Confessions of a Coordinated Cabal Intent on Psychological Rape with Impunity

Does that title sound too strong? I wish it did not fit the facts so well. From open admissions stating an intent to rewire students’ brains http// what is clearly coming seeks to fundamentally change who we are as people–from the inside-out. Before I start with the next mind-blowing revelations, let’s once again look to historian and political thinker, Kenneth Minogue, to help us make sense of what is no longer in dispute. In his chapter called “The Project of Equalizing the World” from his 2010 book The Servile Mind, Minogue reminds us that goals of Equity and economic justice turn “the vast majority of the population” into “materials to be transformed.”

Making the satisfaction of needs and mental health and well-being the new purposes of governments at every level turns the public sector, its employees, and their cronies into “a voracious octopus forever extending its tentacles into civil society and talking about partnership when the reality is unmistakably domination.” As Minogue concludes, and I agree wholeheartedly, “human history is very largely the story of despotic elites.” The ESEA Rewrites passed by the House and the Senate and the language in them seeking to manipulate the human mind, control likely future behavior, and track and alter emotions and the fundamentals of personality would amount to rape if it was sexual and accurately understood. These nonconsensual invasions do amount to psychological rape. That’s why there are so many lies and misstatements surrounding the legislation.

Politicians of both parties are dismayed by the character and values of people they believe they rule. They are keen to change us, but do not want to get caught out. So they either lie about the nature of what they are doing or simply do not bother to locate the truth. Either way we are supposed to be bound, ignorant of who and what is binding us. No one who has read my book Credentialed to Destroy remains unaware, even if the truth is painful. This blog now has several years worth of subsequent disclosures of the intent to use education to socially engineer the mind and collectivize society in the US and globally. Let’s expand on that now and all the deceit about “returning education to the states and local school districts” when all those involved keep openly discussing their coordination.

On February 3, 2014 the White House held a Workshop on what it called “Hard-to-Measure 21st-Century Skills” where a “select group of researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and funders gathered in the White House Conference Center to discuss the assessment of academic mind-sets, collaboration, oral communication, learning to learn, and other hard-to-measure 21st-century competencies.” Obviously none of us were invited nor do we work for the Rand Corporation, which has now been hired to develop such Intrapersonal and Interpersonal assessments. Unfortunately, Rand was very clear I had to get their permission to even link to their report so we will have to settle for me telling you about it. Hilary Rhodes of the Wallace Foundation was there though, which explains why their Young Adult Success Framework (July 1, 2015 post) fits with what I call developing the right kind of mind, personality, and behaviors as if people were Ervin Laszlo’s cybernetic systems.

AIR and ETS were there and Angela Duckworth of Grit and Perseverence fame along with Growth Mindset’s Carol Dweck and the OECD and UNESCO-sponsored Center for Curriculum Redesign’s Charles Fadel. David Conley was there–Mr Champion of the inclusion of Non-Cognitive Skills that did make it into the Every Child Achieves Act language and Creator of the misleading phrase College Ready for the Gates Foundation. They were there too as were the Spencer, Hewlett, and Ford Foundations.

I am afraid I do not know what anyone had for lunch or whether it was even provided, but everything else calling for “the development of student learning profiles and other methods that allow students to demonstrate proficiency in ways that are meaningful for them” was laid out in Appendix A of the Rand Report. Come to think of it that meaningful quote from the Appendix on the policy desired sounds like what Laszlo called the “subjective mode of comprehension” needed to turn people into engineered cybernetic systems suited for collectivism.

On July 30, 2015 in DC the National Academy of Science is having an open hearing on Assessing Intrapersonal (internalized in the brain and personality) and Interpersonal (how we get along with others and interact with our physical environment) Competencies. Discovering that is what led me to the Rand report and that White House workshop and the fact that on January 5, 2015 the National Science Foundation (#1460028) funded a study “to determine the best available methods to assess student skills in teamwork, communication, self-regulation of behavior, academic tenacity, and grit. These skills, also known as interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies…” Now if we go back in time to how the systems thinkers and cybernetic aspirants described their model of how education could be used to reengineer people from the inside-out, the phrase most commonly used in books from the 60s was “self-regulation of behavior.”

No wonder I see the cybernetic model thoroughly permeating how the Every Child Achieves Act will affect students. Now with the confessions from the language used in that NSF Behavioral Sciences grant and our knowledge of that White House Workshop, we can see the White House actively coordinating with everyone likely to fund or direct assessment in every state and school district to make sure everyone is on the same page in their vision. That’s NOT letting states and local schools decide. It’s forcing everyone to implement the same Reengineer the Mind and Personality to Control Future Behavior Model.

We got more proof of active coordination last week and a concern to make sure all layers of government are using all the “levers” of control they have to force a common vision in another federally-funded report on “Transforming Educator Preparation to Better Serve a Diverse Range of Learners.” Nothing like trying to use federal civil rights laws and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to force states and schools to use “developmental learning progressions” for ALL students and that teachers understand “the role of self-determination and self-regulation in learning.” There’s that phrase again and if we go further into the underlying 2012 report, we get to read about the two sponsors of the Common Core, the CCSSO and NGA-the National Governors Association (governors appoint state school chiefs now in most states), agreeing to use all their authority to force chiefs, teachers, local school districts, and anyone else they can bind to implement the 21st Century competencies vision.

After citing the Holmes Group Report from 1986, the Carnegie Task force from the 80s, and John Goodlad’s work, all of which I covered in my book explaining what the foundations for the real implementation were, the CCSSO report Our Responsibility, Our Promise: Transforming Educator Preparation and Entry into the Profession stated explicitly that “If we put aside our turf protection, find ways to collaborate effectively, and focus on what we must do for students to make good on our promise, this time we can be successful.” This time we will finally impose the cybernetic model of reengineering our students at the level of their minds and personalities. Any teacher not on board with that model or principal will no longer get licensed to enter the profession. Those who refuse to change will not be able to keep their licenses. “Student cognitive development” must be the new focus of the classroom and using “data to drive instruction” to change the students in the ways desired.

