Stipulating Without Our Consent that Post-Literate Right Brained Man is Necessary for Workforce Development

Welcome to 2015 everyone and buckle up. The year end solicitations and reports since my last post truly had the effect of tying up all loose ends and missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of what is truly going on around us. The intention is for this to be a seminal year in transformations in the US and globally and anyone who has read my book Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon and reads this blog regularly will be in a position to immediately recognize what is happening to us. I honestly wish I was not correct about what is going on, but I am. Here we go again so we can all be ready to turn spotlights on what were intended to be stealth transformations at a local level that have been laid out clearly at the global level.

The United Nations has an Institute for Training and Research–UNITAR–that has existed for about 50 years. Knowing, I suppose, that UN cronycrats are simply not people we are likely to willingly and knowingly take marching orders from, UNITAR has (per Chadwick Alger) a Decentralized Cooperation Program (DCP) that “trains local actors in order to enhance their capacity to implement international conventions and the MDGs.” Let me interrupt Alger here, MDGS stands for Millennium Development Goals and those UN intentions for all of us expire in 2015 so this is the year that the UN and its apparatus must come up with their post-2015 plans for all of us. Having 12 CIFALs–Centres International de Formation des Autorites et Leaders–Training Centers for Local Authorities/Actors–training mayors, school supers, influential legislators involved with economic development, city council members, etc. to implement the UN’s agenda quietly using their powers of coercion, regulation, taxation, and control over K-12 and higher education is certainly the mother of all confessions in my mind.

Let’s see what Sally Fegan-Wyles said about CIFAL and its intentions to turn local actors into key change agents in its agenda in a 2014 brochure. It fits in perfectly with what Alger said what UNITAR’s purpose in creating the stealth DCP program in the first place–“DCP is a hub for information, communication, and training between UN Agencies and local actors such as local authorities, public and private companies, civil society and academia.” That, of course, is the Turchenko vision from the USSR on how to quietly take over Western societies and economies for those of you who have read my book. It’s officially here, in operation, impacting all our lives, and basically invisible until this post.

UNITAR and the DCP vision know now that “local governments have a crucial role in addressing global challenges. It is the local authorities who are the most closely in touch with the needs of their communities. On issues as diverse as urban planning, roads and public transport, energy, climate change, water and sanitation, disaster risk reduction, local leaders are increasingly leading the march towards lasting solutions. Local governments are also essential partners of the international community in implementing global agreements and advancing sustainable development.” Now, if we read the rest of that cited brochure, the fact that the Orwellian phrase “sustainable development” is actually a euphemism for Uncle Karl’s public-sector controlled, little c, Human Development Society, is quite obvious as meeting the ‘needs’ of everyone and ‘inclusion’ becomes the focus of society and the economy in the 21st century.

We can see now why economic justice political theorists like Benjamin Barber have switched their approach to touting the gridlock in DC and wanting mayors and cities to be the new focus in government decision-making. It’s no wonder then that the Ed Leader 21 school districts have formed a Consortium to lobby Congress for a return to ‘local’ control of the school districts. Remember our Curricular Redesign Global Change Agent Charles Fadel even coined the phrase ‘glocal’ to capture the real essence that what is being imposed locally and by what may technically be elected officials or appointees of elected politicians is actually global in the coordinated vision being put in place.

That’s where I want to pivot to explain how the CIFAL Global Network came on my radar over the holidays and how it ties indisputably into absolutely every aspect of K-12 education from classroom and school instructional practices to who can get and now keep their teaching license. It is also tied to the WIOA implementation with each US state’s plan due by July as well as politically directed economic development UNITAR is describing and the workforce development new purpose of high school we have been talking about. When I first encountered the Atlanta Regional Commission’s plans for economic development in the 10 county metro area and its binding of all local school districts to ‘innovative learning’ using technology, I came across the name “Pendleton Group” as in charge of the vision.  Lots of elected officials, school district employees, Chamber of Commerce reps, lawyers representing school districts and cities all involved with this vision.

