Priority Economic Citizenship for Some, Officially Sanctioned Status as Prey for Most of Us

A large part of what made America exceptional and historically prosperous officially died yesterday. It’s probably why there has been so little mention of a huge new source of funds to states and localities approved in a landslide yesterday by the US House.  So we are taking a side trip but still related detour from the last post to discuss what has been done to us by our political class. Booth parties. Do not call them public servants. Many obviously cannot be bothered to read what they force on us in every state and every locality now in the US. Straight out of the radical Left Handbook that we saw at this conference.

“The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which would update jobs training programs in the U.S., passed the House by a vote of 415-6 Wednesday afternoon and now heads to President Barack Obama’s desk. Obama applauded Congress for passing the bill last night and said he looks forward to signing it into law. ‘This bipartisan compromise will help workers, including workers with disabilities, access employment, education, job-driven training, and support services,’ Obama said. Labor Secretary Tom Perez called the bill “good for workers, employers and the economy as a whole.” Lobbyists and business groups were also thrilled.

– Who voted “nay”? Justin Amash (R-Mich.), Paul Broun (R-Ga.), Jimmy Duncan (R-Tenn.), Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas).” [Source of Quote is Politico]

Hardly any coverage of the statute. I probably would not have noticed it or read its 812 pages either if members of the radical groups that took out the New York Times ad commemorating the 60th anniversary of Brown v Board of Education and lamenting the lack of fairness and human rights for every person in the US had not been practically doing a lap dance at the prospect of WIOA passing. Remember how often equity comes up these days supposedly as a new legal requirement of what education must accomplish? I have warned repeatedly that the actual definitions of College and Career Readiness are horrifically low and to be binding on all students. is the final bill.

On page 514 we find the official Congressionally approved definition of what it will now mean to be prepared for the workplace, which is also now the official, Congressionally approved, function of all K-12 institutions as well as community colleges. Remember that suburbs or small towns that wish to exceed this standard for all may be accused by the Civil Rights Divisions of Justice and Education of being discriminatory. In many ways this also nullifies the various discussions around the country over the Common Core or other academic standards. Students now are to have a combination of:

basic academic skills, critical thinking skills, digital literacy skills, and self management skills, including competencies in utilizing resources, using information, working with others, understanding systems, and obtaining skills necessary for successful transition into and completion of post secondary education and training.”

Yeahaw! That’s not just the floor. It’s the ceiling as well with political appointees from Big Business, Governments, Unions, and community organizing entities determined to bring about wholesale social change organized into required Local Workforce Development Boards (Sec 107) to make it so. Nobody in any of the permitted groups granted access to these or the required State Workforce Development Boards (p 34) has any interest in Axemaker Minds likely to blow the whistle on cronyism or create a genuine disruptive commercial innovation.

Instead we now get Congressionally approved and to be required Career Pathways (p 10) developed  by the Boards and Industry or Sector Partnerships (p 22) so that what students can do “aligns with the skills of industries in the economy of the State or regional economy involved.” The Middle Ages called the decision that others get to decide what each of us may become feudalism. The 30s and 40s called it Fascism and the 21st century calls it State Capitalism. It is now here in the USA.

No wonder neither side is trumpeting this monstrosity. Thinking about images from what appears to be a planned invasion of the US southern border that simply could not happen without a great deal of official sanctioning, I want to go through some of the considerable ways WIOA gives English Language Learners lots of funding and a priority place at the table of those boards and future employment opportunities. We may not be offering political amnesty yet, but my reading is we certainly have offered economic citizenship without regard to legal status. Now of all things. is an example of the kind of community organizing and democracy revolutionizing that is now intended in the name of race and ethnicity.

To give all of us a better idea of what democracy and equity and fairness and progressive change now mean, I am going to use a 2011 lecture Princeton prof (and Obama colleague and citizenship education advocate) Danielle Allen gave. The New York Times featured her vision of a radically transformed Declaration of Independence in a story last week on July 3. In my mind that makes her vision an officially sanctioned one by those with fundamental transformation on their mind.

