Shocks, Stresses, and Yokeability: Resilience as the Balm Masking Total Control

Is Yokeability really a word? Well, we need it to show why both admitted Progressive Change Agents, supposedly right think tanks, both political parties, and so many other influential people signed that Williamsburg Charter. Interestingly, the author stated at the end of the Godly Republic book that although he had heard of the Charter copies of it were “hard to find.” I am not surprised given the infamous vision it was actually committing us to funding, and our institutions, to creating. DiIulio stated it was not until 2005 “while visiting Calvin College” that someone gave him a copy. If Calvin College rings a bell, it is probably because that is where the current Ed Secretary, Betsy DeVos, attended college. As I have plowed through all these books about a faith-based vision that I did not really want to write about, but could not avoid, I realized that everyone seemed to want to instill the concepts, Ideas, beliefs, values, and habits that would create a ready-and-motivated-to-act Maker of History.

Moreover, even though those books I cited broke out the so-called faith-based vision to be partners in meeting human needs and to get taxpayer funds for doing so, I recognized last week as the Rockefeller Foundation rolled out its 100 Resilient Cities strategy at a late July meeting in NYC, that the so-called FBOs (faith-based organizations) were no longer being talked about separately as they were in the 90s and the Bush 43 years. Now they have a new acronym–CBOs–community based organizations. If we had not walked through the books linking all these FBOs to a new vision of humanity, transformational change, and a new form of citizenship, the true nature of the change and all the different partners would be hard to see. You may want to check out this site to see what the vision of the future currently looks like.

Likewise, the book I cited on Building a Community of Citizens had a companion book published in the same year called Educational Innovation: An Agenda to Frame the Future that used the state of Pennsylvania as the example and Transformational Outcomes Based Education as the technique to be used. Frankly, I got the best feel for what the Right and FBOs wanted to do in a very odd place–a 2013 book by Hillsdale College President and Heritage Foundation Board member Larry Arnn. Heritage is a signor of that “hard to find” Charter and I looked into the book The Founders’ Key because of all the deceit surrounding Hillsdale’s Barney Charter School Initiative and the Common Core as well as the tendency to attribute erroneous narratives to the so-called ‘Founders’ vision.’

We have come across the phrases self-governance, self-discipline, or self-regulation as the so-called new purpose of education. Arnn laid out a similar function under the title the ‘well-ordered soul”, which he viewed as an obligation of governments to create so that it “must settle into the characters of the people.” He quoted James Madison approvingly for saying that the “passions [of the public] ought to be controlled and regulated by the government.” Yikes! Arnn defined the “well-ordered soul is one in which the reason moderates and guides the passions toward good action.” We could ask who gets to decide what that ‘good action’ is, but that would require parents who grasp that math, science, and classical literature are actually not about the transmission of knowledge anymore and they might dispute that shift.

To get some sense of why I say the Right Pincer also wants Marxian Makers of History to transform the world that currently exists let me quote from Arnn in his Conclusion as it may be the single best example of what a dialectical view of history actually reads like. Moreover, this vision never had to be translated from German unlike Uncle Karl’s.

“History, then, is a story of circumstances playing on human beings. Human beings are shaped by these circumstances, and also they shape the circumstances back. We discover this through modern philosophy, a branch of science. Philosophy [putting theory into practice? action research?] becomes a form of making. It supplies the hope that we can shape our world to fit our will.”

I am not sure you or I belong to the ‘we’ or ‘our’ making such decisions and then enshrining them in ‘transformative’ or ‘innovative’ education. Let’s look somewhere else I found that same Maker of History vision as in “Stop telling our story! We decide what happens next. Because it’s our story now and we are making history ourselves.” I have warned before that during the Cold War, intellectuals on both sides of the Iron Curtain were pushing Marx’s Human Development Society vision on the West. That stage when all needs could supposedly be met because capitalism’s ingenuity had produced a magic technology (identified as the computer and intercommunications technology like the Internet). That post-capitalist stage was called little ‘c’ communism by Uncle Karl.

When the book communism for kids was published by MIT Press in 2017 many of the same groups that push a false narrative surrounding the Common Core and education ridiculed the book as trying to bring back the already tried failed Communism of the USSR or Mao’s China. Since I knew that was not the real danger now and had learned to doublecheck the offered narrative I bought the book. It actually defined communism as the “society that gets rid of all the evils people suffer today in our society under capitalism.” It’s “never been tried before” says the book and what the book described actually fits with what I am reading coming out of 100 Resilient Cities, especially the recent Resilient Boston paper.

See why I am worried? And the same techniques we have encountered from the behavioral sciences that can supposedly create a Revolution of the Heart or a well-ordered soul via Tranzi OBE as I nicknamed it in my book Credentialed to Destroy are to be used to “generate desire…a form of desire capable of jamming images of a better world into every fracture of daily life, from subway rides to service jobs to global poverty. In every moment of social suffering, this desire demands a better way of life.” Use education then, visual imagery, and perhaps even virtual reality gaming, to create communist desire. The book did call for that and all the hostility to the individual in post after post is even more troubling once we recognize that this vision for communism needs “the cracking of the individual self, the end of our isolation…Would we, the collective subject of humanity, through communism, finally realize our own being by appropriating a world that actually belongs to us already, because we created it?”

