False Selling of Education Terms as Remedies Obscures Real Function as an Accelerant

When a false narrative is set out with respect to education, such as misrepresenting concepts and practices like standards, School Choice, social emotional learning, or labeling NAEP and PISA as ‘tests,’ parents and taxpayers who believe they are getting accurate information from an ‘expert’ get led astray. Worrying about the wrong things and not paying attention to the real functions, they are unable to best protect their children or their tax dollars. Most never seem to think in terms of conflicts of interest or the agenda of the paymasters of the various think tanks. I want to deal with the admitted agenda of the Declared Leftist Radicals first and then show why I disturbingly keep finding language on the supposed Conservative, market-oriented, or Libertarian side that is clearly headed to the same place.

Let’s start with this paper from 2010 http://www.tellus.org/pub/GTI%20Perspective%20-%20We%20the%20People%20of%20Earth%20-%20Toward%20Global%20Democracy.pdf

It started by declaring that “we confront daunting twenty-first century challenges hobbled by twentieth century institutions.” Now I read enough Leftist sites and books to know they repeatedly call for “new forms of social organization.” What if we cannot see that schools have become a radically new form of social organization because we assume we have a choice? Then all the limitations now placed on how schools and students must interact and offer instruction would be hidden behind obscuring misdefinitions. We would have an illusion of choice, but a reality of unappreciated prescription. That same link ends with “As with any democracy, the legitimacy of global governance rests with engaged citizens who demand rights and assume responsibilities. The globalization of the human project sets the historic condition for a corresponding enlargement of identity and community.”

What if that goal for creating “a worthy planetary civilization” relies on governments at all levels stipulating performance and achievement ‘standards’, which regulate what anyone  must know or do? What if those same levels of government describe the desired values, dispositions, ethics, and beliefs that students are to internalize? What if those stipulations get hidden as social emotional learning, character, or civics education? What if parents never grasp that both NAEP and PISA are looking to assess for whether the desired internalized, prescribed attributes have taken hold at a neurobiological level? Parents might then never know that their child was being socially reengineered at school because they believe those measures are ‘tests.’ They would have been misled and might fail to recognize the existence of a PDM–a Political Disciplinary Mechanism–used to make sure that the subsidiary levels of government remain faithful to the desired national or global implementation.

Remembering my Pincer Action metaphor from the last post, let’s shift to what UK Sociologist Anthony Giddens wrote in his 1994 book Beyond Left and Right: The Future of Radical Politics where he talked about shifting from a welfare state to Positive Welfare. As I have documented previously, that fits with what various members of the Atlas Network state they are seeking when you read the fine print and the declared agendas of some of their touted speakers (my bolding).

“Happiness ‘does not depend on outside events, but rather on how we interpret them’; it is ‘a condition that must be prepared for, cultivated.’ It depends less on controlling the outer world than controlling the inner one. ‘People who learn to control inner experience will be able to determine the quality of their lives, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy.'”

Grammarians will notice Giddens was quoting someone, which I will get to in a moment. What if social emotional learning and quality learning are actually designed to change how the child perceives the world just as Giddens desired and parents are unaware because they have been trained deceitfully like Pavlov’s Dogs to simply worry about databases of Personally Identifiable Information? The proclaimed needed cultivation and internalized control would be put in place through the schools to be lasting and unconscious with parents none the wiser. Giddens was in turn quoting Mihaly Csiksentmihaly, who is the creator of what Excellence actually means in education. http://invisibleserfscollar.com/excellence-means-education-putting-what-we-feel-wish-for-and-think-in-harmony/ Long time readers will also recognize Csik’s involvement in GERG–General Evolution Research Group with some of the systems theorists I have tagged to this post.

Now remember that civil rights laws are now being interpreted to REQUIRE Excellence and Equity in education. It’s just not the Webster’s definition of Excellence in play. Now I am about to introduce yet another one of those nerdy words that occasionally are necessary. This time though the word autotelic is not mine. It is once again Giddens, quoting Csik so here we go.

