Turning All of Us into Piggy Banks or Dependents Who Need Direction and Aid and Desired Dispositions

Following up directly from the presentation discussed in the previous post, do you believe that the “best way to prepare students for the future is to equip them to invent it?” Can we in fact design the future we want if we are just all determined enough? What makes one a good inventor? Passion or knowledge? How well do most group efforts where consensus and majority rules prevail work out in the real world?

How about education designed to “plant the seeds of peace in children’s minds”? Will that work or is the West, especially the US, simply disarming, mentally and emotionally, its young people while real threats still await? Both of those quotes come from Fernando Reimers, the Harvard Ed School professor who used to be an official with the World Bank, whose three dimensions of global competency were explicitly mentioned in that P21 video. If something is being incorporated by reference into classrooms to get at student values, attitudes, and beliefs, and create new dispositions and behaviors, we had best know what it is. Now. Before we have a toxic collective common core in a majority of voters.

If you are reading this outside the US, we now have our explicit link from a European journal of all this to the 2001 Citizenship initiatives in the UK and Australia I first described here http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/mandating-global-citizenship-mindsets-by-assessing-whether-students-adopt-social-altruism/ . Canadians who have never read the 2012 Shifting Minds report from C21Canada should find it. Global indeed in every sense of the word. Not speculating here and it’s not just an American problem. Even though there are apparently additional gold stars and bounties available for change agents whose theories gain international acceptance. Just ask Pearson’s Michael Barber.

What are we dealing with here then? Well, to quote Reimers we “could call these dimensions the three A’s of globalization: the affective dimension, the action dimension and the academic dimension.” By “affective” Reimers means the “development of character, affect, and values” around a “global common framework of values” such as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I took the title from my own observation that everyone in the world having a right to a certain standard of living means a global class of administrators redistributing from those with the duty to provide to those waiting to benefit from the goodies. History shows the national leaders will want their cut and no one has an incentive to get off the dole or taxpayer teat. Especially if it is just there. At least until the money dries up completely and then where are we? Gimme anyway? And all this gets administered by bureaucrats from the UN or OECD who want tax-free salaries and benefits that only have a reason to exist as long as dependence and tragic dysfunction remain. Anywhere. More lucrative jobs if misery then spreads.

A Global Problem-solving focus is Not a prescription to get better. In other words, global education around competency and sustainability is actually likely to be unsustainable and make existing problems worse. The power to coerce gets used where it exists even if the students mean well in all these Youth Movements being fostered in the name of:

1. “A positive disposition toward cultural difference and a framework of global values to engage in difference. [I always sensed IB was a stalking horse for something bigger for everyone. Yikes!] This requires a sense of identity and self-esteem but also empathy toward others with different identities [remember here how critical Irina Bokova views the relationship between UNESCO and the new UN initiative–the Alliance of Civilizations]. And interest and understanding of different civilizational streams [with a spin that Bokova and AOC and Reimers approve of] and the ability to see those differences as opportunities for constructive, respectful and peaceful transactions among people. This ethical dimension of global competency includes also a commitment to basic equality and rights of all persons and a disposition to act to uphold those rights.” [cites make it clear this is an economic justice/John Dewey definition of democracy, not a structure of government].

Second is the skill dimension that develops the “motivation to act and the competency to act.” By that Reimers means “addressing personal and collective needs and of achieving sustainable human-environmental interactions” through those internalized Global Values created via the Affective Dimension (I am combining about 3 different sources for Reimers. All are the same vision and written since 2006). Reimers wants students to learn to “live these [Universal Declaration of Human] rights (not just to know them).”

Third is that academic dimension and notice it IS knowledge but it is supplied knowledge and concepts to prompt the desire to act politically. To invent a different future around a collective responsibility for the wellbeing of humanity. “To understand the interconnectedness of the entire globe on a range of issues, environmental, political, demographic, and recognize their importance.” Again Reimers–“global competency encompasses the skills and interest to understand the basic interdependence of human beings and the environment on a planetary scale.” Now that’s a definition that will require a global class of tax paid administrators intent on coordinating and regulating and outright restricting.

Here then is a direct quote of the academic dimension taken from Reimers book by way of the NEA Foundation’s website (to show their support and intent I suppose), ALL students will need “Deep knowledge and understanding of world history, geography, the global dimensions of topics such as health, climate and economics and of the process of globalization itself …and a capacity to think critically and creatively about the complexity of current global challenges.” [aka systems thinking, paging Peter Senge and Bela Banathy].