The book laid out a desired goal “to collectively transform all social spheres” and to fulfill a “demand for social-that is to say, political and economic–democratization.” That is precisely what the hard to download but worth it Resilient Boston laid out. Education and working with local school districts is merely one component of this total transformational vision but it is an integral and explicit component. After all, to be resilient requires achieving racial equity per the plan and that “requires a comprehensive approach. Beyond working to change individual policies and practices, we must also transform our entire systems of thinking and acting…” See why MIT Press translated and published that bini adamczak book?

Nobody is mentioning Uncle Karl and resilience sounds so much better than the ‘c’ word, but the function and, quite frankly, the goals are the same. The goals of course require a political reorganization of society so that “Racial equity means ‘closing the gaps’ so that race does not predict one’s success, while also improving outcomes for all. Equity is distinct from equality in that it aspires to achieve fair outcomes and considers history and implicit bias, rather than simply providing ‘equal opportunity’ for everyone. Racial equity is not just the absence of overt racial discrimination; it is also the presence of deliberate policies and practices that provide everyone with the support they need to improve the quality of their lives.”

That really is what Uncle Karl called his communist Human Development Society vision and we have to be able to recognize what we were never supposed to even hear about in time. The Rockefeller Foundation in its 100 anniversary publication wrote about its social engineering aspirations since its founding and desires to steer humanity in new directions and we really ought to take them at their word. Anyone interested in the organized deceit around Climate Change should appreciate that it provides a rationale for the desired political control and reorganization of all those “social spheres of society”. An obligation for racial equity does the same.

Here’s the definition of a Resilient City and notice how the definition of stresses pulls in the desired Marxian desire to meet needs that the FBOs we encountered have also declared to be part of their religious vision and the Williamsburg Charter. Bolding in original.

“the adoption and incorporation of a new view of resilience that includes not just shocks–such as floods, nor-easters, and other acute events–but also stresses that weaken the fabric of a city on a day-to-day or cyclical basis, such as economic hardship or social inequality.

By addressing both shocks and stresses in a holistic manner, a city becomes more able to respond to adverse events and is better able to deliver basic functions in both good and bad times…We must acknowledge our history, heal our collective trauma, and advance racial equity, social justice, and social cohesion if we are to move forward as a truly resilient city. Building resilience starts with identifying our most important problems first and figuring out the best ways to tackle them together.”

Now think of that resilience vision being implemented by laws we are unaware of and education that we are being deliberately misled about. Think about the implications of a generation of schoolchildren and certain voters being told that the following quote is what Martin Luther King stood for. We all commemorate a holiday for him after all.

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.”

Anyone else interpreting that quote from Resilient Boston to be fostering the needed “communist desire” instilled via education and new practices of citizenship at the internalized level of habit in a well-ordered soul? A suitably yoked soul for a resilient and transformed 21st century society?


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  1. Thank you for this posting. Knowing the terminology is vital to avoid inadvertently becoming part of the problem (agenda).

    • You are welcome. I am anxiously awaiting Atlanta’s resilience document, which has not yest been released. Boston’s came out about two weeks ago. I did notice that the Atlanta Regional Commission was presenting at the NSF-funded Big Data Innovation Hubs and Spokes All Hands Meeting for the South hub which took place in Maryland in June. The South hub is based at Ga Tech and Chapel Hill. It is also tied to this Resilience agenda and between the 4 Data Hubs all 50 states and DC are caught up in this Upraveniye web being implemented right now.

      I am not namecalling here either. There really is a theory that is being implemented through education and the law primarily and this is what it is grounded in and what it seeks to achieve. The communist desire is simply the desire to alter the current existing institutions. In Arnn’s case he wants to obnoxiously assert it is a Constitutional requirement.

      BS. Buying commercial time on Rush Limbaugh’s talk show does not make this a conservative vision. I read Arnn’s book just after finishing Amitai Etzioni’s New Golden Rule that I wrote about, which is why I could tell they were actually describing the same vision with varying names and rationales.

      I am so tired of this manipulation of language and all the double entendres where the actual meanings are clearly laid out and intended to confuse the attempt at transformation while it remains in progress.

  2. Sheesh…. ” I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.”

    a/k/a – dysfunctional, passive, victim minded, helpless co-dependency which is the underlying reality of all things little c communist/communitarian.

    • There is also a quote, full color as with the MLK with its own page, from Ceasar McDowell, and MIT prof (note link to MIT Press) which held that “Democracy exists when people who are interdependent struggle with values, aspirations, and traditions that bind them and the interests that separate them so that they can realize a future that is an equitable and just improvement on the past.”

      Students and adults are being taught that this is what they are entitled to do and what local governments must arrange. Remember when WIOA was asserted to simply be legislation for people with disabilities instead of the means to rework the economic system in the way called for as resilience entitlements? This model is also in Betsy DeVos’ new evidence-based school improvement model for ESSA. The Ujima link came from Resilient Boston and the report also called explicitly for the HIAP–Health in All Policies–and Social Determinants of Health theories to be implemented.

      • Speaking of the true purpose of WIOA, here it is in a just released NGA paper.

