So Now Common Core Rejects Individual Thinking to Embrace Soviet Psychology & Ecology?

This week was the perfect example of why it is important these days to read everything the federal government publishes touching education. It also serves as a reminder that the Summary up front never reveals the juicy relevant details we need to know. This is especially true when the federal government announces that Common Core is not a Product as in knowledge American students should know but a Process of learning in “culturally relevant contexts.” It rejected the traditional view of cognition as “too narrowly focused on individual thinking and learning” and thereby proved why you really do not want unaccountable federal officials with all that money and power and lobbyists wanting a portion of it establishing local education policy.

The report, called Education for Life and Work and published by the National Research Council, rejected the cognitive perspective that has all the confirming research supporting how and why it worked. Instead it embraced the socio-cultural perspective of learning because it was a theory that met its goal of applying equally to all students. Wow! Here’s precisely what they said:

“In the socio-cultural perspective, learning takes place as individuals participate in the practices of a community, using the tools, language, and other cultural artifacts of the community.”

Just in case you were wondering precisely how online computer gaming had become classified as “learning,” there you go. And the push for IPads or SMART phones in class? Interacting with the everyday technology and each other is now the kind of tool use and community practices that are to constitute Common Core learning for the 21st century. If you, like me, are struck by the fact that it would be difficult to come up with a better strategy for creating mindless drones, don’t worry. There is still the NEA’s Purple America values curriculum and all that Positive School Climate moral and character curriculum to create a sense of well-being that we have been talking about.

You really do want to laugh, don’t you? It seems rather preposterous. But remember that pronouncement on learning “through social interactions in a community” involves many of the same agencies and funding entities involved in that Belmont Challenge restructuring of the US economy and society around sustainability and citizen wellbeing. We talked about that in the June 14 post on the Belmont Challenge and the next post on the Future Earth Alliance .

If you have not yet read those posts the Future Earth Alliance is not a group of comic book characters in tights with masks. It will not be coming to a movie screen near you soon. It is, however,  a UN affiliated group of bureaucrats and federal employees from various countries and professors seeking research grants operating mostly over in Sweden and trying to restructure Western economies away from fossil fuels into a redesigned and managed economy that will be friendly to Mother Earth and her natural resources. It ignores the fact that human ingenuity is the ultimate natural resource. Probably because ingenious humans have always been such a nightmare for any politician or bureaucrat’s planning schemes. Mustn’t happen in the future.

I am joking a bit about a very unfunny subject because all this reimagining of the world and the economy and education seems so absurd to anyone with a knowledge of history. Plus I still can poke fun at destructive theories and plans that cannot work. The government power to tax and coerce and reward cronies with special benefits has always been a danger to the average person. And really that’s all the socio-cultural perspective and the Belmont Challenge and Future Earth really are when you boil them down to their essence. They are power grabs. Schemes to put the average person in an assigned place, dictate their permitted behavior, and gain financial benefits from that ability to assign and dictate.

That was what the Soviet nomenklatura wanted from socio-cultural psychological research into creating the perfect new citizen. It appears to be what the bureaucrats now have in mind for Common Core when they target the human personality in the classroom and proclaim it to be “malleable” and capable of change. Yes they did say that and yes I made copies.

In fact the updated version of the Soviet socio-cultural perspective is called the Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Theory. It was created in 1979 to target social programs and practices in Western countries. I became familiar with it because it is the learning theory used to justify the Transformational Outcomes Based Education practices in Australia and New Zealand. I will describe in the next post what BEST looks like in the classroom. BEST is all about the process of interactions among people as the measure of learning. Here’s a brief link to an explanation and graphic showing why it is such a perfect theory and education model for government bureaucrats wanting to restructure an economy around sustainability.

As you can see it’s all encompassing: mind, people, climate, community, Planet Earth. And it is an honest theory. It does not pretend to be factually true. It acknowledges it was created to justify desired political policies. Except many of us do not desire them. Certainly not in our schools. Using our children as social guinea pigs.

I am going to close with an explanation for all this maneuvering that is tucked into that Good Work book we talked about in the previous post. It develops the idea of memes— “units of information that, once mastered, condition–indeed constitute!–the way we think and that can be passed along from person to person.” The book then goes on to say in that chapter on reshaping minds that “memes can then be mobilized to favor, annihilate, or refashion genes.”

