Incarcerated By Their Minds: False Narratives, Compulsion Via the Law, and Believing in Unicorns

When I looked into Tim O’Reilly, whose company was touting the Haunted by Data video from the last post, he turned out to be a great admirer of a professor Alfred Korzybski. Now that was a new name on my horizon, but his point that the brain’s neural networks, coupled to available language, constrain how each of us interprets our experiences, was not new at all. It fits with Classic systems thinking as well as the reason for Whole Language reading instruction under its various names. There is a story told about Korzybski that fits right into why transformationalists want to Frame Orientation via a “Well-Organized Mind.” Here goes:

“One day, Korzybski was giving a lecture to a group of students, and he interrupted the lesson suddenly in order to retrieve a packet of biscuits, wrapped in white paper, from his briefcase. He muttered that he just had to eat something, and he asked the students on the seats in the front row if they would also like a biscuit. A few students took a biscuit. ‘Nice biscuit, don’t you think,’ said Korzybski, while he took a second one. The students were chewing vigorously. Then he tore the white paper from the biscuits, in order to reveal the original packaging. On it was a big picture of a dog’s head and the words ‘Dog Cookies.’ The students looked at the package, and were shocked. Two of them wanted to vomit, put their hands in front of their mouths, and ran out of the lecture hall to the toilet. ‘You see,’ Korzybski remarked, ‘I have just demonstrated that people don’t just eat food, but also words, and that the taste of the former is often outdone by the taste of the latter.'”

False narratives can make Dog Biscuits seem palatable and turn actual healthy practices into something we avoid at all costs. Just the tool if transformational economic, social, and economic change are sought, but being open and overt would likely result in effective opposition. In 1968 the US Office of Education awarded SRI International at Stanford an Educational Policy Research Center grant to “investigate alternative future possibilities for the society and their implications for education policy.” The resulting scenarios were later written up with this 1973 quote from a Fred Polak being a lead epigraph to frame the plans:

“Awareness of ideal values is the first step in the conscious creation of images of the future and therefore the creation of culture, for a value is by definition that which guides toward a valued future…”

If that seems a bit scifi and premeditated, the actual study stated that its specific purpose was “to chart, insofar as possible, what changes in the conceptual premises underlying Western society would lead to a desirable future.” Well, that purpose certainly puts a new spin on what the acronym NAEP–National Assessment of Educational Progress–was really planning to monitor when it was created in the same time frame. Perhaps we should just start assuming that when it comes to K-12 education, in the US and globally, false narratives are the norm and have been for decades. Last Friday I was at a False Narrative Extravaganza being billed as the Fulton/Atlanta School Justice Partnership Summit “Pipelines to Pathways: The Problem, the Solutions, the Actions.”

Transformation Ready to Proceed, in other words, and it was full of influential people from lots of Atlanta police officers, Georgia Supreme Court justices, juvenile justice judges and administrators and school district officials. The ‘incarcerated by their minds’ comment was actually from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice about needing to shift the focus from punishment to “reform, reshape, and rehabilitate those individuals [juvenile offenders] to become productive citizens.” It was a prelude to a presentation by a Georgia DoED Deputy Super and a former school psychologist, Dr. Garry McGiboney, called “Changing the Conversation About Student Discipline” to promote PBIS  and Positive School Climate [see tags for previous posts on point] as “what it takes to heal these broken kids.”

‘Broken’ because they are growing up in “unsafe environments and unstable homes.” After all “people and their environment are NOT separate things,” according to Dr McGiboney. “Behavior is a function of the person and their environment,” and to reiterate the point, McGiboney cited notorious Frankfurt School social psychologist Kurt Lewin [tag] as having created a formula for change. To make things even more interesting, False Attribution Theory then came in (by name) as Dr McGiboney complained that too many administrators looked to “understand the behavior of others by attributing causation to feelings, beliefs, intentions, and personality” instead of the “situational contexts” kids have grown up under. “Attribution of cause” affects the “doled out consequences”.

So if someone who grew up in bad circumstances misbehaves at school, their poor behavior gets excused as due to “environment.” Children who grew up in better circumstances and behave well in the classroom nevertheless need PBIS in every classroom and a Positive School Climate in every school so their values, feelings, beliefs, intentions, personality, attitudes, etc. can all be targeted and rearranged by the school. I guess if a student is not Incarcerated by their Mind when they come to school, they certainly will be by the end of a preschool and K-12 grounded in these psychological and mental health practices. Dr McGiboney actually sold this as “school climate matters to student outcomes.” Well, of course it does since SEL is now a crucial component of how ‘learning,’ Growth, and ‘student outcomes’ are measured.

The audience would not know that though and simply listening to the presentation they would believe that PBIS and Positive School Climate were nifty Georgia ideas and not federal mandates and requirements under Georgia’s NCLB federal waiver. Not to pick on Dr McGiboney, but I was down at the State DoED the day after they got that federal waiver. State officials that day did not seem too happy I knew that the School Climate Center guidelines required schools to have a social justice emphasis. What can I say? I read a lot. That is also how I know that all the hype about how PBIS and Positive School Climates will help reading achievement contradicts Georgia’s NCLB waiver. As I noted in my book, it explicitly made sure that an inability to read would no longer be a basis for holding a student back from promotion.

