Reorienting World Order Values Via the Intervention of Activist Education and Progressive Politics

Why yes that is a quote from a Future Worlds Project financed by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment for Peace in the early 70s. At least we now know why education just keeps coming up as the vehicle of choice to initiate social change without that fundamental fact being particularly noticeable. Even if caught, we just get told to defer to the professionals so that the political coup can continue at a slower pace. Drastic Gradualism is actually the term used to get the West to a radically different social, economic, and political system. Hopefully by the year 2000 was the Plan. The 70s were to have been the years to use education to change the prevailing Consciousness before initiating the mobilization for change in the 80s. The precise language used was to:

“supplant the outmoded values/ belief system associated with the state system [they mean nation-state, not those pesky political units the US has 50 of] in a pre-ecological age. [in other words, before Paul Ehrlich started writing about impending disaster]. The emergence and diffusion of a new value/belief consensus [helpfully provided as a Conceptual Understanding so ALL students will know it] is a vital precondition for the kind of active politics that would accomplish the transformation of the structures of power and authority in subsequent period of time.”

Now how many of you have heard that Common Core cannot be incremental? It MUST be comprehensive. Reforms in teacher evals, curricula, assessment, instructional practices, etc. ALL at once. The kind of social engineering that even a weak student of history would know better than attempt. Even if everything about the Common Core was actually about academic content. Which it most decidedly is not.

Well our new World Order planners as they honestly appear to be proud of being [again from then Princeton prof Richard Falk’s book] said it was because (their italics) mechanical penetration of existing curricula was not enough. No,

organic reorientation  of the educational program, which is what would enable students to develop an understanding of what is needed, what is desirable, and what can be done. By organic reorientation we mean more than new materials for old courses, or even curriculum revision; we mean, in essence, changing  the implicit symbol and belief systems that underlie the whole way citizenship, national goals, and even personal fulfillment are approached in the educational system.”

That’s what Outcomes Based Education was trying to achieve in the 90s and why it really set off what were misleadingly called the Math and Reading Wars. That’s what the laundry list of actual changes coming in under the heading of the Common Core are actually up to now. So your question is why? Which honestly calls for a vocabulary alert. Ding. Ding. Courtesy of a different Ivy League professor who originally published his book in Germany in 1970.

The phrase is Humanist Marxism and as you might gather the M word gets dropped from most discussions of its elements. At least in public and especially in the United States even though the book by Wolfgang Leonhard did get translated and published for English consumption in 1974. The same year as Falk’s book. Think of it as game plans and rationales. Not really for my consumption but footnote tracking is a superb researching tool. Especially if you are willing to make musty old used books your Mothers Day present.

It turns out, according to Professor Leonhard, that the Russians and the Chinese broke Uncle Karl’s and Engels’ well-laid out rules for revolution when they launched their plans on agricultural societies. To get a classless society that will stick you supposedly need a certain high level stage of economic development: “without it only want is made general, and with want the struggle for necessities and all the old filthy business would necessarily be reproduced.” So obviously Humanist Marxism is a strategy for a redo. This time targeting the wealth of Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and basically any place where a respect for the individual and the rule of law and industrialization had allowed wealth to accumulate. Those were and are the places that met the real ground rules for Revolution and if the proper Framework were followed, the idea is that the transformation can be peaceful.

Of course that is premised on using education to change those prevailing values and beliefs and that has just never gone as planned. Which is really annoying to lots of NGOs and public sector employees and multinational companies wanting to just deal with the appropriate Ministry in every country where they do business. Otherwise consumers can be fickle to deal with and satisfy consistently. Bureaucrats can be satisfied with good pensions and gourmet meals and regular conferences at luxury locations. Much easier way to do business as long as you already have a seat at the table and lobbyists at the ready.

So there’s good reason we keep encountering the phrase about using education to transform the economic, social, and political system. Except the M word gets left off now and the actual idea is that after gaining the support of a majority of voters, the “laws and institutions obstructing the advancement of [the redistribution vision] will be abolished.”  Use the rope ladder to gain control and then change the rules. No wonder the US IRS targeted the Tea Party with these very real contemporary plans for change using democratic methods and education and the federal printing press to lure compliance with the HM vision.

Now I am not going to dwell on the Personal Identity and Development of the Full Personality aspects of this vision because we have addressed it repeatedly. But it is why there is so much emphasis in the actual mandated implementation of the Common Core on social and emotional learning. And why Karl Marx’s Human Development Model fits our facts so well as I explained in an earlier post.

My readers interested in Agenda 21 and the restrictions on land development and equitable regional development will be fascinated to know this is straight out of Marx and a big part of what Humanist Marxism planned to pursue in the West. Yes it was news to me too. Can’t imagine why the typical poli sci prof forgets to mention that Marx and Engels wanted:

“measures designed to overcome the differences between town and country and aimed at ‘combining the advantages of urban and rural life without the citizens having to suffer from the one-sidedness and the disadvantages of either.”

And the HM economic vision is about co-operative enterprise that meets needs, not wants. Planned to meet the needs of the community and each individual. Which would explain why we keep encountering that very economic vision in so many places now and so many previous posts. M&E as interpreted via HM also plans to liberate the “human personality from the division of labor” which does rather explain the rise of the Competency movement since it is assumed that “nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity.” Someone wrongly believes it is better to have a fully developed surgeon than an able one.

Combined with everyone’s “comprehensively developed abilities and aptitudes” we get education that demands “first of all that intellectual and physical work should be fused, and that schooling should be combined with practical work through polytechnical education.” For ALL. Which is precisely where high school reforms are quietly going in state after state as a stealth component of the Common Core.

Now I think you are getting a feel for Humanist Marxism whatever it is calling itself for PR purposes. Even when it is wisely broken into parts in an effort to avoid detection. And I promised in the last post we would talk a bit about Gorbachev and the so-called New Thinking he embraced in the mid-80s. A book published in 2000 seems to have had everyone’s cooperation to be the definitive story of  what happened. Called Russia and the Idea of the West: Gorbachev, Intellectuals & the End of the Cold War it tells us the New Thinking was

“To be sure, many reformist intellectuals retained a broadly Marxist outlook. But theirs was less the Marx of class struggle and revolution and more the Marx of broader humanistic interest and concern for mankind’s alienation. It was a Marxism that led back to a European tradition of social-democratic reformism. And, given the Stalinist legacy, it led to a search for ‘socialism with a human face,’ …For most liberal, these goals were embodied in the model of the Prague Spring.”

All three of these books used that phrase “socialism with a human face” as the aspiration. It’s the aspiration for the related education reforms as well. It also means whether known or understood by the average person or not, these remain the intentions for the Common Core. Now the purpose of English’s book is to give a palatable story of why the USSR ended peacefully. Changed ideas. Except English has the New Thinking as coming from Evald Ilyenkov and his philosophies of a revised dialectics based on social problems generally, not just issues of class. And Gorbachev would have known of the Humanist Marxism movements going on in the West, especially in higher ed. And the related movements in the UN and OECD . And all those trips of educators to the USSR and providing Soviet psuchology and philosophy for English translations. What led to the Cultural-Historical Activity Theory school now being pushed all over the World.

