Windows on the Mind to Confiscate and Control Our Very Essence

Building on the last post’s emphasis on the public sector’s plans for us that are rarely acknowledged to our face and which have always quietly persisted whatever the popular outcry, I want to cover quite a few specific acknowledgments of the End Game that have occurred in just the last week. We may get nothing but deceit from those we elected or whose salaries we pay, but in meetings we are not invited to and reports we are unlikely to see, the coordinated juggernaut is open, explicit, and being pushed at a frenzied pace. Well, that’s not quite true, Needs to Get a Real Life here at ISC did manage to get an invite and does pay attention to all the elements of the web my research has previously indicated I should monitor. Let’s take a look and start with this true confession from UNESCO:

“One of the biggest challenges is how the Framework for Action will link education with the broader sustainable development agenda. Here we believe that more can be done – we must go deeper in exploring the connections and must reposition education at the heart of the post-2015 agenda. We have yet to make a compelling enough case that education is not just one of 17 SDGs but rather a key facilitator for achievement of all the goals. We are pleased to see that this is an issue to be addressed in the Report out next year by the EFA GMR team. Fundamental changes are needed in the world and this requires a new generation of active global citizens with new knowledge, attitudes and behaviours – for which education is the essential catalyst.”

For those of us being asked to turn over our children for years at a time to education and whose taxes pay the costs, maybe we should recognize that statement as the Declaration of War against our culture and the political structures we take for granted that it actually is. Taken from here , these nonconsensual shifts that supposedly must occur are in preparation for the UN and the OECD’s Post-2015 plans for both people in the developed and developing countries of the world. Instead of Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” Exhibition, perhaps we need an ISC equivalent exhibition of all the confessions called “Desired or Not, Consensual or Not.”

Here’s another from the well-connected Columbia prof Jeffrey Sachs, who also managed to jet to Rome recently to lobby for a papal encyclical on Climate Change, head up the UN’s World Happiness Reports (started in 2012) pushing measures of subjective well-being as the proper concerns of governments, and be on the Broadband Commission pushing the Internet as a human right. Here’s that confession on the need for ‘data’ to force the new global economic vision and if you go to page 23 of the underlying report he talks about, you will find the call for an essential component in every country called an emis. Education Management Information System that will track all students to ensure that all schools have “quality learning” in the UNESCO vision (see above for where it leads) and practices that create Equity for all.

Now for those of you who have already located that 2008 “Seeing the Future: A Planning Guide for High Schools” document or soon will, just remember this global call for an emis that will allow education to be the invisible catalyst for the UN’s post-2015 plans while being implemented at local levels to gain control and hopefully avoid detection. Ooops on that one. Sometimes sarcasm is the most potent relief, but seriously that document is just rife with calls for data as are digital learning initiatives generally and adaptive and personalized learning specifically. Carving out protections under Student Privacy Acts (as Georgia just did in legislation touted as a model) for those types of uses means that there really is no privacy from governmental officials and their cronies to manipulate that data that offers a Window on the Mind.

That was an italicized term used to describe what ‘understand’ is to mean under all these new visions for K-12 education we covered in this post. When I decided to crosscheck this week what one of the co-authors Joseph D. Novak was doing now, it led me troublingly to the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. He works there now and I had run into that entity before when I was tracking another troubling theorist who is also there. I remember noting at that time that the composition of its Board of Directors reminded me of a group of people whose personal livelihoods would certainly incline them to push a political power should control the economy, mercantilist view of how the future could be shaped. However fine and nice they are as individuals, there is a clear trend to that board membership.

Think of how handy connections like that are when WIOA is mandating State Plans and calling for the states (in the Playbook linked in last post) just to go ahead and describe all their plans for education and how it will be incorporated in every locality into economic development. Then we have the new vision of high schools (2008 report) insisting that all high schools “build and sustain relationships with local employers, community and government agencies, industry associations, labor unions, and post-secondary institutions.” Well, won’t that marry well with the WIOA obligations, especially given the call to “set defined goals and a clear vision for meeting the needs of community youth”?

That old meeting the needs vision of Uncle Karl’s that was also reenforced this week by Google’s (wave hi! to our Internet monitors) UK subsidiary which takes all the education, links to the workplace, digital learning, etc changes we are encountering and calls for explicit changes in public policy to redesign society “to develop and democratise the Power to Create.” Well, maybe that can be a category of Quality Learning and Equity those emis systems are gathering data to force and then monitor.

