Chocolate Cities Strangled by White Nooses: Hacking Out the Rights of the Citizen

Isn’t that the most graphic metaphor you have ever read? I would say it has nothing to do with last night’s riots in Charlotte, but since I am quoting from a 2007 biography of Martin Luther King on his sentiments about urban areas and the suburbs, I am not sure that is true. What I do know is that the post title was already written up before last night’s events because I was struck by the anger in the statement. The sentiment there reveals a huge disconnect between what most Whites have been told about what King stood for and what Blacks and other minorities believe they are entitled to and have waited for too long. The book is From Civil Rights to Human Rights and it was cited in a footnote recently as I continue to piece together precisely what the synthesis is that public policy think tanks across the spectrum are coordinating around.

If the synthesis is actually what King called a Third Way where governments at all levels “would sponsor poor people’s activism for social and economic rights guaranteed by government,” everything that is going on now begins to fall into its true role. Interesting isn’t it that it was MLK who wanted “metropolitan wide-planning in housing and economic development [that] would break down city-suburb divisions of power and privilege.” In other words what is going on now under the Obama Administration is less his overreach in many people’s minds than finally fulfilling “King’s decision to build a nationwide coalition capable of empowering all poor people and moving the nation toward democratic socialism” as the book’s author, history professor Thomas F. Jackson put it.

Fascinating biography, but the point of this post is how much of a difference powerful images created by words can make in guiding perception about a person or an issue. That’s probably why that quote is not better known. It would have upset the narrative. Here’s another quote from someone at that Oxford Conference we covered in the last post, Eldar Shafir, writing to support a new book by Cass Sunstein called The Ethics of Influence: Government in the Age of Behavioral Science.

“We typically consider ourselves rational actors, whose dignity derives from our autonomy. In fact, our behavior is easily shaped by other actors and by external factors, often outside our awareness and control. When government intervenes to influence our behaviors, often to improve our lives, we recoil. But if government remains uninvolved while other interests are free to shape our world, how autonomous are we then? Sunstein confronts our naivete with a penetrating discussion about how to balance government influence against personal dignity, manipulation against autonomy, and behavioral facts against political ideals. The book is an engrossing read.”

I’ll bet it is, but like our lost invite to Oxford in May, how many of us know this book exists or that Ivy league professors are busy creating degree holders in public policy and other areas ready to impose these visions into what now constitutes education in the 21st century or the ‘rights’ written into laws and agency edicts? Beyond being a prof at Princeton and Harvard, Shafir has been tapped to serve as the first director of the Daniel Kahneman and Anne Treisman Center for Behavioral Science and Public Policy at Princeton. It was created with an anonymous $10 million gift in 2015 by someone who particularly admired Anne Treisman’s work in psychology. I found a bio on her at The History of Neuroscience site so let’s look at a shift she noted that is very important to governments wanting to control each student’s internalized capacities.

“Ulric Neisser’s book Cognitive Psychology was about to be published in 1967, definitively marking the end of behaviorism and its taboo on concepts such as imagery, mental representations, and cognitive models. Contrary to the behaviorist idea that stimuli activate responses to produce behavior, the cognitive revolution saw stimuli as conveying information-reducing the uncertainty about possible states of the world by modifying mental representations–a major conceptual change. Attention [think of the ubiquity now of the word engagement] was central to cognitive psychology from the beginning, in part because it involved a purely mental event that changed what people perceived.” Daniel Kahneman is Ms Treisman’s husband and the winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize for Economics.   is a good link explaining why the Economics Committee decided psychology had become an important element of the discipline. Kahneman was and is a psychologist known for creating a means for calculating the way in which “irrational actions can be predicted and quantified.” Very useful, in other words, for governments wanting to control and predict just that. Predicting and quantifying that, it turns out, makes it important to know what Values people have and what Concepts and Principles frame their perception. If that sounds vaguely familiar now it’s probably because it is another way of restating what the new federal education legislation–the Every Student Succeeds Act–requires every school in every state to assess regularly using the euphemism Higher Order Thinking Skills and Understandings.

That would also probably be why Getting Smart’s Tom VanderArk on May 27, 2015 reviewed Kahneman’s book Thinking Fast and Slow: How We Process and Respond to the World. When we find a report “Words that Change Minds” on what phrases, concepts, and framing should be used to push public policy issues   that is using Kahneman’s insights. When the Common Core Social Studies C3 Framework wants students to practice with the provided ‘lenses’ in role playing classroom exercises, that’s again Kahneman’s work. When we are curious about precisely what lawyers are being trained to do in seminars that blend Law and Economics, it is important to know that the Nobel Committee thought it important to recognize psychology work that gives insights into decision-making in ambiguous situations where there is no single correct answer.

If that also sounds familiar it is what P-12 education now calls rigorous coursework and assessments. Interestingly Dr Kahneman thanked DARPA for helping fund his work and the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, where he and Professor Treisman were fellows in 1976-77, for its role in these theories. Yes, that’s the same CASBS where all these other still guiding us templates were developed, including charters, General Systems Theory, Amitai Etzioni’s Active Society, and School Choice just to name a very few. I sometimes wonder if anyone has started selling “Behavioral Science Can Rule the World!” t-shirts yet. After all, this new Princeton Center expects “that the research conducted at the center will directly influence local, national and global public policy, identifying new approaches to address social problems and improve lives.”

Now, knowing what is really going on in K-12 education with personalized learning, virtual reality, HOTS mandates, social emotional learning standards, and authentic assessments embedded in real-world problems, let’s read about the behavioral “approach pioneered at Princeton, [where] policies are developed with a focus on what really drives people in decision making–the idiosyncratic and sometimes surprising ways in which they view their choices, perceive the social, economic and political world around them, and decide whether or not, and how, to act.” In other words, the behavioral approach the Center intends to build its public policy insights on and then recommend using the law as the means to force implementation in real world settings is precisely the same psychological arena, perception, that ESSA in the US and student-centered learning generally and globally has decided is the focus of 21st Century education.

What are the odds? Notice just how much more clearly we could recognize the aims of Martin Luther King once biographers quit filtering his quotes to prevent us from recognizing precisely where he wanted to take the US to achieve his vision of economic justice.

Time to truly appreciate the power of frames and conceptual lenses to guide future behavior and make it very predictable.

Just like no one is inviting us to these conferences where these plans are hatched, no one is asking our input into the frames to be fostered in our children as internalized mental models and cultivated via emotions. I have seen many of the lists though and the real MLK and his vision of democratic socialism would approve.

Did I mention that his biographer noted that the vision looked precisely like Marxist humanism? See that phrase is a real aspiration and not just some fetish I keep wanting to bring up. I see it because it fits even though now it has new names like Opportunity Society or Innovations in Poverty Alleviation.

Maybe the t-shirts should read “Framing: What Works to Create Sturdy Houses and Manipulable Minds.”

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  1. Domino Effect In BC Public Education

    Hardly anyone can believe that our British Columbia education system is under international sway!

    I made a presentation to a dozen, all-party, legislators this week and a questioner disputed outside influence, then asked: What international agencies? For one, I said, GELP (Global Education Leadership Program, UK). I had quoted from a January, 2015 speech by David Albury (GELP) —

    “This is a pivotal moment for BC . . . if we can continue to work together in this way we can build on how far we’ve got and really accelerate and sustain this — we’ll achieve what nobody else has yet achieved and that is to transform the system across the whole province… to enable all young people to have the skills and knowledge to be successful in the 21st Century . . . I wish you all the very best.”

    From that I gather that at least one global transformation agency feels they have set the scene for a domino effect to happen in BC education and that in some global race we might even be the first to fall!

