Quality Education Shapes What Will Be Valued and Provides Unifying Concepts to Guide Political Consciousness

Now that we know that there is a deliberate global coordination to redesign the very nature of school curricula, I thought it would be helpful to understand what these various entities and institutions believe constitutes ‘knowledge’ in the 21st century. After all creating a ‘Knowledge Society’ has been the UN’s euphemism for their intended economic, social, and political transformation since at least 2005. (Explained in the conclusion of the book so I am merely adding now to what is there.) In 2013 UNESCO created a report called Renewing the Knowledge Societies Vision for Peace and Sustainable Development by Professors Robin Mansell and Gaetan Tremblay. We will be using the definitions usefully laid out in that report.

We might be tempted to equate knowledge with facts, but that would be an erroneous translation of what is to be meant by the word now. “Information and knowledge are not the same because knowledge requires interpretation by human beings.” Now if there was a Cliff Notes Guide to all these plans of transformation, it would now say in bold print that phrases like “quality education,” “teaching and learning” that we have now retranslated into the original obuchenie from the psych theories, and “competency” among others are ALL about deliberately guiding that likely interpretation. Why? This editorial from a UK paper a few days ago provides the answer. http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/behavioural-insights/2014/feb/14/seven-dimensions-action-climate-change . It wants not a set of disparate facts, but a “more energising set of associations” that create a “political consciousness” that will then act predictably in response to raised issues. How? Because each person will “connect with the deep roots of the problem.” Deep Learning in other words.

So with education and the media working in tandem planners and politicians hoping for radical change can create, and then manipulate, that deliberately cultivated mindset. That worldview. Those perceptual lenses. Why? Because the knowledge societies intend to push for “new forms of political deliberation, representation and decision making” and to make that seem like a matter of individual choice in a democracy when it actually could not be more planned. As the report mentions “what is valued in tomorrow’s knowledge societies will be shaped by the strategies and actions towards information, communication and education that are taken in the near term.”

Given that recognition by people pushing for radical transformation it really should bother us that in September 2013 there was a first ever international conference in Sakhalin, Russia organized by UNESCO on “Internet and Socio-Cultural Transformations in Information Society.” Most of the discussed documents remain in Russian, but an English translation of what the participants agreed upon said that ICT should be “embraced” by the knowledge societies “as an essential but not sufficient component of converging the nano, biological, information and cognitive sciences and technologies.” It even assigned an acronym for that merger–NBIC. The participants agreed that “the Internet creates a basic environment for the socialization of future generations, changing their values and ways of thinking.”

Now if that reminds anyone else of Paul Ehrlich’s decades old push for New Minds or what I have described as the official Statist desire to eliminate Axemaker Minds, let me continue to quote from what these advocates of ICT use in education readily acknowledge:

* Logocentric, narrative ways of thinking is losing its dominance, getting supplemented and partly replaced by ‘clip’ mentality characterized by a lower degree of logical connectivity, criticality and consistency.

*Consciousness immersed in cyberspace largely loses the ability for supra-situational activities and long-term planning. As a result traditional models of intellect-enabled basic processes of social control are defied.”

Instead, of Run as Fast as We Can away from such pernicious personal consequences, we get open embrace and advocacy. Apparently the loss of reason and an ability to think well is useful to the planners and funders (like the foundations financing so much of this) of these knowledge societies. Maybe it’s because such Manipulated Minds are thought to be useful for the hoped for sustainable development. After all one of the Earth Charter International Recommendations Outcome Documents from 2012 openly declared that the Just Transition hoped for would require “a shared vision of ethical and spiritual values that inspires and guides cooperative action for change. Shared values awaken a sense of common purpose and build community spirit.” Reading manipulative language like that from people who are lying to us about what they are really up to always makes me want to chuckle with the irony of it all.

Won’t work, never has. The only question is how much destruction of individual minds and personalities will continue to occur before enough people begin to grasp the true causes. With this kind of deliberate mind arson I suppose the hope is to keep an electoral majority mindless and manipulated with these politically useful values. Well, values is not all we get along with the taxpayer bill for all these machinations.  We are also to get Competencies says the 2013 report to “empower people to make changes in their lives.” How thrilling. And you wonder why I developed the metaphor of the Invisible Serf’s Collar to describe what education is being used to do.