That’s one way to increase graduation rates, huh? Dr McGiboney closed with a truly poignant story about a potential suicide incident at a high school that was physically in terrible shape–dirty, broken windows–, in other words, a terrible physical environment. He related that the girl asked him if “he believed in unicorns” and he said yes, because he believed she needed to hear that. Years later, she reached out to him and talked about how she had pulled it together and lived a successful adult life. Her turnaround and the importance of environment then once again became the pitch for PBIS and Positive School Climate.

PBIS, Restorative Justice, Positive School Climate, and social and emotional learning generally are all targeting the personality and values. Tragic story and lots of false narratives used to sell something as a good idea that is actually another way of pushing the UNESCO vision we met in the last post without admitting that. Few in the audience understood that these measures are not in addition to an academic focus. They are actually a substitution for it as the new purpose of school and education. , supported by multiple federal agencies and grants, confesses the intention to blur the distinction between student learning and mental health outcomes. All are deemed part of student success.

In 1987, then Princeton Professor and now President of the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, Amy Gutmann, published a book–Democratic Education. It laid out a new vision for K-12 and higher education and worried about the still prevalent and “well-intentioned misperception that [teachers’] obligation is to impart knowledge, not to develop the moral character of their students.” It is my belief that all these various rationales we keep encountering on why all schools must use PBIS as a core component in each classroom and Positive School Climate practices in every school attempt to stealthily use the law as an enforcer. The required agenda is actually the UNESCO vision as well as what Gutmann laid out as the necessary right of the State “to shape the political values, attitudes, and modes of behavior of future citizens.”

Hide it under the alluring title of “Character development” as well.  Everyone knows too many kids now have deficits in this area. Selling this political agenda honestly would create objections. So we get all these false narratives and problems where the offered solutions are always headed in the same direction. Change the student at the level of their mind and personality. Call it conscious social reproduction and insist that it is about altering the future, just like SRI also had in mind. If the phrase Incarcerated by their Minds still seems a bit strong, how should we describe this intent: “To cultivate in children the character that feels the force of right reason is an essential purpose of education in any society.”

This is Guttmann’s vision of conscious social reproduction and its ties to education. Every child must be educated “to be capable of participating in collectively shaping their society.” She does believe in the ability of the majority to bind everyone as long as each person gets to participate in policy deliberations. Public policy directs society and the economy. People have a human right to have their needs met. In Dr. McGiboney’s vision where environment is all, there should then be no more ‘disruptive behaviors.’ Back to Gutmann, we have all schools, public and private, with an obligation to create “a set of secular beliefs, habits, and ways of thinking that support democratic deliberation …compatible with a wide variety of religious commitments.” Parents have no right to object either.

I am closing this post with the disclaimer I do not know who at that Summit was aware of the broader agenda I have covered in this post. Because the vision though fits precisely with where the UN has said we are all going by 2030, my guess is a few are aware this is all a sales pitch backward mapping from desired transformations to get to a new vision of the future. It is also Atlanta, home of the new Civil and Human Rights museum, so it is probably not a coincidence Gutmann’s vision ties so tightly to what Martin Luther King called the “Beloved Community” [tag] vision for the future.

Pipelines to Prison and School Discipline Problems in 2015 have been worsened by these previous educational reforms that had no interest in teaching reading or math properly. Now tragic bad individual behaviors are selling a vision where school and education are not really about knowledge in the traditional sense at all.

I simply want all of us to be able to recognize a Dog Biscuit, whatever it is being called, before we take that first bite.





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  1. Recently rewatched the funny Eddie Murphy Dan Ackroyd film TRADING PLACES. Highly recommend to illustrate Elite Battle between Nature/Nurture/broken window theory type social engineering finely illustrated in this politically incorrect movie.
    YOU have to Watch the documentary ( been on a movie binge lately) HONEST LIES about The Amazing Randi and his debunking Uri Geller of SRI. Among other politically correct aspects of the film, the humiliation of SRI is priceless and specific. The Spoonbender craze of telekinesis and its promotion on TV and the publics reinforcing PT Barnum’s famous line, ” there’s a sucker born every minute”. I would say that SRI has been conjuring and prestadigitating for their role in the Transhuman agenda which is likely another smokesreen hiding something equally awful desiring our enslavement.

    • Likewise if you want a quick lesson on how global this Planning vision in the name of Oligarch power is now, look at all the languages this abstract has been translated into.

      Also do not forget that Willis Harman who then moved onto the Institute for Noetic Sciences and Marina Gorbis who now heads the Institute for the Future worked at sri for a time.

      It is also impossible for me not to believe that SRI employees do not coordinate also with the Palo Alto-based Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences. Remember Ralph Tyler was behind the creation of both CASBS and NAEP.