She views it as the job of governmental institutions to secure and enable factual equality. By this she means five facets that governments must now see to. First, everyone is to have Equal Agency and Political Equality under a Principle of Non-Domination.  Next is a Principle of Equal Opportunity that individuals must have the capacity to pursue their own happiness and that governments and politics will now be used to bring about the material resources needed. Start listening at about the 17:00 mark if you do not believe me.

Next is a Principle that Allen calls Epistemic Potluck. Believe it or not this relates to the affirmative use of the Student Code of Conduct we met in the last post. It also relates to what is called ‘problem-based learning’ in the new vision of high school that goes with this equity and democracy vision. Told you this was a related detour. The idea is that ‘knowledge’ is no longer about experts or specialists or a textbook, but rather the product of democratic conversations among participants magically deemed to be equal no matter how ignorant or emotionally aggrieved anyone is. These conversations will produce a consensus or shared understanding that will be pertinent to solving problems. We have also encountered this same deliberative democracy idea as the Rockefeller Process of Communication For Social Change.

Fourth is the Principle of Reciprocity. Those who have more have an obligation to those who have less so they can supposedly be truly free. Freedom is no longer to be treated as something that comes before the primacy of equality. Finally there is a Principle of Co-ownership of Equality. Allen describes this as a “communitarian commitment to egalitarian sharing of difficulty and prosperity grounds the social bond that sustains a free polity.” Marx was more succinct when he described the same principle as “from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs.” Allen literally wants a communitarian commitment “to social decision-making” and governments empowered to make her vision and what a majority now decides to be necessary for happiness so.

We went back to look at Allen’s Vengeance Will Be Ours Finally Vision because the WIOA not only integrates Adult Education and Literacy for those with deficient skills but mostly for every English Language Learner on American soil. On page 546 WIOA calls for this to also be ‘integrated’ with civics education. That integrated model for those who are supposedly dispossessed comes straight from Marxist radical Paulo Freire even though the statute forgot to mention that. Since you may not be familiar with his work or view of education, here’s an objective source on where this all leads. Remember community organizers intent on race-based transformational activity are eligible to provide and be paid for WIOA adult literacy, workforce, and civics ed training.

I wish I could say something pithy about WIOA or how it will not be as bad as it looks. If you get one of the federally funded jobs as a trainer at living wages or become a Director or staff member of one of these new Local Workplace Development Boards, you win. The Chamber of Commerce wins. English Language Learners clearly win as they are constantly carved out as Individuals with barriers to employment. The rest of us not so much.

Bound without notice. Prey without consent.

Welcome to US official public policy in 2014.


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  1. What a sad day. Welcome to the South at the beginning of Reconstruction. The same forces and the same finances are at work here. History repeats itself–again. We are now entering the synthesis of another round of the dialectic. What will the next anti-thesis look like?

    • Yes. I did say I knew precisely how what was going on in New Orleans with charters fit into the broader picture. They are using the schools to community organize the parents. Just imagine what you have found there coupled now to New Orleans Local Workforce Innovation Board and a Louisiana Board too.

      I might joke that Nagin may get some company in the penitentiary, but will any of these intentional rip-offs of taxpayers via public-private partnerships actually be illegal?

    • Cindi-I know Lamar Alexander has long been on your radar screen and you are a firm believer that the Common Core was essentially the thesis in a dialectical push with much of the formal opposition playing an antithesis role. Me, I never played since I track actual implementation. Which is why I am always playing in the vicinity of the actual planned synthesis.

      This from today’s Politico indicates WIOA is indeed a component of the synthesis. “At an NGA education forum this afternoon, Sen. Lamar Alexander will urge a rewrite of No Child Left Behind that sharply limits the federal role and returns power to governors and legislatures. (Expect Alexander to argue that the Obama education department is acting like a “national school board.”) He’ll also talk about his proposal with Sen. Michael Bennet to dump the FAFSA and radically simplify financial aid. Expect a shout-out, too, for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, expected to be signed soon by President Barack Obama.”