The UN hoped-to-be Overlords and their agents like politicians and profs and accreditors and school district supers all believe we also need “information and media literacies.” These “need to encompass conceptual competencies such as critical thinking, innovative approaches to problem solving; practical competencies for navigating in media and information environments; and competencies such as social networking, digital citizenship and cross-cultural interaction skills.” No wonder one of the leading advocates for this global ed vision, Marc Tucker, used the metaphor “On the Shoulders of Giants” to obscure that there will be no such further building on or transmitting the great cultural knowledge developed over centuries.

Again the Sakhalin participants also mentioned that it was “against this background [the deficits ICT and the Internet are actually promoting quoted above] that the promotion of competencies (skills, knowledge, and attitudes), united by the term ‘media and information literacy’ (MIL) gains importance. MIL ensures responsible safe and critical use of networks for free access, production and exchange of information necessary for living and receiving quality education, as well as for scientific progress.” Now since the next sentence talks about “contemporary socio-cultural processes,” the scientific progress is in Marx’s view of societies inexorably evolving towards communism based on levels of technology. It’s not a Newton dropping his apple to discover gravity view of what is science.

I want to end with another extended quote from the 2013 report because it is so telling about how important to the planners of transformation it is to create predictably guided perceptions at the level of each individual. It is why the nature of the curricula, the classroom, the teaching practices, and what the student is to be doing ALL had to change. My bolding.

“Knowledge is a more complex concept than information. It cannot be reduced to the mere addition of unrelated information elements. Knowledge is a concept that implies meaning, organization and structure. It refers to articulated sets of meaningful observations, analyses, and interpretations that are developed over time (a/k/a a learning progression for those who have read my book) and available for each generation to be discussed and criticized. Access to knowledge implies not only access to technical devices and to stocks of information, but also involvement in learning processes. There is no knowledge without learning.”

So we are to get deliberately created Mindlessness because of the digital learning push as Quality Education globally. What mind is left gets deliberately organized and structured to perceive relationships wherever planners believe it will be politically useful. And why again?

For purposes of the need to drive action for transformative change or not to rise up in time and combat those who are acting.

Oh. My. Word. No wonder the nature of knowledge had to be redefined for such a vision.

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    • Karl-

      I would add that until the power of the accreditation agencies to act as the poison distribution system of Dewey and Marx’s and others described in my book is taken away, vouchers and charters and privates are all still an extension of what is wrong with public. That is why it is so important to know what these Orwellian terms actually mean.

      Plus I urge everyone to watch this 24 minute video of an MIT prof that came out yesterday confirming all I have been saying. http://www.edge.org/conversation/reinventing-society-in-the-wake-of-big-data

      And he is giddy about what is coming and his belief that societies and people can be reimagined and redesigned and then monitored via Big Data. Even he acknowledges there is great capability now for evil.

      Welcome to ISC.

  1. Data Wars To Begin

    I think data collection through the schools frightens some parents and that’s why I’ve seen stories of parents signing forms forbidding such access to their child’s information as email and web-browsing. Not that that would really make a difference since so much is already embedded. But, awareness and concerns re good and evil uses may be spreading.

    That video of Pentland was done 18 months ago — so much has transpired since. His new book — “Social Physics -How Good Ideas Spread — has just been published and there are many reviews.

    Interesting that Amazon reports that people who buy this book often also buy this other one — Mindless: Why Smarter Machines are Making Dumber Humans by Simon Head — also just out. The book illustrates the shortcomings of CBS (Computer Business Systems), providing an in-depth and disturbing look at how human dignity is slipping as we become cogs on a white collar assembly line.

    I had a conversation today concerning reading and Big Data with Bruce Deitrick-Price (see comments on this Reading story)

    I said that the decades old Reading Wars should be settled as soon as possible because the challenges of 21st Century future do not bode well if we have a mindless and illiterate citizenry.