  2. Well, I can say now, having arrived back home from a tour of a few more east coast colleges that there is exactly ZERO deviation in talking points and curriculum among most colleges now. I have seen 8 in total.

    It is conformity central for the most part. And desperately suffocating. And all have Freshman Writing Seminars now because ( I’m guessing) most people have no idea how to string a sentence together much less a paragraph. Plus this way as they practice writing students can hone their social justice vocabulary .

    And they all act as if they each have invented “Leadership” from the braintrusts in each institution. Of course when explaining to visitors what a degree in Leadership Studies amounts to, what they say is that it is “some of everything ” and really “well rounded” coursework.

    Uh huh. Yeah. Sure it is. A degree in Leadership is a Degree in Followship. Prospective employers will know you are perfect for middle management, Kapo status, as you have learned to regurgitate whatever conformity thinking is required the masses for optimal control.

    • Ah, mc, I got to do that last spring. What I couldn’t get over was how overinvolved the parents were and how it was usually both parents on the tour. Higher ed truly has blown itself up in too many places and departments.

      My college kid at a well-regarded school said the prof in an upper class course had spent an entire class period between the first paper being due and the second hammering home passive vs active voice. She has gotten better at editing herself now that I remind her the specifics of what is wrong. “That’s not your verb. It’s a gerund.”

      Now that you have read this post, it can be a metaphor for whether the education is intended to have an eye-opening vs an incarceration effect.

      • Ha. Incarceration. HANDS DOWN. Honestly, I was going a little mad knowing what I do as I listened to all the babble.
        I don’t like to sound so bleak in my estimation of what is happening at what feels like the speed of light right now but….It is happening. It is bleak.

        Daughter applying to schools has written a lovely essay about how much she was impacted by the book Brave New World and how she learned from that book how much she values her individuality and how she won’t sacrifice her voice or thoughts to please anyone.

        Im happy for her to know she feels this way. In another era this essay might have guaranteed admittance to college. Today I have to wonder if such writing won’t make the gate keepers terribly anxious.

        Non conformists are not part of the Plan.

      • Colleges went and got the brazilian buttlift, triple D’s and too much botox and restalyn. Unrecognizable distortions 5-10 years later, we see today the eery puppet face of higher education

    • I am signed up for the October 21 showing. I can get there via back roads and stay off the highway. I think I put up that link last week as character. org is pushing.

      On being right, by the time I write about something I usually have at least three more sources confirming any basic point. Plus I have lots of details that do not make it into posts.

    • I have mentioned that both the AFT and the NEA were both named as part of the groups behind that Re-Imagining Education project released by the ‘bipartisan’ Convergence Center we covered in the last post as well as that Community Schools report. Now it turns out the day before Friday’s School Justice Summit I just described aspects of, they released this report.

      Reclaiming the Promise of Racial Equity in Education, Economics, and Our Criminal Justice System is a doozy and even calls for model legislation to force its sought agenda. Notice the order too. It is always economic, then social, and finally racial justice.

      If created differences due to bad previous governmental policies and ed theories mean the excuse for socialism gets accelerated, then the public sector has every incentive to simply continue the very dysfunction people are upset by. It’s no wonder everyone in charge nationally wanted to ignore Beverly Hall’s cheating. Now the APS dysfunction spreads into the suburban schools. Frequently hiding behind an IB PYP or MYP or quietly contained in a charter’s language or a private school’s new mission.

  3. I should add that several nights in a row now I have had somewhat darkly comedic nightmares about what happens to a culture when their Texas Instrument Super Dee Duper Calculators go wonky.

    In my dreams people stare blankly at their hand held machines willing them to operate as they remain stumped about how to build the requisite bridge needed to traverse the river because no one knows enough calculous to build it without a machine calculating slope and radius for them.

    The overlords see a defect in their planning but won’t admit to it. They insist the subjects squint harder at the defunct machines.

    • Is Behavioral Economics the Answer to Local Government Economics? Hard to make this stuff up.

      I saw what Everyday Math did to Buckhead princes and princesses when a bunch of 5th graders, all attending hoity private schools, worked together to make change when two items added to $3.75 and I gave a $10. I could already tell algebra was going to be a struggle and the parents would wonder why.

      • O.M.G. so if I’m understanding this idiocy properly, behavioral economics amounts to a ‘let’s see if this kooky idea, untested and unproven but funded by people’s taxes, about how serfs behave will affect our local economic bottom line’?

        This seems similar to that U.K plan to direct commoners behavior so that they made allegedly better and more economically efficient use of social services, i.e. smoking cessation counseling, mandated job hunting courses etc…

        • Yes it is and today Bruce Katz, the Metropolitanism director at Brookings (sponsored by Rockefeller F) called for the US to emulate the UK in the “Devolution Revolution”.

          It’s how we all get to the same UN agenda for 2030 that replicates Uncle Karl’s nonsense while hyping ‘localization’.

          Remember both the UK and US in December 2013 announced that each of our ‘subjective well-being’ was the new purpose of government.

          Plus all this experimenting comes with some of the last defined benefit pensions left. Experimentation for personal profit on us at our expense.