    Well, I just received a copy of a letter, from the Learning Modernization Project, Ministry of Education which lays out a test-run of new assessments in Oct/Nov to include these new elements:

    • Collaboration activity
    • Student choice of themes
    • Student self-reflection activity
    • Modernized question formats designed to engage students
    • Useful and descriptive results for teachers, students and parents

    The academic, measurable testing will still occur in February, but this is new. If this test run is successful, it will replace the measurable academic testing in 2017.

    This was sent to superintendents, with copies to trustee and principal associations, but not to the parent umbrella group. It’s so “fait accompli” that it’s suffocating!

    • Both Kahneman and Treisman were at the University of British Columbia from 1978-86 before coming to U-C-Berkeley and eventually on to Princeton.

      • The fact that Donna Garner out in Texas thinks Evers is a great choice tells me that all this hype about the Common Core opposition and Type 1 and Type 2 instruction was just to fuel support for charters, as long as they are not Gulen, and that ESA paper TPPF and the Business Council put out this week that is linked on the previous thread. I also think that is why Frank Gaffney was working so closely with Alice Linahan to create a network based in churches to mislead Texans as to what was going on by selectively picking the insights from my book. Remember that video? I still remember him calling my home wanting to get me under copyright with his center owning my insights for a nominal payment, right before Christmas. The Olin Foundation that was behind the Law and Economics seminars at George Mason for judges and endowed professorates at many of the elite law schools was an early funder of his Center for Security Policy as is the Bradley Foundation that now owns Encounter Books. When they gave Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds a contract to write a book on education that came out so strongly for digital learning and Competency and the WGA vision for higher ed, Reynolds wrote that he knew little about education and how helpful various members of the Hoover Institute had been to the development of the book. Looking back that is the tie to the Koret Task Force without that being apparent to readers or possibly even Professor Reynolds.

        If you read the Game Theory link I put up you will see the co-winner that year was a professor of law and economics at George Mason, which is again fascinating as their Mercatus Center is supposedly the home base of Atlas in the US. Remember too Atlas was touting Angus Deaton winning the Nobel and he is at this new Center on behavioral science and public policy at Princeton. So is Phillip Pettit, the author of Just Freedom, which touts Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen’s capability theories to go with a very authoritarian view of the power of law to bind. Also involved is Anne-Marie Slaughter who heads the New America Foundation.

        Back to the co-winner Vernon Smith because his work is pertinent to what “market-based’ really is and fits with the language ExcelEd’s Matthew Ladner (also a fellow at EdChoice) used to write the ESA paper. These are not free markets or free enterprise, but rather politically imposed mechanisms that give some choice on the provider but no choice (whether that is visible to the recipient or not) of the terms of what and how something is provided. Smith’s work is also pertinent to Mind Arson as that article says that “among his most important findings is that some markets can work more efficiently if buyers and sellers have less rather than more knowledge about each other’s strategies and preferences.” These views of markets then on which ESAs are really based come from “carefully controlled laboratory experiments…[where] ‘what we found is that people don’t have to know anything but their own needs and circumstances for markets to work efficiently,’ Smith explained yesterday.” So also based in psychological insights, as the Nobel Committee recognized. Both these Nobels treat decision-making psychological strategies as a new component of economics. If Ruth Bader Ginsburg enjoyed the Manne program for judges isn’t this just the Process Theory of the Law under a different name and different rationales for a normative use of the law?

        So ESAs are really only theoretical markets but no one reading these papers is supposed to know the difference I suppose. Remember the false statement about Hayek that I knew were wrong because I had a pertinent book of his on point? These would be the ‘markets’ comparable to ESAs per that Game Theory article:

        “Using techniques he developed., Smith and other experimental economists have used laboratory experiments to help design marketsused to allocate landing spots at airports, sell spectrum to telecommunications firms, create a system for trading pollution rights [carbon trading and the Chicago Climate Exchange, now failed] and match law clerks amd medical residents with judges and hospitals.”

        ESAs can also be used for digital curricula for home schoolers with parents none the wiser that the provider has to meet terms on what are “quality educational materials” to be eligible. That is out of the sight of the holder of an ESA, but represents a tremendous source of future funds. The student’s internalized mental models and dispositions are still targeted, but the provider can tout non-Common Core because the real Common Core and its ties to Texas’ huge involvement in the 90s New Standards project has been carefully avoided except by me. NSP also targeted the interiorization of the student. That was what was ‘new’ about those standards.

        • Donna Garner mentions Evers’ fine paper on federalism that I thought was completely bogus at the time. It was put out by the Pioneer Institute and was touted as ‘competitive federalism’. I noted here when it was released that it works like what Dean Shapiro of the American Constitutional Society (more links to the ConCon!) calls polyphonic federalism.

          Pioneer is also fond of public-private partnerships as we have tracked in the comments here as various advocacy papers were put out. Honestly all these rec’s fit with socio-cybernetic steering now that I think about it, as well as the various levels of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory. This is indeed becoming the Great Experiment just as Leontiev hoped.

          Also notice that, like so many of the ed experts tied to Atlas think tanks, Evers’ real background are poli sci degrees. This is from what he supplied to Alabama back in June when he applied for State Super there. All his degrees are in poli sci from Stanford, which also happens to be of course where CASBS is located and always has been. Education reform is the perfect tool for poli sci experimentation, whatever Evers’ personal intentions.

        • BORG minds. What a really distasteful vision for those who beg to differ. The new Head of School at my kid’s school would lap this garbage up. Oo La La Stanford Sez! Coordinate, Collaborate and Connect! He is the lead dog pulling the sled. MUSH. ( minds.)

          • Like most private school parents, wouldn’t you say to the parent who falsely believes an ESA or voucher can buy them academic choice that they are operating under a carefully cultivated delusion? The only template around is the Change the Child using behavioral science insights until those cultivated practices and habits are neurologically embedded template?

            School Choice and ESAs obscure that reality but this is all hatched at CASBS in Palo Alto. School Choice and ESAs simply have the provider of the educational services being the one who has agreed, behind parents and taxpayers line of sight, to implement what Bela Banathy and the other systems theorists called GSTE–Guidance System for the Transformation of Education.

            Doesn’t that sound cybernetic? It doesn’t stop at high school anymore, does it? No wonder Illinois is talking about creating a smooth P-20 ‘system’. Right into graduate schools.

          • If something is proclaimed behind closed doors to be a conduit, we had better know how it is to work, where the conduit is headed, and what precisely transformation means.

            Notice Jeffrey Sachs there. He wrote the UN’s Global Happiness Report so he is tied to all these wellbeing indexes going local and the need for devolution under its myriad of names. He was on the Broadband Report to proclaim it a human right. Now he is on the GEM Report. It’s because they are all spokes of this supposed obligation to meet needs because we are shifting to what Uncle Karl called the Human Development Society and today is most commonly euphemized as the Opportunity Society or a human rights obligation to provide Freedom in a most authoritarian way. I reread Philip Petit’s Just Freedom last weekend since he is also a prof at this new Princeton Kahneman/Treisman Center.

  2. Ah, are we not seeing it all unfold as the members of the only campaign organization that matters this year are being “framed” to reflect the neocon/Atlas path to a “better world”?

  3. Here is a sobering bit of information to put the Oxford review’s enthusiastic write-up about the new, reformed China in some context:

    “The scalpel cut into the chest and blood gushed out,” recalled an unnamed policeman in Shenyang, China. “At that time, we had been interrogating and severely torturing her for about a week. She already had countless wounds on her body. We used electrical batons to torture her.”

    The policemen described how a secretive government office had sent over two men: one a military surgeon, the other a graduate from a medical university. “No anaesthetics were used. They cut her chest with a knife without shaking hands,” he said.