Anyone else think Google might have a business stake in this vision of the future? Just like a board composed of real estate developers, bankers, and Chamber of Commerce types might have a stake in a vision of learning as internalized psychological change at a neurological level that makes people highly unlikely as adults to forego the pathway that has been laid out for them. Even less likely to defy the herd. One more example from just this week was the first ever Gigabit Cities conference where everyone seemed to want to push broadband as a human right, especially this speaker . The hyping of the common good and communitarianism was so constant before I felt sickened and left that I felt tempted to stand up and affirm that historic American vision of people as something other than an instrument of government ambitions.

Seriously, how can people do slides showing the Berlin Wall coming down and mentioning the recognition that “centralized planning does not work” while less than a minute later call for an economy created by the coordination of “governments, universities, civil institutions, and tech companies.” At least no one will be making decisions on our behalf that has any kind of financial conflict for taking the positions they are taking on where K-12 education must go or why Broadband must be a human right or how a requirement of Equity in a naturally unequal world means that intrusive governments will be constantly necessary.

All those financial conflicts of interest in the public, non-profit, AND crony private sector are precisely the impetus for these ed reforms that seek to Confiscate and Control Our Very Essence without notice, or consent, or even knowledgeable consideration of the likely consequences. Is all this intended localized planning somehow going to work because it will be based on real-time data and not be centralized in DC or Brussels? I don’t think so, but these very real, widely-expressed intentions, once we know where to look, are precisely the impetus for these high school reforms and the Common Core.

We must shift to high schools everywhere designed around “rigorous project-based learning experiences in the school, workplace, and communities” (to quote the 1998 NUHS abstract) for the political and social transformation purposes Michael Cole and Yrjo Engestrom usefully described in the last post. Plus the economic cronyism and UN Power-Grabbing laid out in this one.

Clearly I am going to have to make this part 2 of a Trilogy because we still have not chronicled the essence of the manipulation. We should all have a superb handle on the whys behind this manipulation now. We now know that the ubiquitous references to “high standards for all students” designed to reassure us that all these changes are good and necessary actually means the abolition of any distinction between a “college prep” curriculum and a “vocational” one. Add that revelation to our ISC Glossary of Terms.

Let’s close this part of our wading through the muck by quoting something from the 1998 document from a header called “Stories of Change.” It’s a reminder of why everything must be changed and locked in as a mandate for the broader social, economic, and political transformations everyone keeps pointing to to have any chance of occurring.

“High schools are not closed systems: their work and their structure are influenced profoundly by post-secondary entrance requirements, teacher training practices, district policies [hence all the current hyping of charter systems] and assessment practices [why progs love to start Opt Out movements], and community pressures.”

Now of course we know many of the community pressures are deliberately created by the public sector and that the public is being systematically lied to at a level that meets the high thresholds associated with fraud.

We also understand why these calls for a new kind of citizen are rampant at all levels and from every direction.

Next we will close our trilogy with the cited specifics and then link it to the Turchenko vision laid out in my book Credentialed to Destroy as well as the Robert Beck polytech rationale we covered in it as well. That book remains the lens for seeing the rest of the story. This blog cannot do it alone.



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  1. I just feel that nothing will go right until somebody expert in sustainability drive initiatives comes along and teaches me to feel burded by my “nonadapatbility,” and then evolve me through data collection and a personalized plans for growth, development, and social commitment. My failure to demand they show up sooner with solutions is endangering society and bringing crisis to vulnerable teens and and at risk youths. Now I know why I’m so awful.

  2. Robin, you know I am heavy-hearted about how we’re being led down the road to revolution–much like the North Koreans eliminating generations in order to “cleanse” the collective mind.

    But, right this minute I am alarmed about Lamar Alexander’s new version of the Reauthorization bill–S1177. It has grown legs immediately, but nobody is bringing attention to it. Anita Hoge had just heard about it this morning and I happened to speak with her right after, hoping others had heard, too.
    The link is

    • Wait a minute. I monitor virtually every ed site and the ed legal blogs and no one has mentioned that he has substituted a different bill from what passed unanimously in committee. Bait and Switch has certainly been the modus operandi, but this is ridiculous.

      That’s a good 200 pages longer than before and it’s more than amendments.

      Should we start calling Senator Alexander Lamar the Charlatan for such gamesmanship with this great nation and our children’s lives? I have started looking at it and it seems primed to have x section be cited as a defense while other sections gut what protections are supposed to exist.