        • From our offline discussion on martin buber and amitai etzioni I have found some papers that also have pulled in Amartya Sen (new definition of literacy covered in book) and Martha Nussbaum, who has a tag and is involved with Facing History, the global Human Potentials movement, and the global IB concept of Global Citizenship.

          Says that Nussbaum was trained at the UN’s WIDER Institute in Helsinki, Finland. Remembering how PISA is pushing us all to emulate the Finns, it turns out is Ground Zero for the UN’s concept of Development Economics and was formed in that magic year of 1985. Even has Joseph Stiglitz featured from the last post talking about the UN’s Vision 2030. I downloaded that Egalitarian economics paper too.

          It all just keeps intersecting now, doesn’t it? The citing of Amitai Etzioni as the research support for Positive School Climate fits right into this broader discussion and desire for a human science that we have already traced back to Dilthey. Hasn’t a uniquely German concept of community already resulted in two 20th century conflagrations?

        • The Democracy Collaborative has a new 5 minute video out that is quite explicit.

          Lots of people featured we have covered here and systems and especially pushing the view that the ‘economy’ is just ‘a social construction’ that can just be redesigned for a new era.

          Incentives will always matter. which is why these projects only thrive where tax dollars are available.

          • Yep . Yep. Yep. It all fits. And in my mind Martha and Cass are inseparable. And isn’t Goebbels-I mean- Cass married now to Samantha Power who was ( still is? ) Obama’s Ambassador to the UN?

            I do hope their beloved Third Way System of Governance meets their subjective well being to the best of their Capabilities.

          • Read the link I just put up below to LL that came out today.

            I am also reading a book from 1978 that was cited when the SRI study was finally published. It fits with all this and calls it third way, new age politics that builds on Marxism but is not as doctrinaire.

            Notice the Great Transition link that just came out ends with “The Great Convergence” and that development must take a new form: qualitative, collective, and cultural. Precisely what Competency, Positive School Climate, Whole Child, and digital learning all mandate. It says we are shifting to basic communism [little c as I have worried asserted for several years]–“a system of meeting collective needs based on a principle of enough”.

            No wonder we have so much hype over the Sharing Economy and the Ford Foundation pushes a Line of Plenty. I guess that fits right into its community schools push too.

            Yes on the marriage to samantha power. Kerry, Rice, Powers–what a triumvirate for undermining national security in that horrendous Iran deal only an ignorant fool would tout.

          • Super Movie.

            But…Ok I get it now.
            Entrepreneurship = serfs directed by ‘Society’ ( I mean really its The Serfs Own Idea – ‘Society’ is just encouraging their well being ) to form their own collective collaboratives. For laundry and gardening and the like.

            Will these benevolent and uber confident Transformational Systems Believers be bringing their own Scythes and Sickles to the Community Dig or will they need to borrow one from Sustainable Serf #47-9?

            They are the cretins for whom this quote I read earlier today was written:

            “Everybody can read the writing on the wall, they just think it is addressed to someone else.”

          • It is absolutely flooding in my readings with pertinent confessions. Look at this on changing how we regard ‘human services’.

            Fits in unfortunately with the Charles Koch research Director hyping “What is freedom?” and meeting well-being yesterday.

            This is the full pdf.

            At least we are all in a position to appreciate the Convergence and recognize it.

          • The Iran deal where Congress abdicated its Constitutional Responsibilities and instead rolled over and played dead to the Executive’s assertion of powers it does not have? Check and Balances? WHAT ARE THOSE?

            That Horrendous Iran Deal? Unbelievable.

          • Have we discussed the College Board, which was a sponsor of the program I was at yesterday, has gone to an Interactive Constitution in its American Gov and APUSH classes. the differing perpectives are put up by the ACS, that Cass Sunstein, Eric Holder, and Goodwin Liu helped create in 2005 at Yale Law with Soros funding to take the Constitution in a whole new direction by 2020 without formally amending it?

            The Federalist Society offers the other perspective, but the design and presence of ACS means necessarily a leftward shift in accepted meanings just as ACS and Soros wanted. The College Board and David Coleman are arranging. teach what you wish it said and not what it actually said as Professor Myra Pollock put it in connection with the civil rights laws and disparate impact.


      • Yes lunch with friend her 5th grade son can only do lattice, math new teacher wants old way he needs a tutor also they have to explain with words how they got answer. At hoity school just keep changing the goal posts and guaranteed mind arson

      • I am still a bit overwhelmed by the connections I made yesterday and the absolute determination that no one must speak publicly of WIOA and the forthcoming state economic plans due from the various Governors.

        This, however, is a most excellent confession.

        “Socialist thought is re-emerging at the forefront of the global movement for ecological and social change.” Remember this GTI is tied to OECD and thus what PISA is really assessing for.

        Everything really is coming together. It is practically painful, but it is in the way that popping a blister hurts. Necessary to start the process of getting well.

        Now I have finished and my hands are practically shaking as I type as to how confessional this is and how well it connects with what I heard yesterday. It even utters the little c communism term I have warned about and tied to Marx’s early work, just as Daniel Bell did in the late 50s when he was doing a stint at CASBS.