Two names of listed Pendleton  partners stuck in my brain–Phil Jacobs and Craig Lesser. Phil Jacobs because he is now the Chair of the world’s largest education accreditor–AdvancED whose 2012 Quality Standards I described so alarmingly in my book. He is also on the Georgia Professional Standards Commission in charge of the new teacher licensing criteria. He also showed up as a listed name on a 2008 commission that in my opinion stripped Georgia elected school board members of their powers to object to what a district school super chooses to do concerning schools, curriculum, and instructional practices. When the various radical groups wanting me to give a year-end gift were bragging about their planned 2015 activities, I kept thinking about how much power WIOA had given them that would kick into gear this year.

So I decided to look into whether the Pendleton Group had mentioned WIOA recently. No, but its head, Craig Lesser, had listed his leadership of something called CIFAL Atlanta that I had never heard of. Well, I have now and so have each of you. One of the 12 UNITAR centers in the Global Network and headquartered in Atlanta. No wonder I have been feeling accidentally immersed in all this collectivist nonsense with a deadly past. says that CIFAL Atlanta is now headquartered at Kennesaw State and is a “public-private partnership between UNITAR and the City of Atlanta.” Lesser, by the way, used to be in charge of state economic development for the previous Governor. The one so deeply involved in creating and advocating for the Common Core.

But Lesser is not listed as the creator of CIFAL Atlanta. That honor goes to an Axel Leblois, whose cv  and all his ties to the UN system just happened to be on a World Bank site.  LeBlois is also listed as behind another UN entity, backed by lots of tech companies, called G3ict, that is also headquartered in Atlanta. Must be the convenience of the airport and access to the King Center and the new Civil Rights Museum. G3ict is technically about advocacy for those with disabilities and a universal entitlement to ICT for All, but a document called The Accessibility Imperative makes it perfectly clear that the emphasis on those with Disabilities is about shifting all the “nations of the world to meet the challenge that history has put before us to become a society in which all members, including the most vulnerable, can integrate and make a significant contribution.”

That would be Uncle Karl’s “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” vision that is also the crucial component of the sustainable development vision above. The one that relied on capitalism producing a necessary level of technology that ICT–Interactive Communications Technology (computers and cable and satellite communication that allows instantaneous sound and visual communication) is viewed as fulfilling. Remember my “Peeking into the Behavioral Programming Blueprints” post from December 14 where I wrote about Marshall McLuhan? He had another book that came out after his death called The Global Village: Transformations in World Life and Media in the 21st Century that described that that instantaneous sound and visual communication would create a different kind of mind than print. A Post-Literate, Right Brained Person who would be more amenable to propaganda and the pressures of the group.

That troubling 1989 book announced that “AT&T cooperating with the Bell Systems will be instrumental in producing the new man precisely because they are on the cutting edge of the future, due to the hybrid power being released by the merger of the digital computer and high-speed transmission equipment, will be reenforced by the fact that AT&T/Bell regionals will still be taken as an associative whole, one of the largest socioeconomic groups on the North American continent.”  Phil Jacobs’ bio states he was an Exec with BellSouth before they were bought out by AT&T. CIFAL Atlanta has AT&T shown as its major sponsor. The book also points out AT&T is “hiring executives from its opposition, particularly IBM and Honeywell.”

I describe the role of IBM’s PTech initiative and its System of Systems global vision in my book, but the operating system of that IBM computer is what created the Microsoft fortune that funds all of the Gates funding of all these education initiatives tied to the Common Core. Axel LeBlois’ bio says he was President of Honeywell Information Systems. He also founded the Wireless Internet Institute. All the education initiatives the Gates Foundation is funding and all the education reforms being mandated by the education organizations Phil Jacobs is listed as being involved with have the effect of minimizing the Left-Hemisphere Man created by logic and phonetic print and heightening the “right-hemisphere man” that Marshall McLuhan wrote about and wanted so badly.

Fascinating, huh? And precisely how the Gramscian March Through the Institutions of the West was supposed to work. None of the people involved in all this public sector advocacy even has to know all the elements I have just laid out. They can have the best personal intentions for these shifts and reforms. These laid out pieces though work like gears and are engaging us all in a clear vision that may well not be familiar to any of those actually imposing all of this on us.

It is past time for everyone to know what the assembled gear plan looks like before it moves us over a fiscal, social, and economic cliff.

