Federal Reserve, Texas, and the UN System Usurp Our Children’s Precious Prerogatives Via P-12 Education

So much going on as the cards have to now be laid down. The End Game we saw in the UN’s Ban Ki-Moon’s “Dignity For All by 2030” global program commences in earnest in our children’s classrooms and in their very ‘desired mental states’.  That latter graphic phrase was used at the March 8-13, 2015 59th Annual CIES Conference held at the Hilton in DC and called “Imagining a Humanist Education Globally Ubuntu!” Take a look at it and keep that phrase in mind as we move through today’s tsunami of disclosures.

Anyone wanting a link between today’s disclosures, GEFF, the UN System, the Common Core, and School Choice can look at all the links laid out in this bio of former Intel Chairman, Craig Barrett, on the Board link of an expanding chain of Arizona-based Charter Schools. http://bsischools.org/about-us/board-of-directors Most links should ring a bell, but it is the co-chairing of the Skolkovo Foundation Council that is behind GEFF and the Re-Imagining Futures Agenda by 2030 with MIT, Russia, and Silicon Valley that brings so much into the same circle with what I have been covering in recent posts.

Plans for Us and our Children is one way to put it.  David Coleman, confessed Common Core Main Architect and now President of the College Board, just spoke at the NYT Schools of Tomorrow Conference about changes to the SAT. He said that there would be no more “SAT-type words” that few children recognized and only showed up in a high-stakes arena. Instead, everyday important words like “analyze” and “synthesis” would be looked at to see if prospective members of the Ideological Elite were interpreting concepts and themes correctly, and showing proper use of the Dialectic, after their years of carefully selected Learning Experiences. This would of course give a final glimpse into the Desired Mental States to see if the youngster merited a slot in one of the higher ed institutions creating the Planners of Tomorrow prepping us all for the 2030 Agenda.

OK, Coleman did not phrase it quite like that but those were the example new SAT words he gave. They do resonate with whether students have developed the desired Worldviews, don’t they? Will they apply the desired strategies and techniques in everyday practice just reeks of something Moscow State or U of Belgrade would have pushed in the 70s to join the Party Elite. The vocabulary word I did not know when I took the PSAT decades ago was ‘usurp’. I came home and looked it up promptly. It means “to take or hold in possession without force or without right.”

Usurp is still a useful word in the 21st Century, but only if accurately describing and conveying to others what is being planned for us and our children, remains a desired goal. It does not fit though with what the Planners want to allow. As we will see, Workforce Readiness is the Euphemism-du-Jour to cover up a prescribed state of deliberate ignorance, coupled to cultivated false beliefs, and overlaid with new communitarian values.

To explain why there is a global call for Competency, let’s look to a 1978 book originally written in Polish by Leszek Kolakowski and translated as Main Currents of Marxism: The Breakdown . Frustrated, his words tell us precisely why ignorance is now needed.

“Human thought developed and produced science by enlarging the area of knowledge that was not subject to arbitrary judgement, thanks to the Platonic distinction between knowledge and opinion, episteme and doxa. This distinction, of course, leaves no room for an ultimate, all-embracing synthesis [bolded by me as a reminder of Coleman’s desired new SAT concept of knowledge] in which thoughts, feelings, and desires are merged in a higher ‘unity’. [Alert readers recognize the whole purpose of a Whole Child emphasis and what goes by the euphemism ‘Excellence’ in education].

Such an aspiration is only possible when a totalitarian myth claims supremacy over thought–a myth based on ‘deeper’ intuition [Deeper Learning–a 21st Century Core Skill], so that it does not have to justify itself, but assumes command over the whole of spiritual and intellectual life. For this to be possible, of course, all logical and empirical rules have to be declared irrelevant…”

Relevance, one of the New 3 Rs. Perhaps instead of declaring facts ‘irrelevant’ they can just be asserted as Inequitable and Not Accessible to All Students, especially given our more diverse 21st Century population. Maybe those logical and empirical rules can be asserted to be inappropriate for a “culturally-responsive curricula and pedagogy” and inconsistent with a Real-Life problem-solving emphasis where a single, unambiguous answer is supposedly highly unlikely. Yes, I am listing many of the explanations for all these shifts we keep hearing, but Kolakowski grasped what is still going on because he lived in such a police state.

“The object [striven for] is a unified body of knowledge which despises such trivial aims as technological progress, and whose merit is to be one and all-embracing. But there can only be such knowledge if thought is allowed to shake off the external compulsion of logic; moreover, since each person’s ‘essential’ intuition may be different from that of others, the spiritual unity of society must be based on other foundations than logic and facts.

There must be some compulsion other than rules of thought, and that must take the form of social repression. In other words, [this 21st Century Learning as I update this 1978 language beyond Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt School] system depends on replacing the tyranny of logic by a police tyranny. This is corroborated by all historical experience: there is only way of making a whole society accept a particular world-view…”

P-12 education reforms globally have been created around a hope that there can be two ways to force the acceptance of a particular world-view. That is the reason for the deliberate insistence on ignorance that gets covered up with a variety of explanations. Yet the insistence students arrive at a ‘shared meaning’ and without complaint become merely members of Communities of Learners makes it clear teachers and administrators are expected to have an iron fist within the velvet glove of ‘meaningful learning experiences.’ Now to three exceedingly influential plans driving this underlying tyranny in the classroom.

In 2014 the Texas Association of Workforce Boards created the vision for all P-12 in that state, once again showing why they did not need to participate in the Common Core formally–“The Workforce in Texas: Aligning education to meet the needs of Texas employers.” Is that really why people have children in Texas or choose to move there–to be molded to the desired mental states that meet current employers’ needs? Not the desires of the family or personal hopes and dreams based on a lively, logical mind that recognizes when their autonomy is being usurped and can say so?

