Doubling Down on Deceit: Managing the Talent Pipeline Means Treating Students as Mere Chattel

This concludes our Vassals and Fiefdoms Quartet of posts with, perhaps, the most astounding level of active deceit yet on the extent to which people have become moldable chattel that exist for the benefit of politicians (at all levels and parties), public sector workers, and politically connected Big Business. is a report prepared by the US Chamber of Commerce for a November 19, 2014 national conference in DC to sell its “New Approach to Managing the Skills Gap.” The idea is to partner with “employers in regions and communities across the country to advance talent supply chain solutions.” Employers are now to be treated as the end-customer of the K-12 and higher education systems. That document calls on employers to take the initiative in “championing a new vision for employer engagement with education and workforce systems.”

Now I have written about the new federal legislation WIOA and its impact on all states and regions to plan their economies going forward. I have also explained admissions that the Common Core is really just a ruse to jettison the traditional role of high school and force the School to Work vision that was so controversial in the 90s. I have explained all the federal programs on integrating CTE into academics and forcing industry sector strategies and Career Pathways. None of those undisputed legal obligations that would be hugely controversial if they were being openly admitted is mentioned at all in the Chamber of Commerce’s vision. All the public-private partnerships that have been stealthily imposed as legal mandates are omitted so that when those partnerships either come into being or step out of the shadows over the next few months, they can be described deceitfully as a private initiative taken by employers to fix their skills gap.

Now doubling really isn’t enough to describe all the deceit going on, but I do like alliteration. Neither we or our children deserve to be treated as akin to things in an inapt Supply Chain Management metaphor for political power enacting a “workforce strategy for our time.” If I spend all this post just describing that document, the level of deceit and coordination will not be revealed. I do want to link to this story on each US state’s federally coerced longitudinal workforce data system and point out that this is precisely the expanded data sharing called for on page 28.

If you are wondering how the last post on Character Education fits in beyond the collectivist molding aspirations, let me introduce this 21st Century Workforce post from Charles Fadel of the Curriculum Redesign Project created back when he was better known for being the architect of the 21st Century Skills framework  (the one with the rainbow if you are unfamiliar with that P21 Global Graphic. Here’s the presentation he gave in 2012 to the Workforce Readiness Barometer Meeting Fadel, you see, globetrots selling the vision of “21st Century Knowledge, Skills, Character, Dispositions” blending workforce readiness, a skills focus, changing personality traits, touting mindfulness, and gutting subject-content as the purpose of K-12 education.

The last post’s Eleven Principles were just the US directed component of a global movement with the same vision of education and a planned economy in the 21st Century. Since we could not make it to Geneva, Switzerland back in October to attend “Character Education for a Challenging Century” that Fadel put together, here’s the program. Fadel is clearly a busy man, but this quote from a 2012 presentation he gave in Peru citing Christian de Duve, a Nobel laureate in Medicine, gets at why social and emotional skills and personality manipulation are so important to the 21st Century Skills Framework Fadel sells. “We have evolved traits (such as group selfishness) that will lead to humanity’s extinction–so we must learn how to overcome them.”

Now we are not going extinct, but we are in the midst of a carefully choreographed global coup involving education, economies, and a push to collectivism. With all this manipulation and called-for combining of “head, heart and hand” so we will feel compelled to act for transformation as desired (or at least tolerate it happening). Back in 2009 Fadel and Bernie Trilling (of the Oracle Foundation and thus tied to yet another tech company) published a book called 21st Century Skills that laid out this entire vision and its ties to other troubling initiatives like Digital Promise, Competency Education, Next Generation Learning, and the League of Innovative Schools. We are familiar now with all those things between my book and this blog, but that 2009 book once again confirmed that all these education visions are about it being “time to give all our students the chance to learn how to build a better world.”

The book ends with a diagram called the Big E Glocal Problems. Education at noon on the circle, Equity at 2 o’clock, Environment at 5, Energy at 7, and Economy at 10. Global problems that students can get involved in locally in their communities. When the diagram creates a star among all those points, in the middle is Quality of Life as the need for societies now to push the UN and the OECD’s visions for Subjective Well-Being and Gross National Happiness not tied to economic growth. Yes, that is also known as Marx’s Human Development end-stage model.

Not a huge shock since the OECD, UNESCO, and the World Bank (remember its mental models recent confession?) are all named partners of Fadel’s in that CCR. The book also stated that Fadel and P21 area are advising the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperative (APEC) on this vision, which explains why we keep running into it in countries without any Common Core. Australia, China, Canada, Russia among others are listed. Fadel and Trilling also write about developing a communications strategy to sell this vision. Precisely what hyping the need to “Close a skills gap so that America can be internationally competitive” deceitfully does.

I have pointed out before that CCR has lots of tech company partners, but one of Fadel’s slides mentioned a company called Sematech. I looked it up and it’s a tech research colluding consortium touted as the “model for how industry and government can work together to restore manufacturing industries–or help start new ones.” Corporatism is the polite term for this arrangement, but it has others. Needless to say it all fits in with the Chamber’s vision of public-private partnerships among governments at all levels, colleges and universities, and Big Business and collaboratives of small and medium-sized companies. Anyone remember the 1976 Turchenko vision from my book? We’re Here!

One of the co-authors of that Chamber Report is tied to the creation of labor market credentialing  and thus Qualifications Frameworks in the US just as I predicted in my book. Yet another controversy no one is owning up to. Another is tied to this consulting group that went bankrupt.  We can understand how a planned economy benefitting the politically connected would seem far less messy. The third ties it to the Manufacturing Alliance’s vision of STEM Pathways developed in Illinois.

Anyone know any prominent US politician from that state? Yes, residing in the White House and thus in a position to see that federal agencies and Congress have been quietly implementing this “framework for a new education and workforce paradigm that we call talent pipeline management.”

