Outlasting Presidential Administrations and Transcending Politics: Data-Driven Social Control

The original title ended with ‘of People and Places’ after I learned that the term ‘governance’ was actually a euphemism for ‘social control.’ That made for too long of a title though. The sudden and steady drumbeat in the last week proclaiming the need to “transform the relationship between State and Citizen,” whomever the next US President may be, quite frankly has scared me. Following up on those sudden articles unleashed a torrent of papers uploaded within the last year on ‘socio-cybernetic steering.’ Gulp. No time to get a book out to spread the alarm before the election and transition. Then yesterday my warnings from the last post about what the Rule of Law has come to quietly mean were reenforced in a very well-connected Regional Housing Forum in Atlanta.

That program involved Affordable Housing, but the assumption was ‘public policy’ controls people and places and elected officials are the designated policymakers. All that is needed to get the “kind of City we wish to have” is an “end goal of legislation and public resources.” As an expert on what is really going on in the so-called silo of education and someone with a fair amount of economics training, these assumptions that prosperity can somehow be decreed and that legislative mandates will not have consequences are wrong. All these clear plans to redistribute the prosperity that more infrastructure will supposedly bring are both maddening and saddening, if the latter is even a word. I felt like  Scrooge at a pep rally for people excited at the prospect that they will be able to fly and suspend gravity by legislative fiat.

When I was organizing my notes recently as I prepare to write the sequel to Credentialed to Destroy, I kept having the recurrent thought that the phrases ‘evidence-based policymaking’ and ‘public policy’ had become the euphemisms for what used to be proclaimed a cybernetic steering of systems and institutions. It’s the same concept I have mentioned that the Soviets called Upravleniye— the scientific steering of society. It needs legislation to put it in place, specified goals to be met, and then data to show whether and to what extent those goals are being met. I heard the assumptions of Upravleniye  yesterday even if none of the politicians, government officials, and presenters there have heard the term. Maybe I was particularly sensitive since in the last week I had seen Governing magazine do a September story called “25 Years Later, What Happened to “Reinventing Government’?” that I knew misrepresented the effect of that seminal book.

After all, the day before I had put my copy of the David Osborne/ Ted Gaebler book in a particular pile so I could explain the constant references to “all levels of government.” Sudden, common False Narratives just before a watershed Presidential election made me notice that the global consulting firm McKinsey had just put out a so-called ‘road map’ for a “societal transformative effort…fueling a movement toward evidence-based policymaking.” Issued in August and hyped last week it is called “Policy in the data age: data enablement for the common good.” That’s two. Then the Fall 2016 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review arrived with the CEO and Co-Founder of Results For America calling for “Accelerating ‘What Works'” and writing that there “is an urgent need to expand the infrastructure for results-based policymaking at all levels of the US government.”

I know you will be as excited by this incessant drumbeat as I have been, with all these people suddenly “charting a course for improving the way that government invests in social change. Now it’s time to accelerate those efforts.” In case anyone thinks this is just a Left Pincer move to use one of my favorite metaphors for where all this policy making is taking us, http://results4america.org/press-room/works-combat-poverty-lessons-nycs-center-economic-opportunity/    shows Michelle Jolin’s entity is working with Bloomberg Philanthropies and What Works Cities putting on a program with Atlas Network member-AEI. Magically, another Atlas member, the Fordham Institute, yesterday wrote “Can evidence improve America’s schools?”

Funny they should ask that now, especially as Michelle Jolin cited ESSA and the schools as the “underpinning of a commitment to creating a What Works Accelerator is already in place…The next administration will have an opportunity to channel this bipartisan energy into the launch of a new vehicle for results-based policy. A What Works Accelerator will not restore Americans’ confidence in government overnight, but by helping officials to address problems more effectively, it will move public sentiment in the right direction. It also will transform how policymakers at all levels envision their role in driving social change. ” Now I bolded that to make sure we all recognize that clearly, at all levels as the pet phrase keeps reciting, the purpose of governments is being radically and quietly changed from what we learned in civics class, in publications most of us will never read and a forums we are unlikely to attend.