        Just wanted you to realize the author is a sociology prof at U of Oregon.

        • That does not shock me in the least! U of O is a prime location for such a philosophy. Also David Conley stomping grounds as well as Weiss.

          Adult beverage time!

          • You shouldn’t drink on a Friday based on my time instead of yours, silly. Never mind, let’s both use Bermuda time.

            Seriously it is all just flowing now. I guess because it is all coming into place for the implementation. The “talking Human Services” paper is a hoot in a sad sort of way.

            Be a Good Serfie and adopt the desired productive mindset to enable a peaceful transformation.

        • The environmental side is getting very exciting now, with the Paris conference next month, and now Freeman Dyson (Nobel prize in Physics) saying that the modeling and analysis approach used by the climate alarmists is not science. Indeed it is not science.

          The model has now been proven to have omitted a negative feedback mechanism occurring over oceans. And I just learned that on the math side of the model, they took into account cross-correlations but omitted serial correlations (correlations over time) — something that should obviously be considered if one is interested in predicting the time trajectory of climate.

          • Take a look at this announced webinar this afternoon on how important it will be in the future that all people can break down a problem and offer solutions in a way a computer can understand.

            I will have to tell that to my husband who still creates computer languages using math abstractions and was a computer science major at Tech in the days of punch cards. Now kids should reorganize their minds based on how AI works and it is a Microsoft exec doing the webinar. Useful confession of what I have long presumed. Strip away what cannot be replicated from the human mind and then make it function like a program. The programmers then know the meaning of the data and what future likely responses and plans are likely to be to any given information.

        • This day feels more like Halloween than a Friday.

          By the way if anyone knows they should drink green tea but doesn’t like the taste, let me heartily recommend the luscious, loose 1001 Nights from McNulty’s in Greenwich Village, NYC. I get it shipped along with their china rose and Lapsang Souchong. I have a cup steeping as we speak as I have a least one more chapter.

          I thought the link sounded also like AdvancED’s 2012 Quality Standards I covered in my book.

          • So I noticed this resolution is a “sense of the house” resolution. Different rules apply. It can be used as a statement of agreement, persuasion , or an appeal to the president. How far off would you think I was if I said since ESEA s tabled for some time they want to make an end run around rules, cats out of the bag on ESEA. Nifty joint letter this week showed that too.

        • BabababBINGO.
          Kiss Yo’ parental rights Goodbye.
          ” WHAT ARE THOSE”???!!!

          Okay..Sometimes when faced with overwhelming ugliness… I get a bit punchy… and I have to carpool tonight so adult beverages must wait… in lieu of Sauvignon Blanc I am tempering my angst with memories of viral Vine videos that remain stuck in my head after my teenager insists upon my viewing them.

          • I just opened a brunello I bought at costco in honor of my 25th wedding anniversary this week.

            Put it in door of fridge so that temp comes down a bit and brings out flavor. I have also learned that the Prison metaphor to describe unacceptable values and worldviews is very common among New Age thinkers. That would explain why an administrator wishing to hype the psychosocial classroom and Positive School Climate as remedies would calmly mention “Incarcerated by their Minds.”

            That is precisely what is being attempted and to get permission for the attempt at incarceration, they assert the incarceration has already occurred and these are remedies to restructure the existing Prison.

            I think Madmommy is right. That UNICEF poster is designed to catchily sell these UN rights as a matter of course.

      • So the adult relationship is described as an “attachment”, but the child has at least some authority, outside the purview of parents, in things that affect him or her.

        Rather than the parent being in authority.

        Sounds like the UN “Dignity for All” sort of stuff.

    • Looks like we have put up same legislation except mine is the pdf version. Don’t we wish the unicef link was about Curious George or the circus with those graphics.

      • Article 16 according to the UNICEF link says children have the “right to privacy”. How does that work? Does a parent have a right to know what his or her child is doing?

        I have this problem now with my children’s use of the internet. I thought I have the responsibility to know — though the kids resist this hard. (Maybe their friends aren’t supervised either.) The UN, apparently, thinks I am not allowed to know more than what my child wants me to know.

        • You don’t. They want parents involved to the extent parents are on the same side as the shift or can be shifted themselves. It is Amy Gutmann, now President of U-Penn, who is the most specific of anywhere I have found on the parents not having veto rights. It is laid out in her 1986 book Democratic Education.

          If parents can veto they can stand in the way of evolving the child’s consciousness–in particular, their new ethics and political values of what the future should look like.

          I have so many moving parts now, except there is a consistency across the Board on what is being called for and how it ties to what was laid out in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. If you remember the discussion in the book on the Social Reconstruction vision for education, that is the driver’s seat now. Knowing what Brameld or Beck wanted or Freeman Butts is crucial to seeing how it all fits.

