite graphically that my analysis is correct.

      I wish it weren’t. Nothing merry about this vision of what will “make humanity flourish” in the 21st century. We will end up functioning about as well as the fbi these days.

      • Robin, as parents I do think we transmit more than knowledge. We do transmit our world view, often intentionally. Perhaps I do not understand your comment, but are you disagreeing with this?

        My view is basically that I have control of my children until majority and owe them protection, then they have control of themselves in dealing with the world. I think the Witherspoon Institute is agreeing with me here, as opposed to letting the school be a “stakeholder” with some rights over my children.

        Never liked the “stakeholder” idea anyway.

        • I would agree we transmit our worldview, but it is a worldview grounded in lots of reading and life experiences and not backwards mapped onto a child’s psyche via education to change their guiding characteristics. I think we both see the world in a certain way and yes it is more than knowledge. I always told my kids that the “essence of who you are is how you treat the disenfranchised when no one is looking.” Yes, I do talk like that, but worldview is about concepts and categories of thought being a means of controlling what gets noticed at all and how what gets noticed will be interpreted.

          When we pass that on, it is based on what our life’s experiences and book learning tell us has helped ground people who are good at making a go of life and rolling with the punches. It’s not grounded in making one amenable to collectivism. It’s not based on what is necessary to create a ‘shared meaning’ within a given community. When I told my son when he was young and going off to someone;s house for the night–“Just assume I am watching and behave accordingly” it was not a threat. It was grounded in the fact he could mull over what I would say if I was around and then let that be a fairly good compass.

          That’s not what that Witherspoon post meant by worldview. Remember too I have read and talked about both the Report on Civil Society and Hardwired to Connect with their communitarian emphasis that the Bradley Foundation funded. Tranzi OBE, when accurately described, which is something APP refused to do in their report with Pioneer to hype the Catholic Curriculum Frameworks, is absolutely about controlling worldview. Now we have Learner profiles and Portrait of a Graduate to euphemistically get to the same place. That’s why the EdSurge article was so revealing, whether to save the soul or to be a good citizen, children now need to be changed from the inside-out.

          The Catholic Curriculum Framework is about controlling worldview using the same techniques a Linda Darling-Hammond or James Paul Gee would advocate for. Same with the agency-based education that Neil Flinders pushes and I covered when I wrote about his book Revolution of the Heart.

          Everybody is going to the same place and has been from the New Standards project going forward. I confirmed that yet again this morning before my college kid had me drive her around once again in pursuit of Atlanta’s best gingerbread cookie.

        • This is out today from Emmett and Jane still drawing attention to worldview formation, but as I noted in a series of posts on the APUSH evaluations, there is no attempt to explain how a framework is intended to work. http://thefederalist.com/2017/12/19/another-politicized-curriculum-revision-means-college-board-needs-competitors/

          We also have the classic fallacy of Appealing to Authority in the hyping of the authors’ law degrees. Law degrees have no bearing on the validity of a history conceptual framework. My law degree is only pertinent when I am analyzing legislation or regulations or when I make a statement that I have a summary judgment level of demonstrable proof backing up what I am saying. That’s the level I had in writing Credentialed to Destroy and it is the level of proof I have when we are discussing what evidence-based really means or competency-based education.

          Because of the College Board’s ties to ETS and its role historically in pushing systems thinking in students or what is now called Higher Order Thinking Skills in ESSA, the role of HOTS is intimately tied to how a conceptual framework really works. In that link I provided above to you yesterday it is the area of stipulated knowledge referred to as Strand Mapping. A Conceptual Framework is not pushing a leftist body of knowledge. It is pushing a leftist way of seeing the world. Again by not explaining how Disciplinary Core Ideas, Understandings of Consequence, or Lynn Erickson’s Enduring Understandings (all of which I have covered and are tags on this blog) , the new function of ed as about ideological worldview formation remains. Then the only fighting point is over which ideas are the filters or ‘lenses’. Parents cannot ‘control’ their childrens’ ‘worldviews’ if they are being misled about the nature of a conceptual framework or just how cybernetic in function the Classical Charter School paradigm is.

