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    • The true nature of accreditation needs to be understood. Right now these private entities that we fund act as the silent but effective enforcer for this political transformation. Once that becomes more widely known it should take some of the coercion pressure off school districts and colleges and universities.

      This summer I am talking about what is happening right now so that it can, hopefully, become an issue in local, state, and federal elections. This is our future. Too much was happening for me to be working on footnotes instead of increasing awareness while there is still time.

      The book is geared to telling busy people what happened and how it has already changed this country. And what is about to happen next.

      We have most of the pieces and all of the outline filled in. We will now know this story. And that makes it fixable. If enough people even become aware so much is about to change in education and what else that is fundamental to the quality of daily life is involved.

      I have faith. This is a spectacular country when push comes to shove.

  1. We live in a near complete Orwellian false reality. Our neo-feudal elite overlords have corrupted all science and all history….all to conceal their monetary system fraud. See “Fractional Reserve Banking Begat Faux Reality” and be skeptical of everything said by authority. It is past time for the Nouveau Renaissance and a Modern Magna Carta.

    • Hi Joseph.

      I have a few posts where I talk about UNESCO and what it calls Media Education where it literally lays out using both the media and educational institutions to tell us what we are to believe. What I call false, but influential guiding beliefs. The idea is that these beliefs and our emotions, instead of a well-stocked rational mind, will guide future behavior in predictable and politically useful (if you belong to the class of Statists interested in ruling.

      Interesting times when the declared intentions that are documentable exceed what science fiction lit would come up with.

      Here at this blog we keep piercing through that false reality. Welcome aboard.

  2. Where can most parents send children to school to avoid CC, with a reasonable cost? What countries still allow a great public education? The end of creative thinking is near. Thank you for such an insightful blog.

    • Lee-not Catholic schools as they are moving even faster than public. The woman who specializes in their surrender is Lorraine Ozar.

      Canada and Australia are further along than us as is the UK. I have copies of all the Asia reforms too. Commonalities abound because UNESCO, the OECD, the accreditors, and McKinsey consulting are the main drivers. In US and internationally.

      For international see Global Cities Education Network tag.

  3. Are you familiar with The Port Huron Statement of the Students for a Democratic Society, 1962? It was written by the red diaper babies of the ’60’s, and is a Gramcian blueprint for the transformation of our culture. While the majority of this manifesto is an uninspiring rant against life in America as they know it, it is instructive in their prescription for social change. They target the universities as a potential base and agency as the vehicle to implement this change.
    Given the state of education in America today, I’d conclude they have exceeded their objectives beyond their wildest dreams.

    • Yes. Tom Hayden’s first claim to fame. Before he met Barbarella.

      I know what commenced by middle of decade when ESEA enacted but 62 seems to be the year that is far more important to a sought transformation to what I call the small c vision than I ever knew.

      I thought about going into Herbert Marcuse as a rep of the Frankfurters but I try to put out what must be known and cannot be located elsewhere. It was important to go ahead and frame what Maslow and Rogers and the humanist psychologists were and are pushing through the Gramscian lens.

      It helps to get used to the idea gradually that we are dealing with deliberate massive cultural change towards collectivism via education.

      Thanks for joining in our discussion.


      • Deliberate cultural change toward collectivism via education…the most succinct, accurate description I have seen to date. Thank you for the most intelligent, fact-based writings on these education issues. You are a an irreplaceable gem!!

  4. Most of what I see written here has its basis spelled out in the “United Nations Agenda 21” papers section on education. I view this insidious agenda signed onto by Bush Senior as the written marching orders for the “New World Order” as often quoted by Bush senior.

    All US Presidents since Bush Senior have adopted the Agenda 21 principles with executive orders to the various agencies of the Federal Government right under the nose of the Congress.

    The President is the boss of the agencies from the NSA to Fish and Game, Education and probably 100 others too numerous to mention here. The people who work for these agencies naturally do what their bosses tell them to do as they risk termination and maybe the risk of having their career reputations destroyed as well.

