Great Reset Requires Instilled Great Narrative to Create Desired Consciousness to Imagine? Mind Arson Helps Too

In the ten years now I have been writing the ISC blog after finishing Credentialed to Destroy, one of our ongoing gags has been the expression “Yet another lost invite” to show sarcasm at a little known gathering where troubling intent targeting all of us is openly laid out. Most of you may have noticed I have not been writing too much as an unexpected tragedy left me engulfed in the fog of grief about eight months ago now. In fact, I considered closing up the blog and figuring out a new way forward. I may still do that soon, but not quite yet. It turns out the infamous globalist Klaus Schwab held a Great Narrative Meeting on November 11-12, 2021 away from prying eyes (like mine) in Dubai. I never saw any reference to the meeting, but on April 8, 2022 the online journal Nautilus published an article by Schwab and Thierry Malleret called “The Power of Narrative”. Turns out the article was an excerpt from a book forthcoming from them and published by the Davos crowd–the World Economic Forum or WEF–called The Great Narrative for a Better Future.

Since the desired Narrative fits so well with how learning standards and competency frameworks in K-12 actually work (as CtD covered at length) and thus quietly force the effect of cultural evolution through altering values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, let’s take a look at the confessed Power of Narrative. After all, Messrs. Schwab and Malleret were kind enough to tell us openly that these alterations are not just an effect, but actually the purpose. Once I became aware of the meeting, I located this article covering the address Schwab gave last November where he confessed that those of us who are well-informed, nonconformist thinkers–who are not the least bit deterred by complex situations–are obstacles to the WEF plans. After all, as Schwab apparently stated there:

People have become much more self-centered and to a certain extent, egoistic. In such a situation it is much more difficult to create a compromise because shaping the future, designing the future usually needs a common will of the people.

Just like the stated purpose of Critical Race Theory, Equity mandates in education, and what is called ‘Culturally-Responsive Teaching’ per its advocates as I laid out in the last post. Prescribed learning standards matter to anyone wishing to control “What future do we face? What future do we want?” to quote the beginning of the Nautilus article because they lay out the Abstract Ideas and Conceptual Frames or Lenses to be used to guide perception of daily experiences. They create the very Cognition to be used in this expressed aspiration for what Consciousness can now be made to do with the right practices and learning experiences.

We can’t predict the future. However, we can imagine it and even design it; no outcome is predetermined and, as cognitive human beings, we retain the agency to shape the world we want…As the most effective conduits for ideas, narratives have the unique power to help us determine what is going on, what lies ahead, and what needs to be done.

Those of us paying attention to the implications of that intent, especially if we also remember it was former US President Obama who nationalized learning standards when he became President after bringing them from a 1990s Chicago initiative, can see why he has moved on recently to forums at U-Chicago and Stanford on Disinformation and the need to censor certain ideas and offered facts. It’s part of the same overall vision of how to midwife a desired new Just World Order. If the architects see Media/Big Tech censorship, and the agenda in education ‘reforms,’ as a part of a common assault on prevailing consciousness we should really listen. We can simply think of both as attempts to get at adult consciousness prevailing among the masses in case anyone managed to grow up away from a participating local school or district, or before learning standards became nationalized and then tied to global standards.

Long-time readers may remember my long time interest in the concept of Guiding Fiction, especially as a history or science concept, where the authors readily admit that the belief is not true, but believing it is highly useful to someone pulling the strings of behavior in the masses of people. I really had to appreciate Schwab quoting Robert Schiller to the effect that “The human brain has always been highly tuned towards narratives, whether factual or not, to justify ongoing actions.” Well, that certainly explains the desire to use effective techniques with known neural effects on students. It also confirms the repeatedly encountered new definition of knowledge using an emphasis on theories of what should be over what has been and what is (aka facts). Mind Arson, and a limited ability to read fluently, also comes in handy for anyone hyping an ability to:

rely on the power of imagination to get us out of the holes we’ve dug ourselves into. It is incumbent upon us to imagine the contours of a more equitable and sustainable world. Imagination being boundless, the variety of social, economic, and political solutions is infinite.