          That’s also what the CLT that APP is pushing as a rival to the SAT is looking for per the CLT’s own statements. That’s why I keep saying everyone is headed to same vision with only the nature of the instilled ‘lenses’ that are to become Habits of Mind being argued over. Few parents are grasping that and the misdirection certainly looks deliberate since there is never any attempt to correct from provable critiques of the analysis. That’s also why the common funding of both sides matters so much. If the Bradley Foundation, for example, begins funding something that functions just the same in ed as something the Rockefeller, Ford, or Carnegie philanthropies previously pushed, it doesn’t become a conservative position in education. That’s also why function matters so much more than assigned euphemistic names.

          • This is an example of how this desired “growth in Understanding’ and how manipulated it is in what is to be understood conceptually can be. http://academics.cobbk12.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/2nd-Grade-Social-Studies-2.22.17.pdf

            I grew up attending Cobb schools so I not only understand the difference theoretically by understanding these ed logic models of desired results, I was a bookworm who was in 2nd grade in Cobb County Schools. These are kids who are also unlikely to be fluent readers at that point. These concepts will be learned as sight-recognizable Controlled Vocabulary creating internalized mental schemas. I was probaly off reading Francis Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess or reading Daniel Boone bios at this point in second grade.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/embed/IvqBJYmpQrY

    This Philadelphia teacher seems to be getting it. I may have missed any problems with this presentation you can point out Robin, but she mentions systems and evidence based education and as a progressive somewhat old school teacher, seems to convey a beleivable amount of alarm. Knowing Philly as I do, she has had a good vantage point inside the changes occurring the last decade or 2.
    She highlights the BYE BYE teachers issue of AI and individualized learning as the catalyst or frame being put in place.

    And this: disturbingly macabre from Gates property EdWeek:


    “As a society, we must get used to the concept of “technological legislation,” the notion that widely distributed technological systems and devices often govern our lives more effectively than local, state, or federal laws. To cope with the daunting societal implications of accelerating artificial-intelligence adoption, education leaders and policymakers must begin to consider with the questions these new technologies will raise for education.”

    “In the classroom, the questions will be challenging: What must curricula contain to educate students for AI-related work? How can they be taught the social and political implications of a world deeply penetrated by artificial minds?”

    Its like “policymakers” are Dracula, Frankenstein, Hitler, Charles Manson and a pack of starving wolves , yes lets put this group of interested passionate volunteers in charge of the children. Lets do that. Yes. Good idea.
    If larry Brinkin and Ben levin do not raise any alarms then the above list wouldn’t either.

    • I will listen to the video after running my chef errands, but veteran teachers speaking out is precisely why the Educayion Lawyers conference in San Diego recently was touting the SCOTUS Garcetti case as a means to prevent teachers from being free to tell this story without repurcussions to their jobs. Like all the school board members in states all over being told they cannot intervene now in ed policy or making 529 accounts include homeschoolers and private and parochial expenses, there really is to be no port in the storm.

      This came out yesterday http://www.greattransition.org/images/Raskin-How-Do-We-Get-There.pdf and it would not be news to Gates and learning standards and metrics and formative assessment of desired internalized results are precisely how the desired Global Citizens Movement will be inculcated. Notice that in this follow-up http://www.greattransition.org/roundtable/problem-action-debbie-kasper not only is education cited, but the author thinks of the Temp[leton Foundation as a potential funder. That links this to Martin Seligman and all the Positive Education initiatives as well as Positive Neuroscience work they are funding. It pulls up the Jubilee Centre and their Framework of Moral Development we have covered as well as their Knightly Virtues curriculum.

      I personally doubt there is any human flourishing in this web being spun unless one is the recipient of one of these philanthropy or government grants to spin this web. I guess those with book advances or salaries paid to obscure this web being spun also benefit. I mean flourish. Or maybe we can substitute that other euphemism–‘thrive’.

      Merry holidays to everyone and given this http://greattransition.org/publication/fight-for-new-economy explicit lay out of plans also just released, I am so glad I covered nef in Credentialed to Destroy. It was only this year after David Rockefeller’s death that I learned one of his daughters was involved with nef. That’s a tie straight to the Bellagio 1968 conference which originally laid out the backward mapping and what systems thinking could be used to create in ‘living systems’.