Because that sounds so much better than the reality of vassals and fiefdoms and what Benito called Fascism. I have given lots of cites here because we are talking about grave matters and we deserve to recognize there is no dispute over what is being tried. But no one involved wanted this full vision to come out. This is a vision of the future that can only last as long as the Federal Reserve can still print money magically or the US can borrow it. None of the people involved at any level have an incentive to put all these pieces together or imagine the real consequences of the vision.

As usual, we ordinary people and taxpayers have no choice but to take a hard look at this reality. That’s the only way to start the vehement protests in time and know what to do to best protect our loved ones in the meantime.

Speaking of that, I hope all my readers are enjoying this special time of year. It’s about time for me to shift fully into Chief Elf and Cookie Maker Mode.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


110 thoughts on “Doubling Down on Deceit: Managing the Talent Pipeline Means Treating Students as Mere Chattel

    • I think when I tell people that the OECD and UNESCO are pushing these toxic ideas to facilitate what they call the Great Transition [see tag], they may be reluctant to believe me.

      Notice that in December the push is on once again to use religions for transformative change.

      It is stilted in its language but it really makes the entire targeting of perception crystal clear, doesn’t it? That targeting is crucial to training people to think ideologically and through metaphors without really recognizing that manipulation.

      • “Codes are ubiquitous in human cultures. Indeed, all cultural systems can be analyzed in terms of their underlying codes.2 Thus, we can speak of linguistic codes, behavioral codes, legal codes, traffic codes, dress codes, codes of ethics, and countless others that are embedded in diverse cultural systems. In turn, these cultural codes shape the consciousness of those who grow up within their matrix and internalize them, often unconsciously. In the process, they establish the rules of correspondence, or conventions, by which thought, talk, and action become mutually intelligible within a shared culture. ”

        I have said before it is in the churches. What a corrupt evil way to penetrate people where they deeply internalize messages. Obviously why they use it. Many things we discuss frustrate me but this makes my blood boil. They cry separation of church and state daily. They are so offended at anything that may represent a value with a biblical base. We do not talk religion here often we may elude to it, and I don’t mention my personal views on it. This clearly fits with the anti God movement. Not just God but the movement against Christ any anything that represents believers values. It is truly evil to infiltrate churches and use them for political transformation. To manipulate and sway the emotions of attendees to fit an agenda that will fail and not just cause economic chaos but personal damage. Sickening.

        • But the message is getting out, which is why I write and keep at this.

          This is from a conference call I was on last night if anyone wants to hear my southern drawl. Kept me up to greet my college kid who drove home after finals ended and got in after midnight. Two down and one to go. Of course he’s the human eating machine.

          • I listened. Great interview. I did want to as the teachers view on SEL and wrap around services. But that would go against the it’s all about profiteering message.

          • Read this blog post from Karen Cator who was President of P21’s Board when Fadel and Trilling wrote that book and earlier when Fadel created the rainbow graphic.

            The vision these Digital Promise employees share for the League of Innovative Schools certainly explain why the local LIS district keeps a 70 person police force and just got 2 Humveess from the feds.

            This idea that a Ferguson curriculum has been developed that LIS is pushing. Parents will never see that and know what falsehoods teachers are pushing.

            Cator wrote a blueb for the book so we do not have to speculate that all this is connected. The people involved have done that. We simply followed the trail.

          • Oregon is one of the states listed as attending this first ever State Workforce and Education Alignment Project.

            Notice it is Ford Foundation and JP Morgan backed on top of the NSC’s link to feds. Also notice Texas and Florida appear to already be further along in this process. That fits with the 2006 Florida Trend article I found saying Florida was the model for the NGA’s interest in jettisoning the traditional high school.

          • Wow. The image of schools as digital sweatshops with 1 teacher for 100 students as students are pressed to work on endless projects (about 1:05 near the end), as teaching cost is eliminated from the system, really puts everything in perspective.

            I find this chilling, especially because when we send our young kids to school, we want them cared for by responsible adults who like children. We turn over parenting to them for the school day. We didn’t intend for them to be drafted into vast computerized projects under the whip of an unaccountable computer program.

          • From that last link about the network in metro Pittsburgh:

            “As sociologist Annette Lareau has documented in her book, “Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life,” lower-income and less-educated parents, in contrast, are still embracing a more “free-range” childhood. The latter approach, which relies heavily on schools to prepare kids for their futures, worked as a strategy for decades. But it no longer does.

            Economists Greg Duncan and Richard Murnane found that, in 2005 to 2006, the most affluent families spent an average of $8,872 on enrichment activities per year, whereas poorest families spent $1,315. This gap has grown significantly since the 1970s.

            “What you see is more and more money being spent privately for enrichment activities, which means the education gap is growing,” said Michele Cahill, vice-president of the National Program at the Carnegie Corporation of New York.”

            Oh where to begin …

            How do they get that relatively affluent families spend $9000 per year on outside enrichment? Nobody has that kind of money. What are they counting: good food? Full cost of a vacation trip that is educational, and all travel is educational? Where does this number come from?

            Families I know don’t spend much to enable the kids to master meat and potatoes academics. It might indeed be extra stuff like robotics, always a popular thing in Pgh. But that’s because they think it’s interesting or the parents do it or they hope the kids will become robotics engineers. Not that they expect everyone will be. You can get there without the extras, if you just do well in school math and science and keep on going in college, the same as if you do have the extras.

            And if it IS important to have the extras now, does that invalidate the meat and potatoes stuff that schools have traditionally taught? Again, I don’t care how many robots you’ve built from kits, if you can’t read and do algebra effortlessly, you’re not going to become a robot engineer.

            So this is a solution to a problem that has not been proved, supported by apparently phony evidence of symptoms that may not be very important anyway. Truly a solution in search of a problem.

            Yes, someone wants the solution for some other reasons.

          • Just like hyping the achievement gap so that only a social and emotional learning and group projects or game-based learning qualify as equitably accessible to all students.

            This story came out today on how researchers have developed cognitive training that will help reorganize the physiological structure of the frontal lobe in adolescents.