It is hard to imagine a more fatuous statement than the quote in that last sentence. What kind of Solution is anything that can be imagined if the likely effects, that are knowable to anyone observant and well-informed, are to create More Problems and Pernicious Effects for the mass majority of people? See the utility now of Mind Arson? No ability to pick up on when a prescribed Metaphor is Inapt, a Guiding Idea or Principle is a fiction, or when the Product of Imagination has led to recognized past social disasters. Just use the prescribed perceptual lenses and all of us supposedly can avoid “getting imprisoned in a dangerous cognitive lockdown because of the magnitude of the task.” Now think of the value to anyone seeking national or global Fundamental Transformation of being able to widely control the following:

Narratives provide the context in which the facts we observe can be interpreted, understood, and acted upon. In that sense, they equate to much more than the stories we tell, write, or illustrate figuratively; they end up being the truths, or the ideas we accept as truths, that underpin the perceptions that shape our ‘realities’ and in the process form our cultures and societies. Through narratives, we explain how we see things, how these things work, how we make decisions and justify them, how we understand our place in the world and how we try to persuade others to embrace our beliefs and values. Narratives shape our perceptions, which in turn form our realities and end up influencing our choices and actions. They are how we find meaning in life.

I think Schwab and Malleret are too modest in using the verb Influence in that last sentence, especially when the Exact Narrative being used is embedded in poorly understood K-12 learning standards for children, as opposed to the overt censorship of a Big Tech platform on what can or cannot be said or an HHS Disinformation Ministry. I want to end this post with a point made by blogger Caitlin Johnstone in a different context with a post that makes a crucial and often unappreciated point about the Internet. Learning standards and competency frameworks invisibly censor at the source of perception and become engrained at a neural level by intention. How much more useful than visible, overt action to ensconce a desired Narrative.

The advent of the internet gave the powerful an ability to propagandize the public far more rapidly and efficiently than they previously could, but it also brought the risk of a democratized information space where the public could collectively figure out together that they’re being subjected to tyranny and deceit and decide to put an end to it…The idea is to keep the vast propagandizing power of the internet open while forcing its democratizing power closed…

Precisely the manipulation I can see going on in education now too., especially given the expressed intentions of Ed Tech and prescribed immersive online learning experiences. It’s a great description of what I described in CtD as Transformational Outcomes Based Education which is now all about using schools to get students to internalize the Desired Narrative to reimagine the future and then act to bring that Vision to Fruition.

As a student of history, it is difficult to imagine any authoritarian through the ages who would not have given anything to quietly utilize a tool as powerful as the function Schwab and Malleret ascribe to the Narrative in the above quotes. We will revisit the power of controlling prevailing Ideas in the next post as there have been still more open confessions across the political spectrum since my last post. Everybody wants to control consciousness, it turns out.

You know my motto. If connected people declare something, we get to both discuss it and show why the offered rationales could win a medal in Sophistry. Well, at least if one has not been a victim of Mind Arson.

42 thoughts on “Great Reset Requires Instilled Great Narrative to Create Desired Consciousness to Imagine? Mind Arson Helps Too

  1. Hi Robin, good to see you are still fighting the fight. While I can claim that I have chosen the hill upon which I am prepared to die, I am aging out. I, too, have considered hanging it up and then something inspires me to blog – one more time. I don’t know what your tragedy was, but I hope you are coping. Life has been a struggle these last couple of years for most of humanity. Just when I think we have hit bottom, something else completely insane floods the headlines. How far down will it go before it gets corrected? Hard to imagine. – AF

    • Find a ‘hero’. My current one is a guy named “Joel”. It started with a backyard garden and mountains of vegetables gifted upon his neighbors. It is now 20 acres, with truckloads of vegetables given to those who cannot access such things. Joel is not worried about the great reset. He started his own. Cheers from Vero Beach!

