Rapprochemont or Civilization Surrender? How to Force Global Solidarity Starting with Preschool Education

In case anyone wonders how that UNESCO Roadmap to the Global Action Programme even came up in a discussion of what might be applicable in your neck of the woods, the just-ended Connected Educators Month touted that Youth Summit in Paris last week. Anyone unaware of CEM might want to know it ties to fed ED, virtually all the ed trade and professional groups, and the tech companies involved closely with the to-be-required digital learning. Poking through that Youth Summit and its materials taught me quickly that there is an EDC/HRE global initiative. That stands for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education and it declares the “decisive role of school in shaping the young generation, transmitting cultural, moral and civic values and creating the premises for new social change.”

Initially I had written “wanted us to know” but let’s face it, none of these planners, summit attenders, UNESCO or OECD employees, etc, actually plan to tell us anything. We were certainly not going to be told that preschool through high school needs to provide a “shift in mindset and social responsibility” to deal with the peoples and cultures of the world and that this “holistic approach to rebuilding and reconciliation” and “integral human development”  cannot “be achieved effectively without unhinging the idea of nations and cultural communities from the nation-state.” And we wonder why APUSH does not want to glorify American exceptionalism or our Founding Fathers and is now promoting the concept of Dialogue around an Interactive Constitution.

Those were quotes taken from something else being kept quiet from us that was promoted in a session at the Youth Summit called “Mobile Cultures for Dialogue” that announced that in 2013 the International Decade of the Rapprochement of Cultures commenced. Think of that name as you look at the hordes now from Syria or North Africa in Europe or the arrivals in the US from Central America or the resettlements of Somalis and others from certain parts of Africa. Yes, all those migrations/invasions, depending on your perspective, do appear to be a part of the UN’s Post-2015 plans for all of us. UNESCO has now put up a Summary from its first Expert Meeting held March 24-25, 2015 in Paris to create a framework to implement the RoC agenda.

I know everyone will be shocked, shocked, not that there is gambling going on in Casablanca, but that UNESCO views “Citizenship education in a plural and interconnected world” as the means to implement this agenda. “Key message to be instilled: Human values drive a dynamic process to develop responsible citizens.” Apparently citizens who have divorced themselves from fealty to that evil nation-state. Before we examine what is coming at us unbeknownst and without our approval in the present, let’s go back to an interview Amitai Etzioni gave in 1999 that was uploaded by the University of Goettingen in 2013. Not only is Germany the destination of choice for these Migrants in search of a cohesive society to meet their needs, it, like the US, also appears to be Ground Zero for finally bringing the Active Society into fulfillment.

Since we all love a good confession from the politically connected, let’s just listen now to these past declarations of intent and methods of choice. “I was very connected to cybernetics. So the social cybernetics [science of control, remember?] which I tried to develop stated that one of the four conditions for successful social change is the support of the people. Therefore it was not a top-down concept. [or must not be perceived to be since we have tracked to the UN and the OECD]… Because the good society is communitarian [people] believe in shared virtues…you need true participation to set new mores…eight months is not a very long time for reaching shared understandings.”

Although media can help and UNESCO and Etzioni both have called on it to do so, education remains the primary tool for creating these values of solidarity and all this must be done at the local level as early as possible. Last week two papers came out in the US seeking to accomplish precisely what the Active Society needs and the UN entities and the OECD all want. https://cdn.americanprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/30051800/StandardsAlignment.pdf is tied to Etzioni as one of its co-authors is a JD/ Masters in Ed Policy candidate from GWU. Now that’s how you get to both recommend transformative practices for education and also create the legal mandate to make it bindingly so. Just what the Active Society and UNESCO recommend.

Doesn’t everyone want Standards for Nonacademic Skills that cover Preschool through Third Grade and start with Sharing, then “self-control, and then “building relationships with peers and adults.” Fits well if the community and collective action, instead of the individual, is to be the required means of political action. Notice too that the Early Learning Outcomes Framework was changed in June 2015 to add ‘perceptual development’ for the little tykes and to delete ‘general knowledge’. Might get in the way of pitching all these false narratives.

The Achievement Gap Institute at Harvard wants to move “Beyond Standardized Test Scores: Engagement, Mindsets, and Agency” http://www.agi.harvard.edu/projects/TeachingandAgency.pdf that in the name of Excellence, Effective Teaching and what will be measured to keep jobs, and Equity manages to make the new classroom focus creating the very kind of personal characteristics needed so that everyone feels their responsibility to others.