        Given that WIOA will not piggyback training centers on existing ed facilities, it is ludicrous to say that every federal dollar spent on WIOA contributes to a strong economy. The only way that is true is if providing the jobs through new training centers is the real purpose in the first place. I actually suspected that when I first read the legislative language. It’s not designed to create jobs for the people being trained. It creates jobs for the trainers getting paid to ‘train’.

  3. So my son has chosen an AP course in 10th grade, where he is expected prior to school starting, to memorize all the countries and regions of the world, expected to have knowledge of geopolitics and world religions. Because they teach none of that oh except those “Big Ideas”.

    MWAHahahahahahha I am hysterical. So i look up Human Geography, thinking hmmmm Human rights, Human development, Geography and waddaya know it is in the cannon of critical geography and marxist geography and Development geography, in fact you can find discussions online about it where students say it has
    ” heavy Marxist undertones”….
    “Development geography is also rich with Marx”
    “I gravitated towards geography precisely because of the field’s radical inclinations.”
    “Propably the most published urban geographer ever is a marxist”

    So that coupled with AP Psych and APUSH And everything else is a straight jacket.

    • Think of how an ed grounded in Big Ideas instead of facts prepares the student to be aroused by statements like this. Living Cities was originally created by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations.

      “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” – Albert Einstein

      This past Saturday, white nationalist groups converged on Charlottesville, Virginia at a rally that ended with the death of a counter-protester at the hands of a white supremacist from Ohio. Watching this unfold, I felt like I could have been in Germany in 1938 or Mississippi in 1960.

      Saturday was a horrific and undeniable reminder how close hate is to the surface of American life and how important it is to speak out about it when you see it.

      Race in America is a complex thing. We are a country undeniably founded on the genocide of one people and the enslavement of another. Throughout our history, systems were designed that isolate and separate us, and that empower a select few—based on the invention of race. These systems made it so misunderstanding, fear, and ultimately hate, are in our groundwater.

      We have yet to eradicate that legacy from our society. The result? Not only senseless deaths like those in Charlottesville but extreme disparities across all major indicators of success and well-being between white people and Americans of color.

      This latest horror in our nation’s tarnished history on race must be matched with both words and action. Inaction or equivocation in the face of white supremacy is reckless, and we must commit as individuals, as members and leaders of institutions, and as Americans to ending it now. As an institution, Living Cities is deeply committed to doing that. We’re convinced of the need for affirmative approaches to tackle these issues directly; to living a different set of values, rooted in a vision of racial justice and equity.

      Read Nadia Owusu’s piece, Philanthropy: We Need to Talk About Power.

      Leaders in government and other sectors must not equivocate on this point: the American Dream belongs to us all, and it’s worth fighting for. As long as white supremacy persists in all its forms, whether overt or covert, institutional or systemic, that dream will remain out of reach.

      Thank you,
      Ben Hecht
      Chief Executive Officer, Living Cities

      Now notice how the tragedy in Charlottesville that grew out of a series of attempts to create some kind of violent confrontation for the images it would produce dovetails with what Resilient Boston already insisted would be mandatory. Now it can be played as a matter of right, not just “we want”.

      I will post again with the troubling definition of Equity from the Glossary and we can decide if a violent confrontation like this is the nudge needed for what was already planned.

    • Notice the reference in the quote to “by contract”. This is how everyone gets bound.

      Equity: Respectful treatment and fair involvement of all people in a society. It is the state in which everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Additionally, the National Academy of Public Administration , which has been studying the use of equity as a means of evaluating public policy describes equity as the “fair, just, and equitable management of all institutions serving the public directly or by contract, the fair, just, and equitable distribution of public services and implementation of public policy and the commitment to promote fairness, justice, and equity in the formation of public policy. This definition lays the groundwork for measuring equity in Resilient Boston’s initiatives.”

      Public policy is just a euphemism for what will be imposed as a matter of law, whatever the to be bound individual wants or will consent to. In other words, we are all to be yoked in the sense of subjugation to this vision of racial equity and the management of society and its institutions. The FBO theorists insist that’s not authoritarian if the government uses intermediaries to impose at the level of what is internalized like Arnn’s ‘well-ordered soul.’

      Here’s the definition of “Social Cohesion: A community, neighborhood, or society that works toward–and ensures–the full inclusion, sense of belonging, opportunity, and well-being of its members.”

      Antifa is well aware that these plans for us are in play, inscluding in the classroom. We need to be as well.

      • Yes! “The FBO theorists insist that’s not authoritarian if the government uses intermediaries to impose…”

        The use of a fascilitator as internediary between any 2 parties to control the outcome is de riguer now. That 3rd party that third way. Communitarian governance. Sidled up against every institution down to dialogue.

  4. I forgot to mention that i worked for National Geographic in the cartographic division ( yes a long while ago when many maps were drawn by hand) and I never heard of all these geography splinters.
    Human geography seems to have come about in the late 90’s like so many new things Marx inspired and when NGS went to the dark side itself.

    Anyway, here is a supporting link to this post.

    • Think of how useful that concept-based, Big Ideas format is to a desired paradigm shift as laid out here.