      • Strangely enough, Mr Seligman’s ideas are not new and not entirely wrong. As for the Knightly Virtues, they aren’t that bad either. It is only in whose service they being employed. They seem to be values whose effect is to create calm, solid, resilient citizens. Will that be you and me, people older than 25 years of age? No. As I have mentioned before, the key here is always the children. Their world, like it or not, is the sum total of the strongest images and social forces that create their view of the world. This world has been inculcated for many years (over 40 at least). The children have these views and the internet and parents are fighting back, hence the need to keep them steadfast, hence positive psychology, hence the knightly virtues. Fix that world view to ‘values’. It shows you that values are fluid. Funnily enough, they use classical authors to buttress their ideas and yet these people had vastly different world views and concepts of civilisation. It demonstrates how anything taken out of its context has the power to subvert.

        • We should get others to chime in as this out of context discussion is one we have a lot offline, but it requires prior familiarity of the author and their complete works, not reading through ‘lenses’ to illustrate a desired ‘principle’ to guide attention and intention as that quote had it.

          Steve McIntosh’s book Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution came yesterday and darn if there was not Ervin Laszlo on the back cover touting the book. If I have forgotten to mention this since I first wrote about Ken Wilber in 2014 or so, the co-sponsor of the Common Core learning standards, CCSSO, has a sub EdSteps, that works with Wilber. Here’s a quote from the Introduction: “‘Integral consciousness’ is a new perspective on the world that expands our perception of reality and provides fresh motivation to make a positive difference. This new way of seeing and living arises from an enlarged set of values framed by an expanded understanding of cultural evolution.

          As we will come to see, when we participate in integral consciousness, when we make meaning from the perspective of the integral worldview and adopt its values, we become endowed with the power [agency?] to make significant progress in the world. Integral consciousness thus promises to produce exactly the kind of evolution that the world needs most. As we consider what form a successful future might take, we begin to realize that without some kind of positive cultural evolution, the future of humanity looks pretty bleak.”

          Let’s not forget that the Templeton Foundation underwrote that US Constitution Center curricula in terms of freedom and liberty as communitarian terms. Seligman is also not advocating for positive values plus academics. Making plans and setting goals and then working together to achieve them becomes the point of education and the learning experiences could hardly be more manipulated to create that Global Citizens Movement.

          McIntosh’s quote here fits with Seligman: “integral consciousness arises from lived values, and when we begin to make meaning from within the integral worldview, this inevitably improves both our inner life and our external circumstances.” The truth in that is completely overshadowed by this manipulation of feelings, thought, and consciousness itself and the desire to rewire it globally into Habits of mInd while oblivious parents assume things are just a different way to teach reading or math while also emphasizing teamwork.

          • Hi Robin, couple yrs ago Arcadia U. televised an elementary school competition between several public schools in around Phila and the Nat Constitution Center sponsored it with ex Gov Rendell and his wife. It was all about getting youngsters involved in civics. The hosts were shocked when several of the kids did NOT agree that anyone who lives here should be able to vote whether a U.S. citizen or not, and also that they didn’t think lowering the voting age to 16 was a good idea. The kids did think voting online was a good idea and voting for more than one day got great kudos from the Constitution Center leader. Mrs. Rendell to the audience said they wanted to get to the kids while they were young!

            They were not teaching civics; they’re trying to lead kids. The national program on civics they were promoting didn’t seem to go anywhere.

            So no tourist or daily bus load of school kids who visit the Nat Constitution Center realizes it is simply a very wealthy nonprofit. Their leading scholar is a liberal prog judge. Their messaging is not about the Constitution, but in stimulating visitors to ask what if? What do you think would be better? Classic. 🙂

          • Hi Lee. Sorry you were hung up in comments. Tore a tendon in left knee puting away Christmas decorations and am on crutches and supposed to stay off stairs.

            I wrote about that center and their communitarian definitions of freedom and liberty and tied it to the Templeton Foundation’s other funding including the Jubilee Centre and the work through the Divinity School at U-Chicago that in turn tied to the Growth Mindset Scholars Network based at CASBS in Palo Alto.

  4. That edweek article is also an excellent example of the pseudo scientific /psychological verbosity used by these cretins which serves to obscure what they are really doing .

    • So is this just out from iNACOL https://www.inacol.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/iNACOL-RethinkingAccountability.pdf

      Notice those redefinitions of ‘success’ and ‘expanded outcomes’. Imagine a world where Knowledge is mostly about applying the concepts of a Strand Map.