            It is hyped as a means to close the achievement gap and let low income students catch up academically to their higher-income peers. What’s not to love, right? Bring on the civil rights lawyers from DOJ and DoED. If we click through to the underlying research paper though here , we learn a new term to describe what we know as perceiving through lenses, cybernetics, Engestrom’s Learning by Expansion, Resnick’s rigor and Higher Order Thinking Skills, the Thinking Curriculum, and Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete–gist reasoning.

            It also reveals that NAEP is assessing for that type of ideological reasoning. Nice admission.

            So are we going to require the use of this technique created by declared Marxists or just quiet Cultural Historical Activity School advocates seeking cultural transformations in worldviews as legally obligated in the classroom under civil rights law interpretations?

            This would certainly fit the Equity and Excellence mantra. Too bad I have tracked these concepts all over the world and over decades and can recognize what gist reasoning is describing.

   is the HuffPo story hyping this. The reality is this fits right in with Ariana’s work now hyping subjective well-being and the need to remake the nature of business away from a focus on profit to meeting people’s needs.

            Anyone who has read my book will be ready for the events planned for 2015 as the Turchenko vision is to be implemented in earnest. Anyone who has not will need those blueprints laid out there to follow along.

        • Fadel’s 21st century skills, namely ” knowledge”, clearly reference that New Age
          ” knowledge” of human potential, coming from the ” tree of knowledge” that biblical reference to the serpent in the garden of Eden. The Barbara Marx Hubbard, Maralyn Ferguson, Alice Bailey, Alastair Crowley,
          ” knowledge, that we are each Gods, ie the do thou what thou’st will” knowledge. The no rules ” knowledge”, that the ends ( utopia, world peace, sustainability) justify the means.
          So yes the anti God message is loud and clear. The telltale signs of deception in every sector, church infiltration, local government, education… The indeed sickening scent of darkness and betrayal. It all lines up.

          • I think you are correct, Madmommie, about the knowledge spoken of here. It is ancient and was first mentioned to man by the serpent in Eden. Same lies, same promises, same disappointments and griefs. Same source, and the same success in the “men without chests” that C.S. Lewis wrote about- which is many of the men I see in America today.

      • You said:
        Notice that in December the push is on once again to use religions for transformative change.

        I just happen to be reading “The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor” (Paul Kengor, 2012). The book is very good so far. Not a hatchet job by any means.

        “”Unfortunately, communists had their greatest success among ‘social justice’ Christians, especially among three mainline Protestant denominations ….Herb Romerstein, the veteran investigator of the communist movement, and himself once a communist, when asked which group of Americans were most manipulated by communists, unhesitatingly answered ‘liberal Protestant pastors.’ Romerstein calls them ‘the biggest suckers of them all.'”(Chapter 2, Atlanta 1931-32, p. 36).

  1. I came across this in the local paper. My snarky sarcastic comments may be misplaced. The labs may be fine. the related classes may be fine. Perhaps just the article is written by a moron or a non-moron reporter quoting teachers. If this is an extension of the tech ed stuff then fine but it seems to be something different. I have no problem if some activities are used to motivate students to study some math or CAD or 3-D CAD etc.

    This is my take on the CTE being a joke. In the same amount of time from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the Japanese surrender the current US govt could not get a simple healthcare web site and related software working. They know nothing of CTE.

    Fab Labs’ bring creativity to south metro schools
    Article by: ERIN ADLER , Star Tribune Updated: December 5, 2014 – 10:00 PM
    Three of the new labs have opened in the south metro, helping students ‘build their own future.’

    Among metro area schools, fabrication laboratories — “Fab Labs” — are growing in popularity. The labs are places where students can create anything they dream up, using high-tech machines such as vinyl cutters, 3-D printers, laser engravers and “CNC routers,” meaning computer-controlled cutting machines.

    No one is more enthused about the new spaces than the students, officials say.

    “It’s amazing,” said Jim Lynch, a program manager at Apple Valley High School. “Working with students, I can tell you it’s just such an interest-generating thing, like moths gathering around a light. They don’t want to leave once you introduce them to the equipment.” [We need more program coordinators. ]

    The labs aren’t just aimed at kids in industrial tech or computer classes. They will be integrated into disciplines like art and athletics.

    Our goal is ultimately that it would be available for all classes,” said Cathy Kindem, a teaching and learning coordinator in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan district. [Gotta have those teaching and learning coordinators. Did they fire shop teachers to hire the make believe shop teacher?]

    Education trends

    The labs play into several larger educational trends, including an increased emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. Another goal is to help students develop skills in school they will need in the workplace, like creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. [Which previous generations all lacked]

    During the last period of the day, Kyla Williams, a sixth-grader at Valley Middle School, carefully put transfer tape on a pile of vinyl decals to make stickers, one in the shape of “Hello Kitty.”

    “It’s actually pretty fun, going through all the steps,” she said. “It’s amazing — you can make anything that’s a JPEG [a digital image] into a sticker.” [The Chinese are quaking in their boots.]

    “We’ve taught students how to take tests and regurgitate information, but this forces them into using higher-level thinking skills to solve problems,” Lynch said.

    Another hallmark of the MIT model is that labs should be open to the community. All three schools are working on ways to make that happen, through community ed or open hours during weekends and evenings. [fat chance of that happening]

    Prior Lake’s lab has $80,000 worth of equipment, but the entire lab cost nearly $200,000. Sponsors like Seagate and Stratasys helped fund it, and the school also works with the University of Minnesota for teacher training and curriculum, Lund said.[people who know nothing of the subject matter and are too dumb to learn which is why they majored in education]

    • eclectic-the Fab Labs remind me of New Tech High in Napa and High Tech High in San Diego and the Maker Movement. Both those high schools are touted by Fadel and Trilling in their 2009 book as exemplars of their vision.

      They also get cited routinely by the OECD and UNESCO because it fits with the Learning by Doing exemplar in the 1996 UNESCO DeLors Report. is the UNESCO vision from the late 80s as well.