So to be clear Global Competence also comes in under definitions of what constitutes 21st Century Learning. Even if you are not in a Senge affiliated district or state like Nevada, let’s say you live in the Atlanta area where the large districts of Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett have joined the 10 districts piloting Ed Leader 21’s Suburban Consortium http://www.edleader21.com/index.php?pg=33&id=2 that will delight their taxpayers no end as they discover no where to run from the policies and practices that led to the dysfunction of the Atlanta cheating scandal. The DC area is in the same situation as Fairfax County, Arlington City, and Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in Maryland also close off the escape route. And Charlotte, Greenville, SC, and Miami-Dade to complete the long sought attempt to level academics in the suburbs and shift those home-instilled values and dispositions.

I mentioned proof above of global coordination of all these citizenship and global competency initiatives, here’s the 2007 link http://www.citized.info/ejournal/Vol%203%20No%202/Vol%203%20no%202.pdf . It puts a new reason on why we really needed a single set of national standards in the US. Too many of the states you see had created civics and citizenship standards that focused on developing the dreaded accurate knowledge among young people. And since having the federal government push this formally was just not available, as usual, one of the charitable foundations, Carnegie, picked up the tab and “the National Centre for Learning and Citizenship at the Education Commission of the States convened a series of meetings with civic policymakers and practitioners.” Instead of knowledge, these meetings “encourage policymakers to conceptualize citizenship education as ‘strands’ of civic competency that encompass civic-related knowledge [because direct instills patriotism?], cognitive and participative skills, and civic dispositions.  Equally important, there was agreement that these citizenship competencies are best developed through a coherent sequence of learning experiences that extend from kindergarten through twelfth grade.”

Get ’em emotional often and early for many years in other words should make for igniting a reliable  generation of social change agents. Having “primary grade children …discuss the nature of ‘fairness’ and create a better school environment” are the experiences that “provide the civic foundation for middle and high school.” Where they will be primed to attend Youth Forums in Costa Rica to hear Al Gore or the Global Youth Summit next year in China.

That’s how and why all of these earth-shaking mental and psychological changes get instilled in your child or a majority of voters. And the elections in the West gradually get used to mandate a taxpayer-financed fundamental shift.

That UN and education superintendents and university administrators and too many politicians at all levels and every party are determined to give a 21st Century try.

And because they are adults who have spent their careers living off either the public sector’s ability to extract taxes and incur debt. Or live off the tax-free and compounding wealth left by Andrew or John D or Model T Henry or even today’s Bill, Melinda, Eli, and Warren, they are tragically unaware of what will happen when we make the purpose of education–Global Competency or Sustainability or Transformational Outcomes Based Education–turning out the rational, independent lights of most individual minds.

To “instill seeds of peace” in a dangerous world. To create influential guiding beliefs that are false. To mandate “perspectives” because we wish that is how the world worked.

Breaking the individual and collective piggy banks and then where will we be?

11 thoughts on “Turning All of Us into Piggy Banks or Dependents Who Need Direction and Aid and Desired Dispositions

  1. Your penultimate paragraph sums it all up—it’s a Manifesto of 21st Century education reform—and should be hung in every classroom in America. That would be the beginning of some real transparency.

    • Thanks. A reader forwarded this video to me overnight that I have just finished watching.

      It is 70 minutes but it is so full of graphic quotes that it flows quickly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyQih1mWwY8

      I cannot quite pinpoint the date but you will see Michele Bachmann is still a state senator fighting Minnesota over the Social Studies state standards that strip away the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

      This is what CCSSI nationalizes. The Turning Points document he cites for the 1989 startling declarations I happen to have a copy of. Its author has now moved on to the Asia Society and is thus pushing Global Competency and the Global Cities Education Network. Remember the post I wrote where the first state Anthony Jackson and ccsso sub for the controversial aspects, Ed Steps, went to was Minnesota? Where they put on presentations at the Twin Cities and state levels?

      Chapman’s quotes from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are certainly timely with recent P21 presentations on Capitol Hill declaring the 3 dimensions of Fernando Reimers are to be included in every US classroom.

      So if it is rainy on this 4th where you are or you can find the time over the weekend, this video is all still relevant and an excellent way to get a solid foundation in what we are dealing with. And an excellent way to honor the spirit of the 4th of July. It does a superb job with graphics of reminding us what education is systematically taking away. I recognize some of the statements from the Enduring Understandings to be taught as part of Common Core.

      The only aspect I would dispute or update has to do with Career Clusters. In 2013 that is coming most often through the initiatives about reforming the nature of high schools. And in state legislation being sold to the legislatures as economic and workforce development.