Since not everyone is as click happy as I am when I see a link, please notice that the cited mindset scholars network combines Growth Mindset, Grit, Perseverence, and Civil Rights expectations as a matter of law into what is slipping in there. Clicking further we find the National Mindset Study that is funded by Carnegie and is involved with the “brain’s ability to restructure itself” and for the students “to internalize those messages [provided] via writing exercises.” Ding. Ding. Ding. So the human brain will neurologically restructure itself over time in response to manipulative reading and writing exercises. This is thus a known way to create false beliefs and acceptance of carefully cultivated narratives that promote social and political transformation.

Etzioni wrote about the need for ‘authentic consensus’ and spoke of the need for the bottom-up support of the people and this is how it gets created. Early Learning Standards wanting to target Perception and social and emotional learning. That Harvard study seeks to focus on developing student’s ‘purposeful initiative’, Why does that matter? Because that bridges the gap between what the students have internalized as values and beliefs about the world and motivating them to act to change the world. That’s what now constitutes Effective Teaching. It’s not about knowledge. It’s about cultivating the beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors needed to either push for, or go along with, transformative social change.

Now we can go back to the Rapprochement of Cultures, which oddly enough is being financially sponsored by the same Saudi Arabia with no desire to take in any of the North Africa or Syrian refugees. It is formally sponsored by Kazakhstan, one of the world’s most notorious dictatorships, which is rather a tip off that this agenda is actually not about a goal to “enhance dialogue between cultures based on dignity, tolerance, and respect.” It’s only certain cultures, religions, and beliefs systems entitled to such deference and respect. For an idea who, we can look at the backgrounds and previous initiatives of the invited experts listed at the back of the summary or we can see what President Obama, Jeh Johnson, and a Merkel spokewoman said here http://linkis.com/dailycaller.com/2015/de8UL

When I originally outlined this post I actually mentioned a Tripod of needed false beliefs and narratives that this Rapprochement plans to push that refuses to listen to any facts, no matter how provable they are. Before I knew the background of the ‘experts,’ it was clear this initiative intended to impose a one way Affirmative Claim against the West to protect certain cultures and religions and to provide endlessly for any adherents that managed to physically make it within the borders. If you wonder why I went back to the Etzioni quote on not being top down, Recommendation # 6 calls for “ensuring civil society [Etzioni’s preferred term] is paramount in recognition of their pivotal role in transforming social norms, attitudes, and behavior, as well as nurturing peace from the ground up through promoting positive principles and ideals.”

That’s what those two cited papers do from just this week. It’s what the new required PBIS, Positive School Climates, and Restorative Justice practices do. Since Harvard and the state of Massachusetts are listed partners, and the location of, the UNESCO/OECD Center for Curriculum Redesign created by Charles Fadel, it is very unlikely that the paper is not part of the RoC vision for the “creation of a sustainable, socially-cohesive society.” If anyone thinks I am somehow just trying to pull at the heart strings by tying terrible visuals of the hordes in Europe or crossing the Mexican border to the education agenda, Common Core, and competency based education, let me close with a few more quotes. Not my bolding.

” 7. Promote the respect for the inherent human dignity of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers and enhance societal understanding of their value and contribution [to, sic] the impalpable dynamics of ideas and in enabling the rapprochement of cultures. Achieving a better balance between migrant rights and duties could result in peaceful coexistence and cultural diversity.”

Notice that ‘could’ because UNESCO is granting a human right to come anyway and an obligation for us to provide and change our existing culture via ‘quality education’ to change prevailing beliefs and values. Notice that the Rapprochment, said to be the biggest initiative UNESCO has ever undertaken, is intimately tied to that physical presence in nation-states that are no longer to have border or cultural primacy themselves. Now as I finish think of the NEA and their CARE Guide and the Southern Poverty Law Center and its Teaching Tolerance initiative that teachers are being taught to implement as part of the Common Core training.

” 8. Strengthen existing and nurture new forms of global solidarity, including through the media, which foster mutual understanding and tolerance, and counter hate speech, racism, xenophobia, radicalization, violent extremism and genocide. Voices of tolerance must be stronger and they must be better supported to maximize impact and reach.”

Education under RoC, that is in fact coming to your local schools with the force of law, “can be a means to resist and overcome political forces, in particular, identity politics that seek to counter pluralism within self and society.” Got that? Only a bigot would refuse this RoC agenda. If you think the hostility to existing nation-states is just in one place this is how Rec #2 ended:

“Social responsibility with respect to safeguarding and promoting culture also needs to be extended beyond the realm of the nation state in favour of its universal value for humanity.”

I am not jingoistic nor bigoted, and I did not go looking for this agenda of Rapprochement. It has a trail that leads to fed Ed and others involved in what goes on locally.

We no more have an obligation to ignore this Suicide of the West by Menticide than most of us would ignore the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife if we could stop it by speaking up.

So I am.

37 thoughts on “Rapprochemont or Civilization Surrender? How to Force Global Solidarity Starting with Preschool Education

  1. “Social responsibility with respect to safeguarding and promoting culture also needs to be extended beyond the realm of the nation state in favour of its universal value for humanity.”