I appreciate the explicit nature of that Texas declaration and the reason I know about it is that the US Federal Reserve System, the world’s most influential public-private partnership, whose product we all carry in our wallets and hit the ATMs to use, just published Transforming US Workforce Development Policies for the 21st Century.

https://www.kansascityfed.org/~/media/files/publicat/community/workforce/transformingworkforcedevelopment/book/transformingworkforcedevelopmentpolicies.pdf is the link to the 670 page Warcry to officials and politicians at every level of government to restructure the nature of the political and economic structure in the US, with an emphasis on Public-Private Partnerships. They touted the Texas Statement and especially the vision of economic and community development created by Project Quest in San Antonio, Texas. When the people in charge of a nation’s money supply proclaim Saul Alinsky’s community organizing tactics to be a national model, maybe we have turned quietly into a Police state still hiding behind Euphemisms. Chapter 4 in particular covers the “Connecting Education to Careers in the 21st Century,” which has become the sales pitch, as we have seen, for an education grounded in ignorance and manipulation.

Anthony Carnevale, the lead chapter author, and cited throughout the book, was actually the author of this same vision of education grounded in ignorance, which he laid out in the New Workforce Training Manuals created for the Department of Labor, during the same Bush 41 years when Lamar Alexander was the Education Secretary. The emphasis of those manuals and Carnevale’s various degrees in ‘cultural history,’ ‘social science and public administration,’ and a Public Affairs PhD are detailed in this post.   http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/anesthetizing-any-ability-to-blow-up-or-contaminate-a-chosen-politically-useful-narrative/

Obviously I cannot cover that entire book in a post although I did read it over the weekend, just like I have read Carnevale’s Workplace Manuals. I wish there was speculation about what is going on or that the Kolakowski quotes were not so entirely apt. Over and over again the book acclaims Congress passing WIOA–the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act I have been warning about since it passed (July 10, 2014 post). It gets praised regularly as a “Bipartisan and Bicameral Agreement,” making me wonder what legislation that Congress passes is not Bicameral. Alliteration though bolsters the overall giddiness at the nature of the fundamental transformation mandate.  It also makes it appear that politicians at every level wanted WIOA because this is the vision the private Federal Reserve already had for the American people, society, the economy, and the future generally.

Finally we have a video created to be a part of “the World’s Largest Lesson” to be held globally in classrooms this Friday, September 25. In honor of the launch of the UN’s Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda to shift us all towards Dignity for All by 2030, https://vimeo.com/137728737 is the video. http://www.globalgoals.org/pt/2015/09/17/welcome-to-the-worlds-largest-lesson-materials/ is the link to lesson materials already available in ten languages. The video makes it clear that there is ‘plenty’ for all of us and that the world and its ‘systems’ and institutions can and should be redesigned so there is ‘enough’ for all of us going forward. We can ‘share.’

That’s where I want to end because that video and this UN vision can only be attempted in a world of profoundly ignorant or misguided people. As Kolakowski noted, even trying necessitates a police state of power usurping at all levels of government. This is largely hidden though because already prevailing ignorance, false media hype, and these confounding, ubiquitous euphemisms. All obscure the reality lining the Road to 2030 that we keep coming across from every direction.

Ubiquitous-another one of those useful descriptions of reality that the College Board no longer wants students to have access to or practice with.

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  1. So important to have this information right now. Thanks for putting it together in this useful format. If anyone can read this and access the links without fully understanding the extreme dangers inherent in these proposals, then I can’t imagine why or how they are managing to read your blog at all.

    • I try to bring the language down to Earth, but without quoting, who’d believe me?

      I want to call out the “3 Givens that Should Become the Norm” from Chapter 2 of the FRB Book–“Reimagining Workforce Development in the US” because it gets at just how enslaving this agenda is. I ran out of room, but I did take good notes.

      1) Unprecedented integration of work and learning. The new norm is ‘interweaving work and learning, starting in K-12, continuing through initial post secondary learning…work and learning must happen simultaneously, not sequentially.”

      My book lays out why Marxists are so determined that all academics HAS to be embedded in context and be experiential.

      2) Systemic collaboration among employers and educators

      3) Turning Competencies into a Unifying Currency

      That was my bolding but the book bolded Build out public-private skill development to scale.

      Chapter 10 states that the Career Pathway Approach “is not simply a model–it is a systems transformation strategy. Italics in original. So when the Georgia legislature stealthily adopted HB 186 and refused to mention it in press releases they were actually enacting a Fascist business and social model without informing us. This has now been nationalized under WIOA. I noticed Georgia companies including Southwire participating in the Rutgers fall 2014 conference that created this book. https://www.frbatlanta.org/news/conferences/2014/141015-workforce-development/agenda.aspx

      Is this to make Mercedes and Porsche feel like we have adopted the German system so they can feel right at home or does Coke prefer the Asian State Capitalism Chabol vision for Georgia and other states.

  2. What they mean by “proper use” of the dialectic involves skills such as “Sophistry”, “Casuistry”, “Equivication” (making unequals equal), “Mental Reservation” (I did not touch that woman), and more.
    If you look up “Jesuit”, in many dictionaries, it will use “Sophist and Casuist” in the definition.

    “… if a man consider the original of this great ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive that the papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof” – Hobbes “Leviathan.”

    Keep in mind, it was the Jesuits who invented communism. Their goal from their inception was to re-capture the entire world for the 4th kingdom; the Holy Roman Empire, in a one world religion. Had it not been for Martin Luther and “The Reformation”, this usurping the people of the world under a one world system would have been all over with in the distant past. (Tupper Saucey, is the best single source I know of on this topic.) Loyola’s Jesuit, “Counter-Reformation” has been raging continually since the 1500’s and is becoming visiable to the casual observer as the parts that needed to stay hidden wanes. Time Magazine has just posted an article, this week, titled, “Pope Francis and The New Roman Empire” posted here: http://time.com/4038077/the-new-roman-empire/ There is nothing new under the sun – Ecclesiastes 1:9

    • Religions are not my area of expertise, but Kolakoski on the following page made the point that: “Even in the worst days of Stalinism, despite universal indoctrination and the enslavement of knowledge to ideology, it was recognized that some fields were neutral in themselves and subject only to logical and empirical laws: this was true of mathematics, physics, and aslo technology except for one or two brief periods. Marcuse, in the other hand, insists that normative essences must prevail in every domain.”

      That fits with the actual desired implementation I have tracked initially from the 60s, but consistently from the early 80s forward.

      In the next paragraph, he stated that “magic and mythology have never taken the place of technique and rational effort, but only complemented them in spheres over which mankind has no technical control. The only possible forerunners of Marcuse are the democrats of the Middle Ages and early Reformation who sought to eliminate science or deprive it of its independence.”

