Substituting Human Values for Spiritual Growth Lets Education Become the Driver Towards the New World Order

Did you ever come across something that both intrigued and terrified you at the same time? That is how I feel about the official Baha’i materials that I have now gotten a chance to read. Especially alarming was my insight that there was nothing to keep these religious or spiritual principles from simply being renamed and then required as a component of an anti-bullying campaign, or a characteristic of an IB Learner, or as conducive to a Positive School Climate, or even required emotional competencies or Life or Soft Skills. In other words, invisibly part of Student Achievement or Growth with no tip-off to parents or a community for the kind of wholesale change in consciousness schools are now being used for.

So being the intrepid investigator I am, I found the Baha’i tenets being pushed as the Psychology of Child Development, moral education, peace education, character education, and Integrative Ethical Education. Missing of course the Baha’i label for the most part unless you actually go to the website of the Center for Global Integrated Education or check into what Achieving Coherence in education means and discover that the Pedagogy of the Empowered does after-school programs. This link from 1991 and a UN talk is par for the course as Baha’i universal principles get dropped into what is to be quietly pushed during the 1988-97 World Decade for Cultural Development.

Dangerously for someone trying to look out for such desired conversions many Baha’i remain members of their Christian, Jewish or Muslim faiths as well and there is no “clergy or ecclesiastical order within the Baha’i faith.” It is thus not clear how many, like Watson are “an educator, working on my education doctorate at Harvard University, with an emphasis on sustainable development” using the schools or universities to collect a paycheck and spread their ‘worldview’.

Not to sound paranoid, but reading  that the son of the founder of a faith, that so closely tracks the tenets of Marxism in pushing the unity of mankind and reconstruction of society through converting the heart and values and ‘mental processes’ via an emphasis on education, also saw North America as the “cradle of the administrative order which Baha’u’llah had conceived” was quite an epiphany. So was discovering that the Baha’i faith in the West was based in Chicago where in 1912 that same son and anointed spiritual leader  had laid the cornerstone of the building that became the “Mother Temple of the West” while on a tour of 40 American cities and towns. That would be the same place that gave rise to the Behavioral Sciences in 1948 and where CASEL, the hatchery of so much social and emotional learning curriculum, is now located.

We can add the overdrive expansion of the influence of Baha’i faith to those troubling ideas that simply erupted in the 80s that I describe in my book that indicated that plenty of people in decision-making positions all over the world had gotten the word that State Communism was about to have a funeral. But not so strangely anymore with No Autopsy of the Ideology. Successor ideologies that would serve similar ends were apparently to get their chance.

In 1984 the entity in charge of Baha’i, the Universal House of Justice, published The Promise of World Peace. In 1985, the book Ervin Laszlo recommended in his 1989 The Inner Limits of Mankind was published so we also have The Baha’i Faith: The Emerging Global Religion to consult on what those tenets might be. A universal system of values and beliefs to be adopted in full and adhered to in full that simply substitutes the phrase ‘human values’ for what are in fact acknowledged ‘spiritual principles’ of Baha’i is a school that is proseletyzing even though a Christian prayer at a graduation or sports game would bring the ACLU swooping in threatening litigation.

Is the difference that Baha’i teaches submission to the authority of government? The Oneness of all Mankind? That of course, according to the basic teachings of Baha’i, “implies not only a new individual consciousness, but the establishment of the unity of nations, of world government, and ultimately of a planetary civilization.” All this from a book advocating for Baha’i and insisting that “We must express unity by building a truly universal and unified social system based on spiritual principles. The achievement of such a system represents the God-directed goal of human social evolution.” Oh good, because that’s within the purview of someone with a teaching certificate or a foundation job or a doctorate in education.

What if you do not believe that all the world’s religions push the same basic message? Is that no longer a sanctioned belief to have and act on in the 21st century? What if a Baha’i commitment to the “spiritual conquest of the planet” makes us nervous and a statement that religion is not “personal salvation we are seeking, but a universal one” seems like a political coup towards collectivism using education as the stealth means of destruction? Is there no recourse when the principles being pushed, quoting Shoghi Effendi, this time acknowledge:

“Our aim is to produce a world civilization which will in turn react on the character of the individual. It is in a way, the inverse of Christianity, which started with the individual unit and through it reached out to the conglomerate life of man.”

