Waging the Essential Battle at the Level of Thought and Using the Law to Compel Compliance

The title comes from a quote used in a 1963 book where Ervin Laszlo quoted J M Bochenski in the context of who would prevail in the Cold War and where the actual battlefields lay. Bochenski had written: “If the free world has any chance to win the spiritual struggle at the level of thought, it needs genuine philosophy.” By ‘philosophy’, Laszlo meant “a scheme of ideas” through which a student or an adult can frame what they perceive or ignore in their day to day life, and then use the supplied ideas to “unflinchingly explore the interpretation of experience in terms of that scheme.”

It turns out the “essential battle is waged at the level of thought” in the fundamental struggle between Individualism and Collectivism. That was the little discussed battle field where way too many professors were apparently looking for a synthesis between Individualism and Communism and creating theories and using pedagogy and never telling the rest of us what was up. It matters now though because I can go back into the books Laszlo published offshore in the Netherlands in the early 60s and read almost verbatim what is being enshrined as a federal mandate in the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 as personalized learning. I can see it in the language used in that Young Adult Success Framework linked in the last post and it goes beyond troubling language like page 13 where:

“The conception of success we use in this report has both an individual and a societal element. It is not simply about meeting one’s own goals; success is also about contributing to the larger good, having a meaningful place within a community, and working toward a positive change in the world.”

Laszlo wanted to come up with a means of “developing a scheme permitting the synthesis of concrete individuality with relational existence” because that would bridge the gap where the “Communist concept of man subordinates the idea of individual being (a ‘rigid, metaphysical view’) to that of social existence (‘socialized man’). As a result their social organization subjects the rights and freedom of individuals to the interest of the social group.” That gap compares to the historic Western emphasis on the individual. Laszlo wanted to bridge that gap by hyping the relational experience of the Individual just like that Young Adult Success Framework does with how it describes the build-up of each child’s sense of Identity and meaning-making. It is as if Laszlo were an adviser on that Framework.

Or maybe this take down of the Individual and the Axemaker Mind and emphasis on subjective experience and “the ways young people are making meaning”  and “effective developmental experience” are straight out of the Blueprint of what Laszlo said would be needed to build a “Society that could be governed by idea…form an idea at the base,  of what was essential in society, and then build a political scheme for the proper adjustment of the ‘superstructure,’ i.e. of social organization (as Communist theory claims to do).” If that sounds like an “I have a better way to get to the same goal of Marx’s Human Development Society where everyone’s needs would be met” that is precisely how Laszlo’s vision for what he called the Essential Society readsIt also fits with where the Young Adult Success Framework, I believe, mirrors the language of what ECAA will mandate as well. “…the framework is about building a society where all children grow up to reach their full potential, regardless of which side of the economic divide they were born.”

I want to quote Laszlo’s Chapter called ‘Government by Idea’ because this entire vision explains why it is so difficult to get politicians of either party, from the Senate and House to state legislatures and local city councils to give up the power bestowed by this vision. It has never created mass prosperity, but it has certainly created lots of prosperous politicians and benefitted their allies and cronies. Here we go:

“the organ of rational guidance for the individual is the mind; for a nation it is its government. A government can guide a nation toward its essential form [and tout it as a ‘fundamental transformation’?] by organizing its institutions in such a way that all individuals are granted equal freedom in the fulfillment of their essential needs. The government must have a clear idea of the nation’s integral economy and then build a political axiology on it, to serve as a basis for its policies.”

That is PRECISELY what is occurring now at all levels of government and precisely why developmentally-oriented learning standards like the Common Core grounded in experience and behavior and the Whole Child have always been viewed as an essential component to the broader transformation. I explained that in my book Credentialed to Destroy but Laszlo’s insights are a nice supplement because they go so fundamentally to where ECAA is taking us by design. If not Lamar Alexander or Patty Murray, then some of their staffers have created a piece of legislation that fulfills the desire for “ideological power-politics [that] may [force] the transformation of a people’s ontological [factual; how they perceive reality] concept of society.”