      • Unfortunately heroes are not easy to find nowadays. We seem to be on the downhill slide toward self-destruction. If I recall my history, it took civilization a thousand years to recover from the fall of Rome. I’m thinking, if we are willing to learn from the ongoing cycles of the rise and fall of humanity, we might ought to be thinking about learning how to do without, learning how to make do and staying as invisible as possible. Historically speaking, when ca ca hits the rotating blades, humans revert to survival instincts that tend to be brutal. Mad Max – life imitating art?

        • Could be so, but it is highly possible that the Dark Ages were not actually “dark”, and the Renaissance was not all it was cracked up to be.

          Having just relocated from Japan, here is what I see. The Japanese are risk adverse by nature and tend toward what we would call ‘negative’ thinking. That said, they are NOT broken or demoralized. Honestly, they have so little by way of space, resources but are still possessed of the idea they can address challenges.

          I see relative bounty in the U.S….all kinds of resources, options, yet folks (and, here I exempt FLORIDIANS) seem flummoxed. What gives?

          I sat isolated in a micro apartment for 1.5 years. I consider this comparable to hard time in maximum security prison. After that, ANYTHING looks good. I may go down, but it won’t be w/o a fight.

          To Robin: How would recommend I become involved in Florida politics? I am particularly interested in anti-mandate/anti-lockdown movements (NEVER AGAIN) and the education agendas, i.e. don’t think DeSantis is doing enough, though he is doing better than most.

          • Indeed, the Dark Ages were launched by the Black Plague (among other things) and then the Renaissance was birthed by the Dark Ages. So it goes, life is a carousel round and round up and down. Humans are somewhat predictable. The only thing constant in life is change (i think that quote is attributable to Charles Dickens). I could also add that the only way we see anything is by contrast. You can see what is true about abundance in the US because you experienced lack in Japan.

            My parents were teens during the Great Depression so they understood doing without. My generation, the Boomers, grew up with the dynamic of abundance rising and our kids and now grands have never known anything else.

            I’m a problem solving doer by nature so Making Do is one of my middle names. I only hope I instilled that mindset in my heirs.

            I did counsel my 30 year old grandson that someone with a bit of foresight might look at how well a resale shop would do, when things can’t get manufactured or trucked. We do indeed have a lot of stuff here in the US. I doubt there is any other country that has to have storage buildings for rent so that Americans can store what they can’t fit into their basements or attics.

          • Leslie, thanks for your response re Dark Ages, etc. April, the Dark Ages, so-called, are considered to have ended around 1000BC. The Plague hit Europe in the mid 1300’s. Over a decade I have read exchanges on this blog that proceed from Protestant assumptions, always biased against the Catholic Church, which in that telling imposed a millenium of darkness on the world until it was rescued by the Renaissance and Luther. I always have to laugh, because it is such a good example of how the goal of avoiding a “narrative” and simply “teaching the facts,” at least in history, may be more elusive than we appreciate.

            Leslie, welcome back stateside! You are making FL sound very attractive. Colorado, meanwhile, will probably becoming Disney’s new home and begin a new industry of “destination abortions” for mothers deprived of local access. “Tour the Mountain West! Visit the Garden of the Gods! Dine on venison and wild game! Have an abortion! You will find $500 in your welcome packet at the hotel to help you enjoy the amenities…”

      • Leslie,

        I’ve relocated during the winter months to Stuart, FL.
        Perhaps we can meet somewhere, sometime next year? maybe Robin would join us. Mad mommy too? 🙂

  2. Indeed, the Dark Ages were launched by the Black Plague (among other things) and then the Renaissance was birthed by the Dark Ages.

    I might dispute this scenario…more on this to follow.