You know if something is the inverse of something else, don’t then later assert that all religions are basically equal as part of a bootstrapping sales pitch for the “newest” one. If K-12 education is requiring that all students perceive the fundamental ‘connectedness’ and interdependence of all peoples and treating such system thinking as required under the C3 Social Studies Common Core Framework, what recourse do we have when we discover it is a core Baha’i principle? What do we do when the actual Common Core classroom implementation replicates what Gregory Watson laid out as “Educational Imperatives from the Science of Systems“?  What happens when the sought change in perception or new schemes of thoughts to be coerced through the K-12 classroom tracks back to Baha’i as well as an explicit rejection of the “concepts of an outdated worldview–the mechanistic worldview of Cartesian/Newtonian science” when those concepts remain factually true but unwanted? Not a transformational tool to change hearts and minds and inspire action for change and global justice?

What happens when the reform required tracks back to a Baha’i desire that “once we begin to see things differently, we can begin to feel differently, after which we can begin to behave differently. Abstract knowledge does not have the potential to empower changes in our behavior to the degree that experiential knowledge does, especially when this experience comes to us as children.” Doesn’t that give new meaning to the push for universal preschool and an accreditation mandate too or the so-called Maker Culture and project orientation that is equitably accessible to all learners? Do self-declared religions get a free pass to sponsor revolutionary change through education that will lead to new social structures just as long as the UN recognizes them and loves their potential for empowering change?

Historian Arnold Toynbee is quoted in The Promise of World Peace that the “present threat to mankind’s survival can be removed only by a revolutionary change of heart in individual human beings. This change of heart must be inspired by religion in order to generate the will power needed for putting arduous ideals into practice.” Is there no recourse to such a declared intention as long as the Baha’i link is left off the worksheet? How about required service learning actually grounded in the Baha’i principle that “religious values are expressed in the service to others” and that “work performed in the spirit of service is worship”?

What if the transformative education going euphemistically by ‘quality learning’ also tracks back to the Baha’i desire for a “rebirth of the human personality.” That goal of “individual development is always seen in the context of the collective progress of the entire human race… and this places an emphasis on the qualities which the individual needs to acquire in order to help that collective progress.”

What do we do when the acknowledged intention of a curriculum or instructional practices or Whole Child mandate turns out to be “not to produce a human being whose greatest virtue is to harm no one, but to give rise to social activists and change agents?”

What happens when the definition of ‘culture’ quietly shifts to “include behavior patterns, the individual view of him/herself, of society, and of the outside world”?

Especially when such a stealth shift also wants “those who hold power in the world” or “decision-making authority” to simply mandate and lead the change?

Schools are thus not the only place being pushed to impose a nonconsensual coup over all grounded in new values and beliefs.


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  1. Christine Muller, a Baha’i, shares her views on the Preach-In on Climate Change

    She lets the cat out of the bag on you tube in the video with the name above. I guess Bahai are the “spiritual component” of the NWO? or……at least one of many spiritual replacement solutions? Any might do except the ones that keeps people free, I imagine…..

      • “made a particularly thoughtful impression on how he applies ‘mindfulness’ to creativity and to the workplace, though often not calling it as such ”

        That is what I see around this part of the Nation. Be it hidden in phys Ed, or called brain breaks. Had a discussion on how this is akin to prayer with superintendent recently. All of this is lipstick on a pig.

        Clearly, if Hollywood types and teachers are doing it, it must be good. Sadly our populace is that naive.

        • LL-this is interesting since I have been asserting that Integrative Ed and Whole Child are incorporating what would have traditionally been considered the realm of the spiritual. ASCD was doing a Whole Child webinar today and this is one of the speakers.

          It is Charles Haynes who caught my eye, but this line-up makes the international nature of what CC is plugging into quite clear.

          • That symposium came to my inbox today. I was tempted. Look at that, a prof from OR in the mix.
            I think I have mentioned before there is a movement within the church to bee “seeker” friendly. Some no longer call sin, sin. They would not want to offend anyone. It’s a movement to put everyone on the same playing field, good for the collective. It feels a lot like what you describe about the B. faith. Speaking of B. Faith, careful there, uncovering some of those stones can be scary, they do not take kindly to negative views on their movement.

            Did you get this one in your inbox?