      Thanks so much for calling our attention to it. I think I will incorporate my interpretation into the next post. I can already tell it was written to accommodate the remake of high school.

      Oh and guess what. Luria wrote an autobiography, in English, in the 70s. I was reading it today and should finish tomorrow. Talk about Just in Time. I can see things in the new ECAA language because I read that book yesterday and today.

        • Yes and I stopped for the night at “Safe and Healthy Students”. Interesting given my previous post on NAEP how much it is referenced in this bill and this new piece of propaganda from the National PTA.

          The charter system requires families to join the PTA to get their child’s registration. And they wonder why we now join at the mimimum.

          • I have just finished it and it pulls together so much of what I have so painfully figured out. It really does dovetail with the Learning agenda of the OECD and UNESCO and their digital, personalized learning mandates. It also fits with the constructivist math, science, and reading programs laid out in Chapters 2 and 3 in my book. I can just read the references to state systemic initiatives and math and science partnerships in those references to NSF curricula.

            It also fits with the Google UK doc and its citing of the Knowledge Works Strive Together Network as an example of desired public policy. Did you notice the definition of a Center of Excellence for young children? Or that it includes programs for infants and toddlers. Anita Hoge’s pithy phrase Womb to Tomb could hardly be more apt.

            I am going to dive back into the Brookings Universal Education vision because I believe we will find that ECAA enacts it as a US obligation and required vision. Essentially turning Paris in December as just an excuse for the political elite to party at the taxpayers’ expense.

      • Forgive my cluelessness. Can he do that — change what the committee approved?

        He can’t report to the Senate that what he is submitting was approved by the committee, so why should the Senate grant it a floor debate?

        • It still has the same title and this is where the habit of simply reading a supplied summary becomes so dangerous. The language in the statute is what is binding, but Congress treats the summary as if it is all it needs to know. There are constant references here that are quite prescriptive on what is to be done and then there will be a disclaimer that the feds are not telling the states or districts what they have to do. BS. That may be the language certain think tanks cite to say this is conservative legislation, but it will be the prescriptive language used after passage.

          It reminded me of when we discovered that the goals of the Quality Education for Minorities Project had quietly attached to the national goals the public was told about as the National Goals Panel’s results. I went back and looked at that post and those goals again . Then I cross-checked it against Lamar Alexander’s time as Secretary of Education as well as Diane Ravitch’s. I was remembering her confession on her blog when she and Mercedes Schneider attacked Anita Hoge on ECAA as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. She said she had not read ECAA, but that Mercedes had. Yet Mercedes showed no genuine familiarity with what ECAA as it existed previously was clearly doing.

          Now I am theorizing because the new form reads as if it was not patched together, but is a narrative designed to go somewhere. I said I thought the House bill that got pulled after public outcry where the ‘experts’ kept insisting the analysis was ill-founded without showing the actual errors was a trial balloon to see how much attention would come to the new rewrite. Answer was people are paying attention. So we get quiet from the Senate although this current version fits with who Lamar had as his witnesses before he and Patty Murray created their Bipartisan Rewrite. Given what has happened and the extent to which it dovetails with what all those Brookings/UNESCO reports on Universal Education (released February 2013, July 2013, and then June 2014, respectively) all say, it looks like Bait and Switch may well always have been in the cards.

          I thought it was odd Ravitch confessed she had not read it and that she was admitting active coordination over an issue while painting another as a conspiracy theorist. When I checked Ravitch’s tenure at DoED, her bio reminded me that from 1995 to 2005 she held the Brown Chair in Education Studies at the Brookings Institute. Now that might be coincidental, but it sure is interesting, especially given the longstanding relationship between Brookings and UNESCO when it comes to education policy.

          Someone really should ask Rand Paul on the presidential campaign trail how he feels about this Bait and Switch since he is on that committee.

          The way this has been handled is consistent with why this looks like a Fraud by the Public Sector against the American people.

    • Every REAL NON- FRontgroupMisinfo ED blog should be ripping this apart ASAP, its been a long slog for everybody to be Hindenberged on opt out for cryin out loud!
      Lamar Alexander is Charlatan indeed!

      • Just tweeted to Comrade Lamar. If you don’t hear from me for a while look for me at Mental Health Improvement Camp #267.

        • If people only understood what “data to improve instruction” flowing out of a ‘personalized’, digital learning environment actually meant, they would be ready to assault any politician they encountered.