    • This quote just explains the entire reluctance around the transmission of knowledge and not teaching reading properly until ‘conceptual frameworks’ could be mandated via competency frameworks like the Common Core and other learning standards. We will be lucky if anyone recalls the Black Death.

      Most scientific research has traditionally been fueled by the innate curiosity of the researcher, by the desire to generate replicable and generalizable knowledge, and by the need to address practical problems. While there are, of course, less-noble drivers of science, most often researchers nobly aim their tools at knowledge creation and measure contributions through publications, awards, the support of funding agencies and our institutions, and various less-tangible forms of personal satisfaction. Yet, today we find a groundswell of support for complementary norms which have been percolating in science for some time. Here we focus on the “three Es”—ethics, empathy, and equity—which have scientists reflecting on and responding to questions such as the following:

      Given that we strive at all times for scientific practices to be ethical, how can science foster empathy and equity as well?

      Will our syllabi and courses attract and address the needs of all of our students?

      Does the culture of science that has evolved over the centuries truly reflect the needs and desires of all of humanity, or is science better at serving some segments of society than others?

      Ethics, Empathy, and Equity–also known as all normative, all the time. Published two days ago and tied to the same NSF programs per the article as the MSPs detailed in CtD that brought us fuzzy math and science.

      Read yesterday that the new head of the White House Office of Science and Technology is a sociologist.

      • Hi Robin,
        I hope you are well. Just finished school and you wouldn’t believe the nonsense at the graduation ceremony. Felt like I was sitting central to all the conversations we’ve had over the years about learning being behaviors and noticing all the younger graduates thinking they are headed into life with so much knowledge. If only they had the right kind not to be triggered when someone pulls the action chords for their emotional responses.

        Glad to see you are still writing.

        • Take a look at this systems iceberg and we can see why the belief system is so targeted to get the desired behaviors you have noticed.

          Events must be noticed and interpreted and that requires a conceptual framework to guide discerning patterns and structures that can still be guiding even if they are fictions and inapt in reality. They can still be predictably guiding in their behavioral effect as every social scientist now seems to know. Notice that both CRT and Classical Ed once its emphasis shifts from Content to modelling the person that is to come create just such an interpretive framework. Remember the old post on how Soviet psychology made its focus on education to produce the person to become? Now despite the rhetoric about School Choice if only the money followed the child, we get all the offered alternatives with a similar change the child focus and a normative vision of the future to be enacted via a restructuring of education and its practices.

          Still getting my bearings, but CtD and much of what we have covered here over the last 10 years accurately guides what is now, unfortunately, coming to fruition. That iceberg also explains so much emphasis on Misinformation that is merely inconvenient understandings that are provably true. They can make us see unapproved patterns and accurately perceive structures best hidden from prying eyes.

  3. I’m thinking of you Robin and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You have done great work in the last decade. If you choose to keep it up, that would be great. And it’s completely ok if you need a break. Your research has been essential to my fully grasping the plans being made for us. While I don’t have peace of mind exactly, I do have a firm grasp on reality and no one can take that away or prevent me from sharing what is factually known with others who also want to know .

    Thank You

  4. I have been participating in a Florida gov-sponsored career workshop. Well-intentioned facilitators dole out what is essentially the framework of ‘est’, i.e. emotional intelligence (never validated) and the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Interestingly, JESUS and prayer get thrown in on the front-end of every session.

    • Remember when we encountered the Catholic Curriculum Framework that was pitched as the “alternative to the Common Core”? I went through it analyzing its targets, goals, and function and found it to function exactly like Tranzi OBE? Same with the language of so many School Charters and independent school mission statements.