      That article is actually tied at several levels to the Williamsburg Charter, which may be why Smarick wants communitarianism to be accepted as a conservative idea. The Bradley Foundation also funds National Affairs. Even though Idea-centric history and other humanities work was originally funded by the Rockefeller Foundation starting in 1980 or so, it was the Bradley Commission on History that really took it mainstream. It is an essential component of the cybernetic template of controlling how the world is perceived and how daily experiences are interpreted.

      Think of it as Thinking Ideologically but as a matter of habit, instead of imposed at a later level by a censor. That’s far more observable and easier to reject.

  5. Karl Marx: The Visionary And The Seer Of Social Justice

    “The most profound understanding of Marx came from Engle at the funeral speech when he lavished praise on Marx in the following words, “Just as Darwin discovered the law of development of organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development of human history.”

    So here we have the direct link to Human Geography, Human Rights, and Human Development….. uncle Karl and his pal. Ah but who put them up to it? Like Darwin, with his “bulldog”. Like Kinsey, like Freud who is the Svengali?

  6. “As long as white supremacy persists in all its forms,…”

    This is a clear nudge, in other words any acknowledgment of preference for even ones own family, could be considered white supremecy. The allusion to the ” big idea” that there are multitudes of variations of nazi flag wavers secretly wishing to reign supreme is the implantation of DOUBT that stops people from acting or thinking individually. The giant chasm of uncertainty created by the vague. Nobody wants to fall into that pit.

    This is the tool of DOUBT implanted at any age but beginning now with preschoolers with playacting SJ topics making them cry with SEL experiments and data collected on any kid who doesnt break.

    Yes teacher the Emperor’s clothes do look beautiful!

    • Look at what else launched today.

      “At NEC, we know the way to build community prosperity is to build community ownership. Instead of it being about individual success and dominating the Monopoly board, what if ownership was about communities controlling what they need to survive and thrive? What if it wasn’t about me or you owning … but about us?

      The strategies are out there: through worker-owned co-ops we own our jobs; credit unions and CDFI’s give us control of our banks; community land trusts give us ownership of our neighborhoods; and much more!

      We need your help in bringing these stories to light.

      Starting today, NEC is launching #NowWeOwn to make visible how our communities are owning up right now and taking control.

      Join us by sharing your story on social media! Tell us how your community is democratizing ownership. Don’t forget to tag your posts with #NowWeOwn so everyone can see the work you’re doing.

      Help us flip the script and show everyone what democratic ownership really looks like.

      The #NowWeOwn Social Media Toolkit is here to guide you!

      In solidarity, ”

      We are creating a belief that people can simply create a new type of future and a largely factless type of education that will be unable to recognize why it all cannot work as described.

      And yet the False Narratives to create parent outrage and then manipulate it to be a barrier to the true story rolls along.

      • OMG. This is Utter GARBAGE. ” In Solidarity” ?????? Hang on on a sec…let me see if I can find my party lapel pin before I raise my clenched fist.

        And I just luv “The Community’ owning everything . Sure. Right….”The Community” as in unelected administrative Councils whose members get fat off workers contributions to ” The Community.”

        • It’s not workable, but the kind of person who appreciates that is not the people agreeing to this. Did you see the NGA document referring to state governors as the “chief job creators” in the state?

          It is an utterly delusional vision of society and an economy and it is absolutely what is being written into legislation, regulations, and the terms of contracting as a government provider.

          • Look at this. These students are being primed for the revolution before any actual facts can piece through.

            “TEACHERS SHARE RESOURCES ON CHARLOTTESVILLE: The hashtag #CharlottesvilleCurriculum has taken off this week, with educators sharing resources for talking to students about race, violence and social justice as millions of children head back to school this month. The hashtag was created by journalist Melinda Anderson after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., this weekend resulted in one death and more than a dozen injuries. The effort has inspired nearly a dozen pages of crowdsourced resources , including tips for talking about the white supremacist rally and the president’s response, materials on the history of racism, and content for young children. The American Federation of Teachers has posted materials through its Share My Lesson initiative here. Chalkbeat and NPR have posted content here and here. Catch up on all of the resources by searching #CharlottesvilleCurriculum on Twitter.

            – White supremacists in Charlottesville this weekend chanted, “You will not replace us.” Wil Del Pilar, vice president of higher education policy and practice at the nonprofit Education Trust, writes that if white Americans “have been ‘replaced,’ it certainly hasn’t been in the halls of government or in institutions of higher education, cradles of leadership, power, and privilege in this country.” The majority of teachers, principals, college presidents, professors, students enrolled at public flagship institutions and students earning bachelor’s degrees are white, he notes. “Diverse campus environments have powerful benefits for students – including, and perhaps especially for, white students.”

            About two weeks ago Ed Week did a story on creating “participatory democracy” materials to use in classrooms. Charlottesville is a tragedy, but it is mostly a convenient excuse for an already intended shift.

    • And then there’s this

      On August 12, 2017, white supremacists, counter-protesters, police, press, and people of Charlottesville participated in and witnessed a battle for human nature. Every person involved in the day’s events had an idea of why they were there, why others were there, what they believe, what others believe, that there’s a right way to think and a wrong way, perhaps with some gray in between.

      Charlottesville’s battle for human nature was about who we think we are and who we can be.

      This battle now rages

      Heres’ the link to what I just quoted. We are at war and ed is ground zero.

      How about this for the essence of why ed is Ground Zero?