  4. That charming childrens poster will be up in every classroom, preschool and daycare.
    The school closed loop makes sense!
    PA recent changes to background checks keeps parents at bay and lets 3rd party in like doctor, lawyer, judge, social services, without parents consent. And like UNCRC, teachers will make sure kids memorize their rights!
    ( not times tables or vocab) Kids will be narcing out their parents and going home with teachers and court provided pals who give your child a voice and lets him join nambla sleepover club at 11. It is certifiably maniacal.

    Cocktail time not a minute too soon

  5. Yes part of the transformational second order change schtick, a tool in the tool box so to speak their lingo. Unpacking it ( their lingo again) it is the repetition of assertions based in magical thinking ( never let facts or reality get in the way) acheived or determined by some false consensus or survey, folded into faux academic papers, philanthropic declarations using the faux white papers for justification for “calls to action ” using the words MUST and FOR ALL. They proclaim things are decided, ( global warming)end of discussion when they are not. This achieves acceptance of the falsehood and adaptation for next dialectic maneuver toward that end which they have asserted falsely.
    It is the deep fried outback bloomin onion of lies. Gives you indigestion and never ends.

    • You forgot:


      Luv that one.
      It is so Global.
      Like a great big wet squid sucking hug from the malevolent mollusk of communitarianism.

      • Do you know how easy this will be to implement in the US with the required info flowing out of adaptive learning and responses to open-ended assessments of Higher Order Thinking Skills as Lamar Alexander’s Every Child Achieves Act requires?

        Virtually everything I have from Pearson is pushing an emulation of China’s State Capitalism. And people get upset about Career Pathways.

  6. Is Hoodwinking That Easy? And Who’s Buying The Stuff?

    Design Thinking for Social Change OR Design Thinking to Solve Social Problems (two different ways to describe the same course).

    I won’t be signing up for this Webinar. It’s $49.00, Oct 20. If it were FREE, I would have registered just to find out.

    I would really, really like to know the difference between “traditional research methods and design research” as they claim. Is one dealing with facts, figures, proofs, evidence, objective data, replicable trials, etc. ? And one not ?

    It’s actually mind-blowing how people get away with promoting something with shaky claims that don’t stand up to tests using the scientific method.

    I noticed on this above site of Stanford Social Innovation Review an ad for a book with a testament by Melinda Gates — promoting more “equitable societies” as the “new normal”.

    I read Jay P Greene’s appraisal of Bill Gates dubious research “facts” as he pushes his enormous influence and funds to promote people projects — Emperor Gates Has No Clothes — . Is Greene the only one, or one of only a few, to challenge and call-out Gates ? And, why is everyone so cowed ?

    This is all very alarming. They’re dealing with children and human beings and human nature. Why aren’t people up in arms about the wholesale absence of protocols to guide human experimentation? Is there no one looking into the ethics of these issues? The malpractice ?

    I know we discuss this on ISC, but these concerns should be going viral !

      • Actually it warms my heart (and that warming has nothing to do with greenhouse gases, before anyone makes such a comment!) Apparently the science, from real scientists this time, undercutting all their assumptions and methods, is knocking them back and they won’t get their deal next month in Paris. Hooray!!

        So they are forced into a ridiculous legal theory that I cannot imagine actually going anywhere. Quoting the link:

        “Since it is now unlikely that the world will agree in Paris to a legally binding treaty to limit the rise in global temperatures to no more than 2 degrees C from pre-industrial levels, his theme was that it is now time for the courts to step in, to enforce this as worldwide law.”

      • “Mystifiers” now though right?

        Isn’t that Uri Gellar’s new monilker? Did Charles Tart and Russel Targ and all the other magicians at SRI and CASBS and their state department, alphabet agency funders get that memo?

        We should all have the same meaningful understanding don’t you think?

        • TART N TARG sounds like a rather potent tea blend, MC you should tey it ladies most likely laced with a mind altering substance!

    • Tunya-my experience with Jay, who I have talked to in person on more than one occasion, is that he is for “education choice” by ignoring the role of the accreditors. The crucial fact that there is no effective choice once the funds follow the child because of the power of the accreditors over everyone touched by these dollars gets glossed over. Moreover, I was at the “Wisdom, Moderation and Opportunity” forum this past Thursday all day where someone Jay’s blog likes to tout was one of the speakers.

      Scott Hammond, the Nevada legislator and teacher, who introduced the Education Savings Accounts adopted there, admitted several times that any educational entity that took that money would have to meet standards of quality. That is precisely how the money following the child ends up controlling all educators into the same vision. School and education choice are effective sales pitches, but factually they are not true. A former teacher, school board member, and current ed prof who had run for Georgia School Super in 2014 on an anti-Common Core ticket actually tried to point out in a question to Hammond that between accreditation, the language in the ESEA Rewrites, the language in the NCLB waivers, and other mandates, there was in fact no actual choice behind the Education and School Choice slogans. The audience was practically hissing at her on “what’s your question?” as if the inconvenient facts she was bringing to light (well not to me) were inconsequential. I would have quickly asked “where is the genuine choice, but thinking quickly is a legal specialty of mine. Basically the audience either already understood this was just an empty slogan to get public dollars in their hands or was already on board with the underlying progressive agenda in education that the vision of quality mandates.