Hold on though please as this gets worse, much worse. Last Friday, GovLab released a paper called “Ready to Govern: Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next Administration” issued by the enormously well-connected (look up those partners) Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for the Business of Government. Now I covered IBM and its fondness for a “System of Systems” and seeing education globally as the means in my book, so you can bet I put this paper at the Top of My List of Things to Do. Even so, I was not really braced for what I found as the hurry to shift the US, whoever the next President may be, to a steered, People are systems and so are schools and cities, cybernetic, Upravleniye economy and society. It is everywhere, starting as soon as the election is over with the Transition Team of whoever wins.

I asked myself would a President-elect Trump even have any idea of the true nature or even the existence of this laid-out agenda? Especially if his Transition Team is sprinkled with people with ties to the Atlas Network, since we already have documented the misleading narrative surrounding School Choice. He appears to use the term generically when he speaks, naturally unaware it has a provable, legal definition that ties it to the cybernetic systems vision of Bela Banathy (see tag) and several education profs at Indiana University. I know that, Atlas’ members and their fellows know that, but Mr Trump gives every indication of not knowing the ancestry of the phrase. It matters because as Ms Jolin noted education is front and center to the evidence-based policy making vision. It’s also how the desired Mindset gets invisibly put in place.

As UNESCO’s Irina Bokova put it this week in the GEM 2016 report: “Now, more than ever, education has a responsibility to foster the right type of skills, attitudes and behavior that will lead to sustainable and inclusive growth.” Bela Banathy had precisely the same idea and created what he called a Guidance System to get there that School Choice, properly traced and understood, puts into place as a matter of law. It will be Banathy’s use of the term, and not Mr Trump’s or Ben Carson’s beliefs about what it means, that will take command as the next administration is pushed to embrace evidence-based policy making at all levels of government. It’s unlikely an accident either that one of the listed attendees at the January 2016 Roundtable that led to the Roadmap for the Next Administration is Jim Harper of the Atlas-affiliated Cato Institute. Another listed attendee is Steve Goldsmith, former Mayor of Indianapolis, a Romney/Bush 43 Domestic Advisor and author of numerous books.

See what I mean about those pincers? The paper keeps using the phrase “Enterprise Government,” which works much like what the timely-again book Reinventing Government called ‘catalytic government.’ Enterprise governments supposedly “change how governments work and improve people’s lives…enabling data-driven governance.” The final Management Roadmap is supposed to crank up during the Transition while we are all busy with the holidays and “will help the new administration successfully transition to power and improve the government’s performance throughout the new President’s term.”

It’s not just that I do not believe that governments at any level pursuing such an invasive agenda are likely to improve anyone’s lives unless that someone works for government or gets a taxpayer-funded contract. I am also worried that the nature of this agenda to scientifically manage people, places, and society generally will not even be recognized in time, given all the False Narratives being put forth by politicians and Think Tanks and their employees. Since I cannot cover the entire report let me go to some of most disturbing aspects. Does anyone else think Fascism or Cronyism when they read:

“The impact of open data can be amplified when government works directly with private business on targeted activities. This represents a new form of collaboration, beyond the public-private partnership model, in which participants from different sectors, including private companies, research institutions and government agencies, can exchange data to help solve public problems.”

Now in a steering society, where everything that supposedly affects ‘individual well-being’ gets turned into a ‘public problem,’ this coordination would certainly explain what the various funders of all these think tanks, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, would adore about this model of steering society. Troublingly it also reminds me of what was laid out deceptively as Free Enterprise in the America Next report the Atlas members were pushing that I wrote about here. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/knowledge-to-avoid-becoming-roadkill-on-the-bipartisan-global-road-to-dignity-by-2030/  That would also explain why School Choice as pushed by Atlas members in earnest fits with UNESCO’s vision for creating the desired ‘right attitudes’.

My experience yesterday at the Housing Forum can also be explained by what I consider to be the most duplicitous part of the Roadmap. It wants to create a “user-friendly neighborhood data infrastructure…to design better citizen services on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.” Just imagine that dataset in the hands of federal agencies intent on ensuring Equity and Inclusion and legislatively enacting mandatory Inclusionary Zoning and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing or Health Equity. Data gets used to try to enact the UN’s SDGs or the Habitat III agenda at the state and local levels.

Most people would be none the wiser as they, their children, and their communities get redesigned and socially engineered to fulfill a vision Uncle Karl theorized might be possible with the right kind of technology. That this is the true goal just jumps out of the bogus explanation for creating that neighborhood-by-neighborhood data base.

