Utopian Education: Creating Mindsets that Push Future Fighters for Something Beyond the Current Real World

I am beginning to think I should get new business cards that say “Reads troubling plans for revolutionary change in the world we take for granted so you don’t have to.” It has been one of those weekends after I read a report from our Competency-pushing OECD in Paris that American taxpayers fund so generously. It was talking about New Economics to be imposed on the West via our institutions and using digital learning and technology and education and social reforms generally (my bolding):

“To turn connectivity into connectedness dedicated policies have to be designed with a twofold goal: first, to guarantee that all the emerging opportunities brought about by technology and its outcomes can be seized in favour of economic and societal development and second, that the resulting benefits of these opportunities are equally accessible to all. Education has to play a major role in the achievement of these two goals.”

Now unlucky me has spent enough time immersed in all these political theories to recognize when I am looking at a description of Uncle Karl’s little c vision of the future. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/naming-educators-as-the-levers-shifting-the-human-personality-to-marxs-moral-revolution/ is where I first addressed why changing values and beliefs is so crucial to achieving this little c vision. And it’s not about Lenin or Mao but it remains toxic to the individual and freedom in the sense of what created the West. Today I want to focus on all the current official publications that verify just how right I am as to what is really being targeted and why.

It’s also why parents are getting no relief when they want to opt out of Statewide Longitudinal Databases. It’s because tracking the changes in attitudes, values, dispositions, and beliefs via efforts at schools, and what curricula force changes more quickly and thoroughly, is an important part of the social engineering research being carried on via the schools. Especially with adaptive software and digital learning that allows immersion in virtual worlds.  http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/students-must-see-themselves-as-active-participants-in-social-change-and-designers-of-social-futures/

All through the 70s Arne Naess’s books were bestsellers in Norway for their ecological visions of a new type of society. To prime the West towards a comparable vision of the future in time for the 90s efforts at wholesale transformation, his book Ecology, community and lifestyle was helpfully translated into English in the late 80s. He pointed out that ecology is where the socialist crowd was migrating because it created a belief in the necessity of political change. Central to these efforts is always a “change in consciousness.” As Naess graphically put it, the change “consists of a transition to a more egalitarian attitude to life and the unfolding of life on Earth.” Remember it is the Axemaker Mind that builds on existing cultural knowledge to invent technology and tools that can manipulate nature for man’s benefit. The “unfolding” vision wants people to merely be another creature. Very useful vision for political leaders, bureaucrats, and business leaders wanting to play future overlords and preserve current power. Not so good for the rest of us peons to be administered.

Before I detail more of the current efforts to create such a these New Mindsets, let’s read another Naess explanation on the intentions:

“The necessity of efforts to change mentality is closely associated with the necessity of organised efforts for profound changes in society. These two kinds of effort must be coordinated, not polarised against one another.”

And coordinated they are. It’s why education leaders are such a crucial component of the visions set out at a (co)lab in Atlanta or the cityLab  in NYC recently. It’s also why education is so crucial to the UN and the OECD’s plans. Following up on the OECD’s expressed intentions for change at its most recent forums led me straight to this transformational vision http://www.gtinitiative.org/documents/issueperspectives/gti-perspectives-premises_for_a_new_economy.pdf . It’s the kind of wholesale redistribution vision that would have made Uncle Karl weep with joy over his continued influence. Typical people should note though that this vision plans to take the world’s existing wealth and redistribute for the benefit of the poor in countries in the North and to raise living standards all through the Southern Hemisphere. It also involves shifting globally from a profit economy to a ‘needs’ economy in the 21st century.

Essential to that vision which we have already encountered in Shoshana Zuboff’s support economy book and the Aspen Institute pushing a Fourth Sector “for benefit” economy (see tags) it will “also be necessary to develop non-consumerist ways of understanding and being in the world.” Now won’t all the current reforms in K-12 and higher ed and the expansion into preschool be useful to such goals? How about an article published last month in the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment by Burns H. Weston and David Bollier which seeks to use Martha Nussbaum’s work we have talked about “as the theoretical means to restore ‘the obligation of result’. This would thereby move the discussion from the abstract to the concrete…” Why, yes, it would. It means we are trying to use education at all levels to create mindsets that will come to use the law and capability theory to impose Uncle Karl’s little c vision on societies without saying so.