          • LL-that’s why I stick to the publications put out by the Universal House of Justice or the Ervin Laszlo recommended book to describe the B faith as you call it.

            I am simply reporting on what the Baha’i say they are seeking coupled to what the UN is saying coupled with the recognition that if you say you are going to substitute the phrase ‘human values’ instead of ‘spiritual growth’ the planned target remains so-called spiritual change through altering values and attitudes.

            Also relevant to Laszlo seeking that related Holos Consciousness via education and our knowledge that Nicholas Negroponte is also tied to the cybernetics via education push. I worked on that last weekend but have not written it up. We didn’t ask UNESCO to have that 2007 conference where all individualistic, non-worldly values religions were told to change. Nor did we ask UNESCO to publish “Exploring Synergies between Faith Values and Education for Sustainable Development” laying out the Baha’i vision to use ed.

            Oh, yes, this has all been building up to the UNESCO values education instruction modules my cyber stalking nailed down.

            APNIEVE–the new acronym we need to know to really appreciate what UNESCO is up to.

          • This direction is fascinating and disturbing. I look forward to your post about the values, yet I am afraid at the same time. Thank you for sharing all of this information. None else is offering the same perspective.

          • LL-this is a great summary of why individualism matters so much for everyone.

            It’s important to appreciate with the individual being under organized attack via education. That was so clear to me yesterday when the Ga Department of Ed used what they regarded as a selling video for 21st century education and the Common Core that fully embraced the shift to ‘we’ from “I’ and said so. It truly was a Children of the Corn type moment as these officials just push whatever gains them additional salaries, pensions, and consulting fees in addition to the taxpayer funded pension[s] they already have.

          • This is consistent with your pet peeve.

            I was at a meeting this morning because of math concerns and waiting patiently for the end when someone asked to see the actual language on the Student Code of Conduct being considered for action by the school board. I look up and its all about desired Character Traits and values. Just the vehicle for Mindfulness practices and Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development, especially as school board is turning over jurisdiction to central office to dictate desired character traits without further board action.

            So I brought up will this be treated as one of those things parents consent to when they agree at beginning of year that they read the handbook. The answer was yes so this gambit of supposedly gaining legal consent from parents to intrusive psychological practices is not just being used in your state.

            As I keep saying new values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions are always the core. Now under UNESCO guidelines and also back in the 60s during the Cold War where a “common core of knowledge” was believed by the cybernetic theorists to be the answer to the “two cultures” inability to coexist.

            Never new I would be gaining so many unexpected fresh insights into history in my 50s. Needless to say, I am too much in shock to write today. Here’s an old post that laid the original foundation for all this.

            Now I feel like I should add “and the chimney and up through the crawlspace.”

          • You are right, pet peeve is a good name for it. Most parents wouldn’t even know that it should be on their radar.

            Breaks are good to take. Doing that today myself.

          • Remember in the book when I pointed out that under Georgia’s federally approved NCLB waiver no longer being able to read print would cease to be a barrier to promotion? NY is clearly on board with what I said repeatedly in book.

            Chapter 7’s relevance is like brandy. It just gets better as it ages. Truly it was a prescient observation about 2 1/2 years ago when I titled it “What if Common Core Actually Limits What Everyone can Know or Do While Targeting Feelings, Beliefs, and Values Instead?”

            The fact that those are the real targets just keeps firming up with every meeting I go to or people write about in frustration as making no sense. It makes perfect sense once people read the actual framework of intentions. It’s not pretty, but it sure is accurate.

          • LL-you and Tunya and Tina B will find this report from UK to be especially alarming but relevant on where teacher licensing and required practices in the UK, Canada, and the US are all going.

            “Enquiry-based research” using data is, per the Appendix, what Chris Argyris of Harvard, Donald Schon (Mr Generative Metaphor with his own tag) and Peter Senge and Alex Pentland all call action research. What this report is saying once you decipher the euphemisms is that education and teaching must be about changing the children from the inside-out based on data. The guinea pig children are the research and they must be prepared to be the T-shaped people described in that link I just gave Marlene on designing the digital economy in a government-centric planned society.

            RSA had both reports on its site today for a reason. They tie together in a common vision that also involves what we looked at here.

            Notice the last appendix also acknowledges this entire vision of teacher ed and education generally was presented to AERA as well.