      STEM is not science or math as traditionally known. they are not an acronym for the knowledge Western civilization is built on. The reason permeates the systems theorists who are full of angst over the lack of normative values in science and how that supposedly led to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Nuclear Age. When I quote the next paragraph, remember that the essence of Competency is that it involves both skills and values. It is not Competency per that Flyvberg framework unless it is about a student setting goals, plans, or aims and taking the steps to achieve a task.

      “Neither science nor technology, of course, offers any basis for a hierarchy of aims and values. Aims-in-themselves, as opposed to means, cannot be identified by scientific methods; science can only tell us how to attain our ends and what will happen when we do attain them [a major reason it is not to be properly taught just like history], or when a certain course of action is followed. {Again if a knowledge of facts impedes theory, facts must go]. The gap here cannot be brisged by any ‘essential’ intuition.”

      The gap between theory and practice that impedes changing current reality can only be solved by ignorance, false beliefs, and new required values. That is precisely what College and Career Ready mean when all the related ‘standards’ are joined together. I will add that piece in the next post. Downloaded it off CCSSO’s very website a few hours ago.

      • Pagan superstition will rule,first all knowledge available only online then POOF! Not anymore!
        Oh the good old days of wattle and daub. Everything old is new again! Watch out for the wee shiggies!

  3. To show that the connection to “Religion” is not far fetched, here is a small blurb regarding statements at the foundation of “professional education of the masses”:

    ” Cardinal Thoma s Wolsey, Chancellor of England. Machiavelli and Wolsey opined that both printing and Protestantism could be turned to Rome’ s advantage by employing movable type to produce a literature that would confuse, diminish, and ultimately marginalize the Bible. Cardinal Wolsey, who would later found Christ Church College at Oxford, characterized the project as “to put learning against learning.”” (read more)

    Is there anything we need to know about Wolsey?

    Yes, “A grand idea takes possession of Wolsey-nothing less than the founding of a splendid college at Oxford, on a scale to eclipse everything of its kind in the world, and to gather all the talent of the kingdom therein, and so to set learning against learning to uphold the cause of Rome. This, no doubt, was he origin of Cardinal College, Oxford (now Christ Church).”

    • Wolsey did build spectacular houses though. Hampton Court is a place I adored and that I took my two daughters to, then 7 and 10, on our first full day in London. No wonder Henry VIII wanted it. I am so glad that William & Mary ran out of money and were thus unable to tear down the Tudor parts of the palace as they hoped and planned to do.

      Genuine, independent knowledge has forever been a threat to political power. Because it can drive technical innovation, the producers currently at the table see it as a threat as well. Troubling then that the heads of the tech companies today are showing up in Seattle on command in homage to the Chinese.

      • My brother did his Master’s at the College of William and Mary. He now has a full “knee-jerk” reaction, shutting down all communication, if specific words come up in a communication. He will be in economic bondage for the rest of his life because of them. I find it disturbing that he pays them so much mindless loyalty over his own family; he can’t even function in normal communication anymore with “commoners”, and at the same time, he will never be part of the elite.

        • Can you tell us what his masters was in? I find these planning or theoretical programs to be so destructive because there is no tether to the world as it is.

          • I think it was in Business but I don’t remember for sure. The last time we talked about it was over 17 years ago.

  4. Yes everything old is new again. African slaves were forbidden to learn to read as are our children now.
    Hey if it aint broke dont fix it!

        • Married to Richard Spady, not William. Seattle Pacific and author of Educational Leadership with Religious New Ager and Futurist Richard Kirby.

        • Spady. They should name a toenail fungus after him and his wife because they never really go away and spread ugliness everywhere.

          I counted five Tatyana’s, three Olga’s, a couple Elenas and Ludmilla’s. Russians don’t have much in the way of diversity with names do they?

          Well. Since brains are interchangeable once they are adequately Obuchenie’d then I suppose it doesn’t really matter what Tatyana one is addressing or referencing.

          As long as job eez done. Da?

          • Look at this article and tell me that the Personality-developing model from Russian education is not what the US is calling Rigor or Challenging Coursework and Levels 3 and 4 of Depth of Knowledge on assessments. http://www.rus-ameeduforum.com/content/en/?task=art&article=1000781&iid=8

            Then the the final Personalizedategic Model fits with what College and Career Ready means in the CCSSO Learning Progressions for Teachers to use with students.

            In other words, there is really only one education model globally–Humanist education. Between what I already knew that is in book, going through this Russian site and each newsletter this morning, recognizing Olga Block is describing Basis using Piotr Galperin’s Theory of Instruction by function if not name, this CIES conference I mentioned http://cies2015.org/images/cies2015-program-small-update.pdf , nd the LTMF work of Brookings and UNESCO, it all fits. The World’s Largest Lesson is really just an update of the Agenda 21 curriculum UNESCO created back in 2002 that I also downloaded after reviewing.

    • The very point of bringing up Wolsley in my above comment was to point out that modern (Dewey) public schooling was never about “education” for the benefit of the individual. It is Wolsley’s “learning against learning” (Medici Learning). It has always been about turning all people into slaves through a covert and gradual “dumbing down”.

      The ancient Hebrew process of real learning, for example, is to “absorb” one’s education by being around an excellent mentor. Why do you think their are so many Jewish Dr.s and Lawyers? Their childhood isn’t thrown down the drain by inadvertant absorbtion of the real part of their education from strangers whose intellect has been intentionally derailed by the government system.

      • Make sure you read the STEM workforce paper I linked to above and will put again here. http://static.politico.com/8c/3c/79ac689c4666b76c261aab4907ae/report-on-stem-workforce.pdf

        The vision to gain equity in the STEM workforce becomes the rationale to totally gut academics and make neurological social engineering the norm. The UN already has a section set up to monitor compliance on this agenda and makes it clear the local schools and politicians and public sector are all implementing their Post-2015 agenda. Sandy Pentland’s presence matters because that is the link not just to UN but the FuturICT post called “Science Fiction Made Real”.

        Surely Wolsey as a butcher’s son would recognize this self-serving engineering for precisely the corrupt usurpation that it is.