” A person who pays attention to an interaction instead of worrying about the self obtains a paradoxical result. She no longer feels like a separate individual, yet her self becomes stronger. The autotelic individual grows beyond the limits of individuality by investing psychic energy in a system in which she is included. Because of this union of the person and the system, the self emerges at a higher level of complexity…[this, however,] requires determination and discipline. Optimal experience is not the result of a hedonistic, lotus-eating approach to life…one must develop skills that stretch capacities, that make one become more than one is.”

Now if that development of the autotelic self is actually what social emotional learning standards and the hype over Grit, Perseverence, and a Growth Mindset actually get at, this letter to Congress http://truthinamericaneducation.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Final-Ltr-NAEP-legal-and-privacy-concerns-06272016.pdf would be setting both Congress and parents in the wrong direction. Plus the supposedly proscribed and even boldfaced for emphasis, “fundamental theory of liberty upon which all governments in this Union repose excludes a general power of the State to standardize its children by forcing them to accept instruction…” would continue unabated. That’s the effect of either deliberately False Narratives in education or just confusion or ignorance about the true nature of these reforms. No need for Personally Identifiable Information to thoroughly standardize a child at an invisible level.

I want to quote Giddens one more time and then show why I am so sure that as currently set up under federal and certain state laws, money following the child is designed to get precisely that kind of proscribed standardization at an internalized, neurobiological level. I also think if parents got in the habit of reading school or district charter language and private school mission statements they would quickly discover it is not just Giddens and Csik wanting to foster an autotelic self. I think we may also have found the reason why my research into the Positive School Climate mandate back in 2012 led me straight to Professor Amitai Etzioni and his communitarian ethics (italics in original).

“A generative model of equality, or equalization, could provide the basis of a new pact between the affluent and the poor. Such a pact would be an ‘effort  bargain’ founded on lifestyle change. Its motivating forces would be acceptance of mutual responsibility for tackling the ‘bads’ which development has brought in its train; the desirability of lifestyle change on the part of both the privileged and less privileged; and a wide notion of welfare, taking the concept away from economic provision for the deprived towards fostering the autotelic self.”

As a supernerd who keeps a 1962 two thousand page Webster’s in her vicinity at all times when she writes, I can affirm that the word autotelic has no entry in the version that goes back to the 1940s. Telic, however, made it in and means “directed toward an end; purposeful.” Autotelic then would mean being unconsciously directed towards ends someone else has picked out for us and may not have told us about. We might also have been given a false narrative about what standards, School Choice, and social emotional learning are really all about and falsely believe ourselves to be well-informed. Going back to Excellence, if someone has used school and instruction to manipulate what we each feel, think, and want, do we really have our own purposes anymore?

Back in early July, the publication Education Reimagined cited the Reschool Colorado: Creating a New Education System template as an exemplar. That caught my eye not just because of Columbine, but also because Colorado is where the GERG template for Achieving Excellence was first piloted in the 80s. What I found was something called the Learner Advocate Network, that is still in the design phase, but is where money following the child is intended to end up. I also was familiar with the phrase Capacity (Skill, Content, Disposition) from the Human Capabilities and Development work of another admitted Leftist Martha Nussbaum and Atlas Network preferred speaker Amartya Sen. Interesting coincidence, huh?

That recognition made the need to locate Reschool Colorado’s Framework for the Future of Learning https://www.dropbox.com/s/zz7ohda2mfetsfv/Framework%20for%20the%20Future%20of%20Learning.pdf?dl=0 all the more crucial. If that’s not another way to express an engineered autotelic self without admitting that reality and convergence of the Right and Left, I don’t have a mountain of research leading to this exact same place through the decades, across continents, and with differing declared rationales. Isn’t everyone else excited about being assessed as Academically Prepared under those definitions, being a Self-Manager, Socially Intelligent, and a Solution Seeker all under the standards put in place quietly by a state or local school district? Pertinent to the fed’s new statute mandating Success for Every Student, we have Colorado avoiding any PDM by insisting that its “definition of success should include the multi-faceted ways individuals may seek meaning in life and contribute to the world.”