    I am very pleased to see a rational legal mind go after the ramifications of the educational portions of the agenda but in any thing I write on the subject, I try to make it very clear that ordinary US citizens are under attack in all areas of their lives. It is not just education. The same ridiculous agendas apply to land use and police departments as well.

    I heard of Bill Gates and Microsoft Corporation liking the Common Core Curriculum fraud. Well…of course, have you seen what they have done to Windows8 and that “city on a spire” picture on the generic roll up entry window? Have you tried using Microsoft Excel above version 2003?

    Its not just Microsoft, Monsanto Company, the agricultural behemoth likes Agenda 21 too. Buy your food from Monsanto or go to jail, ask a farmer. Ex-Monsanto executives run the United States Food and Drug Administration, the agency tasked with ensuring food safety for the American public.

    This obvious conflict of interest could explain the lack of government-led research on the long-term effects of GM products. Recently, the U.S. Congress and president together passed the law that observers dub the “Monsanto Protection Act.” Among other things, the new law bans courts from halting the sale of Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds.

    The pro-Monsanto “Farmer Assurance Provision, Section 735,” rider was quietly slipped into Agricultural Appropriations provisions of the HR 933 Continuing Resolution spending bill, designed to avert a federal government shutdown. It states that the department of agriculture “shall, notwithstanding any other provisions of law, immediately grant temporary permits to continue using the [GE] seed at the request of a farmer or producer [Monsanto].”

    Obama signed the law on March 29, 2013. It allows the agribusiness giant to promote and plant GMO and GE seeds free from any judicial litigation that might deem such crops unsafe. Even if a court review determines that a GMO crop harms humans, Section 735 allows planting of the seeds once the USDA approves them.

    Public health lawyer Michele Simon told the New York Daily News the Senate bill requires the USDA to “ignore any court ruling that would otherwise halt the planting of new genetically engineered crops.”

    So, “what do you want me to do about this” said a fellow whom I had given this information to and besides, he said that when he lived in Minnesota, he knew of some farmers who had fought a power company’s eminent domain easement for a power line right of way and that the farmers had lost.

    Well, I do not live on your land and I do not pay the mortgage or taxes. I am already retired and do not have kids in school. Therefore, I WANT YOU to keep your eyes and ears open and protect your self. I WANT YOU to be aware and help others to be aware of the eminent threats we face.

    For sure, you do NOT want to wake up one day and find that your acreage is now part of a larger conservation or watershed district that you have no control over and for which you did not vote. You do not want your kids or grand kids to need a consensus to know what that 2+2=4.

    If you find you have missed a meeting designed for you to miss, where the only vote was for a multiple-choice consensus of A_ protecting the watershed or B_ protecting the endangered species and there was NO choice for NONE OF THE ABOVE then you are being / have been DELPHIED as invented by the Rand Corp. Look it up! Google the term, you will not like what you learn.

    I offer the same advice when it comes to your local board of education. BECOME AWARE; GET INVOLVED.

  5. Spreading The Word

    The book — CREDENTIALED to Destroy, How and Why Education Became a Weapon — by Robin S Eubanks is now listed on

    A friend who knows the Twitter world has just broadcast the book’s availability to 7 discussion groups in Canada — in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and a country-wide Canadian group.

    When the message comes in there is the prompt to view Summary and out pops the bold picture of the cover, a description and a direct connect with for orders.

    I’m sure there will be some strong orders from Canada as our powers-that-be are really uptight about any criticism and any monkey wrenches thrown into their plans.

    (I would like to connect directly with RES, if that’s possible. Thx. Tunya Audain)

    • Thanks Tunya.

      Virtually everything I talk about is applicable to Canada and Australia and UK. It’s the same model. I rarely bring it up on the blog but I have many of the docs from your country and others laying it out.

      I appreciate your support. I will send you an email shortly in case you want to talk about just Canada.


  6. Could you please provide a quick comment regarding the International Baccalaureate Program and how it fits into the thesis.

