Decreeing the Interdependence of Environment, Economy, Society and Cultural Diversity in the 21st

Can you imagine what your workday would be like if your boss or the owner of the company actually  had their own secret boss? Who was giving marching orders on what you should do or not do? You think you know what you are expected to do but there’s this whole other agenda going on in your workplace beyond your sight. It would be confusing and unsettling to say the least. Likely nothing you were being told as feedback would quite make sense.

That is essentially the role that UNESCO now plays in education globally. At both K-12 and higher ed and increasingly professional schools. Hugely influential about the nature of the degree programs that credential the teachers and administrators. Through the poorly understood accreditation process, UNESCO can influence what local school boards themselves can now get involved in or risk property value destroying revocation or just watch status. Then there is the dynamic that promotions from teaching into the much more lucrative administrative positions or from principal to the six-figure world of the Central Office all go to those implementing UNESCO positions with fidelity. Even if only a few recognize that UNESCO and its declared drive for a new Scientific Humanism globally for the 21st century is where so many contentious pushes originate. At the Central Office any chance for your own school district or lucrative post-retirement (or even while also still on the district payroll) consulting jobs go to those who implement with fidelity. Whatever the parent or student outcry.

So failing to understand the role of UNESCO or the accreditation process is literally a failure to grasp what drives what can go on in a school or classroom. Whatever the intentions of parents, school boards, legislators, Congress, or Governors. And that’s apart from currently having a federal DoED that expressly seeks to work in tandem now with UNESCO. If Romney had won the Presidency in the US in 2012 or if you elected a Republican governor, UNESCO remains a primary driver of policies and practices. It would just be less overt.

So when Bulgarian Irina Bokova campaigned to head UNESCO and return it formally to Julian Huxley’s pathway to an evolving Scientific Humanism that has nothing to do with the Renaissance and everything to do with Uncle Karl, it was going to affect local education virtually everywhere. Formal initiatives like the CCSSI in the US or Core Skills and Wellbeing in Australia just give the UNESCO agenda a vehicle to hide in. A vehicle that gets Bokova’s Agenda, or as she called it, her Mission Statement, into the classroom or online software program, where it can begin to alter Worldviews and Values and Beliefs. Just as she has openly declared.

You may not believe in global governance or that education should be about shifting away from the Western concept of the primacy of the individual to the Eastern concept of the responsibility of the individual to the group but Irina and UNESCO do. And they have huge, poorly understood powers to bring about change. And the fact that Russian speakers at a UNESCO meeting in Paris are saying that this New Humanism and communism (little c, see earlier posts) are the same should really give us pause.

Except we were not supposed to know. And honestly too many Principals and Central Office Admins are too busy blindly pushing whatever will get them the next promotion to care or even pay attention to the real implications of these policies and practices.
from February 2012 is a Dutch prof who attended the symposium and was alarmed by what he heard.

So when UNESCO and its Moscow-based Institute for Information Technologies in Education (ISTE) published “Media Literacy and New Humanism” in 2010, it was intended to change education globally to get the Mindsets and values and beliefs UNESCO seeks for a radically altered global future. Behind our backs. Without our consent. But still coming to a classroom or university campus near you soon because of the way education really works. And the relationship between the real drivers like the accreditors or charitable foundations or even multinational corporations (who simply prefer to do business with a government Ministry that can also regulate potential competition) impacts the actual implementation. Not any “standards” or outcomes that contradict the new transformative purposes of education.

So it is not kooky to talk about UNESCO. Instead, it borders on negligence to do work in education and not be aware of its role. And when UNESCO seeks to turn education and the role of the media globally into a partnership designed to limit what we can know or do and what we are to believe, we need to take them at their nefarious word that they are quite serious. This was italicized in the foreword to the original report:

“Considering media literacy from intercultural perspective, the authors describe its role in the world where the notion of the uniqueness of each civilization as an isolated, self-sufficient entity is no longer valid: Humanity must force the media system as a whole to shoulder the obligation to stimulate this intense intercultural relation that the global world demands of us. We must force it to act as an interpreter and translator–cultural translation–among all of humanity’s diverse codes: between our codes and the codes of the Other. In other words, the goal is to align the entire media system with the obligation to make a systematic effort at mutual understanding among all the collectives, peoples. societies and communities in this global world.