Oh, joy. Maybe they too can cease to think of themselves as an individual and instead look to their membership and responsibilities to the broader systems they live or work in. Now Reschool Colorado is an initiative of the Donnell-Kay Foundation that hosted this Book Event for political scientist and educational researcher Rick Hess http://www.chalkbeat.org/posts/co/2015/03/30/rick-hess-teacher-leadership-can-and-should-be-more-than-an-empty-phrase/ of Atlas Network member, American Enterprise Institute. If that seems coincidental, the foundation is also a major advocate of public charter schools. See what I mean about where School Choice is actually headed? In a world where Stanford’s Hoover Institute partners with Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government to publish Education Next it shouldn’t be such a surprise that the so-called Right and Left Pincers are herding us to the same place.

What is harder to know is that the Kennedy School of Government’s Elaine Kamarck, then Executive Director of their new Visions of Governance for the Twenty-First Century, was part of Giddens’ 2001 Conference and book called The Global Third Way Debate. That would tie the Hoover Institute and its work in education to that vision as well, which may be why School Choice now leads to that Framework for the Future of Learning that wants to prescribe internalized capabilities every bit as much as Professor Nussbaum, Amartya Sen, or Csik. Remember my concern about the Process Theory of Law in the last post where something gets declared to be a “matter of public policy” and then the law becomes an unappreciated hand-servant to force the vision on us as if we were all just subjects and the governed? My research journey on that point led me to a 1998  Columbia Law Review paper called “A Constitution of Democratic Experimentalism.”

Want to guess what that theory and affirmative view of a radicalised Constitution needs? It needs practices in education that get to and shape personal “identities and capacities.”

Precisely what the Left has admitted it seeks to do repeatedly.

Precisely where that Reschool Colorado Framework for the Future of Learning went as well.

That’s quite a convergence and plenty of reasons for all the obfuscations we encounter from people who claim to be education experts.

As always, Follow the Money.


37 thoughts on “False Selling of Education Terms as Remedies Obscures Real Function as an Accelerant

  1. My my, mindfulness kicking in here, gotta snap out of it!
    so With intentions secured in this post, definitions exposed, we recognize that all the voodoo excellance and mumbo jumbo practices with foundations in soviet and german psychology, just fit like an orange toga the outcomes with madison avenue mantra’s splatteredall all over society to keep us from finding out. you are getting sleepy, and so happy.

  2. Yes, Reschool Colorado is a piece of work, as is its sponsor Donnell-Kay. As for Rick Hess, what do you expect from a Gordon Commission board member?

    • Touche! I am just tired of the word ‘conservative’ being used to shield think tanks pursuing known progressive ideas or poli sci PhD’s being their education analyst because a misunderstanding of where School Choice actually is leading under these legal templates in place is the best way to get the aspirations for political redesign in place. As I have said I am getting all my notes in place as I get ready to write again and came across the Institute for the Future’s (that Knowledge Works collaborator) 2013 Reconstitution Convention. http://reconcon.govfutures.org/

      This time though I knew who Sanford Levinson was and what the implications were for his presence at that event and the whole Con Con push and how it really ties to the Soros’ funded Constitution in 2020 I have covered.

      Also take a look at this. http://www.educationdive.com/news/boston-area-school-embraces-unlearning-strategies-for-students-teachers/424981/

      What was really helpful about that RC Framework is I didn’t have to infer or piece together where this all leads. I am very familiar with that template. It’s straight out of all my cybernetic research. I knew and could prove that was the Prog vision. Now we can prove this is the intention of the School Choice advocates and the Decepticons about the Common Core and what education reforms really entail. That was a happy me writing yesterday as the Pincers were touching a template I have a stunning amount of info on.

    • I am organizing my papers to get ready to write and located a 2011 article quoting Hess called “Preparation for active citizenship not on education agenda.” It was put out by an entity called Remapping Debate” and they define active citizenship in terms of how the nation’s founding principles and documents are understood. Sounds like an invite for Guiding Fiction doesn’t it? Students are also to be called on to foster the “ability to analyze and think critically about politics and power” and the “structure of government.” Sounds like thinking like a Marxian without using the M word.