    You will find Bruce’s comments very interesting inasmuch as he outlines some of the history of the Reading Wars, places some blame on the two year teacher Ed schools and mentions Robin’s book — Credentialed to Destroy — as another source for information on this issue.

    • Thanks Tunya.

      I should have Pentland’s book today and will likely incorporate it and the video into the post about data and the Learning Registry. Parents seem to believe the interest is collecting personal info on their child. It’s behavioral info and the often unconscious processing and responses and what motivates students that is sought. The paradata is interested in characteristics of students that allow inference about groups they belong to for purposes of creating change.

      The Learning Registry then has curricula and games and software and classroom practices shown to create the desired type of change in that type of student. Lr is a federal initiative, but the desire for this info is global and goes back to a 2003 summit Hewlett funded. Quality education is all about fueling personal noetic transformation. Various groups find that desirable, except they have different visions of the future. All are authoritarian with disdain for individualism and free choices.

      Reading, as the book lays out, is the ultimate builder of an independent, fact-filled mind. It also enables people to develop their own, non-assigned, conceptual understandings.

      What is to count for a 21st century act of rebellion in too many eyes.

      • How would something like that be obscured? Just through the gaming? There are certainly enough databases for that like, nces,ceds,etc. All the state slds databases that states were given money to create. I have seen some very large data fields intended to be completed. I’m having a difficult time grasping how you document an unconscious choice. The information out there is geared towards personal data. I wonder if something like that is not even kept within our country, given where most of these principles are coming from. Then again, that just can’t be legal, not that it’s ever stopped them before.

    • Tunya-look what that Star Wars money was pushing yesterday. MIL as mandated under the Common Core. http://www.edutopia.org/blog/ccia-teaching-online-ethics-heather-wolpert-gawron

      Published the day after this post. Dovetails nicely don’t you think on the extent to which what is being sold as the Common Core standards in the US are just the same old desire to shut down the ability to think so that behavior becomes predictable. Precisely what Chapter 1 of Pentland’s Social Physicsbook says. Well, at least when you parse through the duplicity.

      A) I have read Adam Smith and know when he is being misdescribed.

      B) I know where the impetus for steady state and equilibria in economic theory come from and it is not Adam

      C) is the killer though. To say Big Data and Social Physics are not interested in individual thought or feelings. That’s the essential component that Quality Education is generating. Then he goes on to say the “generative nature of human thought” is the realm of uncertainty in Social Physics. But again the ability of some unique human minds to be generative–to be those Axemaker Minds is precisely what Quality Education and the Redesign Curricula Project that MIT and Google and Pearson are a part of is determined to destroy. Pearson’s Penguin Press published the book.

      You should see my poor book’s margins already. It just came 90 minutes ago.

      The plot truly does thicken with the combo of open admissions coupled to inaccurate explanations. Plus he defines a good theory as one that shapes outcomes. Not one that predicts reality. One that changes them. That’s Kurt Lewin’s definition of “Nothing as practical as a good theory” for forcing social change.

  2. Robin,

    I’ve come here wishing I could viciously attack your blog. Not because I vehemently feel you are wrong, or can even show you are wrong, but because I fear you are right, and I find it increasing hard to argue with your increasingly disturbing conclusions.

    Disturbing in so much that if you’re right about your facts and conclusions, where does that leave a teacher but to leave the profession, given the worldwide scope of what you have detailed?

    • Hi DA-

      I wish I was wrong too. The clarity of the declarations past a certain level were why I put the book manuscript aside after finishing it 2 years ago and started the blog to do real time discussion. The history of how we got here and what is sought is a necessary component of following all this, but it did not have to come first.

      One of the reasons I am laying this out is to try to give parents, teachers, and students some leverage. So they can say “I know where this is going. That would mean this is no longer a free country. Do you hate this great nation? You do realize that this time the whole story has been put together so please stop now before this middle or high school becomes the latest place to push the psychological developmental model on suburbs and then violence ‘mysteriously’ erupts. Imagine not regarding school as a safe place if you recognize the manipulation.