And if a certain group’s designs or expressed intentions are incompatible with a sought just, equitable, and peaceful world, do you make the presentation or curriculum about the actual reality or the sought one? See our problem? This alliance may be news to us but probably not to anyone heading up a global media or advertising or even a tech company. It’s simply what passes for the Way Things Now Are at the conferences we do not get invited to. Its assumptions basically pass into the water of influence that filters down from there.

I will say that I did not see a single reference to Uncle Karl in that report. But a restatement of his theories and metaphors so thoroughly runs through it that the book/report would qualify for plagiarism under any campus honor code I have seen. Basically it could be satire of how to get to the same end result without using the M word. Marx talked about the mode of production, the report makes the mode of communication the trigger. In either case though ICT is that trigger and it is time for education and the media to concentrate “on the processes of constructing personal identities” ready for the socially networked world and an era of “universal relationships.” Not too far from the language used in President Obama’s recent high-speed broadband and digital learning edict.

Marx may have come up with the metaphor that “All that is Solid Melts into Air” to describe the time of tremendous change but that quote might have triggered the real link. So the report cites NYU Prof Bauman and a Spainard instead for the insight that “our (everyday) life has abandoned the solidity of the past and become liquid.” Likewise, Marx’s outrage over what he called the alienation of man gets turned into statements about “a kind of personality dominated by being alone together.”

In case you are wondering what UNESCO seeks to do about all this, oh, nothing much. They just want to use education and the media to “decisively influence our psyche and our character.” Later, they get even more explicit on the goals: “transforming both the manmade environment around human beings and their interior,  that is their intellectual capacities and mental skills.” Two points for every reader who recognizes an intent to gain an EcoMind and prevent Axemaker Minds.

We would be here all day if I quoted every horrifically troubling intention. The next post will have to be the how. Here are some of the highlights. This New Humanism really benefits holders of existing technology since it wants veto power over technological development in the future. So there will be a high degree of cronyism as “the new 21st century humanism must foster a critical sense that is alert to the hypertechnologized environment and capable of discerning between what should be retained and revamped.”

Also the “new humanism in the global communication society must prioritise a new sense of respect for multiplicity and cultural diversity and must support media development with the goal of consolidating the new culture of peace.” Well, kumbayah, at last. A brief look around the world  tells us not to hold our breath but that knowledge is just not going to affect the classroom or newsroom. No, because “now is the time for us to be capable of reviving the classical idea of the cosmopolitan, universal citizen, with very clear rights and responsibilities, that entail a planet-wide commitment.”

And in the Brave New World connection that you just could not make up, here comes Aldous’ brother Julian as the inspiration for this 21st century vision. A vision that explicitly targets “our value system” as UNESCO and ISTE inform us that “We are calling for a global, evolving humanism, in the words of Julian Huxley.”

Do tell. And I will. More in the next post.


14 thoughts on “Decreeing the Interdependence of Environment, Economy, Society and Cultural Diversity in the 21st

  1. Your first paragraphs remind me of a boiler room for bernie madoff.

    Second when my son spent 1st grade at public school the walls were plastered with. ” charachter counts” Posters everywhere… I was like, well what kind of character???? A conditioning program. Vague, non western… There is a guy who sells a program of this name… Must be fulfillment of a lifeskills wellness health type SEL deal.

    Thirdly, damn those Fabians!

  2. I’d really love to know the details on how UNESCO and the accreditation folks work. You mentioned that they can influence property values. How does that happen? I’d really love to learn how these folks operate. It completely off the radar of teachers and even most administrators. At least that’s my perception.