    Thank you in advance.

    • My kids have attended IB schools and I talk about this some in the book but the IB Learner Profile is basically a stalking horse pushing the idea that the purpose of school is to change the student’s values, attitudes, beliefs, and overall dispositions instead of the transmission of knowledge. IB is very influenced by UNESCO’s agenda of culture as a means of noetic transformation that can then change society and the economy as well. from February uses IB’s own conference materials to show where this is all going. The US partners with IB for education research purposes and IB also functions in a similar capacity to what John Goodlad called Mankind schools in the 70s. Those are in book too as they remain a model for where we are being pushed globally now.

      • My kids are in pre-IB. I stumble on your work through WUWT, reading a a quote from Medawar that you posted; “the spread of secondary and tertiary education has created a large population of people, often with well-developed literary and scholarly tastes, who have been educated far beyond their capacity to undertake analytical thought.”

        I’m going to digest the information in the link you provided. A brief scan brought no surprises, only confirmation that we’ve allowed ideologues and their distasteful ideas to take over the future, through our children.


        • You are welcome. I was able to get a copy of IB’s own history of their Middle Years Programme from 2010 and quote from it in the book. So I really am not speculating here. My own kids greatly preferred their AP classes to IB.

          I also have a post on Lynne Erickson’s Enduring Understandings work. IB had her as their keynoter the previous year so that is apt as well.

          The book definitively lays out precisely what the link is between the AGW hype, education, and the potential for social, political, and economic change. Using insider speeches and documents including from UNEP and the OECD.

  7. Has anyone looked into the possibility of stopping Common Core and PARCC by suing the state for “illegal experimentation?” There is no scientific evidence that Common Core or PARCC will improve student achievement, as they have not been field tested. This makes their implementation a massive experiment using students and staff as “subjects” without their knowledge or consent. I am a public school teacher and I absolutely DO NOT want to be part of this experiment!

    • Richard,

      Many states have essentially given their consent in the terms of their NCLB waivers. Also it may be immoral but with the changes to FERPA things that should and used to be illegal may not be.

      Sunlight on what is really being asked of teachers and students and the broader transformations all this is linked to is the best disinfectant I can think of.

    • Mona-I returned your email but you can reach me at robin at symbol reformforgrowth dot com. I am writing it out to avoid a spam invasion but that should do. Glad you have now finished the book.

  8. You need:

    1. A table of contents so that previous posts are easily accessed
    2. An editor, to slash your run-on sentences, to find homes for your dangling modifiers, and to correct other logico-syntactic problems that make your prose excruciatingly painful to read
    3. This website: hosted by Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt, a former Reagan appointee to the Department of Education. She is way ahead of you on this, having been working in educational reform since the 1970s.

    • Xath-

      I am sorry you do not care for my writing. I am frequently tackling far more dense prose and theories and trying to translate into approachable English. If don’t always succeeed I do move what I started with light years.

      The tags on the right hand side to some extent serve as a reference to different topics and posts on them.

      A table of contents with titles would not be as helpful as those tags.

      Charlotte and I had lunch last summer and she and I would both agree she was onto this long before me but also that I have made connections she had not. Our work is complementary. Years ago when I first made the connection between the Common Core and outcomes based education, Charlotte’s work was crucial to coming to grips with OBE.

      I keep notebooks of all my old posts and anyone is welcome to post in the comments or email me to inquire what I have on a given issue or to use the search feature at top of blog.

  9. Robin, This is important work. The 1st glimpse I caught of OBE, I knew it was the spawn of Satan, so to speak–it infuriated me see that kind of a blatant attempt at psychologizing and manipulation!

    We really do need many more examples of succinct ways of stating the difference between a traditional, body-of-knowledge based approach to knowledge and learning vs. an ‘outcome based’ approach to changing attitudes, perceptions and feelings in the educational setting–this is crucial, as even someone like myself who tended to see the evils inherent in the OBE approach has some difficulty fluently offering the thoroughgoing yet concise explanations and comparions that will be needed to persuade sufficient numbers of voters.