    When the woman, who belonged to the banned Falun Gong movement, shouted out in defiance, the surgeon hesitated. But after a nod from his superior, he continued. “It was extremely horrible,” the policeman said. “I can imitate her scream for you. It sounded like something was being ripped apart.”

    Those words rolled across the screen just after the credits at the end of a new film, The Bleeding Edge, to a stunned audience of MPs at Speaker’s House, Westminster, this month. They expose the gruesome practice of forced organ harvesting in China, which the movie depicts. The film features the Chinese-born Canadian actress and Miss World contestant Anastasia Lin, who is leading a global campaign against the practice.

    Today in China thousands of prisoners of conscience – potentially including unregistered “house church” Christians – are strapped to operating tables and cut apart by force. Their vital organs are then extracted and sold for use as transplants. In China, surgeons’ scalpels have become weapons of murder and those who wield them have become accomplices to a barbaric trade.

    I thought it might be fitting to bring to Sunstein’s and Shafir’s attention what can happen in practice when government is powerful enough to “influence our behaviors.” This example still has shock value because it is relatively unknown. The practice of forced late-term abortions in China (not to mention the underlying principle of a government being able to dictate family size) is about as ho-hum as Jews being shoved into cattle-cars in Germany and Poland in 1943.

    • Look at what DARPA funded back in 2009 and IBM’s Cognitive Computing Group. No wonder they think of people as systems “Reverse Engineering the Mind” is what the US Government has been funding.

      Turns out that in 2007 George Mason University launched the International Decade of the Mind Project, which would explain why I found School Choice leading where it does and FH Buckley’s book to be so disingenuous. That Project “seeks to harness science across multiple disciplines to discover how human ‘mind’ emerges from the biological activity of human brain.” My. My. My.

      I also found a reference in Vernon Smith’s CV to a 2012 seminar in Tucson, Arizona on ESAs where he gave ESAs as an example from 50 years of ‘experimental economics’.

      I have also been reading up on Neuroeconomics and darn if it’s not the same template as what ESSA mandates and so does School Choice. Is it too early for champagne? No wonder the search engine overlord is blocking access to this blog and its on the money revelations.

      China turns out to be very interested in this experiemntal economics and behavioral science work too from all the delegations Smith lists that he has spoken to.

    • We have met Flyv before, remember? I just came on a reference to him but with his name americanized.

      Remember what he thought social science could do? You live in a state where these theories are being implemented slightly faster than elsewhere and so do I.

      I am going back through some of my socio-cybernetics research now that the Right Pincer has come into such better focus. Plus if we remember that the purpose of Competency and standards-based instruction of any kind (the Common Core is merely an example) and, as my book covered, Whole Language and constructivist math and science, is to control and attempt to circumscribe the individual consciousness and worldview. The equivalent at a level up at the social level is controlling the communication of concepts. That’s where the deceit over APUSH or treating SEL Standards as about PII collection or profiling students or hyping the federal role and then acting like it’s OK for local or state officials to psychologically manipulate students or the Type 1 vs Type 2 ‘instruction’ when the purpose of Two is not instruction at all fit with the role of need for the members of the Right Pincers and those on their payrolls or who benefit from their advocacy pitches to control what is understood so the steering can continue.

      Do you know what destroys the cybernetic template? recognizing its existence. Hence the flurry of activity to shut me up or redirect attention or isolate my book and this blog. It also means though that all that coordination and what could be discussed and what mustn’t be were all quite apparent to me. It has become part of the story because truthfully it is part of the story. Now I know precisely how.

  4. Just going to leave this right here……..

    “Handy, that last part, and also the reason why “brain-inspired” is in the name of the lab. Using virtual neural networks modeled on how our own real-life neural networks operate, researchers have produced all kinds of interesting advances in how computers interpret the world around them.”

    “The MIT partnership is one of several IBM has established lately; the company’s VP of Cognitive Computing, Guru Banavar, details the rest in a blog post. Other collaborations are pursuing AI in decision making, cybersecurity, deep learning for language, and so on. IBM is definitely making a huge investment in foundational AI work and it makes sense to cover their bases. All together the group of partnerships comprises what’s called the Cognitive Horizons Network.”

    • $100 million in taxpayer funding was the number I read on the Engineering the Mind Through Reengineering the Brain work that came out of GMU’s Decade of the Mind. Financed through DARPA, which really caught my eye as the Roadmap for the Next Administration calls for a GARPA.

      The implications of all this woke me up and I finally decided to see if getting up for a while would get my hyperactive connecting brain to shut up for a while. Not with your link and its implications. Did you know sociocybernetics needs modelling and it needs Policy Networks in addition to access to the neurobiological level of students?

      That ESAs ultimately give lucrative, unimpeded access to that level, which explains all the deceit.

      • “Tweak job descriptions to eliminate unnecessary requirements. Change policies that prevent hiring individuals with criminal records. Make diverse, inclusive, local hiring an explicit goal in the strategic plan.”

        These people really do not live in reality do they? These are items I deal with on a daily basis. I cannot tell you how many people show up to a job interview with children in tow, in sweatpants, or fail to show up for their appointment to begin with. There will come a day when we will have prove the reason we did not hire an individual was valid.
        The other day I was sitting in traffic and the thought hit me that all these people are not really free, they are all stuck working for the master, whether self guided or guided by created perception from their education. Perhaps I am feeling discouraged from the debate last night. On a seeing the humor in things note, all Hillz needed was devil horns to go with her red pantsuit.

        • There is so much deceit surrounding the Clintons and Lester Holt sure did fulfill the media leg of Irina Bokova’s vision of using control over the media and education to control communication. Her health problems are probably exacerbated by all the evil she has promoted or ignored in her pursuit of power and riches over the years. That footage of her laughing about Gaddafi’s death shows the bile within her apart from her behavior in front of the Benghazi heroes coffins.

          Building Artificial Societies has come so I guess I will tuck in, sip my Blood Orange loose tea, and get ready to write again. At least my mouth has stopped hurting. Yes, that Toolkit reflects the persistent fallacy of the Left and Right politicos and think tanks that they can simply regard people, cities, workplaces, physical space, etc. as ‘systems’ they can redesign and then use a psychological emphasis and legislation to change the operating rules.

          I met a trucking lobbyist at one of these meetings where criminal justice reform wanted prison records removed. He had tried to tell the politicians that removal meant they could not get insurance on the trucks as drivers were no longer vettable. No one had thought of that.

        • Last comment before I make dinner, but once again we have proof that School Choice to the ed pros, especially lawyers or poli sci PhD’s for think tanks, is all about getting to ESAs.

          Delk cites to Ben Scafidi who is also a fellow at Ed Choice with Ladner even though that is not in article. Scafidi, who I have heard speak several times, is also a prof at the home of the UN’s CIFAL for North America for the training of local officials in the UN’s ‘development’ vision. He also did not like my question years ago about why they were ignoring the power of accreditors to standardize what goes on in classrooms. Hanushek is with the Hoover Institution and was on the Koret Task Force discussed above along with Bill Evers, Chester Finn (Fordham), Herbert Walberg (the SEL expert who Chairs the Board of the Heartland Institute).

          Off to make a mango salsa.

          • They make a big deal out of the veil of ‘choice’ in your area and the poor results in districts. Same issues here with no school choice and not a peep out of anyone. At least you hear information on what they are planning. Oregon’s like a vault but right in the game if not leading by example.

          • I only hear information because I have repeatedly recognized that a speaker is problemmatic and paid for overpriced breakfasts and I drive to forums and meetings because I get the broader template and how it all fits. Daniel Greenfield really nails it in this post from yesterday

            I was at an ed forum about a year ago and when the speaker saw me in the audience, she changed her presentation suddenly.