    • is the original UNESCO accreditation post so start there.

      Also remember UNESCO is an explicit partner in the global digital learning/21st century skills consortium–ATC21S. That is now HQ’d in Melbourne to be off the inquiring US radar screen even though we are partners to it too. is the follow-up. I had numerous school board members from all over email me to say they were not allowed to tell me that was how it worked. And they were glad I had figured it out and was getting out the word.

      If your high schools lose accreditation then the colleges may not take the students. Clayton lost its accreditation and property values plummeted because people were afraid to buy there. Now the accreditors threaten school boards where members do not defer to the Super with loss of accreditation. And remind them what happened to property values in Clayton. The accreditors are now pushing the school boards to reach a consensus or act unanimously or they will write them up. The newest standards that came out in 2012 and I happen to have a copy of quietly insist that school councils must defer to the principal in a dispute and the school board must defer to the Super. Or you can be threatened with endangering accreditation with out of line behaviors. Both the school governance and school boards now go through must defer training that is straight out of Rand behavioral conditioning.

      Finally at the higher ed level the accreditors can threaten participation in the federal student loan program. And the previous ten year intervals between inspections has given way to continuous monitoring. At the high ed level the courses are to be shifted towards equity in credentials and the Lumina Diploma Qualification scenario. That has a tag if you want more on higher ed.

      Finally one of the elite colleges I have written about gave a presentation to alumni recently that I saw that said it is no longer the major that is important but the credential. That’s a huge shift in approach. Interspersed with lots of language about working for the common good. That college President’s mindset is straight out of UNESCO philosophy. And it’s not unique and the headhunters who specialize in higher ed admin are just not going to recommend candidates who do not have the desired mindset. And then profs get recruited who believe what the admin’s mindset reflects.

    • Then there is this example of what international aid agencies are pushing to drive social change.

      I am so tired of that inane phrase “making meaning” but UNESCO loves it. Of course they are also into the equitable distribution of what they call competences and capacities. Which we in US call 21st century skills without realizing it is coming from UNESCO.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. “Negotiating meaning . . .” It sounds so sophisticated, and so meaningless? “Gender” this and that, “cosmopolitanism” “an un-moored, hybrid way of moving through the world.” This is what passes for depth and profundity today and counts as legitimate work for a doctorate. We use to mock basket-weaving when I was an undergraduate. The airheads today have take the horse— to an entirely new level.

    • jelly–if I ever tell my readers to break out the tin foil hats, most of them would assume I will explain with facts and document names later and start looking for the Reynolds Wrap and folding in the mean time.

      This post about gaming is par for the course

      If the creators of the techniques used say this is their intention, we ought to take their word for it.

      Plus BF Skinner was quite graphic about the potential of computers for operant conditioning. And Bloom was confessional on his intent with Mastery Learning to keep learning at the concrete, perceptual level.

      But it is a cute cartoon and I wouldn’t claim it if I could not respond to being gently teased about the ramifications of what I am saying.

      We are both being subversive. We just have different material at our disposal and a healthy disrespect for deferring to authority.

      It’s already Saturday where you are. But it is winter.

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  5. Back in 2013 it wasn’t clear but now it is.

    The main thing that we’re supposed to facilitate, and to be unable to retain barriers against, is Islam.

    • Because it is less a religion for the purposes of the desired global transformations than a social, cultural, political, and economic system where the collective must be deferred to.

      In this vision each individual’s KBVAF–Knowledge {Concepts and Guiding Principles}, Beliefs, Values, Attitudes, and Faith have to be reshaped to the desired traits that become habits of the mind and heart. Last week, AEI dropped this white paper to make sure the so-called ‘F’ word would be a component of SEL.

      I am guessing I am not supposed to already be familiar with UNESCO’s KBVAF global template for the desired intrapersonal competencies needed to accomplish the desired SDGs.

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