      Notice here that I have italicized ‘evidence-based’ in this report quote to show it is an adjective describing practices just as this post laid out.

      “Continuously-improving education systems use evidence-based practices to improve learning and monitor
      progress of students, schools and systems in real-time. In response to ongoing feedback and data, it drives
      change to improve and evolve practice, culture and structures to ensure that students get the supports
      they need, when they need them, for growth and success. “

  5. Its just too much. They CARE SO MUCH about our kids growth and success! Yukk. Ya know when someone is being fake to you in person well this goulash of glib is just rancid. There is serious mental illness abject narcissism and megalomania and downright psychopathic derangement.
    When you see the wilderness of mirrors they look so petty ugly and cowardly. Like in the raold dahl film the witches.

  6. Hello Robin,
    Hope you had a happy Christmas! Once again you’ve headed down the emergent church rabbit trail.
    “Brian D. McLaren (born 1956) is an American pastor, author, activist and speaker and leading figure in the emerging church movement.[1][2] McLaren is also associated with postmodern Christianity and progressive Christianity and is a major figure in post-evangelical thought.”

    Did you check out his book “A New Kind of Christian”?

    Their evidenced based targeted interventions are like spider webs. Once the light shines bright you see them everywhere.

    • I had never heard of him, but a reader sent me something of his with the suggestion that it seemed tied to what I was explaining about the real purpose of learning standards. It reminded me too of that Kairos conference and the 1993 World Parliament of Religions and their statements and basically all the emphasis on worldviews and Knowledge as more about guiding beliefs than demonstrable facts. From this cited book I moved on to a book McLaren cited by Steve McIntosh called Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution. I had guessed he was describing what Evald Ilyenkov launched from the USSR as the new dialectics and sure enough it laid out vision-logic and dialectical evaluation that work kust like Higher Order Thinking Skills.

      It also solves our mystery of all the Classical Ed hype as the supposed solution to frustration over the Common Core when I can see it is not a panacea at all. McIntosh lays out the tools of consciousness and cultural evolution as “The Practice of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.” Sound familiar? Larry Arnn is fundraising for $2,000,000 this weekend to expand K-12 charter schools premised on the same concepts that McIntosh says are the driving concepts of social evolution. I don’t think that’s a coincidence, do you? All the pincers lead to the same place and function. Only the identifying names and sales pitches seem to vary.

      Here’s a quote to mull over while cooking those black eyed peas for good luck. “…what all forms of consciousness really need, what feeds people spiritually and causes the to grow, are services of kindness, teachings of truth, and expressions of beauty. The skillful application of beauty, truth, or goodness makes any situation more evolved. And the values of beauty, truth, and goodness can be applied most skillfully when we realize how they work together in a dialectical system. Thus, when we use integral philosophy to see how every conflict contains a transcendent synthesis that is waiting to be achieved, we are practicing the method of integral consciousness.”

      If that sounds also like the Club of Budapest’s Holos Consciousness we have tied previously to systems thinking and positive psych intitiatives, Ervin Laszlo wrote one of the cover promotion blurbs. There’s our ties to nel Noddings, Riane Eisler, Christakis, Bela Banathy and Csik and his Excellence to boot. Remember too that this means this is what the federal civil rights laws are forcing in the name of Equity.

      It all makes sense and that’s a lovely way to start 2018, isn’t it? Christmas was nice and I picked a good year to ask for a new coat, complete with a built in hood. It will be especially nice in the coming frigid conditions. I can remember when these fronts were called Alberta Clippers.

    • Had to share this that’s making the rounds. How long have groups of us been shouting this??

      Why the Opt-Out movement is fading… fast!

      By Michael Bohr, CI

      In 2009, Barack Obama and Arne Duncan launched the “Race to the Top” initiative. RttT was hailed as saving education from the educational oppression of George Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” initiative… which was supposed to save education from Bill Clinton’s “Goals 2K” initiative, which was supposed to save edu… seeing a pattern here?

      Truth be told, all these programs were actually continuations of their predecessors and the building blocks for what followed. It was a grand scheme gilded with wool, pulled over the eyes of new parents and those already dismayed.

      And it worked.

      Until Common Core, that is.