          • Catching up now.
            Once “they” have the data what is it that changes? Instruction? Curriculum? Perhaps I am understanding that incorrectly.

          • The data tells what strategies a student applies when he confronts untaught material or ambiguous situations or problems with inadequate information to solve in the traditional sense. That info tells a great deal about future likely behavior. Plus the problems are designed to elicit info on values, attitudes, and beliefs. If those are deemed unsatisfactory, what used to be the National Diffusion Network is now in a cloud (proprietary server) or the Learning Registry so a curriculum shown to work with other students with comparable personal characteristics can be ordered up. That’s what personalizing actually means.

            Does that help? You are also checking to make sure student is using desired conceptual ideas to perceive their experience. Data also reveals that as well as associated ideas. The most common expression now is to get at the student’s prevailing mental model they use in perception and the assocated web. The cyberneticians actually used to word mesh. They seem to want to fill in each of the nodes too.

            Perhaps that is why that network visual is becoming so common. It was the graphic at (co)lab and on the cover of Marina Gorbis’ book.

            A book from 1961 and England arrived today with the original vision to bridge the differences in philosophies during the Cold War. It has an essay on how Knowledge needs to change and also education. I doubt if it will be anything new, but it will certainly continue to reduce any need to theorize or any gaps in our knowledge of intentions.

            Consistency. It meets my criteria of influential people involved as well.

          • is a story techonomy is pushing. When you recognize codecademy sounds like all the other sales pitches that are self interested and you look up company, you find its first investor is the Collaborative Fund. Since that reminded me of the sharable economy I looked it up and it invests in companies pushing collaborative consumption and the attendant values. Existing investors include Nicholas Negroponte who would of course be tied to Alex Pentland, the author of the recent Social Physics.

            Negroponte is also a founder of the Club of Budapest that is of course pushing the Holos Consciousness with Ervin Laszlo.

            Like Seymour Papert, also of MIT’s Media Lab, recognized computer coding that is NOT grounded in math abstractions promotes cybernetics because it affects how the world is perceived.

          • LL-this is interesting.

            The Schumacher Institute is now the new economics foundation’s US affiliate, New Economics Institute, and Neva Goodwin’s economics textbook is being translated into other languages.

            AS you now nef is pushing the Great Transition as is NEI and now RSA is announcing that Schumacher was the voice behind Buddhist Economics. That’s what the OECD’s and UN’s subjective well being is grounded in–the Buddhist middle way?

            Makes Senge’s Buddhism and systems work in education and being on board at Garrison Institute and Presencing seem part of an overall vision of transformation that we are to get, like it or not.

  2. Have you ever read Hugh Nibley’s analysis of the various books purported to be written by Enoch and the reasons he gave for the flood during Noah’s time? It sounds very, very similar to what you are warning about.

    “The peculiar evil of the times consisted not so much in the catalog of human viciousness, long as it was, as in the devilish and systematic efficiency with which corruption was being riveted permanently on the social order. (Cf. Moses 5:58.) “There will be false priesthoods in the days of Seth,” Adam had prophesied, “and God will be angry with their attempts to surpass His power. . . . The angels and all the race of men will use His name falsely for deception.” The Apocryphon of John tells us that the original attempt to corrupt men and angels through the lusts of sex was a failure, until they set up a more powerful machinery of perversion: “At first they failed, so they came together and created the antimimon pneuma,” a clever imitation of the true order of things,Their hearts were closed up and became hard by this imitation false spirit.” This was a deliberate exploitation of the heavenly order as a franchise for sordid earthly ambitions. …This was no open revolt against God but a clever misuse of his name; no renunciation of religion but a perverse piety… It is the reversal of all values as they “worship not the righteous law, . . . [but] deny the righteous judgment, and . . . take His name in vain.”

    • Rhonda,

      I have not. I find all this to be most curious. I left out the part that William Randolph Hearst’s mother was a devoted follower and went to Haifa around 1897 to meet the son and then Baha’i head in person. The same one who laid the stone and toured in 1912.

      This idea that we are all to be equal with weak minds and we must submit to all governmental authority.

      The description of teaching non-Baha’i kids “with skills to face today’s world. This is accomplished through teaching and practicing morals and values, opening students’ minds to other cultures and religions, and engaging them in community consultation and service initiatives” sounds like the desired reform of American high schools.