    • Oh my LL,
      That is incredible. Lol the ” make believe shop teachers”, it really is the biggest hoax. They want the community to have access to making stickers too. Hilarious. With the 11th grade STEM or STEAM or Gym or shop class… Hahaha and parents buy it. Because it is hyped and they have no access to materials and are all busy working to pay the taxes that the fed spends making up this crap. Nice.

      My Christmas prayers go out to all of you here and to all the others who need to wake up. Joyeax Noel!

      • Madmommy-I had an epiphany doing the stockings and decided to look into known connections involving economic development, the public-private partnerships, and stripping local school board’s of their authority while tying in the vision to the power of the accreditor AdvancED.

        Looky, looky what a search turned up. Atlanta as the North American training center for promoting the training of local and state officials in promoting the MH vision centering on economic development, sustainability, and Quality of Life. Notice the Education Initiative is all about using computers.

        Also this CIFAL 2013 report tying to higher ed pushing Global Perspectives sent me back to this old confessional post I had also forgotten until I reread it that we already had P21, before we knew about Fadel and CCR, teaching that the curriculum now needed to be derived from the “lived experience of the student” instead of a “collection of fixed texts.” The former lets the transdisciplinary cybernetic mental framework to guide perception reliably to be put in place. Fixed texts can create an Axemaker Minded Individual with his or her own conceptual understandings and ideas of how they wish to behave as an adult.

        Ding. Ding. No wonder Johnny Isakson and Patty Murray co-sponsored WIOA. It is an essential component of achieving this vision. Atlanta has this entity tied to the UN and Seattle has all the links to China like its hosting of the Baoa Forum with Bill Gates. Fits too with Texas since I am told that the person behind the stripping of authority from school boards there in the mid-90s has a son who is on the State Board there now and a Microsoft lobbyist.

        The Turchenko vision and all the state development plans are due by July 2015. This current epiphany started when so many of the local city council recused themselves because their wives worked for entities wanting public grants. It’s like everyone I meet pushing this adult livelihood comes from sucking tax money disguised as development authorities or nonprofits sustained by taxes etc.

        Please don’t worry I am not taking a break today. My big production was last night and my oldest is driving home today so we are waiting on him.

        One of the radical groups I monitor sent holiday greetings that 2015 was the year that we finally would reject capitalism which benefited the few at the expense of the majority. No, that would be this Crony Corporatist public private partnership vision of exploitation by the public sector. What changes in 2015? WIOA goes live. No wonder the group changed its graphic to add economic justice.

        Who after all would connect the dots and join together the pieces? We have and the fight over the Common Core and deceit over whether the US economy is actually growing are mere diversions from this seizure of power to direct people and control places.

        • UNITAR’s tie to Kennesaw Stae in turn brings in the White Houses’s higher ed initiative with Harry Boyte to build a cooperative commonwealth as he calls it or what the UN and Peter Senge call the Regenerative Society. I remembered KSU’s involvement since I remember when it was still a junior college. Anyway it plays into AASCU’s new vision for higher ed to create global citizens we saw here.

          KSU is also tied to the AACU’s Seven Revolutions Vision for Educating Globally Competent Citizens and the equally deeply troubling new Principles of Excellence

          Both posts should be reread or read for the first time while I am taking a holiday break. I can already see the connections to the recent ECS/State Farm framework vision for Citizenship that came out Thanksgiving week.

          • Thanks. To you and yours as well. Reading those links on cifal atlanta is the discovery that truly cracks this vision and attempted invisible coup wide open. It will be difficult to get people to accept a straitjacket on their futures once it is better known. No ambiguity at all. Especially when you look at all the officials from the federal Department of Commerce at this 2010 Summit and the mention of ties to the Pathways to Prosperity Network.

            Notice the vision of education and workforce preparedness as one and the same with nary a mention of the Common Core.

            Deborah Wince-Smith, who was one of the speakers, was back in Atlanta in September 2013, for me to listen to her speak in person at the (co)lab event where everyone was hyping Fulton County’s charter and how Atlanta was to be the template for achieving Martin Luther King’s Beloved Community vision. I came home, looked it up, and wrote about it here.

            So it turns out that being internationally competitive is not just an OECD gambit using PISA to drive education in this direction. It means accepting the UN’s MH, New International Economic Order vision and view of the Americas as a single economic entity. No wonder no one wants to disallow illegal immigrants flocking in from Central America and bringing deadly viruses with them. There’s a hint of this in the Brownsville part of that MDC report that says that illegal immigrants are entitled to being treated as equally valid members of society to productive citizens of long duration. It is an odd statement unless their role in enabling the achievement of this long sought World Order Models vision is the whole point of the presence.

            Managing the Talent Pipeline indeed. Notice the US Chamber is involved with UNITAR as well.

            I would say Eureka, but it’s Christmas so perhaps God Bless Us Everyone as Tiny Tim would say is more in order. Not Serfs Yet and Not Going to Be Either will need to be our rallying cry in 2015.
            Time to enjoy the quiet before the rest of the family gets back from the Hobbit movie.

          • Patricia Lynn Murray is Washington State union hack. Supported by wacpusa and council for a liveable world, WA labor union for women. In addition she has been quoted in papers wanting a federal food assistance program. On top of that her background is in early education. Speaks fluent Ed and I would nearly guarantee she is aware of the full vision.


    Check out this! Personality matters more than intelligence:

    Dr Poropat said the best news for students is that it’s possible to develop the most important personality traits linked with academic success.

    Dr Arthur Poropat from Griffith’s School of Applied Psychology has conducted the largest ever reviews of personality and academic performance. He based these reviews on the fundamental personality factors (Conscientiousness, Openness, Agreeableness, Emotional Stability, and Extraversion, aka the big five) and found Conscientiousness and Openness have the biggest influence on academic success

    “Personality does change, and some educators have trained aspects of students’ Conscientiousness and Openness, leading to greater learning capacity.

    “By contrast, there is little evidence that intelligence can be ‘taught’, despite the popularity of brain-training apps.”