            It appears we have some purging going on to control the narrative and protect Bill Evers from the Right Pincer narrative from 2011 everyone at the time agreed he coordinated as a research fellow at the Hoover Institute. Apparently my book Credentialed to Destroy upset the narrative from the get go and I was busy writing it while the Shanker Institute Manifesto became the Left Pincer and Closing the Door on Innovation was to be the right. I think that document is hard to find now because it is so clearly incorrect with the insights from my book alone. Heartland has taken its post touting it on May 2 down and most sites link to K12 innovation that now appears defunct. TAE has a copy that they put in a lockbox version and its download shows a date of 6/23/13 with a time of 5:51 PM.

            I was going off the false narrative of what School Choice actually does and where it ends up and what it is tied to, but there was a bifurcation back in 201i to control the narrative. This blog, which started in May 2012 and my book, completed as a manuscript in March 2012, with its contents unknown were the next year. One of my alpha readers said everyone else is talking about the Common Core and she has already gone through that to a Competency emphasis no one else is talking about. So glad I was prescient and stuck to my guns on where this is really going.

            Now I can see that Neuroeconomics needs Tranzi OBE and all its masking synonyms. It’s also why PISA is so often misrepresented by people tied to Atlas Network members or their primary funders.

            Did you see the OECD report that came out yesterday that laid out what the term ‘Innovation’ actually means in education, relevant to that Right Pincer title, and how it’s about creating a Reliable internalized compass? I wrote in the margin “reliable for whom?” Isn’t that the question. It was written by Dirk Van Damme so there’s the link to Kahneman through Tom VanderArk as they are both involved with both the League of Innovative Schools and, more importantly, GEFF 2030/2035 with MIT, Skolkovo, and the World Economic Forum.

            The report that an international bank of educational resources is being developed, which consistent with our Right Pincer narrative from 2011 can be adopted by private schools, local school districts, or state departments of ed and somehow that is deemed to support what Evers and the Pioneer Institute (also a report signatory) call ‘competitive federalism’. No one need know then that the source is international with a “rubric, a set of pedagogical activities and lesson plans, and examples of student work showcasing how students demonstrate creative and critical thinking skills at different ages and in different domains.”

            No wonder I was struck when I first read the federalism paper that it was ignoring so much of the reality of how education is governed legally at those other levels and how it would work in practice like what ACS touted as ‘progressive polyphonic federalism.’ So the student will be socially engineered at an internalized level with political power stipulating what they can know and what they are to believe and value. No wonder that recognition in my Chapter 7 needed to be appropriated by others tied to Atlas and pushed into a false narrative that could hype School Choice while misdirecting away from what the recipients of the ESA money or the language in charters intended to do as well. In the end all will follow that “internationally developed rubric [that] will articulate explicit developmental and progression standards for specific levels of schooling and/or higher education in creative and critical thinking skills. This will help teachers and students to develop these habits of mind and assess their progress formatively by better understanding what to look for.”

            Turns out education reform from the ‘bottom-up’ is actually innovation in education from the ‘inside-out’. Can you tell I am drowning in converging information at this point?

          • Look what is this week and how it ties to both the Roadmap for the Next Admin and that Oxford confab last May. It is being touted as Results 4 America does global and the Hewlett Foundation is sponsoring it. Just like Deep Learning. This is how the Human Development Society gets forced with few the wiser or insisting it is the Opportunity Society.

            Last week Results 4 America was excited about the guidelines released by King under ESSA and American education using ‘evidence-based policymaking.’ That also fits with the OECD Education for Innovation and Innovation in Education I was quoting from above on the international rubric.

            Just added this as an uh-oh moment. Came out yesterday. Devolution is the UK term for what gets hyped in US as new types of federalism.

    • Strive Together should never be mentioned without pointing out it is a subsidiary of Knowledge Works, which is in charge of the Next Generation Competency Frameworks CCSSO is pursuing as the Common Core really was just a waystation. Also ST works closely with the Lumina Foundation that is not only in charge of the new vision for higher ed–the Diploma Qualifications Profile covered in my book, but 75 metro areas working together on indicators that look quite a lot like what is explained as a wellbeing framework in that Carnegie UK paper above.

      Knowledge Works also works closely with Institute for the Future that intends to use gaming and virtual reality digital curriculum to reframe how students perceive the world. Living Cities came out of work created by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations.

      I just finished Sharpening Our Focus and it is tied to What Works Cities and thus the Kennedy School of Government that of course works with the Hoover Institute to publish Education Next. Did you see that Jeb Bush is a visiting prof at the Kennedy School of Government in the same program that Hoover is tied to on education policy and government?

    • This is enslavement on a grand scale for every creed and color with a glossy , fragile, false facade of education and autonomy. That picture on the top of the page reminded me of a plantation manor more than an academic institution.

  5. In case anyone who reads this blog still has doubts here is a lovely pitch from the NSF outlining how our governing overlords intend to use Big Data to manage every possible facet of our lives. Regionally of course. Note the bit about agriculture. Lysenko lives.

    Connecting data scientists with regional challenges
    09/28/2016 11:12 AM EDT

    big data

    Today, the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced $10 million in awards to 10 “Big Data Spokes” projects to initiate research on specific topics identified by the Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs (BD Hubs).

    Project topics range from precision agriculture to personalized education. The data spokes reflect the unique priorities and capabilities of the four BD Hubs, which represent consortia from the Midwest, Northeast, South and West of the country.

    “The BD Spokes advance …

    More at

  6. Dark Omens Emerge From Hurried School Change

    In eagerness to get on the latest education bandwagon people in gung-ho schools could lose all sense of correctness. The global education arms race, undoubtedly accelerating, is pushing normal boundaries!

    “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold . . . The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” (Yeats, The Second Coming)

    If it wasn’t for one parent sensing creepy implications, a dubious school experiment would have run for 4-6 weeks with 12-13 year old students. The parent notified a national newspaper, which ran a front-page story. The project was suspended. A hush has settled in.

    Here are the brief details and links will amplify. From day one of Sept school start the students were assigned numbers, told they were “followers” and involved in arbitrary discipline. This was to be an experience in critical thinking. Neither the students nor parents were informed and asked for consent. In fact, parents received an email asking them to keep this project “confidential” but “debrief” students as usual about school. Comments to the newspaper stories brought forward professional and every-day reader reservations about human subject experimentation and depersonalization.

    2 links —

    As a grandparent of school-age children and a long-ago psychology major I was offended in many ways by the news. But the biggest disappointment and dismay was with the presumption that parents would be an easy pushover — that they would both trust and accept this project and, furthermore, agree to betray their children by allowing them to participate in an unexamined project without consent.

    That one parent recognized the magnitude of this incident was remarkable! Not a pushover, this parent went beyond the local media for attention, and did not fall like a predictable domino.

    The challenge is — Just how do we help parents become aware of the looming dangers inherent in this headlong shift from standard education practices and protocols toward untested 21st Century Learning schemes? How can parents reclaim an instrumental voice in the education of their children?

  7. Pingback: Dark Omens in New Curriculum | Parents Teaching Parents Dark Omens in New Curriculum | Parents Rights & Responsibilities in the education of their children

  8. It has been a long time since I read CTD. I picked you the competence chapter again last week to better track what an online group is claiming about competency based learning. Ran into this while poking around.

    ​ABET is the accrediting body for the USA and a representative in the Washington Accord. Accrediting bodies under the accord requires an Outcome-Based Education System (OBE).

    According to that spady bio he lives near me. Aaack! Wonder if he’s consulting with the department of Ed again.

    • So he’s back from mischief making in South Africa and Australia? is based on his book from the mid-90s and explains Complex Life Performances.