That’s where the New Thinking fits. Lots of people have known that. It is we parents and taxpayers who have not been in the knowledge loop. Who were not told these plans for education. Who did not attend the conferences laying out how to mobilize action to get the desired transformation.

We are the ones who were and are supposed to remain ignorant for long enough for this to be a done deal. Now the question will be can enough people find out in time to avert these visions of where we are to be taken in the 21st Century. Without permission.

Sorry this went long but it was too important to break up.


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  1. 2 things, first I found a teacher blog talking about CCSS and ” going deeper” mentioning Hess’s cognitive rigor matrix, Bloom and Webb. first time I have seen any teacher openly talking about this stuff.

    next, is my new book,
    Jean Piaget, A Most Outrageous Deception
    by Webster R. Calloway

    is a real good one for you Robin. here is a link

  2. Lets just say the words succinct or clarity are not in CCSS lexicon.

    so the word games. rigor…. who knew?

    this below is confusing and interesting, uses a lot of the buzz words, rigor, robust, critical thinking, scaffolding, it is insane. do they like blooms taxonomy? is it revised? critical thinking vs. higher order thinking like walmart vs. kmart?

    this is on quizlet, a ccss tool in my kids school, ( hate it ) I have found that reviewing their vocabulary words on quizlet is straight up conditioning. the words are grouped in ways that create images such as; dangerous, vacation;
    terrible, accident…. I am witness to this. more creepyness. so many definitions!

    • The anti-Blooms-taxonomy slideshow is just abusing language. “Create” at the top of the taxonomy is not supposed to mean “create a picture about how you feel about this” or some similar random project. It’s supposed to mean that you create new work that adds to or changes the concept being taught. That you’ve mastered the thing to the point that you can contribute to the state of the art.

      Just plain cheating, intentionally misrepresenting the obvious meaning of the taxonomy to skip right to some mindless “creative” project. Or, maybe these people have never done a moment of actual creative work in their lives; the thought never crossed their minds.

      • You are telling us what you THINK it is supposed to mean. this guy interperets it his way. this is possible because it is abstract, esoteric and vague, intentionally for this purpose.
        It provides a smokescreen for those in on the actual meaning and a place for them to recruit others towards their goals.
        may want to read the Piaget book referenced above before you make assumptions about words and meanings at this point. 3 years ago when I was tipped off to this regarding “sustainable development” and “to live, work and play” propaganda all over the country not just in my little town I knew their was deception in the language, words and phrases having double or multiple meanings. ( proven in multiple meetings attended and confronted) so a well meaning teacher, educator, social scientist or the public can make their own assumption as to the meaning and buy into the alluded to meaning rather than investigating the true meaning, or not suspecting they need to.
        those wishing transformation have a very certain meaning which Robin has clarified and upheld with documentation, you have to see the irony of David Coleman and Sue Pimenetel’s ” deep engagement with text” and going deeper” into a smaller pool of knowledge and subjects, they are enacting the same deception here. they are not saying out loud to the public their true intent is indoctrination steering all education to a narrow body of misinformation, rewritten history and political dogma with the intents described in this blog,, but they are smiling and pretending and manipulating you to beleive their ideas are for your children’s good, societies good, teachers good. so use your ” critical thinking” and ask yourself why there cannot be a free flow of lots of knowledge and history and why teachers cannot choose how they teach something with common core? why is that? what is that?
        why do they want a nationalized narrow political curriculum with robot teachers newly trained by pearson/gates, why do they want to force early retirement and disgruntlment and fear in current teachers? ( to cull the herd to make room for insider indoctrinated teachers willing to comply) while pretending despite all the revealed proof of a swindle, still, that it was all state led?
        ” state led” is another term of deception. ug its endlessly the same.
        people are gullible. but the code has been cracked and we do now know that that IS what they mean. and once you get this trick it can be applied to many institutions that have been directed and steered by deceptive change agents and those that would follow them. the racket involves public private partnerships, and anywhere there is one there are the whole bag of tricks including the language propaganda game I like to call ” 3 faces of eve “. ” state led”, “create”, “sustainable”, “robust” ” community” ” rigor”….
        along with others classic parlour games and cons. so PPP’s take local power away from the citizenry, who are duped into thinking there is something good in it for them, the partners are feeding you the language BS sandwich which so many eat and say “Oh Thank you!” while they pillage your school or community, diverting funds meant for you, your town, your school your services, you paid, but slipping it into the black unaccountable hole of a PPP. and you hsve no recourse.
        COMMON CORE.
        they keep the heads spinning, for example the debates about ed reform between deborah meier and michael Petrilli. 2 sides of the same coin. Dialectics. tongues are wagging away about it, slowly reforming emotions and opinions towards progress.
        and progressive goals discussed in this post.
        to adress blooms taxonomy, coming to the education blob from a geohistropolitical background and being a generally suspicious person who does due dilligence I cannot accept bloom’s quack ideas or any of these theories seriously knowing their origins, usage, results and also finding some extremely laughable. I know it is hard to accept that the Emporer HAS NO clothes. Having Princeton/Harvard psychiatrists in my family makes it even harder.

    • I found this post and video (about 3 minutes) on the 10 Expectations/Imperatives for the New Classroom.

      Try to control the enthusiasm but every one of those fits with what is being sought for the real Common Core classroom.

      And yes there is a link to what is going on in Canada and the US. But the Canadians have been more forthcoming that the intended common core is actually desired social and moral development.

      • “Although this is a video that will bring attention to a book that is being sold,”

        just reading the intro speaks volumes.

      • Oh MY, the vid is a pure insider concoccted propaganda piece, and the combination of this guy and the vid is truly terrifying. so nice that he is passionate about ” creating a collaborative environment for all stakeholder” again, the laguage river…. who are the stakeholders you are referrring to mr couros? the reader will implant whomever they think especially what is implied in whatever propaganda might be in your area. but he knows exactly who he is talking to. rhymes with couros.

        also another point about this link is that he lacks boundaries clearly when it comes to children and the classroom. another red flag. ( do you get my double meaning when I say red? am I speaking in code? communicating with the tin foil hat mothership?)

        “My name is George Couros, and I am currently a Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division, located in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. The schools are from ages K-12, and I love working with kids of all ages. I am passionate about distributed leadership within my division, and believe that creating a collaborative environment with all stakeholders, will help to ensure that we meet the best needs of all children.

        he also references ” sharpen the saw”

        not that you need my analysis Robin, I am just on a roll this morning. but this is just too good. great find. can you imbed the video?

        • OH please!!! I am so sick of this kind of edu-babble and educational newspeak. When you ask what it all means they can’t really tell you.

          I think it’s to confuse parents on purpose and make people think these folks have a brain and actually know something.