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  1. As a former educator who has been following educational restructuring since 1994 when Goals 2000 and the Next Generation School Project (UN Curriculum) came into being, I am with you entirely on your findings, insights and overall big picture understandings of education and its nose- dive into imbecility. The honorable people who are cooperating unknowingly with our demise as a nation, must be awakened to this machivellian plan and command it out of existence.

    Thank you for your clarity of communication. I am sharing your work with others in my community of Athens, GA as they are struggling to understand what is going on. An opinion writer’s article on Sunday headlined, “We are still in the dark about assessments” in response to another writer who made an attempt to explain them.

    It has been announced in our local paper, also, that former university president of UGA, Dr. Charles Knapp, is in charge of the Charter School Movement in Georgia, Are you aware of his role in bringing this restructuring into Georgia? He left Georgia to be part of the Aspen Institute, ( aren’t they caught up in this movement?) for awhile before he returned back to Georgia several years ago. He has just recently finished an appointment as interim dean of the Terry College of Business. Now that he is discharged from that role, he will be devoting his time to the Charter School project..

    These private/public partnerships are very worrisome to me and I have information on the details as to what they can do in communities if we are not vigilant. I know you have writtten on these, which I am grateful to read. If I can send you a copy of the problems with partnerships, let me know.

    I want to share your blog and book with our state legislators, county commissioners, school board, superintendent, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Regents,(can’t believe Kennesaw State) churches and other entities. I have already sent your blog and book information to an educational writer for the Athens Banner Herald in Athens and plan to contact them continually with what I get from you.

    Thank you for your many efforts. Your being and birth, must have been divinely planned for such a time as this!

    Priscilla Carroll

    Any special advice or direction you can offer me will be appreciated

    • Hi Priscilla and thanks for the kind words. I did not go looking for this and took that McLuhan book to the beach thinking I would pick up some good insights into digital learning for the next book. It even cites the 1982 Annual Report to Shareholders as quietly laying out AT&T’s intentions. I recognized immediately that all these pushes involve practices designed to prevent or undermine what I call the Axemaker Mind. I have also read Professor Walter Ong’s work on shifting back to an oral culture and could compare what he wanted against the actual mandated implementation with almost 100% correlation.

      Sensitive links should be shared offline so they can be archived before I write about them. I went to law school in Athens and spent a great deal of time looking into the grants that created the constructivist Center for Teaching and Learning back in 2002. At the time UGa trumpeted that $10 million as its largest outside grant. I also have hard copies of the PRISM PI who is a Dean bragging at a 2009 NSF forum in DC about telling all the USG heads that they will be measured by their ability to bring in outside grant money and the easiest ones to secure come in through the schools of education for K-12 advocacy work. I also have a copy of the gag rule involving the integrated math grant and tying tenure, promotions, etc to it. is an April 2014 Aspen Workforce Strategies paper that contradicts the idea that there is prosperity tied to this vision. It simply uses the workforce tie and the lack of middle class jobs as a means to unionize the jobs that do exist.

      My view on charters is that I could write a good charter because I know where the poisons are, but the purpose of charters is expressly to mandate this non-academic/sociocultural/change the child at the level of beliefs and personality vision. Again I have hard copies to back that up because the federal DoED took the link to the 1988 document down after downloads picked up. It was very forthcoming and actually said the charter was to lock in the vision that previously had to be backed away from because it has always been contrary to what parents want for their children.

      There is also behavioral science research being used that says people will tolerate a vision they believe they asked for or consented to. Hence all the hyping of choice when in actuality choice is precisely what is being destroyed.

      Welcome to ISC. I look forward to hearing more from you.

      • In the hard to make this up category AT&T announced today experiential STEM learning opportunities it is sponsoring in Florida to help students get ready for tomorrow’s workforce.

        AT&T by the way is the old Southwestern Bell that bought AT&T but retained its name. It does that a great deal and keeps previous names of now subsidiary entities as a dba-doing business as-so the extent of its holdings and the number of pies it is involved in is less apparent. That’s a good strategy, but it is a conscious strategy.

      • There is also behavioral science research being used that says people will tolerate a vision they believe they asked for or consented to. Hence all the hyping of choice when in actuality choice is precisely what is being destroyed.