      Lamar is doing a presentation there on Career Pathways. I have always said those had to be premised around a planned economy. Now we know that is precisely what WIOA creates. It’s no accident.

      • I consider this move today by the AFT to be part of the shift to the synthesis set in motion as long planned by the WIOA. “The American Federation of Teachers will deliver an unexpected blow to the Common Core this morning when President Randi Weingarten announces grants for members to critique the standards or write replacements from scratch. After years of backing the Common Core, the union will also introduce a resolution, drafted by its executive council, asserting that the promise of the standards has been subverted by political manipulation, administrative bungling, corporate profiteering and an invalid scoring system. A more pointed resolution flatly opposing the standards will likely come up for a vote, too. Common Core proponents hope union leaders dial down the negative rhetoric.”

        • Robin, I’ll be waiting when you get to the top of the hill! No doubt that WIOA is part of the plan, it’s one step shy of the end of the road, which will be the completed Community Education Hub. At that point the synthesis will be truly realized because that will be the location of the contact points for the WIOA, healthcare, family counseling, welfare support, education, etc., etc., etc. The original plans called for a central point in the middle of a population base of 10,000 people. At that point–a school setting–meals will be offered for those who need them, before school care and after school care, delivery point for all social services, workforce contact point for job application, training, receipt of benefits, healthcare delivery and referral, education for children and adults, and access to community “enrichment” programs. The control of the individual in the community and his/her training to be collective in outlook is the real synthesis, but most folks cannot accept that that is where we are headed. WIOA is the anti-thesis for the time being.

          So sad, so sad. New Orleans is a good example of how we are going to get to that point. But other examples will begin to multiply. Kansas City, for example, is already asking NOLA if they can observe their progress. Detroit is one of the next ones: They are in the state where the concept originated.

          Not to mention the use and abuse of the Civil Rights movement to act as a screen. How many times will that population be taken advantage of in this process?

          Unfortunately, I’ll see you at the top of the hill much sooner than either of us expects.

          • Cindi-I honestly do think we are there. What you are describing was laid out today by the AFT in conjunction with their alternative to Common Core. This is a link to the statement released today and it does call for all those services.

            Also the definitions of Individuals with a Barrier to Employment to get extra special delicious Economic Justice type priority funding and treatment on page 20 of WIOA should get to that vision we both agree is being aimed for.

            Plus the Communities in Schools IEL is promoting with the link on the last post.

            Remember when Fast and Furious was a movie and not the new approiach to nonconsensual public policy?

          • Cindi-we are indeed there when I can follow up on the Backward Mapping language Fulton County is using and the recognition that the person in charge of GPEE’s Education Policy Fellows Program, Dana Rickman, came from the Annie E Casey Foundation and find the Theory of Change Manual pushing for a coordinated effort among all grantmakers to support this coordinated vision of community change.

            It was never just about education.

            School to Work in the 90s and College and Career Ready Standards now are not about getting ready for existing workplaces or universities. It’s all about reorganizing towards Economic Justice and Marx’s Human Development Model focused on needs.

            These Local Workforce Innovation Boards now to be required everywhere will make the Theory of Change laid out in this manual so much easier.

            Just like the language I have encountered in so many chraters on making the real world and social and emotional learning the new emphasis.

    • Cindi-you should listen to that Wade Henderson Keynote. On our idea of synthesis, Linda Darling-Hammond introduces Randi Weigarten who talks about the alliance around human rights that the AFT and Leadership Council have going. Wade then speaks of the fact that Randi is on his Board as is the NEA’s Van Roekel. I wrote a post a bout 2 years ago on the NEA’s Project Love and Purple America where there would be no red or blue states anymore just a Purple America. The intention was to use the Positive School Climate Executive Order to force into all schools.

      Then Henderson shows that my reading of WIOA is precisely why there was such excitement. He says the LC’s Vice Chair is Tom Saenz of the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund. When I went on maldef’s site there was this page on using the schools to community organize the parents.