Laszlo openly admitted “its acceptance [this new kind of society] remains pending upon the shift of emphasis in the individual’s mind concerning the primacy of the ontological concepts of individual being and social existence. (It is one of the aims of this work to inquire into the possibilities of producing such a shift by means of a totalitarian ideological campaign.” A Totalitarian Ideological Campaign confession of intent? Then enshrined into a legal obligation of all schools in all states in the US via federal law? Is Laszlo in DC today doing a victory dance while the Senate considers ECAA? Thought at the level of the individual mind, the appropriate conception of society, and the duties of others toward meeting your needs have to be altered in “every society’s representative majority” so that means schools, the media, politicians, and a majority of the US Supreme Court are needed to jettison the primacy of the Individual. Right now it feels like we are in the same place as this 1963 acknowledgment:

“whereever Soviet power penetrates, however, the second form of interaction is superimposed on the first: The Communist ideology’s ontological structure comes to act on the political thought of the people, and together with the full-scale reconstruction of the social order, helps to emphasize the primacy of social existence over individual being concurrently with the collectivist structure of the ideology.”

Not to be mean but that vision of interaction of the individual as a relational product of social existence is what ed schools teach and award doctorates for parroting. Pedagogy now in these theories fits Laszlo’s definition of the Totalitarian Use of Social Theories where “Upon application the theory will come to bear upon the development of actual conditions in a society [and the minds and personalities of real students]. An applied theory this influences the political philosophy of a nation, and it may even become its ideology.”

Laszlo called for his Essential Society to be achieved by systematic presentations of Ideals and italicized for emphasis just like that. He knew that “ideological use of social theories is almost unanimously rejected in the West.” His answer though still is in use in the ECAA emphasis requiring annual testing by states of Higher Order Thinking and Understanding and in the Harvard Project Zero Teaching for Understanding Framework, which I happen to have a copy of. All of these use the terms ‘understanding’ and comprehension not in the Axemaker mind sense of Objective Knowledge and abstract concepts existing apart from me as a perceiver of experiences. No, Laszlo recognized that political transformation towards Collectivism and away from Individualism  needed an entirely different mode of comprehension.

A mode that ECAA is about to mandate for all students as a matter of federal law to be monitored and manipulated for each student at the level of their mind and personality.  Anita Hoge recently wrote an Open Letter outraged about all the references in ECAA to social and emotional learning and non-cognitive factors and rightly so. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16h1GbMGqDLeqS8QnBnraPqeKuFzMxkqaTygrUU_Izr0/edit What I would add to her letter comes from all the cybernetics research I have done for my second book as well as my Laszlo library. The desired and to be mandated mode of spontaneous, visual, relational comprehension HAS to be grounded in emotion or as Laszlo admitted “we then assign a concept to the cloud which is primarily emotional in nature but which serves as efficiently as the rationally derived concept in transforming the perceptual into conceptual, and thereby making it comprehensible.”

That may be but one mode of comprehension is easy to manipulate, harder to get caught abusing, and is far more likely to be conducive to a systematic presentation of new Ideas to transform a society or economy around. Say like the ideas of Equity, Debt Bondage, Institutional Racism, Climate Change, Social Justice, Democracy, and all those other Enduring Understandings or Core Disciplinary Ideas or Cross-Cutting Themes or other conceptual ‘lenses’ we keep encountering in the actual Common Core classroom implementation. The Young Adult Success Framework called for their development as the Mindset and Worldview that would define Identity, precisely in the manner Laszlo called for as needed for his Essential Society.

I want to remind everyone of what this spontaneous comprehension is designed to do. relevant to Gaming and the Maker Movement and Project-Based Learning, this visual, aesthetic comprehension “does not result in a rational idea, rather it produces a concept with a primarily emotive content.” What did that mean for Laszlo’s vision for transformation away from Reason and Individualism? “The assigned concept has primarily an emotive content; it may be felt as joy, fear, an undescribable elation, a premonition of unknown things, and so on. The fact is that we have an (emotively charged) concept without having employed a reasoning process. This, in short, we hold to be the essence of the spontaneous mode of comprehension.”

I have emotive content too. Horror at how close we are in the US to enshrining this into federal law.



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  1. If Lazlo’s vision was wrong, it wouldn’t be winning so many hearts and minds.

    The ruling elite have enough power to choose from competing visions. The one they chose for us is the right one.

    We must embrace the right thing and celebrate that we finally have the right people in charge.