    So “culture” is code for future global order culture, little c communism,( “universal good of humanity” aka Common Good) easily confused with individual tribal, national, religious, or ethnic culture. The use of this kind of disguise word is trick of the trade, no treat.

  2. You got it Madmommy.

    Social Responsibility for Safeguarding ‘Culture’= Global, Border Free, Communitarian, Kibbutznik Serfdom.

    Can’t you just feel the collective love? I sure can. Oh wait. My bad. That’s not love. That is just dried dirt clinging to my coveralls from my last mandatory volunteer shift working in the collective garden.

  3. Those frameworks videos really spell out the course of action for changing a mental model. Now we can think of the efforts of many speciality framing efforts like SEL, PBIS, bullying campaigns, in the same way.
    Did you notice how individuals thought the basics were important but clearly that was not the model or lens they wanted used? Biggest load of crap I have seen in a long time.

    • Now do you understand how crucial that quote from Etzioni about having been involved with ‘social cybernetics’ for a long time is? I understand all this and have pulled together a myriad of confessions, but nothing like those videos or the STEM confession for us to truly get it. We still have factual knowledge that makes the misframing apparent.

      When it comes to Islam, social justice, whether communism has really been tried, CAGW, etc., the young people will be deprived of the facts that might disturb the assigned narrative. My youngest got mad at me for saying the President was lying about something and insisted that was just my perspective. It wasn’t a perspective because I knew the pertinent facts being disregarded. It was easy to get away with because they were facts unreported in the news programs but easily accessible by print.

      It is like that email Hillary sent to her daughter Chelsea on the night of the Benghazi attack acknowledging it was terrorists. If you know about the email, and no one can dispute it exists, you know she lied. It’s not an opinion. The point is to keep all facts that contradict what is helpful to a transformative mindset away from students.

      • My 8th grader is reading animal farm in LA (and talking about a sort of benign communism in groups of idiot 13 year old boys who know nothing. Its abysmal. There is no context or moral guidance which is the guilt by omission.
        I realize now the k-12 obsession with holocaust/communism is just pure conditioning

        • There is a tag for Facing History and Ourselves, which is classified as a “character-building program.’ My first post on it dealt with it misportraying the causes of the Holocaust. It was before I knew the extent to which false narratives were the whole point.

          Now we have the Frameworks Institute and its STEM Message Memo laying it out explicitly.

  4. Hear this interesting and perceptive discussion among J.R. Nyquist, Diana West and Allen Dos Santos about the use of unlimited immigration to erase the notion of the nation-state and the individual’s sense of identity anchored in his traditional national, cultural, and religious roots:

    • I saw it yesterday, but it certainly got no press coverage and my coverage is darn extensive.

      Thanks for putting that link up. I am a bit overwhelmed with everything flowing out. I am also pleased how well it tracks with where Book 2 intends to go and the constructivism laid out in Credentialed to Destroy.

      • You need to look into a Judith Alamprese. She has written numerous papers on Oregon and how the US is becoming a Learning Society.

          • yes, the write up of the Shanghai 2010 conference. It was published in 2011. Tackled that yesterday after the Lifelong Learning reference in FFA made me realize how Learning Cities were to be the building block for a Learning Society.

            Turns out that in January 2012, while candidate for Pres was still Secretary of State, the US State Department partnered with Brazil, that great socialist paradise, and UNESCO to fund the creation of the Teaching Respect for All Implementation Guide. It was published in 2014 to be an essential component of the global GCE/HRE push. Like everything else I have been working on it fits RoC but it is never mentioned. It really was supposed to be like WIOA–binding and operative but also unappreciated as a legal initiative intended to be binding.

            The 2nd Learning Cities global conference was in Mexico City in late September. It is also under the auspices of the Institute of Lifelong Learning. It created the Guiding Documents for the UNESCO GloBal Network of Learning Cities. There is also an American Network and Dallas, Texas is one of the cities. That would explain why Lumina had its convening of the 75 Metro Areas involved with what is the practice and template without the pet UNESCO name. It also explains why Strive Together was featured so prominently.

            It is all coming together. Will translate it as much as possible into ordinary English next.

  5. I am in my mid 60’s and this whole cloak and and dagger stuff is really depressing. The values I was taught in the late 50’s and 60’s have completely gone out of the window. I am sure that some of our teachers mean well but haven’t got a clue how they manipulated “for the greater good”. The “dagger” stuff is very strongly meant, just see what happens to you (your career) and your families treatment by our society. We went through a fight in the 80’s (yes that long ago) and had to move out of the area because of the way we AND some teachers that supported us were threatened.
    What is happening today we saw coming long ago, the power behind these people is stunning, I do not envy your fight.

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