          After all these guys and gals are authorizing the monitoring and reconfiguration of student’s personalities at a neural physiological level just like the Soviet psychologists and their Humanist allies in the West always wanted. Previously I had that Cole/Engestrom quote from the previous post called Fraud of the Century.

          Now I have Luria’s own words from his autobiography and how important treating severe brain injuries due to World War 2 was to his finally knowing which parts of the brain to target to manipulate “higher psychological functions”.

          Did you know there are numerous times in this statute where ‘civil rights’ groups and leaders are explicitly listed as a stakeholder to be consulted?

          Comrade indeed.

      • Ravitch has a clear role to play in this scam on the American people. Mercedes may be a victim of platitudes and a book deal. Either way i would rather wear a tinfoil hat than a dunce cap. A black hood is more acurate here. Confessing to or claiming to have not read the bill by such an esteemed expert in the field of education means she did not have to as she has been writing it for 20 years or she is just practicing the moral relativism of secular humanism know as lying or if marxian the end justifying the means. She is the poster gal for the whole regionalist gramcian global charade. Ravitch is caught red handed.

      • Notice how the seven domains do not include history. I suppose it has been relegated to cultural and social / emotional learning experiences.

        • I will explain in the next post what Kozulin said was recognized because it applies to the NUHS project goals or making SCANS the common core or Transformational OBE or even Competency-based ed (which ECAA also enshrines through its assessment language). Theoretical learning of this type will not work with an existing Axemaker Mind and it will not work with a preliterate mind, which tends to perceive everything through a practical use lens. No, it needs a Basic Skills level of knowledge to work.

          None of the 7 domains is real knowledge and they must all be equally emphasized. These people figured out exactly what makes humans special and now that knowledge is being used to manipulate that cpacity and largely shut it down. The subdomains of Learning Approaches and Cognition includes “Creativity, Cooperation, Problem Solving.”

          If you go to the Educause link you will find Rob Abel as a consultant listed as having read the report. Two different reps from AIR are involved with LMTF: Markus Broer and Abdullah Ferdons. Michael Barber is involved and so id Roger Weissberg of CASEL.

          Report 2 says “measurement is currently not equally developed in each of the seven domains. As a result the task force emphasizes the importance of all seven domains in promoting the holistic development of each person and that measurement efforts should ideally address all domains.”

          Further the “task force recommends that national curriculum, teacher training, and potentially instructional practices, be mapped, wherever possible, in relation to the seven domains.”

          No wonder curricula is in the cloud or at the Learning Registry. It makes the true focus hard to see absent these confessional reports.

    • Take a look at this.

      It was referenced in the initial Brookings Learning Metrics Task Force paper for UNESCO that fits so well with this new ECAA that was supposed to become law without anyone bothering to give a heads up at the substitution of what passed out of committee. This is how a Banana Republic operates. Think of this title as you read all the references to high-quality preschool now in ECAA. “School readiness. Integrating Cognition and Emotion in a Neurobiological Conceptualization of Children’s Functioning at School Entry.”

      If you look at that paper’s bibliography there are several references to Spencer Kagan. So cooperative learning and cooperation generally is a subdomain of Universal Education’s Learning Gals and explicitly called for in the ECAA language.

      I saw that again and again. I now have the other two reports as well. Fun afternoon for me. Funny how they exist but not on the Brookings website.

      By the way, people have been speculating on how Dubai and Qatar fit in and it is as part of this LMTF and this global vision of Universal Education to be locked in place in each country, which is precisely what Grandee Lamar was apparently trying to do. This substitution with no notice to the public just reeks of contempt to taxpayers and parents and is terribly high-handed.

        • Remember when they said they were shutting down the Tucson operation and moving into ccsso’s offices in DC because they were winding down?

          So much deceit trying to cover up the reality of what is being sought.

          Plus EdLeader 21 is about the suburbs and ECAA protects rural areas and the economically disadvantaged and racial and ethnic groups and the learning disabled, but bright and affluent just needs to get ready to be used. Even the TAG language in the statute turned out to fit with distributed intelligence and using the TAG methods on all students.

          That statutory substitution is enough to make me want a Bloody Mary with lunch. Of course I started with Healthy ans Safe Students at about 5:30 this morning so it’s already a full day.

          This is a fun fact. The Rockefeller Foundation sponsored the LMTF Group’s subsequent meeting in Bellagio, Italy at their retreat there in July 2013.

          I ask you. What happened to our invite?

          • This new paper that Digital Promise, the White House sponsored program behind the League of Innovative Schools, has virtually everybody and every entity pushing the real cutting-edge vision, including High Tech High and the New Tech Network. Worth reading although it may take tinted lenses with the garish colors.