    Arguing against it just proves that we have too many unacknowledged biases against change and progress and the coming total rule of new demographics.

    We should mostly worry that we might be racists when we spend too much time worrying about how much the Atlanta PS cheating cost us. All those teachers had their hearts in the right place. They were just trying to help the students overcome systems of oppression and structures of anti diversity racist privilege imposed by the rich to keep the rest of us down.

    Now that the rampant cheating has started again through illegal grade changes, we must seize the lessons learned from last time and be willing to focus on what really matters for change. We must seek to understand the context. Maybe the grades needed to be changed because the system was rigged against the underserved African American scholars at the School of Law and Social Justice who were just trying to turn their lives around.

    It’s past time we recognize what’s really been going on for far too long. The time has come for change. White flight must be taxed very hard to make up for the disparate impact on our beloved communities of color.

    The Supreme Court recently help us in the right direction. Banks now must do the right thing and approve our loans so we can move into prosperous neighborhoods. We finally will put a stop to White flight because we will be everywhere and Whites will need to learn how to love change by giving up privilege. We are all one family, and will now start living into that vision of transformation and hope.

  2. Shemeka, I am sure if we were to meet in a neutral setting, like in a grocery store buying fresh vegetables, we would enjoy a congenial, possibly productive conversational exchange. However, encountering your views in the comments attached to this particular blog gives me pause to consider that we most probably have nothing in common beyond the fact that we might breathe the same oxygen to continue to be alive. But your conception of such a collectivist vision of society and the future lets me know that we have nothing else in common. As intelligent as you sound, I am saddened that you have embraced a philosophical position that only allows you to repeat the postings of those who would deprive you of employing your good mind toward creative solutions to the problems we will soon all be facing. Please re-think your position(s).

    • I am always hoping shemeka is being facetious and has a rather Bob Dolish sense of irony. I would also argue that Laszlo’s vision is not winning haerts and minds, which is why he with respect to those books published at the Hague and Lamar Alexander with respect to ECAA are so duplicitous about intentions. Did you read these talking points from the 3rd? http://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/contributors/2015/07/03/fix-child-left-behind/29672677/

      Let’s just ignore the language in the statute and go with the talking points in Lamar’s little editorial synopsis.

      When I saw Anita’s Open Letter I knew I wanted to build on it because there is a reason it does not go away. Remember that Arational nature of Competency and Proficiency explicitly came up in Flyvberg’s confessions of where social science was going. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/police-power-to-compel-adult-beliefs-meanwhile-values-manipulation-captures-young-minds-forever/

      I had never heard the word Arational until we encountered it in Paul Ehrlich’s New World New Mind post. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/blending-sustainability-and-education-to-gain-arational-nonlinear-minds-and-new-behaviors/

      The saddest part is I have not yet finished Individualism, Collectivism, and Political Power so the confessions in this post and the previous one are only going to get more damning on intentions. It is stunning on how tightly the work also fits the Framework or how the self-regulation language fits right in with cybernetics and General Systems language.

      I also know Fulton’s previous super who retired with an excellent pension as soon as she could had the entire Board read John Hattie’s Visible Learning. They thought it meant they were keeping explicit instruction of traditional academic content. Instead I get the Teaching for Understanding Framework used in James Comer’s, Howard Gardner’s, and Ted Sizer’s ATLAS Communities schools-Authentic Teaching and Learning for All Students–telling me that “Performances of understanding require students to show their understanding in an observable way. They make students learning visible. . It is not enough for students to reshape, expand, extrapolate from, and apply their knowledge in the privacy of their own thoughts. While it is conceivable that a student could understand without performing [Remember Kurt Lewin’s motoric key component of re-education), such understanding would be untried, possibly fragile, and virtually impossible to assess. It is a little like the difference between a daydream about how you would like to behave in a particular situation versus how you actually behave when the situation arises: the daydream and reality might turn out to be similar,but then again they may not. Sp performances of understanding involve students in publicly demonstrating their understanding.”

      That Arational, subjective, grounded in emotion understanding is what our government and Congress believe they get to compel, Because when we combine the definition of HOTS with the definition of Challenging State academic Standards with their required achievement standards for the content, this is what Congress wants to compel with ECAA even if they let the local school districts carry it out and collect the data to ensure compliance with the vision.