    Granted, yes, attitude matters. Attempting to tech students with attitude and behavior issues is NOT FUN! But schools molding personalities is a scary thought. And, of course, those agreeable personalities, those motivated “yes-men” are preferable for the manipulative powers-that-be. Yikes! They aren’t hiding or mincing words anymore–now they’re publishing studies that promote the molding of personalities as the most wonderful, effective approach!

    • Hi JL. To add to your point on manipulating personalities and limiting knowledge and seeking to control the perceptual mental models all while hiding those things as “student achievement” because they involve change from the status quo, this document shows the model for castrating the authority of local school boards.

      It is clearly the national model given AdvancED’s involvement and was put in place by the interim appointed State School Super who had once served as President of the National School Board Association. Notice the Orwellian and repeated use of the term “Governance” when the entire document neutralizes anyone’s ability to now challenge the use of the schools for social engineering via psychological predation.

      Most importantly, this was put into effect about a week before the election replacing champions of the Common Core and performance standards with unknown new officeholdrs. Had they chosen to use their elected power to try to change what was to go on in Georgia’s schools in the name of ‘standards,’ this formal unpublicized shift of authority to the Supers in each district would have allowed these individuals to implement the Change Agent function of K-12 anyway. Within their purvue as the ‘professionals’ to be deferred to by the Board.

      Notice the insistence on using the phrase “restoring local control” when it is being used in a way that means there is no effective recourse now for a frustrated parent, student, or taxpayer.

      No wonder school district supers lie to parents’ faces and treat Mark Elgart of AdvancED as their only true boss. These board standards coupled to formative assessments mean their are no obstacles in the way of K-12 education as an instrument of transformational change to different political, social, and economic systems without anyone having an effective veto.

      Time for that sunlight on the reality of what has been done.

      So much for Glenn Beck’s Conform advice to “Run for the School Board” as the solution. Like charters we keep running into the pesky small print that causes a 180 in function out of sight.

    • The link to the long report was in the beginning of the Rejecting Reading post from the 10th. That confession of targeting mental models is crucial to the participation of the World Bank in both ATC21S and Fadel’s Center for Curriculum Redesign.

      The terms “guiding perception” and “contextualizing” are also be used to make sure the goal of having students and the adults they will become seeing the world and interpreting their experiences through the desired concepts. It also means per McLuhan and Volsonov and others in my quiver of documents and books that real pertinent facts that would be barriers to seeing the world and thus acting to change it as desired get ignored.

      These mindsets and worldviews (what Carol Dweck calls Growth Mindsets) are crucial to the Great Transition and Axemaker Minds are a fundamental barrier. McLuhan does not call it an Axemaker Mind but he describes it and acknowledged it is virtually impossible to dislodge once it exists. That’s why Gaming is to be pushed on small kids. I am going to add that analysis from on off the radar but connected to everyone report that has come my way in recent days. I will get that analysis and link up before Santa’s Global Relay commences next week so that these 5 posts can be treated as one while I take some time off closer to New Years. The report fits too well to let it wait.

    • Someone told me today that the info graphic was simply a good business model. We want policy makers to think about making policies that fit they way we live and work. Totally missing the shaping of mental models.

      • Speaking of admissions of shaping mental models, how’s this for a confession?

        It’s called “The Psychology of Climate Change Communication,” but it’s a confessional roadmap of how to create a noetic keel with adults via education, the media, and influential people generally touting the bon mots as if they were parrots or marionettes.

        Now don’t say I didn’t get you anything for Christmas. Also notice the ties to the Frameworks Institute and thus PR generally and all those foundations funding the Frameworks Institute.

        The post describing Strategic Frame Analysis and its use generally, but especially in education, also talked about Anthony Carnevale whose work now for Georgetown is cited as the authority for so much of this School to Work/Students as Chattel in a Marxian Economic Development (once we pull away the sound bytes and remember what Uncle Karl wrote about rural areas) vision is here.

        David Coleman, the self-declared Common Core architect and now the well-paid head of the College Board who looks at the Chinese model of Statism in adoration, has said Common Core is really about enabling a desired narrative. That CRED Guide above says the same thing about the need to create holistic mental models. Much like Charles Fadel and his presentations, all these involved people and institutions are saying the same thing now on their genuine purpose and real aims. Consistently as we pull back the curtains of labels we find the same vision of the collectivist communitarian future. That CRED guide admits it too, but then CRED is tied to the Earth Institute.

        Notice the introductory quote from Jeffrey Sachs and remember he is also involved in the creation of the UN’s Global Happiness Index and report beginning in 2012 that ties directly to the concept of subjective well-being and thus the middle Quality of Life center of Charles Fadel’s Five E template. Makes sense since UNESCO is a partner in the Center for Curriculum Redesign.

        Sachs also heads up the UN’s Broadband as a fundamental human right push, which of course makes the tech and ICT companies very happy. Broadband enables the kind of manipulative visual immersion into a consciously crafted virtual’ reality that can create useful erroneous misunderstandings as mental models. Prompts predictable action without any awareness of the consequences that would be immediately foreseeable to anyone who knows history or genuine science, not STEM coursework, or simply has the mental ability to imagine possible scenarios of the type ignited by fluent phonetic reading.

        The book does a good job of explaining why fluent reading and abstract math and science are a magic elixir that political manipulators and social engineers have to eliminate.

        • I am poking around in some summits and came across this entity that I thought you would appreciate.

          National Religious Coalition on Creation Care. Interesting bed fellows and summits that are consistent with the point eclectic raised and that is consistent with that pre World War 2 vision that the churches could be the creators of the needed trasformational values and mental models.

          For new readers I am referring to this post

          • There are people who will not accept any information presented to them no matter how in the face it is. They like to use it to say that some of us are just crazy right wing conspiracy theorists. The gentleman says he is a conservative Democrat but likes to drive nails into conservatives online always picking. Anyway no point in waisting time with folks like that. They refuse to see anything else. I always think of a smack to the forehead and a loud D’oh!