      Suddenly, parents truly got involved in decoding and researching what was going on with their children in the public school systems across the country and, in fact, the world. As it turned out, Common Core (and its testing and data grabbing) were merely the little, but much more
      Virulent, brother of UNESCO’s “World Core Curriculum”.

      Parents were tired of the platitudes and excuses, along with yet more new and professional sounding verbiage from teachers and administrators and so they began learning and fighting back.

      I was among those early parental pioneers of modern day education reform resistance. There weren’t that many of us, maybe a score or
      two of parents nationwide who had actually put politics aside and researched the hell out of common core at source level detail. We went to the US Dept of Ed and State Ed databases. We
      Researched Foundation tax records and traced payoffs to schools, bureaucrats and teacher unions by Gates,
      Murdoch and mothers. We followed cash from Soros to SEIU, who ran cover for the teacher unions as the backdrops
      Political donation front to politicians and NEA/AFT professional development program.

      We, as parents, were also outright lied to by school Administrators and our kid’s Teachers. Bold-faced lies that were as epic as they were prolific.

      And when we caught them and called them out? They whispered how sad they were. How they were forced to both lie to us and abuse our children… and we bought into it.

      Parents shared their knowledge and worked tirelessly to form groups to inform other parents and teachers. We begged and swore to put politics aside… and we did, even when it hurt.

      But we were being infiltrated and a few sold out.

      The unions started spreading cash around and their media allies began covering those who took it and calling them
      Leaders of the Opt Out movement. Steadily, those very few leaders, particularly in NY and Long Island, aligned with hardcore, left wing Social Justice Marxists from the NEA, AFT and their smaller affiliate unions and began stifling parental voices as they themselves were courted, glorified and deified by these highly political teachers, unions and media personalities, along with double-talking politicians and school administrators.

      For 4 years, grassroots parental
      Organizing was building up the opt out numbers and informing the public, one mom and dad to another across social media. Nobodies like myself suddenly in the public eye… slapped in the face by those we thought allies.

      NYSAPE was formed by a coalition of Social Justice liberals, aligned with teachers and unions and claimed itself “the leader of the NY opt out and stop CC world. A year later, the unions were laying claim to having started the whole thing!

      Meanwhile, organizations like Long Island Opt Out, NYSAPE, the teacher group BAT, AQE all coalesced into one giant partisan monster and started shutting down the average parent for their own fame and money from the unions.

      They injected politics into everything and began telling the same lies parents were told before like, “there’s nothing wrong with our schools”, pity the teachers who have to teach this mess”, “what about tenure and pay for the poor teachers?” “Teachers can’t talk or they’ll be fired” (said by teachers into bullhorns)… and then it went way off track and it became about Trayvon and Ferguson, white Privilege and racism and stupid white suburban moms… and still nothing changed for the better for kids. Parents and children were threatened by the state if they didn’t test but the teachers… they got a break from the teacher rating Formula and so the teachers and their unions stopped making noise and went back to “properly rolling out the test prep” and “unpacking the Common Core”. And the unions supported, with MILLIONS of $$ every single politician in favor of the Common Core and the Testing.

      The only thing they stopped talking about was “how were the children”.

      And so parents said the hell with this… maybe we let our kids take and fail the test and see how that works out because we don’t have union $$ paying our bills or big news outlets sending cameras unless it was to mock any and all non left wing opposition as crazy right wing conspiracy theorists who hated Obama’s education plan because he was black and they were racist.

      The very problem in education, namely the centralization of control by the state and federal governments, that was championed by the left wing Social
      Justice crowd (many openly anti capitalist Marxists who got into education as a form of revolution by child Indoctrination) was destroying our local schools and the only problem the education professionals really had was that they wanted more of it with them at the helm.

      And now, 8 years later, Jeannette Dueterman of LIOOi and Marla Kilfoyle of Badass Teachers Association, along with their puppets at NYSAPE, Racist Principals like Jamaal Bowman,
      In conjunction with Randi Weingarten, Diane Ravitch and a coterie of Marxist Mavens and Malcontents are saying the very movement they caused by the professional malfeasance of educators’ political agenda, paid off with Gates and Government grants are calling parents racists and privileged, with the ironic twist being that these people chased motivated parents away from education involvement (again) and are now complaining (again) that they aren’t involved enough.

