What’s the Big Deal about Outcomes-Based Education? Why did it become Notorious?

If the desired outcome of OBE were the highest levels of knowledge and a demonstrated ability to think well in print and be adept at mathematics and science so that all these skills became useful tools as an adult, the answer would be-Nothing at all. OBE though is always a means to change the purpose of school and education from its traditionally understood (and highly useful!) role as the transmission of our civilization’s accumulated knowledge. The best products of our most able minds throughout history. Plus a treasure trove of spectacularly bad ideas and events from history we would do well to try to avoid in the future. Nay, I can almost hear you say. That’s ridiculous. Why would anyone want to do something so silly? Perhaps I have an overactive imagination you want to say?

Well perhaps but I would never put such an alarming accusation in print unless I had repeatedly encountered just such an aspiration. That’s part of what the book details and this summer I will give you some more juicy declarations by People Who Matter that have come my way since I finished the book. I told you it would be interesting. For now though let’s remember one hugely important thing about knowing many things and having a large  arsenal of facts within your own mind. You get to come up with your own narrative of what happened. No need to quietly accept someone else’s explanation. If someone offers an official explanation that’s not true or is illogical or is based on emotion, your own arsenal of knowledge stands ready to help you say-“Not so fast. That’s not true and this is why.”

By targeting behavior OBE not only keeps that pesky, meddling independent knowledge to a minimum. It also licenses government officials and others (which even the very nicest of teachers are in the end in case you were wondering why tenure is under attack by its former advocates) to go after the drivers and motivations for individual behaviors. OBE licenses targeting a student’s beliefs, values, attitudes, dispositions, and especially emotions and feelings. The essence of what makes each of us unique at the most fundamental level. In fact that’s the whole point of OBE as its designers say and each of us should know.

Forewarned is forearmed as they say. We will be talking about OBE a lot this summer because it is an essential component of the story of the Common Core Deception. It’s targeting and attempts to monitor and transform the private, affective, components of a person’s nature are also a big part of why the serfs collar cannot be seen by its wearer. Imagine being under the influence and limited by something you are not aware is there. But others are because they consciously and carefully created it.

Why? Told you it would be an interesting summer.




One thought on “What’s the Big Deal about Outcomes-Based Education? Why did it become Notorious?

  1. Yes, pursuing this line of thought should be interesting. Alarm bells always went off in my head when OBE was discussed. Here’s the alarm. Milk came a long while back from your local dairy. They kept some cream back for making butter and highly cream products, but the rest got sold in the milk. Then whole milk got standards.. nothing below a given percentage of milk fats could be sold as whole. Nearly instantly the minimum became the maximum. No one sold milk with any butterfat above the “minimum” for whole milk. I had no clue till I went to a small college in KS. Bennett’s sold the school milk and it was RICH! Somewhere along the line they’d not gotten the notice, and they still sold milk pretty close to the way it came out of the cow.

    So as soon as you institute outcomes based education, no one with bother with teaching logic along with the rudiments (the min) of geometry. No one will ask the questions of lit readings that require some thoughtful analysis. Compare and contrast, the old min of thoughtful questions will become the high end.

    “In the beginning was the Word…” and we aim at imprecision of our words and thought at our peril.

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