        The DELPHI method developed by Rand Corp. We had a community meeting about a lovely 4 story Agenda 21 style building that will replace a 110+ year old historical home and building in our tight-knit neighborhood known for its antique stores and historical ambience. Now, it is being destroyed and replaced by these prison-looking structures and our community sits apathetically by. These buildings have no parking and retail on bottom with small 400 sq foot lofts on top. Not even close to fitting into our historical, pleasingly aesthetic neighborhood. We were completely Delphi’d at the last meeting. But, instead of the community rallying together to fight this – people throw up their hands and say “there is nothing we can do”. I think there is always something we can do . . . or we go down fighting! It really saddens me. I am often scared for our future. Luckily, homeschool is still legal and I will homeschool by precious girl and keep her far away from the social fascism twaddle of Common Core.

        • Hi Niseema. I call it Soviet housing and it has that uniformity that just makes you want to barf when you look at it. Rents are too high for retail to break even off the residents and outsiders cannot find parking. It’s a business model only politicians with coercive land use power and our tax money would come up with.

          Look for the conflicts between the politicians, their day jobs, the development authority and maybe the fact the same person heads multiple CIDs in the area. The MPO document linked in what I put up yesterday says that every US city with a population over 50,000 has to have these planning documents. This truly makes a mockery out of federalism. It’s intrusion at all levels.

          Welcome to ISC. We do not just talk about the Common Core, but everything we discuss is demonstrably related. People have transformational plans for us, and we get to talk about what we can prove.

  2. The way you describe the “basically invisible process” you introduce in your first two paragraphs sounds like the plot of this movie which was made from a diary of one of the massacre victims found in a mass grave in the Katyn Forrest. The same people who pulled off the Katyn massacre with a “basically invisable assembly line” are the same people who run UNESCO. It is still a very good movie and will add to one’s historical knowledge even if one doesn’t see the connection I see:

    • Very tight working relationship between the CFAL Network and UNESCO. I read Lenin’s Tomb years ago and how the news of the Katyn massacre really destroyed the last bit of faith left.

      I am reading this Frameworks manipulation report in between errands and this well-connected entity is flagrantly describing how to change and manipulate what the public believes. McLuhan kept citing Jacque Ellul’s work on propaganda and how it will be much easier when culture shifts away from a left-hemisphere oriented curriculum. Chilling is the word for it.

    • Someone before Christmas sent something similar to me on the data being gathered. Kindergarten kids are the baseline on the values, perceptual categories, levels of current knowledge etc brought from home. Remember the meaning of an effective school. It is changing those values, attitudes, and beliefs brought from home. It is shifting children away from the linear, analytical, Axemaker Mind mode if they come from a family that built that up at home.

      Just saw that CCSSO wants the NCLB rewrite to keep annual ‘testing’. My scare quotes because what they really want is annual monitoring of what and how the child perceives the world and interprets experiences to make sure they are in line with how the Statists want people to perceive and interpret the world. I am actually calling the trilogy that commenced with this post the Trying to Trap Us Trilogy because of what i have put together that is definitive and declared and it builds on this CIFAL base of change agents coupled to what is prescribed for K-12 globally. I have been dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. But the college kid at home wants me to run errands and the high schooler did not drive and I have a birthday luncheon to go to for a relative. Priorities.

      Adding this link from Brookings.

      Good thing we know what Student “Growth’ in achievement means as well as “Student Learning”. Notice it will not be monitoring knowledge. The ‘standardized tests’ being referred to turned out to be PISA in the Texas report by the Laffer Group that just came out in Texas pushing vouchers for all. The OECD has come up with an assessment in addition to PISA for US schools to use that ties to Competences.

        • This follow-up link from the same site shows the vision even more

          Notice the mention of “full-subject comprehension,” which is not a phrase even the most obnoxious MIT physicist is likely to use. People who know a lot grasp that there is much left to know. Apart from the values clarification and priming to interpret holistically with prescribed concepts instead of analytically from facts, this really is about circumscribing knowledge itself. It’s why science and history get described repeatedly now as “modes of knowing” instead of bodies of knowledge to be systematically mastered.

          P21 just came out with this now being pushed by the supremely well-connected LFA. We start with the end in mind–a collective vision of the school and students.

          That is turn is backward mapped from the UN’s and Uncle Karl’s and the benefitting tech companies etc vision for people, a new society and a cronyistic insider economy for the 21st century where people tolerate others telling what they can or cannot do.