Using the term “share-and-share-alike Golden Rule” sounds so much better than “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” that was the hallmark of Uncle Karl’s vision of what would be possible in a society that had used capitalism to get to a certain advanced stage of technology. As the OECD said above, now it can be seized for the benefit of all others who have “needs.” Again this vision “must include a large-scale and sustained commitment to human rights education–as imaginatively pursued, for example, by the People’s Movement for Human Rights Education (PDHRE), a New York-based NGO ‘dedicated to human rights learning for social and economic transformation.’ It is, after all, life on Planet Earth that hangs in the balance.”

Probably not but it makes a good sales pitch for power to the public sector in the 21st century. Clearly this vision of ‘a just society’ laid out by Weston “that honors a public order of human dignity–the essence of human rights–marked by the widest possible shaping and sharing of all basic values among all human beings.”

Since the idea of the Great Transition is central to all these visions of the 21st century and what quality learning really means globally, the planners see a need for a GCM-a Global Citizens Movement demanding this vision of the future as a matter of rights. Legal rights. Useful then is the largely unheralded fact that CCSSO, the sponsors of the Common Core State Standards, has used its subsidiary Ed Steps, to partner with World Savvy  to get students to examine the “historical forces that have shaped the current world system” and push the “knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes [that] are all aspects of Global Competency.” CCSSO’s real aim. Here’s the vision brochure created in August by World Savvy.  http://www.flipsnack.com/WorldSavvy/f7hf2i59 WS “celebrates innovation, art, and the limitless power of youth to make positive change” and is at the “cutting edge of education for the 21st century.”

To guarantee that the classroom work is “relevant and current” WS picks 3 year themes and the 2013-2016 theme is Population and Progress. It “helps students explore how a growing population defines progress, analyze the evolving nature of our collective challenges, and develop innovations that address these issues.” In fact students can pretend to be Uncle Karl’s Makers of History as WS has them create and submit “a Knowledge to Action Plan.” You will be so glad to know current WS students are quoted as saying they have “abandoned the notion of Us and Them in favor of We.”

Finally, CCSSO has quietly conceded that it is the Dispositions of the students themselves being targeted by these education “reforms.” http://www.ccsso.org/Documents/ILN%20Knowledge%20Skills%20and%20Dispositions%20CCR%20Framework%20February%202013.pdf

It adds a new C though. Our children are to be “college, career, and citizenship ready.” And if you are wondering what kind of citizenship CCSSO has in mind they go on to cite their sources and usefully mention every controversial report I have ever written about on this blog down to rejecting the individual mind and mandating communitarianism through the Career Tech guidelines. Thank you CCSSO for your hubris in that document.

People trying to criticize the idea of national education standards have begun to use the phrase “Commie Core” to attack the Common Core State Standards. The irony is if you track CCSSO’s actual planned implementation and the agendas of its named partners in developing classroom curricula and assessments and you compare it to Uncle Karl’s actual vision of little c communism, you get a match to the values, behaviors, dispositions, and mindsets to be fostered.

Perhaps a more apt phrase then would be the Commie Core designed to aid the Great Transition whether we consent or not? Designed to be implemented while we are still unaware of such wholesale changes or wrongfully believe this is about the transmission of academic content in the 21st century.

As Naess wrote, these values need to be internalized so direct regulation of the individual in the future will be unnecessary. “I envisage a change of revolutionary depth and size by means of many smaller steps in a radically new direction.”

That was the plan in the late 80s. In 2013 it feels as a parent like all those smaller steps are being pushed in a frenzy at the same time.

Some people have become very impatient for transformative change that benefits them but not us. And hardly anyone recognizes what is happening.

18 thoughts on “Utopian Education: Creating Mindsets that Push Future Fighters for Something Beyond the Current Real World

  1. Common Core of the Commie Corps. A hippie comedian once called the school in a skit about high school “Commie Martyrs High” (No, thats properly ‘Communist Martyrs)'”)… “They’ve caught us red-handed… ” look here’s a red hand”.

    Sorry Robin, sometimes the only sense I have left is a sense of (messed up) humor.

    • Me too Beans. If someone had told me I’d be mastering Karl Marx in my 50s or that there was this entire vision that left the West with a bullseye on it and no one in the US was talking about it and I’s be the one stumbling across all this very graphic intentions I would not have believed it.

      I also never appreciated how much being a lawyer would matter when it turns out bogus legal “rights” is seen as the invisible way in.