Backward mapping in the desired traits, beliefs, dispositions, and behaviors and then ultimately assessing them as Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Competencies or Higher-Order Thinking and Understanding. Assessments now for teachers or students are seen as tools to drive behavioral change. No variation among states or types of schools is ultimately where all this is going. The next post will also cover this theme of all the active coordination going on to push the same cybernetic vision and to cooperate with the global collectivist vision pushed now by UNESCO and the OECD. Before I close I want to point to a recent IBM paper “The future of learning: Enabling economic growth” being pushed by the Center for Digital Education. Now that entity is a subsidiary that takes us straight to mayors and local government officials pushing an expanded view of what their roles should be in building the society of the future.

More coordination, in other words, around the same politically-directed at the local level reimagined society and economy. That’s the real reason and context for “adopting analytics and promoting vision of personalized learning.” It creates the needed citizen suitable for a collectivist society. After the IBM disclosures of their vision of education and the world as a “system of systems” in my book, it is so exciting IBM is touting that “social analytics can provide insights from the interaction of students with social media sites, resources and peers to gauge levels of engagement in learning.” Because let’s face it, the ‘engaged’ student is easier to reengineer from the inside-out. How exciting that companies and public officials wanting to maximize political control will also have access to “Integrated student processes [that] will transcend individual institutions and allow for the exchange of student data, learning programs and outcome metrics.”

All that exchanging by the way and results of mind reengineering would be fully authorized under the Student Privacy Act introduced in a Bipartisan manner last week in the US House because such mental and psychological manipulation qualifies as being for “educational purposes.” The ‘purposes’ of K-12 education have just drastically changed. No need to tell parents or taxpayers since they might rebel.

Does psychological rape still seem too strong a term?

The impunity comes from writing this into federal laws and misdescribed required measures of student success, achievement, and growth. The impunity also comes from making this model the foundation of graduate degrees and teaching and principal licensure.

Only widespread recognition of what is really going on can revoke the impunity. That’s precisely what I am trying to do.


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  1. Robin, this is as crystal clear a presentation of the truth about what has just happened legislatively as I have seen anywhere. Thanks so much for making it so easy to understand.

    Will add one antiicdote to this and it deals with the National Governors’ Association meeting in Minnesota in the 1990s on the subject of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Education. IBM (surprise, surprise) was sponsoring a session for administrators and leaders (that of course we were not supposed to be invited to) at which a facilitator furnished by IBM was explaining how to introduce and implement the elements of TQM into local school districts. A curious superintendent raised his hand and asked the question “What if my older teachers don’t want to go along with these changes?” The answer was given without missing a heartbeat by the facilitator. She used her pointer and pointed to a box on the giant flowchart displayed on the screen behind her, then said, “You watch them, you document their mistakes, and then you get rid of them,” as she pointed to the box marked “Waste Management.” *

    This is the future for “experienced” educators who don’t want to do what will be expected of them under the proposed new rewrite of the ESEA. This is horrifying now as it was then.

    [* This was included in the book “the deliberate dumbing down of America: A Chronological Paper Trail.” It was my personal account having been there along with several others.]

    • Thanks for sharing that story cpw. I have been at some of the teacher licensure meetings here in Ga and listened to the lies being told and the vacant stares of the current Ed School candidates who just want a middle-class job with benefits and will do what they are told.

      With that title the IBM paper I mentioned will be cited as saying that personalizing learning leads to economic growth when the paper actually says no such thing. It does grow their consulting business I suppose as an advisor to local governments. It also plays right into the Smart Cities push and their desire to be the cloud hosting all this gathered data.

      When I read the Student Privacy bill last week that is to be the FERPA update I thought “this doesn’t protect against anything that’s the problem. Language “unless authorized by federal law” means that ECAA just authorized such invasions and manipulation.

      Changing the child psychologically at a neurological level IS an educational purpose even if we find it morally offensive. So I came up with this metaphor that is unfortunately accurate.

      • Seems CA is in lockstep with the most troubling aspects of the ESEA reauthorization.

        And not surprisingly OC loves Fullan and his snake oil.

          • Are you referring to that Equity and excellence report the GSBA and the GSSA conspired together to develop or the Standards of Excellence generally? Standards of Excellence is what used to be called the Georgia Performance Standards and then Common Core GPS.

            With virtually all the North Metro counties in that Large District Suburban Consortium and EdLeader 21 and Fulton also in League of Innovative Schools I would say Texas is ahead of us, but not by much.

          • Seems they want to make them like elementary school.

            That would mean less specialized teaching of subjects and more mind control.

          • is an example. Pavel Luksha was doing the education program last week at ICCC in Berlin with Ervin’s son, Alexander Laszlo. Not only did it turn up all the related GEF stuff, but the MIT/Skolkovo Joint Venture called Re-engineering the Future that GEFF is a part of.

            MIT is already a UN partner in its Future Earth Alliance work. I have the book. I have also now gotten my hands on some of the MaCY fOUNDATION cybernetics reports. Boy are the graphic about redesigning the human central nervous system for political transformation purposes. No wonfer veterans of the ed wars had trouble locating. Most of this cannot be located without the precise title and editor. With that though the intentions flood out.

          • This is another convergence oriented entity tied to the tech, broadband, and communications companies. .The Progress & Freedom Foundation that touts itself as being about free markets but it really is about what I called the Turchenko vision in my book. It has also come to my attention that this alliance of government entities and pols, Big Business, and academia is billing itself now as the Triple Helix.

            I went through these summits after a reader noted Carly Fiorina speaking here in 2001 as a keynoter. Interesting that this commenced in 1993 when Clinton became President, continues through the Bush Presidency, and folds in 2010. I guess the tech companies are getting their heart’s desires now with the current administration.