    • I was told about it a few hours ago. Lamar and Mitch McConnell deserve every expletive in a Marine’s vocab for what they are doing. Talk about deserving infamy.

      Not redlined. I hope neither played patriotic on the 4th given what they are about to do to America’s schoolchildren.

      I hope there is a special place in Hell for these deceitful, you cannot stop me, politicians.

        • To continue the conversation about the true purpose of Design. https://www.edsurge.com/n/2015-07-03-equity-by-design-why-mentorship-is-the-soul-of-connected-learning

          Nichole is also the keynoter at the Gaming conference I linked to on Monday in previous post. So let’s couple the use of Gaming in classroom, the spontaneous comprehension mode described in this post, and her confession in the above link that this is about changing the entire ‘scosystem’. Yes, to what Laszlo called the Essential Society, Marx called the Human Devt Society, and what Obama ed advisor Harry Boyte calls the ‘cooperative commonwealth’ and cites to King advisor Bayard Rustin. I guess this pulls in all the references to achieving the Beloved Community of MLK as well.

          I guess McConnell is on board so that more prosperous areas will have to take care of Appalachian regions of Kentucky.

          • This from the link:

            ““It’s a new type of ecosystem,” Pinkard said. “Institutions are now talking to each other, figuring out how we can all connect.”

            ….and by “connect” I think what he really meant was “COLLECT”.

  3. Here’s what Leonie Haimson had to say on Ravitch’s blog today:

    “ECAA would release the stranglehold that the federal government currently has on our schools, and would allow each of us to work for more sane and positive policies in our respective states and districts. For this reason alone, it deserves the support of every parent and teacher who cares about finally moving towards a more humane, and evidence-based set of practices in our public schools.”


    I wonder how many pages she read to arrive at this mind-numbing conclusion. Oops, silly me–I forgot we don’t bother to find out what’s in a bill until after it passes. Perhaps she could explain why we need an 800 page bill to free us from federal control?! Unbelievable.

    • Because it’s the socialist use of the law. It’s purpose is to restrain the individual while permitting access to and in fact requiring schools to access their students at the level of the mind and their emotions. It will monitor that they are primarily subjective in their focus and emotional and do not treat the world as an objective reality. It enslaves the American people to the plans of Government officials. Did you see yesterday that Lois Lerner had been meeting with officials to sic the IRS on critics back in 2010? http://freebeacon.com/issues/judicial-watch-lois-lerner-doj-officials-and-fbi-met-to-plan-criminal-charges-for-obama-opponents/

      Lamar’s ever-changing bill, even before Justice Roberts reinterprets whatever explicit language the President finally signs, is a reflection of the ethos of this lot in their pursuit of putting a chokehold on the American people at the level of the mind. ObamaCare simply does the same at the level of the physical body and its continuing likelihood of remaining healthy. Mind and Body–how totalitarian, No wonder they also tag teamed in the 90s and via Medicare and Medicaid in the 60s too.

      The talking points Lamar’s office put out yesterday could not be more disingenuous, similarly to what you quoted from his long-time Ravitch’s blog. If he actually believes what he put out he has a mediocre legal mind and a complete lack of sophistication on legislation. The history of ECAA and these attempts to prevent it in the form that will take effect from being analyzed in time belie that. Lamar’s problem was the language in both forms of the Bipartisan bill, the 2nd especially, dovetails too closely with extant plans for the current form to matter. He, Laszlo, John Goodlad, Project Zero, the nature of constructivism featured so prominently in my book, Milton Rokeach, Flyvberg, etc and CASBS have all told me already where this must end up and why.

      The books referenced in the cites that came from my insights previously on all this just keep delivering the Mother Lode of revelations. I had sent for a book from 1968 that Kurt Lewin’s work had been cited in. It showed up and was clearly created to be the textbook combining General Systems Theory, cybernetics, and redesigning mental operations deliberately and calling it behavioral science or brain-based learning. All this for the political purposes laid out in my book that Laszlo is just reenforcing with useful further insights.

      Off to finish Laszlo this morning while my house is quiet. My hands were practically shaking yesterday until the college kid wanted me to watch Castle with her and chat.