      Hess stated he “had been decrying the inattention to civics for the last 10 years.” He then goes on to explain why charters are so useful to those wanting to change and monitor the model of K-12 education.
      “To press its case, American Enterprise hoped to persuade a handful of ‘trend setter’ charter schools to embrace citizenship education. Doesn’t that strategy bypass the 97% of public school students who don’t attend charter schools? Hess said that in this case, he was skeptical in attempting grand changes. ‘Actually trying to move systems, with their competing factions and conflicting demands, is an incredibly muddy, incremental process,’ Hess said. Charters, he argued, have the agility to ‘modify their cultures’ quickly.”

      Just like private schools I would add from personal experience. That fits with why the Lumina Foundation at its 2015 convening of 75 metro areas in Dallas to discuss its desired template mentioned in a side document that within ten years ALL K-12 schools should be charters or private. And everyone will actually be using the change the student design we see with that Reschool Colorado Framework on the Future of Learning where the point is to noetically redesign the child and limit what they know so they are hobbled to someone else’s vision for them. Some choice, huh?

      • Is it required that charter schools be more messed up than regular public schools? What if someone wrote a good charter for a school that would be less messed up?

        • I have always said I could write a great charter, but that is not how the language reads in anything I have seen. I can find the post but I have also traced the concept of charters back to bela banathy and CASBS.

          It is the difference between the idea in our mind and what the charter says and how School Choice translates into available practices. Both are unappreciated corrupt ideas blossoming out of parents’ frustrations. The frustrations are deliberate though and the offered remedy has been quietly rigged. We just have to get people to understand how it is rigged in order to be able to get away. Ignoring it won’t work.

          • Thanks Robin. I’ve been off the grid for a bit. Glad I had a chance to read this today. It so clearly presents the danger of false narratives.

            And great connections on the charter issue. It’s a tough one to explain to conservatives.

            In CA I know several who are trying to write a charter but can’t get around the state’s charter bylaws. No matter how different a charter is theoretically,
            once in practice it is identical to all the others, especially with machine readable standards and online curricula. The closed, online learning circuits that cycle students through each standard until it has been mastered are as misunderstood as PII.

            A friend who teaches at a new charter spent the last two years developing new ELA curricula with her team of k-3 teachers. The program preserved basic building blocks–phonics/grammar etc. She showed up for her first professional development workshop two weeks ago and learned the principal scrapped the whole thing, replacing it with Amplify’s scripted lessons. For a week, experienced teachers were trained by third party tech vendor, who insisted the program must be used with fidelity or it won’t work. Btw, CA partnered with Amplify to develop the ELA program and adopted it statewide as one of several recommended programs. The only choice chapters have is to eat their carrots or lose funding. And uniformed parents have only the illusion of choice.

          • Yes, the standards are the desired outcomes and under Pay for Success only the desired outcomes result in payment and charter renewals. Operators of charter schools recognize it is the change the child at an internal level to specifications coming from the government, but that is not what they tell parents or taxpayers. It is also why the Reschool Colorado School Choice template fits with what the Progs’ wanted going back to Dewey in the US and Leontiev and Luria in the USSR.

            Still filing here and at least my cats are no longer in danger from piles of hard copy proof. What the Soviets called Productive Learning is clearly where personalized learning and CTE for All is going.

            Glad to have you back commenting. People do not really appreciate that the Literacy words are to function as lenses. How’s this for a quote? “Today we assume that the role of high-stakes assessments is to evaluate the abilities and disabilities of the curriculum, not just the students.”

            The purpose of all standards or learning objectives in other words is to program the child at an internalized level to the specifications of governments. Assessments then monitor to see if child has developed the desired characteristics that will prompt them to behave as government officials or their cronies desire.

          • JT unfortunately you have answered my question, at least with respect to California. Things are pretty far gone already, although I draw naive hope from the fact that California is often the worst.

          • The trouble is parents love the concept of maker schools. Most don’t understand, of course, how these performance based tasks of making are aimed at shaping perceptions / social behavior. Students will know next to nothing.

            Did you notice the Communication Arts and Science School (CAS) the P21 article mentions? These small schools within a school are popping up everywhere out west. Essentially, they are charters with private funding operating inside a regular public school. Keep going back to the early Carnegie report on math and science that argues charters are a more efficient model. Irvine funds several in my area. No way for a parent to know what’s really happening but it all sounds so impressive to most.