      Sounds precisely like what now gets euphemised as College, Career and Citizenship Readiness now, doesn’t it? Spady was clearly implementing Kenneth Boulding and Bela Banathy’s vision of people as designable systems. My reading is also that the Closing the Door on Innovation was intended to keep schools and districts able to implement the Tranzi OBE vision without that reality being widely recognised. It’s why when I read that paper I know they had to have known better and just wanted to create a False Narrative around the Common Core that would ultimately fit with what Neuroeconomics needs.

      Busy being a mom this weekend, but will get something up soon.

  9. Barber To Canada — To Deliver

    It took a special procedure — under the Access to Information Law — for the newspaper, the Globe and Mail, to find the contract by which Sir Michael Barber advises Canada on how to deliver on government promises.

    He and his group provide monthly notes on policy areas as education, health, transport and crime.

    Given the three years’ reporting by ISC on Barber and his international influence I’m very leery of this relationship and the foreshadowing of things to come.

  10. Quite interested to hear your thoughts on the release of internet control. My gut says big data needed it thst way for technical reasons. What say you?

    • You were guessing that was part of what I was working on last week, weren’t you? The people in charge of the Roadmap are also tied to the Internet surrender as is Joi Ito, head of the MIT Media Lab. I think control over the Internet fits with the general control being pursued in what can be generally known, perceived, and believed. Like phonetic reading a free Internet is a path out of the prescribed vision.

      It also ties to the World Summit on the Information Society I have written about. Remember I covered the Sakhalin Conference and then wondered why Jeb Bush’s Aspen Report Students Ina Networked World mirrored it so much?

      The Surrender of ICANN was not the surrender of the Internet. It was the surrender of the insurmountable barrier to all the Internet Governance Forum activities already going on. McConnell and Ryan went along because controlling the Internet is like learner-centered education. You cannot have Equity or a politically controlled economy unless you can control thought and prevailing beliefs and values.

      • I was certain it hds to fit in there somewhere. Is it fair to say the Turchenko vision is coming full force then? Or am I thinking to narrow? Anyway, it feels bigger, like there is a hidden purpose, and if there is I know you’d be on the trail. I just keep thinking of that Pentland video.

        • I am not just on the trail. I noticed the direction, the only pass through that mountain range, and then went to the other side to see who came through first and what their message was.

          It is Turchenko, but it is also so much more. I am not confused about what is going on, but how to give a heads up on the blog as I am writing the rest of the story. Glad you reread that Competency chapter. It is key it turn out to the rest of the story. I only knew when I wrote it that it was seminal to what CC was really up to.

        • We can add two more members of Hoover’s Koret Task Force on Education to having graduate degrees in poli sci.

          I doublechecked something this morning bothering me and then the implications of everything that has emerged since the last post quite frankly scared me. Because it tied to this old post I then went to doublecheck something. Turns out Bowles and Gintis’ deeply troubling Schooling in Capitalist Americawas republished in 2011 after decades.

          Did you know Vernon’s Smith’s International Institute for Experimental Economics is based in Tucson? Did you know that is also where the Center for the Science of Consciousness is based? I spent yesterday looking at those materials. Reminded me that Camp Snowball is also based there and it was where Apple set systems thinking research for ETS. Remember it was also the location of the first gathering of the League of Innovative Schools districts?

    • This is pertinent and just came on my radar. Fits with all those partnerships with the UN and World Bank announced last week. Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft on September 28 established a Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society.

      No wonder the search engine overlord dislikes my insights and accurate info.

          • I know many parents who set their child free to ‘learn’ learn at the mall every Saturday.
            Seems like this approach has been set up by those same parents who want to let the toddler decide for herself what is good for her.

          • Here is the conferences I mentioned yesterday. Tied to the U-Arizona, which is interesting as Arizona is one of the states that took the lead in School Choice.

            Interpreting charters accurately and where ESAs lead under current law is straight to control over consciousness. It’s what gets charters renewed and CMOs a franchise to expand at taxpayer expense. It’s what makes an online provider or a private school ‘qualified’ to receive the ESA money. I gave that link because it is what Samuel Bowles said he had to control to get the desired socialist revolution without bloodshed.

            Fighting bronchitis, but mentally and emotionally ready to go again. I just went back and reread the last chapters of Schooling in Capitalist America and so many of the goals are what the Atlas Network think tanks are pursuing too. With the rhetoric around School Choice, liberty, and market-based, one would have to be an expert on economics and political philosophy to recognize where this all really leads. I think that is what everyone involved was counting on and not someone who had read ESSA and can accurately see a false narrative and know what is incorrect in it and what the implications are.

          • is the video to a lecture from last month by the Executive Director of the Behavioral Insights (nudge) unit that is involved with What Works Cities and the Alliance for Evidence called “The Rise of Experimental Government.” Funny how all these people living on the taxpayer dime and experimenting on us will discuss their shenanigans among themselves and in emailed newsletters, but no one (but me) tells us what is going on.

            Notice the slide on the ‘workforce system’.

    • Here we have proof that standards-based learning and student-centered assessment are tied to Asilomar.

      That would mean Bela Banathy and the Laszlos. I am still following up on the Tucson Towards a Science of Consciousness links and it feels like everyone and everything is suddenly converging.

      Also in 1999 the Center sponsored a conference in Spain called “Cajal on Consciousness” that pulls together the Krasnow Institute at George Mason, the Santa Fe Institute where Samuel Bowles is now the director of behavioral sciences with the same end game, and the same Terence Sejnowski of the Salk Institute we have tied to the BRAIN Initiative and its ethics commission.

      I just realized she was English Department Chair at Newtown, CT high school from 2001 to 2011 so we do know what was going on in those schools beyond what I copied from the district website the day of the tragedy. Didn’t want that tidbit missed. I reread a 1994 book from Spady over the weekend and it was going on and on about the nature of the shifts in the Aurora Public Schools and how the Class of 1999 would be the first to be certified for their Role Performance Capabilities. Pretty sure those confessions were supposed to go down the Rabbit Hole after Columbine. The Douglas Reeve cited in biblio is who Atlanta Public Schools brought in to give Beverly Hall cover during the cheating scandal.

      It’s all about controlling consciousness for a myriad of purposes without that being accurately perceived. I don’t think Mr Trump will go along once the extent to which the deceit surrounding School Choice and the roles played by these so-called ‘conservative’ think tanks like Hoover, TPPF, or Mercatus becomes so is to document and tie to what is going on in Tucson and at that Kahneman/Treisman Center at Princeton. Plus there is the Behavior Change Wheel tied to what evidence-based means under ESSA.

      • makes the links to what Spady called System Transformational OBE perfectly clear, but notice the whitewashing of timelines in the 90s so that there is no longer hyping of Aurora, Colorado; Mooresville, NC; Charles Schwahn; the High Success Network;Spence Rogers; and the other exemplars Spady was trumpeting in the 1992-94 time frame. Also no mention of the New Standards Project.

        Imagine people’s reactions if educators were honest and said we are targeting your child’s consciousness and want to lock in our desired Mindset at a neurobiological level so they will be amenable to what Marx called little c communism and Amitai Etzioni called the Active Society. We are not really conservative either, but using that label allows our political machinations and economic planning to not be scrutinized. It also helps it gain implementation as falsely understood legislation. The False Narrative gets hyped by the intellectual whores we pay salaries or stipends to, while they use education to create the very type of consciousness admitted Marxist revolutionaries like Samuel Bowles repeatedly stated they desire. Now it can be used for personal profit via Social Impact Bonds, Pay for Success arrangements, and other insider strategies to profit from these visions.

        • No, but I can imagine. That organization is the poster child for the worst of the worst. I still remember when my colleagues returned from their annual convention in D.C. a few years ago. They were literally in shock. Anybody who resisted the template was subjected to Alinsky-style contempt and derision. It seems to me that Joel Klein was the keynote, or at least a featured speaker.