That’s the aspiration. Written by prominent professors whose work has been pushed and adopted all over the West through education “reforms.” The definition of Global Competence comes from this group. This is what transformational education change is all about. It turns out the Common Core to be accessed is deeply embedded.


14 thoughts on “So Now Common Core Rejects Individual Thinking to Embrace Soviet Psychology & Ecology?

  1. ‘The book then goes on to say in that chapter on reshaping minds that “memes can then be mobilized to favor, annihilate, or refashion genes.”’
    Lysenkoism! Learned behaviors can become hereditary! Dangerous, junk, soviet science, indeed.
    The only reason this will get passed on to future generations is because of the systematic detruction of societal knowledge. Truly the gateway to a new dark age.

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  4. This blog is incredibly good, you should write a book. I can not believe you don’t have thousands of followers.

    Illinoisgreen dot blogspot dot com

    • I actually have written a book but what I read about involving the Belmont Challenge and the real time implementation plans for the Common Core involving social and emotional learning for everyone coming in under federal disabilities law made me put the footnoting and editing aside to just work on blog long enough to hopefully get people’s attention.

      The story of how we got to this point and what was intended could wait. But having explained all that to people I have never met was wonderful preparation for everything that has been done since May.

      It will be an even better book. Everything in it was correct and now the noose just gets tighter. And to the systems thinkers, the interdependencies are tremendously fascinating.

      Thanks for reading.

      • Robin said:
        “The story of how we got to this point” “And to the systems thinkers, the interdependencies are tremendously fascinating”

        Watch on You tube
        Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov) L.A. 1983

        Yes! YES! I am also terrible interested in the cure. Can we turn around? Israel did, but none other. The Pilgrims dedicated the land to the God of the Bible, they even spoke Hebrew…. are we like them, can we turn around too?

        1. The Bible, ten commandments, golden rule (rule of law) individualism, civil society
        2. U.S. Constitution, individual “rights”, (“Ten Rules for Dealing With The Police” is pure genius, turns socialists into librarians in 90 minutes)
        3. Entrepreneurship, Ayn Rand, Objectivism and Individualism

        The federal Government just gave massive powers to psychiatrists, when I think about Urie, that’s not encouraging, and when I think about the fact that the Holocaust was started in mental hospitals by psychiatrists, that’s scary too.

        I assure you, Illinois is a red state, we won both of the last elections. We use Chavez voting machines, and the Democrat machine is election fraud savvy so the people are smart.

        So, can we turn around?

  5. I am revisiting some of these posts as I research things in my state. I was interested in the link on the post. It is no longer working. Not surprising. I’ve encountered many, many things that were on sites that have now been removed.

    • LL-

      Try putting in just the name of the doc and who I said authors were to find an alternative link. I have never linked to or described a source that I did not have downloaded and hard copied. That Education For Life and Work report is seminal and has been referred to and had programs built around since.

      OECD has put password access on its reports in recent months. Other things like the 1972 UNESCO Faure report that were inaccessible for years are now available. Probably because they have become global operating blueprints.

  6. Robin, I will be attending a forum they are having in my town on C.C. pro’s and con’s and I would like to know from you what you think the best statement or fact I could throw out if called upon in question/answer session afterward. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Carol

    • Take a copy of this from ccsso’s own website and ask why the focus has shifted to competency and the idea of cultivating “dispositions.”

      Try to pin them down on what is meant by knowledge and listen for the terms concepts and Big Ideas.

      Ask what the role of Project based learning and especially group work will be in the planned classroom implementation.

      Ask how the widely acknowledged differences among students somehow become “Success for All” and whether the traditional academic coursework is being merged with vocational via the computer.

      Ask them whether Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming will be used in the classroom to “engage” students.

      None of these are ideological questions and they are all based on what CCSSO and those with the power to mandate change in the classroom says they will require going forward.

  7. I commented on an earlier post about memes, I’m a younger reader, but not so young, I was never taught Common Core. I believe they kind of lost control with the meme idea. The alt-right has been very successful with weaponizing memes, I see it everyday on Twitter.
    Bronze Age Pervert also mentions it in his book “Bronze Age Mindset.”
    I’m going to keep reading your blog, but they may have unleashed something they can’t control with this whole meme thing.

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