          • Yes and I also see that the Belmont Challenge and Future Earth has kicked into high gear as I doublecheck what has happened since I first downloaded the papers on IHDP. http://ea-globalchange.org/index.php/8-news/68-klasica-meeting-in-berling happened in February and the first formal meeting is set for Taiwan in November. http://klscproject.org/symposium/

            That explains the hurry with China. It was the Obama Administration, working with Labour and Gordon Brown, that quickly commenced this UN process for Societal Change upon taking office. Maker Schools are merely a means of shifting away from knowledge transmission or what is known as ‘maintenance learning’ to innovative learning where the child is a purposeful system learning to plan and interact with their environment. Silly putty to would be future manipulators. You and I recognize it and these documents openly declare that intent. Apparently though my prescience and most excellent pincer metaphor are too on point to be allowed. The search engine overlords have wiped all my old posts off results so this site is almost impossible to find now unless you are already familiar with it.

            The penalty apparently for accurately deciphering the falseness of the chosen narratives. This is also incredibly detailed and fits with the Maker Movement and its real, known effects. http://klsc.iass-potsdam.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/T%C3%A0bara-Chabay-2012-Env-Sci-Policy.pdf

        • Makes me sick and angry that your site has been targeted, but it’s not surprising. They know they can’t possible win an open debate based on facts and substance. Lying cowards.

          • An expert said the site had not been hacked, but the search engine overlords who are also partners in Fadel’s Center for Curriculum Redesign insisted that the problem was in the Christian Reconstructionism posts from February. Fascinating that those posts were the trigger.

          • Take a look at this and where it is based. http://www.keckfutures.org/conferences/informed-brain/conference_presentations.html Puts PRISM and integrated math and the digital learning initiatives in a whole new light that fits with what the KLSC article calls Mode 2 Knowledge.

            The Keck Futures Initiative is NSF, 15 year $40 million initiative, that began in 2003. Same year PRISM commenced as I covered in Chapter 3 of my book. When I saw that title “Informed Brain in a Digital World” it just fit with so much. Waiting for Search Overlord to lift the censoring “This site may be hacked: header and see how much of what is currently purged comes back. It really is an example on how manipulating search engine results in this day and age when few go to books first effectively turns Knowledge into a controlled, closed system. The precise opposite of what is claimed in that justifying paper. Notice too that a factually false Guiding Fiction that influences behavior counts as Mode 2 Knowledge.

            The posts that had to be deleted, my book, and this blog are all examples of false narrative purgers and Mode 1 Knowledge. No wonder I am under attack.

    • As I said I am going through all my notes and just came across the “Moneyball for Education” report that Hess turns out to be the co-author of. http://www.results4america.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/2015-3-18-Moneyball-for-Education-Report.pdf He wrote it with Bethany Little whose firm represents CCSSO in competency-based education and Next Generation Learning with Clinton Ed Sec Richard Riley as the principal.

      My goodness things are becoming crystal clear.

      • “An expert said the site had not been hacked, but the search engine overlords who are also partners in Fadel’s Center for Curriculum Redesign insisted that the problem was in the Christian Reconstructionism posts from February. Fascinating that those posts were the trigger.”

        Wow. Just wow!

        • Apparently that is the fraudulent narrative that must not be disputed with facts. I noticed the search engine partnership when I was filing my ccr notes this morning. Probably not too happy with my writing about their uk sub and the report with RSA pushing for the Human Development Society.

          Frustrating, but apparently that is a sensitive area. I suppose no one was supposed to recognize all this in time, especially before the election.

          • James Heckman is one of the principals in that Science of Virtues NIH/Templeton funded program I wrote about. Also speaking of Atlas and the pincer action, when I was putting together all my notes from the past three years to write the sequel to CtD, I came across a Jay Greene touting of the Science of Virtues initiative. The synthesis is getting very clear.

  3. “Best known for her work as a pioneering game designer and author of the bestselling books Reality is Broken and SuperBetter, Jane McGonigal, PhD, has also spent the past decade working as a futurist. Watch her SXSWedu 2016 keynote, How to Think (and Learn) like a futurist”


    Eustress and autotelic , Jane likes both words in her futurist visioning.

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