      But they want more money, more
      Media coverage and more fame and now, after many of us warned them what would happen (I said it until I turned blue) has happened (parents have left teachers to fight for union and political issues alone and without our kids to stand on) they call us names.

      They say we aren’t opting out enough because we’re too privileged (keep in mind, those who did opt out were called privileged 3 years ago because they couldn’t get inner city parents on board… or complain about the charter schools the ditches public education for), too racist and too cheap to give them
      More tax $$.

      And oh the horror that Donald Trump was elected, in part, because he was the only one who said he would ditch Common Core. Not that NYC folks didn’t give HRC all of New York’s electoral votes, they did, with the earliest ever endorsement by the teacher unions, who’s members voted 90% for proCC Hillary btw, but these radical,
      Hate America Marxist Usurpers of education are mad at the suburban and rural parents who voted otherwise and stopped opting out and call them racists and blame them for their loss of political status and fame.

      All these faux protest groups and their leaders who are backed with union and political $$ and supported and hailed
      By Ravitch, Weingarten,
      Garcia and a host of communist groups like AQE, NYSAPE, Badass Teachers Association are responsible for the Common Core being possible in the first place, as well as its continued existence (under whatever name they tape over it) and they’re still talking about everything (and mostly
      Themselves as the real victims) except how are the children.

      Shame on you.

      You’re on your own now, pass the tax credits and vouchers, these are the people who really killed
      Public Education and parents need to get their kids away from them FAST!!

      Michael Bohr, CI

      • The lsd or culture/media faux lsd mind scramble stupor allows this blabber to continue. Huxley’s ultimate revolution is working perfectly.
        The snow is black alright already.

        • On a related note there’s nothing like the same entity that was behind the White House conference under Obama pushing Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Competencies now turning around and complaining about what it refers to as Truth Decay. https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR2314.html

          Mustn’t be allowed unapproved ‘lenses’ from our own Conceptual Frameworks to guide our attention and intention apparently.

          Have made it downstairs two days in a row if only for a few minutes.

          The stated desire to create “common language with which to discuss the problem” is precisely what drives learning standards like the Common Core and competency frameworks. It is the rationale for Conceptual Frameworks for subject areas and Disciplinary Core Ideas and Cross-Cutting Themes globally. It also fits with the work of the Frameworks Institute and we have seen the list of its related institutions tied to the public sector wanting to control our internalized ability to analyze and interpret.

          https://www.rand.org/news/press/2018/01/16.html is the press release. Probably not an accident they used an immigration example. Perhaps we are all to adhere to Dick Durban as being a paragon of truth and not look further behind the corrupt curtain by which he has lived his public life–the Chicago way.

        • The good news is my husband has moved my computer to the breakfast room for easier access while I remain on crutches. The bad news is how right I am on where School Choice is leading. http://globalinitiative-escr.org/advocacy/privatization-in-education-research-initiative/human-rights-guiding-principles-on-the-obligations-of-states-regarding-private-actors-in-education/

          Notice if you click the link to English on the Guidelines it pulls up George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Not a big surprise to me, but it explains why some Jay Greene research years ago was based on Open Society funding. When I inquired about that before a name change to EdChoice I got “Milton Friedman. Milton Friedman.” I retorted that Milton would have recognized the speciousness of the response.

          https://gemreportunesco.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/drafting-guiding-principles-on-state-obligations-concerning-private-schools-lessons-and-strategic-considerations-from-a-rights-perspective/#more-11460 was my heads up and fits with the Social Impact Bonds push Soros, the Obama admin, and all the big venture firms like the squid and morgan stanley and morgan chase are all involved with.

          • Notice how this AEI post touts private schools as about ‘school choice’ with no mention of how they are still to be regulated and thus not really a choice at all. https://danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/the-private-school-revolution-in-india/

            That is a site that does not allow me to comment . just like Heritage’s The Foundry. lest I link to provable facts that dispute their narrative.

            By the way, wouldn’t it have been nice if Stanley Kurtz had mentioned that Robert George, who founded APP was chair of the Board at Kurtz’s employer, in this puff piece touting a new book by 3 APP employees http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/455225/politics-administrative-state-mcgroarty-robbins-tuttle . Makes it seem like he just happened to write about the book even though we know that these individuals were very involved with the False Narrative on the Common Core. Kurtz has also worked closely with Jane robbins on apush without ever actually fessing up as to the true nature of Conceptual Frameworks.