  2. Thank you for another great post today. I am nearing the half way point of your book. I received it last Thursday. I listened to your radio interview last night. Today, I am angry at this entire initiative. Angry that I am the only parent at school board meetings. Angry at my state for instituting “prenatal-20” database and whole child education. Angry that parents have their heads stuck in the sand and choose not to pay attention to any of this. I’m angry at the attitude of superintendents who dismiss parental concern, because no parent could ever know just as much if not more than them. I’m angry at the fact that we can hold meeting after meeting about Common Core and ask parents to fight and pay attention yet, no one will budge.
    I am seeing this roll out in real time in my state. I see all that you mention happening in the State of Oregon. They are lapping it up, faster than a dog picks up crumbs. I see certain school districts pushing forward a huge agenda on Social Equality educators intent on changing society and children just as you say. They even go so far as to do a book study on how they can implement social equality in teaching. http://www.portlandrethinkingschools.org/category/announcements/pars
    There is even a teaching for Social Justice conference that can tell you 50 ways to incorporate social justice into your math curriculum.

    Today, I am nauseated at the condition of our country, and the abuse that we will take, and the blatant stomping on our Constitution. What do you suggest we do? How can we fight?

  3. http://www.gtinitiative.org/documents/issueperspectives/gti-perspectives-premises_for_a_new_economy.pdf

    I hope I can get to sleep the remainder of the week after reading this. Its a testament to the degree the Left feels itself in ascendancy in the West that they see themselves able to be clear and honest about their real intentions and the effectively totalitarian vision they have for humanity and their barely disguised glee in contemplating their dominant, managerial/ruling role in it all.

    • That has not been an openly distributed document but that agenda is quite clear and appears to me to be the foundation for what I uncovered as the Belmont Challenge and the Future Earth Alliance. Tellus is the affiliate of a Stockholm Group involved with FEA.

      I spent this morning reading other documents they put out back in 2006 and they were very graphic as to what is being sought. When you take those documents and align them to what I lay out in book and then some of what I have that once again laid out the little c vision against the West in the late 70s and early 80s everything really falls into place.

      They even lay out the various scenarios for the 21st. In none of them is there any room for the individual to make their own decisions or have a zone of privacy. If I read new ways of governance one more time I may throw a brick through a window out of frustration.

      • PAMomma-

        All I am getting now is spinning myself but here is a different link to first part.


        These are extraordinarily damning documents. I did not write Sunday in part because I was systematically downloading all these docs before mentioning them.

        Plus I am right that we are looking at a little c global goal without using the notorious c word for Uncle Karl’s vision of the future.

        I am reading a Donella Meadows book today from the early 80s and it is quite confessional as well. Precisely as I had hoped.

        • Robin, it should be noted to your readers from Oregon and Washington that Donella Meadows, Peter Senge, and Otto Scharmer have a big influence in their states. Including the curriculum and graduation requirements in their states. I am looking forward to your post.

          • Yes they do Old School. Of course I think they prefer to call it Cascadia for the region since nation-states are so 20th century.

            Donella passed away several years ago but Dennis was one of the speakers at that 2013 Dalian New Champions Conference in China I wrote about. I think the dominant UN model is less the MIT model than the one developed in South America. It fits with the language of the Great Transition best.

            I always love these books that seemingly are written just to be talking to the insiders and now it is 30 years later and more relevant than ever because no one is hiding what they are doing.

  4. I signed the 12 year old out of public school yesturday. The vice principle has been the only human with a bit of remorse for loosing a great kid due to the circumstances. Digital citizenship. Wi-fi in classrooms. I pads doled out like sandwiches and technology partnered learning. Robotics. Armed security walking the halls. Gmo hot lunch. Security camera’s on the buses. Security locks on the building- no entry- don’t even think of being in the school mom- They are safer with us. I went to work today less stressed.

    • good for you Squirl. I put mine in classical school this year and feel much better. the latin is kickin our bleeps, but so worth it.

    • You made the right decision, Squirl, hard though it may have been. I pulled my own son out when he was in the 7th grade (he’d be in 10th grade now, if he was in school) and though I’ve second-guessed myself plenty of times, I have not regretted it once. Even if your child doesn’t learn a single thing with you (not likely), what he/she WON’T be learning will make it all worth while.

  5. Did I mention the superintendant checking out the invisible serfs collar by my request and having him respect Robins opinion but disagree all the same. He loves common core. I told him there’s free curriculum out there that’s better and doesnt reuquire a wireless connection for testing- But they need to spend the levy on tehnology and the senate loves contributing tax dollars to school districts. 440,000 $ FOR COMMON CORE_ year here in Olympia Wa. What a waste of busy work . 5 parents show up for the public forum – I say wifi leaarning compromises health for children. I get snarls ( My 5th attempt to voice my contrarian beliefs.) I’ll keep going. I like the reputation I create each time. They need to understand we don’t go away. Keep up the fight.