    Without repeated explanations and comparisons that are succinct and incisive, the public, even those who would potentially be sympathetic or persuadable, tend to be misled by the Delphic framing and language of the leftist bureaucrats.

    • Buck,

      I continue to work on that. I am reading a book now that came out in recent weeks from Harvard Press and the Russell Sage Foundation that is helpfully confessional. I also looked at something today from 1968 and the Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis that was helpful in terms of describing the behavioral reinforcement going on in Mastery Learning/OBE/personalized learning. They are all the same thing.

      Chapter 4 of my book really gets into the history of OBE with incredible quotes. I promise that I will continue to document what is really intended and why.

  10. I am, so glad this subject became a passion for you. Following you for a year now. I just had a baby girl and want to make sure she goes into this world with the right way of thinking. When your taught how to think a certain way for 12+ years you will adapt over time if you are not aware. I now have a decent grasp on how that works in the US but I live in Canada. I just found out through the The Canadian Commission for UNESCO annual report that they have a new president for the first time in 13 years.
    I live in Ottawa the capital city. and would like to try to find out what influences the core curriculum here and what direction it is going in. Any thoughts? Also what are your thoughts on early childhood education? Knowing what I have researched about the child’s delicate but subjective brain development stages I have decided to home school until 6. I have some parents that will do it with me so our children get some social aspect as well but at least get all the time they need to develop before entering that world. I want to help raise the same awareness to parents here in Canada so any pointers would be very helpful. Your making a difference 🙂 Thank You

    • Easton,

      The 21st century skills push is strong in Canada and the Canadians are pushing the same SEL Whole Child programs. The Canadian equivalent of the US’s Linda Darling-Hammond or the UK’s Michael Barber would be Michael Fullan.

      You can search out the Alberta Competency wheel and trace it back to Microsoft. There is also a 2011 report “Supporting Positive Behavior in Alberta Schools: A School-Wide Approach” and a 2005 report “The Heart of the Matter: Character and Citizenship Education in Alberta Schools” that will give you a taste for just how closely aligned the Canadians actually are to the UNESCO global model.

      What I have been working on today involves what UNESCO is pushing in the name of its knowledge societies agenda. I think laying that out will make it easier to appreciate the need to change the nature of curriculum. I am going to make it 2 different posts, but it will be applicable to what is being sought globally.

      I have been working on the nature of the US Learning Registry this weekend. It is actually global in its push through ADL and its global partners. I put a link to their troubling Imaginarium conference up yesterday. There is also a Canadian ADL co lab. that is pushing UNESCO’s digital learning as a means to change how minds work and what values there are.

      There was an international conference in Sakhalin Russia last fall (47 countries) pushing that very topic and the benefits of ICT to create the desired socialization. Turns out the Russians currently chair UNESCO’s Information For All campaign.

      But as troubling as what I write and documents can be, parents aware of what is being targeted and why have a huge advantage to remediate somewhat and make sure that their child can still read properly. People who know this Agenda will actually have the least at risk kids on the planet with genuine skills and a logical mind and the ability to still maintain a mental narrative instead of the to-be-fostered ‘clip’ mentality. Like obuchenie, ‘clip’ mentality sounds like a translation for a meaningful Russian word without a real synonym in English.

  11. Robin, I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts on the educational front. I’m going to give your book to my children as they have their own just starting school. I’m a long time lurker on JOM and follow you there. Just saw your link to your latest article. Thanks again.

  12. Can you post some links that would allow us to view the documents you reference proving that what are seeing in the US in Common Core is happening in other countries too. I have never been able to find any documents from the UK that read the same as CC in the US. If we could should without any doubt that what is being thrust upon us in the US is the same thing in other countries it might start some people thinking. I know UNESCO is behind all of this. The goal is universal education. All countries teaching all people the same thing…..of course not meant to educate but to indoctrinate. But getting our elected officials to see the big picture is difficult and there is nothing short and coherent to share with them in order to prove it. Thanks.