          • According to that report Gerard Robinson was involved with the 2009 initial draft. He is know with aei and has been listed as one of Trumps’ ed advisors. He has also been listed as interviewing Kevin Chavous about his book on Creating a Learning Culture soon. As I have been tracking School Choice and the aim to make consciousness itself the real aim of standards and what that model law calls performance metrics I went back and read his 2004 book Serving Our Children: Charter Schools and the Reform of American Public Education. My personal experience with speaking to Chavous several years ago was that he creates a false narrative that urban schools have tried hard, which is simply not true.

            He really loves community schools that meet the needs of all in the neighborhood and he too makes education about ‘everyday decision-making capability.’ Oh, Joy. Here’s the quote: We need to focus on educating people across the board, not just in terms of reading, writing, and counting, but in terms of making decisions for themselves.

            He also is pushing for conceptual orientation, not a body of knowledge of how the world works. I can tell that from his call that “all elementary-aged children ought to be studying and mastering (I bolded it as it is a defined term that has little to do with knowledge) algebra and geometry beginning in the sixth grade.”

          • Speaking of the Right Pincer, we have the Manhattan Institute shrilling about the joys of virtual reality and Larene Powell Jobs Project XQ remake of high school.

            Caught the bronchitis before it became pneumonia I hope and now on steroids and antibiotics so hopefully I will feel like writing more than the occasional comment soon. Got a shot so the doc thought I would be perkier by tonight. Good.

      • You might want to listen to this webinar on what personalized learning really is.

        Notice this is being put on with Carnegie which is also tied to Richard Riley, like KW. Also notice the casual reference to AEI’s Rick Hess for support. We found him also on the board of that Colorado workforce initiative. It’s a single template, left and right think tanks, and hidden behind the proper noun form of School Choice on the “right’.

  11. Coming to Tx

    “Todd Rose is the Director of the Mind, Brain and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he leads the Laboratory for the Science of the Individual, as well as Associate Faculty at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. He is also the co-founder of The Center for Individual Opportunity, a non-profit organization that promotes the principles of individuality in work, school and society. Todd is the author of The End of Average.”

    • I have been going through the NSF and Carnegie Sponsored April 2016 report Online Education: A Catalyst for Higher Education Reforms after it was referenced yesterday and it writes about all the converging and the desired to merge the fields of economics, neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, educational research, educational technology, Disciplinary-Based Education, and educational research into a single Learning Science. In other words, I am finding a common convergence among all these people and areas because there is one.

      When I went looking for the mentioned NSF-funded Symposium in May 2015, it turned out to be tied to the Science of Learning Centers and P-12 as well. is the link. Look at the Participants too. Notice the presence of James Pellegrino of the famous How People Learn report. I also downloaded all the reports from the symposium this morning and it all works precisely as my research had already pegged it so we know I am on the right track. Hope that is not why someone was checking to see if my windows were also wired to my home security system before dawn this morning. The benefits of having custom-built this house.

      Did you notice that iNACOL report also lied to protect Massachusetts’ reputation? probably so Pioneer can continue its false narrative about Massachusetts standards. I also downloaded the Connecticut Mastery-Based Learning Guidelines that the iNACOL paper said ESSA adopted. Confirms that ESSA nationalized Spady’s system Tranzi OBE.

      Finally take a look at this that really makes it clear why standards-based instruction has to be tied to mindfulness.

    • This is Digital Promise/League of Innovative Schools’ Challenge-Based Learning Guide. Not only is the graphic on page 11 clearly grounded in UbD and the Backward Mapping we now know goes back to the Bellagio Planning Conference of 1968, it envisions training the students for “evidence based solutions”. Since the Coalition for Evidence Based Policy that had been conducting trials from 2002 on was rolled mysteriously in Spring 2015 into the Arnold Foundation of Houston, I guess we should go check there as well as that Alliance for Useful Evidence in the UK that just had the conference we didn’t get an invite for.

  12. “Most people are shocked to hear that a video game can actually be more potent than morphine. While this is a phenomenal advance in pain management medicine and for use with burn victims, it begs the question: Just what effect is this digital drug—a digital drug that’s more powerful than morphine—having on the brains and nervous systems of seven-year-olds who are ingesting very similar digital drugs on their glowing screens? And, if stimulating screens are indeed more powerful than morphine, can they be just as addicting? ”

    So tired of seeing groups read these types of articles and completely stop the thinking process at “profiteering off children”. Most want to make that the focus and then choose to not see anything deeper. Nonsense.

    • While I am still recuperating here is the old post with all the stunning admissions on the purpose of gaming in the classroom.

      I will find the old Willis Harman, co-founder of the Institute for Noetic Science and the author of the 1987 book Global Mind Change post where he admits the human consciousness reacts the same to physical or virtual reality and how that can be used. Harman turned out to have written the final chapter in the book that came out of the inaugural 1994 Tucson conference “Towards a Science of Consciousness.” Being largely housebound lets me get lots of reading done when I am not napping.

      • I have copied this paragraph for you to see. Did not want to link to the ‘leak’ page as it could be unstable or cause issues. Nice of them to admit this. From Bill Ivey to John Podesta. I put quotes around the blatant phrase.
        Dear John: Well, we all thought the big problem for our US democracy was Citizens United/Koch Brothers big money in politics. Silly us; turns out that money isn’t all that important if you can conflate entertainment with the electoral process. Trump masters TV, TV so-called news picks up and repeats and repeats to death this opinionated blowhard and his hairbrained ideas, free-floating discontent attaches to a seeming strongman and we’re off and running. JFK, Jr would be delighted by all this as his “George” magazine saw celebrity politics coming. The magazine struggled as it was ahead of its time but now looks prescient. George, of course, played the development pretty lightly, basically for charm and gossip, like People, but what we are dealing with now is dead serious. How does this get handled in the general? Secretary Clinton is not an entertainer, and not a celebrity in the Trump, Kardashian mold; what can she do to offset this? I’m certain the poll-directed insiders are sure things will default to policy as soon as the conventions are over, but I think not. And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to “demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry”. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.

        • Part of the story that has been hidden all these years and that also ties to that APP/Pioneer paper and the deceit around school choice and local is that when Bill Bennett became Ed Sec in 1985 he worked with Lamar Alexander, then Governor of Tennessee and President of the National Governors Association on the new template for education reform that would become what we knew as Outcomes Based Education. There were eight initial states involved and Arkansas was one of them while Clinton was Governor. Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, and New Hampshire were also involved and more when I go look at the list. I have been reading those newsletters because I do original research grounded in facts instead of theft and duplicity to further the agenda of any think tank’s paymasters.

          The ‘compliant citizenry’ reference is not idle. Also when you read that Pioneer/APP paper and its vision for the Humanities, it turns out Bennett headed the National Humanities Center in North Carolina before coming to DC to head the NEH. NHC turns out to be an affiliate of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences in Palo Alto-the place where the template originated that he funded as Ed Sec and which Bill and Hill pushed in Arkansas and that we knew as Achieving Excellence in Colorado when Bela Banathy and Csik rolled it out in Aurora and it was created to create a compliant citizenry when used in public schools or private.

          It also is apparently seen as created a manipulable ‘introspective consciousness” to be led whereever the Diocese wishes when used in Catholic schools. It’s simply the nature of how it works and it’s not about academics or building character in the traditional sense of the word.

        • There is so much in this post as well.

          It gets at other layers of BEST beyond the neurological, micro level, but the reference to Margaret Mead is a reminder she and Gregory Bateson were both involved from the get go with both systems thinking and later the cybernetics conferences. They understood the cybernetic template and its ties to education and human collectivities generally and so do I. All those Catholic school parents being misled by that APP/Pioneer paper will definitely be horrified by what is in the CtD sequel. No wonder there has been such a push to keep anyone from appreciating where the insights in the first book really came from.