      “The power of behavioral science resides not in revealing what human nature is or is not, who we are or are not, but rather who we can be. And, on some level, about who we ought to be. Our understanding of who we can and ought to be matters because it influences how we design our social institutions—which then shape who we, our children, and our neighbors become.”

        • This is the lead-in to the big Ed Tech newsletter today.

          “Chronicling change—as historians or reporters—can be difficult when it feels like the worst of human tendencies has remained unchanged. People spew hate; countries wage wars. The past weekend’s odious calamity in Charlottesville makes it even more tempting to succumb to feelings of helplessness and disillusionment.

          Yet doing so only fuels complacency. Silence is consent. The events that transpired have deep roots but can never be the new norm. It is a reminder that there are no final victories against violence, discrimination and prejudice, that the march of time and history does not inevitably lead towards progress. Gains can be reversed.

          It’s a wake-up call to the constant vigilance required to learn, to listen, and to lead conversations. It starts with challenging ourselves and others, to find the humility to uphold humanity.”

          It’s humanity at stake.

    • “The suggestion that Westerners should be given drugs to make them more welcoming to foreigners is likely to be hugely controversial.”

      Uhm….yes. I think it just might be. ( rolls eyes deeply into back of head )

        • Look at what the false narrative is calling for today.

          I warned about this back in 2013 after I listened to the rhetoric surrounding competency-based ed at the (co)lab event. Here is that old post

          I really hate that I was so prescient.

          • Every time I see one of those Celebrate Community articles on The Federalist website I am reminded of Pullmann’s article from a year ago linking to the Saguaro Center of the Kennedy School of Government with suggestions for cultural renewal of disenfranchised blue collar towns. Then I think of the character in the Netflix series “Raylan” chronicling life in a Kentucky county where the main commercial activity is drugs — growing, marketing, whatever. Finally, I think of the cagey, well-read, self-described “hillbillly” Boyd Crowder, who aims to become the King of Crime in the county, being rehabilited by a walk to the recycling center at the mall, one of the suggestions posted by Saguaro. Then I curl up in a ball and laugh my guts out.

            By the way, the Pullmann article is gone.

          • Not on my desk, but that removal is fascinating. I noticed the language and the shift in name from the Pope Center to the Martin Center. Again I was very busy while I couldn’t write. Plus how could I not notice given the connections of Martin to Davidson where I went.

            Joy has a job to do that earns her keep and book contracts from the Bradley Foundation’s Encounter Books. But those of us who really know this get to track the discrepancy between the narrative and provable facts. We also get to track where the False Narrative appears to be going and what other activities the Bradley Foundation is financing appear to be headed in the same direction.

            If everyone involved in a false narrative appears to be pushing the MH narrative even if they personally have never heard the term we get to notice that too.

            I am still laughing about Arnn’s preposterous analogy to Thomas More and the Tudors. That was one of the things I specialized in the summer I was at Oxford. I just loved the Bodleian Library.

          • I found it and here are the pertinent two paragraphs where Pullmann used first the phrase ‘self-government’ and then later ‘self-rule’ :

            “American education was not designed mainly for the private benefit of personal economic advancement, but for the public benefit of cooperating with families to bring up citizens capable of self-government. Those public and transcendent benefits were also once the core motivations for higher education.

            Unfortunately, in the era of Common Core, the main educational emphasis is “career-readiness.” It drops the vision of American citizens as free people with the right and responsibility of self-rule, and instead treats students like “human resources” that officials must shape to perform some function in our increasingly government-controlled society.”

   is the actual article.

            Notice that Strawman fallacy ending Pullmann created about the government-controlled society. This is actually the reason for all the deceit and the appropriation by the false narrative crowd of terms like Upravleniye, dirigisme, and Pavel Luksha’s work for GEFF that people learn about simply from reading this blog. The steering by government in this vision occurs through the institutions of civil society like churches, their community outreach, schools. civic groups etc. The model used is the behavioral sciences married to neuroscience. Because that is quite authoritarian once recognized, we get both all this deceit and all these different euphemisms for controlling the nature of what the student internalizes as their guiding beliefs, values, and personal attributes.

            Also remember Joy worked for AEI after graduating from college (before Heartland), a Williamsburg Charter signatory and the sponsor of the Mediating Structures Project as well as another conference just after NCLB was adopted, that is every bit as seminal and confessional as that 1968 conference at Bellagio. I found that smoking bazooka and hard copied the relevant proof while I was ailing in body if not in mind or spirit. That unscheduled break in writing gave me plenty of time to mull over what I had and how it interrelates. It’s also what wake me up early this morning. A nugget from a video I watched fits into all this as well.

  7. Let us not forget the religious component of this equation of community transformation. Try reading a book published in 2011 by Harper One and written by Robert D. Lupton entitled “Toxic Charity: How Churches Hurt Those They Help (And How to Reverse It)”. Lupton is a member of Leadership Network, religious/business organization pushing this same agenda from another direction.

    • DiIulio in Godly Republic also cites a 1977 book you may be familiar with. This is what he wrote: “Decades before any other evangelical Christian in America had done so [the Reverend Ronald J] Sider, a public policy analyst and theologian, brought the Bible’s admonitions to honor and serve the poor into popular and public-policy relevant focus. He made the case in his big-selling 1977 book Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger.”