      I did notice in his bio that Hammond mentions he was a poli sci major so maybe he accurately recognizes that ESAs are really about forcing all education policy in a single direction for political purposes. He also mentioned he had been advised by the Friedman Center. I have mentioned they are a member of the Atlas Network as is GPPF who was holding Thursday’s forum. I noticed that last spring the head of the Friedman Center was the invited guest at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Economic Club’s luncheon. If the FRB-Atlanta is supportive of the Friedman’s Center’s work, and it is, that would be because it actually promotes a progressive, dirigiste political and social vision.

      We have already covered the Federal Reserve’s admitted vision for P-16 and how it ties into the UN and the Chamber of Commerce vision as well.

      When I read Jay’s blog and I do, I see the push towards the desired synthesis. That particular post makes it seem like MET was really about effective teaching of subject matter. It was not and I have had to deal with two different area supers who were part of the MET survey. They seem to have been brought to the Atlanta area precisely because they planned to push the psych-social vision for education instead of the subject oriented and were good at lying about it to parents and school boards. One has moved back to dallas now again and the other to be the highest paid district super in the state of Florida. Pushing the psychosocial, change the child and jettison knowledge model is personally lucrative for its pushers. Yet Jay’s post pretends MET was about something it was not about. Teachers are recognizing all the growth is in the social and emotional classifications and have been calling attention to that. Frequently the presenter will not have picked up that this is the measure moving.

      Such disinformation, but in my mind Gates is wrong and Jay is misleading. He is misleading, I believe, because that is what his employers want. The members of the Atlas Network in my experience want the Chamber, public/private partnership planned economy vision. They also want that well-organized per the plan mind that has been tied to a carefully manipulated personality. All that occurs per the language in charters and the rules imposed on any private school or other entity accepting those dollars.

      I do not go to these programs to learn about education. I go to hear the pushed narrative I am supposed to accept and recognize where it is really going. Facts and accuracy are what I do. I did it in my ever more timely first book and I do it on this blog. I also get to notice when peope have no desire to learn the truth. That’s a declaration that the realities are irreleavnt to the true admission. That confirmation was worth the admission price to me.

    • Yes Robin,
      Calling out Gates is same as calling to impeach Obama. Useless distraction. Fighting windmills. Green weaves in his “Choice” cleverly wearing a big follow me i am calling out bad gates shirt. Ya know? Evidence that “Choice” is just another word used to confuse and misdirect. Its seduction with money, nothing more providing ZERO Choice. Maybe locational choice, computer home school, faux Catholic, private , public magnate, fundamental whatever school across town, location choice if you get accepted. ALL schools will be forced to take the backpack of money from NANNY FED which requires CORE STANDARDS compliance pretending to be different but actually ALL same PSYCH SOC BEHAVE MOD, in each state, mandated by FED ergo STATE ergo LEA. So CHOICE is FAKE CHOICE. Remember FAKE ” STATE LED”?

  7. How do you like that last line?

    Last year the district launched a behavior team, made up of three behavioral specialists, a psychologist and 10 classified staff, to work with any student that needs extra support. Staff go to classrooms, evaluate student behavior and suggest interventions that might help, Elaine Fox, executive director of student services, said in an email.

    “At times, this takes two days, at others, it takes two weeks,” Fox said. “The cadre is our first line of defense.”

    Staff at the North Clackamas School District are getting to know students before school starts to help with the transition, said Karen Rush, director of early learning. The district opened an early childhood assessment center last year and is now collecting data on preschool attendance, Rush said. And a curriculum available for all K-5 classrooms focuses on critical skills such sharing ideas, making friends and self-awareness.

    “Teaching them those skills is just as important as any other curriculum area that we teach,” Rush said. “It’s so important for kids to learn how to be a member of a community of learning.”

    • To develop that capacity and willingness to absorb and use the shared meaning. Go back and reread the post on the Rockefeller Foundation and its pushing of CFSC–Communication for Social Change. There is also a push that people will never be peaceful until we come to shared understandings of how the world works.

      Look at the images coming out of the West Bank and tell me what shared meaning would solve that problem? One of my kids has a high school friend who is living in Israel. She told her this week that the stabbings are occurring in public locations about every 3 hours and there is an atmosphere of hysteria. Isn’t much of this due to Oslo Peace Accords creating a false sense that there WAS a common understanding when there was not on one side.

      We all over the West are being asked to sign on to other false understandings. That is the essence of the Frameworks work in every area they are asked to tackle. That “Talking Human Services” report was so timely to me because the Annie E Casey Foundation funded it AND the School Justice Summit work I went to last Friday. There is a common vision in part because there is common funding and for a common end game–little c communism and redesigned planned systems, starting with each of us and especially our children at the level of the mind.

      • Frameworks. Designed Thinking. Shared Meanings.
        All Together Now! Let’s put some Collective Umph into it shall we? From the diaphragm, with UNDERSTANDING!