        • Just getting through the first paragraph to page six makes my heart sink. This is what Tupper Saucy would call “The politics of witchcraft”, (distoring reality to your injury and his gain).
          How appealing to the mind of the self-annointed “really smart”, to their own hurt; never suspecting anything amiss.

          • Saussy explains that, with the “politics of witchcraft”, many (multituteds) unknowingly pass on distortions created by people trained in the dark arts of “controlling”. When these distortions fill printed pages, speakers, TV and movie screens, you have carriers of these distortions administering the work places, schools, churches and homes. Without realizing it, your nation becomes possessed by these distortions.

  5. OMG when the LEGO thing came into school i knew that bread and circus was ON big time. Ahahaha! STEM is s joke. Maker movement. Joke. Placemaking. Joke.
    If only these subterranean folks were actually funny. Reality is they are anything but class clown.

      • “The world WE want” lesson plan. Love how its WE, as in THEM not US, we who’s children are in THEIR clutches at school. Assumed WE. Cass’s opportunity cascade.
        Alinsky blather ” the world as it is or the world as it should be”…
        “WE WANT” the BATS fist. Umhum…

    • What do you mean STEM , maker movement and the like is a joke? There is a lot to absorb here and I am trying to get up to speed.

      Thank you in advance.

      • I cannot speak for madmommy, but STEM is a term Judith Ramalay came up with while at NSF to obscure the behavioral science shift in the nature of these classes and their curricula.

        Read the STEM part of the Texas doc and ask yourself if that will get you ready for any knowledge oriented curriculum.

        I have covered the Maker Movement and New Tech Network in connection with the required integration of CTE into all classes so there is no genuinely academic track.

        STEM is also covered in Chapter 3 of my book and then again in Chapter 7 on the actual intended implementation.

        • I have no problem with kids playing around with ‘Maker’ stuff. Schools should to be ‘teaching’ this stuff in place of other things. It may or may not be appropriate as a ‘shop’ class some day. IMO it is another shiny new object.

          Before I forget, if you have a student with the interest and motivation, search for “From nand to tetris” on the Internet. Lame title but interesting on-line material from Israel. It covers computer hardware and software from the components on up.

      • Alex:
        I have a background in science and engineering and also software. I only know about STEM what I read on-line and in the paper. It seems like a joke to me. It is a shiny new object for ‘educators’ to chase after.

        If it is no different than teaching science and math then why the name change? If it is different, what changes in the classroom?

        I have noticed that the people driving STEM usually have no background or interest in science or math or engineering. I am not sure what ‘technology’ is. I realize that someone with a science/whatever degree canalways be found to sit on a panel.

        Engineering usually requires previous study in math and science. How do they teach ‘engineering’ in HS (or even before) when it cannot be taught until the second year in college even for well prepared students?

        • Precisely! Cant. Its rubbish to wash out dilute away any real science. Go back a few years here in comments and i explained my childrens social science rubbish STEM stuff. It is meant to retard individual progress and expand collective progress.

  6. Robin,

    In reponse to what you have been writing over the last year or more, these are my thoughts about the observations you have very aptly made regarding the frightening future we face with government education breathing down our necks.
    What you have discovered in such detail is amazing. I do hope we can escape this horrid nightmare of such a future existence. Thank you for all the provisions you have made for us to read and learn. Your book and blogs, I pray. wake up all of us.

    Federal Education Must Be Left Behind

    C.S Lewis, the great British professor and philosopher, once observed in his book, That Hideous Strength, that government’s involvement in education could give us either an iron despotism or an intoxicated anarchy. Lewis predicted that government was capable of forcing education to become its education. It could abolish education as most people understood it to be. His prediction has come true. We now have a federal schoolmaster with the ability to restructure and remold its subjects as it desires. Unconstitutional, federal education laws put in place by Democrats and Republicans over the years have made the government’s despotism and anarchy possible. Now, with the Common Core Curriculum operating in our midst, it will do further damage to education. Students will come under more scrutiny by the government that will threaten their freedom to learn academic skills, pursue their educational goals and career desires.
    Federal education has its designs on students being under a controlled society that is always evolving and emerging under its supervision. The educational bureaucracy, which is highly politicized and anti-intellectual, continues to dumb down its students, teaching them what the government wants them to know. It has destroyed traditional education in our schools. It constantly assesses with tests and surveys how students are thinking and learning. It makes sure the conditioning of teachers and students in political correctness continues in the classroom. It has created curricula that can decrease the national knowledge level, interrupt superior academic classroom development and re-educate students who do not meet expected federal outcomes. Technologically, the federal government tracks the progress, values and attitudes of everyone in contact with it. If the progress is not satisfactorily achieved, schools, students and teachers can be punished for not conforming. Federal education has succumbed to powerful bureaucrats who require each individual to behave and think exactly as they are taught. Methodologies and pedagogies that have been effective in classroom learning in the past have been dismissed, while other approaches are brought in that frustrate learning and success, seriously disabling students.
    Federal education is not family- friendly because it undermines parental authority. It imposes views of the approved political and governmental group think. It eradicates the morals that parents believe their children are acquiring in schools. Instead, children are taught value neutrality, which morally numbs them and renders them incapable of discernments between right and wrong.
    Federal education discourages parental responsibility. It cares, feeds and provides services to children allowing parents longer periods of time away from them. The longer children are separated from their parents, the more time the schools have for indoctrinating them in the ways they desire. Therefore, early childhood education is necessary and beneficial for their agenda. When the federal government subsidizes parenting like this, it reaps parental dependence and irresponsibility. The government prefers early childhood education because brain conditioning and specified learning goals can get an earlier start with their children.
    Federal education is another experiment in socialism. Government ownership and administration of the means of production of goods and services is immune to consumer desire. It produces low quality, sparse quality, high costs and often unwanted results. Socialism cannot be improved upon, it must be replaced. History has recorded its dismal failures and we are witnessing it all over again as the schools continue to fail our children.
    The hideous strength and influence of the federal government in our schools must be left behind. If citizens allow it to continue, our children will be left behind to be conditioned and controlled as a passive population of human resources ready and willing to serve the master government’s education establishment. If we really care about the future and the education of our students, we must separate our schools from federal government intrusions.