      Yesterday I watched and listened to the Heritage Foundation program “Classical Education and the Pursuit of Truth in an Age of Folly”. Consistent with your omnipresent est by function, they openly proclaimed that they target each student’s ‘affections’ to get at what type of person they will become. The purpose of content is not knowledge but developing the desired Wisdom and Virtues to be a person’s Guiding Star when they are 50, 60. or even 80. It’s a normative vision that functions precisely like UNESCO’s KSAVE emphasis–Knowledge in the Conceptual, framing narrative sense, Skills, Attitudes, Values, and Ethics. Everybody is using behavioral science tenets to control human behavior for religious or political (or both at once). Skinner’s aims with new, improved methods.

      In fact, one of my last thoughts last night before falling asleep was that Classical Education, like the Common Core properly understood as a Competency framework, was ever bit as determined to get at controlling people’s likely future behavior by prescribing Aspirations, Affections, and Perception as Habits of Mind as anything William Spady developed as OBE as we covered in my book. It’s why Csik has moved to the global Positive Psychology network and why we keep coming across the Laszlo’s.

      • After Robin wrote about the Catholic Curriculum Standards, I did my own deep dive and ended up writing 10 or 12 commentaries on “classical” education with an emphasis on the Catholic liberal arts “reform.” I discovered that the Catholic Curriculum Standards were ahead of the curve, even more candid about their non-academic goals than the secular versions. Example:

        “While caution needs to be used when seeking to align assessment to non-cognitive dispositions, it is still possible to design assessments for some of the non-cognitive standards using three primary methods: teacher observations, student-teacher interviews, and student self-reports. Because of the nature of assessing a disposition, it is advisable to use multiple measures to gain a fuller insight into a student’s behaviors and beliefs rather than through the use of only one assessment. Gathering information through the use of multiple types of assessments will result in a better understanding of what the student actually believes and, perhaps, why he or she believes it.”

        What the student believes and why he believes it, got that? You may have to discover it by stealth if the student isn’t willing to spill his guts.
        With the metastasizing of SEL throughout schools, the mainstream has probably caught up with the Catholic Curriculum variety, but remember that the latter were released in the mid-teens.

          • Notice how the supposed remedy for school shootings is more SEL.

            “Our hearts are breaking for the Uvalde community and for everyone connected to Robb Elementary School,” said IEL President Eddie Koen. “We must lean on each other for support right now and be there for one another. But we must also press on and keep fighting for our kids, and for safe schools. Through common-sense gun safety measures, prioritizing mental health supports, and elevating social-emotional learning that can help our students develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, and show empathy for others, we can give children the opportunity to succeed and thrive.”

  5. I followed the commom core catholic school invasion in real time and went to big comference in 2014. Shocking to watch the infiltrators work the wage earners. This was eye opener. The tell was the Philadelphia Catholic diocese partnering with the Philadelphia school district. Good idea partner with a failing district so they can suck the life out of you, chain you to a pillar to be scourged by fed law. Of course sold with smoke and mirrors.
    What “they” Have done is created the narrative of religious cult in the 60’s and 70’s, Studied carefully and boom Werner Earhardt is at Harvard, SEL is in every school. They had enough time to condition parents to their current state teachers their current state everyone believing the emperor has new clothes. Ah creating narratives. It works! No need to name all The operations of the last 10 years which have created the narratives that constrain us right now. Est is everywhere!
    Well done creepers!

    • Well-observed and well-said, MadMommy.

      The facilitator of this FL career program also treated us to videos by one Anthony Robbins, acolyte of Erhard and all things ‘est. Robbins’ organization was ‘designed’ by the former corporate counsel of Landmark Education, aka ‘est’.

      I tried to sit there, imagining I had a ‘beginner’s mind’ on this topic…what would I think, how would I perceive constructs like THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and all of the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING stuff. Were I a member of the perma-impoverished (and I might now be), I would find compelling any message that told me I could influence (create) my reality. If you believe it, you can achieve it, etc.