  2. Your title didn’t sound didn’t sound far-fetched but more like a breaking out of self-preservation mode and seeing these educrats actually are doing things, that for the one that exposes them, will make the researcher sound like a “nut” to the average person. On that note, I would like to share a doctoral discertation on the subject of this title that was re-written as a book titled “Prometheus Rising”, written by someone who is actually just telling the truth that is so disturbing, it is hard to believe, Anton Wilson:

    In a nutshell, he talks about getting all the kindergarteners in a room and simulating them through explicit language, disturbing their “latency”, waking up their dormant sexual awareness years before it wakes up naturally, then imprinting these kids with info to deliberately gender confuse them. It is also known that these years of normal “latency” is when “compassion” developes in the mind. If this time is cut off, the compassion does not develop fully. This is how one creates a mind fit for national socialism, (and unfit for “family”); Dewey’s intended design.

    I did notice the book leaves out words here and there. If you know what they are talking about, you can tell what words are being dropped out.

    • The original draft of the post had a reference to personalized learning being defined in a way that would include having students become comfortable with sexual experiences as well. All ready to live their lives as adaptive adults in a collective society.

      I edited it out to help the flow of the first paragraph but it will likely make the next post.

      When I have so many of the cited authorities on these reforms admitting that the whole point now is to guide and control behavior and constrain how the students perceive reality, how is that not psychological rape?

      • It definately is. This book I gave is another admission from a doctoral discertation, of all things, admitting how “professional education” uses the development stages to “imprint” children by intentionally sexually provoking small, defenceless children, in a classroom setting, so that they can “imprint” these children with perversion; the justification being to ward off “bullying”. …and parents think their children are safe and getting a fine education in “credentialed” schools.

  3. Great post Robin!
    Always running into Mr. Creepy Conley. One day I will attend something to hear his nonsense in person. As usual, I find what you write about in my state. I found this particular Conley paper of interest. Especially when he wants to redefine the name non-cognitive skills.
    “Conley (2013) presents a rationale for shifting from the term noncognitive to the notion of metacognition to describe student-learning functions”

    Given that his board member Nancy Golden is Chief Education Officer of OR schools does help explain why this permeates Oregon’s resolve to focus here. I wonder if we get a discount as a state for buying his b.s.?

    One question, how does self-regulation relate to assessment of HOTS?

    • Self-regulation pertains to behavior. Metacognition is the current, most used term to describe the desired neural map of overarching concepts, associate concepts, cross-cutting themes, grounded in emotion that guide perception of reality.

      HOTS is getting at metacognition. What strategies and concepts get brought into play when there is no correct answer. Those will tend to be what also gets used in everyday life when no one is measuring. is the original HOTS post.

      Evald Ilyenkov created a comparable push at about the same time in the USSR and called it Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete. All are designed to guide perception and frame what gets noticed, ignored, and guide interpretations of events and people.

      The cybernetic control of perception that these all amount to cannot exist in an Axemaker Mind. Cybernetics requires constructivism, which is why we have what was laid out in Chapters 2 and 3 and why the actual implementation looks like it does in Chapter 7.

      The amount of research I now have verifying that I am right on all this is stunning and with the phrase ‘psychological rape’ we now have the right metaphor to accurately frame what is being sought. It really is intended to be a steerable keel as John Raven admitted and I caught.

      • Many recognizable names in the cites. Apple Ed., P21 to name a few. Apple Ed made me think of Karen Cator. A quick search turned up these. Back to personalized learning. Can I rightly say personalized as “we will personally transform your world view so you assist us in transformation and think it was your own idea”? Fair statement?

        • Fair statement. Also remember that keynote was about the time the League of Innovative Schools began under her direction.

 from 2010 continues to make it clear to me that Texas did not need the Common Core because it was already transitioning under this Project-Based Learning, all schools are learning organizations, PLC vision.

          And every Texas parent needs to read my book. I went through the TASA Midwinter 2015 meeting this morning and there was a session confirming that the SREB has brought the LDC and Shell Centre materials to Texas classrooms to push it as 21st century competency learning.

          Remember also that the manipulators know the worldview instilled and what its nodes are that are likely to produce a response better than the student will. Also much of what is creating the worldview apart from activities is carefully manipulated virtual reality. Students will come to have false beliefs about how the world works.

          Bob Pearlman by the way is involved with High Tech High, the New Tech Network, and STEM education consulting. It’s the vision that turns STEM into CTE, which we can see in the language of that Coppell document.

          • This is the 2008 Texas Vision Paper.

            Now go to document page 5, not the pdf and read what is in italics at the top in light of what I have been explaining in the last several posts.

            Please do this on an empty stomach or with an adult beverage straight up without ice. You should be able to parse now what the Supers are really saying and why they want local control so much as long as they are the controllers.

            It is also interesting to note how much this Vision statement fits with what just came out of California that is linked above. There really is a desire to shift the worldviews of our most populous states and eliminate the likelihood of an independent Axemaker Mind with its own set of documentable facts about the world.

          • Whoa. That is quite the statement on dominant social systems governing beliefs. Let’s hope mission fails.

          • You can see why I feel compelled to write.

            Now the omnipresence of what appears to function as Transformational Outcomes Based Education makes more sense. Some of what is being targeted is the internalized aspect that prompts and guides likely behavior, while other aspects of the sought learning is the desired behavior.

            What I was starting to get when that book went to press was how critical perception was to an enduring vision across decades and countries. That book could not take any more facts though. Hence the sequel. I have had the internalized aspect nailed for more than a year. It was the language in Lamar’s secret, post-Committee ECAA version that sent me back into how Bloom characterized Mastery Learning in terms of action on the real world. Last several weeks have been hard on my printer and I think I may be personally funding amazon overtaking walmart.

            I doubt if Bezos makes much on these used books. The one that came today had a Preface that once again had those magic phrases. “My thanks to the Carnegie Corporation for making this book possible.” Then there was the ubiquitous “written the year I was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences.” I should have visited Palo Alto while I was out there in June. I could have waved and done my best “y’all” with my Southern drawl.