            The NRCCC link. Yikes! I laughed when I read it, then reminded myself it is not satire. Last night a friend of mine posted a picture of the sanctuary at my old church. They were set up for Christmas services. All over the sanctuary was large gift boxes, even on the stage behind the choir. Stacked high in the shape of a Christmas tree. In order to achieve this they had to remove the huge cross. So no cross, no nativity. Just gift boxes, sleighs , and trees. The point?? Well, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone that may visit with reminders of the actual meaning of Christmas. How’s that for shaping a mental model.

          • It was getting ready for the Winter Solstice I suppose.

            Spinach sald done. Put the sliced apples in acidified water so they would not be brown later.

          • Do you recall what we were discussing last year? What you had found on UNESCO and IB.

            Spinach salad is a favorite of mine. I like it with cranberries. Beginning my cookies today. Sugar, I hand pipe with royal icing. Kids call it mom’s edible artwork. Adults say to pretty to eat. 17 year old likes to demonstrate how he can put an entire star cookie in his mouth. Can’t keep enough food around for him.

        • Re the Columbia Climate Change Paper or How to Manipulate language and Groups of People In Order To Convince Them Their Compliance and Conformity With The Planners Wishes Is Non Negotiable? Is one of the authors’, Sabine Marx , related to Uncle Karl? ( hahaha! )

          Merry Christmas Robin!!

          • Thanks Mari. When you read the resume of someone like this involved in this report the cronyism of all this is just obvious.

            Or the background of a Lawrence Linden who is also involved through this foundation as a sponsor of ecoAmerica.

            The ties are venture capitalists, Goldman Sachs, the current head of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen’s husband George Lakoff, Research Triangle (up there with Austin as pushing the Turchenko vision of the economy), or social justice community organizers. It’s not a conspiracy. This is a collusion wanting to take advantage of the intersection of politically-directed capital tied to a politically-planned economy. Nothing unprecedented about it, but it is always wasteful.

            Here’s the video of the UN crony/statist/Marxist Christiana Figueres touting this ecoAmerica vision through its stealth initiative MomentUS.

            It’s about 5 minutes. She heads up the UN’s Climate Change Fund.

          • [I can’t comment under Robin’s comment because it is too deeply nested.]
            Robin said:

            English classroom. No wonder the high schoolers constantly at my house working on various projects complain so much about school now being a worthless use of their time.

            Didn’t you get the memo? It is not “English” it is “Language Arts.” 😉

            When reading the linked article about the high school “final” for Fahrenheit 451 all I could think of was Captain Kangaroo. “Now take the construction paper and wrap it around the orange juice can and take your scotch tape …..”

          • This is so frustrating for the high schoolers and then who can actually write does shake down by parents’ education and attentiveness.

            One of the ways I cope with what I know is to have a high school English teacher come over once a week starting in 6th grade with the Marching Orders to pursue an old fashioned college prep books still matter and let’s learn Greek and Latin roots of vocab work. That fine teacher that everyone adored though was told last year to make computer use the focus of her high school classroom in an expensive PRIVATE school. Just heartbreaking.

            This just came out. Character education and noncognitive skills are now being pitched as workplace character development programs. Fadel must be smiling.

            Hope you are having fun. I just located the Yule Log and finished buying the meat for the sauce. I guess I should classify my cooking from scratch as participating in the Maker Movement. I am reading directions and creating something! I do not plan to collaborate though as anyone else is in the way and I like to listen to carols while I chop and stir out first the white wine and then the milk before adding the tomatoes for the long simmer.


    How do you like that title? Let’s clarify. Is this about families or making living wages for miority workers? I can agree that adult care facility workers could use this benefit. It is a thankless often depressing and underpaid job. That said many use it as a stepping stone while obtaining other healthcare job certifications. Did you notice the inclusion of the working families party? How will this be funded? How many small businesses can afford paid sick time costs? Back to meeting ‘needs’ I suppose.

    • I was working on this today before being gone all afternoon.

      Love the part about interest rates being low so local governments should issue bonds to finance infrastructure development to provide the jobs for Dislocated Youth. Long term debt to finance temporary incomes for youth who the education system deliberately betrayed in the first place.

      It works for the law firms getting legal fees and the underwriters, but once more it’s all debt that cannot be repaid. All pursuing this MH vision where only the politically connected thrive. It cannot last and honestly time is about up.

      • The MDC blurb on Greenville, SC celebrates this Next High School vision . The 5 minute video talks about industry and the chamber “growing the leaders of tomorrow they want” through the school which is certainly a chattel vision. It reminds me of High Tech High and the New Tech Network Schools.

        Sure enough this link shows it is based on Linked Learning in California and the Irvine Foundation’s work. That would mean that is true of the SREB report as well.

        The entire MDC doc is worth reading because it lays out the complete vision so clearly. We cannot wait for a demand-driven transformation is precisely why these dirigiste visions are so wasteful. Plus none of these visions seem to be sustainable beyond the current Gates, federal, Casey or whatever philanthropic grants.

        The MSC doc also celebrates the gates funded North Carolina New Schools that is once again about changing the nature of high school. One of the listed partners is SAS. SAS is also involved with that B Team global vision of the future Arianna Huffington and her HuffPo soundpiece are touting. There are also links to the ecoAmerica creators who put out the mental models report. As 2014 quits down we definitely are accurately tracking all the routs that the Turchenko vision is trying to manifest itself.

        I wanted to finish the report so I could mull it over as I run the last of my errands and start cleaning in preparation for 10 on Christmas Eve for my Pasta Bolognese over pappardelle egg pasta.

          • Me too David. I guess someone had monitoring duties during the holidays and was disturbed I had tied together ecoAmerica, cifal atlanta, the UN sponsored Agenda 21 training, economic development, the template for the new high school, and the Gates Foundation all in one fell swoop. Oh, and that MDC document. And the stripping of school board supervision authority. Plus the new way to license teachers so that veterans still wanting to teach content will be forced to retire or find another career.