      That said, I am not sure that all of this post-modern positivity contributes to the skill development many folks need, e.g. critical thinking, problem solving skills and the ability to discern their way through the b.s. that is all around them. Also, you can see one of the most TOXIC messages of ‘est’ contained in this logic, i.e. “there are no victims”. Erhard took this all the way by assuring Holocaust survivors, and survivors of domestic violence that “they wanted it”….same message being delivered to the economically-decimated by ‘Covid-19’.

  6. I did not know that about Tony Robbins while not a consumer I know of him amd his schtick. gAK! You mention critical thinking. It has double meaning, Momd I know use it as like a codeword for intelligence like discernment, however used in schools it is definitely critical pedagogy based critical theory based. If I gave you a dollar for every time a mom I know misused that term you’d be able to afford a Mansion in Palm Beach!

  7. I had an insight in this sleepless AM that probably has bearing on this discussion. This insight has to do with what people can, indeed, think.

    Mid-way through the lock downs in Japan and globally, it occurred to me that I needed to reconnect with my network in the U.S. This network included members of academic cohorts, childhood friends and the few people I can can family members. It also included individuals who were part of what I perceived as ‘helper’ organizations, i.e. churches, philanthropic groups.

    I struck up all kinds of conversations and, mostly, attempted to relate my own experience day to day, week to week, month to month and, finally, year to year. I considered most of what I reported to be merely factual, like the weather. Some of what I reported I attempted to understand and explain through political, social, cultural, spiritual lenses.

    I found then, as I am finding now, that most people are incapable of framing things in political terms or to see ‘any’ kind of big picture. It is not that they disagree with the politics but rather cannot conceptualize in this way. Any attempt to see things though a political lens renders one a “conspiracy theorist”. Same thing with just the facts of the day, e.g. medical statistics of this or that nation. These are just ‘numbers’ are they not. No ability to hear, and interpret numbers.

    So, my experience then and now is one of attempting to discuss what is all around us with people who have been conditioned not to apprehend what is all around us. The bandwidth is what SEL would produce. It is very temporal,about the NOW and about one’s emotional state, how one feels about whatever….and, that is about ‘it’. The political dimension is gone, the philosophical dimension is gone, religious/spiritual dimensions are gone. What is left is obedience to the reality one can understand.

    Does any of this make sense to anyone?

  8. Its the language trick we have talked about for 10 years. Everythhing has double meaning! Everthing is blatently lied about to the public. SEL=Mental damage truth
    SEL=Mental benefit lie
    Safe schools =lgbtq damage truth
    Safe Schools= Physical safety lie
    All inversions= their thing
    “The world we want” “ the world as it should be”. Note the peoplewho say or have said this. Obamas, gates, Amatai Etzioni, clintons, gros harlemm bruntland, uNers, bushes, WEFers…..
    The mob who contol everything. Burn down to rebuild.
    Find this article inED WEEK, Social Emotional Programs Target Students Long Term Behavior, by Liana Heitin, teacher, Oct 14 2013. I saved in pdf otherwize i would link.
    You tell me this isnt instilling mental artificial mental trauma in small children. Written by a brainwashed clearly borderline personality teacher.

  9. Sorry to keep chiming in but…

    The mob have infliltrated every institution implanting inversions, their language to bamboozle members and steer funds and activities to “the world as it should be”.
    Ex:HR depts of major companies bringing lgbtq issues to boards and jto pay for emplyee trans surgeries and abortions.
    Ex: my phone calendar has 3 different Notifications for June 1st As beginning of pride month. Equalizing it with Halloween Christmas Easter Martin Luther King day.


    “ What is scrutinized is the cult’s art forms of converting someone involuntarily into accepting a new belief while at same time convincing the person believe he has accepted the belief voluntarily on it merits. It’s an art form that looms as one of man’s greatest threats if he fails to understand its simple make-up. In the wrong hands it can cause great chaos, …”

    • Great article on ‘est’ and one I had not seen before. On this:

      “Werner and Associates sold the Forum to the Landmark Educational corporation [14] and today he lives abroad. There are reports he says he claims he had to go into seclusion for fear that he is in danger from Scientology. [15] It is said he still collects royalties from Landmark and has other programs going in the U.S.”