    • I heard the term ” digital dementia ” today and i thought it was accurate. the kids growing up totally digi are totally wacked.

  6. Fight Or Flight — 21st Century Learning & 16th Century Tips

    Since it’s a given that history repeats itself I’ve been catching up with some history books that might speak to our current issues regarding 21st C Learning. I can now see that — the speed, stealth, sophistry, and strong-arming — combined with a complete lack of pedagogical proof, displays the unmistakable behaviours of a tyranny.

    I am so grateful to this blog for firstly — validating my unease and apprehension with this imposition on our society, and — secondly, providing tons of material evidence to substantiate the claim that an international coordinated effort is in place. We read about Tocqueville, Hayek, Arendt, Revel, Minogue who try to unravel how totalitarianism succeeds without bloodshed.

    I went back to the time of 16th Century Machiavelli who wrote about how tyranny is to be sustained. It was this work that challenged a young student to mount a counterattack, for which free people have forever been grateful, as he pondered strategies to undermine, not support, tyranny.

    In “The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude” Etienne de la Boetie has a number of what I interpret as tips or suggestions for dealing with the problem of human tyranny:

    1 Withdraw consent. In our application, a parent might proclaim non-agreement and seeks modification for a student or exits.

    2 Non compliance. Disaffected people within the implementation apparatus breakaway and don’t comply. Example: A teacher closes the classroom door and autonomously does what she/he considers is pedagogically sound.

    3 Education to de-bamboozle the public on the intent and procedures of the despotism.

    4 Probe and reflect deeply for the unfulfilled human needs of the vast corrupting conspiracy that comprises the “sharers” (in our current lingo, stakeholders) in the “booty”. They should be made to “look at themselves as they really are” for their ambition and avarice in being “accomplices” in the tyranny.

    (With great speed I have written the above as the imperative of sewing grandkids’ Halloween costumes calls.)

    I’ll quickly comment on the 4 most outstanding strategies I’ve gleaned from la Boettie.

    1) Parents are withdrawing, slowly, and what makes it meaningful is the telling authorities the why’s of their withdrawal.
    2) Breakaway educators are increasingly expressing doubts and intent to non-comply with 21st C L.
    3) This ISC blog and book, along with others gaining tempo and visibility (Youtube), are doing a marathon job in de-bamboozling and de-sanctifying this New Age juggernaut.
    4) The reflection on the motivations and presumptions of those in the field of public education is now just tentatively being touched. I have seen a very small number of teachers, for example, express their responsibility as an awesome or even biblical calling and state they’re aware of the injunctions pertaining. Some will quote the Hippocratic Oath and say they would— above all else — do no harm. A few others will quote James:3:1 “Not many of you should presume to be teachers because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” A rare few in discussions I have seen on the Internet will use bother references to support their commitment to educate well.

  7. You may have already seen this, but this was a new link for me: http://static.schoolrack.com/files/109048/614099/Unit_1-3_test.pdf

    It’s the teacher’s version of a fifth grade reading test using Common Core standards. While a several sections seem appropriate, ex. information on wild owls, every once in a while something is dropped in that really jars. An example is on page 50, Unit 1 Week 5, concerning hybrid cars. Statements like “The government could make it a precondition that all new car owners buy hybrids.” and “Instead, they should sell hybrids at reasonable prices so that all people will be able to buy them.” seem to really push the envelop of what I’d consider acceptable.

    The concept that the government could force purchases always seemed bizarre, at least until ObamaCare. Here it appears they’re getting the idea across early. Also, since hybrid cars are typically very expensive and only somewhat affordable when heavily subsidized, I get the impression that the idea is that the car manufacturer’s are really raking in the profits and should be reformed. I’m not sure what pushing these concepts onto the kids is going to ultimately do, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a good thing.

    • Great article narciso. I am married to a computer systems developer and “what do you need the system to do?” has always been the prime question. CGI seems to think there’s more money to be made in never asking that one or laying it out.

      As with education and LL’s Gypsy Principal and my conflict-ridden social worker/consultant making $2500 a day doing School Governance Council training, the salaries and fees get paid whether the product is any good and even if the theory being pushed has been tragic and toxic throughout history. The pushers have no need to know any of that because it’s OPM. They all get paid for doing as specified even if it is all crap or actually dangerous to people and the continued functioning of society.

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