      I do not always give links if I suspect it will not survive. I prefer the name and authors to enable searches for those interested. You are certainly not the first to feel heartsick that no one challenges me on these facts and intentions. In my head I am almost always at least 2 posts ahead of the current post being written so that influences what I choose to talk about.

      I would argue that my readers are in the best position to protect themselves and their loved ones. We know what is aimed at and why. As an acquaintance says “the OPM-Other Peoples Money-is running out and this Sustainability template is actually not sustainable even in the short term. In the mean time I find that there is coping power in knowing the end game. If I was not writing about it, it would be happening completely unchallenged.

    • Oh lord. I almost hate to say this but… I used to be a supporter of Planned Parenthood but its become increasingly clear to me that since its founders were big on eugenics and very much in sync with the social planners like Dewey and co. that their ulterior agenda was never compassionate particularly.

      The book I linked to above was written in 1994 and initially promoted by PP. Now its in the CC school library. Hard to avoid the connections and intended behavior influencing.

      • Mari-me too. One of the epiphanies I had years ago was listening to a PP Pres misrepresent the con law rulings in the area in a way that was good for fundraising and heightening a sense of solidarity under attack, but was false and she had to have known it. A few years later it was healthcare. I began to recognize how often the major news outlets where telling a narrative not borne out by the facts.

        I am working through Pentland’s book today. Behavior influencing is the whole point of social physics. It is also according to him the meaning of engagement. I did find it interesting he worked at SRI International from 82 to 87 after getting some kind of PhD from MIT. Perhaps like Senge having to do with social systems since his undergrad is listed as a BGS from Michigan. Acronym checker puts that as a Bachelor of General Studies which is interesting.

        Anyway that would put him at SRI with Willis Harman of Global Mind Change fame with his own tag and also with Marina Gorbis, now of Institute for the Future with her own tag, who wrote a different alarming book I wrote about with a similar networking theme. These people truly hate the rational, logical, well-stocked independent mind.

        That’s not coincidental. He is also on the Sloan Management faculty with Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer. He is very interested in the power of connections.

        So are we and I don’t think it’s coincidental.

        Remember that sexing goes to Identity which is a key focus of the new developmental classroom and heightens an emotional, visualizing focus. All undermine the rational mind.

        • Robin- my mind is sort of imploding at the moment because I am mentally sifting through what you just wrote above which is completely apparent to me intellectually with what I have been observing in real time within media and social networking.

          You wrote:
          “Remember that sexing goes to Identity which is a key focus of the new developmental classroom and heightens an emotional, visualizing focus. All undermine the rational mind.”

          I have been noticing what feels like a intensified effort to confuse or distort gender identity within the culture at large in recent months. I’ve hesitated to mention it because most people will assume that I am attacking the rights of gay people to marry or divorce as they choose which I am not.

          What I am talking about is a relentless patter of images in the media of otherwise hetero girls appearing as boys or men as women etc…Headlines in tabloids that feature people like Bruce Jenner with manicured French tips for example.

          It’s all rather bizarre. Just today the Huffpo ran bit on young Sikh woman who sported a full beard because of some hormonal disorder and how she was ” fighting discrimination” . Frankly, the entire article looked staged to me. Almost like the circus side show it might have been once upon a time.

          My point is not to take this thread so far off topic but to say that this media focus felt contrived to me an hour ago and now having read what you have explained I suspect it more than ever.

          I know it is beyond the scope of your research at this point in time but something to put in your back pocket if you are not already aware : SRI has a long and checkered and well documented history with the CIA and it’s secretive mind control and psychic research programs dating back to the 1970’s. I only wish I was making this stuff up.

          • Yes, I am very familiar with SRI’s history. It is also why Marina’s history and what she pushes and the Rockefeller Foundation funding and IFFF’s establishment by Rand scientists so pertinent. Affecting future behavior is now the declared purpose of most classroom activity.

            The Identity as a target is mentioned often. I simply applied the results of the sexing to other declared goals. And not to infer a conspiracy, but remember Irina Bokova, head of UNESCO, has called upon the media to cooperate. It is why she calls the current push ‘media education.’ I had thought of that recently with the FCC wanting to examine how editorial topics are picked in newsrooms. Lucky Columbia, SC. Reality does seem like scifi these days.