        Whoo. I feel so much better. You all? Well ….you will. Just a few more hours until Adult Bermuda Beverage Time. As you count down the minutes, in unison of course, I’d like to lend my meaningful support to Robin’s recommendations for McNulty’s China Rose and Lapasang Souchong Teas.

        Having recently been forced to give up a lifelong coffee habit by our Overlords, ( kidding..allergic reaction ) I looked into really excellent teas with a full rich taste and these are Delish.

        (See Overlord’s? I’m practicing my lifelong learning. Credential should be coming forthwith yes? ) 🙂

        • For those people that would like to have a taste of Amitai Etzioni’s idea of how we should exercise our rights check out this video and his outlining of what constitutes free speech.

          Second video is Patrick Wood of Technocracy Rising who I once thought was legitimate in his thinking. Now I see he thinks just like dear expert of everything Amitai. First six minutes he parrots Amitai on Free Speech. Cannot make this stuff up.


          • I was updating what the Association of Humanistic Psychology was currently up to as it is being cited in what I am working on from the 70s. Out popped this program with a March 2016 program caLLED “Humanistic (R)evolution 2.0: re-visioning Human Potential, Education & Healthcare.”

            That would corroborate my sense that what I am hearing and seeing is the implementation of these plans from the 60s and 70s. There is also a book from the Progressive Policy Institute from 1992 called Mandate for Change. It is clear to me that much of what is now being pushed in the name of ‘conservative’ public policy think tanks is what PPI called for in 1992. I think that much of the rhetoric about state-led, school choice, free markets, federalism, etc. is an attempt to gain support for the ideas being espoused without actually examining them.

    • That is SO invasion of family privacy rights, parent rights constitutional rights and just awful. The evidentiary quotes from Huxley UN types about children being sick when they arrive at school from their families seems to rat all this out. Its absurd and maniacal .everyone goes along most feeling something is wrong but like nazi Germany do not want to rock their boat.

      • This is supposed to be the the “Stanford Research Institute’s most popular report ever.” It came out in 1977, but was uploaded to one of the author’s websites for easy accessibility in 2010. Co-Evolution Quarterly–that would supposedly be self and society evolving.

        I have a few more chapters to finish but it is clear to me that what we are seeing now in these various programs I have gone to in the last week or two is drawing on fulfilling these plans laid out in the 70s. Not a news flash to anyone who has read my book, but the evidence and tightness of the fit is now undeniable. Take a look at this and see whether it fits with all the rest of what we are seeing.

        Cat just walked across the keyboard. Someone wants breakfast now.

    • That is interesting and not news to anyone who reads ISC. ALEC, by the way, and thus iNACOL by association, are listed members of the Atlas Network. It was the President of iNACOL, Susan Patrick, who declared in 2010 at the predecessor forum to what I attended Thursday, who said Georgia’s performance standards were the model for the Common Core.

      To me that post, once joined to the halt ESEA letter that Karen Effrem and others sent this week, creates momentum to stop the reconciliation of the ESEA Rewrites that are likely in trouble anyway. I also think that the states and fed ed have what they need now to push the UN’s vision of student-centered learning that is really a targeting of the personality to gain new values, attitudes, and beliefs as my book laid out.

      Once passed by both houses, Lamar’s stuck with his language, which I am fully capable of accurately deciphering. Not passing ECAA means the gears are still grinding but they are not all in one place nor are they traceable to Lamar and his cronies in both parties and both houses. I am thinking that is the gambit being chosen with the election year looming and the level of perfidy associated with ECAA pretty well disseminated. Then the pressure can switch to 50 state legislatures to be the place that adopts much of what would have been in the federal legislation. The fact that they are adopting ALEC or ECS model legislative language becomes harder to trace.

    • UGH This OptOut ain’t no opt out. This Opt Out has been utterly manufactured via the hegelian dialectic. Just look at the speakers for this United Opt Out conference in Philly this coming January. I think it is extra sweet how they are fundraising -grassrootsy style ” for their cause” . Duplicitous Cretins. Could the graphics get anymore “fight the power” ? Double ear pierced Bill Ayers and Co. need to work on their graphics marketing. Its so 20th Century USSR.

    • If nothing passes in DC, what happens to the ability of this to get adopted or furthered at the state and local levels? That’s the level the UN focuses on anyway and as today’s post notes, has for decades.

      We know who gets promoted to any important district or state administrative job and much of the personalized learning and formative assessments rely on digital learning that is still coming.

      At least you went out, I made filet mignon with brandy cream sauce here. My family hates to go out vs having me cook at home. Hence treating myself with the Brunello while I made Friday’s dinner.

      Happy anniversary to you. October is a lovely time to get married and we went to Germany for two weeks and saw the Berlin Wall while it still stood. All that broken glass at what had been Checkpoint Charlie.

      • May seem odd to some but since we live in such a beautiful area and are outdoorsy people we took a small motor home up to San Juan Islands, BC, and Whistler pulling a fun little Jeep. Hubby is a well seasoned downhill skier and wanted to show me where he won multiple races and instructed. Did the RV for a week then stayed in a lovely log cabin on a lake for another. The fall color show was astounding.

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