        See ‘outcomes’ on pdf page 18/44, labelled as page 14 at bottom. This is referenced in the linked paper as proof of the ‘efficacy.’

        The ‘outcomes’ are all self reported by students and teachers on things like how ‘engaged’ the students were and how happy they were. The outcomes apparently did not attempt any objective measure such as a test of knowledge or ability.

  4. From the Rand report, page xi

    “There is a lack of existing evidence regarding the
    consequences of measuring interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies
    at the K–12 level, …”

    They basically admit this is a fishing expedition at best and might not be good for students. So do it anyway and try not to let people get alarmed.

    • Notice the Hewlett financing and the confessions that this is also about the Deeper Learning agenda they are pushing. I have been saying that Deeper Learning=HOTS=internalized cybernetic neural net.

      I have now gotten my hands on an early 60s book published by MIT on trying to turn the control of perception into a ‘science’. When it showed up, it showed on cover page that Seymour Papert was involved.

      That brings in this old post .

      Don’t forget to back up paper. I actually printed mine out so I could cross-reference it against so much else I have pulled on this.

      People may also want to poke around the 2014 and 2015 AERA conference papers to see how prominent self-regulated learning is. That term really gets at both what is internalized and its effect on external behavior and the motivation to act.

      Those with access to a university library should try to locate John Hattie’s 1990 book Self-Concept. It is getting at the same personalized filter of reality, but has gotten quite expensive since the ESEA Rewrites passed. Always telling, especially when supply used is not low.

      • What are these facts of which you speak? Teachers are not supposed to teach facts of any kind. Students are expected to go into tests armed with mere strategies and nothing more. And the curriculum is also just strategies, without any coherent focus. Lord help the student, especially if he is a boy, who comes to school with a brain jam packed full of fascinating facts from his own exploration of the world from home. He will be smacked down quicker than you can say “learning strategies”.

  5. Finishing off that Tasa paper this afternoon. Quite the theme going on. I cannot believe they feel they are following footsteps of founders. The equity agenda is present, community schoold, P21 influence, heavy on Dewey.
    From P. 14
    “The new digital environment demands new learning standards for students so that they will have the VALUES and capabilities to
    live, learn and earn in a free society surrounded by a world that is truly global, connected , and increasingly competitive in scope and character.”
    So, very little content then, all behavioal. I have heard Austin and Portland are similar in Progressive political spheres. I bet they do not have Greenpeace hippie occupy protesters hanging from bridges with Kyaks like us today.

  6. A few weeks ago UOO had a conflict online when they released Ayers as a keynote speaker. Their mission was stated clearly on their page in reply to objectors. It has now been deleted. To paraphrase since a direct quote is unavailable “UOO’s mission has always been about social justice, and righting inequalities”. More recently a prominent Bats leader said “Because of huge charter subsidies in the bill, those who support ECAA are essentially selling out students in poor communities to protect those in the middle class and affluent communities. Yeah. I said it.”
    It is not a surprise then that the two organizations blend together well.

    Can we rightly state then that the purpose of opting out of state assessments has little to do with ending common core, but more about ending social ills? It is fair to assume then then that the movement to end high stakes assessment and move to alternative assessments is a push for the same.

    All individuals are not blessed with the same cognitive abilities. If we want equitable outcome for all, what should be measured to see that all achieve?
    This paper has a few ideas.

    “The pursuit of social justice is viewed as a process that aims to ensure
    that differences in people’s opportunities to access society’s benefits are recognized and addressed in order to maximise equity of OUTCOME. Assessment for social justice therefore takes in any form of assessment that has the potential to reduce the effects of a variety of disadvantages that learners may experience.”

    “Ultimately assessment has to address a variety of learning outcomes. These have traditionally fallen into academic or vocational categories, but today’s 21st century or ‘new’ learning skills are making demands for ‘new’ assessments. The new learning that is often spoken about is notoriously difficult to pin down but QCA (2008a) has identified some of the skills involved as team working, independent enquiry, self management,
    reflective learning, effective participation and creative thinking.
    Baker (2007) has also argued the need to assess “…adaptive problem-solving, risk assessment, managing distraction, self-management and changeable roles”

    • It just gets worse and worse, doesn’t it? Welcome to my explicit confession world.

      I was reading this that clearly relates to wioa without saying so.–Our Piece of the Pie. Now what attitude does that foster? Where’s mine? Who stole it? Gimme.

      These are the same kids who no one wants to teach to read properly and then their ignorance becomes the excuse to push all the other elements of Fascism.

    • It is interesting that the BATS leader attacked ECAA because of its bias in favor of charter schools, a bias which he/she deems a factor promoting social inequity — “selling out students in poor communities, etc.” Yet ECAA is all about social equity, and charter schools are being seen increasingly as the vehicle for advancing the social justice agenda. (And those of us in the independent charter school movement, with elected parent boards and a classical/traditional philosophy of education, take the rap along with the Jeb Bush-style franchises. We are referred to derogatorily by some of our fellows in the trenches as “the school choice crowd.”)

      Anyway, haven’t these BATS/UOO radicals gotten the message that ECAA has Paulo Freire written all over it? Or are we looking at something akin to the Lenin-Trotsky split? I once saw a short video clip of Ayers where he was grumbling about how the Common Core bureaucratic apparatus was sucking the life out of the radical educational vision.

      • Deborah-make sure you look at the research summit graphics above on some of the references to charters.

        Much of the rhetoric I am hearing on ECAA is false and either knowingly so or can’t be bothered so from highly connected people. The final bill is being set up to be a compromise on talking points when as you say, it is actually a combo of Paul Freire, cybernetics, and public dollars to private companies willing to push the Deweyan social change agenda in the schools.

        And if anyone thinks these insights are not setting off an avalanche of insights, the NSF is creating a cyberinfrastructure with all these hoped for data from students and the workforce. is just one example of what is being created to ‘manage’ us for exploitation.

        Probably via some kind of public-private partnership.