          Here is a great website that untangles all that for anyone reading about this for the first time..

          • I liked your link. Definitions are most appreciated.

            “When you ask what it all means they can’t really tell you.”

            This is true and, I’d say, it is “by design.” The constantly changing ed-reform vocabulary is meant to keep educational professionals off balance as well. This way they’re always trying to play catch up with the latest term, or theory, practice, etc. It’s designed to overwhelm. This way teachers and administrators never have an opportunity to look back, and to really dig in to the types of things Robin is unveiling in this blog. Even though most are completely unaware of all of the moving parts Robin is exposing, the good teachers still know when to shut the door and secretly do some phonics or show kids how the math really works.

          • Which is why the Change Agent Principals and AP’s refuse to allow closed doors anymore.

            Poor me has been off definitively teaching herself dialectics and the philosophy of internal relations using the books of an NYU prof. I believe I have figured out how to translate it into normal English too.

            Definitely no longer any question this is precisely what we are dealing with in the C3 Social Studies Framework and its repeated mentions of lenses or the new Science Frameworks or Understanding by Design or Understandings of Consequence or Lynn Erickson’s Enduring Understandings. Plus Nel Noddings confirmed in her book intention to have all students frame perception in terms of the supplied concepts and Big Ideas.

            Uncle Karl and his devoted campus minions call that the Concrete Thought. The perception influenced by the supplied abstraction. It is key to recognizing need for fundamental Change at the level of systems. I am just taking a break from reading these blueprints to get a 2002 paper from an MIT prof. Nicholas Ashford.

  3. I taught from 1970 – 2003 and can tell you all you are saying is TRUE TRUE TRUE!

    And Republicans are too dumb to see it. We enlightened ones have a lot of work to do to wake people up.

    Pure and simple, our kids are being used as political mules for the very Orwellian new world order that Bush 41 was so intent on having.

    I refuse to comply.

    • Thanks for the endorsement. I appreciate every opportunity to hear from experience in the classroom.

      On Bush 41, there is a mention from the English book about how that President Bush and his Secretary of State James Baker trusted Gorbachev and so that trust could be used to sell Gorbachev’s version of events as sort of a serendipitous epiphany upon coming to power. The English book on Russia won a very prestigious award in 2001 so it is the story that is supposed to become officially accepted. Unfortunately for Professor English he grounds the basis for the New Thinking in philosophers like Ilyenkov and Teilhard de Chardin and educators like Davydov that I am quite familiar with in terms of their role in Western education and the shift in pedagogy towards the behavioral sciences.

      This is much easier to see now than it would have been in 1990 or so because I have been able to get my hands on much of what was created in the 90s versions of these reforms. Those documents never imagined any obstacles to implementation so they are quite graphic in their declarations of social and individual change intentions.

      But politicians of both parties need to start paying attention to what I have pulled together because there really is no ambiguity here on intentions. I have pursued this from every angle and the vision coming from virtually every direction is the same. And education is always the initial medium for creating the desired cultural change. We can accept a “could not have known then” explanation but that is not true in 2013.

      People also seem to not understand that these education doctorates are going online to easily credential very mediocre intellects and compliant personalities to be in positions to implement these theories. When I see a name I don’t recognize or a theory I can tell is not true, I look into it. The typical administrator running around being well paid and insisting they be addressed as if Doctor is their new first name, has no idea of the history of what they have been told to implement.

      Nor do parents and taxpayers know that these degree programs openly proclaim they are to enable the recipient to be a social change agent.

      What a lousy reason to address someone as Doctor or defer to them. Because they are too stupid or greedy or a political radical that hates this country to bother to look behind the new theories they are pushing. No matter what the popular outcry.

      • I refused to sign a contract that had this on the bottom of it:

        “I pledge to teach the mission of world government”.

        • Oh. My. Word. Is this an IB school? I had a theory that has since largely been proven that IB was essentially a stalking horse for creating the mentality or what Falk called consciousness that is now coming in under the Common Core catch-all excuse to push for changes in values, attitudes, and beliefs in the classroom. I think an analysis of the IB Learner Profile supports that. The focus is to change the student and their daily perceptions.

          Lynn Erickson first came to y attention as an IB keynote speaker a year or two ago pushing her Conceptual Understanding. Hard not to see it as getting to what Martha Nussbaum described in Madrid last fall as new Worldview. Now for Erickson’s Enduring Understandings to be such a central part of the actual Common Core implementation seems to again confirm my point.

          Plus the Swede who created the IEA said that IB was set up in the early 70s with Ford Foundation funding. It is a very misunderstood program. Very alarming to me to discover Columbia and Chicago and Harvard’s Project Zero and the American Institutes of Research are all IB partners. It does fit with IB’s Global Consciousness=Michael Barber’s Global Citizenship=CCSSO/Asia Society’s Global Competence.

          I can see that would have been a good time to take retirement. But I have also seen the fine luxury sedans former Principals can quickly transition to in return for pushing these theories and practices from the Central Office or for the Central Office in the case of teacher to Principal.

          • Actually that was not even an IB school, but a school under Massachusetts school reform under Republican Governor William Weld in 1994 or thereabouts. What kicked off this ‘reform’ was, the city was given federal grants to fund 90% of a building program whereby 13 schools would be torn down and replaced, (with lousy 50s style crappy quality that doesn’t last) but little did we know that this would also mean that the architects would dictate the kinds of books that would be in the library and types of desks we would have to use (that did not allow for the storage of books or crayons or anything personal since everything was to be ‘communally owned’) even though they asked for teacher opinions in Delphi sessions. Further, we lost our lifetime tenure and had to re-apply for our jobs (recertification every 5 years by virtue of brainwashing sessions called retraining) and that was where that contract came in with the shocking phrase on it.

            None of us ever signed it because the union did step in. Even they thought that was improper. Why should anyone have to commit to a political view in order to secure his or her job? Well it is de facto these days… whether you are a teacher, psychologist or other types of workers, the two I am mentioning I have had experience with… lots of discrimination based on political views. Psychologists who are not ‘agents of change for the world gov’t’ and who don’t espouse Soros whom they were forced to read in college, are passed over for internships and can never get a job even if they had 22 straight As in a masters program.

        • Wow, how little respect they have for the First Amendment up in Massachusetts!

          Again, here’s an extended quote from Justice Robert Jackson, who wrote the majority opinion—West Virginia State Bd. of Educ. v. Barnette (1943).

          “As governmental pressure toward unity becomes greater, so strife becomes more bitter as to whose unity it shall be. Probably no deeper division of our people could proceed from any provocation than from finding it necessary to choose what doctrine and whose program public educational officials shall compel youth to unite in embracing. Ultimate futility of such attempts to compel coherence is the lesson of every such effort from the Roman drive to stamp out Christianity as a disturber of its pagan unity, the Inquisition, as a means to religious and dynastic unity, the Siberian exiles as a means to Russian unity, down to the fast failing efforts of our present totalitarian enemies. Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard.