      It appears to me that Baha’i is a social and political philosophy wanting to pretend to be a religion to bolster its power for change. It would be like someone who went to law school and passed the bar insisting that makes us equivalent lawyers. I can see why they would want to pretend that but that does not create equivalence. Plus the idea is that each prophet who comes later carries a more pertinent message. That means instead of the oft-mentioned equality that Islam trumps Christianity and Baha’i that spun out of it trumps Islam. Baha’is may wish to believe that, but they shouldn’t have the power of the UN and public school classrooms to try to make it so, especially via the exact principles as character ed or some other euphemism.

      The son is quoted on page 55 of the World Peace book that “the holy Manifestations of God are in reality one and not multiple. By this means the religionists of the world will reach their point of unity and reconciliation.” As a practical matter this is telling people what to believe. A world where there is no longer a distinction between public and private in the economy and religion and the secular world in society is essentially totalistic without acknowledging it yet. Talking about the unity of mankind seems to me to be a naked power grab with aspirations over minds, hearts, and souls. It should not be in the classroom under any euphemism in a free society.

      • I agree. The best solution that I see is to return to truly local control in education: the parents directing the schools and what is taught there; not the reverse.

        • If possible Rhonda. The Governance Councils I have seen are frauds on the public depriving parents of any true recourse.

          Did you read the Consortium document I posted that the Ed Leader 21 districts lobbed on in DC in early February? Given what student achievement now really means and that documents pursuit of the non-cognitive realm, that document called for no oversight as long as students were being changed noetically. With school boards disenfranchised effectively and everyone in a district office knowing that pension nirvana and lucrative consulting goes to the most aggressive pushers of this [expletive left out].

      • Dear LL,

        I fear the maxim that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” applies here, as in most things.

        You state above ” It’s a movement to put everyone on the same playing field, good for the collective. It feels a lot like what you describe about the B. faith. Speaking of B. Faith, careful there, uncovering some of those stones can be scary, they do not take kindly to negative views on their movement.”

        Baha’is don’t mind negative views on our Faith, it is the Incorrect views, Misunderstandings, and Misrepresentations that we try to correct. Naturally, some individuals, just as can be found in all demographics everywhere, are sensitive and take things personally, get upset and probably don’t know how to respond effectively, getting defensive. That seems pretty normal, does it not?

        Anyways, since I live more in my “head” I am happy to engage in genuine and sincere conversation about some of the points you mentioned.

        Fariba Kashef

      • “A world where there is no longer a distinction between public and private in the economy…”

        Baha’i teachings strongly disagree with the above statement. The foundation of the economy is private ownership and voluntary individual contributions. They even suggested, in their proposals for a thoroughgoing reform of the (undemocratic) UN, that properly constituted and representative UN could be funded by voluntary individual contributions instead of taxation.

        An economy is the result of the attitudes and actions of people towards each other. If they change their perceptions of their neighbours they change their behaviour. With social progress there is economic progress. When hate and intolerance, suspicion and fear grow, the economy suffers.

        Marxists feel that if you fi the economic relationships first, good people result, something shown multiple times not to be true. Baha’is teach that individuals must first think then act in better ways, and a better economy with better economic relationships will naturally result – i.e. that there is no requirement for a government to fix all economic arrangements a priori. You make a better world by inspiring individuals, not ‘seizing power’.

    • “a clever imitation of the true order of things,Their hearts were closed up and became hard by this imitation false spirit.”

      Wow, seriously. That describes our current time perfectly. Our fake legal system, our increasingly fake educational system. I am not in the doom and gloom crowd, after all you can wait forever for that crash you’ve been prepping for, and then it is a different one you didn’t prep for. But I share their feeling that things are seriously wrong and maybe ripe for a reset.

      • David-

        There is no group in ed more influential that the New Schools Venture Fund. Last year it was Coleman and NY’s John King and Common Core that were front and center. Remember there was the remark that by 2017 K-12 would have moved beyond CC, which I assumed was a reference to the real primacy of digital learning.

        This year’s conference was all about equity and race. All of education is now focused on changing what are to be the new assigned values and beliefs and proper attitudes. No wonder communitarianism keeps coming up. No wonder the Baha’i vision is front and center without the Baha’i name attached. Did you know the founders son met with WB DuBois and Jane Addams among others on that 1912 trip?