          And as usual the vision of changing how the student perceives the world comes from a visit to High Tech High in 2010. Interesting as the Institute for the Future toolkit that I am about to write about ties to High Tech High too because of the links between IFTF and KnowledgeWorks that owned the New Tech Network until it spun it off a few months ago. P21 said High Tech High was also the exemplar of the meshing of CTE into academics that the feds have quietly mandated.

          • Did you catch in the video they called the computers teaching machines? Not many refer to to technology like that in a modern day video.

            I a monitoring all my local state sites. No one is discussing WIOA openly. The local unions are making a fuss over testing. Ed Week just published a long article on the

          • Yes anon because it is an invisible but mandatory means to shift goes on in the classroom. Essentially values clarification, gaming, project-based learning, and the sociocultural model generally are the only practices that satisfy the equally accessible to all mandate. We get the rejection of the left-hemisphere emphasis laid out in this post as required under civil rights laws. Same reason the feds sent out a letter this week involving non-English speaking students. That Dear Colleague Letter from the 7th is here.

            If real differences of language or disabilities cannot affect outcomes, governments must intervene. It becomes another excuse for collectivism as the next post will show. Hopefully up today but my college kid wants me to run errands. I am outlining it this morning as well as the next one. It’s the Treacherously Trying to Trap Us Trilogy that commenced with this post.

      • This OECD test you mentioned…my 10th grader in a Gwinnett high school asked me just yesterday if I knew what this test was, because her boyfriend and several other friends all got letters from the school informing them that they would be taking this test. Do you know anything more about the purpose of it?

        • has lots of links. I write in my book about what PISA itself is really about, what the OECD is up to in education and its broader agenda, and what DeSeCo–Definition and Selection of Competencies is intended to do. Chapter 4 is on just what Competency is really about and its links to what used to be called Transformational Outcomes Based Education and workforce preparedness, then called School to Work.

          Gwinnett, like Fulton and Cobb, is a member of EdLeader 21 so those links are absolutely pertinent to you. It was created by the same people involved with P21 whose work is such a crucial component of Common Core in the classroom. That’s detailed in Chapter 7 with verbatim quotes from a link that the Carnegie and Gates funded Competency-based education has also cited recently.

          Alvin, your district super, has been on task forces tied to this . I think that new commission Governor Deal announced the membership for this week is intended to obscure the background while advancing that agenda. There are numerous members I have had personal dealings with and this is where the march is going.

 was based on Wilbanks’ testimony in August down in the Coverdell building at the State Capitol. I was there and taking great notes while sitting on those very uncomfortable benches. I also attended the subsequent crony liefest at Gwinnett College on the federal role.

          Alvin was so focused in August on minimizing the federal role that he owned up to his knowledge of the Common Core’s purpose in ways that differ from what taxpayers have been told. It does align with all I have pulled together since as well as the desired role for Linked Learning to play going forward. Georgia is a Pathways to Prosperity state, a point I raised in December with members of the Senate Economic Development Committee during a legal program. They agreed that they regarded the Common Core as intimately tied to workforce development.

          Welcome to ISC and please tell the concerned Gwinnett parents on APUSH that I have a trilogy on that that describes what is really going on. It is simply not a matter of standards as was portrayed at the Fulton meeting I was at on Tuesday. The board member said the crosswalk had come from Gwinnett.

    • You should get a copy of this guide on MPOs.

      Now think of the powers when the MPOs or CoGs–Councils of Governments get CIFAL training. No wonder I had noticed at the (co)lab summit that everyone was using the word governance or that they take the Turchenko vision for granted without knowing its name.

      OK-in the document it says that Portland was the first MPO to go statewide back in 2005. Listen to this, the Innovative MPO also pushes these entities to now get into Workforce Development. That would be just in time for the WIOA plans. Unfortunately for the people named in this post I am already aware of the link to the MPO in Atlanta and that she is heading up the MPO’s education initiative. I have been in numerous meetings with her. She was the Big Business exec whose response I mentioned in the book when I said you could only have Career Pathways in a planned economy and she exclaimed that the “Chamber wants this.” No doubt.

      Do you know Dirksen from the Advisory Board of Transportation for America that issued that MPO Innovation Guide that is so revealing?

      Notice ATL gets 2 representatives.

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