          . . . But freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order.

          If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion, or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.”

          • I suspect you will love this link

            I was reading cites yesterday to Clayton Christensen’s work and it is not being used to foster genuine innovation but to shut it down.

            Education reform’s definition of what enables creativity involved mind arson. Making genuine creativity highly unlikely.

            Just like the actual meaning of innovation these days usually tracks to political innovation. Like those proposed 12 Regional Economies that Project 21 envisions.

          • What teacher says about the comingling of education and development or redevelopment, or the quid pro quo of we will give you money
            ( RTTT) but you must enact educational reform
            ( common core) he mentions rings familair, just on a massive scale. where I live and around my state, any given town you roll into has a perfectly good local school building of brick or stone, sitting empty in the middle of town.
            ( demoralizing, taking away local power) with a big shiny new bigger more regional school up the road. the empty schools are owned by developers, sitting on them. waiting to get declaration of Blight to get tax abatement, grants, subsidies, also waiting for zoning to be changed to accomodate dense vertical housing in these stubborn suburbs. to spread the city out. the development scams
            Rosa Koire
            ( reveals about California and her town and area tell this story. they have been happening all over the country. but Teacher has revealed that this kind of game has been around for a while, it has just been intensified toward regionalism in the advent of our new dictatorship and his compliant agents.

          • Great article. Thanks for the link. We are very fortunate to have excellent writers like you and Greenberg to frame these issues so clearly.

            Good point, innovation today means political innovation—what they call STEM is sickening.

            “Polemos pater panton” said Heracleitus; war, or competition, is the father of all things, the potent source of ideas, inventions, institutions, and states”—observed Will Durant.

            I’d rather live among the iconoclasts than those creepy folks with their Big Ideas and

      • Hm, our Super since about four years ago is a Dr. As I recall once I was able to track down an undergrad. institution for him (nothing special) but no graduate institution. He says he’s “Dr.” but nobody knows which university granted him a PhD.

        His LinkedIn page contains NO education and skips a part of his work experience as well, the part right before he was hired in my district.

        But I don’t think he’s ideological. He’s simply great at CYA. Any time there’s a tricky decision to be made, he puts out lots of polls and runs research in the community. Then it’s hard to blame him for anything. He’s not terrible, just terribly mediocre.

        I don’t know why our school board, with many members holding serious academic degrees, don’t do a better job of vetting. Or is the quality of one’s academic training relevant for almost all jobs, except jobs in schools!?

        • Usually they are not PhD’s but I have heard holders lie and say it was a PhD when it was actually the EdD. I have heard them brag about their dissertation and then find out the program does not have one but uses a Group Project instead.

          Doctor Dolts is not an inaccurate description of the phenomenon because the doctorate is needed so people will defer to what they say so they can be a Social Change Agent. But if they were actually knowledgeable they would recognize that what they are pushing and saying is not true. That the theories in their coursework cannot be a “better way to learn.” But a mediocre mind does not recognize that.

          Do you remember when I first wrote about Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory or BEST? Urie openly admits it is a metaphor for how he wants the world conceived so his theory can influence social and political change. Now we also know it was Soviet Psychologist Leontiev who suggested foisting BEST on the West. But when BEST gets taught in doctorate programs or Masters or undergrad, it gets treated as if it were factual. As in “because this is how world works and the environment creates the student’s personality or deficits or in your son’s case his gifts, then …” and BEST becomes the excuse for implementing CHAT. Then the stronger students can act as scaffolding verbally and inferentially for the weaker students. And then culture and history do get changed because no one knows much that is accurate.

          I also had a Principal a few years ago in a Doctorate program announce that we know more about middle school kids than we used to. That now we know what they feel is more important than what they know. She was rather excited at her epiphany from her program. I was horrified that she was so vacuous that she believed such a thing. She was later quite excited when Cambridge Education came in to do a school audit to shift the district away from instruction and told her she was to be the “instructional leader of the school.” Overriding far more experienced teachers with her credentialed insights that feeling was more important than knowing.

          When you turn degree programs into manifesting Core Competencies you are credentialing people to implement theories without questioning them. When you want to use education to essentially mount a political coup, it helps to get fidelity if the insurrectionists are either unaware of the real intentions or don’t care. They love the six figure pay with benefits for life that go with administration.

          • your description of how BEST being taught as fact then gives credibility to teaching CHAT. this is a major tool used in sustainable development. the accepting and pushing of say GLOBAL WARMING as fact then gives credibility for its being taught despite all the evidence that it is junk fake science. The BEST/CHAT example had to be rooted out being of rarified academia, whereas global warming got caught because it was in the public. but did indeed further the progressive dialectic.
            same in sustainable development in your town along with a PPP and deceptive multimeaning language/slogans, agents spreading propaganda attached to a percieved benefit, they also used this trick;
            the implanting of some pronounced founding document that gives justification and false credibility to the actions. assisted by multiple generic non/profit websites with stock photos of smiling people to add bulk to the credibility. some even having naive and duped board members listed with no idea of the fakery. maybe one or 2 board members are in on it. They usually are on each others boards, have been empolyed by each others firms or non profit, example. local council members suggest consultants to design plans, they are on the board, their brother is on the baord of the company hired to do the building, the council member used to work for that firm, the lawyer for the local council was the prior council president who works for the firm that represents all the regional towns who all used the consultant, lawyer signed the resolution while council pres to follow the plans of the region municiple planning orgnization which is to follow sustainable development, who the other council member is on the board of and the his new job at the consultant who just happens to be in the same building as the MPO. also involved in the school board and was treasurer for the local congress person who’s office was down the street from the local municiple hall. also came from chicago where started and ran a community organizing outfit in the mid 9o’s, and winds up in our local paper being invited to a white house regional meeting which was the subject of stanley kurtz’s last book. name game in education. but teacher nailed their connections.
            what does that sound like to you all?

        • the polls and community research are pure delphi.
          that is how it is rigged. Dr mediocre, ( we have one) has been trained and is assisted by an agent in the realm in collecting this miraculous data that says everyone is ‘unanumous ” in wanting whatever is happening, thereby all go away thinking, ” hm.. I guess I was the only who did not want it ?”, but the truth is they can say whatever they want because they are the only ones who get to view the poll data and they can fabricate any outcome they want. so the DR is complicit and knows it or he is just an easily manipulated rube chosen for his amazing mediocrity led by strings. so the common core of all of this is trickery. it all comes back to it.

          • The students have 10 imperatives for the teacher do they? Let them run feral and do whatever they want with their imperatives.

            And so the next generation is ruined, because weaklings like me couldn’t stand to be near their newly “empowered” selves. Godspeed, anyone who sticks it out to fight the current. Tenure may allow some to slow down the degradation but I guess if they get enough low evaluations by the new standards they could be simply fired for cause.