            Hewlett Foundation financed paper just like it also helped underwrite all 3 Brookings/UNESCO Universal Ed papers. MacArthur F also involved with the latter.

            I am back reading a book on Soviet psychology and they mentioned psychological contagion. Reading that paper above. It’s like that is what they want to foster in the future among students, teachers, and all the administrators-a collective emotional frenzy around the concept of social change in the name of justice and equality with no one having enough knowledge to recognize the value in what is being jettisoned. The video on page 26 is the same project the former high school principal left quickly to go back to Charlotte and work for. He was an utter imbecile who just spouted what he was going to do without any seeming comprehension of what it all meant. I took good notes which helped me finish the research for the book but he really showed what the effects of a Competent to be a Change Agent program can be. They will push ideas and practices because they do not really understand them.

            In case anyone thinks my description is mean spirited, he called a faculty meeting and then interviewed all the teachers and asked them if they were a Disney character. which one would they be. When he spoke of Spence Rogers and his Teaching For Excellence program, his eyes would kind of glaze and he would get a loopy grin like he revered the very mention of his name.

  3. Sachs is talking about Foucault’s freaking panopticon. That these people are actually serious in their utopian hubris is unquestionable, but all the more jaw-dropping for just that reason.

    • Before I wrote the next post blending the new, We are officially a Banana Republic, Every Child Achieves Act language with the NUHS Project vision for all high schools, I wanted to finish another book on Soviet psychology. This one from the early 80s helpfully connected ‘personalized learning’ of the sort detailed in that eschool link above and that fits with the UDL language and accessible to all mandate still in ECAA. Guess what it was called Psychology in Utopia?

      It also said that in 1958 the USSR went to this ‘practical, real world education’ vision that included school partnerships with business and industry. It did not turn out to anyone ‘s satisfactions except the bureaucrats enabled to further direct people and places. Yes, once again every idea our public sector wants to foist on us tracks back to the Soviet Union.

      I have thought of the panopticon before, but it does fit well with that phrase windows on the mind.

      “The more closely we are watched, the better we behave.” All that psychological data flowing from the digital learning and ‘well rounded learning experiences’ language now in ECAA. Did I ever mention that the progressive polyphonic federalism book Constitution in 2020 mentions that the US will have become a national surveillance state in part from all the intrusive data available on what people now feel and believe?

  4. ..a bunch of boiled frogs over here huh?
    The constitution is no longer followed. Ever heard of the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the Patriot Act, the defense act, legalized propaganda, false flag operations, foreign agents and their influence, economic terrorism? Oh the horror!! How about Christians and veterans being the enemy of the state? Come on! LOL! It’s been over. I warned you, get down in the trenches and warn the people they are on their I-phones and don’t speak much English. We are not a nation of stay-at-home Moms with masters degrees. Too late now, you don’t want a file called, ‘aggressive activist’ and the Zoo staff chasing your around with a camera. Most of you are on the no fly list by now, welcome to the GNWO that’s G for Gnostic or Global, take your pick but please close your mouth and stop being shocked all day. Relax …you data is safe and when the research is done there will be security for all. We are all one now.

    • If I have to be boiled I think I prefer to be a lobster. Sounds better. Plus I like the idea of having claws I can use for as long as possible.

      I am not sure you are wrong, but you do recognize that at ISC we do not talk about anything until the connections are clear. I also do not go skampering around looking for trouble. I do, however, know how to stare it down when I have no choice.

      We are rather in no choice land at the moment on the things I write about because we are using education and the law as weapons.

      Remember I did wave Howdy!! to Google before I mentioned them in this post. Since I am a life-long Southerner, maybe it should be Howdy Y’all. Then that would cover me with the NSA as well.

    • Do you have a secondary email you want to subscribe under? I will try to get back on schedule now of about every 4 days but we tend to chat in the comments most days.

      I am actually taking a couple of breaks this summer for trips. Headed out to San Francisco area in June and then up to Mendocino and down to Point Reyes National Seashore. Pacific Coast Highway with elderly parents and my daughters. Anyone wanting to offer tips I will be glad to hear them. So sad to learn today that the Skunk Train is not running until July because of work on the tracks.

      Some of what you ran into in connection with reading ties to these Davydov theories as applied to reading. The Close Reading technique the Common Core calls for is the same. Identifying the concepts that will guide how a passage is understood instead of just reading it.

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