      Henderson also says that LC will not allow the US Constitution stand in the way of achieving the fundamental human rights laid out in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

      There really is a reason we are seeing so much about UDHR in the actual implementation materials.

      Also notice that the Ford Foundation, which created IEL, is a sponsor of the Rethinking Accountability Conference. I have written before about the Ford Foundation’s creation of the Line of Plenty concept. All of this ties together with our being at the summit. Henderson may acknowledge that CC is radical, revolutionary change, but he is telling an audience that already knew that. The typical suburban parent in a nice house paying lots of property taxes has no idea their children and schools are suddenly in the bullseye of what must be destroyed to gain “equitable access’ to credentials that supposedly will be a pathway to middle class jobs.

      With this destruction there will not be a middle class.

  2. Danielle Allen’s speech is, well, very creative. She makes an argument at 22:00 for equality being a principle in the Declaration of Independence. The argument is this. I am not kidding, listen to it, it’s less than a minute. (she slides thru it quickly so you won’t notice I guess)

    Consider the phrase near the end of the D of I:

    “In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. ”

    Well, the two sentences each have 10 words. Well actually the first has 16 words, but we can split off the preliminary “In every stage of these Oppressions” and still have a complete sentence, which has 10 words.

    So now we have two sentences with 10 words, one describing the actions of the Colonists toward the King, the other describing the actions of King George toward the Colonists. Same number of words.

    Hence, equality between the Colonists and King George.

    • Creative is one word for it. Duplicitous would be another. I am reminded though, given where she works, who she knows, and the number of books she is pumping out, that theorists know that something no longer has to be grounded in fact to be influential going forward. Her ‘scholarship’ is designed to change perspectives on our fundamental founding documents and create binding obligations of financial and material support where none actually exists.

      Did you catch when she first started taking questions at about the 42:00 minute mark that “the reason one has voting rights” is to secure her view of political equality instead of the previous and historic understanding of equality under the law. If you look at the list of special status people on page 20 of WIOA you will see it is clearly designed to get us toward a ‘priority economic citizenship’ status for those with less. apart from the ELL issue I called attention to.

      Given our border invasion with no signs of stopping, Allen’s statement of “how do we encourage people to be inventive about how to use political power for the sake of obtaining true equality?” should give us all shivers. I don’t call attention to these intentions to be mean or because I am worried about someone taking what I have. As someone with a rich knowledge of history, I know how much everyone relies on the knowledge and efforts of a relatively few people. The fixed pie fallacy involved in all these welfare state as a human right ideas is that once effort ceases to matter much or knowledge, that ‘pie’ everyone is relying on starts to shrink fast. In fact, that process may already be going on and this view of equality and the Mind Arson in WIOA and the real Common Core implementation amounts to nitroglycerin in the hands of people with no knowledge of chemistry.

      And I am running around screaming it’s combustible!!! This will blow. It;s only a matter of when, where, and how many are in the vicinity.

      • I’m not really in favor of having all these “movements” and other nonsense that we got rid of after the 70’s. I never seem to be invited to such a “movement” that benefits me or my family, so I am just glad that nonsense has died down. I remember that time, and the stuff was pretty fake, it generally felt staged not organic.

        Now they are pushing to rev it up again. I never thought of “soft skills” being that stuff.

        Pretty bad.

        • David-how’s this for a movement we did not know about?

          The push for a new progressive majority by 2020. No wonder we have an invasion over the border.

          And the Community Based Organizations are operating in your area.

          I am following up on the integration of SEL into all classrooms for all students and treated as prior to and a part of ‘academics.’ That’s what through this off when I picked up on the name Buffett. I was already aware of who Tim Shriver tied into. I used to run into the Kennedy Foundation is my early days of research.

        • David-New York is cited as one of 10 states that are creating Career Pathways for all as part of the Pathways to Prosperity Network. Here’s the map and story.

          Knew about Georgia from my book and that it was a pilot for what was previously controversial as School to Work in the 90s. Obama signing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act today is causing all these plans to come out into the limelight.