            Our Dr. Mediocre (super) did one thing I really liked this year that makes me think maybe he’s not a total loser. To save money in this year of budget crunch, he cut Professional Development by 50%. That means 50% less Communist indoctrination for our teachers, as I see it. But this year he’s trying to get a big construction bond issue passed so maybe he’s acting righteous just for this one year.

            Moral hazard abounds.

  4. I guess that’s the crux of the matter, “can enough people find out in time?” With all the information you have on all of the antagonists maybe you should collaborate with a David Mamet and/or some other Hollywood people, make a film or a mini-series, and expose it on a large scale. Crash the party Robin! Most people won’t want to read about it—it’s incredibly time consuming. But I know that they are interested.

    • Can you imagine how snarky a screenplay would be if Mamet and I collaborated?

      And as you can see I already try to tell this as a story. Because it is but doing that is definitely more time consuming.

      So glad Teacher has joined us to provide battleground stories.

      • I will be making a video of this soon… I MUST speak out. It would be great if I could find that paper. I have offered a $500 reward to any teacher who can find her original.

  5. Very interesting discussion and links here. Madmommy, I read a couple of pages of your book. Really interesting.

    Lol. I thought I was the only one having these dark insights about public school and public life. A few years ago, I started to record some of them in my journals. Sometimes I felt as if I were working and living in Dali’s world of melting clocks.

    • Sara,

      I know it would make people feel better if I said I go looking for lurid stuff but I do not. Consistently running your fingernail across these planned policies and practices and theories is what quickly seems to turn up really bad details. Because the purpose is to create a mindset and personality to support change and compel future action.

      Lindsley thanks a prof by name. I think what the Public Affairs prof at the school wanted him to believe is quite calculated. This all may be news to us but there have been lots of deliberate plans at transformation that have come out of that school. Originally that is why I looked at Boyte. I saw his political vision referred to in a footnote and that he was from Minnesota. One of the leading figures in Regional Equity is Myron Oldfield from MN. After Portland, Oregon, the Twin Cities are considered to be the furthest along on the Regionalism/Metropolitanism economic vision.

      As I have told more than one person, I did not go looking for this story. It found me as I looked for answers. The lawyer in me was determined to get the true meaning of these terms nailed down.

      But we are going to have to deal with the mindsets being created here and the idea that if you are willing to harm children psychologically or allow it to occur and are involved with what is a political coup through the backdoor, you get to live well at taxpayer expense for the rest of your life.

      I have seen a real sickness in the eyes of some of these administrators. They BELIEVE in a vision that is nonrational and utopian and quite dangerous. But they lack the genuine knowledge and accurate mental models to put what they are pushing in its true context of history.

  6. I have begun to realize how easy it is to purchase people. It’s understandable on a certain level. The alternative road is lonely. What people don’t realize is, if you sign up for the program, you end up being gutted of all that is authentic about yourself. I actually wrote a poem that touches on it. You might find it amusing:

    Below is a link to an article I wrote not too long ago on what is taking place, i.e. the transformation.

  7. “And yes in education we have deliberately created conflicts of interest to ensure compliance with the vision.”

    out of curiosity, of which conflicts are you speaking? And how does that ensure compliance with the vision?

    • There are lots of them but I will use the Dallas Super as an example. He has a consulting side business that gets federal turnaround money. He still has the business while being the Dallas Super but it just cannot do business with the Dallas ISD. Because the accreditors have so much power in education, the fidelity he shows in pushing the Transformative Vision in Dallas influences contracts that flow from other districts.

      Also the post-retirement consulting contracts flow to administrators who aggressively pushed the proper political vision during their tenure. And Administrators regularly more than double their salaries in a few years pushing the aggressive versions of this vision and collecting the promotions as a result. The accreditors also control who gets the lucrative District Super jobs.

      Our school governance council is being run by the woman who supposedly wrote the district charter when she worked for the district. Now she has an ed consulting business pushing standards based reform and these conversion charters. Pushing the transformative vision at the school impacts the likelihood of business from other districts.

      The person non grata in all this is someone interested in preserving academic knowledge. Those are the principals being pressured to retire who will not then be asked to do professional devt consulting work.

  8. Sara, very nice website. I have attended the last two parent meetings in my County dealing with CCSS and it’s implementation in the coming school year. Lies and propaganda and more lies. Like John Taylor Gatto says, some of these proponents are naive useful idiots, some are evildoers or have sold their souls for mammon, and some are true believers, like I was right up until I retired two yrs ago this October, on the very first day I was eligible to retire. Then I spit up all the kool aid I had spent almost 30 years drinking, lie down to rest for a few months reading Gatto’s “Underground History of American Education” and watched Charlotte Iserbyt on Youtube, and woke up, thoroughly refreshed and found Invisibleserfscollar and Robin Eubanks. A woman like Deborah, in Scripture, for “such a time as this.” is a link to a free read of Gatto’s great book btw.

    So I was silent throughout the whole first meeting, where about 150 parents were gathered and talked down to and intimidated all at once for 90 minutes. Pitiful video snippets and all. Equally pitiful display of their abilities to use technology fluently as well. But I digress. By the second meeting last week, heart in throat I spoke out. After 90 mind numbing minutes without allowing anyone in the smaller group than the last a chance to speak. People began, ever so slowly to as questions about the sources of the CCSS curriculum and assessment. As they gave a vague answer to one parent, and a grandmotherly gal, much like myself, tried to piggyback her question on the previous, she was shut down. And shut up. And I didn’t like that.

    Sooooo, I got up to leave, heart still pounding, and decided to drop my several page printout of the article “Two Moms vs. Common Core” about the Indiana fight to pause it, successfully I might add, on the table of the family they had been rude to. As I turned to leave I said words to the effect, “CCSS was designed by a consortium of Governors, the NGA, state DOE leaders in the CCSSO, Bill Gates foundation and Pearson Testing, and the only two professors, one math and one Eng Lang Arts, both said it was a dumbing down and insufficient for ELA growth in students. People had turned to me, and one guy was mouthing something about misinformation as I talked about the teachers being tied to teach what they are told to and how to teach it or else bad evals from the CCSS minded admins. And no more job security as they push out the tenured and bring all the bright and shiny newbies on board to be kool aid drinking teachers of the Common Core for the Common Good. I had to get out before I started yelling, and admonished the parents to get online and read all the good/bad and the ugly about it and do their homework. As I walked out I heard him say “oh sure, start a fight and then leave,” and he was right. I needed to stay and peacefully fight the good fight. But my heart wasn’t ready to let my tongue go.

    I have another week or more till the next and final meeting. In a county of 51,000 students and 63 schools, I only saw a total of 250 parents. Max. I think there were a few teachers. Most were only aware of the meeting at my old school (where the second meeting was held) if they read the mini flyer that went home with the kids in Spanish and English. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

    I heard my old principal wants to talk to me, she attended the mtg and saw/heard me as I got up to leave. I will drop by to tutor an 8th grader in Algebra this week and find out if she wants to learn from me. . . Or try to silence me. That’s such a funny thought. Except I have grandkids out of zoned and being home schooled by me in this county. That part isn’t even a little bit funny.