“While retail entrepreneurs are experts in their respective trades, they often lack access to high-quality information about economic conditions in the neighborhoods in which they operate or are considering operating…”

That is a nonsensical statement. Entrepreneurs know that. It’s the governments, at all levels, who want that data so they can supposedly use the Rule of Law and public policy to change it via a so-called scientific management of society.

To close with the inspiration for the title, while alerting American voters and hopefully someone in the Trump Campaign to this attempt to sabotage Making America Great Again, we all need to know that this desired steering is currently scheduled for us. To commence in earnest as soon as the election is over. Either Transition Team is supposed to be devoted to “continue developing an evidence-based approach to governance.”

Looking to “create institutions that can outlast administrations and transcend politics? Do we have the right arrangements?”

Right for whom would be the timely question.

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  1. Robin, Heritage Foundation and fellow travelers have taken over the task of filling the states with ground troops and, in so doing, have assumed the position of furnishing the research and policy positions for the campaign. His statements on education today in Ohio reveal this. Education is not his signature issue and he has accepted their packaged proposals as sounding right for his vision. That vision does not line up with the vision he has discussed during his whole campaign. As you so effectively point out, the package of proposals for choice in education and funding-following-the-child is given deceptive labeling, causing policy decisions to be based on false perceptions. Education’s role in the change envisioned by those who would imprison this country is extremely vital–and someone needs to explain it to the only person who is running for president that could possibly stop its forward progress. Help!

    • CPW-that’s what I wrote this post to start the process of doing. No way can he know this, but the charter school language and the vouchers, unbeknownst to him, fit with this vision of private providers of stipulated activities under terms the parent and taxpayer are not in a position to grasp. Neither Trump nor parents recognize charters thrive because they redefine what constitutes ‘achievement’ in ways that would horrify parents if they knew.

      His campaign cannot be aware of Bela Banathy, but I am and there is no question that Indiana ed profs have tied this vision to Banathy’s Asilomar Conferences. I locked all the proof down before I wrote this post. I am not slinging mud here, but simply putting together where this all leads. Saying FH Buckley quotes known Marxists is not name-calling if the people cited regard themselves as Marxists. Most people don’t understand the Human Development Society but unfortunately I do. I listened to a five minute video interview from SSIR with PolicyLink’s Angela Blackwell Glover. She explains the link of public policy to attaining the vision of an inclusive society. http://ssir.org/videos/entry/three_questions_with_angela_glover_blackwell

      Guess what? I heard Angela speak in person in January at the Carter Center and she was citing the same people like Raj Chetty that Buckley did in his book The Way Out that Donald Trump Jr said he looked to for his convention speech on school choice. These people are headed to the same place except one is forthcoming and the other gets there via unappreciated rhetoric and policy like School Choice in its legal, non-generic sense that operates as a highly designed tool of the behavioral sciences. That McKinsey report had an Exhibit 2 “Great digital governments combine the power of digital with adavnced analytics, big data, and IoT to deliver smart and integrated services.

      Smart education is listed as “Fine tune ‘education journeys’ for students. What parent really appreciates what that means? well I have been in Atlas programs for Carpe Diem, Rocketship Schools, 4.0 Schools, Acton Schools, and others hyped as evidence-based and it is the child who is being redesigned. It is that very change that constitutes being evidence-based and effective and under ESSA eligible for lucrative charter school expansion. Parents don’t know that. Trump cannot know that, but I suspect Robert Enlow does. I know plenty of his fellows do because I have questioned them and suffered death stares and outright lies as I asked well-informed questions that pierced the False Narrative. I suspect that is why the FRB of Atlanta asked him to be a speaker at their monthly Economics Club luncheon a year or so ago.

      I don’t constitute the cavalry as I am one person, but my quiver is quite full of provable factual declarations of intent on this issue.

  2. Accelerating ‘What Works’” and writing that there “is an urgent need to expand the infrastructure for results-based policymaking at all levels of the US government.””

    Can we just say that slush funds, strategic ambiguity, and denial are a big three in this capture game.

    • This is a politically directed society and economy at all levels. It’s also why all the hype about the federal government being the poison is mostly misdirection. The steering is at all levels and mostly invisible since it’s the internalized capabilities and values and likely perceptions that are all being deliberately targeted by education as well as legislation.