            The ‘administrative state’ is a pet phrase behind many Bradley F initiatives that in the end just seems to foster more public-private partnerships at the local level. That of course plays right into those guidelines above.

          • One more update while I am up eating lunch. This came out today from the Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development. https://assets.aspeninstitute.org/content/uploads/2018/01/FINAL_2017_Aspen_InterimReport_Update.pdf

            Here’s why the False Narrative wants to hype local control when as a factual matter there is no actual control. For Robinson, of the Center for Advancing
            Opportunity, it’s all about “starting locally and then moving globally.” Far from being a slogan, he says, the sentiment honors the integral role that parents,
            educators, and students must play in pushing for a more holistic approach to child development. “It’s important that they all get a chance to put their
            thumbs on the scale,” he concludes.

            The bottom line, Co-Chair Shriver says, is that “we need new science, we need new training, we need new standards of implementation, new policies to support [social, emotional, and
            academic development], new tools to measure its effectiveness. … When you get all those things put together, that’s a field. That’s a new field with new programs and practices, new policies, and new ways of engaging the community.”

            The Robinson is Gerard Robinson who was Trump’s Education Advisor and who is a fellow of AEI. That School Choice pushes the same vision gets omitted. The Shriver is Tim Shriver, head of CASEL and Maria’s brother and Eunice Kennedy’s son.

        • This is directly on point to this post. https://www.teachthought.com/pedagogy/if-you-dont-already-have-a-plan-for-the-data-before-giving-the-assessment-youre-already-behind/

          Plus look at who else is interested in Evidence-Based Policymaking. https://www.aisp.upenn.edu/category/evidence-based-research/

          That came out as the consensus in this week’s testimony per the ED Week Digital Education summary would be consistent with setting up this Nationalwide Data Infrastructure fir Evidence Based Policymaking. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0002716217740116 All the hype over PII simply plays into this template as does the hype over Child Abuse in the Classroom. If your desired remedy is being pushed by the Washington Post and NPR, it does not work as imagined. Precisely why I created the Lemming Alert title in the first place.

          Plus as this link makes clear there is already a substitution for science-based or evidence-based–fact-based public policy using anonomized databases held at the state level. https://riipl.org/2017-innovative-policy-lab-conference/

          Plus notice this crucial shift in the nature of ‘the law’ to become an enabler instead of a barrier. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0002716217741088 Of course the reality is that this is how charters also work and what parents are not being told as they are led to believe that a Student Data Privacy Toolkit or an EPIC Student Bill of Rights protects their kids when in reality it enables the Upravleniye out of the parents’ sight at a neural level.

    • Cool. All while I was off getting an mri done of my knee and lying very still.

      The Center for Curriculum Redesign released this last night. http://curriculumredesign.org/knowledge-for-the-age-of-artificial-intelligence-ccr-publishes-landmark-report-and-knowledge-framework/ None of this is news to me, but I suppose I should be honored that since I have written about Lynn Erckson’s Enduring Understandings and David Perkins’ Understandings of Consequence, they have now been renamed for this framework. Still same function though.

      This is also why it matters so much that Jane Robbins and Stanley Kurtz never explained how conceptual frameworks really work or why it is so troubling that Joy Pullmann and others affilaited with the Barney Charter School initiative of Classical Education have written about their conceptual orientation. People believe they are escaping the template of the Common Core because it has been misexplained to them.

      Speaking of the Soviet influence it is everywhere in both Project-Based Learning as well as the constant use of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s nested systems of Bio_Ecological Systems Theory.

  7. From Ctd:

    “In 2011 I was invited to attend a Movers and Shakers conference where the president of a major research university spoke. He stated that universities would be one of the few sustainable resources of the future and the key to future innovation. That government has to facilitate all economic flows. But it cannot do everything needed so the business community needs to help as well. Since big companies can’t hire everyone, there needs to be some entrepreneurial activity as well….To me, such an upfront declaration in a public forum suggested that this Corporatist economic and political template is the accepted norm in conversation at those higher ed conferences we are never invited to.”

    For a real-time example of a scary corporatist project to monopolize health insurance in the face of the threatened dismantling of Obamacare by the present administration, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdfaTmIyezo

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