      Erhard sold the Forum to his relatives who populated all leadership roles in ‘est’. The name change to Landmark Education came on the heals of the transfer of royalty rights. Yes, Erhard has multiple programs going on in the U.S. and these are consortium with Michael Jenson of Harvard University. He seems to be targeting branches of the U.S. military and law school programs. Beyond this, Erhard exerts control over Landmark entities outside the U.S. The initial terms of the ‘sale’ to Landmark stipulated that Erhard would retain royalty rights in Japan and possibly Mexico.

      Additionally, Erhard clone Tony Robbins and Robbins’ clones, e.g. Robert Kiyosaki promote ‘est’ ideology.

      • Checked to see who is the current CEO of Landmark Education. That would be Harry Rosenberg, Werner Erhard’s brother. Safe to assume that Erhard still controls the entire organization.

          • Indeed. Who are other examples of that? I never bought the Erhard name change story. It sounds too much like it was concocted by an intelligence agency…pretty much like the rest of his life.

    • Consider that ‘est’ was incorporated and ‘protected’ by self-avowed Marxist, Harry Margolis. Margolis’s clientele were other red diaper types in Hollywood. Suvivors of Landmark describe advanced sessions as Leninist in nature.

      Maybe, way too much focus on est/Landmark as a C.U.L.T. and not enough focus on same as communist cellls.

      • Speaking of avowed Marxists, there is an upcoming webinar on Liberatory Education as what the required focus on Equity is really about. Its featured speaker is the author of this piece from 2016

        Instead of making what is to be taught or not taught in history the focus as too much of the think tank and their media affiliates has done, we again need to respect the ends its advocates have for it as a conduit for the so-called ‘just society’ as that Randall piece openly advocates for. He is tied to Philly as well.

        Notice too how tied Liberatory Education is to self-proclaimed Marxist Paulo Freire. Remember Uncle Karl himself’s vision of what little ‘c’ communism was really about was known as the Human Development Society. When I read this Red Herring in my mind this week it read once again as a piece of erudite misdirection trying to turn attention away from Humanist Marxism and CRT as a tool to force the attempt to put Theory into Practice. The author misdirects on both the function of theory in Marxist Humanism as if it was hard science instead of social science and then waves around Martin Jay’s name as a shield to bar what his writings actually say. I too have read Jay going back to his PhD thesis at Harvard that became a book which I have.

        Fascinating how much effort has gone to hide the very existence of the HM/MH push, despite the fact that the books and its ties to a cybernetic/ Receiver/Transducer function of the mind if only the right concepts can be instilled to operate as theoretical lenses. Use them until they become unconscious habits of mind. The secret aspiration that so many seem to know across the so-called political spectrum while ordinary parents and taxpayers keep being directed to look elsewhere or told themselves how to interpret what they are seeing and experiencing.

      • You are probably right Leslie. That was the first layer of subterfuge distracting, creating the dominant “narrative”, very useful while hiding the experiment.

  11. Just heard from a reliable source that after ALL OF THESE YEARS of craziness and abuse, the N.Y. State legislature is drafting statutes related to the licensing and governance of personal development programs. This framework is expected to be adopted by other states. I have to pinch myself.

    • We will see where the actually enacted Framework actually leads. As usual, in K-12, all remedies somehow lead to the same emphasis as what John Dewey viewed as necessary for Democracy that looks a lot like the MH mindset that Torsten Husen called The Learning Society in his 1974 book published in the UK. came out today. Look too at the signatories.

      In my next post I will also show how that same emphasis is being promoted as the remedy for Disinformation all over the world. Was having trouble with my computer, but should get it written up soon.

    • Out today.

      Julian Huxley would be so pleased at the progress he envisioned as laid out in my book.

      Adding this quote from the accompanying paper out yesterday.