  4. If you are not already foaming at the mouth here is a link to a Foreign Affairs article that will do it. It seems as much a message about the US as any anonymous dictatorship far away, and the deception surrounding ECAA and the levels it forces on students makes the US a play pen for these pushes if you think about it, starting with our babies.

    Gregory Maus | How Regimes Can Quell Movements Before they Begin
    And here is a parent contract that looks good to combat ECAA . They have taken power but do not necessarily posess it, they count on NOT being challenged. They do a great job of pretending so people do not do their homework.

  5. Came across this last night. If Laszlo represents this and otherd follow suit we are in serious trouble. Watching yesterday’s live feed shows just how out of touch our representation is. Clearly they are playing their own chess game.

    “Since scientists are, in many ways, the chief arbiters of truth in our culture, these developments have profound implications for how we understand our lives, technologies, and future.
    In the next scientific paradigm, it’s clear that consciousness will no longer be explained away as a side effect of the brain. Each of us matters more than we thought.
    The Next Scientific Revolution Intensive will take you into exciting terrain that was once taboo (or at least socially unacceptable for scientists) to create a cohesive set of new understandings. It will shift how you think about your life, your relationships, and perhaps even your death.”

    • Here we have one of the lode stars of social and emotional learning touting an interview about the future with the Dali Llama. http://www.garrisoninstitute.org/about-us/the-garrison-institute-blog/2019-a-force-for-good-an-interview-with-daniel-goleman

      Remember DL as I will shorthand him for ease is a co-author of the Holos Consciousness push with Laszlo that I wrote about. So all this plays in with this new understandings you are talking about. I am going there in the next post. With my close to encyclopedic knowledge of the actual implementation and the history of the theories and practices, the D,C & PP book of Laszlo’s is proving to just be a smorgasbord of the specific whys for all the things we already know are being pushed. Well, everyone who has read my book knows. As I said, I know where Lamar wants to force ECAA and why. I got there first whatever Congress does. I can spend the rest of my life explaining these irrefutable consequences.

  6. Obama should just Little Rock anyone who disagrees with the direction of education policy today. Eisenhower gave us the opportunity to have the kind of future we are building. Integration was just a start. Ban private schools will be the next step. The day after, arrest all home school parents and give their kids to Melissa Harris-Perry, and give her massive funding to help the kids evolve beyond their parents harmful mindsets.

    • I am still hoping shemeka just has an odd sense of humor. She certainly breaks the ice and increases the levity potential of the blog.

      I can admit I have pushed my kids to move beyond my mindset. If they can be brighter than me or their dad go for it. Won’t hurt my feelings in the least.

      CP-I think I need to look up two of those names. I remember Barton from his paisley shirt on the Glenn Beck common core special and Ron Paul is a Congressman. I am thinking Gary North is not a brother of Oliver North. Dominionism probably has nothing to do with my trip to Virginia two weeks ago although we did drive by Liberty on our way to spend the night in Lynchburg. I think you are trying to get me to take a break from Laszlo’s plans for us.

      Instead it’s a late lunch.

    • You need to get over your reluctance to admit that you white privilege is built upon racist White supremacy. You only rose up upon the backs of others whom you’ve kept down. (But no longer! The bottom rail is now on top!) For far too long you have evaded your responsibility to give up your unearned advantages and truly commit yourself to closing the achievement gap and addressing disparities in health, education, zip codes, lifetime pensions, and wellness.

      What your greed has now is about to be reclaimed by democracy, for the people.

      Demographic change is democracy. We will occupy your stuff. You are the past; we are the future that will work this time, because we the Equality we’ve been waiting for.

      We create divinity.

      • I think Shemeka is channeling the debate on H.R. 5 yesterday on the House floor.

        Come on, everybody. It’s the rad/utopians who are humorless. Shemeka is a genius!

        • As hard as you are fighting to continue traditional academics, the gaming juggernaut continues as learning should be an “authentic exploratory activity”? http://www.csmonitor.com/Technology/2015/0707/Minecraft-in-school-How-video-games-could-be-the-future-of-learning

          How can one have an authentic activity in a contrived environment deliberately rigged to produce certain reactions? We can see how well this plays into deliberately creating a certain kind of comprehension invisibly just as Laszlo and political revolutionaries generally have wanted for decades. What a thoroughly bogus explanation.