      I wrote a post a while back about a 2014 book published by Penguin, Pearson’s publishing division, called The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State. That’s what that Roadmap and all these papers are advocating for without expressing it that forthrightly. There is a passage that fits with what Michael Barber has called for using education, what Angela Blackwell is calling for on that video from SSIR and calling it the Inclusive Society, and what Wade Henderson of the Leadership Conference called for and called the ‘harmonic convergence’. It would also explain the Chinese explicit dissing of President Obama at the recent G20 Summit. It believes that “Western democracy is no longer efficient; that both capitalism and society need to be directed; and that getting government right is the key”.

      We are having that same vision foisted on us. The behavioral scientists crafted the part of this overall vision that I treat as a proper noun School Choice because it has a traceable future trajectory laid out as well as a documentable past that tracks to proclaimed progressives and systems theorists. Thye behavioral scientists know from their research that people who believe they had a choice do not tend to investigate further into the true nature of what they are getting. If the ‘data’ shows the student is ‘learning’, parents are pleased and do not look into either the nature of the data or what constitutes learning. The fact that the learning creates a person who is predictable, malleable, and completely unaware they can be and are being steered based on what is politically convenient to the Powers that Be is not on the radar.

      Would you believe when I was following up on all this I stumbled across a 1991 Cato Journal article on how the fall of the Soviet Union showed that people and other human systems could not be designed and hard engineered and that softer methods and new ways of thinking would be needed. I wasn’t looking for an Atlas member. Clearly though this socio-cybernetic ability if education could simply adopt a neurally-oriented, behavioral science-led template has been a goal for a very long time.

      As I have said I knew this was the vision for at least the past year, but not that there is a hurry to get the final elements in place by the time of the swearing-in of the next President. As I have said, we have very little time to increase the awareness on this before the pincers close. FH Buckley’s book themes Inequality and Economic Mobility are the same as Angela Glover Blackwell’s. They simply give different explanations and their desired remedies–School Choice and Affordable Housing, respectively, are two components of the same vision. That’s probably why both want to use the same term–the Opportunity Society.

      • Speaking of Upravleniye, what follows puts “perestroika” in a whole new light, while telling just how far back the Convergence effort goes. Remember also Bronfenbrenner’s antecedents:

        STORY:…When Lenin launched into the West what is known as the “Trust”, he exported, he allowed the emigration of a large number of emigrés, and in their number were many controlled communist members of the Cheka. And, he introduced this false, controlled opposition to Western intelligence, and as a result the perception by Western intelligence of what was really happening was distorted. Now, this principle has been applied since 1961, and it came to its fruition under Gorbachev. Gorbachev’s “Perestroika”, which means restructuring, is in fact the restructuring not of Soviet society – although that was done for, there was a certain amount of reform and restructuring to give it credibility –,

        McILHANEY: Superficial –

        STORY: Superficial. It is, essentially, the restructuring of the Western mind, the control of the Western mind. That is what it means. Stalin used the word ‘perestroika’, and it meant, in Stalin’s vocabulary, it meant the re-shoeing of a horse. So, the West misunderstood the meaning of “Perestroika”, thinking that it meant reform of the communist movement. In fact, it’s a deception.


        • I have that book and am aware of that. Others need to recognize as well that there is a huge amount of evidence beyond what is already in Credentialed to destroy on this matter, that we were snookered on this issue.

          Remember I also have the English translation of the Russian book laying out Upravleniye. It aligns perfectly with these papers I cited and others that also keep citing to Amitai Etzioni and his book The Active Society published in 1968, but created while he was a fellow at CASBS. Look at Cass Sunstein’s new book The Ethics of Influence: Government in thr Age of Behavioral Science that just came out and what the Reviews openly claim. http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/economics/public-economics-and-public-policy/ethics-influence-government-age-behavioral-science

          Here is what George Akerlof says, the husband of Federal Reserve head Janet Yellen: “In this era of intransigence and intolerance, The Ethics of Influence is a vitally needed book. It embraces what all of us–left, right, and center–mutually want: a balance between the goals of welfare, autonomy, dignity, and self-government. What’s more it is a hoot to read. Roll over Mill and Marx, tell Hayek and Gramsci the news.”