      He goes on to say he and Charles Colson “coauthored the foreword to Sider’s 1999 book on antipoverty initiatives Just Generosity“. There are reports online about how Bill Bennett (who signed the Williamsburg Charter) and his wife and Chuck Colson and his wife vacationed with the DeVoses on their yacht. Remember also aei signed the charter too and when Betsy stepped off their board to be Ed Secretary, her husband took her place.

      I did not go back to Godly Republic because I have been accused before of faith bashing and I am not. This alliance is an integral part of both the ed story and the False Narratives you have dealt with for decades and I have since I wrote the obliterative Credentialed to Destroy. Now imagine people with the following vision having the powers of big data and the behavioral sciences at their command.

      This is in a chapter called “The Republic’s Faith-Based Future”:

      “But the common good as a strong human impulse only comes to fruition in societies where it is woven into prevailing political theory and reflected in living constitutional norms.
      In order to get people to cooperate with this civic ideal and selflessly serve citizens in need, it helps to have an overarching and widely shared conception of why such good works are good and may even sometimes be morally required. It helps to establish who will be considered responsible for providing help to whom, when, and how. It helps to define the conditions, if any, under which wider groups of citizens, including those who have no desire to help, may be required to do so–for example, by paying taxes to support public human services programs to which they strongly morally object. Finally, it helps to define the parameters within which the federal government–the national political community in the person of its democratically elected national government representatives–can and should act, and exercise all necessary and proper authority, to help people in need.”

      Adopt and impose the Marxist Humanist vision in other words via the federal government but implemented at the state and local levels. Just what ESSA and WIOA do and what the UN calls for in its Dignity for All by 2030 agenda.

      Unlike Arnn who simply uses his mantle as Hillsdale Pres to create a Guiding Fiction about the Founding Fathers to get to the same internalized obligations, DiIulio admits and bemoans that “the godly republic’s first leaders talked about the common good a great deal but never quite got around to fleshing the concept in this way.” That refers to the previous paragraph that followed the long quote I just provided where DiIulio stated “In other words, it helps to have a working conception of the common good that relates individual rights to social duties.”

      If all these Common Core deceptions lead me to classical education and its function is to create what DiIulio laid out and what Marx also wanted, the organized deceit makes perfect sense. They want to use the Tranzi OBE template too.

      • As a devout Catholic who has gone mano a mano with you about Catholicism historically and about specific doctrinal issues, I can state categorically that I have found absolutely nothing in your handling of the faith issue that is anti-religion. You have a bone to pick with placing religion at the service of a type of social gospel that is basically a Marxist Humanist gospel, and that you state accurately is a corruption of religion. I, for one, am profoundly grateful that you have connected the dots and brought all this to light.

        • Thank you. Years ago I wrote this post on who World Savvy is and how you can get the Common Core without the CCSSO standards themselves.

          Read this world savvy statement on charlottesville:

          Dear World Savvy Community,

          The horrific events of the past week have shaken our community, as we all are reminded again of the deep divisions across this country, and the enormous need to heal those divides and create a society in which all individuals are equally protected and allowed to thrive in our democracy. White supremacists, neo-Nazis and xenophobes marched on Charlottesville, VA without mask or hood, unafraid and unashamed, leaving destruction and death in their wake. To us and our community it is unambiguous: there is no equivalence in this matter between hate-filled protesters with Nazi salutes and propaganda, and the counter-protesters who bravely advocated for equality and humanity. The former threatens the very core of democratic society, the latter upholds it.

          We understand, too, that these are not isolated incidents, but symptoms of a much deeper, more systemic challenge: the institutionalized racism, xenophobia and white privilege that has created inequity and wrought structural and physical violence since our country’s founding. We know the practical, every day ramifications of this. That those people who marched proudly will return to their jobs and civic roles in communities across the country: on juries, as doctors or nurses, hospice care, teachers, law enforcement officials and government employees, and too many more professions and capacities to name. We know that the bias and hate manifest in their actions shows up in those ‘everyday’ roles- impacting the lives of Americans in real, practical ways. The systemic ways in which this manifests are profound and far-reaching – in our criminal justice system, housing, health care, and in education, to name just a few.

          Coming together to dismantle that system of hate and oppression has to be our highest priority as citizens. World Savvy is, has always been, and will remain deeply committed to this effort, to ensure students, educators, schools and districts across the country can do the important work needed in the coming weeks, months and years. We believe that building global competence, and greater capacity for empathy, perspective taking, critical thinking and collaboration across difference are critical steps in the direction we need to travel, together.

          As a part of our community, we encourage your feedback and involvement- about how we can do more, help in different ways, and double down on our efforts in the coming year. Here is a resource from the Southern Poverty Law Center we believe begin to address how we can collectively be part of the solution – and we welcome more from you. Please share these within your networks, and if you have others to offer to our community, please share those with us directly.

          Thank you for being a part of the World Savvy community – one that believes in a future that is inclusive, equitable and just for all people. World Savvy’s work IS this work – this is our mission: to tackle this head on and work together toward a new reality. Everything we do ties back to this burning imperative. We are proud to do this work in partnership with you, and will work tirelessly to fullfill our mission to educate and engage youth to be responsible global citizens, prepared to thrive in a more diverse and interconnected world.