  3. Robin, I have a question. Have you heard of the program called AVID?
    If you have what are your thoughts?? Is it SEL or is it PBIS or what?

    • I had not, but the board gives off real alarms. http://www.avid.org/abo_boardofdirectors.html

      School administrator from Littleton, where Columbine was. Others with ties to Dana Center and San Diego State with its ties to CHAT and constructivism generally. Others with ties to Carnegie.

      Poway came up recently as part of the suburban districts pushing the developmental approach and authority to push it under ESEA. It’s broader than SEL. It’s the curriculum as a means of humanizing personalities view from today’s post. I am going to talk more about the developmental approach in at least 2 more posts. We are “inquiry-based” is another term of art that says this is not about knowledge transmission. It is IB’s favorite description of its approach, and why I frequently find schools that look like IB in terms of how they describe the personal characteristics of students that they see as their aim now.

      Alarmingly one of those schools was the San Diego high school James Holmes, the Aurora theatre shooter, graduated from in San Diego. It was a new, transformational school in the suburbs and the accreditation review from the year he graduated was still available the day after that tragedy. So I know precisely what and how his high school experience was intended to be transformational. Looks in line with what AVID pushes and what is now being euphemistically called “College and career ready,” but is grounded in Maslow and Rogers humanist psychology. Which is also developmental in its focus.

      We do have real consistency now even if it’s around bad ideas.

        • If you have access to a university library the authors of the 2006 article I mentioned today Eduardo Vianna & Anna Stetsenko leave no question of what is involved with this developmental, systemic-theoretical instruction masquerading as “teaching kids to think” and CCCR.

          The full title of the article is “Embracing History Through Transforming It: Contrasting Piagetian versus Vygotskyian (Activity) Theories of Learning and Development to Expand Constructivism within a Dialectical View of History.” It is quite graphic on just how programmed this all is and its underpinnings as the Marxist vision of history. It’s not a matter of inferring or extrapolating. That is the history of what is being imposed on US classrooms and all over the globe as Quality Education and Deeper Learning and rigor and higher order thinking skills. All these euphemisms that track back conclusively to what the USSR wanted to use education to do to create the compliant citizenry that fit the desires of the nomenklatura.

          We have a modern day wanna be nomenklatura and I have been busy citing their declared intentions.

      • I am late to the convo, but I wanted to give my two cents’ worth on AVID. I was involved in implementing the AVID program into a Title 1 middle school in 1993…I fought it then and nothing I’ve learned about it since has convinced me that it’s anything but more of the same. Big money was spent on training (though most of the time was spent convincing us what a great program it is). AVID was sold as a program for kids who were at risk of “falling through the cracks”: average students who, with a little extra attention, could really excel and achieve their goal of going to college. Of course, no one asked the kids if they were choosing that course, but never mind that. It seemed to me, even at that time, to be a way for TPTB to track kids all the more closely. Ha! I was right.

        I think I was subjected to an early prototype of AVID when I was in high school (~1985 or so)…I remember a big push for “Cornell Note-taking” or some such.

        • Susan, thank you for the input! I would love to pick your brain (in a non AVID mental re-engineering kind of way) on this.
          I plan on going to the school board with my thoughts on AVID and I need clear and concise research and opinions from people who have been through it would be great!

          • Maceyt: I don’t know what I can add, but I’d be happy to offer anything that might help. The AVID program was indeed very cultish and seemed to be designed that way. If you wish to contact me, feel free through Robin.

            Susan-I have edited your response to Macey to try to keep the spam that would like to use that address to a minimum.

            Macey-If you still need Susan’s email let me know.

        • Also, the cornell note taking thing was something they kept talking about! These people talking about AVID were like brain washed cult members! It was FREAKY.

  4. Since role playing, modeling, envisioning new worlds, changing attitudes and beliefs are mentioned so often I found this to fit well. What do you think, considering who sponsors it is interesting as well.

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