    • David-you should look at this Rethinking Accountability conference. Not only is there someone from the NY Alliance for Quality Ed speaking with the keynote by Wade Henderson in the link below to LL’s comment, but this group of radicals by their own admission has the suburban Framework I wrote about featured. Shows what I have been saying. The key to academics is keeping the urban schools non-academic and destroying academics in the suburbs.

      Tying this both to this post given Henderson’s description of his coalition with the previous one is the fact that the formation of the Consortium of Countywide suburban districts is reported to have taken place at the DC offices of Richard Riley’s law firm. The firm that the lawyer drafting the Student Code of Conduct works for and the firm the creator of Fulton’s troubling conversion charter now works for.

      And the Rethinking Accountability crowd has to destroy academics in these previously high performing districts to get to equity. I do love a great admission which listing those Frameworks on the site for the conference accomplishes.

      By the way, I now can track the actual implementation template to professors who have giddily acknowledged in print that it’s all about taking down the West as traditionally understood. I about threw up whn I read about the conversation in a footnote, but yesterday I was able to get my hands on the actual document. It’s amazing what is on record when you are accurately tracking what is being sought and why.

  3. Is she really saying that children are not ready politically by graduation due to the inequality of education in the age groups of 0-4? So if we had equitable preschool for all that would increase political equity?
    How many parents assume like she does that the mission of k-12 education is not in fact academic but a production line of manufactured little voters. Now taught to react from grievance, and emotion rather than facts. No wonder they want the study of the document to be cold. It also assumes that parents are okay with the school system developing the political mindsets and values of children and not families. What gives her the right to push her warped view of the Declaration on my child? What gives her and them the right to now officially use psychological manipulation of thoughts to create social change? By doing this she violates her own principles of equality! Did we not escape this from Britain once before? Think as the King wishes you to think, spend your money where the King wishes, your business will prosper if you are connected to the King.
    I had to laugh a little, because there was a section where she said that someone could examine her psyche to see where her view was coming from. Yes, lets do! Lay that B.S. out on the table and expose her radical crud for what it really is. Betrayal.
    We can never make light of slavery or how it harmed and impacted lives. Slavery and the treatment of slaves was wrong. Period. Racism is wrong. Period. We can not change the past. We have made improvements and can be better in the future. I realize there are still bigots in this world, always will be. Does it seem to you that this is almost vengeful? I sense a disgust and almost hatred in her persona, much like our president. I would guess that she has that fixed pie view you mention frequently.
    What I did not hear her speak about in her cries of inequality, nor do any of these radical people mention, is the state of the family. They fail to mention that studies show that the decline in family values and good parenting are wreaking havoc in the lives of children. This in my humble opinion is a deep source of the trouble. Quite possibly more so than poverty and inequality. Just think, if people actually committed to marriages, and good parenting and moral values how it would changes the lives of children and future adults not matter what color they are.

    Did you see this?

    • No today was a recital day and I was in charge of providing lunch for the crew. Been gone and wearing the mom hat all day today.

      Came home to free you. Saw this.

      This is the group whose ecstatic reaction to the Senate passage of WIOA caused me to read it. So far they are not mentioning final passage. Yes, we know now why it’s a statute that should have been debated and scrutinized and not treated in the cavalier manner it was.

      Danielle’s vision reminds me of something Mica Pollock wrote about the civil rights laws where the teachers (and therefore their students too) were going to be taught on the basis of how she and the Southern Poverty Law Center wished that the language had been drafted. It people believe those are the obligations, she and other profs can use the erroneous beliefs for social change.

      Did you notice what I meant about the pockets toward the end and the physical bearing? She is quite contemptuous in her body language of America as it exists.

    • Families are the enemy of equity. Usually the same families that give their children the best genetic endowment also provide the best home environment supporting their education. (This will be true no matter how many programs we have to improve and reduce the occurrence of dysfunctional families in at-risk populations.)

      This exacerbates achievement gaps!