        • Deborah-this is the announcement Congressman Tom Graves is sending out on why he voted for the Student Success Act. http://tomgraves.house.gov/news/email/show.aspx?ID=MKY44IPBWJPDQEKKG6X6UWYW7A

          This is a Kindergartner’s understanding of federal legislation. I am being copied on celebrations as if the passage of the Student Success Act is the answer to prayer. So much deliberate misunderstanding being fostered while the noose still tightens.

          Are other republican actively spreading such a duplicitous spiel?

          I updated this with his Bio that shows he is a Chamber of Commerce Star so this is really about the interconnections between WIOA and ECAA and the local workforce development boards and all that political planning. Look at the graphic on the tweet he sent out on the Student Success Act. I doubt if Graves’ office created that and it certainly is far from the truth of actually prescribing a single mode of comprehension grounded in emotion. http://tomgraves.house.gov/biography/

          Did he just accept someone else’s talking points on the legislation instead of actually reading it?

  7. God bless you. Shemeka, am afraid I don’t give you credit for a sense of humor like Robin does. I did, however, give you credit for a large amount of intelligence, but you have disappointed me greatly. To make such sweeping assumptions based on no information at all illustrates a mindset that has been molded by forces beyond your understanding and control. So sad to waste a good mind.

    • CPW-whether shemeka believes what she writes or is lampooning a certain mindset, it doesn’t change the fact that this planned economy that can supposedly meet human needs that thye mayors, governors, legislators, and Congress all believe they can mandate is based on looking to China as the model of State capitalism/socialism. China is currently and definitively blowing up which is why few of its publicly-traded companies can trade.

      I have been saying this cannot work. Looks like we are going to see why before this fully goes into place. If Congress does pass ECAA, it will finally be locked into language even Lamar can no longer keep substituting. I will just explain what it does with footnotes and references in my next book. Most pols deserve to be spat upon instead of treated as special. In Georgia the Scarecrow in Oz had a better brain than most elected to office here. No wonder these pols value the human mind so little. Look how much power and lucre they can now accumulate with very little indication of one.

  8. Robin, you are right and sorry to have gotten off track. With the passage of Kline’s House bill today we are headed into very dangerous waters. Now just how bad things are going to be will be dependent on how well Alexander’s bill fares and what the final version of the ESEA reauthorization looks like when the two bills are reconciled. Everything you’ve been writing about is about to become reality

    • Well if that happens it is grounded in unbelievably damning statements of intentions we will tie it to.

      Then the only excuse will be for the pol to admit they are a fool, power hungry, or well compensated for being ‘ignorant.’

      The doors that opened in terms of documentation from my earlier insights into ECAA make it clear we are supposed to know what is being attempted.

      Hug your family, keep the sense of humor, and strap on your armor and offense of choice. Mine are ideas and words. Precisely the battlefield scheduled for decimation.

      Not quite yet.

      • Would a “reasonable person” infer from a reading of the ECAA proposed legislation that under the enacted statute federal programs and/or agents will be influencing K-12 curriculum and instruction? Based on your previous ECAA postings, I suspect the answer is a resounding “Yes.” How can such actions be reconciled with earlier statutes? (Yes, I know the federal government acts lawlessly in many areas).

        ** General Education Provisions Act.
        “No provision of any applicable [federal] program shall be construed to authorize any of the United States to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, or over the selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published instructional materials by any educational institution or school system….” See 20 U.S.C. S1232a — The General Education Provisions Act limitation on federal involvement in curriculum.

        ** Department of Education Organization Act.
        “No provision of a program administered by the Secretary or by any other officer of the Department shall be construed to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, over any accrediting agency or association, or over the selection or content of library resources, textbooks, or other instructional materials by any educational institution or school system, except to the extent authorized by law” See 20 U.S.C. S3403(b) — The Department of Education Organization Act Limitation.

        The DOE Organization Act also states: “It is the intention of the Congress in the establishment of the Department to protect the rights of State and local governments and public and private educational institutions in the areas of educational policies and administration of programs and to strengthen and improve control of such governments and institutions over their own educational programs and policies. The establishment of the Department of Education shall not increase the authority of the Federal Government over education or diminish the responsibility for education which is reserved to the States and the local school systems and other instrumentalities of the States.” Ibid.

        ** Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.
        “Nothing in this Act shall be construed to authorize the Federal Government to mandate, direct, or control a State, local educational agency, or school’s curriculum, program of instruction, or allocation of State and local resources, or mandate a State or any subdivision thereof to spend any funds or incur any costs not paid for under this Act.” See 20 U.S.C. S7907(a) (the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Limitation).

        ** Not to mention the Constitution gives the federal government (Congress) jurisdiction in 18 areas, enumerated in Article I. Everything not mentioned belongs to the jurisdiction of the States and citizens (Amendments 9 & 10). Education is not enumerated in Article I, perhaps because the Founders intended, wisely, that education be excluded from jurisdiction of the federal government.

        When the Department of Education was established, some representatives predicted “[T]his reorganization …will result in the domination of education by the Federal Government. [The legislation is] a major redirection of education policymaking in the guise of an administrative reorganization — a signal of the intention of the Federal government to exercise an ever-expanding and deepening role in educational decision making.” U.S. House of Representatives. 1978. Department of Education Organization Act. Report of the Committee on Government Operations on H.R. 13778 (House report no. 95-1531). 95th Congressional Second session. ln U.S. Senate. 1980. Legislative History of Public Law 96-88: Department of Education Organization Act. 96th Congress, Second session, part 2. Committee on Governmental Affairs. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1004-1077.

        “If we create this Department, more educational [decision-making] as to course content, textbook content, and curriculum will be made in Washington at the expense of local diversity. The tentacles will be stronger and reach further. The Department of Education will end up being the Nation’s super [school board].” Ibid.

        Those who oppose expansion of the federal government, in any area not enumerated, are prescient.

        • I spent a good bit of yesterday trying to nail down why and how someone could be as openly misguided as Congressman Graves clearly is about the nature of the ESEA reauth and what the legislation he voted for will actually do. The answer seems to be trusting what people are saying instead of reading the legislation and all the private interest that stand to benefit from the charter expansion. Yet virtually all charters can only get their funding renewed if they show they are affectively changing how the child perceives the world and what he or she values. It’s very much about changing the Whole Child in the ASCD vision.

          Hardly anyone bothers to read the legislation. They take others words for it and do not bother to look for financial conflicts of interests or ideological ones in who they listen to.

          So America dies and turns into an organized collectivist society subject to the political whims of mediocre minds who cannot be troubled to actually read and comprehend what they are imposing on our children. They trumpet that its does not impose the Common Core when it does prescribe much more intrusive parameters of what states and schools must do and collect involving our nation’s schoolchildren.

          How could anyone proclaim private schools are protected?

          How can homeschoolers be protected when the federal government is actively working with Lumina to create the very types of Qualifications Frameworks I laid out in my book? Simply make homeschooling a disqualifier from the relevant credential or ‘badge’ and they get denied entry to the portal of adult employment.

          Mustn’t have an island still stressing objective reality or facts or the Axemaker Mind.

          There is a way out, but we have to recognize what these pieces of legislation do by their words and design and stop describing them in terms of Pollyannish personal intentions. How naive that is.

          I think I will enmesh myself in more blueprints from the 60s so when we finally see what President Obama signs I can devote a chapter of the sequel to Credentialed to Destroy to cross-referencing the actual language in the statute to what the collectivist designers of the way to change America and the West at the level of the minds of individuals said they wanted and needed to do.

          • A reader in Ohio forwarded this on to me from Speaker Boehner on the Student Success Act. http://boehner.house.gov/education-update-restoring-local-control/

            Sickening to see him citing the WSJ, National Review, or the Daily Caller. Doesn’t anyone read these pieces of legislation or do they just look at the mentioned provision as if it was freestanding and not embedded in hundreds of pages of interrelated text?

  9. Did you watch any of the circus yesterday ? I was reading on Lamar adding a type of scholarship that will allow backpack funding through college and for private school choice. On 1177?
    At the lake for a few days but checking for updates. Last night I was reading near the boat launch, a couple was loading a 60k fishing boat with an 70k SUV, they spoke Russian. It made me think of the vote yesterday. How many generations will it take before collectivism is rooted and true freedom of thought and idea is gone? What would the world be like if America is no different than Europe ?