        Did you know Baha’i pushes affirmative action to the point that supposedly if two are equally qualified the representative of the disadvantaged group must be chosen. This is truly the perfect philosophy for those who aspire to be Governors in a public-sector centric society and economy.

  3. I Know a woman who has practiced Baha’i for decades. She is very nice. Listening to her describe the “religion” to me over ten years ago I thought it was manufactured baloney designed to capture as many people as possible in a maze without end.

  4. Wow, my 2 interests are colliding at the same time – education and Catholicism.

    The Vatican just majorly rebuked a progressive women’s religious conference, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, for “attention within the LCWR around the concept of Conscious Evolution”, a concept that is totally at odds with Catholic theology and doctrine (Christianity in general, actually)). CE is defined by a knowledgeable comboxer at one of the traditional Catholic blogs (Father Z’s blog) as “the Human Potential Movement (HPM) seasoned with a little evolutionary biology, eugenics, and a dash of quantum theory….it comes from behind the Iron Curtain via Ervin László.”

    Well, I come here to suss out the name of Erivn Laszlo, because of course Robin has named and connected those people involved in the push for global social change, thankfully, and what do I find but today’s post (May 5) and several others naming Ervin László, and how his efforts and “scholarship” have influenced educational thought leaders.

    I knew there would be a connection. Very scary. Very many Catholics have trusted these dissident nuns, who have been serving poisoned food for many many years.

    ISC readers, beware the dissident and liberal Catholics, they are in cahoots with those who are undermining both public and Catholic schools. These old nuns will die out, and as the LCWR attracts very few new members, the biological solution will evenutally purge the Church of these dissidents. Unfortunately, with other change agents so thoroughly embedded in the education system, and our children being so thoroughly indoctrinated, the biological solution cannot apply here.

    Robin, thank you for continuing to name those who wish to destroy from within.

    • You are welcome Molly.

      In the book I also talk about the role of Telhard de Chardin in that area. The Baha’i are also fond of quoting him.

      Others I talk about in the book who believed in conscious evolution via changing culture were the founder of UNESCO, Julian Huxley and Theodore Brameld.

      On the blog also look for the tags for Bela Banathy, who helped Laszlo found GERG, the General Evolution Research Group, as well as Riane Eisler. These people really do target consciousness and only approved values and beliefs and attitudes are to be allowed.

      This blog and my book are my way of saying Phooey!! as we revisit previous bad ideas from history.

  5. Did you see Sonny Perdue’s “defense” of the CCSS this morning on National Review? I will concede his point that not every bad assignment can necessarily be attributed to the CCSS, but the last five thoughts of the piece are especially head-scratching. I also would hazard a guess that he has not invited you to discuss your research with him before poo-poohing any connection to Lenin…

    • No, I have not, but I know Sonny was a speaker at the recent GSV-ASU ed summit at the luxury resort in Scottsdale, AZ and I have read the prospectus Global Silicon Valley created for investing in the ed tech companies and what a gold mine the Common Core is. Like many former politicians, ed becomes a lucrative post-office career.

      I would not dispute that the Georgia Performance Standards were the pilot for CC, but it is because they moved away from education as being about the transmission of knowledge to education as behavior-a “performance.” I have had this discussion with some of the highest officials at Ga DoED, who seemed greatly annoyed I actually understood what performance was getting at. During Perdue’s Governorship the state Board of Regents put a gag order on its universities to prevent complaints about those Performance Standards and no one liked to discuss all the tens of millions public entities were taking in connection with pushing GPS.

      All documented in hard copy including other state university systems wishing they could get their governing boards to grant that kind of coercive power over faculty. It’s how I originally came to this story. I discovered that virtually everyone touted as supporting the Integrated Math GPS controversy had been the recipient or was employed by the recipient of huge NSF grants.

    • And Rachel, you were comment # 3000 on ISC. Congrats to both of us.

      This is the post.

      Again the announced resistance to federal control is inconsistent with the documented tsunami of federal money accepted to create GPS. It’s also obvious Sonny did not attend the Southern Regional Education Board’s conferences on how to best teach the GPS. High only if you are an ant, in stature or mentally.