  7. Took my young children to a town near us that has a large splash pad. The traffic increased close to noon. Shortly after a delivery truck drives up and starts putting out sack lunches. Turns out the school district provides daily lunch to children at the park. This is a SUN school area. Meeting all those needs….. your tax dollars feeding all those children no matter if they attend the school district or even contribute via taxes.

      • Tom VanderArk is involved with that Global Education Futures group that created that horrific graphic on the previous post. The Carnegie Corporation, which funded the paper CPW linked to, also underwrote his most recent book and he was previously with the Gates Foundation. None of this is coincidental.

        The tech companies in Silicon Valley got together with the GEF people in California for a summit a few months ago. I have the docs and will cover in the post after the next one. Basically I wrote this one knowing where I wanted to go in next two. This week these insights have continued to generate a tsunami of confirming info and grants and info offline on what is being put it place in preschool as the foundation for this K-12 developmental vision as if we all need internal and external grooming ans sculpting by political powers and their allies.

        Also notice that paper is once again touting the California CORE districts. I noticed the Super of one CORE district–Long Beach–headed up the California Plan linked above that calls for statewide social and emotional learning standards. The report also tries to obscure what ‘self-regulation’ means. Unfortunately they cite the same example of getting to work on time that was used to sell writing soft skills into state authorizing standards.

        • Make sure you catch the reference on page 35 to GEM–Growing Early Mindsets. I just had an offline conversation on the required use of GOLD in state preschools and so I picked up where this was now starting.

          Sure enough, this confirms it.

          There’s our buddy Stanford prof Carol Dweck who leaves off so much of her earlier research from Lev Vygotsky’s work. Since I have Luria’s autobiography, I think all of this fits with Luria and Leontiev’s research that will become part of the cognitive science basis for the internalized and externalized cybernetic model. The one that seeks to make people into steerable, closed systems. Notice too that this arm of Carnegie is based at Stanford. Close to Dweck, Roy Pea, Linda Darling-Hammond and the bulging brains at CASBS.

          Intrapersonal and Interpersonal competencies is just yet another euphemistic phrase to obscure the unadulterated tyranny of what is being attempted here.

          Thank goodness there has been a traceable trail due to the determination to make all this binding. Good thing I gathered so much on the actual implemntation when researching Credentialed to Destroy back when most people had not even heard of the Common Core.

    • Turns out so many of us are living in states or metro areas that were taking part in the Brookings-Rockefeller Foundation sponsored PMSI-Project on Metropolitan and State Innovation to get to the next economy and italicized just like that.

      Funny, anyone remember the mayors telling us or why the definition of ‘learning’ now fits with the Brookings/UNESCO Learning Metrics Task Force?

      Isn’t PMSI pertinent in addition to wioa in all the hype in the ESEA Rewrites on returning power to states and localities? The ones that have already agreed to economic and social strait jackets involving the schools as a component under all these coordinated grants and complementary visions of OUR future?

      • “Except for Peg saying there is nothing wrong with these aims and it was probably created with good intentions”

        :/ there is that. Not good at all.

    • I knew how cutting edge we were and how determined the super and central office admins were to lie to parents and where this goes. I have all VanderArk’s work on GEF and know Carnegie funded his most recent book. I have spent the last 3 days working on a Carnegie financed and CASBS enabled book explaining how to expand this cybernetic ‘system’ beyond people at a neural level and go to social and political and economic systems. Written in the 60s.

      I can go to any school in the county and physically show what is intended, declared, and where they want to go.

      Wrong playpen boys and everywhere I go in Atlanta people look at what I am reading as I go through my life. They want to know what is really going on.

      And he too cited Michael horn and the Clayton Christensen Institute. Big Whoop.

      And the school board members believe “Robert would never lie to me.”

  8. Robin,

    Great Article!

    Having just completed some research on the “new” behavioral systems being used in some Charter schools and now reaching over into the public schools through AIR of which so many are using for their standardized testing and accountability and sneaky federal legislation. I do believe we are talking about the same thing in your reference to “self-regulation of behavior, academic tenacity, and grit. These skills, also known as interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies”.

    I suggested to my readers to get to the root they read the publication put out by the Thomas Fordham Institute (who are NOT friends of our children) and begin on their page# 34 “Chapter Two- The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Paternalism” and promise you won’t come after the messenger. When you are done with that I suggest you also read the document below it “Tough Choices or Tough Times” by Marc Tucker. If you aren’t aware of how their minds are working you can’t fight against them.

    Mastery Charter Schools, Kipp and Christo Rey Charter schools are all currently using the “no nonsense” program which is looking like it is aligning to this new one. In the Charter School world this type of teaching/discipline has been referred to as “No Excuses” Charter schools.

    Schools are contracting with the Center for Transformational Training or CT# to train teachers on how to implement “No Nonsense Nurturing” or NNN. Their clients –
    This new form of “control”, submission”, “intimidation”, isolation”, “shame”, “manipulation” “robotic”, “bullying” and “humiliation” is the nail in the tomb of Hitler type education and are looked at as “values” learning. Communication with your students is not to be communication but a one way directive or command of instructions with no expected response from the students – not even questions.
    After reading the blog of one teacher I too felt as if the goal was to turn out as many C-3PO’s as we could –robots!

    Those not familiar with NNN it is a robotic style of teaching which treats and disciplines all students the same. Communication with the students by the teacher absolutely forbids them from communicating with their students in full sentences. Teachers who are objecting to this form of education are being let go and of course once again the school districts turn to the untrained, uncertified Teach for America bodies to replace them.

    “No excuses” is also being used to foster “social justice” of which they are told it is to help them get into college. New Orleans and Detroit Charter stories are as interesting and shows education has come to be an element of social justice robots through intimidation. The children who are submissive are the most vulnerable and will do whatever they’re told without question – the others are weeded out and treated badly enough they ask their parents to remove them from the schools.