          Yours in solidarity,

          That’s who helps create classroom curriculum to be a 21st century citizen.

    • I am sure you saw this today, but I know how much the Philanthropy Roundtable is pushing for this faith-based/MH vision. I did not realize deVos headed it previously.

      THIS WEEK: DEVOS TO MEET WITH PHILANTHROPY ROUNDTABLE: DeVos is expected to take part in an event Friday morning with the nonprofit Philanthropy Roundtable. The event, which was briefly posted to DeVos’ public schedule on Tuesday and later removed, is closed to the press, said spokeswoman Liz Hill. Hill didn’t provide any more information about the topic or what DeVos would be doing there. There are no other events listed on her public schedule.

      – DeVos is the former board chair of the D.C.-based organization, which represents donors and private foundations. She and her husband also donated $30,000 to Philanthropy Roundtable in 2014 and 2015 through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. DeVos resigned as board chair and severed financial ties after President Donald Trump nominated her for secretary.

      – DeVos signed an ethics agreement earlier this year saying that for a period of one year following her resignation from the group, “I will not participate personally and substantially in any particular matter involving specific parties in which I know that entity is a party or represents a party, unless I am first authorized to participate.” DeVos’ spokeswoman said that she has received guidance from the agency’s ethics officer “and the Secretary’s participation is in compliance with her ethics agreement.”

      DiIulio laid out what he called the “proxy government” vision in the book, which he wanted to expand. He then said this: “Calvin [College} political scientist Stephen V Monsma is the dean of political scientists who study religious individuals and institutions. As I frequently noted when introducing him to other faculty during his stint at Penn as a senior fellow in the religion research program that I directed, Monsma was studying ‘faith-based’ community serving programs before anybody called them that, and before ‘religion was cool–or a fundable empirical research topic.'”

      Reemeber how Positive Psychology is also centered at Penn. DiIulio described the effects of religious beliefs as similar to those created by positive psychology. Both prepare you and motivate you to act in a certain way. Maybe that’s good if properly disclosed but the false Narratives prevent that.

    • After you put this up I looked further into this and found this document that is clearly pushing the MH vision

      You can see why they would need education utilizing Tranzi OBE from this definition of “self-government” that is one of the Ten Master Principles. “The internalization of laws, requirements, disciplines, beliefs, and values such that one enforces within him/herself obedience to these standards of conduct“. Arnn uses the term ‘self-rule’ to have the same function as does his Hillsdale graduate, Joy Pullmann, who is at the center of these coordinated false Common Core narratives that somehow always lead to classical education and the Good, True, and Beautiful. She used the term in a piece she wrote for the Martin Center on the Common Core and is the editor of the Federalist who published that screed hyping KIng’s Beloved Community.

      Let’s go back then to Arnn and his vision of the community and the so-called constitutionalism he advocates for in that Founders Key book. He wants to make sure we “share ends”. When you read “restoration and recovery”, think of the part of CtD that covers Social Reconstruction. They had precisely the same aims but for secular purposes. Also notice the hype on guiding principles just like the Statesman Project.

      “We cannot soon have the government that operates entirely within the confines of the Constitution. That will take a work of restoration and recovery of many years. It will entail the growth of civic institutions that match and surpass those built in early America. These must embody the whole citizen body in the job of running the government and the society. [Participatory democracy? Upravleniye?]

      It will require we take up again the hard work of approximating, so far as humanly possible, the principles of our land, which are so elevated that they can ‘never [be] perfectly attained.’ It will require community organizing of a different kind. It will require that we abandon bureaucracy and centralized administration as a form of rule. [The Stop Fed Ed! slogan attached to purely state legislative action now]. The Founders thought that it was not mainly by dictating means but by sharing ends that free people cooperate.”

      So education needs to instill as a matter of habit those shared ends. I read The Founders Key just after communitarian and cybernetisist Amitai Etzioni’s New Golden Rule that I wrote about back in April just before the doc put me in that splint. His Moral Order vision had the same desire for such shared ends. So does that Statesman Project and it also restates the Golden Rule.

      See what I mean about the same essential vision and commitment to altering the future with a variety of rationales depending on the audience being pitched to?

  8. Resilience for children. Two links. One to a podcast that needs to be listened to. The other of an organization that takes these malleable minds and directs them to change the world. The podcast at 04:12 minutes has the presenter ask a girl about a project called ‘Genderosity’. The young girl responds with, ‘we will be creating care packages for the women in crisis.’ She then proceeds to say that they would provide SIM cards and mobile phones so they ‘can start fresh’ and ‘if they don’t want men going to them or harassing them’. Their values and approaches are not unique, but the first one is: ‘child-led social change.’

    • I am in crisis. I want a free sim card for me mobile….. this faux charity is so transparwnt but it continues because one looks stingy and bigoted for questioning it! Peer pressure, etc…
      I have been frustrated with my kids english classes being dominated by the writing of persuasive argument papers. Its odious and constant. How bout writing a pretty poem already? Nope, they need to learn how to beg for money and signatures and manipulate people into ACTION. Ug

    • She toffs her deerskin cap in reply.

      Here we have yet more curriculum ready to go.