          Sunstein remember is at the Law School as well as the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. That’s also where Stephen Goldsmith is now so this Roadmap ties to Sunstein and the declarations of intent in those reviews. Here’s another from a Copenhagen prof: “Behavioral regulation has spread to governments worldwide.” The Director of the Max Planck Center for Huamn Development in Germany (note that name given my repeated assertion this is all a relabeled push to get the Human Development Society steered by governments at all level): “admire him [Sunstein] for doing more than anyone to champion the importance of behavioral science in public policymaking. Owing to him, it is an increasingly recognized ethical imperative to measure government actions not only against societal values but also against evidence.”

          No wonder so much of education now globally is actually about shifting those values as Irina Bokova also admitted in what I quoted in this post. Charles Fadel admits the same and he uses the term ‘character Education” to obscure.

          • “Americans believe economic opportunity is as fundamental a right as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. More concerned about a level playing field for all, they worry less about the growing income and wealth disparity in our country. Creating an Opportunity Society examines economic opportunity in the United States and explores how to create more of it, particularly for those on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder.”


          • Yes, that is the term everyone seems to be using from books put out by the right and left pincers, to these forums I go to, to the various federal agencies.

            The hand-out at the housing forum I mentioned, for example, has the number 1 Founding Principle as “the creation of mixed-income communities of opportunity is a critical necessity for equitable future growth.”

          • It fits with the books I have read from employees with ties to the Atlas Network. Beth Simone Noveck, the co-author of that Roadmap has a book that came yesterday. She makes a reference to “neuro-economics, complexity science and other law and economics disciplines.” That suggests again what I had intuited. The Right Pincer is trying to get cybernetic principles in place and pretending it is an economic analysis. She also thanks the MacArthur and Knight Foundations and the most well-known search engine overlord for funding her research that allowed her to write the book Smart Citizens, Smarter State.

            That would certainly explain why the Search Engine Overlord wanted those four posts from February deleted as they tied the Classical Ed template as it is being implemented, School Choice, and the cybernetic vision of education effectively together. Again I did not go looking for that story. It came out of numerous people with ties to members of Atlas coordinating around shutting me up and then my looking into what they were saying and what they had in common. Someone who understood the cybernetic template of education other than me clearly helped create that Classical Ed template.

            Noveck also gives a shout-out to Sandy Pentland of MIT who we have covered and quoted here at ISC and who is involved in the UN’s Global Pulse initiative to use data to achieve the SDGs.

            What is going on precisely has become very clear, but the hour is indeed late.

            Did you see the Frameworks papers on Affordable Housing that came out yesterday to reframe how that issue is to be discussed? Did you notice they were funded by HUD? talk about getting ready to quietly implement Habitat III. Nonbinding my derriere.

  3. Why can’t people come up with another argument against charter schools? It is really getting quite old to simply claim, privitization!, for profit! Really people, it does not take a great deal of mental gymnastics to see the additional uses of charter schools as Robin points out in this post. The ed deformers are on the verge of having a dream come true and counting on the ignorance of many.


    • I have said this before and to use school choice in the generic sense I could write a charter that enshrined the transmission of knowledge, but that is not the language of any charter I have read. I could create money following the child that actually did offer choice, but that is not what happens with these pieces of legislation. The DC Opportunity Scholarship legislation looked to accreditation to be the out of sight enforcer of the desired vision and many privates have the same experience. Take one student too and suddenly all the school is bound to the terms that came invisibly with that money. The ESA legislation all puts restrictions on who will be qualified to be a provider that the money can be spent on. No parent has the knowledge to inquire “precisely what did you agree to and how does your online learning platform actually work? Are you also engaged with creating a specified internalized neural template that I am completely unaware of?”

      This is fixable if someone recognizes it is currently a rigged game and tied to a much broader desired revolution in the nature of the State and what governments may now do to their citizens. The idea seems to be to either get Clinton who has been tied to this since Bill did the Goodlad global conference in 1987 if not before when he was at Oxford and Hillary’s ties to Mark Tucker and thus the New Standards Project, the predecessor of the Common Core. The plan seems to be if it is Trump he will push the same agenda as Clinton, while never seeing the true path put in place. Naturally, he’s a busy person with a background in real estate. He was at Wharton though and should recognize the concept of engineered social systems because that was one of the primary homes in the 70s and 80s to these theories.

  4. “Did you see the Frameworks papers on Affordable Housing that came out yesterday to reframe how that issue is to be discussed? Did you notice they were funded by HUD? talk about getting ready to quietly implement Habitat III. Nonbinding my derriere.”