    “These schools are not geared to what students have to know – that is considered a waste of time”. Play, relaxation or extra-curricular activities are not important. The view of time and strict discipline are related by the way. In order to get these kids to attend with very long hours—they have extended days and extended weeks — you have to be tough with the kids, really severe. They want these kids to understand that when authority speaks you have to follow because that’s basic to learning.”

    How are the students doing? Just about takes a court order to find out or 6-9 months of FOIA requests.

    Living here in Florida has not made the fight east since Jeb Bush is still the governor in the minds of our legislators and when it comes to education they do as they are told.

    Again, as usual great article.

    • Welcome to ISC. Got some carpal tunnel this weekend so this will be shorter than your comment merits.

      Horn’s presence at so many of the conferences of participants in the Atlas Network (Fordham is a part as are all the other school choice trumpeters) and what was not in Williamson Evers recent Pioneer paper and other troubling incongruous experiences I have had makes me believe these organizations are pushing the economic fascism that complements the social fascism openly pushed by the Left. That insight had me looking at the Boards of all the members of the network I could think of. I had done this before, but the links to state and regional Chambers of Commerce and other businesses that benefit from a regulatory state makes their true function quite apparent.

      The charters are a part once you realize that all organization theory tracks back to cybernetics research. Charters control the operation of a social organization. Intrapersonal and interpersona; competencies have that effect on a person. Learning is the internalized neurological rearrangement that has the desired effect on behavior.

      Please read what Horn confesses to in that link and notice the name of the entity.

      Thanks for commenting and hopefully I can type a bit more later.

      I definitely get now why the ed ‘experts’ at all these Atlas entities all seem to actually be Poli Sci PhDs. Being deferred to as conservative when you are not at all is a superb way to guide people to a desired collectivist, controlled vision. What is going on now just fits too tightly with wht was laid out in the 40s, 50s, and 60s not to be the continuance of the vision. It’s why the continued presence of the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie Foundations is so important.

      The lawyer who wrote the charter for Fulton that allows them to operate as a cybernetic entity and engage by consent through the language in the psychological rape of students is a law partner now of Richard Riley, Clinton’s Ed Sec and someone both Jeb and Lamar just love to be Bipartisan with in their ed visions. Riley is the Vice Chair of the Carnegie Corporation.

      None of this is accidental and it is all quite traceable. That’s what I did in my book and now all the insiders are confessing and showing their common affiliations. If it is factual and documentable, we get to talk about it.

  9. One last note for your followers who might not be aware but are participating in the “Opt Put” movement in regard to their children’s testing.

    United Opt Out National is planning on having a convention in February in PA and their speaker list leaves a lot to be desired. Having Bill Ayers and Dr. Antonia Darder, an International Freirian scholar as speakers sounds more like a Marxist push than reasons for teachers to support Opt Out. Most people will have no idea what Freirian is nor will they know what conscientization is. One of Darder’s main teaching focus agenda’s was the pedagogy to social justice concerns in education. In her scholarship on ethics and moral issues, she articulates a critical theory of leadership for social justice and community empowerment.

    If you are not aware of who Paulo Freire is – he like Dewey, Skinnerian and Pavlov came up with their own form of the ruination of our children and their futures. Conscientization is uncountable, sociology education, which is fed out as a social concept, grounded in Marxist critical theory, that focuses on achieving an in-depth understanding of the world, allowing for the perception and exposure of perceived social and political contradictions. Freire taught at the UN School of Political Sciences – In 1979 he joined the Workers Party in Sao Paulo, Brazil and when the party took control of Sao Paulo municipality following elections in 1988, Paulo Freire was appointed as Sao Paulo’s Secretary of Education. Scary!

    So we can guess that Dr. Darder, boasting she is an International Freirian scholar, is also a Marxist and will be speaking about social justice to the teachers present at this apparent Communist event.

    I personally am very upset about this event as are others who have been working locally and around the country on opt out. It is an extremely important issues and to put Marxist speakers once again in front of the teachers who as you said – are doing as they ar told”, we somehow need to come up with a good plan.

    The only safe place for them is in your home – even private and parochial schools are not safe these days as they have taken the “almighty” federal $$.

    • Ayers was also a speaker at this conference at U Penn Law School that featured so many other grad schools there.

      Christakis, that Club of Rome founder who has created the Structured Design Dialogue and troubling use of MOOCs to get everyone of the same page in terms of ‘understanding’ was the first to highlight social systems science at Wharton’s MBA program. VanderArk’s touting of Fulton was a reminder it is now led by someone with a Wharton MBA. Another senior administrator’s background and degree is in Urban Planning. The social systems science and modelling apparently is a big part of the push connected to internalizing cybernetic minds in the students.

      Notice also the new definition of Intelligence and Coalition of Community Schools push. Now remember not just the community schools language in ECAA, but the Promise Zones initiatives involving multiple federal agencies in coordination.

      This 2015 conference is in the same vein. Reminds me of when we were interviewing for a COO opening and realized Harvard MBAs seemed to have a terrible feel for growth businesses and how they make money.

      Enough typing. Time for more ice.

      • Now if the goal is a Systems Being could we come up with a better foundation than what is in that GOLD rubric or the California version for preschool linked above?

        Notice the last name of author. I believe Mihaly Csiksentmihayi is tied to Saybrook too. He has tag, created the term Excellence, and founded GERG with Ervin and Bela Banathy all of whom I can tie to VanderArk when I can type again. In the menatime will keep pulling together the tsunami to show we are talking about rewiring the brains to create this idea.

        That was what so upset me–the open admission of things I have long since documented. No inferences needed.

        • Here’s more info on CA’s early learning programs. To make sure all goals are met the state used a RTTT grant to create QRIS, a system to assess, monitor and rate all preschools. To score high a preschool must use Desired Results guides, which Robin linked to a few months ago. Be sure to click on the Bridges e-journal.

          • Obviously this is a strong area of interest that more than one reader is tracking while I take a typing break for a few days.