            I still have backups as do several of the ISC readers of the Agenda 21 curriculum UNESCO created in 2002. We are going into 2015, which is intended to be the stealth seminal year globally for transformation, knowing with documentable proof and indisputable links down to precise names and the relationships among them, of what is really going on, how it is being pursued, and why. We get to backward map too and we need to.

            Everyone behave here. I will be checking in, but I also want to take a few days for relaxing with my kids and mulling through this.

        • Pap, drivel and a link to

          On p.4 of that document we see an important reason for all this redesign of poorly performing schools: to disguise lack of learning so that colleges have to take these students. We suspected this but I don’t recall seeing it so clearly elsewhere. In a listing of problems with traditional assessment, we read:

          “Students earning low but passing grades accumulate credits even in the absence of
          substantive learning. They earn a high school diploma without achieving a requisite level of
          skills and knowledge, and a low grade point average threatens their eligibility for colleges and
          financial scholarships.
          For students who fail classes, the resultant credit deficiency increases the likelihood that
          they will leave school without a diploma; a low GPA threatens their eligibility for colleges and
          financial scholarships even if they persevere to graduation; and their official school transcripts
          permanently record their failure and undermine their future life choices. ”

    • LL-look at this PIACC Gateway hyping the skills deficit. It is run by AIR that is doing the state assessment for Oregon, Utah, and Florida among others. What are the chances these are not converging with the Competency/Pathways to Prosperity agenda of just educated enough and reliably interpreting experiences through the desired concepts.

    • Here’s a great result they got by connecting underserved homes to the internet:

      “After students got the tablet computers, completion rates for a required online health class increased, said Richard Pimentel, the West Shores principal.”

      What about an academic result not a health class?

  4. When you check in. Does it matter that ncnewschools received the large i3 grant. So did knowledge works. Several nc staffers are now KW management.

  5. I am torn:
    Should I think of these plans as
    “Peoples Glorious Education Five Year Plan ” (Soviet)
    “Peoples’ Great Education Leap Forward”? (Mao)

    Link to newspeak dictionary at

    Competency-based learning refers to systems of instruction, assessment, grading, and academic reporting that are based on students demonstrating that they have learned the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education. In public schools, competency-based systems use state learning standards to determine academic expectations and define “competency” or “proficiency” in a given course, subject area, or grade level (although other sets of standards may also be used, including standards developed by districts and schools or by subject-area organizations). The general goal of competency-based learning is to ensure that students are acquiring the knowledge and skills that are deemed to be essential to success in school, higher education, careers, and adult life. If students fail to meet expected learning standards, they typically receive additional instruction, practice time, and academic support to help them achieve competency or meet the expected standards.

    Defining competency-based learning is complicated by the fact that educators not only use a wide variety of terms for the general approach, but the terms may or may not be used synonymously from place to place. A few of the more common synonyms include proficiency-based, mastery-based, outcome-based, performance-based, and standards-based education, instruction, and learning, among others.

    • Wow. It’s a big effort to turn the spiritual is actually cultural. Anti-spiritual.

      Not surprised. But this will be used as an excuse for more lousy garbage.

      Good find, unfortunately.

      • From p. 19 of the study:

        “While we shouldn’t ask for too much from a single study, research by Nancy Ammerman in the US indicated that those who self-define as ‘spiritual but not religious’ are often neither spiritual nor religious in practice because they approach the spiritual outside of an enduring social context.”

        If you ASSUME that spirituality requires an enduring social context, then it won’t be hard to prove that same thing. One of many examples of why we can’t have people exercising critical reading and comprehension skills on this stuff. For now we have the opportunity to poke innumerable holes in their flood of words and studies.

        • I actually got into an argument with Rowson on the comments at the RSA page. He ends by asserting that etymologically, the word “spiritual” is not strongly related to spirits. I wonder if I have to reply to that too.

          • Based on the paper alone I assume he is in part a universalist. Searching for what he “feels” is spiritual or what may make him feel Alive. As for etymology, the word spiritual in part refers to breath wind or air. As in God breathed life into Adam.
            Spirit:mid-13c., “animating or vital principle in man and animals,” from Anglo-French spirit, Old French espirit “spirit, soul” (12c., Modern French esprit) and directly from Latin spiritus “a breathing (respiration, and of the wind), breath; breath of a god,” hence “inspiration; breath of life,” hence “life;” also “disposition, character; high spirit, vigor, courage; pride, arrogance,” related to spirare “to breathe,” from PIE *(s)peis- “to blow”.
            He certainly has the last few down. Pride and arrogance.

          • It’s quite a stretch if he’s following that line of argument to assert it has nothing to do with spirits. What sort of air are we to imagine was breathed into Adam? Swamp gas?

    • Right. Zimba has no clue. HA. Just like Coleman has no clue.

      Good Lord. As soon as I saw Zimba was a Rhodes Scholar….Those individuals are hand picked because they can be indoctrinated to be stealth marxian “standard” bearers.

      My layman’s character assessment of the minor celebrities that are Rhodes scholars these days is that they are all fundamentally insecure at a very profound level. I suspect they perceive themselves as lifelong outsiders in one way or another and are chosen because this character trait makes them perfect candidates for manipulation.

      They want nothing more than to be part of an elite club and feel special. They are groomed and nurtured and pushed out from Oxford to promote the poison.

      Hell of a thing for me to say perhaps. I don’t know these people personally but I’d bet good money that Im correct in my musings.

      • Wasn’t he a ” friend” of David’s and then got a job teaching at David’s commie mommie’s college… The advocate has an interview.. But, and forgive my reputition you MUST watch her TED talk it is PRICELESS!

        • I am back from the beach. Happy New Year all.

          Bennington College is where Zimba came from and where Elizabeth is president. When she talks about John Dewey, you begin to wonder if the home had a shrine to him.

          • Here is another Elizabeth Coleman speech where she mentions Dewey. .


            I think Alan Sokal wrote her speech as another farce. i dare anyone to listen to the end. I cannot take any more.

            Here is a link to her ‘Center’ at Bennington.