    • Totally agree L.L.
      I’m horrified by all of this. The malignant mollusk or the psychopathic squid, I cannot decide which moniker I prefer best, is devouring us whole.

          • Yes. He has his own tag as well as a tag for his vision of the economy and new society-Capitalism 3.O.

            For those just reading this Presencing is also connected to Peter Senge who also has a tag of his own.

          • Hi Robin-

            1440= number of minutes in the day with which one can be mindful and non judgemental and work deeply on one’s relationships ( to the exclusion of facts and reality? )

            Scott (and Joanie) Kriens are independently wealthy. He is a marketing wizard. And no doubt a champ at soliciting grants. Former head of Juniper Corp. Listed at one point in his employment as one of the top 400 well compensated CEO’s.

            He looks to be affiliated with Stanford now somehow. Oh and they also have this website. Sort of looks like EST or The Forum for 21st century citizens.


          • So Joanie was with Hewlett Packard which happens to be funding Deep Learning and Education for Life and Work and so much else.

            And relationships is one of the new 3 Rs of Relationships, Rigor, and Relevance. Every since I wrote that post back in July 2012 it has been pulled up multiple times almost every day. That’s how central those concepts are to the actual implementation.

            We could also use a synonym for Relationships–say, Interconnectedness?

            The idea that humans are a system and so is the society and economy and our political institutions? That systems can thus be redesigned?

            Fits with the Theory of Change Manual I just showed Cindi as we assess our proximity to the summit of full-scale little c communism of the type Marx called the Human Development Model that required a needs focus and a certain level of technology. The kind that that 1948 UNESCO report on using the Danish folk school as a global model for education change said had been met.

          • Here’s the applicable quote of what UNESCO believed in 1948 when it was founded. It forms its whole purpose and function then and now.

            “We are still instinctively filled with the old apprehension that there are too few of Life’s goods for our NEEDS. Therefore I think ‘If my neighbor gets more, there is less for me.’ This view has certainly been true throughout the centuries, but it NEED NO LONGER be. The capacity of modern science to produce even more than the necessities of life is such that, if mankind united its strength in confident co-operation to execute this task, there would for a long time be a surplus for everyone. We need only suppose that all the strength which in the World Wars was concentrated on destroying other people’s chances of life was concentrated instead on helping them on; but that knowledge which every reasonable man possesses has not yet penetrated our subconscious minds. [It needs a Whole Child/Values centered/DEL integrated curriculum then!!]

            If it were to happen, many difficult PROBLEMS [make that the new high school focus!] would be easier to solve. The new view will not sink into the mind overnight [hence the need for P-20 now], so the only thing to be done is that those who have gained a comprehensive view should consciously take up the task.”

            Hence the Education doctorates now that track back to being judged Competent to Be a Change Agent. Ready to act on this vision. These transformational goals. All while collecting a paycheck funded by taxes collected from people being lied to about what is really going on.

  4. Just now listening to Danielle Allen. Lord help us.

    She states:

    …which is to say that all men are created equal in that they all pursue their happiness collectively through government…..

    What??? No! Our founders fought for our ability to pursue our Individual happiness apart from and independent of the interference of government. We certainly do not pursue individual happiness collectively as a hive .

    I am no expert on the constitution or the Declaration of Independence but with my layman’s appreciation of these documents what she is stating is a gross inaccuracy and dangerously presumptuous. How are these psuedo intellectuals getting away with this crap?

  5. Oh dear. Just read this from Professor Allen here.’s-new-heavyweight

    “The most successful societies, Allen argues, are those in which the major institutions – schools, universities, companies, the military, political bodies – promote links between ordinarily disparate groups.

    When I asked Allen for some examples of connected societies, she replied: “In the modern context we don’t really have any good examples. What we have are examples of failure, so one has to take the failures and from that point imagine the positive version.”

    Magical thinking at the helm. Who was her mentor at Princeton I wonder?