          How can people hold themselves out as Godly and fine Christians and be complicit in the mass psychological abuse of children while deceiving the parents about the plans? That’s the reality here. I had no idea when I wrote CtD, alarming as it is, that the aim was not coincidentally bioneurological. That’s the whole point. That’s what people are being actively misled about and they have been for decades. ESSA is just getting the template back on track down to lots of language in 1985 about the need for higher order thinking instead of factual.

          • Thanks. I almost felt normal yesterday so I am going for two days in a row.

            I mentioned pay-for-success above and it turns out to be related to what used to be called and misunderstood as outcomes-based education. is a good explanation from Congressional testimony from last May of how evidence-based social policymaking works in education or any other area.

            Essentially the desired changes occur, down to the level of introspective consciousness, and taxpayer money goes into the desired pockets. To work that money needs to exceed the costs of funding these think tanks that clearly want to be part of the steering process after their “white papers” get used to create the steerable keel in the first place. Nice racket, huh?

            This also explains it.

            You can clearly see here what the Left and Right Pincers really agree on. Force a mandate for the Human Development Society and then be the lucrative supplier of the mandated service where the results are actually the desired behavioral changes locked in lastingly at a neurobiological level. Call it ‘market-based solutions’. Who really understands markets anymore anyway?

          • I just sent an email commenting on this exchange where Ivey bemoans that the brutish mob they have been happy to create is getting out of hand:

            Ivey clearly sees that the public conditioning so successful, for example, in Russia, as you’ve observed, or in Scandinavia, has not been complete here and thus has not had the desired effect, that the proles are turning into a kind of Frankenstein’s monster. The proof for him is that they do not compliantly swallow the Hillary lie hook line and sinker; those who do swallow it have (from his perspective) not been trivialized by mass entertainment but are serious and well-indoctrinated persons of the superior type. He has no understanding that Trump is the ensign, the banner, the symbol of a revolt against the superior types; he simply chalks up the stubborn adherence of Trump’s supporters to their “deplorable” stupidity and ignorance. The Trump phenomenon is the story of The Savage writ large.

            They have indeed been happy “to conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.” Education has been the incubator of this deliberate ignorance, turning all students into Gammas whose “education” consists of group projects, gaming, the replacement of the printed word with graphics, and incessant emphasis on “socialization,” whose most recent iteration is the mania for “social and emotional learning,” and mindfulness exercises. Orgy porgy. The classroom is the elephant in the bedroom, but people refuse to recognize it.

            Anyone, anyone?

            Meanwhile, it would appear that the superior types are rapidly moving us toward war with Russia. Maybe the fact that Hillary flunked the DC bar should have told us something. Oh, I forgot — this factoid was always carefully buried in the hype about her being the smartest woman in the world.

          • Meanwhile we also have this International Panel on Social Progress, with its clear emphasis on realizing Uncle Karl’s vision, also based at Princeton.

            Somewhere else to poke at while I get my strength back. I keep thinking about that Pioneer paper Jane, Emmett, and Joy wrote where it was clear they wanted to create a narrative around Big Data and not just deceit around the Common Core or SEL Standards. It appears there is a desire to use initiatives like Data Science for the Social Good (notice its ties to the search engine overlord via Schmidt funding) , while misleading the public about the nature of what the data is for and how it is to be used.

            That Catholic schools paper is priming for what is also called Results-Based Contracting, which is why it needed to seize back the Tranzi OBE rhetoric. Outcomes=results=right to participate as a qualified provider or get charter renewed. With all that pious rhetoric few will discern that underneath it all is that same old Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences template created to get a compliant citizenry. Except that paper uses spirituality references because that appeals to the audience they are marketing to and compliant citizenry template wouldn’t work for PR purposes.

            Changing the sales pitch does not change the function.

          • Take a look at this active deceit about what is and has been going on in Texas.

            No mention that the outcomes have improved because outcomes “are essentially evidence of having acquired competencies” and Texas went to outcomes-based education/competency-based education approach as laid out in my book. Just as I surmised as the explanation for all Donna Garner’s misleading hyping of Type 1 vs Type 2 instruction and Alice Linahan’s antics of insisting she was free to steal my work with impunity (duly recorded last year in the blog comments), all this deceit is about trying to get vouchers in Texas without Texans understanding the true nature of what changed in their schools, when, and why. That way the charters and the recipients of ESA dollars can keep up the competency-based subterfuge to talk about how well the students are now ‘learning’.

            Now this makes more sense. The author is also with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and chairs the Center for Competitive Federalism at the Wisconsin Center for Law and Liberty.

            Remember it is TPPF that has called for an Article V Con Con, something that actually ties to that Catholic schools paper as well. The term ‘compound republic’ used on page 20 is straight out of the early prog Con Con work. Have I ever mentioned I booked Con Law in law school? And Property, Contracts, Civil Procedure… Let’s also not forget that the prog developer of the Con Con vision, Sanford Levinson, is a law prof at UT-Austin. Remember Robert George who founded APP wrote one of the supporting blurbs for Our Democratic Constitution: Where the Constitution Goes Wrong for Levinson.

          • Still more organized deceit on chartering and vouchers . Makes me think of how adamantly opposed Bill Kristol is to Trump. Kristol is involved with the Olin-funded Center for Limited Constitutional Government at Harvard. They probably like the sound of a compound republic too. Olin is also involved with PEPG as a listed major donor in addition to having been behind Vernon Smith’s work that turns out to tie to Neuroeconomics. No wonder he also wanted to be based in Tucson where the Science of Consciousness seminars come back every other year from globetrotting.

          • Take a look at this where the authors of that duplicitous Catholic Common Core paper from APP/Pioneer will all be speaking in about ten days.

            It is no accident that one of the plenary speakers is actually tied to the Templeton/NIH funded Science of Virtues initiative I have written about. That gets left out, but it fits with my recognition that what is being pushed as Catholic Ed is actually the same CASBS/cybernetic behavioral change theory from the inside out that the New Age spiritualists, Marxist Humanists, and Islamic theologians all intend to use.

            Given the push in Texas now to get the in-session legislature to approve ESAs, all these speakers being there now furthers my belief that the APP/Pioneer paper is designed to create demand from panicked and misled parents that ESAs are their only recourse.

          • Read some of the quotes in here from our old friend anthony carnevale

            They forgot to mention his time at NCEE or his authorship of those Workplace Manuals for K-12.

            Are you as tired as I am of the phrase ‘human flourishing’ as the goal of K-12? Notice it gets used by both the admitted Left Pincer like a Carnevale as well as the Pretend Right Pincer. Honestly no one advocating for the Marxist Humanist vision for a transformed America should be able to shroud that agenda behind the adjective ‘conservative’.

            Waiting to hear back from doc on more antibiotics. Ugh.

          • This woman is speaking tomorrow, October 19, before the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

            We know, therefore, this is the approved Atlas Network narrative with her ties or speaking engagements with multiple members. Seems to be once again to create a demand for a port in the storm in the form of ESAs without anyone owning up that the analysis is not correct and that the parties footing the bill for all these narratives creating the herding effect actually intend to financially benefit from offering the perceived port in the storm.

            Note that the Heritage Foundation is one of the named major donors to the PEPG initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School. Therefore tied to that false narrative for the Right Pincer to run with found in the Closing the Door on Innovation May 2011 paper.

            Her LinkedIn says point blank she is tied to PEPG and is also listed on speakers bureau of the Friedman Foundation Speakers Bureau, another listed PEPG donor. The new principal at the Indiana charter touted in Joy Pullmann’s Federalist article also had his degree from U of Dallas. Somewhere I have all my notes on that institution’s involvement in the whole controlling consciousness via education/ Mind Brain template.