    Again, thanks Robin and to all of you posting regularly here, thanks so much for inspiring and teaching and fight that good fight and I will too.

  9. Tina, I just love these free books online. Yes, and I love Gatto, too. His book, “A Different Kind of Teacher,” was the main way I kept my sanity while I was teaching in public school. It confirmed my beliefs that a true teacher must sustain a life of the mind and encourage that in students. The powers that be want to keep teachers too busy and distracted to have time to think for themselves, or take time to dig.

    Lol, your meeting with the public officials on Common Core remind me of what I have been going through here regarding bioregional councils and public meetings about public lands management. Last week, I had words with the local rep from the Nature Conservancy regarding conservation easements at a standing room only public meeting. Every federal agency that has to do with the issues, plus legislators’ aides and commissioners and houses from two states heard me. I tell you.

    One of my next blogs will be titled, “The Limitations of Nice.” “Nice” can be just a way to get head-bobbles.

    Robin, what you are describing is disgusting. Talk about selling the truth cheaply.

  10. Teacher, yes, their agenda for a very long time has been to undermine the American rule of law (constitution based) by stealth. They have already subverted the sovereignty of European countries by this tactic and are hot and heavy on it here.

    A good book is John Fonte’s “Sovereignty or Submission” available on Amazon.
    Thank you for the link. It’s always informative to read these proclamations.

  11. Two of my old articles that I updated appear on, today, titled Local School Boards Are Being Replaced, Stripped of Power. These two part articles were initially published in the Wisconsin Report (no longer under publication) in 1993 titled “Politics of The Radical Center”. News also just republished my old article “Our Children:The Drone” that may be pulled up under other article along with part one and part two.

    I just viewed a 36 minute video on Google by a Mental Health Professional who was expressing her concerns about the methods being used in Common Core along with others. Attached to this web was another one that showed parts from “Voices” books used with Common Core in Utah to manipulate and change children’s behavior. This was eight minutes long. Regadrdless of whether Voices is used or not, or if computer programs are used, these clearly are the objectives of Common Core.

    I am now rereading my data on the German and USSR systems, curricula, polytechnical education etc. and frankly find little difference between Common Core and the the philosophy and methods used especially in the USSR. “Less is more” is a predominate theme in the old German system i. e. Mastery Learning, OBE, Performance Based, and you name it. I started researching in 1978 when I was exposed to a Skinnerian program, federally funded titled “The Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction” I pushed for a government investigation, but the USDOE stated untruths about the program. It was S-R-S and scripted as the Voice teacher directives are. Madeline Hunter’s Essential Elements of Instruction, were implemented in Arizona to train teachers for merit pay. Of course this program is based on the Russian psychologist, Pavlov’s work. I call it “Pavlov”s slobbering dog”, and the rest, Skinner’s rat labs.

    The guided reading in Common Core is of the same element the best I can determine through the clever propoganda on the web. Keep up your great work!

    • If we’re getting the German system with Common Core, we are not getting all of it. Germany has several tracks. Your post stimulated me to remind myself about the Gymnasium (academic school), Realschule (more practically oriented school for students of at least average ability. but probably not the very top students), Hauptschule (for students of below average ability) and recently the left wing has been promoting comprehensive school “Gesamtschule” (more like US high schools, mixing students of all levels of ability.)

      Interestingly, data show that the Gesamtschule does the worst in allowing students from poor backgrounds to close the achievement gap on students from more privileged backgrounds.

      The article on the Realschule contains an interesting history on the development of practical education in Germany. There’s lots of top-down intervention. And the purely academic Gymnasium is the most traditional, still teaching Latin and Greek.
      Some Gymnasien emphasize math and science, so that would be the path for a talented student interested in studying those subjects at university rather than the Realschule.

      It might be even harder culturally to extinguish the academic track in the land of Gauss than it would be here in the USA where we believe the world began in 1776. That said, they have no top ranked universities any more:

      • David,

        This should answer your question.

        It also shows what I have been saying. Misunderstanding of what these international assessments measure and what causes one to be a “high performing country” is driving education changes all over the globe.

        And higher ed has been a heavy implementer of the Bologna Process reforms. I wrote about that last summer in a few posts.

      • This is from 2012. and shows how international benchmarking is being used to drive all these countries in the same direction.

        And this will show you what Competency looks like in higher ed. From 2011.

        I have an old Milton Rokeach post that explains Competency is a term meaning a mixture of skills and values.

        In the US in connection with the Common Core, outcomes, objectives, and competencies get used interchangeably as synonyms. None means knowledge.

        • What I get from the OECD document is that Germany was overrun with a wave of immigrants who, after several generations, still had poor German language skill. For this reason at least, they failed at school and didn’t learn much in a system that assumed that competency. Hence when one evaluates the TIMSS and PISA results by emphasizing the performance of the bottom of the distribution, the worst Germans are doing poorly. This in turn led a push to reform. Nobody thought it would make more sense to push out non-German-speakers, although I know Angela Merkel has gone so far as to say that out loud.

          And the discussion emphasizes the dual-system vocational track, not the university system for holders of the Abitur qualification which is probably a lot like everywhere else, but blessedly free of remedial stuff.

          They seem to retain the idea that if you’re not good university material, you shouldn’t go to university. This is the same thing Michael Bloomberg said last week!

          The SKOPE document also appears to be about the German vocational track, not their academic track.

          My son just got suspended for a day from school. Not-so-coincidentally, yesterday we sent the school his report that another student was trying to pick the lock of the school store, after he observed a faculty member doing nothing about it. That student is one of the few (only?) black females in the school, and there’s a new push to have equal disciplinary results. So I guess that’s it. Report a black student, get similar punishment yourself. Just venting there …

          I’m still not sure which “old German system” was referred to in Ann’s post, though.

          • Hitler Germany. I responded but do not see it posted yet. Hitler outlined his education plan in Mein Kampf. How quickly we forget history. AH

      • I should have said Nazi Germany because that is what I initially researched in the late 1970’s through 1990’s. Pavlov’s method was used in Nazi German and by definition, combining government with private business is fascism.

        Dr. Janette Veatch, in her letter to me, and now in the USDOE file, said: “During my doctoral years, I studied Hitler German, and ECRI is but a more modern method of breaking children to the heel of mind control.” (Note: Behavioral psychology is what is being used in Common Core to shape the values and attitudes of students, teachers and parents and the total community–using the Delphi technique combined with system management.)

        I still do not like the German schools compared to what ours were at one time. I studied them, and found that many children can never get out of the zones and follow in the foot-steps of their parents, grandparents and so on.