            GEF has a framework on where learning will be in 2035. Others are showing 2030. Already downloaded so do not bother to start removing. Basically that takes these preschoolers now or 2013 when this started in earnest and make them the first generation to truly have their neural circuitry socially engineered for collectivist political transformation.

            If that seems like an overstatement, you have not seen my dining table or the vicinity of my PC and what I have gathered. The consistency is sickening and I have links from an Arlington, Va NSF late May workshop to IMS Global that we had already looked at. Remember Fulton was already involved with them from the Atlanta conference and being a sponsor.

            Enough for now, but the visions of 2030 or 2035 all say “that’s not when we start. It’s when this vision will be completely implemented.” Yet I have papers where one part, like the AI LearnSphere cyberinfrastructure, conditions the tyranny of what it is doing by mentioning the reading and math wars. The AI people wouldn’t know there was no dispute, but anyone who has read my book knows and has lots of detailed footnotes.

          • laughing entirely too much over the words unicorn farts. Definitely something I never thought I would read here.

        • Found this on the Facebook page of Core Concerns, a Colorado group:

          WOW. Competency Based Education (CBE) is another reform, being pushed by the Feds. It has been tried AND FAILED in other states like NH and Maine. It is set to come to Colorado –via the ReSchool Donnel Kay project. READ THIS short report from NH.
          ReSchool-Donnel Kay-Data Collecting Competency Based Education…/the-end-of-the-big-test-moving-to…

          Donnell Kay is a Colorado-based foundation. Guess who the gettingsmart link led to?

          He’s the happening guy!

    • Thanks. While I am ailing I recognized that the author of this concerning vision for education was a name I recognized from the early days of the blog. He came on to attack me for writing this post

      Now we know he has ties to Laszlo, Senge, and all the other systems thinkers who want a subjective consciousness. I knew I recognized that name as someone who harangued me several posts in a row after I began looking into Bela Banathy, who like Alexander Laszlo and Ervin was once Pres of the Intl Society of Systems Science.

  10. R – Have you been hanging out listening to LL’s and my convos? Because unicorn farts had to have come straight from one of us. Your threads are always an education, though!
    So, I was stalking Melinda Gates facebook page yesterday and she was promoting this concert in NYC for Global Citizenship. I looked at the sponsors and looked one up, The Global Goals. Don’t know if you’ve heard of them? Anyway, thought it was interesting…

        • I cannot type much yet, but this link shows where this is all going, in the US and globally.

          VanDerArk was there as was Ervin Laszlo’s son Alexander. So was Tony Mackay from australia so there is link to atc21s from book and gelp.

          this is all in preparation to delivering a report in january at davos.

          • And the co-author of this student privacy paper just released turns out to be a law partner of clinton ed sec, richard riley.

            That law firm is also the one that represents the same fulton county schools with that atrocious psychological rape authorized charter that vanderark was touting above. quite a web we just keep encountering.

          • remember when i warned in the book that qualifications frameworks always come with the tranzi obe focus? voila

            then there’s this

            no wonder pearson is selling its other divisions to concentrate on ed.

            look at how closely this mirrors the us but this report from uk is more forthcoming with its explanations.

          • Worse would be not accurately comprehending what is clearly intended for us. I do think things have happened for a reason. it has been an awful week for me in terms of pain and frustration, but it has let me gather my thoughts and deal with a tsunami of end game visions. i can also see why it always comes back to what functions as the Tranzi OBE vision laid out in the book. Those are the areas of the human personality and biological neural circuitry that need to be made over for future behavior to be predictable and subject to being reliably and invisibly guided.

            The engineered neurological ‘system’ then gets hidden by vague terms like Competency or integrating cte into academics or CCR that become the focus.

            At the end of the game though the players are talking about leaving us with only ‘existential competencies’ as GEFF called it or a classroom that alters the neural structure guiding the student’s thinking as the U of waterloo brazenly described what was intended. We are supposed to know this and I have been right on the money all along. People just need to wake up and reject all the false voices trying to mislead them or gain their trust. I also think the horror of what is really intended is why so many in charge are admin whose knowledge and mental abilities naturally make them better suited to work as a Walmart greeter or at the DQ register asking about the type of drink.

            I am also seeing admins whose true background is social system modelling. People forget the mind is regarded by these types of radical educators or just greedy ones as a ‘system’ that can be reengineered via the curriculum used and the activities pursued and especially via virtual reality.

          • Do you think the false voices actually know what they’re doing or are they accidentally false?

          • Appears to be a bit of both. It is also frequently a correct discussion of the end game, especially if they have read my book and just do not bother to mention where the insights come from. I have noticed though that the offered remedies may well make the problem worse. I would recognize that but the person offering may well not.

            Who does? Certain foundations do because i have been reading what they have funded for decades. Plus other than CASBS, there is a consistent centering on profs at harvard, stanford, and mit in particular. There are and have been people at all those places who have ben both the trainers and the enviosners.

            I guess I am the documenter and storyteller.

  11. Wisdom — What’s That?

    That’s an incredible chart — World of Education 2035 —

    It’s charts like this that are floating around at education gatherings. I’m sure someone can gather at least 3 dozen such colorful graphs that point to a glorious future — 10, 20 years hence !

    Actually, there are templates available to print your own Treasure Maps (see Google). I think these Education Futures maps should be printed on crumpled, faded, burnt-edges parchment-like paper, with a prominent X in some corner !

    This particular map would be a great spur for some after-dinner (well-lubricated) crowd to discuss issues as — information hygiene, decline of traditional governments, wisdom-based society, etc. We may know what wisdom is, but what is a wisdom-based society? Will this result from some transformed public education?

    Try this as a discussion starter. From this chart see — “Working & living in VUCA environments”. (VUCA = developing leaders who can counter Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity with Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility.) PLEASE, bear with me. This is no joke. It’s on the chart. Can you imagine sending kids to school with staff that have had VUCA leadership training? Can you imagine going to a conference to develop such a chart with such fanciful acronyms? They’re acronym obsessive/compulsive ! That’s a mental health problem !