      I am working on the why of that right now using a book from 1998 that not only ties to these last two posts, but Theodore Brameld who I covered in the book. It is called Curriculum, Religion, and Public Education: Conversations for an Enlarging Public Square and its vision is precisely what is being done right now in the name of Charlottesville. Just in the Intro, it calls for “until we experience a change of thinking, a change of heart, we, like this movie character [Bill Murray in Groundhog Day], are condemned to repeat an endless set of tomorrows today with the dreary sameness of yesterday. Only by confronting ‘the other’ in ourselves and by crossing the other’s border will such transformation occur. Others are bridges to Self. In order to transcend ourselves we must not separate from the other but confront it within ourselves in the stillness of solitude.

      Our challenge is to become dead to what we have become in order to be resurrected into what we have the potential of being.”

      Charlottesville has become the excuse for this already sought shift in emphasis and requisite beliefs and worldview.

      Time to get cracking.

      Oh wow. I am adding this. Talk about Upravleniye and progressive polyphonic federalism. Just out

      and this graphic.

    • Take a look at this announcement. It leaves out that John Haldane is at Baylor or that the then-Pres of the Southern Baptist Convention Adrian Rogers signed that Williamsburg Charter. Haldane wrote the Human Flourishing book with George and Baylor was where the authors of that False Narrative APP/Pioneer paper to pimp the Catholic Curriculum Frameworks went to present just after the report release.

      “Faith and the Challenges of Secularism: A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue.” That reminds me of why I saw the Tarbiyah Project as consistent with the behavioral science template required by ESSA. Pioneer was also touting how the rationale for the Catholic Curriculum Frameworks would also be apt for Jewish schools.

      Now that the eclipse is over, should be able to get back to how the Charlottesville Conversations now required curriculum ties to Resilience and the SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance curriculum. I locked that down this morning.

    • This really brings the rationales into play. These ‘facts’ don’t fit anything but a desired narrative, but suddenly we are precisely where all these papers have said they want to control–who we think we are and who we can be. Notice the part about “how we design social institutions” which is certainly what Resilient Cities has in mind as well.

      “In the battle for human nature, behavioral scientists have a pivotal role to play. They can and must help people understand the people they can be.” Brought to us under euphemisms like quality learning, Excellence, SEL, and competency-based education.”

  9. “I can see it now. We take DNA samples from some kiddies, then strap them into a chair while white-coated scientists holding clipboards read to them words suspected to be violent. As a precaution, the scientists will wear earmuffs. We then measure the kiddie’s DNA after and correlate the amount of life removed with the list. Words with high correlation will be banned by government.”

    I think it would make more sense to just dose them with oxytocin, see above.

    • Yesterday I was reading in a waiting room while daughter #1 had physical therapy and had taken Raymond Tallis’ book Aping Mankind. This passage made me think of our ongoing discussion and what I have laid out in the last two posts especially. Think of this passage and their other activity when we think of the so-called Mediating Structures Project which aei backed with NEH financing originally and Bradley F financing on its 20th anniversary. In the MH society this is an influence both religions and governments wish to quietly control.

      “Religious experience and all that follows from it is in the keeping of the community of minds to which we belong: it is there it is interpreted, developed, and maintained…And there, too, look to find the prescribed codes of conduct that are connected with a multitude of shared ideas about the meaning of our lives, our relationships with others, our infinitely nuanced appreciation of right and wrong.

      Anyone who believes that churches and their institutionally mediated power can be understood in biological terms has to overlook that, unlike gene products but like moral codes, they are argued into place.” Italics in original.

      Precisely what is going on with the Jubilee Center and the assertions about making education about classifying behaviors as Good, True, and Beautiful. It is relevant to the SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance curriculum that the hyped up and to some extent at least planned and contrived events of Charlottesville are making obligatory for all classrooms at the start of this school year. If you count kindergarten and then 12 years of school, today’s kindergartners will graduate right on time for the Dignity for All by 2030 vision. Lots of need for incidents to make it mandatory everywhere now.

      Because Talinn is annoyed with the neuroscientific emphasis on the material brain, he matter-of-factly complains about all the research programs being run now to “investigate ethical issues by scanning the brains of people thinking about them.” He then footnotes to a Princeton prof (where Robert George is and that new Behavioral Sciences and Public Policy Lab named for Daniel Kahneman and his wife), Gilbert Harman, who said “moral philosophy will never grow up until it matures into social psychology.” When that happens it gets turned into education ‘best practices’ or evidence-based and put into the classroom by professionals with no awareness such a hat trick act occurred. Wouldn’t we all admit the MH vision is a matter of ‘moral philosophy’ whatever we think of its likely consequences once Theory gets turned into Practice?

      Then again on the next page Talinn complains about research (evidence-based just like ESSA requires!) that simply “places the brains of subjects into a scan and see which parts of the brain light up and this will tell you what intuitions are guiding people.”

      And if you don’t like the intuitions guiding people download a different curriculum that is known to provide new learning experiences that have changed those guiding intuitions in other students with comparable personal characteristics. Notice there is no need for any PII to make these desired neural changes to the desired template of guiding intuitions.

      Talk about a Red Herring. Also all the above is both “evidence-based” and “scientifically-based.” Hopefully will get something up today. My life keeps getting in the way.

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