            Alan Sokal also wrote the curriculum it seems.

            When Mao sent people like her to raise pigs in the country he may have been onto something.

          • eclectic-I suspect Liz’s time doing sociology at Chicago heavily influenced her that sociology made a fine theory for planning societies and dictating behaviors. It is after all there Raplph Tyler invented the entire concept of social sciences in 1948. Just in time for that World Republic confab I wrote about because it kept coming up on ed sites.

            I had never heard of The Global 2000 Report to the President: Entering the Twenty-First Century created by and for Jimmy Carter but it sure does explain the prevalence of these same ideas over the decades. It came up as I was continuing to look into ICT for my next book. Anyway, this follow-up report revisiting the original report sure does explain why we see the determination to control the faith based communities. Plus it makes my observation in my book that it always comes down to an implementation seeking to change personal values, attitudes, and beliefs via K-12 education even more pertinent.

            Reading Carter’s Foreword to the original report certainy reveals why he would want to create a federal department of education. Love that in 1985 the Rockefeller Brothers Fund funded the 21st Century Institute to develop strategies for managing a nation. Add that to the relevant events going on in the 80s no one talks about on how to restructure the West as an outgrowth of the end of the Cold War and the desire for a NWEO.

            Boy, I wish this was a scifi movie or a political thriller we could get Denzel Washington as the lead in instead of real, powerful people with definite nonconsensual plans for our futures.

        • Here is an Elizabeth Coleman TED talk.
          IMO it is 95% pap that could be advocating Tea Party type ideas.

          When she mentioned Jane Austen I thought she was ridiculing the deconstructionists but I could not tell. She tipped her hand for sure at 14:50 when she talked of the center for ‘public action’/whatever. Her talk is untethered to reality so it is hard to tell what she is talking about with no examples given. When she talks of ‘changing the world” over and over she is not talking about large new hydroelectric dams. She is talking of changing people . I would guess this is to be accomplished through the force of govt; barbarism with a human face. She is so nebulous one cannot tell.

    • Notice all the references to Thomas Berry in that link I put up. We first encountered him here after one of Peter Senge’s devotees of systems thinking in K-12 education decided to haunt the blog for a few weeks trying to rattle how well I really recognized what was going on in the name of education.

      Definitely treating religion as just another means of instilling a desired belief system to influence future behavior.

      Happy New Year. Tree still up but I was eyeing the ST Nick kitchen towels as the easiest thing to start the putting away process.

      • robin linked to

        That 2012 article was awesome. I would recommend it to anyone who has not read it.

        In that article you said “And the Gypsy Principals and Supers will not stop ….” LMAO I never saw that term used before but it is very true. Around here they leave half way thought a multi-year contract for an even more lucrative contract elsewhere as though there were no contract; with no consequences. Sometimes they leave “in a hurry” under a confidential settlement for a boat load of money.

        • That is classic maneuver. Rearrange deck chairs. ” oh me? I have no idea i just got here, it was the other guy.” ” oh sorry i cant do anything about it, but going forward we will try to get consensus about this maybe you could join committee.”

        • Thanks eclectic. You might appreciate this October 2014 brochure from the UN to get all national education standards on board with the same message of Climate Change.

          Notice the upfront confession it’s about creating behavioral changes in the students. I am actually tracking a new post on the economic development angle but Climate Change is the excuse for government interventions at all levels so this new One UN CC Learn comes up quickly in what local officials and anyone in a position to be a cultural or political change agent is being taught to pass on or just impose.

          All in the name of new forms of governance or the misleading concept of school choice or bringing economic development to poorer countries or less prosperous regions within developed ones.


      Not according to Jesus. He lifts the load, not man. So-called church is, as Robin mentions frequently, a collectivist/Globalist front. All the so-called mainline churches are storefronts of the Democratic Party in the USA. The non-“mainliners” are storefronts for self-promoting liars. It is an age for monastics, to include family monastics, husband and wife with children. The more the better.

  6. Interesting read.

    “Diana lives in California, and has a strong advanced educational background with a broad range of knowledge. She is not a typical student. However, I have often found that the more content knowledge one has, the less open to new ideas one may be. I wanted to see if Diana would be open to new ideas, and to see if I could take advantage of her background of knowledge in a positive way. When I framed the learning experience for Diana and for Michael, a student in Japan, my objective was to help them come to an understanding of the new COTF concepts of community transformation. Would it be possible to shift the thinking of well-educated students from old ways of looking at things? Would it be possible to add totally new knowledge in such a way that the students would understand COTF’s twenty-first century approach to community transformation?”

    • LL-that jarring link fits in so well with what I found today. In fact, the implications if what I found and the sheer magnitude of everything I ever described in either the book or this blog upset me earlier because it is like a tsunami of proof now. So I took the time-tried method of taking a nap.

      The point about content knowledge being in the way is consistent with what caused me to develop the Axemaker Mind metaphor as being what must now be prevented.

      For anyone who has never read it, this remains the all-time most viewed ISC post ever.

      At the time the term Arational was new to me but we have now encountered it numerous times as part of Flyvbjerg’s Ladder of intuitive action that gets quietly incororated into the Common Core and 21st Century Learning via what Competency, Proficiency, and acting like an Expert actually mean. Stages of Arational action without thinking it through first. Just like Csik’s Flow that is incorporated as a Civil Rights obligation now via what the Excellence obligation really means.

      Notice this obligation describing Action Learning that I found today as I was looking at the CIFAL-affiliated Training Center for Corporate Opportunities located in Antwerp, Belgium. Doesn’t starting with the questions, not the answers, sound so similar to what Understanding By Design is imposing under CC?

      I should go back to napping.

    • Oops. Gracious that competency works article. Oh my. I read it once just to read it. Then again knowing what all those buzz words and intentional purpose is. That is downright scary.

      • LL-I did not find that article. It is being sent out in the January newsletter. Gloves truly are off once we know where to look.

        Lights are finally off the tree. Carolers are put away. Making progress.

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