  7. More than once I have made reference to That Hideous Strength on this blog. It is uncanny how Lewis understood the zeitgeist that had infected his progressive academic colleagues (with a little help from the political and business classes) and managed to project it imaginatively into the future with such accuracy. It is the great unsung, undiscovered distopian novel of our time.

    • You are comment #7001 on ISC and we are having quite the discussion, arent we? Please look at the links I put up this morning to LL on the older post. Holistic systems education from Russia fits with some of the offline discussions we have had over the years. Would love your analysis in the proper, non-circumscribed sense of the word.

      It is the “Curriculum Now Needs to Become an Itinerary of Transformative Experiences of participation” post.

  8. How Common Core Was Oiled — Hideously

    It seems there was a “dress rehearsal” preceding the rather speedy and smooth early adoption and implementation of Common Core.

    Joanne Weiss, who is now an “independent education consultant,” and was a director of Race to the Top, in a recent academic article says RttT “ . . . offers lessons in high-impact grantmaking that are applicable not only in education but also in other fields. “ http://ssir.org/articles/entry/competing_principles#bio-footer

    In a more public media article in Activist Post — “Feds Admit To Coercing Common Core At The Local Level — http://www.activistpost.com/2015/09/feds-admit-to-coercing-common-core-at-the-local-level.html
    the writer, Heather Callaghan, interprets Weiss and writes:

    “Indeed, there was nothing organic about the development and forceful push for schools to make the Common Core switch.”

    “Ms. Weiss somewhat boasted of the four tools that helped bring Common Core “to the top” so to speak. They are:

    • Pressing for approval and endorsement of the top three education leaders in each state (governor, chief state school officer and the state board of education’s president)

    • Getting all kinds of district-level school administration signatures – even union leaders, but making sure they had no veto power

    • Community incentives! Getting buy-ins from stakeholders like business and parents’ groups, foundations and community organizations and teachers’ unions.

    • Forcing the above mentioned parties to meetings and make the case for reviewers – also to make sure everyone was fully committed to the plan.

    Callaghan, in her interpretation of the Weiss academic article, comments editorially in her article:

    “(But it’s all for the children . . . ) She [Weiss] even spoke in terms of aggression – her tools were “deployed,” all parties were to “reform,” “we forced alignment,” “we imposed,” “we required,” – one wonders whether the duped parties ever felt like they were being squeezed by a boa constrictor.”

    We will watch how Common Core defenders contort themselves into saying how this does NOT establish coercion!

    • Neither do I want ‘opponents’ of the Common Core using Weiss’ admissions on the record to create the antithesis so that these bad ideas roll in at the state and local levels as Texas and Georgia, for example are doing.

      The synthesis is precisely what is in this post. I do not want Congress enslaving me or my children at the level of the mind. It is not A-OK if the Texas or Georgia legislature or Workforce Board does it and then refuses to publicize or outright lies about the legislation.

      I thought Weiss’ admissions played right into the education agenda of the Hoover Institute going back to the Koret Task Force.

      She knew exactly what she was acknowledging and I suspect it was deliberate to aid the kind of consensus we see coalescing around Richard Paul’s Critical Thinking Framework> When people who understand formative assessment still hype High Stakes Standardized Testing as the boogeyman, there is another agenda in play.

      I think many of the opponents and defenders are actually working towards a common vision for K-12 education. I think Weiss’ admissions were to further that agenda. I have tracked her back to the New Schools Venture Fund and its activities and she is neither stupid or careless. That journal furthers the behavioral science agenda at Stanford, just like the 80s thinking skills vision the synthesis is driving us towards.

      Sorry to disagree with you, but when smart people like Weiss, APP, or Bill Evers from Hoover write papers that consciously only tell part of the story or admit to what is useful to further a narrative, I do not just accept the narrative. I notice what is acknowledged and what is ignored and go looking there.

  9. We have talked about what made the US the so profitable in the past and what they have planned for us that will not help us maintain that ability. The current trend of using technology / broadband to create prosperity and tear down inequality is wishful thinking at best.


    My small rural town is connected to this as well as my school district.
    Notice how economic development, health & education are included in addition to others. Here is how the local school district is advertising it as of today.

    In the past few weeks I have noticed the school sending out updates on emergency preparedness, managing emotions and family health. They are really intruding into a variety of areas here. Take a peek around and see if it has made it into your towns or districts.

    • I have written about the UN asserting that Broadband is a human right and I attended the Gigabyt conference when it was in Atlanta this summer. I was appalled at what I heard and the planning around Equity these city managers’ now assume is theirs as a matter of law and right. The City Manager of Seattle spoke and I came home and discovered his background was MS.

      Anyway within the last few days the White House has begun to push to have Broadband classified as a utility and become something people have a ‘right’ to. I actually looked at this plan the other day. http://www.citylab.com/work/2015/09/americas-digital-divide-has-decreased-but-not-nearly-enough/406885/

      In addition Anchornets vision and the data being gathered is straight out of what the FuturICT Project covered here http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/science-fiction-made-real-were-we-ever-to-know-in-time/ said was coming. Remember MIT’s Alex Pentland in the video interview (he is now involved with the UN’s Computer Task Force) said that the data produced made the kind of equitable society he had always dreamed of a potential reality.

      Look at what is confessed to in this document http://www.ccsso.org/Documents/2013/2013_INTASC_Learning_Progressions_for_Teachers.pdf on what teachers are expected to be changing at the level of the students’ mind and personality. Cross-reference it with what is in the various Russian-American newsletters on the holistic systemic vision and we have a superb fit.

      • What is frightening is how much Anton Makarenko has influenced these people. The 1996 Symposium was instrumental in Oregon. It laid the groundwork for this coming into our schools, and still has never left. It is mind blowing to think that educators and influential government representative attended this and allowed it to dictate education in the US. We are talking about taking advice from the Institute for Advanced Teacher Training in the Ukraine. The Newsletter of the Medford Educational Institute (MEI), put out by Weiss contained work influenced by Vygotsky, Makarenko, Eric Fromm, Mikhail Krasovitskij, Vasily Sukhomlinsky. Tell me why it is acceptable to take a little c version of education to make the perfect man and place it in the USA?
        I have learned more on what Soviet PLC’s were as well, Soloveichik, Creative Union of Teachers.
        Have you ever looked at the book Mandate for Change?
        The book Patterns for Lifelong Learning, has a symbol on the front that quite disturbingly matches several of the agencies involved in Oregon education. Would it be noticed by many others, no. However, we have seen this as a pattern several times.