      He’s holding Kentucky up as an education model? Because it went full in on OBE in 90s it was ready to adopt the Successor Common Core sight unseen. Good grief.

      • Yea to 3,000! Now if we could only exponentially increase the traffic to your blog….. I found the use of KY as a model laughable as well.

        • Traffic is actually excellent. Because I am on a predictable schedule some prefer to read on weekends or as they have time and not subscribe.

          I just wish people better appreciated that the book is only tangentially related to blog and came before it. It is the foundation that makes everything so much clearer.

          But I am an expert on those NSF Math and Science Partnerships and the Centers for Learning and Teaching and all the other ways Georgia schoolchildren have had their curriculum and instructional practices sold off to benefit revenues to public institutions. Race to the Top and the Common Core and early childhood grants etc just build on the troubling precedents. They did not start with Perdue, but they were ramped up dramatically from 2002 on. It’s not a Conservative position to sell off what students are to be allowed to know or do, and we parents get to investigate into the deceit that surrounded the selling of GPS, the integrated math, and now the Common Core.

          I have extensive documentation of all these grants and its relationship to the creation of the still relevant Math and Science Frameworks.

  6. Dear Robin,
    I am a Baha’i, my family hails from Iran.
    I am dismayed (understatement) by the misunderstandings that are promoted in your essays here. I’ve been following your work assiduously for two years now, and recommend your blog site to everyone I similarly converse with.

    The Baha’i Faith is an independent religion. It “grew out of Islam” the same way Christianity “grew out of Judaism”. The Revelation of Baha’u’llah has come as the antithesis to the soulless misdirection that humanity and governance has been headed for some time; the antithesis to Marxism and Communism and Material Humanism … the list goes on. Baha’u’llah’s teachings affirm the preciousness of each child, adult, human as being born of Divine Love, each of us is a touch of Grace in this world!

    I can’t tell you how pained I am with the misapprehension of this religion. We are taught that God sends forth his Manifestation, or divine teacher Prophet, where the people have become most wayward and corrupted in spirit. In this same vein, could it be that the Mother Temple of the West was designated in the outskirts of Chicago to counter the decrepit forces that were brewing there and are now spilling out like bile purposed with corrupting this nation? To be as a beacon of light in “the belly of the beast”, so to speak?

    Please assess and judge the Baha’i Faith based upon the writings of the founder Baha’u’llah (The Glory of God) and His son Abdul-Baha’ (Servant of the Glory). Baha’is in Iran and Middle East have faced severe persecutions since its inception. God help us if it commences here in the West because of misunderstandings! I beg of you, dear Robin, please be better informed.

    With great respect,
    Fariba Kashef

    • Hi Fariba,

      I will give you a longer reply when I have a bit more time, but I am not maligning your faith. I am familiar with the persecution in Iran of this faith. What I have been saying is that the UN thinks Baha’i makes the kind of spiritual faith that is supposedly necessary for the kind of Humanist transformation that the UN would like to benefit from. It is also consistent with what Julian Huxley outlined as the requisite new kind of faith his Humanist transformations would need.

      Laszlo also cites you and says the same. I am sorry if their vision of Baha’i is different from yours, but you can’t blame me for taking a look when so many promoting transformational global change via education keep shouting “this is the model.”

      You are rescued from commenting purgatory. Hopefully others will also express their concerns.

      I am glad you posted. I respect your personal beliefs and values. Much better to talk about on a blog than have imposed surreptitiously via the schools by people whose version you would not agree with either.

      • Now I understand what you understand! Laszlo understood the skeletal structure of the Faith and thought he understood it’s depth and breath and full body and life and spirit.


  7. Greetings
    I think it is important to understand some aspects of the Baha’i Faith that seems to be misunderstood. Political constructs always reduce down to different forms of imposition. The Baha’i Faith does not impose. We are forbidden to do so. We offer social principals that find there meaning in spiritual reality. Not political ideology. The basis is the fundamental relationship between God and man. And that humanity is truly spiritual in nature. This empowers individuals to embrace principals as a means to serve humanity for the sake of God. With the goal of mankind, through, the assistance of God. To actually create the Kingdom of God on earth. A unity of the planet based upon the spiritual truth of the love and oneness of mankind.
    While maintaining individual uniqueness and diversity. Individual striving and accomplishment. A process that will take many centuries.