      The video made me glad I have figured this all out anew in 2013. It’s a shame it’s too early in the morning for fireworks. I feel like lighting the fuse this year.

      • I found it interesting that Chapman linked constructivism to postmodernism—and the notion that there is no truth that is knowable.

        “Students construct [their own] understandings of reality and [realize] that objective reality is unknowable.”

        There was a wealth of material in that video. I’ll have to go over it again and make some notes along the way. Thanks for sharing it.

    • I think you will appreciate this article from today http://mises.org/daily/6473/Dont-Fall-for-Free . The left brain/ right pitch that it explains is precisely what is being weakened and pitched to in the classroom. And why the term “forming the student’s Identity” comes up so often. I think it is also why Akerlof named his book tied to these reforms Identity Economics.

      The comments about behavioral economics are also interesting since the collaborators with that Harvard education lab endowed by Eli Broad to be at the forefront of education reforms for the future are all tied to areas of psychology and behavioral economics.

      • I’ve been trying to get familiar with Kenneth Minogue this past week and I came across an interview with him and he started talking about social justice. He made this excellent point:

        “Justice, in the ordinary sense of moral order, is a restriction on the things you can do. Social justice is the opposite of a restriction—it is in fact, an entitlement to certain things. So that is … a total misuse of the word justice. It is a misuse of the word justice—which begins by begging the question about the kind of society you live in.”

        It’s astonishing to read in the article, The Opportunity Cost of “Free,” that the White House now disguises social justice with the word “sustainability.”

        Wow! To keep up with all that’s going on requires the tenacity of a detective trying to hunt down a serial killer. Great work Robin!

        • How would you feel if your child’s teachers were attending this mindfulness conference?


          These presenters go back and forth between K-12 ed conferences about social and emotional learning and then give same presentations and goals and what is being targeted to clearly New Age/ Eastern spirituality orientation conferences like this one http://www.cpe.vt.edu/cpts/speakers.html .

          By the way Va is one of the states coming up with the new template on what the higher ed vision attached to the K-12 ed reforms should look like. It goes back to Virginia’s early work in Outcomes Based education in K-12 in the 90s. They don’t need CCSSI. Their classroom and school implementations and assessments are already all about outcomes.

          Miss Marple is tenacious and has been at this for a while. Thanks for the kind words. Always nice to be appreciated.

    • Thank you so much. His death has certainly brought attention to his fine and pertinent work during a time when it is more crucial than ever.

      Such clarity of thought and a way with words. I hope the last book he was working on can at least be released in a rough form. Boy could we use his insights right now on just the last 12 months of events.

  2. Just FYI, you have totally changed the way I view life in America. I want you to understand how vitally important your work is to the parents and students of the US public school system, even if they don’t. I have seen your website mentioned in comments on American Thinker and elsewhere. It was said everyone needs to read your site to learn what’s going on around them and totally unbeknownst to them. God continue to bless you, Robin, and I will continue reading all your posts and every response to them. Keeps me focused. And alert. And very busy reading and learning the history as it really was. I don’t respond much here because I am so busy linking, reading, researching and like you, ordering books as I go. I appreciate all your regulars because I trust their viewpoints and their research. You are creating this new awareness in all of us and we all thank you. I want to share that personally. My son appreciates your work because thanks to you one of his two teens is home schooled and the other learns the truth at home to counteract the propaganda. So far, so good. Carry on, dear Robin.

    • Thanks. It’s nice to be appreciated. I have some unbelievably startling revelations coming up and am busy on the book today.

      It is quite fascinating how relatively innocent searches of mine prompted by searches that find this blog end up creating a tsunami of evidence on precisely what is intended.

      I was reminded yet again of just how much the dysfunction in the urban school systems was intentional to make it easier to community organize. And to put together an electoral coalition around grievance. And how more of this cultivation is intended. And then these suburban districts join hands with their lawyers also living at taxpayer expense to make the suburbs also about changing the students from the inside out.

      This is still a great country but our institutions have been seized as was always the intention. And our youth and our prosperity are far more at risk than people realize. Yesterday I read a teacher presentation where they were being told to prepare the students for the new society. That the existing one was no longer viable. But it was a program urging administration of even more of the poison that is undermining the viability. But how many of the teachers had any way of knowing that?

      No wonder there is such a push to get veterans to retire and bring in young believers. They have been primarily credentialed to seek social change.

      Off to write a new Intro that binds the blog and book.

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