        Now the Oregon agency, there are many so I will link to one.
        Well maybe two.

        I have mentioned that my theory on Oregon is that it has been a pilot ground for all the things you write about. I still feel that way, and even more so now. The part that makes me furious is that the legislators are aware of it.

        • I have that Lifelong Learning book. I bought it back in March of this year.

          Did you notice Professor Alex “Sandy” Pentland is the head of the Technical Advisory Group for the Kavli HUMAN Project I linked to this morning? Doesn’t that make the statement about “uniting these many measurements in a manner that yields detailed behavioral phenotypes that characterize the myriad ways in which humans express their genetic endowment in different environmental settings” make more sense? That is what Oregon is gathering too as well as all schools globally ultimately. That is how the systems scientists, educators, politicians at every level all intend to “revolutionize the social and natural human sciences.”

          The research being massified now in the US and that as you say has been going on in Oregon and other local pockets since at least the 90s intends to lock in the necessary collectivist beliefs and altruistic behavior at a neurological level. School subjects have now just become the means to practice via role play or collaborative projects the desired behaviors and values until the desired internalized Worldview takes hold.

          We had to emulate the Soviet research because they had greater room to experiment than we did, but not anymore. The revolution must proceed, as that A World that Counts” report made crystal clear.

          The links I put up this morning, in addition to what is mentioned in this post or covered yesterday, make what is planned crystal clear. Notice how it all ties into what Harlan Cleveland acknowledged was planned that I covered in the Conclusion of the book. No wonder I found what I found.

          I am actually reading the book that was created from the speeches at a 1956 MIT conference the systems theorists held on “creative altruism” and creating a Science of Human Values. Timely, huh? This may be the day of the World’s Largest Lesson, but I can now tie that agenda clearly to that 1956 conference. Guess who edited the book? Abraham Maslow.

          Take a deep breath and remember between my first book, the blog, and the book I am writing now, this entire agenda will come out or already has. People just have to wake up before the kleptocrats destroy everything.

        • The Patterns logo is not so far off from CERN’s logo either.


          No accidents. All part of controlling perception and shared understandings. Allowed symbols, abundantly represented, define the parameters of desired thoughts.

          If people understood what the symbols meant for the creators they might not share the understandings so readily.

          • The Image is the behavioral science term for it. Must control the image of the future and how the world works to control behavior. Desired image must be internalized.

            Formative assessment does that and then the federally required annual assessments of HOTS will monitor compliance in people, schools, districts, and states.

          • And consultant Deloitte once again confirms the globalization of this vision with this from Australia. http://landing.deloitte.com.au/rs/761-IBL-328/images/deloitte-au-ps-education-redefined-040815.pdf

            It’s a shift from traditional, formal education to “work-integrated learning” and from “credentials” to “observable attitudes and behaviors” in a job applicant”. Really?

            Good thing to know for anyone with a kid in high school. Do not borrow for a degree in this dystopian future for degrees.

    • This UN report, on page 7 of pdf, talks about using data to lose the gap between the public and private sectors. http://www.undatarevolution.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/A-World-That-Counts2.pdf

      This truly is Marx’s small c communism with the alluring name of the Human Development Society being inaugurated by the UN, Congress via WIOA and the ESEA Rewrites, states, and localities. Fits with everything you are linking. They need this data. Your planning sections align with the various UN data groups on SDGs.

  10. The Countdown Looms

    Let’s see what the present Broadband yields — worldwide !

    “On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will commit to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change. The Global Goals for sustainable development could get these things done. In all countries. For all people.”

    The UNITED NATIONS is launching THE WORLD’S LARGEST LESSON http://www.globalgoals.org/

    Even now, a countdown clock is inexorably ticking away to Friday, 25 September, 2015, when the UN will ignite, galvanize, provoke — whatever — the world’s children to change the world ! Are schools organizing something — whole school assemblies to see/hear the UN announcement?

    Less than 20 hours to go!

    I asked my grandkids about this. They said adults should solve these problems and feel kids shouldn’t be pushed into these topics about which they have no experience.

    • The cover of the Lifelong learning book is the Sign of the Tao from Confucianism. It symbolizes the unity and interrelatedness of all things and no loner separating rational thought from emotion or subject from object. It is a symbol of dialectical interaction in Asian culture.

      I read a description of it in a Chapter called “Science and Values” complaining that traditional science is disconnected from the normative and that this is what led to the carnage of two World wars and nuclear weapons. When I read the description, I recognized it as the cover of the book you linked to. Mindfulness, just like Siegel’s Mindsight, Csik’s Excellence, and ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative do not want schools permitting a curriculum with students that is not shaped by emotion and activity. It’s also what can get a teacher written up or contract not renewed in private or the accreditors threatening accreditation

      • That is the symbol that I first thought of when the book was given to me. Yesterday it was on the kitchen table and my husband said “you want to explain why you are reading a book with 666 on the cover?” Different eyes see different things.

  11. The SAT word my friends and I didn’t know was “dross”, which we learned (too late) was the stuff you don’t need or want to get rid of. Seems fitting to the new stuff they’ll be trying to put in our kids’ minds.

    • Funny how many of us remember those words and came home and looked them up. Driving to the beach when kids were younger and had something like the SSAT for private school for middle to take, we would play “Stump the Mom”. They got a quarter for finding words I did not know and could not put in an appropriate sentence. Unlike David Coleman, who clearly is really pursuing a radical agenda that might explain his earlier reverential fealty to China (remember his moon and sun quote?), one of these SAT words had a sentence full of subtleties in one word.

      Please look at the STEM Workforce paper. It makes it crystal clear that I was right in my book. It is abstract symbol systems themselves and the personally private meaning systems they convey, that is under attack. Bertallanffy, the creator of systems science, said it in the 65 lectures but he was saying it earlier in the 56 MIT Creative Altruism conference as well. I think we can infer then that CASBS from its founding knew what needed to be controlled for the behavioral sciences to become a social and natural human science for reengineering purposes.

      • The ability of some students to manipulate those abstract symbols constitutes an endless stream of microaggressions against the rest.