    Kind Regards Scott

    • Thanks Scott.

      My concern again is not that Baha’i adherents are trying to proselytize via the schools. It is that the schools are using the tenets and calling it a requisite Global Citizenship or communitarian or mindfulness focus. I am not imagining those foci and it is also Columbia’s School of Ed pointing out this connection. The fact that what is being required is grounded in a religion is left out of the schools’ approach, but it consistently remains in the UN’s or the Club of Budapest’s or Julian Huxley’s or Laszlo’s pitches on how to use K-12 education to get new kinds of consciousness and new values that are not oriented around the individual.

      HG Wells did the same in his book The Open Conspiracy: that a religion was needed that would emphasize the here and now and material world and changing that and ditch the supernatural focus. You are confirming that your religion does that. Others such as John Dewey are the ones who have written extensively about what they want religion to do and a new kind of education. There is a merger in that both can be used to push a new values, character, morality focus. That’s not supposed to be the domain of government in a free society. Especially when the creators of the programs being used are the ones saying the Baha’i faith works for us to get the desired noetic changes in the students.

      Perhaps the Baha’i faith should stop working with educators around the globe if its adherents do not want someone who writes about education to point out that that is what is going on. We can’t have school prayer, but it’s now fine and dandy for school districts to have Spiritual Councils to coordinate ways to work with the schools and communities?

      • Dear Robin,

        I see what you are saying, that you take issue with these organizations using some of the principles and terminologies of the Baha’i Faith for their own advancement, yet leave out the essential divine source and vitalising purpose. It makes them as seem as beneficent and altruistic, whereas their aim (evidenced by their histories) is surreptitiously otherwise.

        Interesting dilemma.

        You know, as our societies spiral in this breakdown of family and spiritual foundations, justice is compromised, precious lives are lost to wars external and internal, etc…. there is a simultaneous “rising” of spiritual forces. God keeps His Covenant with us, that He would never leave us alone. This strengthening, healing and realigning of our inner core (this is my language, by the way, this is how I process my thoughts) happens on the individual level, one person at a time. Baha’is do not believe in the concept of a “communal soul” or “communal salvation”, each person is distinct (we don’t even have “communal prayer”, except one: the long prayer for the departed).

        I can see where some of the agencies are using Baha’i Faith to bolster or give credence to themselves, while imposing a top-down reeducation agenda, unwittingly or purposefully. Unwitting, are probably most of the people who think they are doing good in the world; they being used by the few who are purposeful with their intentions.

        It seems to me a crossing of paths, these various social-agenda movements and the Baha’i Faith. Robin, you are commenting on your observations of the Baha’i Faith at this juncture or intersection. This is what caused me pause and need to communicate with you. Your blog posts, and comments following, leave a severely distorted view of the Faith and seem to place blame on the Baha’i Faith for the travesties that are taking place in our schools, and distorted news reports, politicised churches, etc. by extension.

        How are we — you actually, as this is your blog — to tease apart the tangled mess and present information factually? Clarity is my aim. It is up to each person to think, assess, and decide for themselves, but when information is misconstrued from the get-go then everything arising therefrom is incorrect. This is how it works against those persecuted. As Dennis Prager says, “Clarity before agreement.”

        With much appreciation,

  8. Greetings
    With all due respect. There is no Baha’i education program so to speak. There are Baha’i communities all over the world. Each locality has there own unique situation. Type of GOV, national traditions, economic dynamic and such. In essence every situation always has the child’s parents as the main educators to bring balance to the child school experience. Hopefully working together with schools and when that is not possible augmenting and injecting spiritual relevance as needed.

    Perhaps a clearer understanding of the idea of world citizenship from a Baha’i perspective is appropriate at this time. We see this as a natural development of a sane and balanced patriotism. One loves there city, there state, country and the world. One does not give up there love of ones state for the sake of ones country. As an example.

    I would encourage you to go to the source for attaining a more complete understanding of the Baha’i Faith. This would at the very least give you some balance regarding the criticisms of those who are not Bahai’s. My POV represents only my understanding as I, or any other Baha’i for that matter, has no authority. We value the process of independent investigation of truth.

    We can always agree to disagree regarding some thing and will know doubt find common ground on other things. I look forward to on going discussion.

    Kind Regards Scott..

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