  13. Robin,

    I am a teacher who is alternatively intrigued-by the information and disturbed-by the implications of the information-by what I read on your blog. I wanted to contact you, but did not want my query to appear-as it appears to-no pun intended-under the “comments” section of the “Contact Us” page.

    Is the Robin at symbol reform for growth dot com still a valid email, and if not is there a way to contact you with a question that you don’t wish to appear on the blog?

    Thank you,

    • Yes teacher you can reach me at robin at symbol reformforgrowth dot com.

      Lots of conversations here occur offline because of the sensitivity of what some people are seeing and the valid concerns over retaliation.

      Welcome to ISC.

  14. Good Morning:

    After 30 years as a faculty wife in the world of extremely private liberal universities, I have much material to forward to you. Should I use that email, or do you have a snail mail address. It would be better if I could send a USB stick (thumb drive). I will give you one example of the force of power you are up against. Remember this: the daughters of great wealth, and the daughters of union leadership have learned to work together. One provides the power to brutally force teachers into submission. Using the money of the other who desperately needs to feel that they are agents of change–that they are doing something worthwhile. These women in the northwest of the US had the power to destroy an American US Attorney General. They are also the same women who immediately began to craft the assault on NCLB. These are the gals who got the intention and the good will watered down to nothing–only because it came from G. Bush’s white house, and now I see because they were already working on the agenda they were indoctrinated with in the 1960’s.
    Second item: Many of us who graduated in 1961 have sensed an amazing difference between ourselves (born during WWII) and the young people graduating just three years later. The first class of baby boomers graduated in 1964. Perhaps yo can shed some light on this dramatic divide in educational strategy. For myself, I remember two high school civics teachers:
    one a veteran with a crew cut. This man was an officer and a gentlemen–taught us how to reason. Hated war, but would go again to defend our freedom.
    The second teacher was a woman several years younger–she was under investigation because when she recently moved from one house to the other, the movers found a copy of the little red book hidden under the couch cushions. She was not rational and even in our young experience we could detect a difference in analytical skills. How then did this woman and those like her have such an impact on our younger brothers and sisters in such a short time frame (3 years). Ask anyone 70 or older if their younger siblings have always been much different in political focus and I think you will find that I am correct. The time it took to take over was very, very short! Feel free to email me so that I can send you material you should have. Thank you

  15. Robin,

    Thank you for educating me for quite some time. I pass on a lot! Although I was in education and wrote about our children’s unmet educational needs in the 70’s, I have watched the brainwashing since the Uruguay Accords. Failing to get us to adopt other strategies through the decades, the Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012 began promoting the worldwide adoption of the Happiness Index to measure and compare well-being of the people of different countries. This is to replace the comparison of countries via Gross National Product with a comparison that makes a case for redistribution of wealth via UN intervention. The green and sustainable movement is being co-opted to meet this goal. Re-educating people by grabbing their minds during early childhood is necessary to implement these goals of worldwide communism run by a few wealthy elite. The question is HOW can we prevent this hijacking? How can I help?

    I do wish you’d make it easy for us to repost your writings on Facebook and other social media. You should be heard! Thank you.

  16. Hello, Robin,
    You probably remember that I reviewed “Credentialed to Destroy” and tried to interview you but you were busy. If you want to interview me, I promise you I will not be busy. Anyway I want you to know about my book “Saving K-12 – What happened to our public schools? How do we fix them?” I describe it as lively reading about serious topics. I say it’s “a citizen’s guide to improving public education.” The Education Establishment has done a brilliant job of befuddling everyone, and making standards a little lower each year. I believe we have to save public schools or we are not going to save much else.

    “Saving K-12” is out on Nov. 17 but can be preordered now on Amazon. if you know someone who would like to review it, give me an address where I can send a book.

    You and I do much the same thing but you do it in a more highbrow way, whereas I am eager to be a populist. I say this to clarify for casual visitors what we bring to the game.

    I congratulate you on your excellent work.

    Bruce Price

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