            Also notice the long involvement as a board member with BASIS Charter. When we were looking into the Consciousness template and Tatyana Tsyrlina Spady, it pulled up her connection to Olga Block of BASIS and their use of the same template and the Soviet-American Education Forum. I just went to look for that post and it was one the Search Engine Overlord insisted I delete. Wow.

            So much is coming together as well as the reasons for all this coordination around a false narrative. Must have ESAs, even though in fact School Choice does lead straight to a template one group created to internalize Comrade Education and another to create a Spiritual New Age Awakening. Same template, different rationales.

          • And just as my book Credentialed to Destroy stated was coming when I explained Competency as well as Qualification Frameworks, volia!

            Most prescient book ever given that I was tracking laws and what was already in place overseas. No wonder there has been such collusion among the foundations tied to PEPG and the think tanks in Atlas to both rip off and suppress. Corruption in pursuit of taxpayer dollars should be its own hashtag in these states wanting CMOs to cash in as well as ESAs.

    • I encountered the Cardinal Newman society when I was tracking where the real classical education template led. came out today from Pioneer and American Principles Project.

      This seems quite inconsistent with the TAE letter to fed ED on the sel standards and has the report, with Jane Robbins as a writer, having a Preface from Amitai Etzioni’s favorite law prof–Mary Ann Glendon.

      The authors argue that Common Core’s shortsighted focus on workforce preparation is incompatible with the larger goals of human excellence, spiritual transformation, and nurturing faith and character that are at the heart of Catholic education.

      The study includes a preface from Harvard Law School Professor Mary Ann Glendon and former Boston Mayor Raymond L. Flynn, both of whom served as U.S. Ambassadors to the Holy See. They focus on Catholic education’s dual purpose of imparting academic knowledge and spiritual education, and argue that Common Core’s recipe for standardized workforce preparation diminishes students’ spiritual horizons.

  13. Robin, I have been raking the TAE website for that SEL letter, but I can’t find it, although I know I read it. I wanted to go back to it and compare it to the Cardinal Newman Society report, because you say the two are inconsistent with each other. I don’t follow the latter regularly, but this would seem to be consistent with the position they have always taken on Catholic education. Certainly Anthony Esolen’s writing has always been militantly in this direction. All “anti-Common Core” Catholic writing has deplored the vocational element; that tends to be universal.

    What was in the TAE anti-SEL standards letter that is inconsistent? So sorry I can’t answer this for myself, but I just can’t find that letter. Of course, if you have the link for the letter readily available, I can follow it up for myself.


    • The TAE letter was telling Congress that the purpose of the SEL Standards was to collect personal data on students. Not true. It’s not about a huge database of PII and it’s not a static database. That is not the purpose and in fact the purpose of the SEL Standards is the same, when properly understood, as what that paper calls on Catholic schools to do in the Name of Character, much like Angela Duckworth and Charles Fadel call for as Character as well, using the same template as pushed here.

      I have a hard copy of the letter and it backed up as well. Under advice of counsel though I am not saying anything further about that Pioneer/APP paper.

      Relevant to all this deceit and Ground Zero though is the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard that not only has Hoover, Heritage, and EdChoice (via the Friedman Foundation) as partners and Gates (Left Pincer), but also the Heartland Institute School Reform News which, of course, employs another signatory to that TAE letter, Joy Pullmann. Come to think of it, the Bradley Foundation that owns Encounter Books and is supposedly publishing her book on the Common Core is also listed as a PEPG “Donor & Contributor.” How convenient, huh? Jeb Bush is, or was, the Chair of the PEPG Board. It is a part of the Kennedy School of Government and tied to Cass Sunstein and also was at Anthony Gidden’s Global Third Way Conference laying out how to achieve the Fabian Socialist goals back in 2002.

      The founder of APP and also tied to Truth in American Education, Robert George, is on the Board of that same Bradley Foundation.

      Clearly my expertise is in the way of the desired false narrative surrounding School Choice and those who wish to financially benefit from it. This is precisely what I had interpolated from the deceit going on and the players involved. It has all become part of the story I have to tell anyway.

      Getting me enraged is good for an adrenaline rush, but really not what I need right now. I will survive though and there will be no blood of slain American Benghazi heroes to whitewash this Common Core deceit.

    • Of “values, attitudes, and beliefs”–just like Jane Robbins and Alice Linahan just love to tout on video before groups and somehow all the mining of my hard work and genuine insights gets used to make them seem authoritative and then tout ESAs in Texas or Georgia or apparently now as the saviour of catholic schools. Meanwhile it’s always the same template that I have so well documented.

      That may be the only upside of this disastrous month for me healthwise. The extent to which this paper has embraced a template I know extraordinarily well would not have occurred if the so-called ‘experts’ actually were. Now I get to explain to Catholic parents too how this has all been a gesture to get them to joyously embrace what is till that old cybernetic model.

      The TAE letter had the same purpose as the Bill Evers initiated letter “Closing the Door to Innovation”. It is not made to be read by someone who really knows what is going on because it does work as a Right and Left Pincer action. Jay Greene has been very active with this PEPG program since its founding and so was Rick Hess when he was still at UVa before moving on to AEI. If you go back to the beginnings of the program it shows Greene as still being an Assistant Prof of Poli Sci at U-Texas before he moved to Education Policy at Arkansas. Remember Greene was the one who helped Evers and wrote the Education Nextarticle touting the countering of the Shanker Manifesto when really this was always about getting access to taxpayer money while also controlling each student’s ‘introspective consciousness.”

      That’s the term I pulled out of the Tucson book this morning where at least the contributors are upfront about what is intended. I think no one was supposed to become an expert on education and the Common Core while also being an able authority on the law as well as economics.

      According to this just out the Kennedy School is also a partner in What Works Cities. That ties this to Pay for Success, Results4 America, that conference in the UK on Alliance for Useful evidence, as well as a relevant and particularly alarming paper called Making a Science of the Science. The Science is once again using the behavioral sciences to control future behavior. It’s also where School Choice leads per my ‘useful evidence’.

    • This just out verifies that ‘character development’ is a euphemism for the purpose of SEL Standards.

      I went back this morning and read the May 2012 (just after I finished CtD manuscript but no one had read yet and as I started this blog) APP/Pioneer paper by Jane Robbins and Emmett McGroarity called “Controlling Education From the Top: Why Common Core is Bad for America”. They seem to have come up with the PII portion of the deceitful narrative in order to obscure what student learning data is really about. I believe the financial supporters of both Pioneer and APP not only want to enjoy the economic benefits of steered citizens and a planned economy, but they also want to cash in how how the Pay for Success ed models, be they charters or privates, are to work.

      That also fits with Joy Pullmann’s piece today hyping the Barney Charter School Initiative and why the language she uses tracks so tightly with the report yesterday from APP/Pioneer.

      Notice role playing being celebrated as the means to ‘engage students’. This classical ed model is using the same-Treat the Student as a Designable System-as what it criticizes. No wonder there is such deceit. Notice the lust after the dollars attached to 54 million schoolchildren.

    • Rather ironic timing given the nature of today’s post that is just up since one of that article’s authors was also an author of “Controlling Education from the Top: Why Common Core is Bad for America” from May 2012. probably should shift this link to the new post. I will also point out that APP and Pioneer, who sponsored that paper, are both listed members of the Atlas Network.

      That article still pushes the PII use of the SEL Standards when affilates of APP and Pioneer clearly know better. Neuroeconomics also ties to the LRDC–the Learning Research Development Corporation at U of Pittsburgh. LRDC was involved with the New Standards Project, which means Neuroeconomics is tied to it too. But then I write factual explanations, not what creates a desired, but misdirected, fury.

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