  6. And what I wonder, as a classics expert, are her opinions of successful connected societies in ancient civilizations?

    I am truly in the dark here but am open to learning if someone else has an idea of what she thinks is good in this regard. From my perspective she is advocating for nothing short of an uber centralized, “governed” society, controlled by a few for the “good” of all.

    Am I missing something?

    • No, Mari. I believe you have her number.

      Then again I have long regarded Marxism under whatever aliases it uses as an Oligarchy Promotion Plan disguised as being about equality. When I listen to Wade Henderson I remember all the Blacks and Latinos perfectly OK with gaining promotions knowing no one intended to teach reading properly. The community organizing material is quite graphic on how nedessary to the equation anger is. Also the idea that x is the cause whether true or not.

      I see a great deal of the kind of hate I saw in Allen’s eyes at these various presentations I go to. Misattributed anger may be powerful if toppling is the purpose, but what is destroyed may be something with value that cannot be replaced.

    • Mari-Take a look at this. Won’t this work well with what WIOA has set up? Apparently the New World Foundation began its community and schools push in 2005.

      The NoVo Foundation of Jennifer Buffett describes working with them on the COIN initiative. Civic Opportunities Initiative Network.

      Yes she married into the Berkshire Hathaway Buffetts which means this is all tied to the Gates Foundation as well since much of its funding comes from Warren, not just Bill & Melinda.

      And now we have WIOA.

    • Do you have much experience with MAP? I see it is based in Oregon. The charter Rocketship Education uses it as its assessment. I can see why they would become hostile to being measured by objective tests of knowledge then. Parents are unlikely to see that MAP is not about knowledge.

      I am adding this other link because it blends with what is really being assessed-“the skills to do well in life” It’s under John White, Super of La, saying it’s a civil rights issue for everyone to be comparably measured. Except this admits it is different questions or tasks depending on previous responses. Again this is sculpting a steerable keel and then checking to see how well the steering works and where the boat is at any given moment.

      • Some. It is considered to be formative testing. It is not used in all schools. It has a reputation for using content that has not been instructed in class.
        It is a computer adaptive test and used in Seattle as well as other locations. I believe it is based on DOK.

        I have been aware of NWEA for some time. They are deeply involved but keep outside the department of Ed well. The BOD has a congresswoman and the past VP of AIR and now ceo of Education NW, and a Broad foundation fellow, a prof from Brown pushing equity policy. Also at NWEA is the Kingsbury Center. Gage Kingsbury (ETS) sits on SBAC advisory committee with Conley.

        I’ve suspected nwea involvement in controversial Penn. type emotional testing for some time. They are involved with our troublesome superintendent confederation. They are hidden well. A tangled web indeed.

        • Not well enough. I first became aware of Rocketship and looked it up and was troubled by the focus on technology and the connections to Tucson. rememeber that’s why I found that to be a particularly troubling place for the League of Innovative Schools to have its Spring Meeting a few months ago.

          Tied it all back to ETS’s work in the 80s.

          • Wow! I want student to believe X so I’ll go backwards and design lessons that support my stance whether true or not. Then I’ll design assessments to make sure X has been firmly planted in mind.

          • Bingo LL. You get an A. Here’s what’s worse. I have tracked Backward Design all over the world today. Australia and Canada. The UK.

            If you look at that link to the Theory of Change Manual I put up in reply to Cindi, the affirmative Student Code of Conduct, and the Conversion Charter Fulton adopted would be legal tools to advance the “So That” steps necessary to get to a collectivism mandate, like it or not.

            When I am right about something, there is a gushing effect of documents and links. This has been one of those days. Because Richard Riley is Vice Chair of the Carnegie Corporation per his Walden cv (I was aware already), it means those lawyers employed by his firm are actually tied to this vision from 2010.

            School districts seem to have no idea they are blindly following this agenda that doesn’t even pretend not to be about forcing radical economic democracy without notice or consent. Maybe the lawyers themselves don’t know. Who knows. But I have downloaded documents today in addition to that one bragging about using education to instill empathy and Global Citizenship to effect this transformation. Also bragging about using legal compulsion to accomplish the vision. Oh. My.