        Here are some quotes I used from Mein Kampf in a 1993 article that was published:

        “…there is a danger in having the youthful brain flooded with so many impressions which only in the rarest cases it is able to master, and whose various elements it neither can sift nor evaluate according to their greater or lesser importance; and besides, as a rule, not the non essential but the essential is forgotten and sacrificed”
        (Philosophy of “less is more” stated in Mastery Learrning/OBE etc.)

        “…in historical instruction an abridgement of the material must be undertaken.” (p. 421). This is the integrated curriculum that we have seen before and still continues in Common Core.

        “To sum up: the folkist state will have to put general, scientific instruction into an abbreviated form, embracing the essentials…The shortening of the curriculum and the number of hours thus achieved will benefit the training of the body, of the character, of the will power and determination…This education on the contrary must always be ideal. It must be more in keeping with the humanistic subjects and offer only the foundations for a subsequent additional educatrion in a special field…” (pp. 422-423). (SCANS – Training for the workforce, a noted part of Common Core standards).

        “…we must incessantly inculcate the principles that industry, technology, and commerce can thrive only as long as an idealistic national community offers the necessary preconditons. And these do not lie in material egoism, but in a spirit of sacrifice and joyful renunciation.” (p. 423).

        I end the article with: “The social engineers who are proficient in propoganda techniques will sense the secret vibrations of the people and help form a single unit where the masses will be taught to think and react as one. Anyone who dares to question or object (especially parents) will be belabored until they succumb to what is required of them–turning their children over to the state. Der Siegwird Unser Sein! (Victory will be ours!).

        (Source: Free World Research Report, Volume 2, Number 9, September 1993) with footnotes, p. 13).

        In this same publication I wrote an article “History of U. S. Soviet Agreements”. (Source: The Chronicles of Higher Education-International, ” Nov. 27, 1985, on page 30, under A Chronology of U. S. – Soviet Scholarly Exchanges) These exchanges started in 1959 and may be obtained from your Congressman or the above source. Apparently, they are ongoing and include China and many other nations. This is the one world global curriculum being promoted throughout the USA.

        This is part of the comparison I see between Nazi German and the USA’s Restructuring movement. I hope this clarifies my position.

        • Ann, thanks for that clarification. You sent me back to that old book I haven’t looked at for a long time, and I think I found the translation you are using here online:

          though without the page numbers. The part about schooling starts around the phrase “the education of the girl” (search for it) and most of the way to the end of the chapter. Reading it gives an overall different impression from just those few quotes, at least to me.

          He has some general ideas for restricting education, but in the service of nationalism rather the Common Core goals.

          His stated purpose is to strengthen the German nation so that it doesn’t lose again as it did in World War 1. As such, it’s probably a better education than Common Core, which is designed to produce weakness. I doubt that Hitler wanted less axemaker minds to fight the next war, he probably wanted more.

          So, with a couple obvious exceptions (Hitler wanted women trained mainly for motherhood) the comparison of Common Core to Mein Kampf is unfairly generous to Common Core!

          • Thanks for putting up what I was unable to do. As a history major, I have always tried to be objective and fair, but I walked through a concentration camp in 1984 in Germany, and it was the most difficult walk I have ever taken. We must assure that history never repeats itself.

            In the workshop I attended in 1978, at one point my principal attended for a while, and he said “they did this in Germany”, exactly as Dr. Jannette Veatch said. In this workshop we were required to raise our right arm to a 45 degree angle and follow the prepared script exactly as the children are being programmed to do. At that point, I said to my fellow teacher, I recognize the salute, I’m not doing this any more. From then on ______Katz sat with our arms folded, (we were not allowed to take any notes) and the teacher trainer moved our table away from others and the two of us were isolated from the group. This is a brainwashing technique that is used when individuals will not conform to group concensus.

            Thereafter, I started researching everything possible on behavior modification and brainwashing, along with educational system in different countries. I have the history of the the Soviet Union starting around early 1900’s through the 1990’s that I’m now rereading.

            I was lucky to get a few thing published in the 1980 and 1990’s on educational restructuring because I was in the minority, and I found the media and my political party to be completely controlled. They still are! I actually find no difference between the two major political parties at this point. Thanks for refreshing my memory and your research. Bless Robin and this web. Take care all!

          • Ann, they required the “Heil, Hitler” salute during teacher training? (shocked look on face) Man I never imagined that’s what goes on in “inservice training”. I thought it was an excuse for some time away from the little monsters and maybe some paid travel.

            I’m sure the implementation of Hitler’s program was in many respects worse than the book he wrote to drum up support for his candidacy. Campaign promises are nowhere enforced. The scary thought now is that the same may be true of the implementation of Common Core vs. the foundational documents!

          • David,

            You know how I have written about how my high school is using Spence Rogers and his EXPENSIVE PEAK training for teacher development? William Spady’s partner in developing Transformational Outcomes Based Education?

            Some of the teachers thought it would help them teach content better and naively volunteered. They were shocked by chanting exercises about “All Kids Will Succeed” and other such things.

            You would have thought the reference to Mao Tse Tung as an example of leadership would disqualify him but the PTSA President says they do not want to see any of my materials and they will keep using PEAK training. Because it works so much better with the weaker students.

            I pointed out that was because it was a psychological interaction and they were not doing those kids any favors.

            They plan to keep using PEAK next year and were really annoyed at me for pointing out that what they say PEAK is about when raising money in public forums contradicts PEAK’s own materials.

            No lunch invitations from the PTA Pres for me. Darn. I just love hanging out with people who have no sense of humor and blindly accept what they are told as the essence of leadership.

            Ann is also right about the herd instinct being a conscious part of using the Community of Learners concept to force compliance from teachers and students.

          • You know the epigraph at the top of the Blog? It’s a quote from Julien Benda who wrote The Treason Of the Intellectuals in French in the 20s. He predicted the conflagration of WW 2 based on the cultivated use of emotion as the guiding motivator of human response.

            Hitler came to power with mindsets that were very much grounded in what was cultivated there in the 19th century. Part of what compelled Germany to launch the Great War was to demonstrate the superiority of its Weltanschaung. The virtue of the Gemeinschafft.

            I used both terms deliberately because I regularly read current uses of them, still in German or translated, to describe the kind of Mindset and spirit of working as one, that is to be the result of the values, attitudes, and beliefs education grounded in Amitai Etzioni’s work.

            I did not just start citing him because he was a communitarian. When I looked into the research grounding what was to be pushed as part of the Positive School Climate and the PBIS Response to Intervention for All Students, Etzioni was cited. So was Herman Daly. So was Richard Layard’s Happiness research.

            Cultivating Mindsets as Dweck calls it. Pearson in the UK pushes The Spirit Society as the accompanying eco vision to these ed reforms. Robert Reich, former Clinton Sec of Labor, who would have been in charge of pushing the SCANS created in 1989, wrote the Forward.

            Sorry about the suspension. I have been tracking those interpretations of the civil rights laws as they are based on wishes, not the law. They unfortunately get used as grounds for more SEL for all kids.