      In times of great turmoil—periods like the Great Depression, or the aftermath of the attacks on 9/11—
      the ways in which we see and make sense of the world tend to shift. In 2020—as a global pandemic
      shook the world, racial justice uprisings became widespread, and economic disruptions began to affect
      millions—the FrameWorks Institute asked: are we in one of these periods of cultural change?
      Are the social and political upheavals of the last two years leading to shifts in foundational American
      mindsets? If so, how, and what opportunities and challenges do those shifts present for those working
      to advance progressive social change?
      The Culture Change Project is an ongoing investigation by the FrameWorks Institute designed to uncover
      shifts in the tacit assumptions and understandings that Americans are drawing on to think about social
      and political issues. As progressives have struggled to find broadly compelling messaging, it is critical to
      understand how current events are shaping Americans’ underlying mindsets and how those mindsets
      inform how we think, feel, and act on key issues. Findings from the Culture Change Project can aid
      progressive leaders, communicators, researchers, and movement builders as we work to effectively
      communicate about societal problems and solutions that can advance meaningful change.
      Thus far, our research is yielding important findings about how American mindsets are and are not
      shifting—from underlying assumptions about health to how we think about race and racism. A detailed
      report on those findings and our research methodology can be found here.
      As we continue the project, we will begin to explore the relationship between particular mindsets and
      support for key progressive policies, and how people’s thinking shifts in response to how key social issues
      are framed. With this information, we will be releasing strategic framing guidance to aid communication
      for progressive movements. Until then, here are five important trends in mindsets to better inform your
      narrative strategies.

  12. Here is an ‘off the wall’ query to anyone in this forum. Robin/anyone, have you ever met, seen Ron DeSantis in a situation where you could assess his height? I have been monitoring how various social media distort the vital statistics of political friends and foes. For instance, Anthony Fauci who is 5’2″ tall is variously described on these sites as being 5′ 7″-6’4″. COME ON!!!

    DeSantis looks like a tall’ish guy in his speaking engagements or when photographed with other politicians. He vitals are reported at 5’8″ or ‘5’9″. Makes not difference to me, but just think there are many little persons beavering away on image creation/control.

    • No, but since I was a resident of Fla and voted there for more than 10 years I can probably find out. Had hoped to write today, but between a geriatric cat at vet and other issues over weekend it’s not happening quite yet.

      I have managed to verify though that the supposed remedy globally for Disinformation is to control the receiving/transducing neural net of the mind and the concepts it uses to make meaning and frame how daily experiences are inetrpretd. Just as I have been saying in CtD and this blog the real purpose of learning standards and competency frameworks are.

      Speaking of Image Control, did I put up a link to this article? The subtitle is “the metaverse and the dream of a world that can be controlled”. It shows just how much awareness there is on Right and Left and the need to control the Inner World of perception to implement this transformational agenda. Recognizing it for what it is, I looked into the author and discivered he or she was currently a PhD student at Stanford in Poli Sci so there’s our link to CASBS among others. Also has previously been a teacher at Great Heart Academies which Hugh Hewitt said in some Orange County testimony sitting next to me that he is affiliated with. Since Hewitt also does broadcasts with Larry Arnn of Hillsdale who is also on the Board of the Heritage Foundation touting Classical Education and the Barney Charter vision, we essentially have Malloy as a lynchpin that School Choice is an illusion to obscure the commonality of the vision when it comes to changing the child at the level of mind, heart, and likely future behavior. To engage in practices that will supposedly implement the world that can be.

      I also think it’s why no one is accurately describing that new civics legislation which is clearly tied to a competency framework (believe this and then practice acting to implement it). It’s like people employed by think tanks simply want to create outrage to herd students into alternative forms of education implementing the same template that hardly anyone but me accurately describes. Of course, my remuneration for accuracy is quite puny. I guess I get to settle for the joy of being a thorn, huh?

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