            It’s been quite a day for figuring out where this is all going. It’s why School to Work never goes away. It is about community organizing using the majority who have less than they would like and pretending we can actually just design a “new economy.” No wonder I kept stumbling across nef towards the end of the book.

            I feel like that old Paul Harvey one liner “And now we know the rest of the story.”

          • This is the link to the twitter feed for today’s signing of the WIOA.

            Lots of excitement from groups with no links to the disability community.

            And this is the Brother’s Keeper Vision that 60 urban school systems signed on to yesterday.

            Because of the way DOJ and DoED view equity now and Civil Rights Law this effectively imposes School to Work on the adjacent suburbs as well. Look, Ma, no controversy this time!

          • Just checked the twitter feed. First thing that came up was the excitement from an OR rep! You think most are ignorant of what they have just done?

          • I find the jubilation given the silence around that legislation to be amazingly revealing. Nothing was going to get in the way this time. Problem is I presciently did track down where this was all going more than 2 years ago. For all the hype surrounding the Common Core, the real implementation remains precisely what I warned about in the book. I just have even more explanations now as to why. The what has not changed nor the hoped for results. And it’s always, always, about radical transformation of the political, economic, and social systems without the people being told.

          • Here’s the June 2014 report on the progress of the first eight states.

            Yet another report that was sat on while this was enacted. Notice the references to “broad general education” for all in addition to exposure to work and careers in middle and high school. Beck would be so pleased at the final fulfillment of the Polytechism vision he laid out. Which means we have indisputedly in every area gone with the Marxist practice according to every one of the creators of these theories. It is why I wrote the book as I did. I knew Common Core was just the excuse for behavioral standards and a new type of assessment that was not about knowledge.

            That book is the only protection an awful lot of students now have and most parents do not even know it exists. Very frustrating but I am doing my best.

  7. Not only are you a shoe-in for that FDEUF award, but I believe you are also in the running for the Tie it All Together and Ferret Out the Villains Award as well as the Paul Revere’s Post Midnight Ride into the Final Battle Trophy. Don’t stop now, Robin, the word is getting out there. God bless and finish strong!

    • Thanks Tina. This morning’s diving produced this vision from Buffalo that lives out the part about borrowed federal dollars fueling this vision for Post-Industrial Cities to supposedly develop a participatory democracy “community-controlled economy.”

      Buffalo, NY is the example and this caught my eye because it fits with what these Local Workforce Innovation Boards intend to plan for. It all comes though from this Economic Democracy vision from the summit MIT CoLab held in 2012. Hard to read this report and not recognize these community organizing mindsets using taxpayer and foundation dollars do not have to understand how the world works. The actual productive base is being destroyed via Mind Arson and it’s borrowed dollars.

      So the UK is looking to US for this model and virtually all the foundations in the US currently are also pushing this same Economic Justice centered on the cities mindset and all these entities of foundations, governments, and deluded if well-intentioned all qualify for training funding or seats at the table of the Local Workforce Development Boards.

      It’s all nuts unless you are a planner or selling the data crunching equipment or consulting services. Maybe that’s why the tech companies push the 4Cs and 21st Century Learning so. Saves their bacon.

      Steals ours. In fact there goes all the pigs.

  8. I am trying to fathom what it would be like to be a teacher awaiting the return to school in a county where a few thousand illegal aliens have been summarily dumped on an unsuspecting school systems. Cuz that’s what’s coming to a number of counties by the border and elsewhere.

    The nightmare that is a rough beginning to even an average school year (where teachers arrive prepared for all of their incoming students and the traditional first week situations) when many parents are late to register children, or kids have no academic or health records or no id or proof of residence, will be amplified exponentially. I can foresee all kinds of new problems and situations with no remedy. Pre-planning is always hectic and too short for all but the most experienced teachers, how do they plan for this?

  9. Did a little reading this weekend. I recalled the backwards design article. It seems to fit well with the Spady quote in Ch. 4 about starting with what research suggests about the future then designing back. Sound close?

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