    Yes, I did. I finished one yesterday and intend to finish the other this weekend. Several things caught my eye, like the social science aspect, the ‘right’ to affordable housing, and in particular the idea to frame Healthcare/social services in conjunction with housing.

    I understand the issue with affordable housing and the issue of rent that is out of control. The market in my area has doubled rent prices and purchase prices. This began after the crash. The market was flooded with abandoned homes. Oregon then switched to judicial forclosures, and controls the release of homes to the market. In my area this has created a shortage of homes. What do we do? Build more high density housing, put in Google fiber and a goodwill that’s larger than the single grocery store in town. Pepole say it’s economic ‘growth’ demanding the new home prices, B.S. there is nothing to support the fake growth and it will crash again. I feel bad for those not paying attention who buy a home at these prices. I don’t know what it’s like in your area but in Portland metro are you will pay 350K for a 1500 sq ft home or less on a postage stamp lot. Want to get outside the city? That will cost you 500k.

  5. That Central Point school from your nepc link has their mission aligned with coalition of essential schools 10 principles, habit’s of mind and received a whole child award. It also mentioned mastery learning. Yikes, talk about transformational.

    • Did you notice the food insecurity link was also all about a Portland area?

      There is a push to eradicate poverty by insisting the problems are structural. It also means, as those Frameworks documents make clear, that everyone who has made it over the border becomes someone we all have a lifelong responsibility for. It misunderstands the nature of poverty precisely because seizure of benefits by the public sector, rather than ownership, was always the whole point. I am reading a 2007 bio of MLK called From Civil Rights to Human Rights that was referenced in a footnote within the past two weeks of reading. It owns up to just how radical his vision was and how it was downplayed to get the federal holiday. It consistently lays out the corporatist, communitarian Third Way as the answer to meeting needs.

      I wonder what he would think of no longer teaching any child to read properly in the name of Equity and systems thinking. Off to deal with a neighborhood problem as I am Pres of POA.

      Speaking of Housing though and the actual HUD agenda, did you see this? https://www.huduser.gov/portal/sites/default/files/pdf/HousingInsecurityInHigherEd.pdf

      • What, I cannot use my food stamp debit card for campus lunch? Did you notice the stated desire for ‘hubs’? Come to the hub, get signed up for food assistance, and health care. It’s FREE. Eye roll

        • Not covered here in the US but picked up by the Australian blog The Conversation is that the radicals have won and the Quito document from Habitat III will include the so-called Right to the City. I am looking at precisely what that entails although with what we have covered with HiAP, the very definition of health, food insecurity, the Left and Right Pincers, Inclusionary Zoning, what King’s Beloved Community was really bout, Harry Boyte’s renewed call for students to be trained to be citizens in the sense of the cooperative commonwealth, I had a pretty good idea. Also the presence at those HUD forums and HUD financing those Frameworks papers.

          Here are two links https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/10/mexico-city-df-right-to-the-city-harvey-gentrification-real-estate-corruption/


          This is the vision that P-12 education and higher ed are preparing our children for and only a grant funded theorist or tenured prof would fail to see we are headed towards communal disaster. Imposed via the Rule of Law of course.

          • Remember the news talking about people hanging off the bridge to block river traffic in portland?
            While the site appears slow in activity the Facebook page is very active. Friday they are hosting a policing in the 21st century forum. A very radical group.

          • I am still reading the last paper from the Geojournal, but so far it fits with everything I know the Rockefeller philanthropies and the Ford Foundation have pushed for decades.

            It would also fit with the barely known legal consent decree where supposedly the Republican Party agreed in advance years ago not to challenge voter legality in urban areas. Remember in my book when I covered that the vision of metro areas was laid out in the 60s? The King bio from 2007 I mentioned above yesterday also envisions regional political authorities managing the economy in order to get equitable democratic socialism. We rally do have a convergence and that convergence needs a malleable, manipulable mind and personality. Let’s face it Growth Mindset sounds so much more palatable as a talking point with parents than the desired reality. Yet factually they function the same. I just wrote in the margin of my notes how well Positive School Climate and Fostering Communities of Learners mandates fit with the about to be declared right to restructure ‘social relations’ to benefit all urban inhabitants.

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