          • Yikes, the Hitler salute at an in-service training! This reminds me of the more recent tax-payer funded USDA cultural sensitivity training sessions where the trainees had to chant things like “the pilgrims were illegal aliens.”

            The sitting in the corner thing is funny. Sure, sit in the corner and get your video camera rolling—tacitly reminding them know who’s really on the spot.


          • Ann will have to chime in but I suspect that the point was not the salute. It was the idea is there a barrier this group will not cross under peer pressure?

            Are some gestures or behaviors too nefarious to ape? Which individuals will go along and which ones resist and at what point? Does resistance embold others are they perfectly willing to ostracize those who do not go along? Even if it is the ones not going along who are behaving rationally.

            Ann is describing a time period just as the Rand Change Agent study that went on for five years was finishing up. After the Change Agent Handbooks had been initially written. After WOMP had begun and during a time when the cultural exchange missions of many to the USSR to bring back practices and theories and models had begun in earnest. As we have discussed. Beyond Bronfenbrenner remember Communities of Learners originated on a trip of Michael Cole of CHAT and Courtney Cazden of Discourse Classroom and Ann Brown of Fostering Communities of Learners. And all these people apart from Urie are cited as connected to Lauren Resnick’s 1987 report on cultivating Higher Order Thinking Skills.

            Ann, you may be able to help fill in a theory I have. I believe the inflammatory language of A Nation at Risk was deliberately chosen to get noetically transformative education reform back on track. And that the reformers who envisioned using education to cultivate that Humanist Marxism mindset by whatever tactful name it was to be called, were horrified when A nation at Risk instead stimulated a Back to Basics momentum instead.

            And Outcomes Based education and standards based education are the attempts to use language that sounds academic to shift the momentum back to behavioral changes by targeting values, attitudes, and beliefs.

          • My reaction to watching some of the USDA training video: how do I get a gig doing something like that for a lot of money? It’s my mission and I want to do it right. I have fire in the belly, but I am an outsider to the cultural transformation seminar biz, maybe that guy will mentor me!? BAM!

            I am sure the talk of “standards” and “outcomes” was exactly as Robin says. I remember William Bennett as Secretary of Education during the Reagan administration, who cast himself as a back-to-basics sort of guy and said how important it was to have “standards” in education. He went on all the talk shows. This article even says he was backed by “paleoconservatives”:

            But he always stopped short of saying what the standards should be. It became obvious to my suspicious nature that he was avoiding that subject and there was likely to be something wrong with the resulting standards.

          • David,

            Here’s a video that fits in perfectly with what I have been saying about changing values, attitudes, and beliefs as the real focus of the Common Core.

            And why the federal DOE has tied teacher effectiveness to Growth in a student. Which is that very change and what is actually being assessed. Using the Common Core books in elementary school. Notice all the stress on emotion and solving social problems.

            It’s one thing to know it from what you are reading and teachers saying but to see the books.

            It is a political coup. Which will play into the name of the next post.

          • Wow! That was an interesting video. The folks at Madame Defarge publishing (Zaner-Blozer) are consummate propaganda artists. On the website they advertise the ELA series like this: “Voices Literature & Writing is a supplemental, social-emotional-learning, and character-education resource delivered through a unique, integrated language arts approach.”

            Yet when you open the book it’s all social agitation.

          • But it is equally accessible to ALL students. That’s the point. We need an equitable curriculum.

            Isn’t it nice that you can agitate the need for transformative change at the same time?

          • You know I have been writing about Social and emotional learning and PBIS and how it is being forced on all schools.

            Here’s a video on it that just came out

            In the Chicago school closings yesterday they gave this school a reprieve because of its exemplary SEL program.

            Little knowledge but the schools are focusing on getting the students to behave.

            If you only pushed SEL in problem situations it would be one thing but the Positive School Climate Executive Order and the interpretation of federal disabilities laws is bringing this to all children and schools.

            What a tsunami we have coming with the next school year.

  12. I’ve been checking all my old article and research. In one I say: “T. H. Bell, the Reagan appointee, has been involved with promoting global education for years….A Nation At Risk was propagandized as a warning to American education to increase basic academic achievement; however, just the opposite was intended as may be noted in Appendix C.

    “A Summary Report on the Educatioal Systems of the United States and the Soviet Union: Comparative Analysis” and a “Review of Effective Schools Research: Implications for Practice and Research.”

    In the July, 1984 “Effective Schools for Results” by Dr. Robert E. Carrigan & Dr. George W Baily, specifically state that the Effective Schools are based on the work of B. F. Skinner, Dr. Madeline Hunter and others. This is what they put in and what is in Common Core.

    “Proven Educational practices are immediately available to meet three primary programs related to the design and implementation of schools and successful learning aspects or variables in the folllowing areas, behavioral change and the application of learning theory to produce successful learning results; the identification of sociological facts operating in effective schools; teaching strategies to effect learning results:;the identification of sociological factors operating in effective schools; teaching strategies to effect learning; and the combination of these variables and practices in a systematic approach to achieve learning and management results….”

    Dr. T Bell provided the grant to William Spady to put OBE in every school in the nation. This political system has been implemented a little at a time for many years. First, methods of control and measurement (accountability) had to be designed and this was achieved through Sociometrics which encompasses all the social scientists.

    This is where the National Goals Panel and their Community Tools Kit fits in. The Panel’s job is to measure system change over time with their local, state and national report-cards, and the Community Tools Kit is designed to train Change Agents in the local community to manipulate citizens into conformity. …This is the Speede/Express that has over 400 identifiers.

    I give a brief comparative analysis of the Soviet System as I presented the USSR Agreements starting in 1958 up to apparently the present. Two were published. One was transcribed and published in the Wisconsin Report and one was briefly published in Phoenix, Arizona. (Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education – International, November 27, 1985, page 30, tittled “A Cronology of U. S. Soviet Scholarly Exchange). Common Core is not new, nor the systems attached to implement the complete transformation of our government, free enterprise system, and destruction of representative government. Space does not allow any more. But, yes, “A Nation At Risk” was designed to destroy free-will, individual freedom and all that goes with it.

    • Thanks Ann and we have Spence Rogers carrying on his Spady’s template since Spady is the one who became the fall guy for OBE.

      Madeline pulls in John Goodlad and what he now calls the National Network for Education renewal on making sure the Ed Schools made this scenario their template.

      I was at a policy breakfast this morning with numerous legislators where we were able to pin down that the Blended Learning template is built on Bloom’s Mastery Learning. Even a part of the power point.

      I was so taken aback at the ready confession that I asked a question to doublecheck.


    • Ann,

      What was the last post you got? I have not written today. Still trying to get over the Breakfast Speaker blatantly lying to all sorts of politicos and well-meaning folks who would have no basis to recognize the deliberate fibbing. No wonder ed is such a mess.

      I just checked and you are still on list of subscribers.

    • Ann,

      I know you are still on the distribution list. Am I going into spam?

      Miss your comments too. Will have it checked.

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