    • The communitarianism runs rampant. http://www.ssireview.org/blog/entry/creating_health_in_the_21st_century#bio-footer

      All straight out of Lazslo 202 on how to shift the political thinking of the masses in a collectivist direction.

      As I have mentioned in comments today, I was trying to figure out where so much false info was coming from. Congress continues to show they should not be in charge of anything more operational than coordinating toilet paper refills in the Capitol bathrooms.

      • Many of the groups such as OSOS and other affiliated groups wanted this passed. I don’t understand, it is contradictory to the opt out crowd. Do they not realize the demand in the language for testing? If senators will not meet with educated people and even listen to constituents we really do have a take over underway. But that’s long since been planned.

    • Only the language of the legislation can do that and our politicians refuse to read it. I know people who were begging Congressmen to meet with them and let them show the contradictory passages. They refuse to even meet for the most part.

      I ultimately will refute it because even Lamar cannot change the statue after the reconciliation is signed, but by then these pols will have moved on to transportation. Another area where they are insisting they can plan regional economies from DC and with the aid of local authorities.

      I was so bummed out my college kid took me for lunch. That was fun.

  10. Shemeka, thank you for driving up the comments to help increase traffic to this great blog. We need more exposure for Invisible Serf’s Collar pieces.

  11. Robin, I was struck by your phrase in discussing Laszlo: “the duties of others toward meeting your needs”. Not your needs in meeting the needs of others (altruism) but your expectation that everyone has a role in serving you. I had never considered it this way round. Back in the old days we did not think much about that. We learned to be self reliant. Maybe not any more.

    This could explain the problem I am having with my 14 year old son. He has a lot of expectations and a real attitude of entitlement. He expects his parents to serve him and gets indignant when our service does not satisfy him — at the age where he should be picking up more of the tasks himself. I don’t know where he gets this rotten attitude. Maybe it’s the school, or what he reads on the internet. I know that 14 year old boys can be expected to have some attitude, but this is really outside the bound of reason. I really disapprove of it. Life is going to be a school of hard knocks for him if he keeps this up, including home life because we are learning how to avoid letting him succeed with this stuff.

    I would appreciate any tips on breaking him out of this mold. Do they teach some sort of picture about his family’s obligations to him, or what each parent should do for him? (Got any links to it? It would be interesting to read that.) Is anyone else experiencing this, or is it as outrageous as it seems to me?

    • My youngest gets horrified by things like insurance deductibles and prescription formularies and is truly horrified health care has financial gates that obscure accessing it even if you have insurance. A medication she takes is new and I have managed (I know people are shocked I can be persuasive) to get it covered by finding the hole in language and threading the needle through it. She again was offended that the insurance company would not simply cover as a matter of course.

      I do think someone has led these kids to believe that things be done for them.

      You will be interested to know that the Harvard Framework with its performances of understanding (I have the 98 book which is why the only links were to earlier articles) was written by David Perkins, who has an AI degree from MIT before going into ed and working at Harvard’s Project Zero. It is the same Understandings of Consequences purpose being funded by NSF explained here. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/cultivating-understandings-of-consequence-to-guide-daily-life-and-prompt-desired-behaviors/

      I have much more on all this than what is in this post. I used these two because what they were saying went so clearly to the political purposes. Remember Laszlo founded the Club of Rome sibling Club of Budapest with Nicholas Negroponte who also has ties to AI and who is in charge of MIT’s Media Lab. In other words ties to Holos Consciousness and Fadel’s Center for curriculum Redesign and its cast of characters that is everyone and its push now on character ed. Fits with that socialization after 10.

      Beyong GERG where CSIK, Bela Banathy, David Loye of Structured Design Dialogue and Riane Eisler of Caring Economics and the New 3 Rs of Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships (that gets us Laszlo’s subjective mode when applied) and Nel Noddings (hired by Australia for their sel/anti-bullying push along with CASEL) are all tied to GERG.

      This commemoration of Weiner was a big deal last summer. http://21stcenturywiener.org/about-21st-century-norbert-wiener/

      All this stuff is very much alive. The sequel to Credentialed to destroy will lay it all out but I needed these insights in connection with this still being voted on. If passed, I can say I tried and did not sit on all of what I knew. But I will at least get a final statute to definitively tie against so people can ask their Senators or Congress Pols why they did this. Plus why they ignored the outcry.

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