        Do they have any idea that if HS science is watered down, it will no longer form a proper foundation for college level science and engineering? Oh I forgot, we’re going to fix that problem at the college level too.

        The “engineering shortage” excuse has been used to increase immigration quotass hold down engineering pay ever since I got out of college. Now we’re going to use it in another way, to reduce even the current levels of competent US university graduates because without redefining “competence”, those expectations are inequitable.

        But at least we’ll have a lot of technician level people with soft skills out the wazoo. And all sorts of other dross, too.

        • When I was at the Google sponsored economic development vision of government in charge there was a black woman speaker from Google who clearly believed she had been hired primarily because of the melanin content of her skin and her gender. She said so and kept hyping the imperative of more minorities must be hired. I remember thinking that I hoped she was also gay so google could go for a trifecta in one employee.

          When I first started doing IPOs and mergers and acquisitions and other seriously big deal transactional work, there were not lots of women doing it. I understood business and how to develop in language the underlying business deal. Being female was irrelevant. Now we have a generation that thinks that is a primary attribute in every situation.

          Actually that document shows that Equity is just the morally acceptable excuse to jettison the Axemaker Mind emphasis. Ervin Laszlo admitted a subjective mode of comprehension was necessary first if collectivism was to be the aim. Plus the Equity argument brings in the civil rights laws to be the enforcers of this as a ‘right’ when it is really about a radical transformation of this country’s political and intellectual traditions.

          • Hillary’s pretty blatant about this. She just counts up the benefits of whatever policy to women, and the more the better. The benefits or harms to men? Totally irrelevant, never mentioned. Yeah Hillary, I noticed. I wasn’t supposed to, was I?

            In the partially hidden world of a corporation, that kind of thing can fester even worse, as you saw. Bet she didn’t justify that black females would make the best Google engineers, just that they have to have them around.

            In the working world, everyone has to find the cards they can play to their best advantage. Race, gender, compromising pictures of the boss, whatever. My kids will have to face that jungle regardless. But don’t mess with my kids’ minds while they are young and vulnerable. I want them to be able to recognize the games and plan their own course.

  12. Random thoughts that belong in this blog …. somewhere

    I often read in this blog “if only parents knew what their children were actually being taught.” It occurred to me that the most outrage from parents comes when they actually see examples of what their kids bring home. This includes super liberal parents etc. If this can be compared to what was taught before that doubles the impact. How can this be done? I have no idea partly because my kids are out of HS. I had 5 semesters of college math starting with calculus. I could not believe the crap my kids used to bring home for math. The discussions on this blog are far above the level of most parents. Maybe the real bad stuff is still in the future, like the utopian results?

    The idea that kids can make up the real material in college is going to hit parents in the pocket book and HARD.

    Dragging social studies and political topics into reading class seems to be happening.This reminds me of the old communist math problems I would hear of:
    Ilya makes 50 Rubles a month and his capitalist parasite landlord takes 30 Ruples per month in rent. How much does does Ilya have left each month after being exploited by his landlord?

    • This practice of planting subversive content in reading assignments has been going on from the beginning. Another commentor in this thread mentioned C.S. Lewis. Lewis specifically wrote about educators subverting the mind in literature in his book “The Abolition of Man” in a passage about Coleridge at the Waterfall.

      Here is a couple exerpts from the book: ““For every one pupil who needs to be guarded against a weak excess of sensibility there are three who need to be awakened from the slumber of cold vulgarity. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts. The right defence against false sentiments is to inculcate just sentiments. By starving the sensibility of our pupils we only make them easier prey to the propagandist when he comes. For famished nature will be avenged and a hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head.”

      “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

      • I was one of those commentators. Alas, this is yet another thing that the progs have appropriated: they claim to want to infuse “heart” into dusty intellectualism. But, of course, they are replacing “just sentiments” with “false sentiments.” In Abolition of Man, Lewis was writing a manifesto against scientism, the logical end of rationalism, that proposed to turn human beings into computers, the kind of people who just couldn’t “get” poetry; the present day progressive social scientists propose producing a kinder, gentler lab rat with an approved set of emotions and values, a grotesque form of sentimentality whose logical end is the dehumanization known as imbecility.

        • My book covered this briefly, but since it came out there has been more and more citations that make it clear that the goal is to habitualize a different region of the brain than what would process, say, a traditional Algebra problem. So it is false emotions AND training a person to not use the part of the brain that would have previously handled the task.

          One of the research journals that has shown the most published articles on this is the same one Joanne Weiss just happened to confess to about RTT.

        • Do you know who coined the phrase “being educated into imbecility”? I have Malcom Muggeridge used that phrase in multiple places, but I thought he may have gotten it from CS Lewis or GK Chesterson.

          I rushed out this morning and didn’t quote “The Abolition of Man” as well as I would have liked; the pages are riddled with really good quotable material. But as I was searching for the quotes I had in mind, I noticed I should review the book again so I ordered it on my kindle and listened to it again today while driving to LA and back. Wow; it is way more eyebrow-raising today than it was when I first read it over 10 years ago. Something to note is that Lewis was an “Oxford don” and this was published in 1943. It is subtitled “Reflections on education with special reference to the teaching of English in the upper forms of schools”.

          • This is the letter higher ed officials have sent to Paris insisting that Climate Change is the reason for changing all our “social, economic, and political structures” globally. http://www.grli.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Open-Letter-to-COP21.pdf

            Imagine what CS Lewis would do with this.

            I spent a summer at Oxford in college, going to classes and tutorials 4 days a week and travelling 3. Lived out past the Radcliffe Infirmary and walked down to Keble on those ancient stones. I cannot imagine what a tragic place it would have been after the Great war wiped out so much promise. Some of HG Wells writing make it clear that the post-WW2 sentiment I pick up in the US that everything must be tried to prevent it ever happening again was kicked off in Europe by the Great War. Lewis would have heard all that and recognized that the proferred solutions were more likely to make things worse.

          • It appears I was channeling Lewis, Chesterton, or Muggeridge. I swear I had no idea. I’ll take any of them.

            BTW, Lewis apparently said that That Hideous Strength was the fictionalization of Abolition.