    Well, we in British Columbia, Canada did have GELP (supposedly one of the outfits involved with this roadmap linked above) here in Jan this year. Tony Mackay and David Albury (Global Education Leaders’ Partnership directors) were here and Albury told the symposium that BC should get ready for a whole-system-change: “This is a pivotal moment for BC . . . if we can continue to work together in this way we can build on how far we’ve got and really accelerate and sustain this — we’ll achieve what nobody else has yet achieved and that is to transform the system across the whole province . . . to enable all young people to have the skills and knowledge to be successful in the 21st Century . . . “

    These Futuristic Education Charts are all about whole-systems-change and the average “Joe or Jane” has no involvement or knowledge of what’s going on. These gurus, these frequent flyers, keep popping up all over the place — familiar names — we’ve had Michael Fullan here since ’86 setting the scene for whole-systems-change: his speech then was “New Culture for School Improvement”.

    It’s a lot of snake oil but considerable money, time and energy are wasted as well as the lives of children whose futures have become the games of these gurus. They have no legitimate authority whatsoever over kids’ futures — yet, because no-one puts a stop to it, they keep twisting our schools into experimental labs using children instead of rats in inescapable cages.

    • Not ignoring you but still can only type with one hand. Giving me plenty of time to fully frame my thoughts though.

      Speaking of Fullan and Toronto the U of waterloo is another place where the entire vision going forward has been laid out in troubling detail. lEARNING 2030–making it a matter of public record in my possession. No need to speculate at all.

    • i worry about texans not understanding the significance of his national center on education and the economy having an office in ft worth in the 90s or texas’ key role in piloting the classroom implementation of the common core’s precursor–the new standards project. i cannot capitalize with one hand one finger typing.

      the coppell isd link above is clearly piloting transformational outcomes based education and that was 5 years ago. meanwhile certain texas researchers are trying to actively prevent texans from being familiar with my research. anyone’s personal intentions concerning teks are irrelevant to the actual implementation and bob pearlman is a key figure in the new tech network. featuring coppell is touting this vision as what learner-centered, workforce development ed looks like in a 21st century high school.

      notice houston isd is a key part of that future of privacy initiative link above.

    • well yes since he was a philosopher of social change. he saw education as the way to accomplish it. so apparently does tasa.

        • If there wasn’t an underlying agenda, their would be pulling of various people and groups in different directions, but you don’t see that; at all. If it were about money, the very reason all the pull is in one direction, barring all competition, is that they already have all the money they need to control the entire system. One thing the system does do well is to insure that anyone who wants to be held up as “educated” must thouroughly mock the idea of “conspiracy” and “secret societies”; (ie Freemason infiltration). How convenient. Acadamia casts a loop of reasoning, that the more intellegent a person is, they become more perfectly trapped by their “perfect” reasoning. If you ponder the fact all these things have the identical trajectory, including the identical dismissal of really bad and even harmful ideas, one would have to conclude, it is one agenda and one group calling the shots, they have one goal; a “religious” goal all the while denying their “real education” has anything to do with religion.

          “We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” – Albert Pike, Freemason Grand Commander 1859-1891

          Freemasonry’s “god” is “Baphomet” of which the first statue was “brought finally out in the public view” in Detroit last month.

          • this is a topic i avoid under my “must be knocked over the head multiple times to decide to go down an avenue” theory of what next. Having finally gotten my hands on some of the docs from the Macy Foundation sponsored cybernetic conferences in the early 50s, that will stay my focus.

            Readers though are free to explore whether what has clearly been documented to be going on is tied to other networks of personal relationships and political power. I will admit this is a topic that others find useful insights from. me, I am rather drowning in what I know to be directly relevant to what is going on in the classroom.

            I did get a phone call this morning from a reader wanting to describe the serious online effort that goes in to keeping people concerned about the common core away from familiarity with either my or anita hoge’s work. i guess we are the notorious truth-tellers full of documented facts and insights that see straight through coordinated obfuscation.

            I am determined to start writing again even if they are shorter than before. i Feel like i am bursting with relevant connections.

          • VERY good point! The more “educated” and “perfect” they are, the more trapped they are by what they deny.

  12. Robin, you might be interested in a doctoral dissertation that used a Georgia school system’s social studies teachers to give feedback about the introduction of Common Core literacy standards. This dissertation was produced at Liberty University and is entitled “Secondary Social Studies Teachers’ Experiences Implementing Common Core Literacy Standards: A Phenomenological Study” (2014). This study uses Marzano, Dewey, Darling-Hammond, Vygotsk, Ravitch and many others we associate with negative outcomes for children. It is somewhat encouraging to know that teachers have a hard time working in the requirements of this study, but they don’t object to or realize that adding the “literacy” aspect requires a reorientation of the student’s focus changes his/her “worldview” to a much more socialistic one, at the same time changing the teacher as well. It is surprising that the educational emphasis at Liberty has embraced so many of the education philosophers who do not embrace Christianity. You can find the dissertation at

    • i found her. she is a cherokee county teacher at woodstock high and was up for georgia teacher of year in 2010.

      did you know mihaly csiksentmihalyi labels himself a phenomenologist? his description of excellence in education and its actual definition is here.

      Georgia has now renamed its common core standards without change as standards of excellence.

      In other words this is about whole child change grounded at a neurobiological level. As soon as I can type again at length I will explain why I think Competency does the same.

      If changing beliefs and values is the focus, what is reenforced does not have to be a leftist political agenda. Something else could be substituted that would virtually guarantee both action and indifference while it is occurring to a transformationalist agenda. It has always troubled me that Glenn Beck’s book on the common core was so wrong or beside the point. Then after all the alarming hype there is Liberty and its on-line K-12 curriculum as the sponsor of his theatre event.

      A worldview is a reflexive habit of mind. Letting anyone create it without scrutiny is troubling. Yet their commercials now for higher ed end with touting just that.

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