          • CS Lewis’s writing topples the whole charade of public “education”. Muggeridge came to the reality later in life; I love his wit. There is a reason Acadamia doesn’t want you reading these guys. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”.

          • I was reading about the appointment of Matt Cregor to the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice heading up its new Education Project. Interest piqued I see he is all over the Prison Pipeline hype and disparate impact in disciplinary policies. If we go back further, sure enough, the remedy that is always just looking for a rationale to require it. http://www.pbis.org/common/cms/files/Staff/staff%20training%20materials/The%20Building%20Blocks%20of%20Positive%20Behavior%20TT.pdf

            So he used to be an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center so there’s our link to the NEA CARE Guide I covered and Teaching Tolerance materials SPLC created.

            This also confirms that these radical groups and foundations all see hyping the Prison Pipeline and disciplinary policy differences as a means to force Positive Behavioral focus on all schools. http://www.naacpldf.org/files/case_issue/PRRAC%20journal%20Jan_Feb%202011-%20Dismantling_the_School-to-Prison_Pipeline.pdf

            Notice how the problem is NEVER the refusal to teach reading and math properly and not via constructivist inquiry. Another link sent me to Fair Test after Cregor had moved on to the NAACP. So there’s the link to Opt Out.

          • I just heard one researcher point out that 30% of Harvard students or graduates have no idea that “Climate change” is a full-on con for political purposes; they actually believe it is real; 30% of them. This is indicative that even “education” at Harvard is a fraud and it’s students are not any different than the masses, sans the “connections”.

            “The head rules the belly through the chest—the seat, as Alanus tells us, of Magnanimity, of emotions organized by trained habit into stable sentiments. The Chest-Magnanimity-Sentiment—these are the indispensable liaison officers between cerebral man and visceral man. It may even be said that it is by this middle element that man is man: for by his intellect he is mere spirit and by his appetite mere animal. The operation of The Green Book (Coleridge at the waterfall-a book promoting relativism) and its kind is to produce what may be called Men without Chests. … A persevering devotion to truth, a nice sense of intellectual honour, cannot be long maintained without the aid of a sentiment… It is not excess of thought but defect of fertile and generous emotion that marks them out. Their heads are no bigger than the ordinary: it is the atrophy of the chest beneath that makes them seem so. – The Abolition of Man – Lewis

          • This is the original version of the World’s Largest Lesson with a Pakistani Women’s Advocate as the narrator and NOT Venus Williams.

            Yesterday I spent the day going through a rather definitive research paper out of SRI from 1974 that was finally introduced as a book in 1981. It was like finding the Missing Link confessing in one place so much I had painfully pieced together. Interesting that not only was Ervin Laszlo an advisor and Margaret Mead. Explaining then why daughter Mary Catherine Bateson was involved in the WOMP 1987 meeting in Moscow and the August Berlin ISSS annual meeting we chased GEFF out of and Pavel Luksha and Ervin’s son.

            Rene Dubos was also an advisor, the futurist and systems thinker, whose book The God Within Lamar Alexander admires so much.

            Willis Harman, who in 1987 would write Global Mind Change was also involved and of course Marina Gorbis, who now heads Institute for the Future and coordinates with KnowledgeWorks about where ed is going would be familiar with it since she was also at SRI.

            The link to Mindfulness was there via the name Julian Huxley gave for it back in 1945–the Perennial Philosophy. Many of the people you are citing would have known Julian and have heard of his plans to push cultural evolution through UNESCO.

          • Yep. It was also discovered that Margaret Mead was a fraud too. It was heartbreaking to hear she died heartbroken from her husband leaving her 20+ years prior, his photo next to her death bed. She was victimized by the very behavioral practice she was proped up by social engineers to “normalize”. I don’t have the finding on her “credentials” at my fingertips; sorry.

          • Just a note on the video. Note the globe graphic on the UN logo is a view from the “North”. Only people who are part of “the Faithful” (not catechuman), “Initiated” (not lower level) secret society or Freemason members, or hard core (not “luke warm”/Sunday only) Bible studiers would be told, not the “ostensible” meaning of that view, but the true insider (powers that be) meaning of that view. It is key, and almost no one would believe me if I told them. This is an excellent example of why “esoterics” should not be dismissed as a harmless pastime. It is the engineering of people’s attention, and understanding, through the “educational” system, working in harmony with the arts, that makes people think main stream, ostensible explanations, are the true explanations. The powers that be hide many things in plain sight.

          • I know nothing about Freemasonry nor do I want to. However, since from time to time readers do bring it up as relevant, your comment may pique their interest.

          • The purpose of “the mystries” is the secret control of people. It goes all the way back to “Nimrod” (the Mason credited for building the Tower of Babel-the hunter of men-for his civilization). Words are used to change a person’s state; precept upon precept. (Maybe why they want the kids for at least 12 years?) A “Grimiore” is simply “grammar”. The benefit to knowing “hidden things” (such as from Freemasonry) is that, each item exposed, by “shining a light”, loses its unchallenged hidden power.

    • If you have never seen this, it makes the new vision of ‘science’ and the crucial incorporation of students’ having a systems worldview as WIOA mandated going forward. http://www.nextgenscience.org/sites/ngss/files/Appendix%20G%20-%20Crosscutting%20Concepts%20FINAL%20edited%204.10.13.pdf

      I just explained something offline and thought you and David especially would want to see. It also fits with STEM=CTE=workforce development=Maker Movement & project-based Learning emphasis for all going forward.

    • Driving hard towards that desired synthesis apparently. I guess this is our direct link of Pioneer and the Hoover Institute to that NC Plan and Richard Paul’s Critical Thinking Framework.

      In the Federal Reserve book they lay out the Bay State Commission on Workplace Skills and how it was the first and has now become something called the Commonwealth Corporation. I thought of Pioneer as I was reading that.

      • Here is the P21 roadmap working with the Cable Industry and SETDA–State Education Technology Directors trade group. http://www.roadmap21.org/

        Gives link to the 105 page pdf although the visual is plenty graphic. As we have discussed, the data will know the student and how its internalized mental map and worldview drives behavior in ways the student is unaware of. The data will also tell what other ‘experiences’ need to be provided digitally or with other students to create any lacking changes. Think of what the research coming out of Kavli can do to augment the Learning Registry.

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